01x02 - There Will Be Blood

Episode transcripts for the 2016 TV show "sh**t the Messenger". Aired: October 10, 2016 to December 2016.
"sh**t the Messenger" centers on a young journalist, who is drawn into the criminal underworld when she witnesses an apparent g*ng-related m*rder, and becomes embroiled in a web of urban gangs, the political class, corporate power-brokers and the police.
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01x02 - There Will Be Blood

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Previously on "sh**t the Messenger"...

We can't stop this now or I'm d*ad.

You understand?

(g*n pops)

We're here to express our sorrow for the terrible mistake my paper has made...

That I made.

You k*lled the wrong brother!

The real victim, Khaalid Faaruq Suleman.

His brother, Khaalif Faaruq Suleman, is a member of the Mogadishu boys.

I ain't d*ad, man, I ain't d*ad!

Mr. Lawson, do you know Hassan Ali?

I hired him out of a crime prevention program.

You gotta hide this.

No way!

You're just gonna leave?!



(Car rumbles up)

(Door opens, then shuts)

(Elevator dings)

(Door whirs open)

(Sportscast streams)

(Heals clomp)

(Sportscast streams)

(b*llet clicks, cocks g*n)

5PM... they're the only ones low enough to get me through my blood.

My brother was a...

(Emotional) was a... was a prince.

Everybody loved him.


5PM said they were gonna destroy us, but they were wrong.

We will destroy them!

All: Yeah! Right!

Because this is w*r!

And we are warriors!

All: Warriors! Warriors!

Death for 5PM.

All: Death for 5PM! Death for 5 PM!

Death for 5PM!






(Pained groan)



(Panicked breathing)

(Sirens wail outside)

(Scared breathing)

Oh my God...

(Scared breathing)

(Breathing hard)

(Scared gulp)

Oh my God...

(Panicked breathing)

(Cards rustle)

(Breathing hard)

(Door clicks open)


Oh my God...

(Relieved yelp)

Hey... Hey...


It's okay.

Oh, Simon...

It's okay.

♪ ♪

(Car rumbles by)

Agh... (Winces)


No. It's okay, it's okay.

Come here.


You need to go to the police.

Yeah, right.

He knows where I live.

Wait... they'll think Hassan did this.

That's what I'm thinking.

No, there's no way he'd att*ck me.

Someone is looking for something.

You didn't see anything?


But if we find him first, we get the story.


No-no-no-no. Shit!


It's gone.

What's gone?

I had this photo with Hassan and this really stunning girl.

What did she look like?

I don't know. Maybe black... Asian...

I saw her.

She was on her way out when I got here.

I bet if we find her we'll find him.

Or... maybe she h*t you.

Maybe. But before I blacked out, I saw someone... bigger.


So are you going to the cops or not?

(Car rumbles up)

Looks like I don't have to.

(Doors open, then slam shut)

What the hell are you doing here?

I got Hassan's address.

I wanted to see if he was okay.

His place was trashed. Someone...

You-you're bleeding.

She was att*cked.

They h*t her pretty hard.

I'm fine.

What, you went upstairs alone?

I'm fine!

Jo: Did you see your attacker?

Again she sees nothing and she probably contaminated the scene.

I didn't touch anything!


You all right?


She's at the sh**ting.

She screws us with the Vic's family and now she's here?

Tell me you don't believe her.

We'll take her statement.

If anyone has been upstairs we need to control the scene.


Do you have any idea the level of grief you're causing me?

But I... I...

I just need you to stay here, all right?

What the hell's that all about?


(Camera shutter clicks, carpet rips)

(Camera shutter clicks)


(Camera shutter clicks)

What do you have?

Clean prints on the lipstick.

Ali's are on file so run elimination prints.


Looks like.

Which explains the interest in finding him.

I'll call the sniffer dogs.

Now if Ali is dealing then maybe the kid in the park just got in the way and Ali was the target.

That works.

I mean look at these digs here.

He must be one pretty good driver to afford all this, you know what I'm sayin'?

You want in on the interview?

Nah, I got this.

Hey, I know it's none of my business but uh... what have you got going on with her?

Don't let it mess shit up.

(Beeps phone on, phone rings)

It's Lutz.

I need K-9 support at 3200 Lakeshore.

