03x00 - Looking: The Movie

Episode transcripts for the 2014 TV show "Looking". Aired January 19, 2014 - July 23, 2016.
"Looking" follows the experiences of three close friends exploring their new options, living and loving in modern-day San Francisco.
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03x00 - Looking: The Movie

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(water lapping)

(seagulls screeching)

(plane engine roaring)

♪ ♪

First time here?


No, I used to live here.

For almost ten years.

And you left?


So what brings you back?

I'm here for a wedding.




So is it good to be back?

Ask me in a couple of days.

Fair enough.

♪ ♪

♪ In the same ♪
♪ Rich path ♪
♪ You and I ♪
♪ Align ♪

Thank you.

(overlapping chatter)

Look who's ambled into town.

Hey, boys.

I can't... I love that you're late.

I don't think you've ever been late.

Maybe I'm finally becoming fashionable.

I love your beard.


I told you nine months is all it takes to make a new man out of him.

Stop it, stop it.

No, it needs more lift!

So masculine. I can't believe we came here.

How long has it been since we've been here?

Uh, my 23rd birthday. I had sex with the waiter, and you threw up in that toilet over there.

Oh, good times.

f*ck, it is so good to see you guys.

You too.

I'm sorry I've been so bad lately.

It's just that work has been super hectic, and it doesn't help that I deactivated my Facebook.

But that's not an excuse.

Don't worry. It's all going fine.


Last Tuesday, there was a line all the way down the block.

That's amazing. It's getting there.

And he promised me tonight he wouldn't check the window, not even once.

Maybe just once.

No. No, you swore.

Not even a f*ck' text, okay?

Okay. Jesus.

How's the Art Institute?

Oh, these punk art school brats, they have no respect for the equipment, but I can almost pay rent now, so... Almost.

Oh! That's something.

My balls are here.


Wait, so what is the plan for tonight?

What's going on?


First up is Li Po for Chinese Mai Tais.

What? We haven't been there in a million years.

Doris and Malik are gonna meet us there.

Oh, nice. How are they?

They're good, I think.

He hasn't thrown her out, so that's something.

They went to Hawaii recently, I know that.

Richie and Brady are coming too.


You invited them?

No, I'm kidding.


Don't worry, seriously.

I think, actually, it's gonna be nice to see them, both of them.

In fact, I actually made a pact with myself, on the plane, that I was gonna try and make a real effort with Brady.

Well, that's good, 'cause he's pretty cool.

When he's not drunk.

Just sayin'.


Wait a second.

We gotta raise a glass.

To the new, grown-up Agustín.

Actually, to all of us, really, for finally finding something close to adulthood, right?

Close to it.

Close, yeah.

It took us long enough, that's for sure.



Would you stop eating my balls?

I love your balls.

No, stop.

I can't get enough of your balls.

♪ ♪

Yeah, here we are.

Oh, my God, nothing has changed.

Oh, my God! You guys!


Hey, stranger!

Hey! I know!

How's it going?

I'm good. I'm... Yay!

Hey, it's so good to see you.

Since you've been gone, I've been embracing my heterosexuality.

Yeah, she has.

Oh, my God, I went on a wine tour, a course.

Yeah, but she got thrown off for getting wasted.

Oh, my God.

We get couples' massages.


We got book club.

I had, like, dinner parties where I kind of cook a little bit.

Which we don't get invited to, but, you know.

Oh, you'd come if I invited you?

Probably not. There's only, so many times I can hear you talk about the Container Store.

I love the Container Store!

I know you do.

Oh, would you rather me talk about poultry?

No, no, no.

Wait. Do I hear the ding-dong of wedding bells?

Oh, God.

Are the two of you gonna follow Agustín down the aisle?

Yeah, right.

Sorry, Disney princess.

No, that dream's not happening.

I'm embracing my heterosexuality, but I'm not insane.

So that's a no?

Malik and I made a very important commitment to living in sin, okay?

Yeah. We're living in sin.

We embrace the sin.


Sunday morning, we're not in church.

Marriage is for the gays, all right?

And you poor f*cking bastards, you can have it. It's a magical time!

(laughter) Yay!

Aw, that was the best news ever!



Whoo! Cheers!


Hi! How's it going?

Hey! My God!

How you doing? Congrats.

Thanks, man.

Hey, Brady!

The prodigal son returns. Hi. It's good to see you.

Thank you, man. Likewise.

Thanks for coming.

Hey there. How's it going?

Good. How are you?

Good. Doing well.

Nice, nice.

Yeah, yeah.

Hi, Kyah.



I am so the new Patrick of the group. Oh...




How are you guys?

I'm good. Hi.

Oh, my God. We're all back together!

Oh, hi. Oh!


Patrick, how is it going?

I want to hear about... tell us about what your life...

I don't know. Well, how's Boise? How's Boise?

Well, it's Denver, not Boise.


Same thing, same thing.

But it's good. It's really good. I'm loving work and I'm finally the head of my own department, so that's been a long time coming.

That's fantastic. No more cage-fighting h*m*?

No more otters versus owls?

Wow. Is that the video game?

Not at work at least, no.

What is it you're actually doing?

I've asked, but nobody seems to know.

We're actually... we're developing this virtual reality video game where humans have mated with aliens and they've created a super race with special abilities.

I'm in. I'm so in.

Yes! It's actually a really cool game.

Can I have one?


Of course you're in. Anything alien, sold.

But what is there to do in Salt Lake City?

What do you do?


In Denver too. What do you do in Denver?

Goddammit, sorry.

You don't miss it here?

I mean, I miss you guys. I miss the people for sure.

But in a lot of ways, the cities are very similar.

It's the same small-batch coffee, the same Korean meatballs, except people there are a little less, you know, San Francisco.

In the way... in the way the people...

Oh, my God, no, come on.

No, you know, in the way the people in San Fransisco can be annoying.

You know what I'm talking about.

I totally get it.

Are there any gays? Are there any gays in Denver?

Yeah, there's a lot of gays.

It's a... it's a big city.

And Paddy's been making the most of being the single cowgirl in town, right?

I have. I have.

Is it like "Brokeback Mountain"?

Are you just, like, having sex with Jake Gyllenhaal?


No, but I, uh, I broke this back-mountain a couple of times, if you know what I mean.

Oh, hey!

Yes, yes, yes, yeah.

I did, I did.

Girl, you've changed.


I can't believe I... have this stupid bag.

Oh, God.

Your hair looks good.

(chuckles) Thank you.

Kept it short, huh?

I did, yeah.

Short on the... Yeah.

Short on the sides.

It's good to see you.

You too.

Sorry I was so incommunicado, but it just felt like the right thing to do while I got settled, and then...

You don't need to explain.

Yeah, but I left... I left so suddenly without much of an explanation.

You did what you had to do.

I did.

So, don't sweat it.

All right.

So what's it like being back home so close to your folks?

Well, I'm near home.

I'm not at home, and that, uh, 50-minute car ride makes all the difference.


But, uh...

It's been pretty positive.

I never thought that I could actually be there and be myself, so that feels like progress.

Well, that's good.


And how's your mom?

She's all right.

It's probably helpful that I was there and only semi-judgmental about her choice to drop my dad.


How are you about the divorce?



I'm 30. (chuckles)

I don't think that matters.

You know, she actually dumped the guy that she left my dad for...

Oh, my God.

And now she's having sex with her therapist, Dr. Sapperstein.

Oh, really?


She really likes making a f*cking mess of things.

But then, uh... like mother like son, I guess.

I'm saying nothing.


So, I...

I finally followed your advice and tried to work things out with my dad.


