01x03 - Beanball

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Pitch". Aired: September 2016 to December 2016.
"Pitch" revolves around a young pitcher noted for her screwball pitch who becomes the first woman to play in the league, when she is chosen to play for the San Diego Padres.
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01x03 - Beanball

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Previously on Pitch...

Joe Buck: And there you have it.

For the first time in history, a woman has taken the mound in a Major League Baseball game.

Tommy: Enjoy your moment in the sun.

'Cause there's 29 pro teams as we speak figuring out that little trick pitch of yours, and when they do, I'll get my job back and you'll become the answer to a trivia question.

Reporter: According to many sources, Ginny is a distraction.

Well, if I can keep my trap shut, there'll be no distraction.

Geez! Guys, can we just go back to talking about how pretty the girl is?

Frank: Al is done.

Choose an interim manager.

I want it done by week's end.

They're going to f*re you.

Ginny: I really ought to take the players' bus.

I got to be one of the guys right now, Amelia.

Amelia: Ginny, look in the mirror.

You are never gonna be one of the guys.

Mike: Is Ginny getting us more attention, huh?

(chuckling): Yeah, yeah, she is, man.

Which sucks, 'cause we're losing in front of sold-out crowds.

How about we start winning in front of sold-out crowds?

Maybe we all start working as hard as her.

Maybe we start acting like a team instead of a bunch of spoiled brats.

Then maybe I'll feel lucky that you guys are all I have.

d*ck Enberg: Now, this is big, Mark.

The question is whether Buck Garland is going to use a pinch hitter, given what just happened last inning.

Mark Grant: Yeah, tough position for a guy managing his first game, d*ck.

He's got the lefty, Stubbs, on the bench... but he's gonna let her h*t.

(crowd cheering)

Come on, Gin.

Enberg: Oh, my, so Buck is going to let Ginny Baker face the big right-hander Greg Mount.

And you can feel the blood pressure spiking here at Petco.

Grant: It's a big enough challenge for the first woman in Major League Baseball to compete against men in the sport, but now things could get really ugly.

Enberg: I'll bet Ginny didn't wake up this morning thinking she'd be right in the middle of a beanball w*r.

Be ready.

Right behind you.

Enberg: Mountain into his windup.

Look out!


(phones chime and buzz)

Ginny called.




Amelia: Whoo!


Sorry, I don't have time to eat.

This is for me.


I-I could whip something up for you.

I can't. I'm slammed today.

I've got corporate sponsors coming to see Ginny pitch.

Hey, um, just confirming, we can't...

Relax, I'm not gonna say anything.

Although I don't know why.

We're both single and consenting.

Ginny's a big girl.

She still carries your rookie card and had your poster on her wall.


She had me on her wall?

I'll see you around.

Yeah, you will.


Morning, Buck.

Hey, good morning, boss.

I understand you spoke to Oscar.


So how you feeling about all this?

I'm good.

You're a guy who lets his actions speak for him, aren't you, Buck?



(overlapping chatter)

Yeah, touch 'em all.

Damn it! You know what?

If you could h*t like that in real life, you'd be an all-star.

Baker. Hey...

For you, from Drake.

(players ooh and ah)

You're also invited to a party in New York for his new album.

He says he'll send a jet.

(scoffs) You guys opened the card?


Of course.

She'll go out with rappers but not ballplayers.

First of all, I'm not going out with Drake.

I don't even know Drake.

But I've met you guys, and I don't care if you're rappers or doctors, I'm never gonna go out with you.




‭You don't speak English.

You don't even know what she said.


(all laughing)

Hey, did you hear I might be getting off the DL today?

Same day we're playing against the guy who put you there.

You know what that means, right?

Me coming off the disabled list?

One of us has to go back down.

One of us has to go back down.

(grunts) We'll nibble outside with Mercer.

Nothing but screwgies and rainbows.

