01x10 - What Did You Do

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Guilt". Aired: October 2016.
"Guilt" revolves around an American student in London whose roommate is m*rder. People begin suspecting her then start accuising her of the crime.
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01x10 - What Did You Do

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Stan:Previously on Guilt...

Prince Theo k*lled Molly.

You're the only one who can stop the prince from hurting anyone else.

My little sister is on trial for a m*rder she didn't commit.

And the disappearance of this woman could be a clue that could help her.

Bruno: Looks like the k*ller's done us a favor.

Gift-wrapped her to preserve her DNA.

Patrick: Australia?

Kaley: I want to move there.

With you... just put London behind us.

We don't have that kind of money, Kaley.

Phillip: These compulsions of yours, they only need to trouble.

Prince Theo: I need to see you.

I'll give you 10,000 pounds.

I can do tomorrow at 3:00.

Prince Theo: 42 Golborne Road.

Kaley: I'll be there.

My step-dad set up a trust fund for me.

You could spend it with me.

Let's do it.

On the way back to court, when the verdict's in.

We can disappear.

Get me out of here.

(door opening)

(Molly sniffling)

Molly: I don't care what you want, not anymore.

I don't need your permission to do this.

You don't own me.



Are you okay?

It's nothing. I'm grand.

Come on, Mol.

It's me.

What's the matter?

I'm tired of thinking about it.

So come out with me tonight.

Luc and I are going to Diablo to see Roz's set.

It'll be fun.

I've seen Roz DJ a million times.

Thanks for the support.

I'm just going to stay home tonight.

Get some takeaway, watch the telly.

Don't be lame.

Come on, Molly.

You only live once.

(lock buzzes in distance)

Stan: The verdict is in.

Judge Chenery's bringing the jury back in two hours.

That's too soon.

You need to call Pike and see what's taking so long with the lab results.

I just called him.

He's breathing down their necks, I promise.

Well, he needs to breathe harder.

Grace's only sh*t is if we can tie Jessica Marshall's m*rder to Molly's... to Prince Theo.

If these two m*rder are linked, the truth will come out.

What? The truth will set Grace free?

Not soon enough.

If the jury delivers a guilty verdict, then it won't matter if Prince Theo tweets how he k*lled Molly Ryan in 140 characters or less.

We still have to appeal, and that could take up to a year or more.

And Grace will be in prison the whole time.

♪ Oh, the storm clouds were moving across your eyes ♪
♪ And I could hear the w*r drums ♪
♪ Pounding from inside your mind ♪
♪ So I ♪
♪ My heart shattered apart ♪
♪ With your sanity ♪
♪ But I won't leave ♪
♪ The stars have scattered across ♪
♪ A haunted galaxy ♪
♪ Please ♪
♪ Hold on through heaven and hell ♪
♪ Hold on to each other ♪
♪ Or I fear we won't recover ♪

(door creaks open, closes)


Um, do you want a cup of tea?

Uh, better not.

Declan will have my hide if I'm late.

Treats that pub like his own bloody little kingdom.

Well, I'm off to. I've got a shift this afternoon.

Um, but I will see you back here after?


Prince Theo: I wish I didn't have to go to this meeting this afternoon, Charlotte, but I promised Mum.

Afterwards, we'll head straight to Sandringham, and we can stay as long as you like.

We'll get through this, my darling.

I love you.

(phone beeps)

Phillip: According to the schedule, your afternoon is quite free, Your Highness.

Shall I ring Miss Crockleby back and let her know you'll be with her sooner than expected?

Do you think that's funny, Phillip?


I think you're playing with f*re.

This is none of your concern.

None of my concern.

Do you understand the things I've had to do because you can't control yourself?

I've ruined a detective's career.

I silenced that poor kid who saw you.


You m*rder that boy?

I took an oath to protect you.

What else do you expect me to do?

Let him tell the world what he saw?

That boy was mistaken.

He didn't know what he saw.

You have no idea h-how hard I've worked to convince myself that you didn't k*ll Molly.

Even after I realized you snuck out my car that night, but then the boy came forward...

...and I couldn't keep deluding myself.

I didn't k*ll her.

