01x09 - Be My Baby

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Feed the Beast". Aired June 5 - August 2, 2016.
"Feed the Beast" follows two friends, on the brink of losing everything, who try to turn their lives around with a dusty pipe dream of opening up an upscale restaurant in their hometown of the Bronx, but one brilliant chef is in trouble with the Mob and the law.
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01x09 - Be My Baby

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Announcer: Previously, on AMC's "Feed the Beast"...

You listen to me, Patras... Woichik is gonna die, and I'm gonna have the pleasure of k*lling him.

I was hoping you'd move up the donor list before the disease progressed to this point.

Tommy Moran: How many times?

How many times, Dion?



Thirio's is personal to me, and I have to see it through.

There's a very good chance you're going to regret this.

(g*n CLICKS)


Very close. One big push.

(GROANS) Oh, my God!


Tommy: You did it.

He's here. He's here.

W... where is he?

(LAUGHING) Oh, my God.

We did it. He's beautiful.

Let me see him.

He's perfect.



Oh, yeah.

Wow. He's a keeper, huh?

Wow, that's your son, man.

Can you believe that?

T... that's your boy.





What is it, all right? I'm busy.

You're about to get busier.

It's on.

What is?

You know what is.

Call the tooth fairy, tell him to meet you under the Willis Avenue Bridge.

11:00 P.M.

I don't remember agreeing to doing any...


g*dd*mn it.



So I was looking online yesterday... pregnancy stuff.

Right now, the baby is the size of a walnut.

Did you hear what I said?



Yeah, no. It's... it's crazy.

Look, I'm sorry.

I just had to add something to the, uh... to the produce order for tomorrow.


Ballpark... how long is this tiff between you and Tommy gonna last?

Look, the guy is extremely pissed, you know?

I got to... I got to give him some space.

It's, for you.

It's been three days.

That's a lot of space.


And you being here, going all domestic... not feeling it.

Oh, really?

Oh, 'cause, um, I heard some sounds coming out of that shower that we had this morning, led me to believe that you were definitely feeling something.

Hear that sound?

That's the sound of me putting up walls.

I am not gonna get hurt again, Dion.

Find another place.

Look, could you just do me a favor?

Strictly business.

It'll only take a second.

Okay, it's time-sensitive.

Look, I recorded this conversation.

I just... look, just tell me if you think it's, um, admissible.

Giordano: You listen to me, Patras.

This is the only way.

Woijchik is gonna die, and I'm gonna have the pleasure of k*lling him.

I mean, he could go to prison for that, right?

You know, if the D.A. heard that?

Um... I-I don't know.

Um... have you told anybody about this?



I'm just... I'm just gonna send this to myself.

I have a friend in the DOJ... see what she thinks.


Come on. We're gonna be late.

Teej, you can't wear those socks.

Come on.

Fine. Whatever.

Just hurry.


♪ Fever dream ♪
♪ Or so it seems ♪
♪ All I see is ♪
♪ What used to be ♪
♪ Fever dreams ♪
♪ I've been around, I'm lost and found ♪
♪ I b*rned it all to the ground ♪
♪ Ashes to ashes, hope that dashes ♪
♪ My own new mystery ♪
♪ And all I see is what I used to be ♪

All right, I'm thinkin', uh, somewhere in there I'm gonna do a shallot Madeira reduction.


Somewhere in there?

Yeah, somewhere in there.

That's... that's nice.

Yeah, d-don't worry. I'll tell you before we start.

Hey, guys.

Hey, Tommy.

Hey, yourself.

Hey, morning, T.

Chef, what's on for tonight?

Hey, glad you asked.

You know, I'm thinking of doing a beautiful French dish... porcs dans une couverture.

Pigs in a blanket. You know, it's always a crowd pleaser.

What do you think?


Well, whenever you get the menu set, let me know.

Right. Will do.


All right, look.

This deep freeze between you and Tommy?

It's creating a really crappy vibe in here, man.

And this pretending like we don't know?

