02x02 - Funeral of the Century

All episode transcripts for 2015 TV show "Powers". Aired March 10, 2015 - July 19, 2016.
Combining the genres of superhero fantasy, crime noir and police procedural, Powers is set in a world full of people with superhuman abilities and where all of those powers are just another catalyst for mayhem and m*rder.
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02x02 - Funeral of the Century

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Calista: Previously on Powers...

It is my very sad duty to report that Retro Girl has been m*rder.

Because Walker is not on this case.

f*ck it!

Cross: You know as well as I do that you are too close.

Three Powers k*lled my mom.

(WHISPERS) This is your fault.

Cross: A t*rror1st group known as "Kaotic Chic" has claimed responsibility.

Police! Stop right there!

Damn it, Krispin!

Senator: The bill I'm proposing making the use of powers a federal crime punishable by incarceration in a maximum security prison for life.

Calista: I have powers.

It's really hard waiting to find them.

Walker: Nobody's seen you in 40 years.

We could use SuperShock now more than ever.

I made myself a promise that I'd never put back on that uniform, and I'm not gonna do it.

I think we ought to stop getting in the middle of their problems.

Walker: Bad things are gonna start happening.


Retro girl: (SHAKILY) Help me, Christian.


(SOBBING) Help me.


Pelham: Coming up at the top of the hour, the funeral of the century, the funeral for Retro Girl.

And from what we hear, everyone wanted to be a part of it...

Heads of state, Powers elite, movie stars.

Who made the invite list? Stay tuned.

But first, we're gonna show you exclusive footage from the Retro Girl m*rder scene.

Again, we must warn you, this footage is not for the faint of heart.


♪ When you hide in the meadows ♪
♪ Feeling black and blue ♪

There's this thing that I can't cancel.

But I'll tell you what.

Tomorrow, I'm all yours.

And the day after that, and the day after that... (ECHOES)





(CHUCKLES) Surprise.


You broke into my house dressed like her?

No, that's...that's not what this is about.

I... I wanted to show you.

You wanted to show me so you broke into my house?

I wanted to show you what I could do.

I... I wanted to show you that I...

I could take her place...

Take her place?

Are you f*cking with me?

What is wrong with you?

She's gone! You can't take her place!

Nothing you can do can bring her back.

You do not have powers.


When did you get them?

(STAMMERS) It doesn't matter. Look, listen to me.

Calista, you can't do this now.

She's d*ad. You understand?

You want to end up like her?

Calista, listen to me. Calista...

Would you please listen to me for one second?



And with every hour, more details are revealed into the sad and twisted world of the young man who k*lled Retro Girl.

Krispin Stockley, son of a Powers Division detective, left a long and somewhat rambling public manifesto that local police and the FBI still have not commented on.

But from our understanding, the police consider the case closed.

People all over the world are still reeling from this seemingly impossible nightmare.

The Retro Girl funeral will be held later today at Unity Hall and crowds are expected to be enormous.

And with Retro Girl no longer protecting the city, many are wondering if the funeral might be a target for a Powers t*rror1st att*ck.

I say we let the city burn and whoever's alive in the morning gets to clean it up.

It's always better when you don't talk.

Yes, anything could happen today, tonight, tomorrow, so be prepared.

g*ng fights, riots, looting.

The FBI have been kind enough to stay and help.

Kutter: Are we worried about the Quantums?

'Cause I'm worried about the Quantums.

Those low-level Powers shitheads?

Oh, okay, one is a shithead, the rest...

...altogether, they're some crazy shit.

Yes, the Quantums and the Hacks have been in a blood feud since I was a b*at cop.

And yes, those Powers, individually, are Level One or Two's at best, but as a group, as a g*ng, they could be, and have been, real trouble for us.

Kutter: Yeah, we should do like they do in Detroit, right?

Go to their territory, set up shop, bust some heads, let 'em know what's what, and then...

And rile them up... into a full-blown Powers g*ng w*r?

Okay, it's not how...


The problem is, without Retro Girl, without Olympia, (SIGHS)

I'm not sure what they'll do.

Just the existence of Retro Girl kept them on the down low.

I don't know what their mind-set is now.

Walker: I could talk to 'em.

I know their leader, Nucleus, from back when it was...

...my more colorful days. (CHUCKLES)

Cross: Okay, Walker.

