02x06 - Season 2, Episode 6

Episode transcripts for the UK TV show "Hunted". Aired: September 2015 to present.
"Hunted" challenges Fourteen "ordinary members of the public" to disappear for 28 days and evade capture by a crack team of investigators. The series dramatically explores the scale of Britain's surveillance state's all-seeing gaze. Going off-grid is now a near impossible task.
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02x06 - Season 2, Episode 6

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This programme contains strong language from the outset 24 days ago, ten fugitives went on the run.

Let's find out who these people are.

They're ex-military. Military.

Definitely military, yeah.

Lorna Sian Jones.

Anna May and Elizabeth Garnett.

Madu and Ayo.

Ayo, turn off the phone!

Hello, sorry. Thank you.

Come on, let's get these in the bag.

Tracked by an elite team of hunters...

I'm not here to be played like a fool, OK?

..determined to stop them winning a share of £100,000.

Get after them! Get in the...

100 grand.

It's up to us to spoil the party.

Come on!


Sobs: I think the reality of it's sunk in.


I'm absolutely terrified.


Missing the boys, missing home.

Six have been captured.

We'll get dogs, we'll get drones, we'll get boots on the ground.

Side team. Right, right, right.

Someone's running.

(She screams)

Stay where you are, Madu.

Please don't jump in the canal!

Time on the run is over.

Now the four remaining fugitives are approaching the finish line.

This is psychological warfare.

I don't want to fail Jo and the boys.

Especially at this late stage.

The pressure.

I'm having a panic att*ck.

Four days left.

Can you smell the money yet?



Argh! What would you do?

Right, sighting. Duck down.

We will hound these fugitives to the very end.

OK, everybody, thank you.

Three days, 19 hours and 48 minutes to go.

Time to review where we're at.

Let's start with Ayo.

I think Ayo will just be keeping his head right down.

I am quite sure in Ayo's mind, he is spending the money as we speak. He believes that this is in the bag.

I certainly wouldn't have acted in the way he's done.

That being said, we haven't caught him yet.

Keep it calm, keep it down here.

They ain't going to find me.

I'm not going to panic.

I'm not going to be shook.

That's what they want me to do.

They want me to get panicky, don't trust people, do something a bit dumb.


Ayo needs to remain humble, he needs to remain composed, he needs to suppress the bravado and the need to impact on the world, which is very much part of him.

Because the minute he does that, we'll get him.

OK, Nick Cummings.

What would we do in that situation?

I know he's not us. I think I would be willing to hunker down, try and just simply hide and wait it out.

The grey man is certainly a very good tactic to hide from not just the state, but from anyone - just to go off the grid completely.

So I think Nick will be feeling quite confident at the moment.

I think he thinks he can do it.

The guy in the helicopter.

Will he see me run up into the hills, into the woods, or whatever?

It's at least going to pique your interest, isn't it?

So, I'm going to sit here, I'm going to finish my pasty, and then I'll walk gently off.

He needs to be brave, he needs to rise to the challenge, not be half-hearted.

He needs to believe that he can really do it.

I think the hunters have just seen a househusband.

And they've equated househusband with failure.

Slacker, you know.

Wimp, whatever, you know?

And... wrong.


Really, really, really wrong.

(He laughs)

OK. Anna and Elizabeth.

They seem to have done pretty bloody well at the moment.

Their erratic nature, their erratic MO has helped them up to this point.

Are we in Wensleydale?

This is Wensleydale.

Oh, like Postman Pat county. Yeah.

The biggest dale in the Yorkshire Dales is Wensleydale.

With the cheese and Wallace and Gromit.

I'm knackered and I'm dirty.

Just got a lot harder recently.

And now we're really near the end, it's just really, really testing.

It should be safe here, because I know everybody in this village.

Yeah. There's been no strange people.

Ah, brilliant.

Nigel, a local delivery driver, has come to the girls' rescue, offering them a place to stay with him and his daughter, Ruby.

I think the stereotype of Yorkshire people is we aren't very friendly, which is a good thing.

Oh, so stiff.

And every kind of problem anyone has ever faced is always solved with a cup of tea. With a brew.

