01x07 - Carnival of Souls

Episode transcripts for the 2016 TV show "Quarry" Aired September - October 2016.
"Quarry" revolves around a Marine who returns home to Memphis from Vietnam in 1972 and finds himself shunned by those he loves and demonized by the public.
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01x07 - Carnival of Souls

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Female reporter: ...continues for both President Nixon and Democratic challenger George McGovern. However, Nixon again refused McGovern's request to debate as the two men prepare for next week's election.

Male reporter: Authorities have determined that the remains found in the aftermath of a school bus yard expl*si*n are those of Eugene Linwood, who was recently implicated in the att*ck on a Memphis school bus... (volume increases) that resulted in the as*ault of black student...

Joni: Apparently, our staff meeting got moved up.

Well, I can give you a ride if you need.

What about Marcus?

Ruth's got him this morning.

Andrea's already on her way.

I put the classifieds on the kitchen table.

And will you get some Halloween candy...

(knocking on door)

No, I got it, I got it, I got it, I got it.



Mattress. Where you want it?

Around there, in the bedroom on the right, please.

All right. Are we taking the old one?

Yes, sir.




We talked about this.

I thought we were gonna wait until we're back at sea level.

Oh, it's just a mattress, Joni.

Please tell me you didn't do store credit.

I didn't do store credit, okay?

I got some cash.

From where?

I've been tracking every red cent.

Well, I got some from my dad.

Asked him.

When did you talk to him?

After you asked me to, you know?

I asked him for $4,000 and he, uh... he gave me a hundred dollar bill, so...

Hey, hey, I didn't think it'd put a dent in our situation, so I thought I'd do something nice, you know, for, uh... for us, for our home, huh?

Hey, that's, uh... that's cranberry juice.

Right. Anything else?

No. No, that's it.

All right, thank you.

All right, thank you.

I didn't think you'd take it this hard, Joni.

Don't be angry with me, okay?

What, Joni?

I talked to Lloyd, too.

Please tell me you didn't ask him for money.

About selling the house.


Well, we're not doing that, so...

He said we could get eight and a half grand for it.

That's good to know, Joni.

We're not selling the house.

Mac, he already listed it, okay?

Excuse me?


I'm sorry. I...

I should have talked to you about it.





What are you doing?

Well, you know, I'm packing, Joni,

'cause that's what you do when you move, you know?

There's not even a... a sign out front, so how's that supposed to work?

Will you stop, please?

Can you calm down?

No, no, this is what you wanted, Joni.

You want me to get rid of our home, okay?

What I want is just to be able to breathe again.

Okay? I want my husband back and I want our life back to what it was.

Yeah, but that's the big f*cking difference, okay?

'Cause I'm willing to fight for us and for our home.

What the hell do you think I'm trying to do, Mac?

You lied to me.

You bought a mattress, okay?

So there's a lot going on...

You're selling our home, Joni.

You're selling our g*dd*mn home, okay?

It ain't the same thing.

And, oh, I...

I went to him.

Hat in f*cking hand, I went to my dad 'cause...

I know, I shouldn't...

No, no! I went to him 'cause you asked me to.

I know I should've told you.

Mac, you wouldn't listen, okay, and I had to do something, so I went to him for help because he's...

Yeah, before talking to me!

Because you wouldn't let me...

Exactly, Joni!

Which you f*cking knew!

What do you expect me to do, Mac?

I sit here or at work and all I think about is that you're out there doing something.

Some plan is going down where you're gonna have to end somebody's life, okay?

You're gonna have to take a human being and end his life.

Or that you'll die.

Eugene Linwood or some other assh*le will get the best of you and you'll be d*ad.

And so every minute that I'm not at least trying to do something that gets us out of this, I'm complicit.

I'm putting other people in harm's way.

I'm putting my husband in harm's way.

Yeah, but you're not, Joni. You're not.

You're just not, Joni, 'cause I did this.

No, I did this. This was my decision.

And to think that you are even taking a part of this on, that you... that you feel responsible, I...

(horn honks)


Mac, hey.

I'm sorry, okay?

Please don't think that I'm not willing to fight for us.

(horn honks)

Jesus, Andrea.

