04x13 - Au Revoir

Episode transcripts for the 2012 TV show "Beauty and the Beast". Aired October 11, 2012 - September 15, 2016.
A homicide detective becomes romantically involved with a man who, as a recipient of experimental animal DNA, becomes beast-like in behavior and abilities when enraged.
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04x13 - Au Revoir

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Vincent: Previously on Beauty & the Beast...

Vincent: Come on, Braxton, what do you want from me?

Well, it isn't what I want.

It's what the buyer wants.

Please don't tell me there's another beast out there.

Are you sure that this is Braxton?

DNA and dental records match.

Seems we have another beast on our hands.

Braxton said he had a client from a foreign country that was interested in one of Muirfield's assets.

What was the name of the client? A crown prince? That's the fourth cabal member? How the hell are we gonna get to him?

There's no beast. It's Braxton-- he's alive.


(people screaming)

You're gonna be okay.

Did you catch him?


I turned the names over to DHS.

Word came down from the top-- DHS will never make a deal with Vincent.

The fight's over. We lost.

Here. It's your new life.

It has to end, Vincent, one way or the other.

I got to stop Braxton before he does something major.

I just really hate to lose your business, Cat, especially after all these years.

I know, I'm sorry.

I mean, if it helps, I can...

I can certainly waive some of the bank fees.

No, that isn't what this about Max, really, trust me.

I just...

I need to make sure that my sister's taken care of.

Taken care of?

Cat, is everything all right?

Everything is fine.

It is. I can't really talk about it, but thank you for everything, truly.

Sure. Take care.

You, too.

How much cash we talking about?

I mean, four-wheel drives don't resell great in Jersey, man.

(grunts) Caddies, Lincolns, okay, but...

Come on, it's in good condition. Low mileage.

You know, blue book says it's worth 25.

(chuckles) Yeah, well, people who come here don't do blue book.

They just do cash.

All right, I'll tell you what... I'll give you 15 grand.

15? You kidding me? Come on, pal, I'm leaving town, okay? The cash is for a friend who's sacrificed a lot for me, and...

(sighs) All right, how about 20?

How about I call the cops?

Maybe we find out, you know, why you're so hard up to sell?

What, you thr*at me?

No, just doing business. You know, got to make a living.

Yeah, well, I don't care about cops or DHS or FBI or anyone else who's after me, for that matter.

You know what, Dave... you ever seen a guy's heart get ripped right out of his chest?


'Cause I have.

And it looks like it hurts like a son of a bitch.

20's good.


Hundreds will be fine.


Reporter: With the U.N. in session Tuesday and foreign dignitaries pouring in...

This thing is taking forever to load.

Why'd I ever sell my computers?

Wait, what do you mean, that's classified?

I'm the captain of a freaking precinct.

City officials are expecting road closures and traffic jams.

And how am I supposed to prove Braxton's setting Vincent up if I can't even find him, let alone prove he's alive?

Hey, how am I supposed to figure out what he's gonna blow up if I can't get the prince's motorcade route?

Then transfer me to someone who can help me.

Come on, it's just city surveillance, it's not even high-res.

Fine, if you won't give me Agent Dylan's cell, just transfer me to her.

Hey, can you turn that off, please?

Unless the news is gonna tell me how the prince is getting into the city.

Yeah, we're not that lucky.

(computer beeps)


It froze again.

They hung up on me again.


We're screwed.

No, Cat and Vincent are screwed, and they're counting on us.

I mean, they should just use their aliases and get out of town now. But no, they're not going anywhere until we stop Braxton from k*lling the prince.

Yeah, and all the other innocent people who will die with him in whatever t*rror1st plot he's got planned.

Why does everything have to be this complicated?

Why can't we just find what we need to find so Cat and Vincent can have a damn life?!


Hey, hey... come on.

I'll get you some ice.

Only if you put it in a drink.

That's not gonna solve anything.

Yeah, well we're not solving anything, anyway.

I mean, let's face it, all we're trying to do is find Braxton before Cat and Vincent get caught or, worse, k*lled trying to stop him.

Look, this is their path, JT.

All we can do is just try and help them.

Now you're sounding like Cat.

Yeah, well, maybe because she's right.

Look, they've done a lot of good, they've helped a lot of people, but it's been at their expense and ours.