A cup of tea. Get the kettle on.

A cup of Yorkshire tea. Yeah.

Thank you so much, Nigel.

Thank you, thank you. Hello. How are you?

Nice to meet you.

Do you have sugar?

No, just milk, please.

No, thank you.

Radio: 'Welcome to BBC Radio Leeds, my name is Gayle Lofthouse. This is the tea-time show.'

Aware of the social media campaign against them, the girls decide to monitor Facebook, local papers and radio.

Radio: 'And now you might be able to help somebody with a bit of a problem.'

There's two local girls from your region called Anna May and Elizabeth Garnett.

What the hell...?

Radio: 'We need to know exactly what the girls are like.'

Radio: 'Well, they're both in their 20s and they're very outdoorsy. They're pretty at home out in rural areas, you know, where they might have a backpack on. Right. If people come forward with information that leads to the capture of the fugitives, I would be only too happy to make a payment to somebody.'

That's so weird.

Oh, my God.

We're trying our very, very best and they are just throwing shit at us and it just gets a bit much when you know that they're really, really homing in on you.

I do feel so trapped.

They're really trying to get inside our heads, and it's kind of working at this point.

It just takes one person to see them, to phone in and that one call could make the difference between capture and going free.

I think we need to leave Yorkshire.

I think we do too.

With no new intelligence on Ayo, HQ bring in his captured friend, Madu, for interrogation.

This is a real opportunity for us.

If we play this carefully and we play this well, we can use this to bring Ayo to us.

I am completely disinterested in anything that Madu Alikor has to say other than can he help us find Ayo?

Do you think he's going to be angry that you've been captured?

He'll be disappointed, yes.

So you will have done three weeks on the trot, unsuccessfully, for nothing!

It was all so different in the '70s.

Somebody would be banged up on a Friday, left to stew in his own juices all weekend, and by the time I'd go to see him on a Monday morning, he'd be singing like a canary.

If I catch him with your assistance... Mm.

..then you will be rewarded for that.

There's a deal on the table.

If you want to help me in my search for Ayo, I can guarantee that you will receive a payment.

It depends what the reward is.

It's £1,000.

Take it or leave it.

There's a few quid for me to reward people as I see fit.

There's a deal on the table for you, Madu.

Chief Peter Bleksely has offered Madu ?1,000.

He wants him to reach out to childhood friend Ayo and lure him into the hunters' grasp.

Hunted's last stages.

I feel my biggest thr*at now, really, is someone just snitching and grassing me up.

I don't really want to talk to many people.

I might just be being paranoid about the whole thing.

Hopefully, there will be no snitches and I will win.

If it was 50,000.

Yeah, it's not 50,000. Then... there'll be no deal.

Then this conversation is over.

I was brought up in Hackney.

Yeah, I've got a young family, so the money is important.

I could do something with that financially for my family, for my daughter, for my wife.

Make up for the time I've been away.

I'm not willing to take any risks that are not necessary to take.

I don't need to.

If I can, like, keep moving, stay quite low profile, it's going to be hard for them to catch me.

Why do I need to let the hunters start getting happy?

Having a good staff party?

I don't need to let them have a staff party.


Here we go. Look at these.


(He laughs)

(He laughs)

Nick Cummings also has a chance of reaching the finish line.

I know that Jo and the boys are wanting me to do this.

You know, they want me to be doing this and be successful in it.

That's the difficult thing.

I don't want to fail them, you know, by getting caught.

Especially at this late stage.

We have an e-mail and it simply states, "Nick was spotted yesterday in Buckinghamshire, Brill, at the bottom of the hill."

He has told us that Nick purchased food from the local shop.

So we need to run to ground that shop.

Unaware he's been seen, Nick's still thinking about the cash prize.

I am just a guy who sits at home and spends Jo's money, frankly, you know, half the time.

And I'd like to be something else.

I hope she misses me and she's proud now.

I think she's probably getting the idea that actually, you know, I haven't just stuffed this one up and, you know, you never know, might even bring home a cheque.

Dave, got on CCTV for Nick Cummings.

What on earth is he wearing?