Hey, you sell the house if it makes you feel better.

Yeah, I want you to do whatever you need to do to make yourself feel better.


(door closes)

(music playing)

(pinball clanging)

(shutter clicks)

That don't look like too much.

Where's the rest?

Wasn't no rest.

Well, I sure as shit paid for a rest.

That's all they give us, Credence.

What, you didn't ask them where the rest is?

Of course I asked him where. That's all the give us.

They said that's the New Orleans...



We just got that in.

What in the name of all the f*ck does that got to do with me and mine?

How am I supposed to know?

We barely got enough stock to last us through the week.

We're gonna have a word with the Marcellos about my resupply.

You're gonna take that little fishing boat of yours downriver and pick it up.

Now how about we get them boys on the phone?

Corn Fed.

(music playing)

♪ I see you smiling ♪
♪ But, girl, I know ♪
♪ When he walked away ♪
♪ It hurt you so ♪

♪ Now you keep telling me... ♪


♪ Everything's all right ♪
♪ But I know a smile can't hide ♪
♪ A broken heart ♪
♪ If you need lovin' ♪
♪ Just let me know ♪
♪ You know I'm waiting ♪
♪ Just tell me so ♪
♪ Then you won't have to... ♪

We don't have any candy.

Oh, well.

A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.

♪ You can't help it, baby... ♪

Could've knocked.

You would've invited me in?

Well, my wife could've been here.

But she's not.

Did you hear about the expl*si*n down at the bus yard?

Some r*cist peckerwood tried to put a b*mb on a school bus.

The r*cist peckerwood went boom instead.

I must've missed it.

How'd it feel?

It felt like I was a little closer to you being out of my life, okay?

And don't act like there's some higher purpose to this shit, 'cause there ain't.

Ah, and here I thought we were starting to get somewhere.

How much is left anyway, 16?

No, 12.

Had to try, right?

How's the housing market?

Did you bug my house or something?

No, but I got a subscription to the newspaper.

Why does your wife wanna sell a lovely home like this all of a sudden, anyway?

She thinks that... we're having money trouble, which we are, and I'm having trouble finding a job, which I am.

8,500 seems like a good price point.

She doesn't know anything, all right?

You keep saying that.

All she needs to know is that it's in everyone's best interest to keep her mouth shut.

But I'm not here about all that.

Something big's going down and I need my best and my brightest.

I need you.

That supposed to make me feel special?

It should.

Wait, this is that... that big and tall assh*le from, uh, the plantation.

They were f*cking.

♪ Joni's smile ♪
♪ Light's the way ♪
♪ No night is so dark... ♪


♪ When she stays. ♪

This is just f*cking terrible.

It was Cliff's.

Cliff wrote it and I've concluded they were, in fact, f*cking.

This is puppy-dog crush bullshit.

This ain't some smoking sex g*n.

God damn it, Verne, tell me the story doesn't track.

Okay, but this isn't evidence.

Where'd you even get this?

Get what?

His diary.

No, that's a song book, my friend.

His sister found it, gave it to me.

I'm gonna take another run at Mac Conway.

We got a dozen open bodies right now and you wanna waste our time turning accidents into m*rder cases?

What if they're not accidents?

Look, I get it.

You feel an obligation to your friend.

You wanna do right by him.

But this is grasping at straws, son.

Our job is to close cases, not reopen them.

What about Arthur Solomon?

sh*t through the throat just a month after coming home with this assh*le.

Or what the buzzards left of our boy Ricky Suggs down in South Texas?

I mean, tell me that Conway wasn't mixed up in that bullshit, Verne.

I mean, come on! You know I'm right.

Son of a b*tch.


You f*cked the sister.

I did not.

You did. Son of a b*tch, Tommy!


Is she putting you up to this?

She's not putting me up to anything, Verne.

I could smell the p*ssy on you from here.

Whether or not I f*cked her is not the g*dd*mn issue.

Something is off with this f*ck.

"Off" ain't no charge.

So I'm not supposed to give a damn at Conway probably m*rder my friend?

Do you actually know what they were accused of doing in Quan Thang?

Pretty sure our jurisdiction don't extend that far west of the Mississippi.