We have to help them finish this, JT.

We have to help them stop the last person who can make beasts.

So we can all move on.


Without Cat and Vincent.

(rapid beeping)

Nurse: Heather, don't.

I have to get out of here.



You guys are not...

Come on, back in bed.

You don't understand, I have to see my sister.

No! Jamal.

(grunts) Come on, just... for the afternoon.

Take it easy.

Shh, shh.

Is this necessary?

Restrain her.


They never listen. Third time today.



What the hell?

Untie me.

When did this happen? How did you get sh*t?

Are you okay?

Saturday, stupidly, and yes, I'm fine. Now, will you get me out of here, okay? I have to make sure that Cat and Vincent are all right.

Vincent's in jail.

Well, no, he was. Thanks to you.

But then he broke out so he could try and catch the guy who sh*t me.

What? I'm lost.

I forgive you. For getting him arrested, I do.

I know that you only did it because you thought I was in trouble, but I can't just sit on my ass worrying about Cat and Vincent, so if you ever want to have sex with me again, you'll get me the hell out of here.


(exhales) Oh, boy. You know what, I think that chocolate mousse was a bad idea.

So why'd you order it?

Oh, you know, last supper and all.

Good point.


Valet ticket?

Actually, we're leaving with a friend.

Okay, thanks.

Thank you.

Worried about Braxton?

No, no.

Tess and JT will come through. We'll get him.

Well, we got to get the prince first.

And not just to stop the att*ck, but to make sure that he testifies against Braxton.

Yeah, and make sure neither one of them ever try and make another one of me.

And then we can leave?


Valet ticket?


You saved some cash for us, right?

Yeah, enough to get started.

Okay, yeah. So after this, we say our last good-byes?

Hope I don't cry again.

Me, too.

Okay, this is our ride. You ready?

I've got it.

Excuse me, are you Prince Abu's personal assistant?

Why, yes, I am.

And you are?

Nobody you want to mess with.

Get in. Come on.

Who are you? What do you want?

We want you to save our happily ever after.

(engine revs)

Now buckle up.


♪ Beauty and the Beast 4x13 ♪
Au Revoir

Come on, in. Go.

Okay, what is this?

This is how your boss' business partner, Peter Braxton, is trying to set me up to look like some kind of t*rror1st.

Who's Peter Braxton?

You know who he is. You're the advance planner for all the prince's trips. You can't not know Braxton.

Yeah, and, uh, we got Ecklund over here and Garrus right here next to Braxton.

That's right, we know all about your boss' connections.

And we also know your boss was the one who supplied the innocent victims to their so-called cause.

I don't know what you're talking about.

The hell you don't.

Listen, we're running out of time, okay? Tomorrow, in this city, there's a b*mb that's gonna go off.

And all we know is that Braxton is behind it and he's trying to cover his tracks.

And right now the last track he's gonna cover is your boss. Garrus and Ecklund are already d*ad, which means the prince is next.

And believe it or not, we're trying to save him, but we won't do it unless he helps us first.

Helps you how?

We know he provided the people for Braxton's experiments.

We want names so that we can have leverage on him.

And so DHS can clear my name for all the things that Braxton's done.

The prince has diplomatic immunity.

It's not gonna matter if your prince is d*ad, is it?

And it's not gonna help you much, either, if more people die in that att*ck.


The prince simply wanted to protect his family.

Braxton said that he could make his bodyguards unstoppable.

But the prince would've never asked them to volunteer had he known what Braxton was really doing to them.

All we know is that good people ended up d*ad.

And the prince was afraid that if he said anything that Braxton would come after him.

Which is exactly what he's about to do.

Man: You can't get into the city as it is, and now we got all these freaking road closures.

I mean, why-why can't these, uh, these ambassadors or-or princes or-or whoever the hell else is coming in, like, can't they just Skype in or something?

I mean, look at this, this is a mess.

I can't even park my truck.

They're gonna ticket me right here. This is nuts.

Like, why-why isn't de Blasio doing something...?

♪ ♪

So... we're good, right?

Yeah, as long as you don't get caught before tomorrow and as long as JT can find Braxton and Tess can find that route.

Yeah, well, hopefully Karim can help us out, although I got a feeling DHS is probably the only one who knows the route.

Which means that there is nothing left for us to do but wait.


Well, it might be good having nothing to do for once.