Yeah, it turns out that advice totally sucked.

Oh, shit. Really?


I tried to honor the fact that he would never be completely happy with who I am and try to find a common ground, but...

There was none?

Turns out he is a raging h*m*.


It's like him trying to understand me undermines everything he thinks about himself, so...

Oh, God. Do you think he'll ever come around?

He's a proud f*ck, so probably not.

Well, if I'm like my mom, then... (chuckles)

Shut up. (chuckles)

But Brady has been really cool about the whole thing.

He's been, um, super supportive, so that's helped. Good.

What about the barber truck?

I've been hearing amazing things.

That's going really well.

And you don't miss Willy's?

Yeah, but it's also good to be doing my own thing.

Actually, Agustín did a really great job with the paint work on it.

He's really good.

I can just picture you cruising down Valencia luring people into your truck for a fade.


It's kind of perfect.

Sometimes I want to drive to Reno and start doing perms in some casino parking lot.

Just to do something different, you know?

Oh, my God, that would be, like, the best reality show ever.

Or maybe the worst. It's basically the same thing.

(both chuckle)

You should come by sometime.

See me in action.

Yeah, I'd like that.

And if not, you know, this trip, then the next one for sure.

Paddy! Hi!

Hi. There they are.


We thought we'd lost you.

I know. It's this bag.

Agustín has totally convinced me I'm pro-marriage now, sorry.


Yeah, you f*cking traitor.

Wanna get married?

Right now?

Mm, maybe not right now.

Come on!

Come on, babe.

You all right?

I'm good. Good.

How are you feeling? I'm good.

I'm a little tired.

You gonna sing?


Oh, good. What are you gonna sing?

What are we gonna sing together?


Let's do this.

All right. I love that you've chosen all of our old haunts.

Yeah, I felt like I needed to return to the scenes of my crimes, like, one more time.

You're not dying. I know, but this whole "getting married" thing is making me feel all...

I don't think that the air quotes are necessary.


Oh, shit!

Bride to be. (chuckles)

You made it!

Come on, of course.

Ooh! Ms. Murray!



Oh, yes!

Oh, my!

How's it going?

Yeah, good.

You what, you took the Concorde in from Paris, n'est-ce pas?

Mais oui. Yes.

It's so good to see you. What a surprise.

What are you ladies drinking? I'm buying.

Something cheap and strong.

Yeah, that's like you.

Like? Oh, okay, all right.

I'll take it.

I'm kidding.


Whoa. So you guys are friends now?

Like, actual friends?

Yeah. Who reached out to who?

Well, I felt like I needed to close that chapter before I opened the new one, so yeah, I called him up.

I thought I told you.

No, it's great.

I mean, he's always been a good guy.

Yeah, you know, and just because it didn't work out doesn't mean it couldn't turn into something new.

Plus, Eddie's cool with it.

Of course he is.

He's the best.

He's the best.

Look, uh, B-T-dubs, you and I are singing too.

Oh, no. No, no, no, no.


No, come on for old time's sake.

No, no, no.


I love you, but bad things happen when I get behind a microphone.

No, no, bad-ass things happen!



♪ This time might be the last, I fear ♪
♪ Unless I... ♪

Oh, my God!


Why isn't he making eye contact with me?

He should be looking at me.

I can't handle this.

Sing to me!

Wait, wait. I remember, I remember, I remember.

I think... I think his exact words were "I'd rather seal up my butt-hole and never suck another cock again rather than get married."

"I can't believe that gay people are so f*cking desperate to be straight. They shouldn't be called "gay" anymore."

Oh, my God. Did I really sound that annoying?


I want that Agustín back.

Nah, trust me you don't. He was a total c**t.

Ooh, I miss... I miss the cunty Agustín.

He was so fun at parties and stuff.

You've become one of those gay guys you've always hated.

Soon you'll be adopting babies and going on family cruises with all the other Stepford h*m*.

Hey, leave him alone.

Yeah, yeah.

Don't listen to them, Agustín.

I think that what you're doing is amazing.

It's okay, Paddy. I can take it.

You know I'm kidding.

You know I'm messing around with you.

I'm thrilled for you and I think... I think that uh, Eddie is a shining light of awesomeness in your life, and you're doing it for the right reasons... so what's there not to love?

Thank you, Frank.

Aw, that was beautiful.

Just don't f*ck it up, all right?

Yeah, like, stay away from RentBoys for starters.



I know that I said I wouldn't, but f*ck it, let's do this.

We're gonna sing?

Yes, we're gonna sing!

Can I finally be Dusty?

Yes, you can!

Oh, my God, let's do it!

Let's do this!

"I will never suck a cock again."

That's my advice. Stay away from RentBoys. Right?

This was actually the first club me and Paddy ever came to in the city.


That's also where me and Paddy hooked up.

Ha. Yes, it was.

Ooh, hold on a second.

Muscle Mary and Goody Two-Shoes?

Get the f*ck outta here, there's no way.

"Goody Two-Shoes"? Really? I didn't know you guys hooked up.

Oh, yeah. Yes, yes, but it was a long time ago.

And we do not need to go back there.

Uh, yeah, we do.

No, we do not!

Come on.

Story, story, story!

Uh, once upon a time, there was a pretty princess called Paddy.

He was all by himself, poor lonely baby.

Totally wasted and dancing to Britney, remember?

And I'm assuming we've all seen Paddy's drunk dancing.


I have.


Yeah? What's it like?



Did you guys f*ck?


I wouldn't say "f*ck."

It was more like side-by-side jerking off, although, I do remember almost giving you a blowjob.

Oh, I remember you licking the sides but refusing to put the tip in.

(laughter) What can I say?

I was very disease-phobic in those days.

It's true.

I had a lot of self-loathing back then.

Back then?

Aw, come on.

That was a joke! It was a joke!

Well, I'm glad you cried on my shoulder and I didn't put my dick in your butt 'cause look where we are now.

(chuckles) That's true.



Hey, f*g!

(cheering, laughter)

Oh, my God, I am so glad you came in for this.

He never would have did it without his maid of dishonor.

I wouldn't have missed this for the world, are you kidding?

Please. And this is my friend, Jake.

He's my oldest and dearest from Chicago.

I'm trying to get him to move here, so please play nice with others!


Oh, Jake, I want you to meet Dom. Dom?



He has saw your pic and he really wants to taste your chicken.

Eddie! Shh!




What was that?

He's cute! You've literally had nothing for months.


Plus, from what Eddie says, he has the most beautiful penis in all of Illinois.


Oh, shit!

Come on, baby, dance with me.

Our last time as single boys.

A nice Midwestern girl.


He's really cute! I feel like you should go for it!

You're as bad as Doris!

Oh, come on. What's the harm?

In a little...

Wait, wait, wait, I gotta pee, I gotta pee.


Hey, I wanna see you guys on the dance floor later.

Both of you!

Tequila! Tequila?



I wanna dance on the bar!

♪ ♪


Last time I was here, I was in a leather vest.

♪ Hey, hey ♪

Oh, I remember.

That seems like a long time ago.

Yeah, it... it does.

I'm glad you left, you know?


Well, you know what I mean.


♪ Whoo! ♪

It took a lot of guts, and... it seems to have done you a lot of good.

You think?

♪ Whoo! ♪

Sometimes you gotta leave things behind so you can move forward.

I got you a tequila.

Oh, good! Thank you!

Well, you haven't tasted it yet. It's the cheap stuff.




♪ I'm Miss American Dream ♪
♪ Since I was 17 ♪

Oh, that is the cheap stuff!

Get your ass on the dance floor!