I'll check a map, though.

It's heinous, Verne.

It's the very worst in this w*r.

Now he's brought this shit back here to Memphis.

So you want justice for Quan Thang, Senator McGovern, or is it your d*ad friend? Which is it?

You didn't serve, Tommy.

Now what the hell does that have to do with anything?

I did.

Let me tell you something.

Unless you've been in a w*r, you can't judge a man who has.

This son of a b*tch Conway may have done some bad shit over there.

He may not.

He fought for his g*dd*mn country so you could be free to stick your d*ck in a d*ad man's sister.

Have some respect.

(boat motor whirring)



(man groaning)

You bag anything?

A couple of heroin hillbillies.

Not sure how good they'll look in the trophy room, though.


Chinaman's Nightcap, all right.

There goes their resupply.

Ought to slow down their little operation.

Karl: Depends how well they're stockpiled.

Well, if you could figure out where they have their stockpile, we'd know the answer.

It's a heroin stash.

Even these imbeciles realize you have to hide it well.

Milky Way.

The jumble.

Karl: Maybe taking out the biggest heroin dealer in Memphis isn't as easy as you might've thought.

We cut off their supply route, Quarry and Buddy will take out what you couldn't.

Ruth: It's gonna be okay, baby.

Will I still be able to go trick or treating?

Well, of course you will!

You have to be careful with her out here.

I didn't do anything.

She tried to get the ball and then she fell.

All right, there's peroxide and bandages under the bathroom sink.

Go on.

Who's my big, tough girl?

(kisses) Hmm?




Come on!

It's okay.

You're not in trouble.

Marcus, you okay?


(music playing on radio)

Buddy: Yeah?

I want you to remember something.

You're as good as the best and better than the rest.


Oh, the red.

You sure?

Well, yes, I'm sure.

Red's a power color. They're gonna take you serious.

You're saying, "Listen to me. I have got a vision."

Buddy: I look like a g*dd*mn tomato!

Well, try the blue, then.

I think blue's gonna work a treat, too.

If he don't see the vision that you have, oh, man, I want you to look him straight in the eye and you tell him, "You can kiss my twat."

Mama, I don't have a twat.

You have a twat!

A twat is a butt!

A twat is not a butt.

♪ ...a mess of polk salad ♪
♪ And carry it home in a tow sack ♪

♪ Polk salad Annie ♪

♪ Annie ♪
♪ The gators got your granny ♪
♪ Chomp, chomp, chomp ♪
♪ Everybody said it was a shame ♪
♪ 'Cause her mama was working on a chain-g*ng... ♪

(exhales) "Good as the best, better than the rest."

♪ ...straight-razor toting woman ♪
♪ Lord have mercy, pick a mess of it... ♪

Boss man! How you been?

Where'd you get that tan?

Okay. You want something.


To what do I owe this distinct pleasure, old friend?

I'm here today to talk to you about... g*n.

I see that, yes.

The very lifeblood of our industry.

I know what g*n are, Buddy.

Okay, so here's the system we have now.

This is you up at the top there.

You make that yourself?

I did.

And here's me just below you... an ombudsman of sorts for all your w*apon needs.

A role in which you positively excel.

And I deal with the g*n dealers so you don't have to.

Now, just below that we have these four suppliers.

There's Joe Don.

Resting in the arms of the savior.

Nate Jessup. And Nate's serving 20 over in Tiptonville for w*apon.

And these two can barely get a cap g*n from a Toys "R" Us.

What I'm saying is the system we've been using, it's not a system that exists anymore.

You've presented the problem well.

Now, what's the solution?

Why deal with a bunch of low-rent g*n runners when you can deal directly with someone you know and trust?

Yours truly.

I'm confused.

Isn't that what I do already?

I'm saying...

I stop working for you taking jobs.

Okay? That's over.

And I move over to providing you and the network with all its firearm needs.

You cut out any middle man.

Because you're my middle man.




Where are you getting the g*n?

Where am I getting g*n?

You think I don't know where to get g*n?

Come on.

So, what do you think?

I'm impressed, Buddy.

I'm impressed.

Very well thought out.

Compellingly presented.

The stock we got from Joe Don is dwindling.