It's time to... tie up some loose ends.

It's strange having nothing to do all of a sudden.

I mean, we've spent all this time running, scrambling just to survive.

I've kind of gotten used to putting everything else in my life on hold.

Well, after tomorrow, we won't have to worry about it, will we now? Hey.

Rooftop, tonight. One last time.

One last time.


Don't be late.

(horn honking)

Tess: Look, I'm trying to figure out where the att*ck's gonna be, too, okay?

Okay. But what does a Saudi prince have to do with it?

And what makes you think it's even connected?

Look, I-I can't tell you that. I just need you to trust me.

(chuckles) Trust you? That's funny, coming from the best friend of a t*rror1st's wife.

Oh, come on. Vincent's not a t*rror1st.

No? Then why did he break out of prison?

To stop the att*ck, to prove who the t*rror1st really is.

Yeah, the d*ad guy.

Braxton's not d*ad, okay?

If you'd stop wasting your resources on Vincent and get your head out of your ass, you'd see I'm telling you the truth!


Excuse me. Secure link is up.

Secretary's waiting on an update.

All right, I'm on my way. You want my help, Captain? You tell me everything you know.

Otherwise you get nothing from me.

(quietly): Want to bet?

All right, JT, this better work.

Kyle: Let me help.

Careful with the shoulder.

No, we have to get this to Cat and Vincent, all right?

JT said they could be leaving as soon as tomorrow.

Here, hold this.

(whistles) Wait, taxi! Come on!

(scoffs) Seriously? Damn it.

Heather, wait.

We can't wait.

Come on, please.

Wigs? Burner phones? Just tell me what's going on here.

Trust me, the less you know, the better, all right?

Just in case we get caught.

Caught doing what?

Helping Vincent and Cat escape?

Is that what we're doing?

Kyle, if I told you what was really going on, you could get in a lot of trouble, okay?

Go-to-jail kind of trouble, 'cause you'd be an accessory and I really can't do that to you.

Look, I screwed up last time, okay? Part of why they're in whatever trouble they're in is because of me.

I trust you.

I believe you.

I just want to get it right this time.

You are definitely high-maintenance, you know that, don't you?

Yeah, I know.

But I'm worth it.

(horn honks)


Call me if you need me.

Put that sling back on.



(keys jangle)

Who are you?

Oh, hi. You must be Catherine's sister. It's Heather, right?


Catherine: Well, I hope it's all right if I pay you in cash.

Heather, what are you doing here?

You're supposed to be at the hospital.

Why are Mom's things out?

And your lease and...

Last will and testament?

Okay, I can explain.

Is he a lawyer?

Are you a lawyer?



No, you know, I am finally on board trying to get you and Vincent your stupid happily ever after!

And you're getting ready to die!

Heather, wait!


(birds chirping)

(indistinct chatter)

Heather, I'm sorry.

No. I am not doing this again.

You really want it to end this way?


It's just... everything's happening so fast.

I'm sorry. I didn't want you to find out like that.

Well, how else was I supposed to find out, at your funeral?

No, of course not. It's just...

I wanted to make sure that everything was taken care of, just in case.

In case you die.

Heather, listen to me.

I'm not planning on dying, okay?

But... but it could happen.

Cat, don't say that.

I have to, because it's true.

Obviously, Vincent and I don't want that to happen, but... I don't know, Heather.

Looking over our shoulders all the time, that's got to stop.

I know, but...

Which means, one way or the other, we are leaving, tomorrow.

I just didn't want to leave without making sure that you were taken care of.

I don't want to talk about this.

Heather, we have to talk about it.



And it's not just Vincent and I who have to move on.

You do, too.

I mean, come on, you all but put your life on hold for me since you got back last year, and the least I can do is help you get a fresh start.

What? I don't want your money.

Well, too bad.

I prepaid the lease on the apartment, put it in your name, signed over my car, and I, uh...

I left you Mom's things.

Pictures... Hey.


It's gonna be okay, Heath.

It's gonna be okay.

Vincent and I really believe that.

And, you know, it's our only chance to be together.

And... it's a chance for you to start taking care of yourself again.

Without getting sh*t.

Or kidnapped or caged, Hmm. terrorized, punched, kicked...



Things are looking better already.