He'll foul off a couple, and then we'll bust him on the hands with that thing you call a fastball.

Got it?



Can we talk about Theo Falcone?


Last time you guys played the Cardinals, he h*t Tommy and broke his hand.


So there's a code.

This isn't a game for payback.

I can do this. I want to do this.

A whiffle ball would hurt more than any pitch you throw.

So you're saying this fight needs to be settled between men.


You're exhausting. I'll see you out there.

Nap time.

You sleep a lot, old man.

Out of my yard, rookie.

(phone chimes)

♪ ♪

From the man in the green shirt.

Is that...

Yeah, the Travelers' catcher, Trevor something.

Well, why is he sending a drink to Ginny?

What's wrong with this?

'Cause you look happy, content, and satisfied.

And he doesn't want to mess with this.

You should invite him over.

You know my code. I don't date...

Oh, no, here he comes.

♪ ♪

Yeah, she doesn't date ballplayers.

Well, she struck me out three times tonight, so, clearly, I'm no ballplayer.

Are you trying to strike out a fourth time?

(laughs) It's just a beer, not a date.

Then I'll say thank you.

Called strike three.

You're welcome.

Man, y'all are brutal.

He is fine, though.

(stopwatch clicks)

Says no pain.

Velocity's good. Curve has a bite.


The boss is here today.


And Max.

How do you know?

Saw her car.

Ownership's gathering.

I could get the a* today.

Buck: Look, Al, you're my friend.

And I don't steal another man's woman or his job.

But there's not a lot of teams that are looking for a 67-year-old coach.

And if you're gonna go anyways, I wouldn't mind having my day in the sun.

If not for anything, just to tan.

Buck, I want you to know that if I get canned, nothing would make me happier than you getting the job.

But this is my ball club and I'm not ready to give it up.

They're gonna have to take it from me.

And I don't plan to let them.

Look at you, you don't tan anyway.


Tommy's ready to come off the DL.

Yeah, all right.

I'm thinking Woo-jin should go down.


I'll find his translator and let him know.

Oscar, telling a player he's being sent down is my job.

I like to look a man in the eye, good news or bad.

Oscar: No, I'll handle this one.

You got a lot on your plate today, Al.

Speaking of which, we're not gonna have a problem with the Cardinals, are we?

Since Falcone threw at Tommy last time?

Not with Ginny pitching.


Okay, I'll handle Woo-jin.


I'm getting fired today.

Woman: Frank wants to keep 4:30 open for Al, so I bumped the conference call with the Midwest scouts to tomorrow.

That's good.

Oscar, I'm sorry, I know Al got you your start here.

Ah, find Woo-jin's translator for me.

Pak is out with the flu, Al didn't want him near the clubhouse.

Okay, well, get him on the phone.

(sighs) Poor Woo-jin.

Yes, poor Woo-jin, poor Al, poor me, poor everyone.

What's that Clooney movie, on the boat, where everything goes wrong?

Ocean's Eleven?

No, what? Why would you think that?

Oh, look who's here.

What a surprise.

‭You didn't forget to have "the talk" with her, did you?

Of course not. Hi.

Ginny's pitching today.

It's Daniella's first time watching her pitch.

Hello, Daniella.

‭Hey, Rhonda.

Where are we sitting?

(whispering): The Perfect Storm.

All I know is it makes me want to go to prison.

They're my kind of inmates.

(laughs) I'm pretty sure they'd put you in a prison with men, Lonnie.

Al, you watch Orange Is the New Black?

Nah, I'm more a History Channel guy.

Here's my lineup.

Look, Craw. protect my hitters today, huh?

Falcone, he's crazy, he'd throw at Malala.

Hey, my guy needs to pitch inside.

Cut him some slack.

Let me know if I wrote too small.

What's that supposed to mean?

What do you mean "What's that supposed to mean?"

That you wrote it too small, you taking a sh*t at me about the last time?