Hm, Mr. Friendly.

Unless you've got something to share you can go.

What if I want to stay?

Hey, it's okay, Simon.

You know, if you've got a concussion he can't interview you.

Simon... please.


Thank you.

All right, let's do this.

But I'll need coffee.

(Car door opens and slams shut)

♪ ♪

(Car honks)


(Pained grunt)


(Winces) Did you get it?

Sorry, babe. There was this woman, she was out cold on the floor.


Is she okay?

She made a noise.


I didn't see it. And she made a noise so I jetted.

I gotta call her.

(Pained grunting)

No-no-no, easy.

(Pained grunts)

It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.

Let me check. Let me check it.

Hassan, it's gotten worse!

You've got to go to the hospital, babe.

No! They'll call the cops!

Okay. Um...

I know what to do.

I know what to do, baby.


I need you to tell me the truth.

I am!

Or maybe I'm protecting the creep that knocked me out!


You need to get that looked at.

What I need is for you to not call me a liar.

Well, then tell me something that sounds like the truth, Daisy.

Can you do that?

All right.

There was a photo with Hassan, a girl and this pro ball player.

I think it's his girlfriend judging by all the cat tchotchkes.

Go on.

I took it.


Yeah, I know, I shouldn't have!

Okay, I was-I wasn't gonna keep it.

But when I came to, it was gone.

Did you get a description of her?

Gorgeous, maybe Asian and black.

Anything else?

Did you call him?


When you came to did you call the reporter?

No. I would have called you.

But you didn't.

We're on the story together. He showed up.

Next time you might want to wait for buddy before breaking and entering.

Well, that's sound advice... detective.

(Car honks) Man: Move it!

Oh my God, I'm supposed to meet my dad!

Wait-wait-wait. I know you don't want to hear this but you've gotta walk away from this.

This story is dangerous.

Don't treat me like a baby. I'm following this.

This guy has your address, Daisy.

Don't be stupid!

I gotta go.

(Car alarm beeps off)

(Door opens, then shuts)

(Engine turns)

(Car rumbles away)

I moved that paragraph down there.

I wanted to give it something with a little more bite.

Look, is he here or not? Good.

The police chief has arrived.

Let the games begin!

(Doors click open)

(Low hum of chatter)


Sam, looking handsomely authoritative.

All this from the judge who's made hardened defence attorneys cry.

That was just once.

Don't be too effusive up there in the days.

I'll get Gloria to cancel the marching band.

(Chuckles) I support what you want to do, Sam.

But make no mistake, there's going to be serious blowback on this.

Minister Richardson, glad you're here, sir.

Well, it should be interesting, Sam.

Yes, yes it should.

Show time, sir.



Woman: Can I get everyone's attention.

(Reporters shout questions, cameras click)

(Car rumbles)

♪ ♪

We've had numerous high profile cases in which faith in our police force has been shaken.

Now I want to be very clear that the vast majority of our officers are exemplary.

They're amazing, they're heroes.

I mean, they're out there on a daily basis, standing firm with the singular goal of protecting us.

And then, there are those few whose conduct runs counter to that purpose.

Their behavior has overshadowed all the rest.

This will... not... stand.

(Tires squeal)

There he is, there he is. That's him.


Let's go! Let's go!

Let's go, man! Let's go!

C'mon. C'mon!

(Tires squeal)

To this end, we're initiating an independent commission to investigate instances of suspected police corruption and misconduct.

But we all need to play by the same rules.

And those rules are rendered meaningless...

There, there, there! I see him, I see him!

Go! Go! Go!

Let's go! Let's go!

We're gonna lose him!

We've got him! Got him!

We're very fortunate to have Justice Susan Reeves to oversee this commission.

Ladies and gentlemen, Justice Reeves.

(Applause, reporters shouting questions)

Ladies and gentlemen, I am extremely pleased and honored to lead this commission.

(Door slides open)

I will approach this important position with the utmost vigilance.

(g*n pop)

(Glass shatters)

(Rapid g*n)

(g*n pop)

(g*n clicks empty, dogs bark)

(Door opens)


(Door shuts)


He's missing?!

I know! I suck... hard.

But right now help me find Dad.

How am I supposed to trust you when you can't...

I know, I know. I-I screwed up.