She called that night, going on about how she was keeping the baby, no matter what I said.

So I went over there to try and convince her to get rid of it.

When I got there, she was already d*ad.

I saw the Kn*fe in her, and I didn't think, I just pulled it out.

I'm not a k*ller.

But you are, Phillip.

♪ ♪

That's the tracking system taken care of.

Got a car stashed a few miles down the road, and there's no CCTV between here and there, so we're on our way.

There. That's better, isn't it?


We'll be in the Welsh countryside in four hours.

Stay at my cousin's and lay low until the heat dies down.

Buzz me in, will you?

Pike's expecting me.

Pike: Bruno.

Jessica Marshall's lab results.

You're not going to believe this.

Bruno: What is it?

A familial DNA match to Molly Ryan's baby?

No, no, no.

There's DNA found on Jessica's body and prints on the tarp that she was wrapped in.

They're all a match to someone else we know and love.

I've already called for a warrant.

Who is it?

Luc Pascal.


♪ ♪

Josh: So I got a mate working on hooking us up with some new IDs.

I didn't get a chance to ask you what you wanted your new name to be, so I went with Samantha Hill.

I hope that's okay?

It's probably not too late to change it.

No. the name's fine, I ju... I...

I didn't even think of that.

Yeah, there's a lot to think about.

Got to change our name, the way we look.

You should um, should probably dye your hair.

And cut it short.

Don't worry; it'll grow back.


I'll-I'll shave my head if I have to.

I... I just, uh...

How soon do you think I can contact my sister?

You can't... I thought you got that.

They're going to be watching her like a hawk.

Well, yeah. At first, but, uh, but eventually...

No. There is no eventually.

This is going to be the prison break heard around the world.

They're never going to stop looking for you.

Sorry, Grace, but if you want to stay free, you'll never see your sister again.

(r*fle clicks)

♪ ♪


Damn it.


Do you have the money?

Of course I have the money.

I'm a man of my word.


♪ No one calls you honey ♪
♪ When you're sitting on a throne ♪

Is that what your fiancée thinks?

♪ I'm gonna take that boy's crown ♪

You're being very naughty, aren't you?

Coming here today.

Everybody's watching you.

Now more than ever.

♪ At least for now ♪
♪ One of these days a comin' ♪

Why are you here?


Do you want to get caught?

Does it excite you?

You know what I think?

I think... you deserve to be punished.

(buttons popping)

♪ Hands red, hands red ♪
♪ Just like you said ♪
♪ I am ♪
♪ A little wicked. ♪


(paparazzi clamoring)

Paparazzi 1: Charlotte, do you think your fiancé's the k*ller?

Paparazzi 2: Are you sticking with him?


Where's Aidan?

He was supposed to take me to Sandringham.

I'll take you to Sandringham, Ms. Crockleby.

If that's what you want.

So now you're judging me, too?

I've just had an earful from my mum.

And in case you didn't notice, the entire British press corps wants to paint me as a spineless fool for standing by my man.

I understand that kind of devotion, and it's-it's hard to let go of.

I've believed in the monarchy for as long as I can remember.

It's been my life's honor to serve it.

But somewhere along the way, my loyalty was perverted from something noble into something dangerous.

I think there's somewhere we need to stop.

♪ We are high ♪
♪ Feeling grown-up ♪
♪ And I'm in love ♪
♪ And I'm crashing in your arms... ♪


Pike: Open the door, Luc! Luc!

It's the police! Open up! Luc!

Bruno: We really need to talk, Luc.

What do you want me to say?

I'm gonna record our conversation.

Make sure it's done by the book.


Is that okay with you, Luc?

Do you remember Jessica Marshall, Luc?


Well, we found her.

Found your DNA all over her d*ad body.

You k*lled her, didn't you, Luc?

It was an accident.

She liked it rough.

Liked it when I... choked her.

Was she your client? Did you work at the Courtenay?

She... she always wanted more.

More. And... and then...

...she was just gone.

Was that how it was with Molly? Did she like it rough, too?


No, it wasn't like that.

Then how was it?

I understand, Luc.

You can't live with what you've done, can you?

But let me tell you something, it doesn't matter how much junk that you put into your veins, you will never, ever feel any better until you tell the truth.

