01x13 - Close to Home

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Haunted Case Files". Aired: June 19, 2016 to present.
"Haunted Case Files" features three different stories per episode from different paranormal investigators and recounts their most terrifying encounters with spirits, demons and unexplained entities.
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01x13 - Close to Home

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Narrator: America's top ghost hunters relive their most extreme assignments.

(Woman screams)

This house is beyond haunted.

Narrator: Hardened veterans of the paranormal, these are the cases that truly tested them.

There was an evil presence in that house.

Woman: Oh, (bleep) what the hell?

Man: Dude, I got goose bumps.

It's in here.

Narrator: In Arizona, a friendly spirit of a little girl turns out to be something much more thr*at.

Demonic activity's different. It's sneaky.

Marie: I felt like somebody was putting 100 pounds of weights on my chest.

Narrator: In a former Ohio rectory, a group of ghost hunters become the victims of a disturbing haunting.

Bielski: There was some very negative energy at the location.

I started to feel this sense of dread.

Narrator: And in Texas, things get personal when a sinister entity terrorizes and att*cks an investigator's sister and mother.

The psychic told me, "that picture is evil."

Narrator: In a quiet suburb of phoenix, Arizona, Rachel and Matthew Campbell and their three daughters have a rather unusual house guest.

Ever since moving in, the family regularly saw an apparition of a young girl wearing old-fashioned clothes running through their home.

Aside from the occasional slammed door, the playful ghost causes no harm, and the family get used to having her around.

(Child laughing)

But one day, the activity takes a darker turn.

One of the daughters started to draw these images of these demonic eyes and demonic beings that she was actually seeing herself inside of her closet.

They were dark. I mean, they were very sinister.

Marie: She would draw pictures of them, and then she'd post them all over her wall.

The mother was terrified something bad was going to happen to her children.

Narrator: The little girl ghost vanishes, and the family is terrorized by a new entity.

Marie: What the family was experiencing was dark shadows.

Like, this dark figure with long fingers.


Narrator: The encounters leave the family fearing for their lives.

The mother was terrified.

The mother was just out of her mind.

And that's how they got in contact with us.


Narrator: Husband/wife team jay and Marie Yates have been investigating hauntings for the last 17 years.

What is it like to investigate with your wife?

It's a dream come true to be able to have somebody that truly understands and believes what it is that you're going through.


My husband and I, throughout all these cases, I do believe it makes us stronger.

Narrator: Jay and Marie arrive with their team to start the investigation in the most active area.

The worst of the worst was happening to them in the basement.

The plan is to document some of the claims that they're having.

And we were gonna start a voice session, like trying to get some live voice recordings in there.

And we did get EVPS, and we did get positive responses from our meters and whatnot.

Can you make it light up if you're still here with us?

This device right here.

Which would have suggested that it was definitely something going on, which I would have deemed right there that it was haunted.

There's no question.

Narrator: While jay is occupied by the EVP, Marie is overcome by a strange feeling.

It felt like somebody was putting 100 pounds of weights on my chest, walking through the basement.

We looked for Marie. Marie was gone.

(Demonic growling)

She just randomly just walked out of the room.

Like, as if something was calling her.


Marie: There is a secret little door, and the client had some weird little objects in there, like a wiccan thing.

That door there.

Narrator: Jay spots Marie in the tiny room, but she's not herself.

Jay: Marie is just standing in the corner, and she's just standing.

And it's likely she was under the influence of something very powerful.

Something had control over her at that moment, for whatever reason.

Narrator: Fearing Marie has been possessed, jay immediately recites a prayer of protection.

Jay: She's protected by the blood of Christ.

There is not one thing you can do to harm her or touch her.

In the name of the most high god, the lord Jesus Christ.

That's a name you may not know too well.

Marie: I remember my husband shaking me, saying, "are you awake?"

And I was getting mad at him, like, "get off me!

Why are you touching me? nothing's wrong with me."

I actually was thinking they were messing with me.

She didn't remember anything from the point of us descending into the basement.

Narrator: Jay suspects someone in the house is dabbling in the occult.