I'm sorry.

There was just a lot going on at work.

(Lights click on, pants)

Oh shit! I hope he didn't go to my place.

You're over an hour late!

Forget it, I'll find him.

I know where he went.

Ohh... he promised not to go back.

Yeah, but it's Dad.

Look, stay at your thing. I will take care of this...

I promise.

(Footsteps thud)

(Pounding on door)

(Baby wails)

(Pounding on door)

Come on, eh, open the door!

It's locked!

(Knocking on glass)

(Lights click on)

(Breathing hard)

(Door clicks open)

As-salamu alaykum.


May we come in?

The girl is uncovered.

You know she cannot enter.

But Hassan has been sh*t!

This is his.

This is his blood and I can't get it to stop!

You have to call an ambulance.

We can't do that!

If he's done nothing wrong, the police will help him.

But he didn't sh**t Khaalid!

Imam, Hassan has been very good to this mosque.

We can't let him fall!


Come on...

This is my house.

I bought this house.

My daughters and I live in this house.

Come on, sir.


Daisy? Daisy, hurry up.

Officer: Come on.

No-no-no, this is my daughter.

Daisy, I don't want to go. I just want to go in the house.

I know, Dad, I know. It's okay.

Ma'am! Stand back!

Can I just go in the house?

It's okay, Dad.

Just let me go home.

Look, listen, he didn't mean to upset anyone.

He tried to get inside their house.

This is my daughter, officer.

There's something wrong with him.

Dad, dad...

Sir, get in the car!

Dad, I just, Dad, I have to talk to the officer.

You need to calm down, okay? Officer, please... my father suffers from a traumatic brain injury and he gets confused.

This was our home and a year ago he had to move.

Look ma'am, I'm sorry.

But if he's got a medical condition then maybe you should consider other options.

Woman: Give us some answers.

Officer: Can I help you?

Other options like what?

Ones where he isn't a public danger!

Hey, everything really hurts. It really hurts.

There's nothin' to see here.

(Incoherent comment)

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, she didn't come.

...and now I wanna go home.

(Camera clicks)

What do you think you're doin'?

Oh, um, I'm a reporter but I'm not publishing this.

I'm just sending it to my friend...

Detective Kevin Lutz, in homicide.

Anyway, Officer Brighton, what's your division so you can meet us there?

Daisy! I don't know what's going on...

Please help me.

Or you could let this go.

Please... please...

We're going to go home.

You're okay, you're okay.

I just wanna go home.

Police radio: 45 Dixon City...

This is my house.

Police radio: ...one victim, possibly more.

All available units.

Dad, you're upset. I'll take you to Chloe's.

(Car roars off)

(Siren wails)

(Rain patters)

(Low hum of overlapping chatter)

(Rain patters)

(Thunder rolls)

♪ ♪

(Muted camera clicks)

Kids TV show: Whoa! Whoa!

That's it, he's heading for the playground.

That's no place for monkey.

That's a place for little kids.

(Monkey laughs)

Kids: Whoa! Help!

I'll save you!

Unleash that little kid!

You darn dirty monkey!

(Monkey laughs)

Will someone turn that thing off?!

(TV clicks off)

(Glass crunches underfoot)

(Shallow breaths)

It needs some pressure on it.


Stay with me. Okay?

It's okay.

Right here, right here.


Hold it.

(Phone rings)

Hey Sharon...

I-I know it's late but ah...

Right, right, you're right.

I just, I just wanted to talk to Noah for a minute...

I know. It's-it's just for a minute.

What do you mean?

Yes, I know it's past his bedtime...

Sharon, you know what, I'm not gonna argue with you.

Just tell me son that I love him.

Just-just tell Noah I love him.

(Clicks phone off)


They're moving the body.

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

(Vodka sloshes)

(Deep sigh)

♪ ♪

(Camera shutter clicks)

(Sirens wail)

(Rain patters)

(Police radio chatter)

(Woman sobbing)

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
Detective Lutz?

Martell out of 57.

Yeah, Martell.

Forensics tell me that you work the neighborhood.

Yeah. And this, it's a surprise.

Nothing brewing?

No. It's been quiet.

But I figured you'd want to see this.

(Phone chimes)

The victim's brother, he's 5PM.