You want to take a ride over there?




You know, no one expected you to come into work today.

Cross: Everyone else, let's just try to keep the city from burning before the funeral.

Let's go talk to the big, bad Powers g*ng leader.

Cross: Okay, that's it.

FG-3 or SuperShock?

Woman: I just want to throw something at those "God Hates Powers" assholes so bad.


Oh, my God!

Okay, come closer to me.




Man: Oh, my God...

Son of a...

So that's what he, so that's what...

...what Derek sent to you?



Holy shit! Hey! It's the girl from the video!

Zora! It's the... Zora... It's the girl from the video!

Woman: It's...it's you!

(CHUCKLES) I can't believe that you're here.

Could I get, like, an autograph or something?

Like, that would be...

Man: Zora, oh, my God!

Wait, wait, don't leave!

Hold on, just one second! I'm not bothering you!

It's just an autograph! Just an autograph!

Hey, hey, hey, hey, I got like four shirts with your face...


Hey, Zora, did you think Wolfe was gonna k*ll you?

'Cause it totally looked like he was gonna k*ll you!


Just leave me alone...


Stool softener?




Dude, that's brutal!

Does it really work?


Man: Zora, you can kick my ass any day!

You know, you really don't have to do this today.

Walker: I can't stay home.

I can't watch TV.

Can't even go for a walk. She's everywhere.

None of this feels right, you know?

It couldn't have been Krispin.

I've known that kid since...

Deena: Okay, I get it, but who's been around more d*ad people than us?

Huh? Who's been around more bereaved than us?

This...this is what it feels like.

You're in shock on every level.

Good news for us is that we have jobs where we get to find people who need a slap, and we get to slap them.

Not everybody has that.

Come on.

Okay. Okay.


Just...when we get in there, whatever happens, try to be cool, okay?

All I am is cool.

Yeah. That's all you are.


(COUGHS) Bleh!




Nucleus, it's Christian Walk...

It's... it's Diamond!





Hang on.


Be careful.

You f*ck are so deep in shit, you don't even know.

First of all, we're cops.



Walker, you... you awake?

Oh, ho, ho!

Second of all, we're Powers Division, you dumb, glowing dicks!

Girl, if you can't shut the f*ck up, I'll shut you the f*ck up.

Oh, yeah? Then maybe that's what we should call this little club of yours.

Deena, not the time.

The dumb glowing dicks club!

Nucleus: She has a point!


Do you know who this is?

Do you know who you got tied up?

God damn, you ignorant f*ck.

Learn some history!

This... is Diamond.

Hey, Nucleus.

Nucleus: You dumbass Level One f*ck.

Diamond is a f*cking Powers legend.


This one with you?

Yeah, she's my partner.

Is she gonna take a sh*t at me if I untie her?

Not if she knows what's good for her.

Nucleus: You f*ck really don't know who this is, do you?

He does.

Hey, Laser.

How's it going?

Nucleus: What can I do for you, Diamond?

Walker: Look, I realize it's unorthodox, us coming down here like this, but the city's...


On edge.

And what should I do about it?

You know, you and yours, just be cool.

"Be cool?"

Yeah, for me, just don't engage.

For you?

For me.

Did you go to the f*cking Hacks with this?

Not yet, I...

Did you talk to The Lance?

I came to you.

Man, I do not get it.

Come on, I...

You and all the Powers let those f*cking tech monsters run around and do...

...whatever the hell they want?

Nucleus, I came to you, man.

And you come down here...

Come on!

And tell me to stand down?

We're Powers!

Those f*ck are jamming shit into their bodies, trying to get a singularity to come out of their dicks!

It's disgusting.

It's unnatural.

f*ck A right!

You tell those subhuman toasters to f*cking stand down!

Okay, take it easy...

Because if it goes down tonight... and Retro bitch is gone, so we all know it will...

...you can be your ass we'll bring our shit f*re on all those f*ck!

And you tell those human Dustbusters from me...

Go, go, go, go, go!







Shit! That's not Laser!

No, Walker, don't!

(SOFTLY) Ah, f*ck.

f*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck.



Yeah. Detective Deena Pilgrim.

616 Williamson Court.

Uh, we got a multiple 187.

Perp is on the run.

Goes by the name Laser.


Where'd he go?

I don't know!

Did we lose him?