Let's get to Brill. Head there, guys.

Can you continue west with posters and looking at obvious CCTV, service stations.

'Try and get ahead of him.'


This is shit.

So I want to get off here as soon as humanly possible, frankly.

So this now we've got on social media, which is a really good profile sh*t of him.

We're currently looking for this male.

Yeah, he came in yesterday.

But he had a blue overcoat or something like that, because it was raining yesterday, I think.

We're the closest we've been behind him so far.

We're closing in. It's very exciting.

Can I just stop you for two secs?

We're looking for a guy who's got a big backpack on, er, maybe a baseball cap.

We'll keep an eye out for him.

Yeah, if you see him, give that number a call.

It's been a huge challenge.

Nick's found a lift, just in time.

So I've been doing sort of 15 plus miles walking each day.

Yes, so...

I find that, at the end of the day, you are stomping up somebody's farmyard track and saying, about to knock on the door and say, "Please, can I sleep in one of your fields or whatever?"

That's the hardest thing, it really is.

Because you're so tired and, you know, you've got so much on and yet you've got to be nice and hope that somebody will let you, you know, stay.

It's so daunting, you know?

I mean, we've got a spare bed, if you want a spare bed.

Oh, no, that's fine. I'm probably not very hygienic at the minute.

(He laughs)

Thank you very much.

He's been taken in by Sarah, who he met whilst hitchhiking.

Is this meant to be you?

That's when I started off.


Yeah, yeah.

I don't think that looks anything like you.

I know, it's good, isn't it?

"Please, do not attempt to approach or apprehend him."

(Nick laughs)

Now, I think I have some information that you need to know.

Right, OK. Do you want to know it?

Yes, please. Yes.

I had a quick look online and they had spotted you. Oh, I see.

They've got on their Twitter feed, "Have you seen this man?"

And they've also described what you were wearing. Right, OK.

Fine. Oh, I see.

So they would've seen me like this, basically, wouldn't they? Yes.

Right, OK.

Fine. Oh, wow...

(He laughs)

Is that it? Is that all they've got? Oh, I see.

Gosh, so the backpack's got to go, as well, actually.

Sent a shiver up the spine a bit.

Right, well, this is coming off.

(Nick laughs)

OK, erm...

Well, Sarah, the idea I had was to actually use people's networks to move about.

So that's really what I need to do now.

Yeah, if that's all right?

So, erm... if you can help me, you know, to move to somewhere else.

Yes. Yeah. Sure. So...

Hi. We won't be a minute.

We're ready now.

Aware the hunters are close, Anna and Elizabeth need to get out of Yorkshire.

They're taking a taxi to Sedbergh on the edge of the Dales, where they hope to hitchhike out of danger.

Man: Where are you from? Leeds.

What brings you up here walking?

Duke of Edinburgh.

I'm so determined to win it.

I think, in some respects, I may have been mollycoddled because I was the baby of the family.

I want to make them proud and to show them that I am independent and that I'm a strong, young, person.

(Phone rings)

Hunter Headquarters.

Man: Yes, that's right.

I really need to get an idea of who it is we're talking about and do you know where they are now?

Elizabeth and Anna?

Send us an e-mail of the photograph of them.

This is exactly where the photograph was taken.

Get GPS data on this.

OK, guys, we have a location for you.

So go to Hotel Alpha Whisky Echo Sierra - Hawes.

Straight on, then?

Head towards the M6. M6.

I'm just worried in case anyone listened to the radio.

I just want to get out of here as quick as possible.

That is your vehicle, is it?

With little ANPR on country roads, analysts call local taxi companies to uncover the girls' drop-off point.

Whereabouts did you take them?


I just feel that the hunters know we're in the Dales.

I guess we're not in the Dales any more, but still...

I feel sick.

We've got CCTVs on bus stops.

I want every route in and out covered, the high street, every shop frontage covered.

All hotels nearby, as well?

Yep. The area saturated.

We've got the dog, we've got the drone, they've got no chance.

I have CCTV on Main Street of Anna and Elizabeth.

We believe that they may be moving out to a rural location.

Suddenly, we've got pictures and vehicle registration numbers and we've got specific locations.