I was just looking for Mom, Daisy.

You have to let her go, dad.

She's out in the country with...

Must be nice out in the country, huh?

(Small laugh) Yeah.

(Phone buzzes)

What is this?


Look at this. What's that blood?

You've got blood.

Let me get you a band-aid.

No, no, no, dad.

I just bumped it earlier.

Are you sure?

Yeah-yeah-yeah. Yeah. I'm fine.

You really have to be um, more ah, careful.

Or what happens is I worry...


(Phone buzzes)

You won't leave me.

I won't leave.

I won't.

Okay, good.


Goodnight, Daddy.


(Light clicks off)

(Phone chimes)

(Glasses clink)

(Cupboard doors slam)

(Bags rustle)

(Slams shut)


(Bottle clanks)

(Glass clanks)

(Phone chimes, buzzes)

♪ ♪

(Thunder rolls)

Oh my God, a little girl?

That's terrible.

It's pretty grim.

The cops think it's payback for Khaalid's m*rder...


I was thinking everyone must be there.

Local news, all the dailies.

Even your boyfriend.

He's not my boyfriend. We're friends.

Hm-hm. So, are you coming?

Mary kicked me off the story.

I'll talk to her. She'll reconsider.

I'll talk to her... tomorrow.

Goodnight, Simon.

(Phone beeps off)

(Heavy exhales)

(Pounding on door)

(Footsteps thud)

Son of a b*tch!

Get off me, man!

Shut your mouth!

Get off me, man!

Stop it! Let him go!

What are you doing?! What the f*ck are you doing?!

Cuff him.

Get the f*ck off me! Get the f*ck off me!

Jo: Khaalif Suleman, you're under arrest for the m*rder of Tasha Trottman.

You have the right to retain and instruct counsel at that time.

♪ ♪

(Birds chirp)

(Door creaks open)

(Floorboards creak)

It's... all clear.

(Relieved sigh)

Nothing disturbed.

Thank you.

Although now I feel so stupid after your all-nighter.

Well... I offered.

(Door shuts)

Nice story, by the way.


Ah, did you-did you get your, your head checked yet?

Not yet, but I'm fine.

You're fine.

Come on, you had like a giant goose egg.

Come here. Let me see.

(Sighs) It's...


Yeah, you're good. It's good.

So uh... how long have you lived here?

Couple of years.

Well, you have, uh, quite the decorative flair.

You should check out my bedroom...

Some of my best work.


I'm totally joking. (Laughs)


You're uh... you're...

Why don't I go pack now?


(Door rattles shut)

Oh my God... what are you doing?

(Small laughs)

So, uh, you're gonna check in to a hotel?

(Door rattles open)

What if I wasn't joking?

♪ ♪

You know what happened, Khaalif.

My guess is you didn't intend to hurt her.

This is your brother, man.

I mean, you had to do something.

Bit when is enough enough?

Where's my lawyer?

Sure, I'll get you your lawyer.

But you know what'll happen.

5PM has got you marked, Khaalif.

You're the walking d*ad.

I'm not afraid of those pussies.

No, of course not!

No-no, you're badder than everyone, right?

Good. You hold on to that feeling. Enjoy it.

Then let's talk in 15 or 20 after you serve time for Tasha's m*rder.

By the way, that's her name. Tasha Trottman.

(Door shuts, buzzer buzzes)

Good job on the Trottman sh**ting, Simon.

Nearly 50,000 hits and it's barely 10 a.m.

Any updates?

A neighbor of the Suleman's saw Khaalif got arrested last night.

Good. The police aren't falling asleep on this.

Get their quotes for the print exclusive.


Oh, um, what about my piece on Khaalid?

Yeah, I'm less inclined to run it with the big brother sh**ting children in their bloody living rooms.

But we promised the family.

Besides, nothing ties Khaalid to his brother's g*ng.

Maybe not, but I doubt our leadership cares.

Oh, so we'll just insult their intelligence and assume they can't understand who's who?

Who's whom.

(Whispering) Have we spent the budget on the digital presentation?

Okay, we'll run the story online tomorrow, lest we insult the readership Miss Channing feels so keenly in tune with.

See me after the meeting, both of you.

Next, Roger, Queen's Park?