He lost him.

f*ck! f*cking f*ck.

Zora. Darling.

Look at you, on your feet.

Cut the shit, Craig.

(SIGHS) I feel you're upset.

My image!

What about your image?

I want it off those f*cking trucks and billboards.

Okay, I... all right, you know what, I do not have time for this drama today.

You sold me out!

Uh, you sold yourself out.

You sold yourself out. You signed with us.

You wanted this.

No, I never agreed to...

Oh, yes, you did.

You gave us the power in writing to sell you.

And we did.

Look, I know I'm not your agent anymore...

Yeah, because you dumped me in the hospital.

It was heartbreaking seeing you there like that, all beaten up.

Zora, I am...

...your biggest fan.

Listen to me.

Just calm down, go home...

...and you and I will sit down after the funeral and we...

I want my face off those f*cking ads, Craig!

And get those clips of me off the Internet.

Is there anything you won't sell?

(GROANS) You...

It's a commemoration.

I want it gone.



Cross: Nucleus is d*ad? You were witness?

Yeah, he's d*ad.

All his top guys are d*ad too.

Oh, f*ck me.

Dr. Death's with them now.

Are you okay?

It was a Hack.

You're sure?

Well, it couldn't have been a Quantum.

He had some kind of tech.

Maybe he's a shape shifter.

It looked like Laser, but it wasn't him.

Yeah, we don't know that.

I do.

You okay, you need to see a doctor or anything?

If I may, I think you should call the mayor and ask for a city-wide curfew tonight.

You're not wrong.

I'm never wrong.

Yeah, she's never wrong.

After the funeral, at sunset, shit's gonna hit.

I'll make the call.



Did everything just go out? You...




(g*n COCKS)

Deena: On the ground!

Right f*cking now!

Hey! Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Let him talk.

For those of you who are not familiar with me or my work, I am The Lance.

Deena: Oh, yeah? I'm a detective.

Down on the ground.


What do you want?

I am, for all intents and purposes, the leader of what you ignorantly refer to as the Hacks.

Do you know it's illegal to walk into a Powers department flashing your powers?

Yeah, we got a pamphlet about that somewhere here.

Guys, let him talk.

I have come here in good faith.

I am here to solve your case for you.



Now, we could have shut this entire building down at any time.

We could have shut down this entire city and brought you people back to your caveman days.

But we never have.

The system you are a sl*ve to is your punishment.

What we do...

The plane of existence we work on is a plane you didn't even know exists.

So I came here today to tell you, as a courtesy...


That what happened to Nucleus, that was not us.

Who do you think it was?

Hmm, you'll notice my second in command...


Is not here.

No one has seen him since Retro Girl was m*rder.

Now, when I heard what happened to poor Nucleus, I came right here.

If I had to guess, and my guess is substantially educated, THX and Laser have create an alliance.

Why would the second-in-commands of rival gangs team up?

One would surmise they don't like the tentative peace between us.

They think this peace was us being scared of Retro Girl.

Wasn't it?

There's fear and there's respect.

We respected her.

Kutter: Yeah, you respected she could... dropkick your ass into the sun.

Kutter, shut the f*ck up, man.

You have proof?

THX and Laser.

Those are who you need to go find.
You're gonna have to give us something.

Easy, easy. Easy, easy.

Hey, hey, hey.




I have.

Your life and liberty.


I wish you all well on your investigation.

If we get to them first, I'll make sure to tell you where to pick up the bodies.

Deena: Whoa, whoa. Hands on your head.

You're not going anywhere, man.

He's free to go!

Officers, stand down.


Please, all of you, go back to fawning over your fallen princess Retro Girl.

Personally, I'm counting the days to when the truth about that bitch comes out in the open.

(MUMBLES) It's only a matter of time now.




I'm fine. I'm fine.

Whatever game you're playing here, this one's on you.

So this Lance guy just waltzing in here?

That's a first, right?


On every conceivable level.

You believe him?

I do, actually.

Took some balls to come waltzing in there like that.

Tinfoil balls.

Balls are balls.

Has this Laser dude ever been pinched?

Sure, yeah.

So he has a record.







Walker: Shit.


Why is their headquarters such a sh*thole if they have enough money for this?

You asking me?


Ugh! Shit!





d*ad for days.

So, the person who k*lled Nucleus an hour ago was not Laser.