I mean, this is beautiful.

And even better, we've got a hunter team behind them.

What's the motto?

Don't get caught.


At home, if I'm ever in any trouble, I always go to mum.

We've rented for, like, the past God knows how many years.

To be able to, like, give her a share of the winnings and actually put a deposit down on a house, to say thank you, would mean the world to her.

If they follow the previous patterns, they hitch at service stations, don't they? They pick up lifts.

The nearest motorway service station to them is Killington Lake, if they're heading west.

The aim is to walk to Killington Services.

I think that is a good idea because, if we do need to get somewhere, we can just try and hitch a ride.

OK, we're 4.2 miles away from the services.

Keeping the eyes peeled.

So, guys, they could be literally anywhere from your location onwards now.

So we are right on top of them.

Just looking on the map here, if we can deploy the drone.

30 seconds, then we'll be up in the air.

They could be mirroring the river at the moment, headed north, northeast.

So that's the direction we're going to set that drone off initially.

I just feel intensely paranoid.

And every little movement, every little sound and every little noise is playing on my mind.

And even though we are in the middle of nowhere, if they bring a helicopter here we are absolutely screwed.

I think I'm slowly losing the plot.

I keep thinking I can hear a helicopter.

The drone, guys, he wants to switch to thermal.

Zigzag it back up with the thermal on.

I can hear something.

Do you hear that noise?

(Faint buzzing)

What noise?

(Buzzing becomes louder)

What is that?

It's a helicopter.

Is it?


Is it?

No, it's not. It's not big enough and loud enough.

Oh, it is. It's the helicopter up there, look.

I think it's a drone.

Oh, it's following us!

Right, they're running away down towards where the guys are, Ben.

Right, sighting.

283 metres away. Can I have permission to get on this?

Yes. Go for it.

Yeah, they're following us.

Come on. Let's get these in the bag.

We need a lift.

There's Killington that way.

Just to confirm, the girls, we believe, are moving south down the river.

Yeah. Roger that.

Right, I can see the drone now.

If he gets it to travel in the direction, mate, that's where I'll run.

Please, stop. Please, stop. Please, stop.

Hi! Would you be able to give us a lift anywhere?

Yes. Oh, please. I can give you a lift. Oh, thank God! Thank you.

We're on the run and we're getting followed by a drone and I feel like crying.

Oh, right. OK.

Oh, thank you. That's really kind. Thank you.

Get yourselves in. Where would you like to go?

Services, Killington.

A drone's been following us.

Oh, I see. OK.

Ross, mate, I'm down that track now.

Oh, God, they're hunters. Can you please shut your window?

Mate, I think I've got eyes on.


Stu, we believe we've got eyes on the girls.

Who's that?

Who are they? Who the f*ck are they?

Oh, sorry!

Oh, no!

Stop! Stop! Stop!

Oh, no!

Get out of the car.

Get out of the car.

Don't get out the car.

Driver: No!

Argh! Get away.

f*ck's sake!

Oh, God...

Was it a positive ID of the girls?

Hunter: Yes, mate.

Silver Corsa heading north.

'Is it heading towards the A684, Will?'

Correct, mate. Head there. Track it down.

(He spits)

Will, just confirm for me what vehicle it was.

I didn't get the VRN because they were f*cking trying to run me over.

Hotly pursued by ground hunters in the Yorkshire Dales, Anna and Elizabeth have flagged down pensioner Maureen.

At least we know what they f*cking look like.

Sorry, excuse my language.

(Maureen chuckles)

Can you drop us off at Killington Services and we'll give you money?

Believe the girls have taken a lift in a Vauxhall Corsa to the Killington Services.

I'm having a panic att*ck.

We're so close to winning and we're just getting this money taken away from us.

Maureen: Right, I'm going to drop you here, all right? Yeah.

Get out. Get out.

Hiya. Sorry, can I get a lift, literally, anywhere?

Man: No. Oh, OK.

Oh, shit!

In fact, I've seen them. They are in the f*cking lay-by.

Hang on. Standby. Standby.

Steve's got eyes on.


Stand still!