No, I'm asking if I wrote the names too small because I know you don't have your glasses on.

Now, I can read 'em to you if you can't see.

You want a problem, Al?

Otherwise, forget about it.

This guy, the last time he worked the plate, the strike zone was the size of a cocktail napkin, before that, it was as wide as my fat ass.

Crawford: Al, I am warning you.

Al: Oh, you're warning me?

Well, let me get in the sunlight so you can see me to warn me!

I've had it with your fat mouth!

You get out of here! You're out!


That's the last thing I need, is to be out here with you.

Get out!

(crowd booing)

Mike: Skip just got tossed.

Before the national anthem?

What the hell just happened?

That was my last Major League game and your first.

That's what just happened.

Go get 'em, guys.

(crowd roaring)

Ginny (laughs): What?

I think you did.

I think I did not.

Once you ordered food, this went from meeting for a drink to now going on a date.

I plan on paying for my own food.

Okay, 'cause you're a ballplayer and you gotta live by your code, right?

Yes. I'm a ballplayer who plays with men.

Men who still look at me and see boobs and an ass and everything that goes with it.

You have no idea what I deal with.

Half the guys around me are misogynists who don't think a woman deserves a sh*t, and the other half are worse.

Worse? How's that?

Because they're good guys who just want to protect Orphan Annie.

And I just want them to see me as a regular ballplayer.

What if I told you that I was, um...

I was quitting the game?

You'd quit the game to date me?

No, I'm not quitting the game to date you, I'm quitting the game because I can't h*t you.

I mean, I can't run fast, h*t for power, h*t for anything, really.

But I'm smart. Could've got into Cal Poly on a full academic scholarship.

And I'm going.

So I don't really want to spend the rest of my life playing in the minors.

You're just trying to get laid.

No, I'm trying to get into college and get a degree.

In business, maybe.

You switch-h*t, you have a cannon for an arm.

I hear you're great with pitchers.

Maybe you just need to work harder.

Nut up.

Nut up?


I've worked on the other stuff, Ginny.

You're born with it or you're not.

And you were born with all of it.

So how long?

I mean, we ain't gonna make the playoffs, so I would say, like, a month.

Waitress: Can I get you guys anything else?

Just the check, please.


I will just leave this here.

Whenever you're ready.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

♪ If I never see your face again ♪
♪ You might call me a lucky man ♪
♪ ♪
♪ No, it's more than I can stand ♪
♪ ♪

No one can know. You swear?

Yeah, I swear.

Especially players.

Okay, I swear.

(crowd cheering)

Let's go, Gin.

Enberg: And Ginny Baker's 2-2 pitch to Ruiz.

Swung on and missed.

She struck him out. One away.

Well, if you're just joining us, fans, before the game, Padres skipper Al Luongo was thrown out during the exchange of lineup cards.

Al: Lou.

Hector put out a nice spread, Al.

Get you a meatball sandwich?


No, I'm gonna order in.

I need a table for two set up right here, and a menu from Albert's.

You got it, Al.

Thanks, Murph.

Oscar: Hey, guys. My oldest daughter, Daniella.

Do you mind if she sits with you?

The answer should be, "We'd love it," since I gave you the suite today.

Corporate sponsor. They're interested in Ginny, so she has to play well today.

Oh, okay.

Here, sit right here. You'll get a better view.

Was that Elsa?

(chuckles) No. Shh.

Okay, listen, I've gotta do my thing.

Just text me if you need anything, okay?

She's in great hands. Don't worry.

Oh, yeah! Nice pitch, Ginny!

Sit down, meat, a girl just punched you out!

It's gonna be fine.

Can't reach a translator?

Well, what if Al or the media wants to talk to Woo-jin?

Well, he's hitting a buck-80 and can't seem to catch a fly ball, so, actually, no one really wants to talk to Woo-jin, except maybe his mother, and she speaks his language.

Okay call UCSD, the linguistics department.