Yeah, Laser was already d*ad.

Or he has a twin?

I don't know. Ugh!


The Lance... he was wrong.

You think, uh, THX and Laser weren't working together?

Maybe this THX guy was making moves by himself.

Waiting for a day like today to pull something like this.

Mmm-mmm, let's figure it out on the way.

(SNIFFLES) We're late.

For what?

Are you serious?

Hey, Detective Deena Pilgrim. Powers Division.

Guess what. Yeah, that's right.

A big old 187.


Pelham: Our topic tonight, with Retro Girl gone, with Olympia gone, concerns are running high that the streets of this city are no longer safe.

Most of the people we've talked to feel that all hell's gonna break loose and there's nothing any of us can do to stop it.

Certainly not the police, and certainly not Powers Division.

The world needs another Retro Girl...

Someone whose mere presence keeps things at an even keel.

But who'll rise to the occasion?

Triphammer? Hardly.

Queen Noir? Dragonfist? SuperShock?

We haven't seen or heard from him since before I was born.

And in this reporter's opinion, it's gonna be a very long time before we see anyone who even comes close to a Retro Girl.

And by that time, it's probably gonna be too late.





All: (CHANTING) Turn the power off!

Turn the power off!

Powers save our world! Powers save our world!

Powers save our world! (CHANTING FADES)


Detective. Hmm.

Reporter: Reporting live from the steps of Unity Hall is what some are already calling "The Funeral of the Century."

No one ever thought Retro Girl...

Senator Bailey Brown has just arrived.

As the Cobalt Knight, he actually fought alongside Retro Girl and SuperShock, but he's been making headlines recently as he's the main player for the anti-Powers legislation.

Senator! Senator! Quick Question!

Right here, just a...

Both: Moment of your time, sir!

Senator! Senator!

Christian Walker.

Uh, Senator.

My condolences.

Senator, what does Retro Girl's death mean for the future of your pending legislation to regulate the Powers...

Let's head on in.

The uniforms have it out here.

You want me to, uh, stay out here?

You're overdressed.



Uh, you guys go on ahead.

I'm good, I just need some, uh, time alone.

Walker, come on.


On average, how many times a day you got to call out after him?

(SCOFFS) Ha! Including in my sleep?


What are you doing? f*ck, you scared me!

Really? Why?

What are you doing?

Paying my respects.

Christian Walker.

We've been trying to get you on Powers That Be since our very first broadcast.

My sincere condolences.

When was the last time you saw her alive, Detective?

Now, you were one of just a few that can claim that they were intimate with a Power of her level.

We reported rumors that the two of you were...


Anything you can share?




Hey! Hey! (GRUNTING)


Hey! Oh!


Hey! Hey!


Come on!

(SIGHS) I have so wanted to do that myself.

Was it good? Looked like it felt good.

Wasn't bad, I got to say.

So jealous.

Did you get that? Did you get that?

Oh, I'll meet you inside.

No, no. We'll go in together.

I... I just need to calm down.



(BREATHING HEAVILY) He's a big boy.

Let's go.

We'll save you a seat.




(SHAKILY) Damn it, Janice.

I really thought, one day, you'd be up here doing this for me.

I never imagined it the other way around.


She was an abomination and God struck her from the Earth!

She did not suffer fools.

And that was what so many of us really liked about her.

She drew a line in the sand of what was good and bad, and what was smart and stupid, and she didn't move the line.

She didn't compromise.

That's exactly what we needed her there for.

We needed someone to stand there and tell us when we've gone too far.

We needed her to be tough on us, to tell us the truth, so when she told us it was going to be all right, we knew that was true too.


Walker, you seeing this?

Walker: Ah, Christ.

Whole place is about to f*cking blow.



Senator: When we would fight the good fight together, when we'd win, she would never celebrate.

She would never high-five.

She'd say, "What now?"


The moment of victory wasn't enough.

"What happens next?" she'd ask.

"What did we learn?"



Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

"What was ruined that needed to be fixed?"

And sometimes the answer was obvious.

We knocked something down in the fight, and we needed to pick it up.

Needed to fix it.

Sometimes the answer wasn't so obvious.

Sometimes we couldn't see it right away.

She was talking about the long-term effects.

Like today.

She's gone.

What happens next?


Man: Oh, shit! More cops!

She wanted more from us.

She wanted accountability.