Sure enough, the teenage daughters make an alarming confession --

That they had been using a spirit board to speak to the little girl ghost.

They became very obsessed with the communication amongst what they thought was this little girl.

Narrator: The girls thought they were talking to an innocent spirit, but jay believes its true identity has always been a much more dangerous, demonic entity.

(Pounding on door)

(Both scream)


Jay: Demonic activity's different. It's sneaky.

It might come across as a little girl in the beginning because it's non-thr*at.

Then it starts to lure you in.

And then that's when things start to change.

Narrator: Fearing what the demon might do next and with Marie still shaken by her experience in the basement, jay moves to cleanse the house immediately.

We used frankincense oils to seal doorways.

Obviously, religious prayers.

Holy water was used.

By the power of god, thrust it to hell.

Jay: The house seemed calm.

It seemed very peaceful. No problems.

I was like, "okay. I don't know what happened, but if that's all it took, that's great."


Narrator: There's one more thing left to do for the cleansing to be a total success.


You know, I clearly suggested that the best thing to do would be to bury this board.

We did warn them that playing with that again could actually bring whatever it is even worse into their home.

Narrator: Believing their job done, jay and Marie head home, where they are greeted with a disturbing scene.

We have a birdcage, and everything in the birdcage is flipped upside down.

There's birdseed on the floor where you can tell that it was dumped everywhere.

The birds are scared to death.

Narrator: Whatever force upturned the birdcage is about to turn its fury towards them.

Jay. What?

Marie started complaining of not feeling well.

It was a headache.

She was complaining of a headache.

It felt like every second, I kept getting sicker and sicker.

I mean, it was almost like I felt like I was going on my deathbed.


I couldn't move. My body was aching.

Narrator: Overwhelmed, Marie loses consciousness.

Marie? Marie?

Jay tries desperately to revive his wife.

But when he does, he's in for another shock.

I hear what sounds like an electronic male's voice.


Like, just talking, but I can't really understand the language that it's really speaking.

It wasn't human, I can tell you that.

(Demonic voices)

Immediately, I start reading this prayer, you know, to help remove and then banish whatever this is inside my house.

Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread...

And finally, I'm like, "in the name of Jesus Christ,"

I scream, "get out of my house!"


(Demonic voices)

Narrator: Marie rises, but something evil has taken her over.

Jay: And she gets right in my face.

And she's showing her teeth and she's growling at me and she's talking to me like a man.

It's like a man's voice.

It's not even my wife's voice I'm hearing.

I'm terrified of my own wife.

I feel like she's gonna k*ll me.


(Shouting indistinctly)

It scared the hell out of me.

I really thought, legitimately, I was going to die.

Narrator: In Arizona, investigators Marie and jay Yates have discovered an innocent girl ghost is actually something more terrifying.

Now the demon has possessed Marie and turned on jay.

Jay: She's showing her teeth and she's growling at me.

I feel like she's gonna k*ll me.


I really thought, legitimately, I was going to die.


Narrator: Desperate, jay grabs for something to save him.

I dumped a whole bottle of holy water over the top of her head, not knowing what else to do.


She fell down, just passed out.

Marie? Marie?

Marie: That's all I remember, is waking up and there's water poured down on me.

What happened?

Jay: She looks up at me, and she's like, "why is there water all over me?"

And completely not knowing anything that had happened the entire time.

Marie: I seen it in my husband's eyes, that something bad happened, and he was so scared.

Jay: I knew without a shadow of a doubt she was possessed by the demon that I was dealing with inside of this client's home.

What's going on?

Narrator: Knowing the cleanse of the Campbells failed, jay heads back.

When he arrives, he quickly discovers why the demon is still active.

The spirit board was never destroyed.

After what happened to Marie, jay is furious.

Didn't I tell you to stop playing this?

Didn't I say that?!

When you're dealing with true evil demonic activity, it is dangerous.

At this point, I feel angry.

That board should have been removed.

It should have been taken where it was supposed to.

The children shouldn't have played with it.

Narrator: Taking matters into his own hands, jay destroys the spirit board once and for all.