Stand still! Stand still!

Oh, f*ck!

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

Oh, shit!

You've been hunted.

Your time on the run is over.


Where's the other one?

Steve's on the other one.

You all right, Elizabeth?

Good capture! Great job!



Anna May, Elizabeth Garnett, you have been hunted.

Your time on the run is over.
I'm bloody ecstatic at the moment.

That was beautifully done, a brilliant result and now let's just get onto Nick Cummings and Ayo.

Elizabeth: It's been one of the most exciting times of my life.

I feel like no person from Yorkshire would go down without a fight and I think we did fight till the very end.

Anna: I do feel gutted that we didn't get to the end.

We did everything we could.

I wouldn't have done anything differently.

We've got no regrets and I think we can leave with our heads held high.

Five days ago, the fugitives were required to meet at a central location.

There they were given precise information about their final escape.

OK, everybody. Thank you.

Time to review where we're at.

48 hours is what we have left on the clock.

48 hours to go.

Two fugitives.

I am confident we can do it.

Nick Cummings. Ayo.

Potentially, MO can change.

It could be erratic, something we're not expecting.

So that matters to us.

The hunters are not aware that the extraction point is in Kent.

A small jetty underneath the Sheppey Island Bridge.

So... let's go.

I have no idea where it is.

It's Kent, isn't it, or somewhere?


It's basically down the M40, around the M25, M2, I think.

The game has completely changed now.

Every bit of movement, every MO, we've decided we can't analyse any more.

We are based on reaction now.


But even so, we're basically in a position to hopefully react to whatever might come in.

Let's pursue everything we possibly can.

You've got a snake?


I don't know about these kind of things, you know?

Ayo is in Daventry, more then a 130 miles from the extraction point.

Affectionate? Yeah, she really is. She likes people.

Seeking a route to the finish line, he has befriended Lisa and her daughter Hayley.

Oh, yes. Oh, gorgeous girl.

I think I'm a good judge of character, but you can never really know anyone really a 100%.

You can only really know what they show you, especially when money's involved.

Now we're at this stage, I don't really want to trust strangers.

Tomorrow, I need to get to the Isle of Sheppey, but I'm going to need to go to Birmingham.

That's it. Trying to get to Birmingham, Birmingham, Birmingham.

Today's an important day because tomorrow... is the last day.

Hayley, do you think you could drive me to Birmingham?

Yeah, I can. But we need to change my car.

So we just need to drive to Banbury, swap the cars over.

Hayley and her boyfriend Kirk have agreed to take Ayo to Birmingham.

(Phone rings)

Good morning. Hunter Headquarters.


But they're playing a double game, negotiating with Hunter HQ.

You think you've found Ayo?

'E-mail you all the information of what address we're going to.'

And you're taking him, are you? You're taking Ayo?


He says he is taking Ayo to Banbury.


We do have the mobile phone number from which this call was made.

We can put that telephone number now on mobile tracking.

So we should be able to get live updates and be able to follow that vehicle.

OK, we've just got an e-mail. Wants to know what the reward is.

Let's start with ?500.

Well, we've just got cell site for that phone number.

If this is on the route to Banbury, I'll be happy.

Yes, it is.

Tracking the couple's mobile phone, the hunters follow the car Ayo is travelling in, in real time.


Got that, Steve? Yeah.

We've got some public tip-offs this morning, reference a potential movement of Ayo.

So we would like you to move over to Banbury as swiftly as possible, please.

We believe there may be a vehicle switch in Banbury and they'll be moving up to your location in Birmingham.

Received. OK, en route.

Did you phone them up?

Did they actually offer money?

Man... Shit!

f*cking hell, like.

Where did you call them from?


Any phone that you've called them on, bruv, you need to turn it off.

What we got to do is we've got to turn off all the phones, bruv. OK.

We've got more cell site.

Near the roundabout in Banbury.

Ah, shit, man!

f*ck me!

If they've got your phone number, they'll find out about this car, bruv, trust me.

So, basically, we can't use these cars, yeah?

So I've got to go, bruv.

Safe, bruv. Bruv, I beg you, don't snitch on me, bruv.