Dude, we know. It sucks.

All right, look. What am I supposed to do, huh?

Buy him flowers? Come on.

He'll... come around when he comes around.

Doing something's better than nothing, man.


Buenos dias.



It's kind bright in here, isn't it?



Good morning. Good morning.


Okay, everyone knows that we weren't inspecting insulation up at the greenhouse that night.

So why are we keeping us a secret?

Well, I'm still your boss, so...

I just hope you're not saying that this thing between us isn't really a thing... between us.


These walls are pretty thin, right?

I-I guess.

Hey, guys!

Nothing inappropriate happening in here.

Just two people working.


Is that... when did the mail come?

Oh, um, that's yesterday's.

I forgot to give it to you. Sorry.

It's all right. All right.

Better get back.



Tommy: Ready?

What am I looking at? Math test?


Come on. We're gonna be late.

They are all Arab snakes, but it's Arash you need to be wary of.

Arash. Got it.

What's going on?

That damn rug merchant will pretend to be your friend one day, chop off your head the next.


I was gonna arrange a sit-down with Arash Sherazi.

But you didn't.

I'm reorganizing, Patrick.

Giving Gekko more responsibility... purchasing, negotiating, retaliating.

I have retaliated.

The chef who b*rned down our restaurant?

He got a broken pinkie.

The cop who put me away is still meddling in our business.

But I...


I'm reorganizing. That's it.

So I know someone will take care of what needs to be done.


My fault for getting up to take a leak before I had breakfast.

That's not why you fainted, Aidan.

You should expect more fainting, more random bleeding, weakness, possibly even swelling of the testicles.

Well, there's something to look forward to.

I'm just saying it's gonna get worse.

If you won't ask your son for bone marrow and you won't let me see if your grandson is a match...

What about the... whaddayacallit, national registry?

At your age?

Far down the list.

I have read about another alternative treatment.

It's being done by a physician down in Mexico City.

I'm not spending any more on some beaner quack.

You think I'm made of money?

Jesus, Bob.

Well, then all I can do is manage your pain, let it run its course.



Oh, yo.

Is that that Mendo Chard? H-how is it?

It's good.

Great. All right, look.

Crazy idea, but I just scored two tickets to go see... wait for it...

Iggy Pop next Monday at the Beacon.

You down? Come on. Could be awesome.

You're right. That is crazy.

These seats are, like, stupid close.

Not like when we s-saw him back at the academy.

You remember that?


Right, right.

You said from this far back, you couldn't tell if it was Iggy Pop or Patty Smith, remember?

Yeah, no thanks.

Look, Tommy.

Look, I... I get that you're upset.

I really do, but look, it's, um... it's starting to affect the crew.

You know, they're coming to me, they're saying it's making them feel uncomfortable.

I don't know what's "affecting" them.

We're both just doing our jobs.

All right, we don't have to whistle and hum, right?

It's not a daycare center.

All right.

Did you use protection?


With my wife.

Did you use protection?


Of course not.

You know, I've been doing the math.

Um, you said that you slept with Rie when you two were both working a Valentine's Day gig in the Hamptons.

Right? Which... which gig exactly?

About when did that happen?

I don't know, man. We did a bunch of those things.

Might it have been, say, 11 years ago?

Dude, no.

C-come on, man. No, you're way off.

Am I? T.J. was born in November?

Yeah, and if you count 38 weeks from mid February, you do not...

Oh, so you... you did the math, too.

Yeah, when Rie said she was pregnant, okay.

It... it crossed my mind, so I asked her.

Wait... wait a minute. You two...

(SCOFFS) You two talked about this.

Yeah, I-I asked her.

She said she didn't think it was possible.

All right, a couple of nights later, she came to the apartment.

Jesus, wait.

Y-you had... you had private meetings about this?

She said she was 100% positive it was yours.


Yeah, sh-she said that a mother knows these things.

Oh, well, if a mother knows. Right.

Well, just out of curiosity, how does a secret meet-up like that end?