Find someone, please.

Have you talked to Daniella yet?

I will. I will.


♪ Some people stay far away from the door ♪
♪ If there's a chance of it opening up ♪
♪ They hear a voice in the hall outside ♪
♪ And hope that it just passes by ♪
♪ Some people live with the fear of a touch... ♪

Enberg: Sanders, hitting 285, 14 home runs.

He has a chance to make his second All-Star Game.

Get it started, Blip!

Players: Whoa...


Enberg: And both benches are barking at each other... that almost h*t Sanders.

What the hell?! That was on purpose!

Enberg: Now, remember, Theo Falcone h*t Tommy Miller.

He broke his finger, remember, back in April.

Grant: It's gotta be really k*lling the skipper, Al Luongo, not being in the dugout for this.

Well done.

But no open champagne in this clubhouse, Lou, unless we're pouring it over heads.

Bad luck.

Sauvignon coming up!

Thanks, Murph.

Enberg: And the Padres are letting Falcone hear all about it.

Talk, talk, talk. I guess we're just gonna let him knock us down like milk bottles.

(organist plays "charge" riff)

I got this.

Don't even think about it.

(crowd roaring)

You worried they might throw at me if I try to h*t one of them?

Worried they might hurt the girl?


You're no different.

Excuse me?

You're trying to protect me.

You're no different than those who think I don't belong here.

There's other ways.

Man: Come on, Mikey, come on.

Enberg: Ball four.

That puts runners on first and second for Mike Lawson.

(crowd cheering)

Enberg: High and deep, left field.

Lewis to the wall, it's gone!

Touch 'em all! Oh... my!

What happened?

Mike Lawson just homered.


Yeah! Whoo!

Good for him. That's nice.

Enberg: Home run number 16 for Lawson.

Woman: Well, well, well.

Ah, so glad you could make it, Maxine.

I thought you lived on pastrami and Pork Rinds.

Well, I wasn't in the mood for healthy.

(chuckles) Please sit down.

You got thrown out before the game?

Should do it more often. We're up 4-1.

Uh... yeah, sure.

Enberg: Baker comes out for the fifth inning, now, with a 4-1 lead, thanks to that Lawson home run.

And she'll face the pitcher, Theo Falcone, to lead off the fifth inning.

This should be interesting.

And she hits Falcone!

That's a warning. That's a warning.

That's a warning.

Enberg: And home plate umpire Ken Crawford is warning both teams.

The next pitcher to throw at someone gets tossed.

You're next, girlfriend!

I'm sorry?


‭Time out.

You asked for a fastball, I threw a fastball.

The way it works is, you h*t their pitcher...

They get to h*t me. I know the code.

Enberg: And here's a young woman...

A young woman in just her third start.

The first woman in Major League Baseball.

And if she thought she had a target on her before, wait till her next at bat.

Enberg: So we go to the bottom to the fifth inning.

Padres leading 4-1.

What are you doing?

Eliot: It was an accident.

It wasn't an accident.

She threw at the guy who threw at Blip and Tommy Miller.

If she h*t the other pitcher, she's daring him.

To do what?

h*t her back.

h*t her back?

Hey, how's it going?


She wants to pay Ginny millions of dollars to put her face in her ads, so long as a speeding baseball doesn't break it first.

Well, I think it's too late for her to change sports.

I'm stopping this.


You're gonna need a bigger press room because Ginny hitting someone is bl*wing up.

Yeah, already getting it ready.

Listen, this is a little awkward, but I'm beyond desperate.

Are you, by chance, Korean?

Second generation.

Do you speak Korean?

‭A little.

How much "a little"?

Hello and good-bye. Hello is anyong-haseyo, and good-bye is anyeong-gaseyo.

Okay. ‭And "eggplant," which is...

No, I do not need eggplant. Is that it?


I'll be back.


How's the foundation doing?

Very well, thank you.

And thank you for donating so much of your time.