JT: No, Tess, just copy the IP address, and it'll be like you're on Dylan's computer, okay? Then just search her files for the motorcade route.

Vincent: JT?

Vincent. Uh...

(quietly): I haven't found Braxton yet.

What do I tell him?

Don't worry.

You'll find him.

Beast hearing.

How quickly one forgets.

(sighs) Call you back.

Uh, get that route.

Vincent, look, I'm-I'm sorry.

I-I feel like I'm letting you down.

I-I just can't find the guy, anywhere, and-and I know if I don't, then you're gonna take the fall, so...

So, maybe this will help.

What is it?

A new laptop?

Okay, not just any laptop.

I mean, this thing is top of the line, man.

It's got facial recognition software installed, which you need, right? So...


I mean, this is fantastic.

Uh, it must've cost a fortune.

Eh. Well, no, it's nothing compared to what you had before, before you had to sell it all off, you know, so...

Wait a minute, why are you giving me this?

To help you find Braxton, of course.

That's not true.

You know what, forget it.

I don't want it.

What? Come on.


You think I'm stupid? You think I don't know what you're doing?

Okay, we've been through this.

You know I got to leave.

I mean, I just...

I thought you understood.

Yeah, but that doesn't mean I like it, okay?!

We grew up together.

I-I've been by your side every step of the way, living in the shadows, keeping you alive.

And now, what, y-you're leaving and you give me a freakin' laptop?!

I'm sorry. It's just... hard.

That's all.

I mean, I've known you all my life.

We're like brothers.

Come on.

We are brothers.

And I don't want to lose another one any more than you do.

Come here, buddy.



Well, this sucks.



(siren wailing)

(indistinct chatter)

(siren wailing in distance)

JT got me into Agent Dylan's computer, and I found out the prince flies into LaGuardia tomorrow at noon, then motorcades to the Pierre.

You sure he's using the Queensboro?

Positive, 'cause they're already sweeping it for expl*sives.

But they're not clearing the tunnel. So it's his only way into the city. Although how Braxton plans on blowing it up, I have no idea, 'cause it'll have been cleared by tomorrow.

Still, it does everything Braxton wants it to do: it covers up the prince's m*rder in what looks like a t*rror1st att*ck.

Yeah, which Vincent gets blamed for, unless we can somehow stop it.

So we have to get to him before he gets to the bridge.

How? I mean, I can't exactly pull him over.

He's a head of state.

And DHS isn't gonna believe me, so they won't stop him.

Right. Which means we have to do it.

All right, let's go.

No, Tess.

I meant Vincent and I have to.

I'm not gonna sit around and do nothing while someone tries to blow up a damn bridge.

It isn't just someone-- it's Braxton. And nobody else knows he's alive, so we're the only ones who have a chance of catching him.

No, Cat...

Tess, you said yourself that nobody would believe you.

There's nothing else you can do.

We will stop him.

I promise you.

You better.



I'm not saying good-bye 'cause I plan on seeing you again.





Damn it.

(siren wailing)

(siren wailing)

♪ You told me the day ♪
♪ That you'd show me your face ♪

(door opens, closes)

♪ We'd be in trouble ♪
♪ For a long time... ♪
You know everything's gonna be okay.

I know. Just gonna miss this place, that's all.

Yeah, we'll find a new rooftop.


How did today go?

More tears, just like you said.

Tess wouldn't even let me say it.

Ah, sounds like Tess.

I thought JT was gonna punch me.


And Heather, with her one good arm.

(both laugh)

It's a lot to give up, isn't it?


More than we ever wanted to.

But, you know, I still believe it's gonna work out.

How do you know?

I don't.


Um... Tess-- she, uh... she figured out what the target is.

It's the Queensboro Bridge.

That makes complete sense.

JT just found out how Braxton's planning to escape.

Apparently, he pilots his own jet, and it just got moved to a private airstrip about 45 minutes west of the Queensboro.

Well, it seems like Braxton's sticking around just long enough to see that bridge blow.

I know it's not gonna be easy for us to get to the prince first.

Since when has it ever been easy for us?

All right, good point, smarty-pants.


This really is it, isn't it?

We are never coming back here.


We're never coming back.

♪ To be afraid of nothing. ♪

(siren tooting)

(tooting continues)

Go on through!

Go on through!

Just so we're clear, haven't really done anything like this before.