How can I resist the call of Britney?


You coming?

Uh, I think I need another drink first, but looking forward to seeing your moves!

♪ You want a piece of me ♪

You all right seeing him?

I can't hear you!

♪ Another day another drama ♪


♪ Guess I can't see the harm ♪

It's fine!

Let's just dance!


It's Britney, bitch!

It's Britney, bitch!

♪ And you want a piece of me ♪
♪ I'm Mrs. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous ♪
♪ You want a piece of me ♪
♪ I'm Mrs. Oh My God That Britney's Shameless ♪
♪ You want a piece of me ♪
♪ I'm Mrs. Extra! Extra! This Just In ♪
♪ You want a piece of me ♪
♪ I'm Mrs. She's Too Big Now She's Too Thin ♪
♪ You want a piece of me ♪
♪ I'm Mrs. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous ♪
♪ You want a piece of me ♪
♪ I'm Mrs. Oh My God That Britney's Shameless ♪
♪ You want a piece of me ♪
♪ I'm Mrs. Extra! Extra! This Just In ♪
♪ You want a piece of me ♪
♪ I'm Mrs. She's Too Big Now She's Too Thin ♪
♪ You want a piece of me ♪

Holy f*ck!

That is...

Wow, you're really good at that.

I've been training.

I think I want you to f*ck me.


We don't have to if you don't want to.

Don't you wanna f*ck me?


Well, then do it.

All right?


Oh, f*ck, you feel so good.

Oh, yeah. Uh, can you... Hey, yeah, can you put the brakes on a minute?

Yeah, sorry. Is it hurting?

Don't flatter yourself.

No, I just don't wanna cum too...

Okay, it's way too late for that.

Oh, shit. Just go faster.

Okay. Faster.

(groans) Yes...

Oh, f*cking... f*cking hell.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, shit.

Oh, shit. (groans)

Oh, Jesus Christ, f*ck me. (groans)

Harder, harder, harder.

Oh, f*ck! f*ck, I'm gonna cum.

Okay. Oh, yeah.


Oh, yeah.

Oh... oh, f*ck.

Oh, f*ck. (groans)

(both groan)

So how do you like it at Zynga?

Uh, you get free Reese's Pieces, so what's not to love?

Oh, that's how they get you, all that sugar.

But you gotta watch out. You don't want to get stuck in their flytraps.

Is that why you left MDG?

Something like that.

Oh, come on, spill the beans.

Okay, fine. I was in a relationship with my boss.

But after we broke up, going into the office was like that movie "Saw" except without the cute guy chained to the wall. (beeping)

It wasn't Kevin Matheson, was it?


Oh, my God, it was, wasn't it?

Why do say that?

I just... I know he works there and he's gay.

Ugh, that's why I hate this f*cking city.

It's so small.

Please don't tell me that you had sex with him?

No, no, but I... I would.

Oh, God, those ears.

I would tug on those babies.

But I... I did interview with him though, back in January.

Oh, my God.

For my job.

Anyway, I didn't get it.

I, uh, I heard he hired some 19-year-old muscle queen from LA.

(chuckles) Of course he did.

Uh, I take it you two don't talk.

You and Kevin.

Talk? No.

But he, uh, he PayPals me every now and again for this game we designed together.

Ah. Cha-ching.

Oh, I wish.

I would so happily give up those $90 just so I don't see his name in my inbox.

So why don't you?

You have to bury your d*ad real good, you know, so they don't come back and haunt you.

Who made you so f*cking wise?

What? I'm 22.

I've had my fair share of boyfriends.

Really? At 22?

You must have started pretty young.

Uh, 16.

You had a boyfriend when you were 16 years old?


He's quite butch, isn't he? Kevin.

He's not so butch when he's got his legs in the air.

Is he a hungry bottom?

Super hungry.

Oh, f*ck yeah! That's awesome.

So is he why you left San Francisco?

Kevin? No. He's not getting full credit for that.

Then why did you leave?

A lot of different reasons.

To be honest, I... sort of made a mess of this other relationship with someone else I was with.

Hm, I'm sensing a theme.

Yeah, exactly.

And after Kevin, I sort of realized what an idiot I'd been, but it was too late then.

That ship had sailed.

I'm sorry.

No, don't be.

It was actually the best thing for both of us.

And the truth is, even if that ship hadn't sailed, I probably would have found a way to sink it before it left the harbor anyway.

So off you went.


So then I just... I went to Denver and I swore myself off relationships completely in the process, which was probably better for everyone in the long run.

But... it was also... about just being tired of my life not moving forward, you know?

Or at least not moving in the right direction.

Going away was about pressing the reset button and starting over.

Do you know what I mean?

Sure, yeah.

And so?

So what?

Did it work?

The reset, did it work?

♪ ♪

♪ Tell me, how does one learn that at your age ♪
♪ So that it sticks? ♪
♪ No more tangles ♪
♪ No more tears ♪
♪ No more reindeer games ♪
♪ Narcissistic queen ♪


Hey, lazy bones.

(groans) Hi.

Could have slept in your old bed.

I thought... Wasn't that Jake guy in there?

No, of course not.


Thank you.

And Agustín's at Eddie's place.

You could have slept in his room.

I'm not getting in those sheets.

I don't blame you.

What time is it?

It's the afternoon.

I gotta get to work.

You can come if you want.

Yeah. I wanna see the window.

That way you can tell me all the dirty, disgusting things you did to that poor child.



I rimmed him, he rimmed me, I f*cked him, he f*cked me.

It was very democratic.

I gotta say, I am loving all this sex-positive sex you've been having lately.

You're sure it doesn't make me a slut?

But does it make you feel positive?

Most of the time.

Well, there you go.

But then afterwards...

I don't know.

What happened?

Nothing happened.

Then what?

I don't know. Maybe it's that...

I went away to Colorado and everything was out of sight and out of mind, and now I'm back and then there it all is.

There what is?

Everything I thought I dealt with.

Like what?

Do you think I should see Kevin while I'm here?

Oh, God, why would you even think about doing that?

I don't know, just to close the chapter?

Bury the d*ad?

See if he's gotten fat and gross?

Just assume he's gotten fat and gross and move on.

You're right.

Yeah, and trust me.

Totally, man.

Oh, my God!

I forgot that you have a parklet!


Holy shit, it looks so good!


If this doesn't mean you've made it, I don't know what does. You have a parklet.




What, is it Bring Your Daughter To Work Day or something? What are you doing here?

What are you doing here?

Well, I came to talk to you. I didn't come to talk to you.

Go home.

I'm sorry. I can go home.

No, it's fine. Fine. Please.

Um, does anybody first of all have a donut? I'm starving.

And what do you do for a hangover?

And I want to throw up.

And he was totally into Dom too.

He was? Great.


And was he nice? He was very nice.

Oh! So did you f*ck him?

Is he gonna move in with ya?

Help you clean the grease stains off your aprons?

Uh, no. No to both of those.

And do we really need to have this conversation again?

Again? We're having it again?

How can that be? I haven't seen you in months.

I saw you last night. Aw, it didn't count.

Well, that was before you ran home for a hot bubble bath and an early night.

Yeah, well, I don't get to stay out the all hours just enjoying myself anymore.

Eh, it never used to stop you.

Um, not that I'm taking Doris' side here, but why didn't you have sex with Jake?

He lives in Chicago. It would just be sex.


I want to keep my focus clear.

I don't want to complicate things right now.

(scoffs) Complicate things.

Doesn't mean you gotta turn into, like, Sister Dominic of the Tenderloin. That's it!

That should be the name for the second window.

Are you kidding me?