I'm going to have to go, yeah?

OK, we've just got a new e-mail from Hayley.

What's she said?

"Unfortunately, that was not enough money for us to reveal, so he is back on the run. Good luck finding him."

He's going to be stressed out. He knows that we're onto him.

He knows that we are going to be closing in on him.

It's going to be very, very challenging for him.

I'm feeling betrayed.

I'm feeling betrayed.

OK, Karen and Josh, can you move to the train station as soon as possible, please?

Suspecting Ayo to be on foot in the Banbury area, HQ deploy ground teams and check surveillance.

Right, so the hunters could be round the corner.

They could be in the area.

Ayo, where are you, man? Where are you?

We have to get this guy. We have to.

He's going to be panicking and just trying to stay off the main drag.

I don't think he'll be hitchhiking out of here.

I think he is definitely sh1tting himself at the moment and just making any which route.

Whoa! f*ck me!

Not going to be shook, right?

They haven't caught me.

They're out there still, it's going to take them a little while.

By the time...

If they're even somewhere, we're going to be gone again.

I had a oner.

60, 70.

This... this and this... is all I've got left to get to where we're going.

HQ is scouring all CCTV in Banbury and closely monitoring Ayo's network of contacts.

Ayo cannot trust anybody now.


So when you're in a situation like that and you're losing your mind, he's going to be calling on the only people that he can trust for help.

But Ayo has moved to nearby Bicester.

Right, basically, I don't want any money off you or anything like that.

I need to just make a call, for someone to come and pick me up.

Hello, Kevin?

'Yeah, speaking.' It's Ayo.

Bruv, I need your help badly, bruv.

Bruv, I'm trapped almost.

It's the last day.

Tomorrow's the last day, bruv, and I need to get to the extraction point.

And I need you to literally drop everything, yeah, and come and get me now, bruv.

Cheers, mate. Thank you very much, mate. Hope it goes well. Thanks.

I've just rung my friend.

He's going to come.

He's going to drop everything and he's going to come.

He's taken every opportunity he can to goad us and taunt us.

I really, really do not want him to get to the end.


Yes! Good boy!

Ayo's called Kevin, a friend unknown to the hunters, for a lift.

Let's blow, bruv.

I've been on the run for, like, 27 days now, bruv.

I'm still paranoid.

I'm still... very, very stressed.

Very stressed.

I wouldn't do it again.

That's how stressful this is.

Yeah, I would never do this again.

Kevin's taking Ayo southeast towards the extraction point, close to the Isle of Sheppey.

The fugitives must reach the jetty under the Sheppey Island Bridge by 1pm on the final day.

There they will be collected by a high-speed getaway boat.

Possible extraction points, where are we at?

We're looking at private smaller airfields, helicopters, aircraft.

We're putting in a request to air traffic control for any VFR rotary wing or even IFR rotary wing traffic.

There is not going to be that many helicopters flying today and whatever helicopters there are out there, we want to know about it.

Let's all also consider waterways.

Let's not get completely fixated on air.

The hunters know only that the fugitives will escape by air, rail or sea.

Let's keep our foot flat to the floor and let's do it.

That's an airfield.

And there's lots and lots of places.

You're really going to be pushing it if you want to be flying around.

So they can't go to Birmingham.

There is, of course, an extract by boat.

Let's check some boats, I agree.

Already got AIS set up, a*t*matic Identification System, to monitor any vessels, if they happen to make a bolt.

Dave Toddington, who served in the Royal Canadian Navy, has been tasked with tracking boats on main waterways.

So we're able to track vessels based on the signal that they're emitting.

So it's GPS positioning that is sent on marine band frequency.

All right, cool.

Safe, mate.

Suspecting he might have been caught on CCTV, Ayo switches vehicles again.

So they don't know about this car.

There's no CCTV here.

Kevin's taking him to a hotel within a few miles of the extraction point.

Yes! Yes!

They nearly caught me.

Shit, the pressure.

The pressure, yeah.

I can't paint you a picture of how pressurising today has been.

Still need to get to the boat, though.

That one there.

Unable to locate Ayo in Banbury, HQ broaden their search.