No interviews are being granted with Reeves and the chief has also gone mum.

So ah, you think you're in personal danger?

I've moved out of my apartment and I'm staying with my sister.

But this story is worth pursuing.

Either way I'm at the centre of this.

You certainly think highly of yourself.

I'm... I mean...

I think what Daisy means is that what happened points to the fact that she's on to something.

Otherwise why would her attacker thr*aten her, if it's just rival gangs clashing.


That's why we need to find the girlfriend.

Okay. What about the ballplayer?


Well, he is in the photo too, right?

Well, maybe it's nothing.

But assuming it's nothing is lazy journalism.

You don't want to be lazy, in addition to mouthy.

Of course.

All right. You're back on this.

Talk to the ballplayer and the girlfriend.

Find something concrete and we'll see...




I was... out of line earlier.

I'm sorry.

Show me it's justified.

(Computer keys clack)

(Car rumbles by)

Hassan: Leave a message.

You could have done textin' me already.

Hassan is not picking up.

Oh, wait-wait. Go back.

That's him.

It's Orlandio Spence.

He's averaging 2.5 points per game and logging in a total of 400 minutes this season.

Is that good?

No, that's...

He's stinkin' up the joint.

Although to be fair, he's a great player.

He's just got an injury.



My cousin Greggor is a sports agent.

That's great! Call him.

He's also kind of a... prick.

He's still your cousin.

Hmm. Second cousin.

Blood is blood. Text your prick cousin already.

(Key pad clicks, phone chimes)


Where you headed?

Um, out... reporting.

Wait. So ah, we're... we're not going to talk about what happened.

I wasn't planning on it.

Are you serious?

Look, I was ah... curious.

It doesn't have to get weird.

We ah, had... sex.

We were together.

I think we are just normal in this situation.

Yes, but last time I checked you're getting married and I'm trying not to.

Do you think that I do this all the time?

Don't you?

Okay, I don't... I don't get this.

I ah... You came on to me.

I have to go.

Just... for the record...

I don't.

I don't do this.

Okay, we'll ah... we'll play it your way.

(Phone buzzes, chimes)

Greggor can meet this afternoon.

Have fun.


(Computer keys clack)

(Approaching footsteps)

There's nothing useful on this.

Any powder residue?

Nope. He showered up.

We can't hold him.

There's reasonable grounds.

Yeah. But then we'd actually have to call his lawyer.

Why do I think this is not good.

Because it isn't.

You have to turn over your paperwork.

g*n and gangs is taking over the Trottman investigation and released the Suleman kid.

g*n and gangs?

I understand the reaches, but this is a homicide.

Yeah, well apparently they're in the middle of something bigger.

This is a directive from above so just process the damn paperwork.


(Phone rings)



All right, thanks.

We've got something.

Man: Go! Go!

Man 2: Ohhhh!

I appreciate you doing this.

When can I talk to Spence.

That's a little complicated.

You know, I'm getting that a lot today.

Look, since the injury he's been a little press shy since the... you know, with the divorce.

His ex is certifiable.

You brought me here to tell me that?

I'm just trying to give you some context.

I'll smooth it over, you'll talk to Spence.

But you want somethin'.

I need you to give this to your sports editor.

And it didn't come from me.

What is it?

What is it?

All right, later.

All right.

He's up for contract renegotiations.

The d*ck of a head coach wants to bring in young, fresh talent.

I'm just trying to convince the organization they should value my guy.

Do you want the interview or not?

(Envelope rustles)

Hey, it's my fantasy campers.

Isn't that Eric Lawson?

Indeed, that is Eric Lawson.

Keep in touch, buddy.

♪ ♪

(Buttons beep, phone rings)

Hello, this is Anthony. Please leave a message.

Anthony, it's Daisy.

I think I'm in trouble. Can we talk?

Call me back.

(Beeps phone off)

Thanks for the meeting, Terry.

No problem. Any friend of Simon's...

My story on Khaalid comes out tomorrow.

And it'll be a profile, you know, he was an artist.

It'll be good to see something positive, especially after Tasha.

It's so senseless but it feels all too familiar.

What do you mean?

I don't know.

Over the past few years I've lost a lot of friends, a lot of these kids to v*olence.

The Somalis are the new kids on the block and I guess they're having the growing pains.