This is so what he's like, Patrick!

This is what I have to deal with.

The only thing he ever thinks about is work!

Well, is that so bad right now?

I think that all we're saying is it's okay to have a little fun.


Get your hands on some skin that doesn't belong to a plucked chicken.

Okay, listen.

I appreciate the concern.

I do.

But I'm fine.

You know, finally I know what it is that I want, and... better still, I can actually see a way of getting it.

I've got some purpose.

And you think sex could risk that?

Yeah, or maybe even a relationship?

Very possibly.

I don't... God, I don't... I don't want to sound like some kind of... one of those, I don't know, gross, coupled-up, relationship evangelist things...

And yet... but you liked being with Lynn.

Yes, of course I did.

But that's not what I want right now.

I don't want to compromise and relationships take a lot of compromise.

Can I say one thing?

Would it matter if I said no?

This... this has happened.

It's working. You're all good. You're not gonna f*ck it up.

It's not suddenly gonna turn to shit.

All right? And believe me, I know the feeling.

But I'm not my mom.

All right? And you're not your dad.

(phone rings)

Shit. I'm sorry.

You... Am... am I being too...

Oh, whatever.

(sighs) Hey.

Uh... yeah.

Yeah, I can do that.


Yes, yes. Yeah, I'll meet you there.

Uh, yes, I will meet you there right now.

Okay. All right, I'll see you soon.



Does anybody want to come with me to Indian Rock?

I think that Agustín might be having a crisis.

Oh, f*ck, no.

Not in a million years do I want to do that.

Oh God.

I have to go.

You're on your own.

Okay. Good luck.

Good luck.

Good luck.


Mm, you're so gonna get laid smelling like that. Bye.


Oh, good, Patrick, we're together again.

What happened? You seemed so calm yesterday.

Yeah, I was calm, but then I woke up this morning with this, like, pain in my stomach like I had an ulcer that was about to burst.

Well, it's a stressful thing you're doing, getting married.

I guess.

I mean, you're getting committed to somebody else.

That's a big thing. I don't think your choice of vocabulary is helping.

Do you love him?

Do I love him?

Yeah. Do you love Eddie?

I always used to say that love is a social construct that doesn't really exist.

I didn't believe you then and I don't believe you now.

Okay, so what is it?

(scoffs) Christ, don't ask me.

Seriously, how would you define it?

Okay, let me ask you a different question.

Does the idea of being with Eddie make you happy?

Like, the two of you getting old and gray together, smoking weed to ease the arthritis?

Yeah, that thought does make me happy.




I don't know. I... I like his beard, I like... (chuckles) his hat collection, I like that... whenever I have someone I want to bitch about or there's something funny that I see, he's the person I want to tell.

He's my best friend, I guess.

I'm oddly jealous that I'm no longer your best friend.

Okay, he's my best friend that I want to have sex with.

Also, he has a huge penis.

Isn't that everything?

I mean, not the penis part obviously, but the other stuff?

Maybe if you just... focus on that, this won't seem like such a big deal.


Actually, I don't even think this is about Eddie.

This isn't like some "Runaway Bride" moment where I feel like there's someone else out there for me.

Then what is it?

Remember when we first came here?

After we started college?

Of course.

We talked about our big life plan.

Among other things.

If you'd told me then that a decade later, I'd be working at the Art Institute as a shop manager and getting hitched to a man, I... What did you know about anything in those days?

I mean, we couldn't even get married back then.

You heard those guys last night.

Frank, especially him, Dom, Brady...

Don't listen to anything Brady says.

He's like a... blog that nobody reads but in human form.

But those guys were right. I...

I used to think that I would be like Keith Haring or Robert Mapplethorpe, but instead, I've become...

Neil Patrick Harris, only not as cool 'cause I can't tap dance.

You could learn.

Ugh, I'm being serious, Paddy.

I'm not who I thought I'd be, and that's tough for me to take.

I've become everything that I've rallied against for years very loudly.

Well, you're allowed to change.

Especially when you've found something that works for you.

But what happens if I get married and I freak out?

Not about Eddie, but about me.

What happens if I can't cope that this new me is so far from who I thought I'd be that I f*ck everything up?

What happens if I hurt Eddie?

I... I don't want to do that to him.

I... I cant... I can't do that to him.

What makes you think you'll do that?

Because it's what I do, for f*ck's sake!

Before you know it, I'll be on a... on the phone with CJ, and I'll get him and a couple of other RentBoys to f*ck Eddie just so I can feel better about myself.

I doubt that very much.

I think you learned your lesson there.


Did I?

You know what I love... over the last couple of years?

When you found that something didn't work for you, you somehow found a way to fix it, and that made you happy.


I suppose.

I mean, you are happier now than you've ever been.

Not in this particular moment, obviously, but who cares if you aren't who you thought you were gonna be when you were 18 years old.

You have had 10 years of experience to figure out what it is you really need.

That's... that's well said.

And you know what?

This is not a Katherine Heigl movie.

f*ck her. This is your Sigourney Weaver Alien trilogy.


You've got so much left to go. (groans)

You could even start up your art practice again.

Oh, no, that's a scary thought. (chuckles)

Scarier than the alien.

(chuckles) That's true.

Forget I said the last part, but you know what I mean.

I miss you.

I miss you too.



Oh, my God, we're just like Julianne Moore and Annette Bening in "The Kids Are All Right."

(muffled laugh) Totally!

Who am I?

Annette Bening, obviously.

"You're sleeping with him, aren't you?"


Dom... do you think things would have been different for me if I came out when I was 16?

Different how?

I don't know, just different.

More adjusted like Jimmy from the other night or better at being in relationships maybe.

I thought you didn't want a relationship.

Yeah, well, maybe I was kidding myself just a little bit.

At least you admit it. (chuckles)

So what do you think?

Well, I may not be the best person to ask about relationships since my history is with a meth-head and an old dude in love with a d*ad guy, but... (chuckles) maybe it's not worth thinking about.

You can't go back in time.

You know, maybe everything would have taken a very different turn if you had managed to shoehorn your dick into my butt all those years ago.

Oh, God, seriously?


I would have gotten over my a**l sex fear a lot earlier.

Probably a lot of other fears too.

Remember in that movie "2012" when California sank into the Pacific?

You really think it would have been that bad?

Yes. And plus, we never would've become best friends and that would have been a real shame.

That's true.

I am glad that you're my best friend now.

Especially since Agustín's out of the picture.


So what if we got together now?


I don't want a relationship, but for you, I'll make an exception.

Oh, come on. (coughs)

It's not the worst idea in the world.

It's up there.

You just said we're best friends, all right?

And that is the perfect basis for a relationship.

Says who?

Says Agustín.

What the hell does he know?

I mean... we don't make each other sick... like... physically, right?

Or do I make you sick?

That depends on what I've eaten.

I don't know. I mean... maybe this has been staring us in the face the whole time.

You are actually scaring me right now.

No, listen, we understand and accept each other's flaws.

Your work is important to you as mine is to me.

We like the same movies.

I mean, on paper, it's... (chuckles)

Would you stop laughing?

On paper, it sounds totally right.

You are not being serious.


Not really.

Okay, good.

But it would be nice, wouldn't it?

To... suddenly find something by mistake that makes sense.

That... (sighs) makes it all... easier.

What just happened?

I kissed you.


I just... I don't know.

I was just... I felt like it.

I wanted to see if you were right.


And you looked a little sad, so...

(both chuckle)

How did it feel?

A little bit weird, if I'm honest, yeah.

Right? Yeah? Like kissing your brother?

Yeah. Oh, God.