Well, it seems appropriate, considering it might be the last thing that we ever do.

Come on, have a little confidence, will you?


I-I do. I'm just... I'm nervous, and I have to pee.

What? You're kidding me, right?

No, not.

Can you hold on?


How far away are they, JT?

Police dispatch says two minutes.

Got it.

(siren tooting)

(siren wailing)

(sirens wailing)

(train bell clanging)

(train whistle blows)

(computer chirps)

(speaking native language)

(siren tooting)


All right.

All right, you ready?

Yeah. I still have to pee, though.

I love you.

You know that?

(siren tooting)

(engine starting)

The things I do.

(siren wailing)

(siren wailing, tooting)

Officer (over speaker): Move you car out of the road now!

NYPD. Move your vehicle immediately.

What do you want me to do?

It's stalled. Sorry.

Get your car out of the way. We're trying to get through here.

Come on, we got to get through.

It's a piece of garbage.


Officer: You got to go.

I'm stalled.

Come on.

(indistinct chatter)

Officer: Get out of the way.

Okay, take a big, deep breath, okay?

Three, two.

(Catherine gasps, grunts)

Vincent: Hey. How you doing?

Hang your phone up.

Hang up the phone!

(phone beeps off)


You're one of them.

Yes, I'm one of them.

Braxton sent you, didn't he?

Catherine: Actually, we're here to save you from Braxton, who's trying to k*ll you, along with other innocent people.


Vincent: Listen to me.

You're going testify against Braxton, you're gonna prove that he's the one that k*lled the innocent people that you provided, you got it? You help us bury him, and I will help save your life.

How-how do I know you're telling the truth?

Would we go through all this if it wasn't true?

You think we want to die with you?

Vincent: Come on. Decide now.

Once we're on that bridge, it's all over for all of us.

You have to believe me.

I had no idea what Braxton was up to. I still don't.

But you're the only person who can help us stop this from ever happening again. Please.



That can't be good, can it?


(rapid beeping)


(engine starting)

(rapid beeping)

The b*mb's under the car.

At least now we know how Braxton's gonna blow this damn thing up.

(rapid beeping)

What do we do?

Do we turn around?

Catherine: No.

It's too late to turn around.

We're already on the bridge.

He's gonna blow it up any second.

All right, tell the driver to stop the car.


Tell him to stop the car! Come on! We're running out of time!

(rapid beeping)

(tires squeak)

(speaking native language)

Vincent: Get him off!

Get the prince off the bridge now! Go!


(tires squealing, engine revving)

(rapid beeping)

Vincent, are you sure this is gonna work?

Like I said, I've never done this before.

(rapid beeping)

Hold my hand.


Please, just hold my hand.

(rapid beeping)

Trust me.

(tires squealing, rapid beeping)

(tires squealing)

(thudding, glass breaking)

(rapid beeping)

(rapid beeping)


Oh, no.

(quietly): Come on. Come on.

(helicopter blades whirring, sirens wailing)

(sirens wailing)

(tires squeal)

JT (crying): I can't believe they're gone.

(both crying)

JT, are you sure?

I ran down to the river, kept checking to see if they would pop up, but...

(siren tooting)

I was sure that they'd find a way, like they always do.



(sighs, sniffles)

Where is Braxton?


(siren wails, toots, tires squeal)

Tess: Braxton, don't move! You're under arrest!

JT: Actually, no.

Please move.

(engine starting)

(g*n chamber cocks, engine revs)

(engine revving, tires squealing)

(g*n, glass breaking)

(horn blaring)

Stay behind me.

At least we finished it for them.

♪ When all this is over ♪
♪ We'll go to our own homes ♪
♪ Take off our old clothes... ♪

I'm sorry.

It's just...

It's really hard.

I mean, I...

I didn't just lose a friend.

I lost a brother in Vincent.

Cat, too.

She was like family... family to us.

Great friend, loyal partner.

Loving sister.

I'm so sorry.


This isn't fair, okay?

It's not.


Cat and Vincent deserved better.

They deserved... their happily-ever-after, and I don't know why they didn't get it.


They sacrificed so much for everybody, put up with so much, did so much good, despite the fact...

I guess only a few of us will ever... really know how much they went through.

They were heroes.

That's all there is to it.

It's the way they lived...

...and that's how they died.