So just tell me, did you k*ll Molly Ryan?



I k*lled her.

I k*lled Molly.


Why did you do it?

I didn't want to k*ll her.

But I had to or... or she was going to tell about Jessica.

I had to k*ll Molly or she was going to tell.

Okay, now, listen to me, you have to tell us exactly how it happened, because otherwise Grace is gonna go to prison for a really long time.

And that's not something you want, is it, Luc?

No. (sniffles)

Grace and I were on the roof.

I gave her something.

A drug?

Like a tranquilizer?

She wasn't supposed to wake up.

I went downstairs...

...grabbed a Kn*fe.

(gasp, grunts)

I wanted it to be quick.

I didn't want Molly to suffer.


So I cut her throat.

But she wouldn't die.


She was so strong.

She just wouldn't die.



Tell Grace I'm sorry.

No, Luc, no!


No, no, no, no.

This is D.I. Pike. I need immediate medical assistance at my location.

We're losing him!

Come on, mate. Why didn't we find any blood on your clothes? Where did you put your clothes?

Luc! Luc!

I-I fed them...


...to the dragon.

You fed them to the dragon?

The dragon. What's the dragon? What does that mean?

Come on. Come on. Come on.

Luc! Luc! (shouts) No!

There was nothing we could do to save him, Natalie. He's d*ad.

Luc is d*ad, all right?

Oh, my God, I... I can't believe it.

We got his confession on tape.

I don't think that'll be enough.

After what Luc pulled in court, Judge Chenery will probably believe he lied on his deathbed to save her.

We need something to corroborate his story, a piece of physical evidence.

I know, I know. We're working on it.

Well, work fast. They're about to deliver a verdict.

Where is your client, Mr. Gutterie?

I can't bring in the jury until the defendant is present.

Well, I don't know, Your Honor.

Perhaps my learned friend would rather not hear this verdict.

If this is another of your delaying tactics, Mr. Gutterie, I won't just fine you for contempt...

I'll see that you never practice law in this country again.

Well, I would have gladly chauffeured Grace myself to ensure her timely arrival, but your prison system seems to think it's better suited to the task.

Apparently they were, uh, a little overconfident in their abilities.

Officer, get in contact with prison transport and find out why in God's good name they're delaying my proceedings.

Dispatch: Unit Five, this is dispatch requesting immediate contact.

Unit Five, come in, please, Unit Five.

I expected them to get jumpy by now. It's fine.


We're nearly at the drop car.

Then we're on the home straight.

Stop the van. Stop the van!


What's the matter? You gonna be sick?

No. This is a mistake. We have to go back.

(chuckles) Are you crazy?

It's too late.

If we go back, we both go to jail.

I can't do this. I can't leave my sister.


Grace, I've done things, things that can't be undone.

I've given up everything.

I'm sorry, Josh, I really am.

Oh, wow.


You're really something, aren't you?

The papers... they don't know the half of it.

I'll figure out a way to make it up to you, to keep you out of trouble, I promise.

Oh, you are way past making it up to me.

Way past that.

We're finishing what you started.


(tires screeching)



What the hell did you do?


We're screwed.

(sirens wailing in distance)

Do you hear that?

They're coming for us.

This doesn't have to go bad for you if you do exactly as I say.

Are you mental? It's already gone bad!

Listen to me, Josh.

You're gonna put me back in my restraints, and you're gonna convince them this was all an accident.

No. No. No, they'll never believe us.

You'll make them believe.

Or you can start running.

(sirens approaching)

But it doesn't sound like you've got much of a head start now.

There must be something in Molly Ryan's flat, something we missed.

Don't get your hopes up, mate.

Crime scene techs scoured every inch of this place.

If Luc left his bloody clothes anywhere, we'd have found them.

Maybe he didn't leave them in the building.

Been all over the roof, too. You know that.

Neville told us he jumped from his roof to Molly's when he came over there to steal her things.

Maybe Luc made the jump, too.


There's nothin' but pigeon droppings up here, mate.

I found something.

Oh, damn it. It's just rubbish.

This might not even be the right roof, you know?

Luc could've hidden his clothes on any one of these rooftops.