I can't believe we did that.

Oh... oh, my God.

Oh... I think maybe I'm a little stoned.

Yeah, me too.

Okay. Good.

Oh, we should sleep. (chuckles)

I'm sorry I made you make out with me.

Well, you did say you wanted me to have some fun.

So fun.

(both chuckle)

Go again?


Oh, God.

It's so hard to know if you're doing the right thing, isn't it?


So what's the answer?

Oh, f*ck knows.

Although maybe you were right this morning.

About what?

About closing the chapter.

It's so easy to let the past make a mess of the present.

You should try not to let that happen, just FYI.

(text tone whooshes)

(phone chimes, vibrates)


Well, this is a surprise.

You're blond.

Yeah, I'm blond.

You had your hair cut too.

You look well.

(chuckles) You didn't need to dress up.


Agustín's getting married today, actually, so...

To Eddie? f*ck.


Well, I'd never put money on that lasting.

Yeah, well, love is a mysterious game, I guess.


You look well, too, by the way.

Thank you.

So should we just stand here and tell each other how well we look or should we go get that coffee and explain why you texted me?

Let's do that.


I'm thinking this way.



Yes, let's do it.


So how's Denver?

I love what you guys are doing there.

It's good.


I hear you're finally heading your own chain.

That's a good thing.

That's something that should have happened a long time ago.


A word of advice though: don't go falling for any of your subordinates.


I'll try my best.

How's MDG?

And Owen?

I haven't really...

Talked to him? Yeah, I know.

Yeah. He's good. He's been promoted.

Oh, Meredith, she finally came out.


I'm kidding.


Thank you.

You look different.

Not completely different, but...

Well, I lost a little weight.

Maybe it's that, right?


I've piled on the pounds.

Jon finally embraced my love of fried chicken.


Oh, yeah, we got back together.



Oh, does that surprise you?

I don't know.

Maybe not.

Do you know in many ways, what happened between us that was a good thing.

The breakup...

The large filter, solo, black?

Yeah, that's me. Thank you.

I mean, the whole thing, it just made me think deeply about what I wanted, what I needed in a relationship to make it work.

So, in many ways, I'm quite thankful that you came into my life and f*cked it up because... because it's better now.

I don't really know how to answer that.

Jon and me are actually... we're actually really good.

We had some therapy, which I would highly recommend for you.

You're not the first person to suggest that.

Not surprising.

And then we came to fully understand our wants and our needs.

You know, you've been here too long.

You're even starting to sound like an American.

Yeah, well...

Small ecstatic iced coffee?

Thank you.

And now if I meet Chris Pratt down at Fitness First, I can jerk him off to my heart's content, and that's completely fine.

Well... I'm happy for you.

And Jon. And Chris Pratt.

Well, I don't 100% believe that.

No, I...

It's not like I ever wanted you to be miserable.

I'm... (sighs)

I'm... I'm glad it's worked out for you.


Shall we sit?


Basically, I want to hand over all the rights to you for the app.


Well, we didn't need to meet for that.

I know, but this...

It's better to do it like this.

I mean, I could have a guy draw up a document, but I feel like...

But what if it makes a fortune?

It's hardly Minecraft.

Okay, but it could still end up making us some money.

"Stereotyped, cliche-ridden dross" or my personal favorite, "What the f*ck is the point?"

Why do you read what people say?

Don't you?

Yeah, but I don't care.

Anyway, making money was never the point.

What was the point?

I just...

I feel like it doesn't make sense for us to do it anymore... together.

Okay, I'm going to ask you something.

Okay. Were you actually ever in love with me?


I... I think so.

I mean, I...

I certainly loved the idea of us.

'Cause I could have made it work.

I could've. When I said I wanted to be monogamous with you, I meant it.

I didn't want you to make a promise you couldn't keep.

f*ck you. How'd you know I wouldn't keep it.

Anyway, that's not why we broke up.

We weren't right for each other.

No, no no, no, no, no, no.

How do you know that?

I just did. I...

I do.

But you... you didn't even try.

You didn't even try. You moved in one day, you moved out the next.

You didn't even f*cking unpack.

Listen, I admit that I handled that horribly, but I apologize for that.

And... (sighs)

Isn't it better to quit rather than drag out something that you know won't work?

Okay, well, in a nutshell, there's your problem.

What is?

You, you, you.

You quit, you run away. You don't take risks, ever.

What are you talking about? I moved in with you.

No, no, no, no, no. Patrick, the risk would have been trying to make it work.

The risk would have been putting in the hard graft to make it work.

Now, I... I don't want to seem like a c**t, but you are a coward.

Oh, I don't think that's fair.

I couldn't trust you anymore.

And I... I don't know what hard graft means, but I don't think I've been a coward at all.

Okay, well, I think the facts tell a very different story.

Would a coward have moved to a different city?

A new job? Left everything behind?


You... you basically moved home.

And are you sure you didn't run away and not move away?

They're two very different things.

And what next? What next for Patrick Murray? Huh?

When that doesn't work out, I'll bet you a million dollars, you're already looking for the next thing.

You are.

I know you.

You run away and you are a coward.

You were a coward with me.

You were a coward with Richie.

Enough, Kevin. Jesus.

You hit a few potholes in the road and instead of trying to navigate through it, you slam your brakes on, you start crying and you run the other direction.

Look, I did not... I did not come here to get nailed to the cross or to get us both upset.

So why did you come here then? Huh?

Honestly, and please, please don't use the app as an excuse.

I came here to close a chapter.

To see if we could move forward from this.

Oh, what, become friends? Is that what you want?

Cool. Why don't you come over to my house and then we can all have a barbecue, me, you, and Jon?

Do you...

I mean, do you really think that you and me could ever be friends?



Sorry. I really didn't want it to be like this.

I shouldn't have texted.

No, I mean, it's good, isn't it? It's a good thing.

And it needed to be done.

Just, um...

Draw up the contract. I'll sign it.

Thinking about it, it's probably the right thing for me too.


Do you honestly think we would've worked?

I'd liked to have given it a try.

Look, I wasn't gonna tell you this, but seeing as I'm gonna make a fortune off "One Up Him"...

Tell me what?

I know of a, uh, job position coming up here that you'd be good for, in SF.


I don't...

Well, don't worry. I'm not going to be there.

Jon and I are moving to London.



He got a job offer there, and I've been missing home a lot.

Are you done with San Francisco?

So, if that something you'd be interested in, I can make it happen, but I do have to warn you, Owen will hate you, but he would also love to have you back.

Why would you do that for me?

Seriously. After... everything?

Well, because despite everything, Patrick, I just want you to be happy, man.



'Cause I love you.

Look, don't stay in Denver.

Come back. And you can take that from someone who moves around to constantly avoid dealing with things.

It never works, but I think you know that already.

Look, if you're interested, just e-mail me.

We don't need to talk again.

One last hug?


Oh, shit.

Hey, sorry I'm late.

There was trouble on the, uh...

That's okay. Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine. Are you good?

Yeah. I'm good.


Don't worry.

Where's Eddie?

He's using the toilet for, like, the 11th time.

I'm getting married to an old lady.

Oh, where the f*ck is he?

Hurry up, huh?

We're gonna lose our spot in line.

Have you seen it up there?

It's like every f*ck in the city is getting married.

I nearly got run over by a stampede of bridesmaids.

Why don't we have bridesmaids?

You have us.

I'm Italian for Christ's sake.

This is gonna be the smallest Italian wedding in the history of time.

Okay, this is just paperwork.

We're gonna party tonight.

Yeah? Then why am I wearing this?