I got a lead that could see us flush through the new year.

Now is not the time.

Of course it's the time.

We... we...

Buddy, I'm counting on you to do what you do so well, and that ain't running g*n.

But things aren't the same as...

Now, when the dust settles, we can come back around to this.

Now, you hold onto this wonderful artwork and we'll talk.

Buddy, you're an absolute treasure to me, you know that?

And I take care of you, don't I?


You're sure? I wouldn't want you to feel ill-used.

No, I don't. I...

I'm glad to hear it. I'm glad to hear it.

'Cause some individuals might mistake your enthusiasm for self-interest.

No, no, no. I wasn't... I wasn't doing that.

No, of course not.

Of course not. Of course not.

Now, let's talk.

You and Quarry got some work to do first.


Can he be direct?

You both are.

Like I said, there's a lot going on presently.


Hey, hey, wait a minute.

Wait a minute. Hi.

Hey. Remember me?

No? Remember the Sunnyside Motel?

Great seeing you again.

Hey, what happened after we left?

It's okay, you know? I work for him, so...

Oh, wonderful.

I'll be sure to look for you at the Christmas party.

What did you do with Harlow?

Can you kindly get the f*ck out of my way now?

Listen to what I'm f*cking asking you right now.

What did you do with Harlow?

You got him k*lled if my memory serves me.

No, you know what I mean.


Hope that wife of yours is getting the help she needs.

Yeah, with what?


Now, not so kindly, get the f*ck out of my way.

(engine starts)
Hey, what's her story?

Who gives a shit? Let's go.

(music playing on radio)

How much we got coming in that shipment?

Uh, about five kilos.

$80,000, give or take, street value.

Hand me that pipe wrench.

Mac: So what's so special about this bastard that we both need to be on direct?

Buddy: Old Credence is a Highway 61 boy.

Been in and out of the penal farm since he was just a little redneck drug dealer.

These things that you're saying are supposed to mean something to me?

Dixie-fried wildasses that are meaner than a sack of weasels.

They're all related or f*cking or both.

And Credence Mason is their g*dd*mn king.

And now we have to k*ll that man.

Yeah, not just him.

See, I... I thought the system wasn't supposed to work this way, you know?

Multiple targets, two on direct. (scoffs)

How's anything supposed to work, anyway?

No, we're on a job.

Well, I'm thirsty.

Hey, what the hell is wrong with you?



You did two tours in 'Nam, right?

How many people did you k*ll over there?

When I first started working for the Broker, I'd keep track.

Not "write shit down" keep track.

Nothing stupid like that, but just... remember their names.

Like they were lovers or something, I don't even know what.

Wasn't even something I was consciously trying to do.

I just did.

Until one day, I...

I didn't.

How come?

I don't know.

I don't even remember stopping.

Just realizing that I had.

I never knew none of their names.

And yet you're one of the two most important people in their lives.

Their mama... who brought them into this circus... and us... the ones who took down the tent.

(pounding on car)

Can I help you boys with something?

Oh, no. We're just playing hooky from work.

We're looking to, uh... to k*ll some time.

I think we're gonna h*t a movie instead.

Are y'all cops?

Oh, God, no. No.

Well, y'all come play.

I'm about to get the Sizzler back up.

I'll go two-for-one.

Halloween special.

Oh, that's mighty generous of you, sir.

I think we're gonna h*t that movie.

No, no, no, come on, now.

Movies are bullshit.

We got pinball inside and rides galore.

We got a mechanical bull that...


Credence: Uh... my man Burkhalter here says y'all is a couple of f*g.

Is that true?

No. No, sir.

We're just gonna be on our way.

No, no, no, no.

You know what? What makes your man Burkhalter such an expert on the matter?

Mac: Buddy, Buddy...

What if we were, Burkhalter?

You know what? I'm f*cking sick of it.

Hey! Hey, hey, hey.


Hey, we... we didn't mean any harm, okay?

We're just trying to have some time to ourselves today, all right?

We're gonna be on our way.

Look here, boys.

Don't know y'all.

Don't know your business.

But I am into fun.

And even f*g gotta have fun, right?

Ride the carousel if you want.