Crime scene techs will be here any minute, but, even still, they won't be able to search them all in time.

What do you reckon, try the next one over?

Luc said he fed his clothes to the dragon, right?

I think we should go to the dragon.


Kaley: Mmm, that's it, baby.

You like that, don't you?

You're such a naughty boy.



Ooh, you're such a bad boy.

(pants) Does that feel good?


Yes, it does.

(Kaley gasps)


Oh, excuse me.

I didn't mean to interrupt.



(g*n and glass shattering)

(woman screams)

Oh, my God. Oh, my God. It's okay.

It's okay. I got it.


It's fine. It's okay. Relax.

Just breathe, okay?

It's okay. Look at me.

Do something.


Call an ambulance or something.

It's fine.

Prince Theo: Charlotte...


Look, he's gonna die. You need to call someone now.

I don't think so.

Um... oh, my...


Prince Theo (choking): Charlotte.

Kaley: Here.

It's gonna be fine. Everything's gonna be fine.
The Grace Atwood case is full of drama to the very end.

The infamous defendant was late to her own verdict because a paparazzo chased her prison transport van, causing them to spin out of control and wreck.

It would appear we finally have a defendant.

And perhaps we may proceed to the main reason we are gathered here today, the verdict.

Your Honor, my client h*t her head quite forcefully in that crash.

I think the most prudent course of action would be to seek immediate medical attention.

Your client has already received medical attention at the site.

There'll be no more delays.

Your Honor, with all due respect...


Bring in the jury.

(door opening)

We're ready for you.

(door closing)

(courtroom exclaiming)

Your Honor.

Your Honor, please forgive the unorthodox interruption.

We would like to present some new evidence.

New evidence that would exonerate Grace Atwood in the m*rder of Molly Ryan.

Gwendolyn: This is outrageous.

Your Honor, the Defense has rested its case.

The jury is literally waiting in the wings.

The defense counsel is just pulling another one of his stunts.

This is not a stunt.

Gwen, I promise, you're going to want to hear what we found.

Please, step back.

(door closing)

Judge Chenery: If new and probative evidence is uncovered before the jury delivers its verdict, then the Defense is entitled to present that evidence.

Your Honor, I...


Before I allow the jury to hear anything, I want someone to tell me what the hell is going on around here.

(recorder beeps)

Luc (recorded, crying): Yes, I k*lled her.

I k*lled Molly.

I had to k*ll Molly or she was going to tell.

I grabbed a Kn*fe.

I wanted it to be quick.

I didn't want Molly to suffer, so I cut her throat.

She just wouldn't die.


Tell Grace I'm sorry.

(recorder beeps)

Luc Pascal d*ed from a self-inflicted Kn*fe wound moments later.

We found his blood-stained clothes hidden behind a sign on a rooftop very nearby the building where Molly was k*lled.

And the blood... has it been tested?

Not fully, but our preliminary blood type and test done at the scene revealed it matched Molly Ryan's extremely rare, AB negative, blood type.

Judge Chenery: Given Mr. Bruno's checkered history, I have severe reservations about allowing the jury to hear this evidence.

The confession could have been coerced.

The bloody clothes manufactured.

Detective Inspector Pike has a flawless record, Your Honor.

As D.S. Bruno's former partner, I find his word less than sacrosanct.


But it is for the jury to determine the credibility of witnesses.

Therefore, I'll allow it.

But there'll be a recess to grant the crown time to prepare its rebuttal.

How much time will you need, Madam Prosecutor?

Ms. Hall?

I don't need any more time.

I don't think the jury need to determine the credibility of these witnesses.

I'm satisfied that they're telling the truth.

I'm satisfied that Grace Atwood is... not guilty in the m*rder of Molly Ryan, and on behalf of the Crown, I move to dismiss the charge against her.

Are you sure you don't require time to reflect?

I'm quite sure.

Then I grant your motion.

The m*rder charge against Grace Atwood is dismissed.

(gavel bangs)

It's over.

It's over.

(reporters clamoring)

Grace Atwood is relieved to be out from under the cloud of suspicion that has followed her since the tragic morning she discovered her dear friend Molly Ryan m*rder.