Well, I lost Anna to breast cancer, so it wasn't a hard thing to get behind.

Yeah, I know.

No, I'm... I'm good.

Al, I know why you called me down here, but I can't save your job, I'm sorry.

I am very fond of you. You were my hire.

But Frank Reid runs this team, even though...

Even though he's a minority owner, he has been designated by the board to make all the decisions with regards to baseball.

And he can do so without your approval or Stan's or Mr. Richardson's.

I know, I know.

I've been here for 11 years.

Yeah, and you're doing a good job.

It's just not my call.

This isn't about me.

This is about your investment.

How's that?

Oscar: Just the 15 minutes.

That's all I need. We'll send a car.

We'll make it very, very easy.


Hold on one second.

Sorry, the Korean Consulate.

I need an interpreter.

You're aware our manager got thrown out of the game and our pitcher just escalated a beanball w*r?

Yes, I am. ‭- Oh, it's a shame it had to end like this for Al.

Does it, Frank?

I'm not doing this dance again.

It's been decided.

Is that official?

Well, not yet.

But it will be when I find Maxine Armstrong.

Have you seen her?


Have you tried the Luxury Club?



Hi, y... h-hello?


Al: Baker's been on our roster for three weeks. Now, in those three weeks, the second biggest story, after her playing in a baseball game, is my offending her by sticking my size 13s in my big mouth. Now, you know how it's gonna look if Frank Reid fires me?

No, but I bet you're gonna tell me.

It's going to look like the girl had me fired.

It's going to look like that to the players.

It's going to look like that to the fans, and the talk radio and the Twitter people.

They're all going to go crazy talking about how spoiled this girl is.

That she came in and ruined everything just because her old fart manager said something stupid, which would be untrue and unfair to Baker because she didn't.

She's a good kid.

She's contributed to this team and-and I happen to like her, but it doesn't matter because the haters, they're just gonna call her "coach k*ller," in addition to everything else they call her.

All right, it would be a distraction, perhaps, for...

A distraction?


This season, forget it, would be over.

That's a shame because I still think we got a sh*t.

Now, if you're smart... and you are...

I mean, your big tech company has made so much money it can afford to buy this team...

Then you'll let me finish the season and... I'll retire.

Then you can replace me if you still want me gone.

And I suggest Buck Garland.

Smart man.


And you're no dummy yourself, are you, Al?

I have my moments.

I mean, even a hog finds a pile of crap to roll around in once in a while.

(chuckles) Charming.

Look. I'm going to have Ellis bat for you.

It's the fifth inning, Buck.

I have two more innings at least.

I feel fine.

Get her out.

Quit treating me like a little girl.

This isn't my first beanball game.

Let her throw another inning.

She earned it.

All right.

One more inning.

This is your first beanball feud, isn't it?



Enberg: And it looks like the Cardinals' manager is going to make a double switch here.

Oh, boy. Look who's coming in.

The big one. The Mountain.

Enberg: This AT&T Call to the Bullpen is for the fireballer Greg Mount to come in for starter Theo Falcone.

Greg Mount will face Baker, and then the top of the order, here in the fifth inning.

The big right-hander started as the team's closer, but he lost the job after having problems getting the ball over the plate.

Mountain leads the league in h*t batsmen.

Enberg: And the new catcher for the Cardinals, Davis, Mount's favorite batterymate, enters the game.

He'll h*t in the ninth spot.

You got to get through this.

For Drake.

Yeah, who else is he going to scare up for that party?

Enberg: The question is whether Buck Garland is going to use a pinch-hitter given what just happened last inning.

Grant: Yeah, tough position for a guy managing his first game, d*ck.

He's got the lefty Stubbs, on the bench...


Trevor: Wow.

Not bad.

Not bad? It's called raking.

Okay. Let's get this.

(inhales and exhales)

What are you doing?

Giving you a little tip. ‭Okay.