Like wearing what? You're not wearing a wedding dress.

Maybe I should be.

And maybe we should be getting married in a church, giving thanks to the great white man in the sky for our love.

That's not what I said.

Look, we're not doing this for other people.

We're not doing this for our parents.

We're not doing this for people we don't give a f*ck about.

We're doing this for us. That's what we discussed.

Well, shouldn't my mother at least be here?

Otherwise, why are we doing this?

I mean, what is this? (chuckles)

Oh, my God.

Why are we doing this at all?

Okay, can we at least check in?

I have to toilet again, and this time, it's not pee.

No, no, no, no, no. Hold it in, okay?

You have a powerful sphincter. Come on. Vamos.

All right, uh... I'll meet you guys up there.

Jake, can we get Mama on FaceTime?

Yes, yes, yes.

I got this.

We should man the exits. Eddie is surprisingly fast.

He's not gonna do that, is he?

Mm, he's had that look in his eyes before.

I think Agustín's gonna figure it out.

Yeah, where were you?

Uh, nowhere.

So why do you look so...

I look fine.

Shit, I need to pee now.


So do I.


I really do.

Okay, well, you guys pee and I'll... I'll meet you up there.

Yeah. All right.

By the state of California, I pronounce you partners for life. Now, you may kiss.



That's great.

Thank you so much.

Thank you...

(laughter, applause)


Oh, hello.

Sorry, I think that we're next.

Are you, uh, Rankin or Lanuez?

Oh, no, I'm not getting married.

It's my friends, but, uh, they'll just be a minute.

They're, uh...

Last-minute nerves?

(sighs) Something like that.

Well, it's very common.

I wouldn't worry.

Those two have been together for 45 years.

That's amazing.

Yes, it is.

Can I ask you something?

Of course.

How long have you been doing this?

A very long time.

Some people would say too long. (chuckles)

And, uh...

Are you able to tell if it's gonna work or not?

Uh, sometimes... uh, maybe I can tell who wants it more than the other one.


Or, you know... who's gotten real and whose head is still in the clouds, who's willing or unwilling to, um, adapt.

And... do you really think that people can... change for each other?

I prefer adapt to change.

It's, uh, it's a little more realistic.

Plus, I read somewhere that every part of us has something to do with the part that came before.

Every new part is... Does that sound corny?

It's... Well, it works for me.

Maybe that's why we keep making the same mistakes.

(laughs) Probably.

How long have you been married?

Oh, uh... uh... between you and me, not married.

But your ring.

It's a prop.

Nobody wants a fat trainer at the gym.

You know what I mean?


You okay? You all set?



I got her.

Oh, it's my mom!

Oh, Agustín!

Say hi!

Hi, Mama!


I'm sorry, I think we'll just be one more minute.


Okay. Thank you. Take your time.

Thank you. Appreciate it.

Is everything all right?

It is now.

What'd you say?

Let's just say he's a big Sigourney Weaver fan, so, thank you for that.

Oh, it's my pleasure.

That's what, uh, maids of dishonor are for.

I just told him that this marriage can be... whatever we want it to be.

Yeah, exactly.

I mean, it's not like you're just gonna suddenly be monogamous and move to the suburbs.

Well, no.

And then I love him, and he loves me.

What's the worst that can happen?

Doesn't work out, it doesn't work out, but at least we tried.


Let's f*cking do this.


(cheers and applause)

Yeah, you got it all done, right? Yeah.

Great. Perfect. And if you would just take a look at that, make sure we're saying everything we want to say.

Yeah, yeah, I'm good.

Hey, Mama.

Edward, you have chosen Agustín to be your partner in life.

Will you strive to love and respect him always, be honest and kind, and stand by him whatever may come?

I do.

Agustín, you've chosen Edward to be your partner in life.

Will you strive to love and respect him always, be honest and kind, and stand by him whatever may come?

I do. Yes.

(both chuckle)

And do you both promise to make the necessary adjustments in your personal and professional lives in order that you may live in a harmonious relationship together?

We do.

We do.

Inasmuch as you, Edward, and you, Agustín, have pledged your love to each other in front of these witnesses, by the power vested in me by the state of California, I pronounce you partners in life.



Now you may kiss.



I can't believe it!

(cheers and applause)

Oh, my God.

Now what?

Uh, now we get drunk and we take a lot of f*cking drugs.

Sorry, Mom. Sorry, Mom.

(laughter) Let's do this!


This is crazy!

Yeah, let's do this!

(cheers and applause)

You look great! You look so good!

Oh, my God!

(lively chattering)


You guys look amazing.



Hey, how you doing?

Good. How are you?

Really good. Good to see you.

Good to see you.


Hey there.

How'd it go?

It was really sweet.

What's up, Malik?

Thanks for coming, man. I really appreciate it.

Agustín didn't freak out? (chuckles)

Yesterday, but not today.

Uh, Eddie though, that was a close call.



It's so easy to disregard... all of this, all this, like, being able to get married stuff and what it means, but when we were in city hall today, in public, in front of total strangers...

I don't know.

In a few years, this is all just gonna be normal.

Right? It'll just be a way of life, and that's great, but wow, now for us... and for all those people that came before us, you know, that actually had to struggle against something... just pretty f*cking incredible, right?

It is.

And you can't help but feel...

I don't know, validated.

Even though I know we shouldn't need that validation.

Because just because you feel you shouldn't need something, it doesn't mean you don't.

Hi, Paddycakes!


Mm. Sorry I didn't get you one.

That's okay.

What are we talking about?

Just... how great it is.

Them getting married.

Champagne? Yeah?


Let's do this!



♪ ♪

Hey, man, can I please get a tequila?

Thank you.

Hey, have you seen Dom?

Uh, yeah, he's around here somewhere.


I've been... I've already... I made a round. Oh, God.

I so know that look.

Weddings are awful, aren't they?

They're horrible.

You have to take solace in knowing that it's gonna end in divorce, guaranteed.

Malik seems to be enjoying himself.

I know!

He's dancing with a bunch of bears!

Oh, no, should I be worried?

Are you sure you don't want to lock that down with a wedding ring?

He's a total beef-cake.

Oh, God.

Wedding rings don't do shit, all right?

Babies, on the other hand, so much harder to flush down a toilet.

You gotta really...


...work out. What?

What? Oh, my God. What?

I'm so drunk, y'all. What'd I say?

Oh, my God. Oh, my God, are you...

I'm not. No. no, no, no, no, no!

I'm not, but think I'm pregnant?

No, I'm not. I wouldn't be drinking if I was.

Well, then again, if I was my mother, I would be, right?

Oh, my gosh, you are, aren't you?

No, I'm... I'm not, okay?

But okay, Sherlock h*m*.

You got... We're... Malik and me, we are talking about having a baby, yes.

Doris, this is incredible news!

Oh, God, is it?


That I'm becoming this big, old cliche is incredible news?

Cliche? No, if you want to have a baby, you want to have a baby, right?

Yeah, I guess.

Oh, my God, does Dom know?

No. I was gonna tell him yesterday, but then you ruined it.

Oh, my...

Get a second...

I haven't. Oh, God. Okay.


Tell him now.



Tell him!

Oh, shit. Take it easy, okay?

You're making... I... I... Nothing!

It's just Malik and me are... we're talking about having a baby, which probably...


I may not even be able to have one, okay?

'Cause I'm old. There's gonna be nothing but sand pouring out of me, who knows.

Are you kidding me?

And if we have one, it's gonna have his weird chest hair and my overbite.

Are you kidding me?

No, I'm not kidding. No. We are... we are talking about it.



Unfortunately, that's...