Jay: As an investigator, you give these instructions to a client to do the things that they should be doing to reduce the level of activity.

And then they don't follow through with those things, and it's like, "okay, you know, my family's suffering because of that."

Narrator: With the spirit board gone, jay believes that the demonic entity has been banished for good.

I think they understood that, like, this is not a joke.

This isn't a game.

Had they not taken control of their situation with this demonic entity, their life would have spiralled out of control.

Narrator: To his relief, jay returns home to find Marie safe and well.

Jay: I was very anxious to get home that day after the investigation.

I just wanted to be home with my wife.

I believe, you know, looking back at the investigation, what we were dealing with was true evil.

Being an investigator, we have to be aware that anything we do can come home.

But you never think of the worst until it actually happens.

It's definitely solidified the reasons why I do investigate, and it's given me courage and more wisdom to carry on to the next client that's facing the same thing, maybe worse.

(Thunder crashes)

Narrator: Coming up, things get personal for one investigator as he's called in to save his own sister and mother from a violent entity.

Something was wrong.

She didn't feel safe with that picture.

It was evil.

Narrator: But first, when a paranormal group heads to an Ohio rectory to track down ghosts, the hunters quickly become the hunted.


Bielski: As soon as I saw the place, I started to feel this sense of dread.

Narrator: On a hill overlooking the Cincinnati neighborhood of Sedamsville stands one of the most haunted buildings in Ohio.

Built in 1891, the Sedamsville rectory has been left abandoned and crumbling for over 20 years, until a preservation society began renovations in 2011.

But the restoration seemed to unleash something frightening.

The owners and construction workers are terrorized by strange and violent events.

There have been many instances where people have experienced screaming coming from inside the house.

(Screaming in distance)

There are also many reports of heavy footsteps on the staircase and footsteps running up and down the hall upstairs.

There are very intense things that people experience at Sedamsville rectory...

Very physical things, and this can be anything from light scratch marks on your arm to even welts that will appear on your arms or legs.

Narrator: The reports reach one of Chicago’s top paranormal investigators.

Ursula Bielski has spent 20 years trying to find answers to the paranormal mysteries all around us.

What motivates me as a paranormal investigator is the fact that there are these phenomena that are going on all around us all the time, and there is an explanation for them.

It may be a supernatural explanation.

It may be a natural explanation.

But I want to find out what some of those are, desperately.


Narrator: Many believe the paranormal activity is linked to a disturbing rumor about the rectory's past.

There are stories about Sedamsville rectory, about how it was used to house many priests who were removed from their duties.

All: ...Thy kingdom come...

Bielski: There were several mediums who said that they felt that there was some very negative energy at the location... Ritual activity that completely predated any building of the rectory on the property.

(Bell tolls)

Narrator: When Ursula is invited to spend a night at the rectory with a team of investigators, she leaps at the chance.

It seemed like one of those places that you're always drawn to, where you feel like, "maybe I will experience some of this, because it seems to be very prolific."

So, I was eager to go.

Narrator: But then, Ursula starts to have second thoughts.

I started to feel this sense of dread about going, until I felt like something was warning me not to go.

As soon as I saw the place, I wanted to go home.

Narrator: Pushing aside her feeling, Ursula decides to continue.

But the atmosphere inside the rectory only seems to confirm her fears.

Bielski: It was one of those places where you feel an electricity in the air, like there's a charge.

I felt very unsafe.

My intuition had been screaming at me for weeks, and now here I was.

Narrator: An old rectory in Ohio rumored to have a dark history is being plagued by frightening paranormal activity.

As soon as investigator Ursula Bielski enters the building, she's struck by a terrible feeling.

Bielski: You feel an electricity in the air.

I felt very unsafe.

As soon as I saw the place, I wanted to go home.

Narrator: Before the investigation can begin, the team sets up equipment all over the house.

There was a team that had set up DVRS, and there were cameras all over the house throughout the evening.

We're getting ready to do the overnight lockdown.

We just got through setting up all our cams.
Narrator: Ursula heads upstairs with some colleagues to see if they can make contact with entities present in an EVP, or electronic voice phenomenon, session.