Okay. When you bring the club back...


Turn your hips.

‭All right.

Weight on your back foot.


You know, swinging a golf club is the last thing that I'm thinking about right now, right?

Careful, though, someone might be watching us.

Hey, relax, relax.

No one's watching us, and even if they are, who cares?

I'm a private citizen.

Not yet you're not.

I'm into you, Ginny.

I'm into you, Trevor.

No, but I want people to know about it.

I want you to come to my games and sit in the stands, not your car.



Look, I want to show you off.

I want people, when they look at us, as a couple, to say, "Wow. That guy out-punted his coverage."

(both laughing)

Both: Oh!


Trevor: Nothing to see here, folks. We're all good.

Just two regular people.

Nothing to do with baseball whatsoever.

(cheering and applause)



Enberg: Oh, my. So, Buck is going to let Ginny Baker face the big right-hander Greg Mount, and you can feel the blood pressure spiking here at Petco.

Grant: It's a big enough challenge for the first woman in Major League Baseball to compete against men in the sport, but now things could get really ugly.



(quietly): You can't let her h*t.

Grant: I bet Ginny didn't wake up this morning thinking she'd be right in the middle of a beanball w*r.

Be ready. Right behind you.

Enberg: All right. Here we go.

Mountain in his windup.

Look out!

Crawford: Ball.

Enberg: That one almost took Crawford's head off!

(crowd exclaiming)


Crawford: Ball.

Is he scared of hurting me? Get back in the box.

Enberg: Mount can't find the plate.

He's certainly not afraid of Ginny Baker.

She's hitting 0 for the summer.

Are you afraid of hurting me?

Catcher: Get back in the box.

Got a little chirping going on down there at home plate between Davis and Baker.

Ginny: You are!

I said get back in the damn box.


How you doing?

What happened?

Why'd they pull you out?

Oh... I got traded.

To the Cardinals.

Well, Memphis, actually.

Their Triple A team.

Wow. That's great.


What about college?

Well, it's gonna have to wait, right?

I mean, I got an actual sh*t at the show now.

(laughing): Can you believe it?

Were you really going to quit the game?

Yes. Of course.

I mean, I was surprised when I found out the Cardinals were scouting me, but...

‭Scouting you?

So, if the Cardinals have been scouting you, then you've been thinking about sticking with baseball for a while?

Uh, well, Ginny...

You lied when you told me you wanted me to come to your last games?

Ginny, you're in Midland.

Okay? No one knows you're here.

What do you...? They know about us.

Soon, everyone will.

Look, if I quit the game and we stay together, people will know I'm an ex-ballplayer, so I thought, hey, what's the big deal if you came to one of my games, right?

And, plus, you broke your rule already.

What is your problem?

Like, you're supposed to be happy for me, right?

You're right. I should be.

If we would have just stayed friends, if I wouldn't have broke...

I'm an idiot.

Why are you getting so emotional?

(laughing): Come on. Nut up.



Come on. Like, I'm so... it's a joke.

It was your joke. Come on!

They let you play, huh?

Shut up.

Enberg: Here we go, Mark. 3 and 0 to Ginny Baker.

Davis gives the sign.

Mount into the windup.

Way outside! Ball four!

Hey, what's a girl got to do to get beaned, huh?

Enberg: And Ginny Baker is walking toward the mound!

43, take your base!

Yeah, I got this. The hell are you doing?

You started walking, keep walking, all right?

Why you being so emotional, Trevor? Nut up!

Huh? Nut up!

‭Stop it.

Hey, you two, take it up... Hey, you two!

♪ I'm coming for payback... ♪

Oh, my, here we go!

Both benches are emptying!

♪ I'm coming for payback ♪
♪ ♪
♪ I'm coming for payback ♪

Are you okay?

Come on, Blip, get in there!

I wasn't gonna h*t her, Mike, I swear.

It's okay, Mountain.