Now, I am just thankful that today I was finally able to prove her innocence beyond a reasonable doubt.

Now, what do we have?

Are you really counting this as a personal victory, Mr. Gutterie?

We don't know what the jury's verdict would have been.

Seems like more of a victory for the detectives of Scotland Yard.

Any day that justice is served, I count as a personal victory.

All right, what do we got?

(reporters clamoring)

Hey, Detective. Wait up.

I-I just wanted to thank you.

No need to thank me.

I was just doing my job.

Doing my old job.

I think it was a little more than that.

You taking Grace home now?

I already booked our flight.

We leave tonight.

I wish we could, like...

Too bad we couldn't...

You first.


I, uh...

I just...

I just hope that you have a happy life, Natalie.

You, too, Alex.

Television reporter: Prince Theo is still in critical condition following a hunting accident.

It is reported that...

Bold move, cousin.

Not sure I'd have the stones to be out, if I were you.

What do you mean?

Buckingham Palace may be covering for their randy prince, but not doubt they'll already be searching for you.

What are you playing at, Declan? I know you're the one who sh*t the prince.

Why would I sh**t the prince when you said you were going to?

You're lying, you sh*t him.

But it turns out the bastard's innocent.

He may not have k*lled your sister, but I'd hardly call Prince Theo innocent.

None of them are.

The blood of our people is on their hands.

You used me.

To get to him.

Believe what you want.

It doesn't matter who sh*t him.

You're the one who's been spouting your mouth off about how you were gonna get vengeance for your wee sister.

And you're the one who's been sleeping with the prince's whore.

They're coming for you Patrick.



Gwen, I know I'm probably the last person you want to see.

I want to hate you.

I want to hate you, I really do.

But I can't.


'Cause if it wasn't for you, I might've sent an innocent girl to prison for the rest of her life.

We don't know that.

We don't know what the... what the jury verdict was gonna be, they might've seen it right.


So what, I'm a blind fool, but at least I'm bad in court?

Is that supposed to comfort me? (sniffs)

No, that's not what I meant.

Ever since what happened in Ashington, I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

I wanted to make sure that people who do bad things get punished.

This case.

This case.

This case, it just...

I let it get under my skin.

And I forgot!

It's my job to protect the innocent just as much as punish the guilty.

But we can't do this job if it doesn't get under our skin, can we?

And this case, it twisted all of us up, not just you.

At least your mistakes got fixed.

Come on.

You just sold one of the biggest cases Scotland Yard's had in years.

I'm gonna speak to the Commissioner, get you reinstated.

I can live without my badge, Gwen.

But Donovan Trimbly going free?

I don't know quite how I'm supposed to live with that.


We've not had out best run lately, have we?

(chuckles softly)


(groans) I need a drink.

Come to think of it, don't I owe you one?

Come on. What do you say? One drink.


Just one drink. (chuckles)

Well, hello.

You can help me celebrate.

Do you like scotch?

I figured it out.

Figured what out?

Why you've been feeding me the biggest stories this city has seen in years.

Yeah, well, that's no mystery.

You're young and hungry...

I'm a nobody.

I knew you had an angle.

The great Stan Gutterie always has an angle.

So I started looking into you.

Into why you came to London when you got disgraced in the U.S.

You know what I found out?

It wasn't the first time you'd lived in the UK.

You were here as a Rhodes Scholar.

About 26 years ago, isn't that right?

Yeah, that's right.

Here's a funny coincidence.

You were at Oxford at the exact same time as my mum.

When she got knocked up.

You're my father.

Yeah, I am.

You know, um, when she told me that she was pregnant, I was already back in the States.

And, uh...

Well, in case you haven't noticed, I'm... kind of a selfish bastard.

So when she, um, suggested that we live our separate lives, I didn't put up too much of a fight.

But 20 years later, when I had to find a new place to call home, I chose London.

And I wanted to see you right from the start.

But I got...

I lost my nerve.

Then, you what, you started writing these stories, uh, about the case and about me.

And I thought, "Geez, what is that?"

I thought, "Is that, like, a sign?"

And I know I should've... told you the truth right when I saw you.