Bielski: If anybody's here and you'd like to talk, I'm here and I've got a recorder.

Man: Ursula, you back there?

I'm here.

Where are you, Ursula?

I'm standing right here.


We were asking questions like, "who is with us?

Did you live here in the rectory?

Are you a priest?

Did something bad happen here?"

It feels really heavy in here.

Is anybody here?

We heard what sounded like four footsteps that came towards us from the hallway beyond the door that was closed.

So I got up and opened the door, and there was no one on the second floor at all, nowhere where anyone had gone or could have gone.

Now, it looks like there is a darker shadow outside the room.

It's right over the stairs.

So, that was the first experience.

But we were in the room for probably another good half an hour recording and got absolutely nothing on recordings at all.

Narrator: Convinced the presence has moved, the investigators decide to take a break before heading onto another room.

The base camp was set up in the kitchen, and we were all taking a break.

And there were numerous people in groups that were smokers.

I'm going out for a smoke. You guys coming?

And they were out on the porch at the side of the house.

Narrator: But the entities in the house aren't going to let the investigators rest.

Woman: No, don't sh**t!


Bielski: They all heard a woman screaming, "no, don't sh**t,"

And then the sound of a g*n.

All of the investigators came running inside the house and slammed the door and locked it behind them.

Did you guys hear that?

Woman: It sounds like screaming.

Somebody is screaming and screaming out there.

Narrator: But things are only just beginning.

We heard someone rattling the doorknob in the kitchen, trying to push the door open.


Narrator: When the rattling stops, two investigators summon the courage to open the door.

The two investigators opened up the kitchen door in time to see what they described as this shadowy figure that disappeared over this ridge behind the house.

Narrator: Their first thought was that it might be a human intruder.

Bielski: They went out where this figure had disappeared and found that there was a 25-foot drop.


There was absolutely nowhere any person could have gone.

It so rarely happens that two people experience anything at the same time.

This was an evening where seven, eight people heard...


...The same thing at one time, and then two people saw the same thing at the same time.

Unheard of. Absolutely unheard of.

Narrator: The investigators make sure that the g*n and screaming they'd experienced weren't human criminal activity.

Three of us contacted the Cincinnati police department to ask if there had been any shots fired in the neighborhood.

Nothing. No shots fired.

Actually, an exceptionally quiet night, as they said.


We were all very shaken up.

But there was really nothing else we could do but just continue with doing as planned.

So, we went on with the program.

Narrator: Fearing for their safety, the investigators decide to stick together and perform a séance.

Bielski: We had a very powerful medium with us, my friend David.

And he was there for the séance.

And he got up several times during the séance to walk towards the stairs because he kept hearing footsteps that went up to the second floor.


Narrator: Then, the activity begins to intensify.


We began to hear a woman crying outside.

(Sobbing continues)

And this was, again, something that at least four, five of us all heard at the same time.

Looking out the windows, there was no one that could be seen.

During the séance, there was a young man with us, and he was very sceptical.

He talked about his arm getting --

That it was getting hot.

And the heat kept increasing.

He was getting increasingly uncomfortable.

One of the investigators had a thermal camera with him.

You could see the temperature of his arm getting hotter and hotter by the minute as the séance was going on.

Narrator: Then, the entity att*cks.


Narrator: In a haunted rectory in Ohio, an unseen presence has investigators terrified, and when they conduct a séance to contact the spirit, the entity att*cks.

Bielski: He had a welt across, all the way up to the bend in his arm, where he had felt this heat.


And he was terrified.

(Screaming continues)

When I see something like that, I immediately think that it is not a human entity.

(Indistinct shouting)

(Screaming continues)

Bielski: There's some malevolent force --

Demonic, evil spirits, negative energy --

Whatever you choose to call it.

It's harmful, and it's malicious.

I'm, at this point, desperate to go home.

No. We got to go. We got to go.

I'm really scared.

I just want to go home.

(Indistinct shouting)

Narrator: Fearing further att*cks, the team decides to end the investigation and evacuate the building.

I've never been so happy to be home in my life.