This is a no-win for me. It's okay.

Come on, I got you. I got you, all right.

Just let it go.

Stay here.

I'm too old for this crap.

♪ And it ain't a place that you're safe at... ♪

Crawford: Come on down and break your boys up.

Get them along the first base line, okay?

43 Padres, 45 Padres, you're out of here!

(crowd jeering)

♪ Oh, a boxing match with a silverback ♪
♪ Would have been better ♪
♪ When I stick and move ♪
♪ Unpredictable with this chin checker ♪
♪ Till I get my dues, I'm-a stick to you... ♪

Ooh, Max is here.

Now we can get down to business.

Sorry I'm late.

No problem.

Al deserved a last supper.

Gentlemen, could I have the room?

♪ ♪
♪ I'm coming for payback ♪
♪ I'm coming for payback ♪

Come on, Frank.

Al has won more games, more division titles, than any manager in franchise history.

Excuse me, Max, but I don't recall you citing a World Series anywhere among Al's greatest hits.

There's a reason why baseball decisions are left to a league-approved control person.

And I, for one, am glad that a man of your principles is at the helm.

You, for one?

What, does everybody else hate the way I'm doing my job here?


No, of course not.

Everyone is very pleased with your performance here.

Thank you, thank you.

It's more about how you're doing at AerynTech.

I don't have to remind you that AerynTech Corporation spent the $700 million on the Padres and put you in charge of the club.

Then why are you reminding me?

Because if you were ousted as CEO of AerynTech, unfairly and unjustly made the scapegoat for the company's stagnant earnings of late, then, within a few days, you would also be out as the control person of the Padres.

Is there something that I should know about you and Al?

Careful, Frank.


Me, careful?

Look, I'm not the one who's blaming you for the company's tough year, any more than you're blaming Al for a 500 record.

So I applaud your decision to stand behind him, and I think the other owners will do the same. Maxine, I am never going to go along with this.

And if you think I am, you're crazy.

Damn it, Frank. And I could make this a very messy divorce.

(clicks tongue)

Well, we are gonna miss you around here.

Well, the fans sure got their money's worth today, don't you think?

Oh, Al. Al, I just wanted to me down and tell you to ignore those rumors flying around that your job might be in jeopardy.

It's been settled.


I appreciate that, Frank.

Means a lot.


Al, Al, hey.

Look, I, uh... I know we're not in a good place.

You have your job to do, and I have mine.

And part of mine is telling Woo-jin he has to go back down.

Sure. (chuckles)

Thing is, we don't have an interpreter.





(speaking Korean)

Okay. (speaks Korean)

Good kid.


People who underestimate me tend to be surprised.

Man, I ate too much, Oscar.

I got to drop a deuce.

Don't make a big deal out of this.

It wasn't exactly a fight between me and Lonnie.

It was more like a slow dance.

Although he did try to dip me.


Al, getting tossed before a game.

That's a first for you.

Well, now it's off the bucket list.

For your first Major League win.


I won't open this up in here.

Eh, you better not.

No, no, no, sit, sit.

Today the chair is yours.

You earned it.

Eliot: Thanks for taking care of us and letting us pillage your dad's suite.

Yeah. Any time.

Hi. Did you guys have fun? Hi. Yeah.

Yeah? I have a surprise for you. Okay.

Oh, my God.

Hey. I want you to meet someone.

Hi, Daniella.


Sorry about today.

Kind of lost my temper. This role model thing's still new to me.

That's okay.

I-I've been there.

(chuckles) All right then.

Can I get a picture with you?



♪ Have no fear... ♪



I'll share that with your dad.

Take care, Daniella.


So cool. Yeah? All right.


Hey, listen, uh, before your mom comes, I want to talk to you about something, okay?

Let's-let's go somewhere quiet.


Sweetie, this isn't the place.

You're not staying over tonight.


I don't think me sleeping in the guest room one time a week is... is such a good idea, you know? It's... it's confusing.