Wow, I...

Where it's going...

I can't...

I'm gonna be an uncle?

Yep, you're gonna be a g*n.

Why didn't you tell me?

Just... I don't know, I just...

But why wouldn't you tell me that?

I don't... Because I guess I... Because I thought that if I was gonna have a baby in my life, I honestly thought I was gonna have one with you, and I'm not going to be having one... with you.


I know it's stupid... This is better!

Oh! It's so much better!

All right, you're spilling your beer all over me too.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Okay. That's just f*cking amazing.

Yeah. Oh, the miracle of life.

Okay, listen, I'm not gonna get married though, all right?

Don't bring that up. I believe that's such...

I'm gonna... It's gonna be a bastard child.

That's what we want, and for God sakes, please let it be a gay baby.

I want a gay baby.

Well, with you as its mother, the poor f*ck doesn't have a choice.

Right? I know.

But before I ruin my life, I wanna do some drugs tonight, pretend we're 25.

f*ck yes!

Handsome Jake has some, uh, moon rocks.

"Handsome Jake"?

Yes, I'm up for it. Yeah.

Handsome Jake is kind of weakening my resolve.

So yeah.

Okay, all right, yes.

This evening is taking a little turn.

I thought it was gonna be a nightmare.

Wonderful. All right, let's do it.

Let's do it.

(clears throat)


Also, this does not last forever, this feeling you're having.

I know exactly what you're feeling too.

This whole misery thing, it passes. It does.

If you want it to, it will, okay?

All right. I'll talk to you later.

♪ a*t*matic ♪
♪ What is this madness ♪
♪ That makes my motor run ♪
♪ And my legs too weak to stand? ♪


Hey, can I cut in?


♪ I go from sadness to exhilaration ♪
♪ Like a robot at your command ♪
♪ My hands perspire and shake like a leaf ♪
♪ Up and down goes my temperature ♪
♪ I summon doctors to get some relief ♪
♪ But they tell me there is no cure ♪
♪ No way to control it ♪
♪ It's totally a*t*matic ♪
♪ Whenever you're around ♪
♪ I'm walking blindfolded ♪
♪ Completely a*t*matic ♪
♪ All of my systems are down ♪
♪ Down, down, down ♪
♪ No way to control it ♪
♪ It's totally a*t*matic ♪
♪ Whenever you're around ♪
♪ I'm walking blindfolded ♪
♪ Completely a*t*matic ♪
♪ All of my systems are down ♪
♪ Down, down, down ♪


We have to tell our kids everyday that they are beautiful, (cheering) that their lives do matter, that they deserve to be healthy, and happy, and safe, and loved.


And that's what Eddie does.

Eddie does that everyday when he goes to work, and that's why I love you, Eddie.

I'm proud of you, I'm so happy that you found a man... (laughter, cheering) and thank you for inviting me to be part of this tonight.

Now, where are those maids of dishonor?

(cheering) Patrick, get your skinny ass up here.




Okay, you beautiful boys, here we go.

Uh, I think everybody in this room can agree that this, on one hand, is the most surprising thing in the world, but at the same time, it makes total sense, am I right?

(cheering) Love you, Paddy!

No, this isn't about me. I'm not gonna make this speech about me.

Never gonna happen! Aw!

I wanna talk about Agustín.

We have been friends, uh, for a very long time, and there are a million reasons why I love you, but one of them, one of the biggest ones, is that you are... ha... always have been incredibly committed to making the most of your life.

And even when you f*ck up, and we all f*ck up, right?


Yes, we all f*ck up.

You... you keep going despite any sort of doubts that you might have and you keep trying to find the things that work for you, and you... you found Eddie.



And... Yes.

And it is really clear that you two are absolutely crazy about each other while at the same time... at the same time being incredibly realistic about what that means and... and both being really committed to figuring out how to make that work.


And I... I... I just think that that is...



You're cute!

Amazing! And so, before I start openly weeping, let's raise a cheap cocktail to Agustín and Eddie!


To Eddie and Agustín!

(crowd groans)

That too, that too.

And now, everybody, please welcome to the stage my fellow maid of dishonor, Jake!


Patrick, thank you. That was beautiful.

♪ ♪

Excuse me.

Hey, guys.

A better speech than last time.

Couldn't really have been any worse, right?

No, probably not.

Yeah, I need another drink. Will you buy me another drink?

I don't have any cash left.

Really? You don't think you've had enough?

Oh, come on. Come on. Big gay wedding, right?

I want to get super drunk, so I can forget about how dull we've all become.

Aren't you already super drunk?

Less of the nagging, '50s housewife please, okay?

We aren't married.

Oh, I always thought you'd be the wife.

You'd look so good in an apron.

What was that?

It was just a joke.

You called him a nagging wife and I...

You would expect me to be the wife.


It was just a joke, that's all.

Is your femmephobia a joke all of a sudden?


What? I'm kidding.

No, it's okay, it's okay. You can say it.

It's not it's the, uh, first time you've ever implied that I'm everything that's wrong with the gay community.

Okay, I said you and Kevin were, not you.

Although... What are we talking about?

About Patrick being a shitty gay!

Brady, what the f*ck? Stop it! Oh, God!

I love it when gays argue with other gays about being gays.

Oh, it's fine. That's awesome.

Brady thinks he's the grand minister of q*eer.

The leader of the gay thought police.

Uh, it's called having a brain that thinks about things.

Sorry if I want us to be a little better.

Okay, both of you, enough.

Wow. Okay. It's a little frustrating that sometimes Brady thinks there's only one way to be gay, and that way is his way.

I'm just sick of people like you giving us a bad name, okay?

You would think that if there was such a thing as "us," there'd be a little more solidarity.

Well, maybe you don't deserve it.

Brady, seriously, what the f*ck?

I will never understand why you're so intent on making me feel bad because I can't live up to some ideal that I'll never live up to because it just isn't who I am!

If... if you feel bad, that's probably not my fault.

Enough, okay?

I'm sorry. Richie, you're right.

I'm sorry. Brady, I apologize, okay?

And I promise to read more of your articles and hope that one day, I can finally learn how to be gay and be as perfectly adjusted as you!

Yeah, f*ck you!

f*ck you back!

All right, that's it.

We're out of here.

Why are you taking his side?

I'm not.

Then why does it feel like you are?

This has nothing to do with...

Fine, yeah.

Then... then what is it about then?

This is about you being too drunk, and this is a party for Eddie and Agustín, and it has nothing to do with how you feel about Patrick.

Well... Or how he feels about you, for that matter.

Typical that you would take his...

Do you wanna be with him?

What? Is that what this is?

After all the shit he's put you through?

Okay, you know what? We're out of here.

Because I can guarantee, he will do nothing but break your heart again.


That your plan?


You wanna fly in here on your private jet and steal my f*cking boyfriend?

Of course not.

Let's get the f*ck out of here.

You're not gonna come, are you?

Come on, let's go.

Are you okay, bud? He was just jealous.

What? Everyone can see there's something between you guys.

There's nothing between us. We don't have anything, yet I have managed to f*ck things up for him again.

Okay, that was totally not your fault.

I could have just shut the f*ck up.

Why can't I ever just shut the f*ck up?

Oh, shit, girl. You all right?

Hey, wait a second, you have a private jet?

How come you're so f*cking ashamed that you have a private jet?

That's a legitimate question.

All right, let's just stop this, okay?

I didn't come here just to ruin everybody's weekend. Oh, well...

Paddy, you don't have to say that...

I do, I do, I do.

Let's just dance. Can we please just dance?

Yes! Yeah! Okay!