Hell, we got this thing in here called Scat.

It'll whip your ass inside a little metal cage.

I say you're welcome here at Dixieville, you understand?

Thank you, sir.

Now scat.

(engine starts)

Something ain't right there.

(scoffs) Yeah.

f*cking log-jammers.

I ain't talking about what they do with their dicks.

♪ Light my candle ♪

♪ Set it up two by two... ♪

How are we not f*cked?

Huh? (scoffs)

Maybe we need to tell him.

The hell we do.

We nearly came to bl*ws with the target.

I wouldn't exactly call it careful and cautious.

f*ck him.

Who, Credence or the Broker?

Well, how about both?

Look, all I'm trying to do right now is to finish these last few jobs and not get myself arrested or f*cking k*lled in the process, all right?

Now, he said... he said it was something big.

I don't know much, but a man like that says it's big, I'm gonna take it seriously.

So how do you think he'd react if we waltz in there and tell him our cover's bl*wn a few hours after we started?

So... all right, what's our timetable?

Two, three days for direct.

But what's to say we don't just go back there right now and we k*ll all three of them shitheads?

We could do that. We could do that.


But we still have to recover Mr. Mason's stash.

Wait, what?

Boss wants it brought in.

All of it. He didn't tell you?

What's "it"?

No, he didn't tell me. What... so, wait, we're dealing dr*gs now?

"Dealing dr*gs."

dr*gs are about as useless to boss man as tits on a boar hog.

Okay, so why does he want them?

Only thing he cares about?

Whoever's willing to pay to k*ll whoever they want d*ad.

This time it's dr*gs.

Next time it's gambling debt or someone's spouse or... the person they're sleeping with.

Okay, so we gotta recover Credence's stash, but the f*ck who ran the scout on this didn't even tell us how?

It's a perfect f*cking system.

Scratch a cynic, you find an idealist.

You want perfection, listen to some Bobby Gentry.

Beyond that, you're gonna be hard-pressed.

All right, what are we gonna do?


I could run down to Kmart and get us some Halloween costumes.

f*ck it.

It's called "direct," right?

I'm just grabbing my jacket. My friend's waiting outside.

Or you could've just called and asked me how it was going.

I know. (chuckles)

What if people had questions?

That's what you got me for.


Right, sorry.

I'm just nervous.


I mess you up?

No, no. It's okay.

None of them know you own the place.


Is this a good turnout?

Yeah, pretty good.

I wouldn't go getting too excited, though.

Open houses are mostly for kooks.

They get bored and wanna come see how other people live and go through their stuff.

Showings will catch a lot more flies than these things.


All right, I'll be back when it's over.

All righty.

Hi there.

Sorry to interrupt.

I'm the homeowner if you have any questions.

I live a street over.

Always loved this house, thought I'd pop in.

Hope you don't mind.

No, not at all.

I remember seeing you two moving in.

Wife and I were so happy to see a young couple moving in the neighborhood.

Well, we're very sad to be leaving.

You moving to a bigger place?

No. Uh, maybe.

My husband got a new job, so we have to relocate.

What line of work he in?

He's a loan officer. New bank opened up over in Jackson.

Hey, that's my line. Maybe I know him.

Probably not. He... he's pretty new to the business.



My niece and her fiancé are actually in the market.

And they love this area.

That's great.

Young and in love.

Oh, that's wonderful.

Oh, you... you gotta see them.

They want the whole deal... the babies, the house.

Probably just like you and your husband.

Well, you know, uh, there's a spare room down the hall.

Make a pretty great nursery.

And you got the pool.


That beautiful pool. That has to be loads of fun.

My husband installed that himself, actually.

Is that right? Impressive.


My wife Viv and I, we've been in our place now 25 years.

Thought about moving a couple times, but could never quite pull the trigger.

You know, you could live in a lot of houses, but not all houses are homes.

Still, a lovely couple like you, I'm sure y'all will find ways to fill your house full of love.


I should be going.

My wife, she likes to give candy apples to trick-or-treaters, which, of course, means I give candy apples to the trick-or-treaters.


Nice talking to you.

You, too.

Lloyd: It's solidly built.