Huh? With a sad but loving farewell blowjob?

Look, I-I don't know what else to say to you.

Look, I came here hoping to, I don't know, make some kind of amends.

Yeah, so when you're ready for that, you know, let me know.



T.J. Hi.

How you doing?

Hey, listen.

I just wanted to remind you that, um, Andre's suspension is over, so he's gonna be back in school tomorrow.

I'm sure he'll be on his best behavior, but if he bothers you in any way, just let me know, okay?

All right, go grab a taco.

Probably way better than the school lunch, right?




Honey, watch where you're going!


Giordano: Woijchik is gonna die, and I'm gonna have the pleasure of k*lling him.

Where the hell did you...

I cannot believe Patras stood there and...

Where are you going?

To find that prick and teach him what happens to someone who does something like this.

That prick is the father of my baby.

Dion Patras?

Are you kidding me, Marisa?

How the hell could you...

When he was my client, (SIGHS) we became involved.

Does your client intend to become involved as a father?

I don't know, and I don't care.

I played you this recording so that you would finally back off this insane vendetta that you have against Patrick Woijchik, as you promised me you would.

Hey, you don't like the way I handle my business, just look away.

Okay, yeah.

That's great advice, Dad.

I'll just look away when you get the father of my child m*rder.

I'll just look away when Patrick Woijchik puts a b*llet in your head.

And when my child asks what happened to his father and his grandfather, I won't answer.

I'll just look away.

Marisa, sweetie...

No, just... (SIGHS) just go.

You are... you are gonna do whatever you want to do, and nothing is gonna stop you, even if it destroys your own family.

So just go... and get out of my life.



Look, I told you not to phone me at work, all right?

I will call him when I can.

It's off.


Don't call Patrick.

It's not happening.

Wait, wh... what do you mean?

When you were six months old...

I held you in my arms, I looked into your beautiful face, and made a vow...

I will never make this person cry.

And I blew it.

I am sorry, pumpkin.



You're not gonna totally blow off grief group, are you?

No, what are you talking about?

In fact, I thought tomorrow, we can go together.

It was today, and you missed it.

It's Thursday?


All day, I-I been thinking it's Wednesday.

Well, you know what?

Maybe grief group is not something I need right now, anyway.

I mean, I-I really don't see the point.

Tommy, it's not possible.


How could you think T.J.'s not your son?

How did you...?

Thin walls.


Look, they slept together 11 years ago, right?


There's no way.

Actually, there is a way. T.J.'s just over 10.

Tommy, you and Dion are very different people.


Okay, a-after everything T.J.'s been through, he's still a loving, caring, sweet kid.

That's you.

That comes from you.

I'm telling you the truth.

As you do, and which I appreciate.

Well, since I'm being honest, there's something I need to tell you.


It's about Oscar.


And the truth is...


...I was never a restaurant manager.


You must be a fast learner, because you're doing an incredible job.

Plus, if you hadn't lied, you and I wouldn't be able to be spending all this time together, right?

So thank you for being a... lying liar.

Wait a minute. It's 4:30?

I got to go.

Dion: Okay, let's go.
Fiasco, you done fabricating that tenderloin?

T-minus one minute, chef.

Good man.

Hey, what are the damn specials?

Aw, dude, really?

Look... now?

I put the list in your wine room this morning.

I know. I saw it, but I-I just...

Look, maybe if you weren't joking around so much earlier.

Just tell me the specials.

Hey, Tommy, where's the little guy?

I have his after-school snack right here.

What do you mean? Didn't you...?

Wh-what, me?

Did you also forget you told me never to pick up T.J. again?

Hey, hey, here he is.

Hey, Tommy.

He's here!

Hey, Teej.

You okay? How'd you get home?


Good thinking. Sorry, dude.

Hey, T.J., got your quesadilla right here.

Here you go.

Hey, listen.

Look, I can't help notice that you're acting a little weird around T.J.

Look, just please tell me that's not to do with that crazy you theory that you floated this morning.