Because you and Mom are going to make it official.

You're getting a divorce.

(clears throat)

Let's go somewhere else and talk, okay?

No, okay? Not today.

I don't want a good day to end like this.

You're right. This isn't the place.

Yeah. Okay.

All right.

I don't care. You can't come down to the field and yell at me.

When it comes to protecting Ginny, I will yell at the Pope.

All right? She needs to make her money now.

Who knows how long she's gonna be up here?

I like her chances of sticking around.

What's wrong?

(groans) It's my back.

Is there anything I can do?

You two have met?

Hey. Uh, yeah.

You scared the hell out of me.

You? The Mountain throws 98 miles an hour.

And I'm just saying you could've mixed it up a little, you know? Like, got in there.

Oh, yeah, and got suspended for throwing a punch and fined ten grand?

I know that's just a handbag for you, but that's a lot of money to me.

What's he doing here?

Old friend. I got this.

(clears throat)

(indistinct chatter)

Just give me one night with you.

I want to make it to the Show, and one night with you could get me there.

It worked for Trevor Davis.

(players chuckling, gasping)

(sighs) One night with me won't fix that sorry-ass swing of yours, DC.

(players chuckling)


I just wanted to, uh, say sorry.

Forget about it. I lost my cool. No, no. I meant how it ended in Texas.

I didn't fully appreciate what you had to go through.

Still go through.

I'm glad you made it up here, Trevor.

You worked hard.

(chuckles softly)

I got to go. ‭Uh, Ginny, um... the reason why I wanted to actually speak to you is that, uh...

I got notifications that my passwords were changed.



I got hacked.

Yeah. They gained access to, like, my banking information, credit card info, and pictures.

Selfies that we took from the road.

You told me you deleted those. Yeah, I did.

But they were backed up.

(sighs) Why didn't you tell me this a year ago?

Well, because I didn't know you'd be the most famous woman on the planet.

‭And if you'd picked up my calls or answered a text message, I would have told you.

Trevor, if you shared those pictures with anyone...


What kind of guy do you think I am?


A little advice from a former friend, all right?

You can take it or leave it.

But all this attention and celebrity, it's only gonna get worse.

The world has fallen for you.

And take it from a guy that knows, that doesn't just disappear.

So you better find a friend and let 'em in, all right?

'Cause all of this is way too much for one person.

Even the most famous woman on the planet needs a golf partner.

(sighs) I got to go.

Everything all right?

Yeah. Yes.


Sorry I went rogue today.

No, you're not.

You're right. I'm not.

Why were you talking to a guy we just got in a brawl with?

Like I said, old friends.

We used to play against each other in Texas.

Huh. Must be some bad blood.

Just a healthy rivalry.

You're choosing your words carefully.

I am choosing my words carefully.

Every choice I make, I have to think about.

Any other damn pitcher on this team, you would have told them to knock Falcone on his ass.

Fair enough.

And don't tell me you wouldn't have... - ‭Hey, I just said you were right, Baker.


16 years I've been playing in this town.

I've seen a lot of rookies come and go.

Never met one like you.

Yeah, well...

And not because you're a girl.

It's what you're doing, it's what you're having to take on.

You kind of blow me away.

♪ Hey ♪

Hey, you play golf?

Do I look like I play golf?

You look like a cousin from Duck Dynasty.

You love the beard.

I do not.

That's because you have a different image of me, probably from all those posters you had hanging up on your bedroom wall.

Oh, I did not have posters of you h- anging on my bedroom wall.


(both laughing)

Tommy: Lawson, let's go. I'm buying.

I'm gonna call it early tonight, boys.

Damn. Old Man Lawson.

I know, right?

But I guess you could come.


Well, since you're begging me, Tommy.

(Mike chuckles)

Pick it up later?

Nothing to pick up.

♪ Come again now ♪
♪ Hey... ♪
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