I don't know if you've rapped your knuckles on it,
but those two bedrooms, that full bath in there...

(music playing)

Well, this ain't good.

Corn Fed: Careful, Credence.


Where you boys at?

They're right there... getting a tan.

Corn Fed: The hell you think happened to them?

Got me.

What you think?

Well, if I had to wager on it, I'd say that somebody knew them boys was coming.

Surprised them, sh*t them d*ad, loaded them up in the truck right there, set f*re to it, sunk the boat, made off with a bunch of your heroin.

Well, shit.

Beats my guess.

I was gonna say it was Apaches.

How are we doing on stock?

Corn Fed: Low.

Business is fine, but that means dwindling stock.

We needed this here drop.

You, uh... think someone's making a move?


I think somebody already made it.

(music playing)

I'm just so sorry for your wait, ladies.

First, enjoy.

They are working you too damn hard.

Oh, I have done a sight on Earth of work.

How y'all doing?

Been here since 5:30 this morning 'cause our new girl never showed.

And the busboy quit 'cause the boss accused him of stealing.

Well, was he?

Well, I sure wasn't the one jimmying open the cigarette machine.

Two? Right this way.


What time do you get off?

I got another hour.

I am gonna go home and spend the rest of the night soaking in a warm bathtub.

That sounds heavenly.

It does, doesn't it?


It's also a lie.

I got two kids and it's Halloween.

No rest for the weary.


A burger and fries, Ruth.

No rush.

What about you?

Any big plans for Halloween?

Well, I was thinking I could take you to dinner.

Oh, thank you, Felix.

That's real sweet of you.

Another time, huh?

What about some time next week?

You could come to my house. I'll cook.

Whoa, I'm not letting you do anything fancy for me, not after how hard you work in here.

It's not gonna be fancy.

If I remember what's in my cupboard, it's gonna be macaroni and cheese and canned lima beans.

All right, then. I'll bring some meatloaf.

I know just the place.

Sandy: Close your eyes.

They're closed.

Can I open them?

Not yet.

I wanna open them.






Holy f*ck. Happy Halloween to me.

You know where this is from?

Uh, every fantasy I ever had?


The movie?

Ugh, you haven't seen "Cabaret."

I have not, but evidently, it's the sexiest g*dd*mn movie ever made.

Well, now it doesn't mean anything.

Yeah, it does.

Come here. Come here, sweetie.

I'll show you what it means.

Come here.

Hey, guess what.


I'm gonna take another run at Cliff's case.


That song book you gave me.

It made it all make sense.

Ok... okay.

Okay, what?

I thought I could do this, but it's too weird.

Wh-what's weird?

You used Cliff's death to have sex with me.

Well, hang on a second. I did not.

Yeah, you did, and that's fine because I went along with it, too, 'cause you're hot and you're funny, and I needed hot and funny.

But you keep bringing it up.

Well, I'm sorry I cared about your brother.

(scoffs) You don't care.

I do care!

Not really.

No, I do care!

You cared about him so much, you didn't call him for 15 years?

Or bother to come to his funeral?

If you did care, you would realize that constantly reminding me that he's gone forever isn't something I wanna think about any more than I already do, which is pretty much all the g*dd*mn time!

You're living in his f*cking house.

Yeah, and maybe I shouldn't be, but if I don't, then there's nothing left of him.

There's nothing.

Sandy, that doesn't even make sense.

(sighs) Yeah, it probably doesn't.

Listen, I... I shouldn't have brought it up, all right?

It was bad timing. I'm sorry.

Okay, can we just... can we just move past this, please?

I don't think I can.

I'm sorry.


30 seconds ago, you were about to f*ck me in this... stripper costume, and... and now what, you're f*cking dumping me?

Looks that way.


You know what? Maybe... (clears throat)

Maybe Cliff wasn't m*rder.

Maybe he was just f*cking stupid.


Yeah, maybe he was.

Yeah, maybe it runs in the f*cking family, huh?

(door opens)


(door slams)

Lou: Marcus!

Will you help me put on my costume?

(sighs) Do it yourself.



Hold still.

Where's your costume?

I told you I'm too old to wear a costume.

You don't like candy?

I'm just gonna eat all yours when you're sleeping.