Okay, "A," I'm not acting weird around T.J., okay?

And "B," every theory is crazy until proven.

(SCOFFS) What the hell's that supposed to mean?

You know exactly...

You could actually think that I...

Okay, stop.

Listen, that... that won't happen again.

I promise.




Sure you don't want a steak? I'll grill you up a quick one.

Cognac is fine. Thank you.

I am sorry to mention your payments are in arrears.


The contract between your restaurants and Woijchik Parking clearly stipulates regular monthly payments.

Really? You're two behind.


So if I'm late... too bad.

Your dad knows I'm good for the money.

Wonderful. I'll take a check now.

You know what?

You'll take a check when I tell you to.


Jesus, Patrick.

You want more responsibility?

Clean up this mess.


Oh, and you got something here.







Just leave.






All right, let's get some life in this kitchen.

Come on. We all good?

All: Yes, Chef.

Fiasco, I'm loving the look of your rump steak.

Well, thank you. How about what's in my skillet?

Yeah, equally as impressive.

Something smells delicious.

Oh, Woij, Woij, that is the porcini mushrooms in my white sauce.

You got to try this.

Have a taste.

Huh, what do you think?

It's... exquisite.


Mwah! Love this guy.

This guy knows how to taste beauty.

Dion: (SIGHS)



Patrick, you know, I'd prefer it if you didn't just... just drop by like that.

You know, like I said.

I'll, uh... I'll bring the vig to you.

I saved you the trouble.

Also, I wanted to tell you in person about a change to our agreement.

And which is?

We'll need a third of what you owe us, starting with the next payment.

Oh, come on. A third?

That's like 200 grand.

A chef and a mathematician.

(SIGHS) Look, I'm sorry, Patrick. I can't.


I'm not here to negotiate.

You brought this upon yourself.

You had a chance to be relieved of your debt entirely.

I'm sorry! Okay.

You know I had other loyalties.

Yeah, a loyalty to your friend.

Please, spare me from reliving that gooey moment.

Tell me, what is it about Tommy Moran that you are so enamored of?


I'm not enamored.

T-Tommy's like family.

Of course... family can turn on you.


A third by next week.







All right, we are 75% booked, so let's be on top of it today, okay?

Yes, Chef.

Yes, Chef.

Chef? Aidan.

Yo, Mr. Moran.

What do you mean it's missing?

Because I'm staring at the lock box where I keep it and it's not there.

It's a cherry-handled .38.

I think the kid took it.

What, T.J.? W-why would he taken that?

He loves my g*n.

Yeah, listen.

A lot of kids love g*n, all right?

It doesn't mean T.J. would actually steal one.

Yeah, besides, I doubt he'd even know how to use it.


I-I gave him a few lessons, okay?


You did... You did what?



Tommy! Get back in the car.

Why, what's going on?

We may have a situation.

Aidan thinks T.J. stole one of his g*n.

What? That... that's crazy.

Is it?

I mean, T.J. goes to your dad's a lot.

Your dad has g*n. One of them is missing.

I searched T.J.'s room. No g*n.

Well, then my dad's wrong.

Or he's right and T.J. has a g*n with him at school.


Your dad's been teaching him how to sh**t.





There's no way.

There's no way he'd use a g*n to... he's a good kid.

Of course he's a good kid, but, T, he's getting bullied, all right?

H-h-he feels helpless, he sees a g*n, so...

I'm calling the police.

No! No, no, no.

Tommy, this is serious.

No, he's had enough trauma to last a lifetime, all right?

Not gonna have him hauled out by the police in front of the entire school.


Look, just Tommy, we got to do something.



Just call the school.

All right, all right. I'm on it, I'm on it.

Tommy, what are you doing?!


Too bad.

Too bad.




Come on. Someone answer the damn phone!

I'd know if he had a g*n in the house.

Oh, oh, really.

No, yeah, 'cause lately you've been so focused on other things, maybe this is you taking your eye off the T.J. ball.