A local taxi firm informs them they dropped a man matching Ayo's description on the outskirts of Bicester.

OK, we've got CCTV.

Definitely Ayo.

This is what we wanted.

Can we get a VRN off that?

ANPR. Yeah, got it.


Analyst Steve Hursey starts to track Kevin's vehicle on ANPR.

That looks like a potential drop-off there. That is by Dartford.


The sooner we can identify the extraction point the better, in order that we can get units there and, hopefully, intercept the fugitives before they flee.

If I got caught tomorrow, I will be deeply pissed off.

This is properly scary.

There is a chance I'm going to win a large sum of money and really change a lot of things in mine and my family's life.

Hello, are you Barbara?

Hello, I'm Nick. Very nice to meet you. How are you doing? Hi.

Nick has made it to Tunbridge Wells to stay with a contact of Sarah's.

All is well?

Yeah, absolutely.

Yes, no problem at all.

Thank you very, very much for your help.

Cup of tea?

Oh, please, yes! Several.

He's going to spend the night here before heading to the extraction point.

Well, actually, I've been a house husband looking after our oldest boy.

He's on the autistic spectrum, but he's very bright.

He's 16 but he's actually doing an OU degree in humanities.

So I'm helping him do that, basically.

I was walking down that street just now and I had two voices in my head.

One was, "You're going to win the money."

And the other one was saying, "They're going to catch you."

And it was like, "You're going to win the money."

"They're going to catch you."

It's like, "Oh, Jesus...!"

(He laughs)

You know, it's like, er...


Never mind.

We'll see what tomorrow brings.

OK, ladies and gentlemen. The final day. The final push.

As you will see from behind us, we have the ground teams all dialled in this morning.

Ayo and Nick...

The pressure's building on them, not just us.

And they are going to be more likely to make a mistake.

We just have to ensure we are in a position to exploit those errors.

Just searched AIS, a*t*matic Identification System.

This has been blasting around. That's the kind of thing.

It'll do 30 knots.

That's a perfect getaway vessel, ain't it?

The vessel appears to remain at Isle of Sheppey.

Steve, what was the time on that AIS for Delta Lima?

Two minute ago. Two minutes ago and it's still loitering in that same area.

Highly suspicious.

Right, Chief, that vessel is still loitering around here.

There's absolutely no reason it would be doing that.

Right, OK. If the ship fits, wear it. Let's do it.

Isle of Sheppey.

Can you cover off all CCTV in and around Isle of Sheppey, please?

Can you send Michelle and Paul a postcode?

I don't care where on there, just so they've got a direction.

Michelle: Right, Isle of Sheppey.

He's loitering. He's waiting.

There's a reason for this.

That's the vessel.

Hi, it's the Chief.

'The Isle of Sheppey. Get there as quickly as you possibly can.'

OK, we're en route.

I'm feeling it now.

Yes, I am.

It's the final morning and in a few hours, Ayo and Nick must attempt to board the getaway boat to win a share of ?100,000.

I'm not thinking about it.

I'm actually not thinking about the money.

I'm thinking about winning and beating the Hunters.

A rigid inflatable hull boater called Delta Leamer.

It is designed for speed, not for open waters.

The Hunters believe they've identified the getaway vehicle.

It's waiting off the Isle of Sheppey, but they still don't know the pick-up point.

The chief directs all resources to the Isle of Sheppey.

Dave has been tracking a vessel in the direction of the Isle of Sheppey.

Feeling really good about this.

We're heading here. Yeah.

And this is the River Thames.

We are going to block him off here.

OK, you've got Sheerness docks, which is a commercial dock.

There is Queen Borough.

That is a landing site, which is often used for small, private vessels to come and go.

You might call it paranoia, whatever you want to call it.

But these guys, they are not drinking tea right now.

That sort of thing?

Oh, great.

Oh, that would be fab.

Yeah, yeah. That would be good.


Nick's come up with an idea to get to the extraction point, disguised as a jogger...

Oh, fantastic. Oh, yes, yes.

Even better.

..and Barbara is helping him with his outfit.

It's the bad jogger look.