♪ Love me, my darling ♪
♪ Like the first day of winter... ♪

At least they were together, which is all they ever really wanted anyway.

♪ Of one single candle ♪
♪ A love we can not handle ♪
♪ Will melt us together ♪
♪ And make it all right ♪
♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh. ♪

Tess: You have to give yourself some time.

We all do.

There are no shortcuts here.

I know. It's just...

I'm not saying it's harder for me, because it's not, but... at least you can go back to your job and do something with your life, but me?

I don't even know where to start after all these years.

Man: Excuse me.

Professor Forbes?


My condolences.

I am so sorry for your loss.

Thank you.

How did you know, uh...?

Actually, I didn't know either one of them, at least not directly.

Forgive me if this seems awkward, but Dr. Keller told me this would be the best place to find you.

Wait. What?


He called and asked if the job offer that we extended several weeks ago was still good, and if it was, thought you might be interested in it now.

What job offer?

Who are you?

Sorry. I'm Frank Buck, Senior Vice President at Tanirushi Biotech.


Wait, when did you talk to Vincent?

A couple days ago, I guess, just before the accident.

Yeah, but how'd he know to send you here, to his own funeral?

I don't know.

We just got the message.


(door closes)

I don't even know where she kept the stupid vases.

Hey, hey.

I don't know.

It hurts so much I can't even breathe.

God, we were just shopping for them, weren't we?

We just... we bought 'em the wigs and-and the cell phone, and...


Where are they?

Where's what?

The stuff that we bought 'em.

The wigs and... and the carry-on?

Do you see it anywhere?


Well, start looking.

Cat would... didn't have a chance to get rid of them, and...


...and-and she wouldn't have taken them with her, unless...

Unless what?

It's not here.

None of it is here.

Do you understand what this means?


They took it with them because they needed it.

Kyle, they're alive.


Oh, my God, they're alive!




(speaking French)

(bell tolling)

Vincent: Bonjour, mademoiselle.

V... Adam.




(bell tolling)

Catherine: I thought you forgot.

Come on. Our first wedding anniversary? No way.

Well, considering everything that has happened to us since our wedding, I would understand.

Well, doesn't matter now, right?

This is what it's all about.

Catherine: I can't believe we got away with it.

Blurring me out of that limo into the river before it blew.

Yeah, well, I told you to trust me, didn't I?

Mm. My hero.

(both chuckle)

So, where are we going?

Come on, I told you.

It's a surprise.

Oh. I have a surprise for you, too.


I passed the French bar.

I'm an avocat.

You are?


That's amazing!

Congratulations! Mwah.

I can't believe this is real.


Six months ago, we were d*ad, and now we're here.

Well, this is where we belong, right?

The City of Love.


It's just...

You miss 'em, don't you?

Don't you?


(indistinct chatter)

Okay, so what's the big surprise?

They are.

Eh! Bonjour!

Are you kidding me?

Happy anniversary.

Hi, sister!



Oh, my God, get a room.


Come here, you.

Mwah. Good to see you.

Look at you!

(overlapping chatter)

Beautiful. You're like a big woman now.

Now that we're all together, let's eat, drink, and be merry.

You want a drink?

(clicks tongue) Yes.

Vincent: A votre santé.

All: Santé!


I can't believe you guys are actually here.

I know.

Guys, you should've heard JT's eulogy. It was beautiful.

A little schmaltzy but it's okay.

Come on...

Give me a break.

I thought they were really d*ad, remember?

JT, not so loud.

What? I did.

I know, but everyone else needs to still think that they are.

Nobody's looking for them.

Otherwise we wouldn't be here, right?

Okay, how's Kyle?

Kyle's good.



We're, you know...

Living in sin.



You are.

Wait, in-in our bed?

Ugh, that's just wrong.

Okay, whatever.

It's okay for you guys but not for us?

Uh, okay.

Wait-wait a minute. What?

You guys are living together now?

Yes, they are.



Yeah. Mm-hmm.



To living in sin!

To living in sin.

To living in sin.

To love!

To love!

To love.

To love. I will drink to that.

(woman shouting)

Okay, Cat, let the police handle it.

♪ Turn around ♪


JT: Ugh.


Damn it. Here we go again.

♪ Be with me until the moment goes ♪
♪ Here we go. ♪
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