And because of that, she taught me it takes more than power to be a hero.

It takes that accountability.


And I think we can all agree, accountability could have prevented this nightmare.

With no accountability, what happens next?



What happens next?

Pig! Ah!


Where were you when she needed you?



Are you getting this?

(GASPS) Holy...



Ah, f*ck.

(COCKS g*n)




You're arresting me?

Out of the way!

I'm one of the good ones!


Where you going?

Pelham: Um, if...if you're watching us live, a young women dressed in the classic Retro Girl uniform...


It is unclear if this is a stunt, or... or an homage, or if this... or if this woman is, in fact, declaring herself to be the new Retro Girl.




Man: Watch it, assh*le!


Easy! Police!

(COCKS g*n)

Back up.

You... it's a private club, man.

Be cool. Be cool.

Not cool.












Man: Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!






What are you do...hey!


Get out of here!



Woman: Watch out!


Go! Look out!

He's got a g*n!

What the f*ck, man?

Krispin? What the f*ck?

Why? Why? Why did you f*cking do it?

Shit! (GRUNTS)

What the f*ck, man?


Huh? Huh?




Who the f*ck are you?











Man: Let's go! Let's go!

Come on. Watch your head.

Get in there.

I have rights.

Yeah, the right to remain silent.




Wow. Okay.

Well, look at you.

Where were you?




You're under arrest for the m*rder of Retro Girl.


Don't ask.

Pelham: Reports say over 75 people were arrested outside Unity Hall today, as Powers Division led local police and SWAT to stop clashing protests at the Retro Girl funeral.

Powers Division was successful in suppressing the chaos before anyone was badly hurt.

We're still looking into the appearance of this new mystery Power dressed as Retro Girl, and we'll keep updating you as more information comes in.


They should open a Starbucks on this rooftop.


Are you okay?


Krispin didn't k*ll Janice.

So it was the guy from the riot?

Yeah. His name's THX.

He's a Hack.

They're booking him now.

I'm gonna have to go down and work him over.

I can help you with that.


Hey, Calista.

We have to do this the right way.

By the book.

Ripping his head off is not gonna help us solve the case.

It'll make us feel better.

Calista, if I could impart anything to you, it's that with, with these powers, you know, with these great powers...

Are you about to tell me that, "With great power comes great responsibility?"

Well, yeah.

Hey, look. It's...it's true, okay?

When people look at you now, they won't see a person.

They don't see you.

They see the ideal. The symbol.

And you? I mean... (CHUCKLES) Look at you.

You've stepped into the shoes of the ultimate hero.

That's a big responsibility.

I've made just about every mistake a Power can make.

I was arrogant, and selfish, and greedy, and stupid.

What I'm trying to say is, you can learn from my mistakes.

Let me help you.

Or just run off and do what you always do.

The last time that you and I were on this roof, you jumped off to try to save me.

You risked your life...

...even though you knew that you didn't have a chance in hell.

Not the smartest thing I've ever done.

No, but it was heroic.

I admire that.

You okay?

Have you found a place to stay?

What are you doing for money?

I got a job.

I'm a waitress.

Okay, that's good.



Work is work.

They're talking about me on Powers That Be.

Yeah, I know. They will.

Get used to it, okay?

Okay, so how do I find out what level Power I am?

Well, you come down to the station and we register your powers.

What, like paperwork?


What...what other powers do you have?

Can you do anything with your eyes?

Um, how do I find out?

You just, uh, concentrate on something, and, uh...no, Jesus, don't do it to me.

Oh, sorry.


Let's...let's do this.

So, look at the vent.

Okay, pick a spot and focus on it, and see if you can melt it.

And a bird hit me when I was flying.

No, you... you hit it.

No, it hit me.

No, you hit the bird.

Which one of you is supposed to be up there?

I can't believe you're taking its side.

I'm not taking its side.

The bird has right-of-way, okay?


Same as planes, helicopters.

You're the dominant flyer, they have right-of-way.


This isn't working. You don't feel anything?


(LAUGHS) Okay. That's enough. That's enough.

♪ Birds, birds, tell me where you fly ♪
♪ I want to come with you ♪
♪ Birds, birds, let me see the sky ♪
♪ I want to dive into the blue ♪




Sergeant Martinez?


You know who I am?

Doesn't everybody?

I have a proposition for you.
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