But I thought maybe... if you get to know me a bit before I break the news, you might not... (clears throat) hate me as much.

You thought you could make up for a lifetime of abandonment with a few lame scoops?

Nice try.

But I'm not interested.


If you weren't interested, you wouldn't have come to see me!

♪ ♪

♪ Down in the deep where the sirens sing ♪
♪ And hide in the muddy water ♪
♪ Blood on my hands ♪
♪ And the moonlit sand.... ♪

How are you coming along?

We need to get out of here soon.

I don't want to risk missing our flight.

Oh, Grace...

♪ Gonna bury me ♪

I still can't believe it.

(inhales) Any of it, that...

Luc's d*ad.

He k*lled Molly.

♪ The cold of an empty bottle... ♪

It's like I never even knew him.

I mean, was everything a lie?

♪ Ooh... ♪

People do things we'd never expect when they're desperate.

And Luc was desperate, Grace.

Molly was threatening to tell his secret.

I don't get that either.

If Molly knew Luc k*lled that woman months ago, then why wait all this time to thr*aten him?

Maybe Molly was blackmailing him to try to get money for her baby.

Luc didn't have any money.

I'm sorry I don't have a better answer for you, but I've prosecuted enough m*rder to know they don't always make sense.

I know this hurts.

I know it's the most awful thing, but you have to focus on going home.

Leaving all this behind.

Can you do that?

♪ Ooh ♪
♪ Gonna bury me. ♪

Did you get everything from the bathroom?

Uh... yeah, this is the last of it, but... (sniffs)

I want to stop by my old flat on the way to the airport.

What? Why? I mean, we're pushing it as it is.

'Cause I left a sweater there that Molly gave me, and I can't go home without it.

Please, Natalie.

I'll be quick.

You sure you want to go back there?

I want something... something good to remember her by.

Something from before everything went wrong.

You know?

Do you want me to come with you?

No, I'll be fine.

I'll be back in a second.

(door shuts)

(door squeaks)

(Molly giggling on video)

Molly: You know, it's not natural not to be ticklish anywhere.

I'm gonna find it.

Maybe back here?


(giggling and talking indistinctly)

I found it.

Roz (on video): Stop, Molly!

I found it!

Stop! How did you get so strong?

(Molly giggling)

g*dd*mn it.

(giggling continues)

So do you still love me?

Even though I know your weakness?

(Molly laughs)


There's nothing that could stop me loving you, Mol.

You and Molly?

No, no there's no more.

Have you got more?

Grace: You were together?

(Molly giggling)

(phone chimes)

How did I not know?

(crying): Nobody knew.

Molly said she wanted it to be our secret.

That it'd be more special that way.

Molly was pregnant.

With Prince Theo's baby.

Stupid girl.

She thought he was gonna call off The Royal Wedding for her.

That they were gonna live happily ever after.

He didn't love her.

I did.

I remember.

That last week.

You and Molly barely spoke.

I-I thought you were just getting on each other's nerves.

I... I never thought...


♪ I can see trouble ♪

You couldn't stand that she loved someone else, could you?

♪ Keep it all inside ♪

But you couldn't k*ll her yourself.

No, Grace...

So you forced Luc to do it for you.


No, you don't understand.

You know everything that happens at the Courtenay.

You knew Luc k*lled that woman.

He said... he had to k*ll Molly or she was gonna tell.

You were the "she."


Not Molly.

Please. Don't.

You let me think it was my fault Molly d*ed.

I almost went to prison for the rest of my life, but it was you.

You're right.

I couldn't take it.

Knowing that she exists in this world loving someone else.

I needed...

I needed her to be gone.

I thought I'd feel better after, but...

Please. You get it, right?

Come on, you know what it's like loving someone so much that you go mental at the thought of losing them, you get that, right?


♪ Ooh ♪

I do get it.


I get that Molly is d*ad because of you!

And so is Luc.

(Grace grunts)

♪ All you did was keep me alone... ♪

(Roz screams)

(Roz and Molly laugh and talk indistinctly)



Natalie: Grace!

♪ Same ♪
♪ Song ♪
♪ Same ♪

What did you do?

♪ Same ♪
♪ Song. ♪
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