Let's just all make our way to the dance floor and dance, all right?

Come on.

Let's do it.

Sorry, sorry...

♪ ♪

(sighs) f*ck.

♪ You would never call me baby ♪
♪ If you knew me true ♪
♪ Oh, but I waited ♪
♪ So long ♪
♪ For your love ♪
♪ I am scared, baby ♪
♪ That I can't keep it up for long ♪
♪ Oh, I wish I grew up ♪
♪ The second I first held you in my arms ♪
♪ Underneath this hood you kiss ♪
♪ I tick like a b*mb ♪
♪ You would never call me baby ♪
♪ If you knew me true ♪
♪ Oh, but I waited ♪
♪ So long for your love ♪
♪ I will fight, baby ♪
♪ Not to do you wrong ♪

I should tell you something.


I'm thinking about leaving San Francisco.

What do you mean?

I've been thinking about it for a long time.

Me and Brady were even talking about it...

Do you mean, like... actually leaving, like, for good?

You did it.

You had the guts to do it.

Yeah, but I...

I think I was just... just running away.

Who cares?

Sometimes running away is exactly what you need to do.

But you were born here. This is your home.

I mean, you've always been here.


Everyone else gets to come here and start new.


I've never had that.

Where are you gonna go?

I have some family in Texas.

What are you gonna do in Texas?

I can take the truck. I can work.

At least there, I might get to do more than just fades and hipster bullshit.

(chuckles) Better not go to Austin then.


You know, it's... it's funny or ironic or something that you're thinking about leaving because... just today, I, uh...

I was offered a job back here.



I don't want you to do that.


Come back here.

I need to do this, and I...

I don't need the temptation to stay.

I... I gotta get my head straight 'cause right now, it's... all over the f*ck' place.

There's so much that I need to sort out.

Like what?

I've been in a relationship for a year with a guy that I wasn't in love with.

I think... right now, I just need to be alone.

I get that.

I... I... I totally get that.

I get your desire to be alone.

I mean, it's...

That's what I've just done for the last nine months.

But at the same time... being back here, I've realized that... being alone isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Yeah, well... we aren't the same person.

Well, we're not that different either.

I mean, wouldn't you like to be with someone while you work through your shit?

Someone who understands you, someone who cares about you?


I mean, that way you have someone to hang out with, right?

You against the world. (chuckles)

You got someone to... make out with.


Someone to sit on the sofa and eat take-out with.

Someone to... get old and gray and...


I don't know, watch "The Goonies" with.

(imitates Sloth) Hey, you guys.

Oh, my God!

You saw it!



You saw it twice?

Wow, you must've liked it.

(both chuckle)

Okay, so...

What are we gonna do?

This is... this is insane.

I just broke up with Brady not even two hours ago. I...

I can't... I can't do this now.

I know, I know, I know.

And if you want me to shut up, I will, but... if that's the case... then why did you come back tonight?

Why did you...

Why'd you come back to the EndUp?

What are you suggesting we do?

I'm not going to Denver, that's for sure, and... (laughs)

I really need to get out of here.


How about I come to Texas?



Yeah, I'll come... I'll come with you or I'll... I'll go there after you've gotten settled.

And do what? You have a job in Denver.

You have another job lined up here.

Yeah, well, I can work remotely.

I'll do my own thing.

I've always wanted to do that.

I... They...

Do they have computers in Texas?

(both chuckle)

And what happens when you've sobered up, huh?

And the wedding's over, and... you've lost this, you know, sense of romance?

Is that what you're scared of?

Of course I am.

I have met you. (scoffs)

What happens when you freak out?

Again? I... I am... so sick of taking care of people.

I just... I... I... I don't want to do that again.

I don't need you to take care of me, Richie.

Okay? I don't.

I just...

I want to be with you... while you... figure out whatever it is you need to figure out.

You told me once that you were this close to falling in love with me.

I was in love with you back then.

I'm in love with you now, except...

I was afraid of that feeling.

But I'm not afraid anymore.

What happens if it doesn't work out? Hm?

What do we do then?

Well, if it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out, but... at least we tried.

Do you want to try?


Come in here!


Come on!

Come on in here!

(both chuckle)

(indistinct chatter)

That's my paper plate.

(laughter) All right.


Hi, guys.


Hello. Welcome.

You know, this city drives me freaking crazy sometimes, but right now, I think it feels like the best place in the world.

Mm-hmm. Yes, it does.

My God, these eggs are disgusting.

They are so good.


What is that? Is that the moon rocks?


Paddy, I think you should come back. Mm.

Huh? What do you think, guys?


Yes! Mm-hmm.

Come back down from the mountains and live with us happily ever after.

(chatter continuing)

Oh my God. You've got like two courses.

I'm gonna eat half of this and then I'm gonna send it back.

♪ I'll see you through ♪
♪ That's what I'll do ♪
♪ When your dreams are scattered ♪
♪ Just like the wind-blown sand ♪
♪ And you feel ♪
♪ You feel you need a friend ♪
♪ I'll be there ♪
♪ Reach out your hand ♪
♪ And when the tempest is raging ♪
♪ I want you to know got a friend that's true ♪
♪ Just like a shelter in a time of storm ♪
♪ I'll see you through ♪
♪ That's what I'll do ♪
♪ I'll see you through your bad times ♪
♪ I'll see you through your fears ♪
♪ I'll see you through your hang-ups ♪
♪ Honey, I'll dry all your tears ♪
♪ And when the tempest is raging ♪
♪ I want you to know got a friend that's true ♪
♪ Just like shelter in the time of storm ♪
♪ I'll see you through ♪
♪ That's what I'll do ♪
♪ I will see you through ♪
♪ I will see you through ♪
♪ I will see you through ♪
♪ I will see you through ♪
♪ Let me hear the choir ♪
♪ I will see you through ♪
♪ Oh, yeah ♪
♪ I will see you through ♪
♪ I will see you through ♪
♪ When my load got heavy ♪
♪ Did you see me through? ♪
♪ When my load got too hard to bear ♪
♪ Did you see me through? ♪
♪ What would you do? ♪
♪ I will see you through ♪
♪ What would you do? ♪
♪ I will see you through ♪
♪ What would you do? ♪
♪ I will see you through ♪
♪ What would you do? ♪
♪ I will see you through ♪
♪ Let me hear you bring it down now ♪
♪ Let me hear you bring it up now ♪
♪ Let me hear you take it higher ♪
♪ Let me hear you sing higher ♪
♪ Higher ♪
♪ If you're living on the dole ♪
♪ And there's no sugar in your bowl ♪
♪ All you need to do is give a little knock ♪
♪ Don't despair, He'll be there ♪
♪ With his loving and his care ♪
♪ Marx will work for us right around the clock ♪
♪ He's all right, he's all right ♪
♪ He's all right ♪
♪ He's all right ♪
♪ He's all right ♪
♪ He's all right ♪
♪ He's all right ♪
♪ He's all right ♪
♪ He's all right, he's all right ♪
♪ He's all right ♪
♪ He's all right ♪
♪ He's all right ♪
♪ He's all right ♪
♪ He's all right ♪
♪ He's all right, he's all right ♪
♪ He's all right ♪
♪ He's all right ♪
♪ He's all right ♪
♪ He's all right ♪
♪ He's all right ♪
♪ He's all right ♪
♪ He's all right ♪
♪ He's all right ♪
♪ He's all right ♪
♪ He's all right ♪
♪ He's all right, he's all right ♪
♪ He's all right ♪
♪ He's all right ♪
♪ He's all right ♪
♪ He's all right ♪
♪ He's all right ♪
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