When we spoke to the owners, after we had all gone home and settled down and thought things over, we found out that other investigators had experienced the same sequence of events.

Narrator: The investigation has a profound effect on Ursula.

Bielski: I had some very serious moments where I honestly considered giving it all up and just not doing it anymore.

And it was a long time before I did an investigation again.

And it really changed a lot about how I research the paranormal.

Narrator: For Ursula, one thing is certain.

I would never set foot in Sedamsville rectory again.


(Electronic warbling)

Narrator: An assignment becomes personal when an investigator is called in to save his own sister and mother from a mysterious and violent entity.

The psychic told me, "that picture is evil."

Narrator: In the small town of San Benito, Texas, 26-year-old corona Acosta is putting down her roots.

Corina: I had a brand-new job as a nurse, and I had just purchased the house.

I was a few months pregnant, and everything was going good for me.

Everything was falling into place.

It was just a dream come true.

At this time, I was living alone because me and my boyfriend had a bad breakup.

Narrator: One night, soon after moving in, Corina's dream home starts to give her nightmares.

I was sitting down on the bed, and I was watching TV.

Narrator: Corina gets the troubling feeling that she's not alone.

Corina: And I could feel, like, somebody staring at me.

Through the corner of my eye, I could see somebody standing in the doorway.

It was a slender, tall figure, like a dark silhouette.

When I turned to look at the figure, it was gone.

Narrator: But the entity soon returns, and with alarming regularity.

After my daughter was born, I would feel him maybe once or twice a week.


And I would feel the heavy footsteps on the hallway.

And it felt like it was a man with heavy boots on.

And I would yell out, "hey, is anybody out there?"

Anybody out there? anybody out there?"

Not a peep.

Narrator: Concerned about the escalation in activity, Corina calls the one person she knows can help --

Her brother and paranormal investigator George Acosta.

She had stated to me that there was shadows there.

I don't know if it was there to protect her or to haunt her, but she didn't feel safe.

Narrator: A former minister, George has been hunting ghosts and banishing evil spirits for over 15 years.

I think it's the challenge.

What does this new case bring?

Is it more intense, is it less intense?

So, every case is unique and different.

Narrator: Even by George’s standards, this case is unusual.

It's the first time he's been called in by a member of his own family.

You need a lot of guts in this type of field because if you're afraid, they're gonna feed on your fear and they're gonna knock you down.

Narrator: George arrives at Corina's house to begin his investigation.

His attention is immediately drawn to a picture hanging on the nursery wall.

Corina: The portrait was of a little girl.

I thought it was so neat because you saw the eyes of the little girl, and it was, like, alive.

The eyes would move with you.

Something was wrong with that picture.

It was evil.

The eyes would follow you.

Every direction I tried it -- left, right --

And that was so weird.

It freaked me out.

Narrator: George suspects that the entity stalking Corina has attached itself to the portrait.

Corina: George told me that I had to get rid of the portrait of the little girl.

No, no.

Narrator: But Corina refuses.

With his hands tied, George can only bless the house and hope the activity calms down.


Corina: I remember telling them, "don't be playing with that thing because bad things can happen."

And they were just laughing, giggling.

Narrator: What starts as a game turns into something more sinister.

Corina: The spirit board just moved by itself.

And then it was like, it dawned on me, "okay, something's wrong."

That was scary.

Narrator: When a shadowy entity plagues his own sister, paranormal investigator George Acosta thinks he has solved the problem.

But the activity takes a turn for the worse when his nieces bring a spirit board into her house.

Corina: The spirit board just moved by itself.

That was kind of scary.

Narrator: Terrified, Corina calls George to the house.

Anytime that you're consulting a spiritual board, if you don't know how to say no, then it entraps you.

Hey! what do you think you're doing?

This is not game! this is evil!

George told me that, "you opened a portal.

You opened a door to evil."

And that's exactly what happened.

This game is not staying in this house!

Do you understand what I'm saying?

But when she gets rid of the board, things get worse.

I think the spirit got mad, upset, and more chaos started happening in the home.

That's when all hell broke loose.