(door opens, closes)

(Ruth sighs)


(laughs) Look at you!

Oh, my goodness!

Marcus: Hey, Mama.


Okay, I'm gonna change out of my uniform and then...

Wh... what is this?

Marcus, where'd you get these?

A man was selling them down the way.

But where'd you get the money?

I had some allowance saved up.

It didn't cost much.

Wh... (laughs)

What on Earth?

My sweet boy!

Don't you spend your money on me. That's for you, okay?



Uh, now, who's ready to go trick-or-treating?


(both laughing)

Give me one minute.

(kids chattering)

(doorbell chimes)

Kids: Trick or treat!

Whoa! Lookie here!

What we got? We got ourselves Superman and we got ourselves... oh, a tooth fairy.

I'm a princess.

Oh, of course you are, darlin'.

We can't forget you...

and you... and you and you.

Now, Happy Halloween, y'all.

Kids: Bye!

(doorbell chimes)

I like Tootsie pops if you got 'em.

What the...

f*ck! Oh, shit! Ow!

Buddy: You remember us?


(door closes)

Oh, come on, 'course you do.

It's not every day you see the two most handsome men in Memphis.

Now, you're gonna tell us where your boss keeps his stash, you understand?

Well, I can't tell you what I don't know.



Oh, my... I don't... I don't know.

Well, you might wanna think hard on it, 'cause by my count, you still got one more foot, uh, two hands, some teeth.

You f*cking h*m*.

Oh, dear.

No! No, no!

Stop! What the f*ck?!

What about now, huh?

What about now?

Oh, shit!

Did you k*ll him?

No, he passed out. f*ck.

I got a little carried away.


Yeah, well, that tends to happen a lot with you.

Oh, excuse me for being results-oriented.

(doorbell chimes)

Trick or treat!

(mimics Dracula) Well, hello, children.

Look at you! So adorable!

Here, take all the candy!

f*cking monsters.


(Burkhalter whimpers)

Buddy: Oh, it's so nice of you to rejoin us.

Burkhalter: Pinball... pinball machines.

Pinball machines.


The heroin is in the pinball machines?

Yeah. Pinball machines.

You ready?

(line ringing)

Joni: Hello?


You okay?

I... yeah.


Baby, what's wrong?

The hell are you going?

Just stay here. I'll call you.

(engine starts)

You'll call me?


Joni: Mac.


What'd you see?

I saw... I don't know what I saw, okay?

It's probably nothing.

What's the job this time?

Who is it?


Yeah, sorry.

Sorry I worried you, okay?

It was stupid. I just freaked out.

It's okay, baby, okay? You freaked out.

No big deal. Now I'm here, we'll go freak out together.

(chuckles) You should go do whatever you have to do.

No, this is what I have to do.

Mac, I'll be fine. Go.

It was a trick-or-treater, wasn't it?


Probably, yeah.

Okay, I won't be long.

You won't?

Honestly, I...

I don't have any idea.

Just be safe, okay?


(engine starts)

That all we got left?

Yeah, that's all she wrote.

How much them Biloxi boys say they was bringing us?

Enough to make up for what we lost.

Burkhalter say he was gonna see that fat farmer girl tonight?

All right.

All right, we're gonna cut through the park, okay?

And then you need to keep a line of sight on that back door, all right?


For a reluctant f*ck, you sure are g*n-ho sometimes.

What are you taking?

Well, why? Are you a f*cking narc?

All right, listen, we're gonna need a signal word or something, okay?


How about... (whistles)

You listen to me.

You sharpen the f*ck up right now, you understand me?

You know what he'd do if he knew you were f*cked up on the job, huh?

You wanna get twisted, huh? You wanna get f*cked up?

You do it on your own time, not when my life is at stake, you understand me?

Let's go.

You see something, you know what to do.

Come on.

Oh, f*ck.

What the hell we got here?

(car doors close)


That them?

(knocking continues)

Could be.

Them Biloxi boys drive fast.

Let's get this done so we can get down there and see them clabber-butted girls shake their titties to Kool and the g*ng songs.


The f*ck?

♪ Don't stop now, baby, let's twist some more! ♪

(music playing)
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