You know what I mean?

Yes, I've had some distractions lately, but...

Principal! Anyone!

I-I'd know. I'd know if T.J. would.

I'm sorry, T. I got to... I got to call 911.

I can't wait...

What's that? What's that?


Oh, no.


Woman: All units, all units, respond to...



All right, this way.

Come on, you know the drill.


Yo, yo, yo. W-what happened?

My daughter texted me. Some kid inside had a g*n.



Officer: Move that over there, John.


T.J.! Yo, T.J.!


Hi, yeah, everyone's had a terrible scare.

What? What happened?

We found a g*n in Andre Walker's locker.


How'd you, uh, how'd you know about it?

Anonymous note.


Well, uh, I'm gonna take T.J. home, okay?

Come on.



Hey, pumpkin.

Your old man's actually getting some exercise.

Got to be in shape to chase down that rugrat.

Anyways, there's no need to call back.

I'm just confirming our breakfast for tomorrow.

Love you, sweetie.

That your idea of a jog?

You kidding?

For me, this is practically a sprint.


Listen, Patrick.


I know I've been on your ass, but I'm done.

I got nothing real on you.

I b*at on you in an elevator, you scare the hell out of my daughter, and why?


We're both just trying to do right by our families.

And we are.

So let's just focus on our families and call it a draw.


I mean, sometimes you just got to move on.

Realize your priorities in life.


So, what, y-you took the g*n from the case without his knowing?


Aidan: This kid whose locker you put it in, he the one that's been bullying you?


Bright boy... creative.

Yeah, that's not really the takeaway from this little episode.

I didn't see you doing anything about that kid.

T.J., go upstairs.

How in the hell do you let a 10-year-old near a g*n?

Oh, Christ, I sh*t my first g*n when I was 8.

Some boys aren't afraid of g*n or their own shadow.

Well, you do realize it's all gonna come back to you when the police trace that g*n, right?

Don't be an idiot.

None of my g*n are registered.

Look, just give it some time and this'll blow over.

Blow over? (SCOFFS)

I can't let some kid go to juvie for something that T.J. did.

So what? You're gonna turn in your own son?


T. What?

Look, I, uh... I know this is probably none of my business...

No, it's not.

Hang on a minute.

Look, maybe the kid got what he deserved.

Look, come on. We know he's been hitting T.J.

I mean, God knows what else he's done to him or p-planning to do.

Look, I'm not saying T.J. shouldn't be punished.

Absolutely. I mean, he should be punished.

You need to show him in no uncertain terms the... you know, the consequences for what he did.

You think I should h*t him or use a belt?

Whatever drives home the point.

Okay, enough!

I'll decide what to do about my son.



You know, Andre's in a lot of trouble with the police... for something he didn't do.

I just want you to know, I'm really disappointed.

And I'm gonna have to... gonna have to do something.


I told you. I'm done.

I've let it go.

I swear.

I understand, but this isn't about you.

Patrick, please.

There's no point in this.

Something has to be done.


You know, in our world... it's never enough.

In my world... now it's enough.




Giordano: Got to be in shape to chase down that rugrat.

Anyways, there's no need to call back.

I'm just confirming our breakfast for tomorrow.

Love you, sweetie.

What are you thinking about?

Right and wrong, blood thicker than water... you know, the usual stuff.


You don't need more people offering an opinion, so I won't.

But I will point out... everyone has secrets.

Good night, cariño.

Good night.



You okay?


Listen, I'll, uh... I'll see you tomorrow, T.

You know, um... if you, uh... if you want to stay here, you can.

You sure?

It's your bedroom.

Hey, uh, listen, man.

You know, whatever you decide to do with T.J. and that kid, look, I, uh... I support you.

You know, 100%.

Man, we're partners.

So what do you think?

Uh, you know what you're gonna do?


I don't know, maybe... maybe sometimes it's better people don't know the truth.


Hey, T.

Hey, that's your boy.

T, that's your son.


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