One afternoon, my mom said, "let me help you out with the baby."

She was always singing, laughing, and it was very rare that the house would be quiet whenever she was around.

Narrator: Corina takes the chance to catch up with some chores.

But after an hour or so, the house goes eerily silent.


And all of a sudden, it was -- it just dawned on me --

It was just quiet.

That's very unusual.

Narrator: When Corina goes to check, what she finds is horrifying.



Corina: I go in there to check up on her, and my mom is laying stiff as a rock and she's staring up to the ceiling.

And it was like, "mom, are you okay?"

And she wouldn't answer me.

Mom, wake up!

What's going on?

And then, she just let out a big breath, like (gasps)

A gasp of air.


She told me, "grab the baby, grab the baby."

We got to get out of here.

Narrator: When she recovers, Corina's mother explains what happened.

Corina: My mother told me that she felt like someone or something was on top of her.

She felt that it was trying to violate her.

She told me, "there's something that's evil in the house.

Don't ever leave the baby alone in this room."

Narrator: Scared of more att*cks, Corina and her mother decide to leave the house.

Terrified, Corina begs George for help.

He brings along a medium to help cleanse the house.


Corina: She started burning the sage...

And George was doing his prayers, also, with holy water.

(Speaking indistinctly)

I was given a bible, and they told me...

"You keep on praying until we tell you to stop."

And that's what I did.

Narrator: George focuses the cleanse on the portrait of the child.

The psychic told me, "that is evil.

That picture needs to go."

Corina: I heard things breaking.

Things were just flying back and forth.

I was very frightened at that point.


Narrator: They decide to get rid of the picture once and for all.

George: We put it in a pan... And we b*rned the thing.

As we're burning it, it puffed.

Narrator: At the same time, the medium has a shocking revelation.

The entities in Corina's house were summoned as part of a curse placed by her ex-boyfriend's mother.

Then she said, "that's why she's been having a lot of problems.

The mother-in-law paid a witch to do this spell, this witchcraft."

I think she was upset with me when I told him that I was expecting my little girl.

And they felt like I was trying to trap this person into a relationship, which wasn't true.

But I think that's when everything started.

Narrator: But that's not the end of the cleanse.

They must find and destroy the source of the curse.

Narrator: In Texas, paranormal investigator George Acosta is battling to remove the entities plaguing his own sister.

With the help of a medium, George had discovered that she is the victim of a malicious curse.

Now they must find the source of the hex so it can be broken.

As she's walking, she's meditating, and she's asking, "god, guide me.

Where is it, lord? where is it?"

Corina: And she had a shovel in her hand, and she says, "here.

Right here.

You need to dig."

George: Yes, I was afraid, 'cause now we're gonna go dig up something.

I mean, what am I expecting?

A ghoul or a monster or...?

She starts digging, and puts dirt inside the trash bag.

And she's telling me, "don't look."

She tells me, "close it."

And that whatever's in there, it's jumping, it's shivering, it's shaking.

It doesn't want to be sealed.

Corina: And you could hear it screeching.

What the hell is going on?

I'm freaking out. I said, "what is in here?"

I was terrified.

Narrator: The medium has a plan to break the curse.

"We need to go and send it back to where it belongs.

She paid for it, she needs to get it back.

Get your car and drive me over there."

So, as I'm driving, that thing is moving, shaking, shivering.

It's mad at me because we have it tied up.


So, as we're cruising by the house, she tells me, "throw it in the street."

And, that's when I saw what it was.

It was a black little creature, and it was crawling from the street.

And it went under the house --

It got embedded under the house.


And she told me, "now your sister's home is clean and sealed."

We went back to my sister's home, and everything was peace and harmony in the house.

Like it was a new day, a new home.

Narrator: The experience is one that neither Corina nor George will ever forget.

It was just heartbreaking for me.

I didn't realize that some people were out there to get us, you know?

Evil people.

I think that was the beginning of George’s dedication to what he does now --

Helping people with the same problem I had.

George: What I learned is not to be afraid anymore.

You combat goodness towards evil, and it will break evil.
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