What about Hassan Ali?

Did he have any growing pains?

Yes, but until recently he was our success story.

But look, you should really talk to Khaalid's sister.

She knows him pretty well.

(Sirens wail in the distance)

Please stay.

I just want a few moments of your time.

When I came to apologize to your family, it wasn't just a story.

Hassan reached out to me.

He needs my help.

What do you want to know?

I heard that you worked at the centre and that's how you met Hassan.

You know he's from a refugee camp, right?

Yeah. He told me, in Kenya.

Well, it's not you can go to school there.

So he couldn't read.

So we spent a lot of time together.

You know, he was smart and funny.

I taught him how to read.

We fell in love and he asked me to marry him.

Then he started the driving job for Eric Lawson.

What happened?

Everything changed.

You know, he started driving a Mercedes Benz, go to fancy parties, coming around with basketball tickets.

And he found a new girlfriend.

He met the whore at a strip club where she worked.

I'm sorry.

I know it's not easy to talk about.

But do you know his girlfriend.

Avril Trong.

You think I'm angry at Hassan?

I'm not.

I'm afraid for him.


♪ ♪

(Approaching footsteps)



I'm looking for your boss.

Oh yeah. Ah he's ah, he's got to be around here somewhere.


Cool, cool, yeah.

I'll wait.

Okay, yeah, sure.

I'm Bobby.


Daisy? Oh that's a nice name.

It's kind of old-fashioned, right?

But sweet still. It's nice.


Can I help you with something, Daisy?

Actually I'm a reporter.


I'm kind of new.

Right, right.

And uh, I'm doing a local story on Hassan Ali.

Yeah. I haven't seen him in a few days.



Huh, you know, I went to his place and he wasn't there either.

Did you try his girlfriend?

You know Avril?

Sort of.

I thought you actually were one of her girls when you came in here but...

What do you mean 'one of her'...

Hey Bobby? Do you think I'm paying you to fraternize?

Back to work.


Can I help you?

I'm Daisy Channing from the Gazette.

Right. Marco DeSilva.

Follow me.

Mr. DeSilva, Hassan worked for you.

Yeah, I'm the fleet manager.

I'm new at the Gazette.

And with all the recent negativity in Dixon City, I want to present another side of things, about Hassan Ali.

So I was...

Sorry, I can't help you.

Unfortunately we just fired Hassan Ali for cause.

Oh... Really?!

What's the cause?

I'm sorry but that's confidential.

I'm sure you understand.

Of course.

But, can you tell me if there was anything of a criminal nature.

I'm sorry, we have a very strict policy against releasing any information beyond the date of employment and the position held.

Two years, driver.

And he drove for Mr. Lawson.

Look, I've already said too much already.

Actually you've said nothing.

(Phone rings)

Sorry, just doing my job.

As you can see, I'm very busy right now.

Marco DeSilva...

Yeah, good morning... Hm-hm...

Just get the phone.

No! Babe, I'm scared.

Khaalid is d*ad and we've got nothing.

I know you're upset but I'm just...

Just get the phone. Go get my phone.

I know you been hiding it.


(Phone Chimes)


What if she calls the police?

She's the ambitious type.

She'll do this.

The boss is a real piece of shit, huh?

He said Hassan has been fired.

Did you know that?

Lawson's number one guy... Wow...

Not expecting to hear that. Yup.

You wouldn't know where I could find Avril would you?

I dropped her off at a nail salon in the Jane Street area a couple of times. That's about it.

I know where that is.




Oh, and Bobby, earlier you thought I might be one of Avril's girls.

What did you mean?

It's nice to meet you, Daisy.

(Phone buzzes, phone chimes)

So this is Lawson's Mercedes?


We recovered a b*llet embedded in the driver's seat and we're collecting blood samples.

(Phone buzzes)

(Phone chimes) _

Ali is hurt.

We should check hospitals and local clinics.



Whatchya got?

You got this?


♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

(Door opens, then slams shut)

Announcer: On the next sh**t The Messenger...

We think you've got what it takes to run this country.

I don't believe you're being totally honest with what you know.

Everyone lies, Lutz. Everyone holds back, bends the truth. Even you.

Announcer: sh**t The Messenger, next Monday at 9:00 on CBC.
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