It would be an enormous shame not to make it now, after having got this far.

Slightly disbelieving, but obviously, I haven't finished yet.

Get the shades.

Got to get over the line and finish the job.

Lovely. Yeah, excellent. Thank you very much.

Joggers always carry one of those.

Yes. Absolutely, yes.

Right. It would be better with gin in it.

It'll be champagne, Nick. Oh, that would be good, yes. Yeah.

Anything else, Nick, that you need?

No, that's it. Can we go?

That would be great. We're good to go. Right.

We're going A249.

Let's not take any chances.

I don't want no drama, man.

I swear, I don't want to see no other face today.

I don't want to see their faces.

It looks like it's now loitering right around Isle of Sheppey.

It has been stationary at that point, certainly according to AIS, for almost an hour and 50 minutes.

Very odd movements.

Probably going to be some access down around here, towards Queensborough.

What we'd like you to do is track further south, down towards Queensborough.

It's about a mile, a mile or two miles from your position.

It gives better access inwards into a marina.

Yeah, I know it.

We're looking for a rib that is going to come into either here, here or there. Yeah.

We want you to hold that position, so we've got eyes on now.

We're looking for a black rip coming in.

All we need is eyes on. When that boat comes in.

It's still in position.


This vessel is loitering pretty close to your location.

Four units deployed in and around the area of Queensborough Marina.

We're trying to cover all the bases, if indeed this rib is the boat on which they are to escape.


I hope I see everybody there, frankly.

Because it would be a great shame if anybody had been caught.

But then again, you know, it's more money if they have, so it would be a shame and a delight really.

So, this is the bridge. OK.

But duck down, just in case anybody pulled in here.

Yeah, sure. OK.

It's too quiet.

Where is this f*cking rib, man?

We have movement of the vessel, we have movement of the vessel.

It's heading 188 degrees, magnetic 7.5 knots, three seconds ago.

The vessel is heading southbound.

Here we go. OK.

Hang on, hang on.

Large rib coming in.

OK, we got a rib coming in now, hang on.

There! There, there, there.

There, there, there.

They're not on the rib, guys.

They're not on it.

We've got eyes on the rib, with two people navigating it, no Fugitives onboard.

It's going to go past. It's going to go past.

He's off.

The vessel is under way, heading southbound.

We may be in the wrong position.I don't know yet.

On the other side, there is a water skiers' location.

Right. Where the water skiers and stuff go and there is a small staging there, Underneath the bridge, Dammit, we've put it on the wrong side.

Get back to your vehicle and head down Brielle Way onto the A249.

With five minutes to go, the Hunters have identified the extraction point.

We are literally just coming over the bridge.

No, not yet. No, no. Not at all.

An arthritic cat could catch me.

Thank you so much for all your help.

Go. Run, run, run.

OK. Yeah, yeah, sure.

Go, go, go.

ETA, four minutes.

Let's go, let's go. Come on, quick, quick!

Let's go.

OK, cheers. Thank you.

I can't see signs of anyone.

Go, go, go!

It's Ayo.

Come on, Ayo!

Come on, let's go!

Come on! Come on!

Get on, mate. Come on.


Let's go.

Well done. You made it. Well done.

Oh, f*ck!


50 grand, bruv!


Yeah, that's frustrating. That hurts.

We were seriously close.



I can't believe it!

Come on, bruv. It's been electric.

Do you know what I mean?

Yes, we did it.

It's been emotional.

♪ We are the winners! ♪

I'm very proud of myself.

It's given me confidence.

When things get a little bit hard, I know that I can keep going.

Give everything my all.

Everything I do - family life, professional life, everything.

It's definitely got to be one of the best things I've ever done.

I'm stunned, really.

I won.

I wasn't anything special. I did that being me - just a house husband.

It kind of removed the self-doubt that I had.

The Nick after being on the run is a lot more aware of his value.

I may be the eccentric one, but I am now the one that b*at the Hunters and that's quite nice.

We were that far away.

Brilliant investigative detective work took us to the very brink of a clean sweep.

Two Fugitives got away.

That will always hurt.

Fair play to them, but we were so close.
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