03x10 - Dark Side of the Sun

Episode transcripts for the TV show "From Dusk till Dawn: The Series". Aired March 2014 - November 2016.
"From Dusk till Dawn: The Series" is a supernatural crime series following the infamous brothers Seth and his violent, unpredictable, Richard "Richie" Gecko, as they are pursued by a Texas Ranger after a bank robbery.
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03x10 - Dark Side of the Sun

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[up-tempo music playing]

We got one rent-a-cop just inside the door, another guarding the safe, and one wandering around like he gives a shit.

I bet we only have to break one of their noses before the other two slide their pieces across the floor.

Then you do your thing.

And what thing is that?

The thing where you crack the safe.

Ah, right. I like that thing.

So you ready?

Yep. Ready.

Are we gonna say it?

Say what?


Here's to getting rich and fat.

And dyin' in the arms of a beautiful woman.


She's barely got a pulse.

Wait a second. Where...

Where is she?

She took off.

To the Gate.

Look, she's gonna open it if we don't stop her.

Kate, can you hear me?

I gotta get 'em outta here.

Somebody's gotta make sure Ama...

I'll find Richard. I'll find somebody.

Just... just go.

You sure?

Aren't you?

[flesh sizzles]

[Richie grunts]

Hey. Something's happenin'.

It's the gate, isn't it?

You're Xibalban. How do I close it?

I b*at you in a fair fight. Tell me.

It's a sunny day.


[Richie groaning]

[flesh sizzling]



Thank you, gods.

Did you feel that?

No. What is it?

It's g*n.

What's g*n?

A new age.

[speaking Xibalban]

Carlos: Do you know how long she's waited for this? Now she walks in her own skin, Queen of the Underworld. Soon to be the Queen of our world. Tlalticpac, the realm of light, will be consumed by the realm of shadows. All she has to do... is let it in.

[massive rumbling]



Oh, man.

It's a g*dd*mn mess.

Here! Wrap her wrists.

Dude, she already lost too much blood.

She's gonna lose a lot more if you don't hurry up.

Okay? Wrap!

Shit. Her pulse is weak.

So where the f*ck is the blood supply?!

It's gone.

Gone where?

Burt f*cked us over. It's gone!

What do you mean, he f*cked us...

Take this.

We can't do that. What if... what if you're not her blood type?

Then it's gonna be a very short transfusion, all right?

Stick her.

I don't know if...

Stick her!


Our Father who art in heaven...

Thy Kingdom come. Thy Will be done...

Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in heaven...

Ah, f*ck it.

No atheists in foxholes.

...for Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever.

The legendary brothers.

Why do you insist on trying to be a hero?

It's not just me and my brother anymore.

I know.

Oh, believe me, I know.

You're all gonna save the world.

Well, it's too late.

This is the end.

I am the end.

And the girl... is d*ad.


Welcome home, Richard.

And welcome to sl*very.

That twisted mind of yours.

That lovely, twisted mind... is gonna help me spread the good news.

They're not gonna fight this w*r.

This is not their fight.

It's everyone's.

Trust me.

And most definitely yours.



How can we repay you?

I am not your diosa... and don't thank me until I get you out of here alive.

We're gonna be sure to make that...

To the tunnels. Go! Go.

What's happening?

Santanico: Stop this!

[exertion grunt]

[culebras growling]

[chains clanking softly]

[otherworldly, whispering breath]

Mags?! Mags, what's wrong?!

Hold on!

[tires squeal]

You have a choice. You've just got to listen to me.

Amaru is our Queen!

I am your queen!

[bestial snarl]

She is a false idol.

You're nothing to her.

I am one of you, and I will fight for you.

[ringing sound]

[faint groan]


What happened?

It's over.

That bitch.


[groans softly]

Kate, do you know where you're at?


[otherworldly voices whispering]

Oh, God!

Easy, easy, easy.


Come on.

Let's sit you right here.

She's going to do it to everyone.

Do what?

She's gonna take our souls.

Okay, listen to me.

You get her to the ridge, you find a car, and you drive as far away from here as you can, as fast as you can, all right?

I'm not going.

Kate, listen to me.

Stop! No!

It's not safe here.

I can't. Please.

I remember everything.

All the souls, every single life I took.

She made me watch all of it... especially when she tried to k*ll you.

I cannot just walk away.

None of us can.

Kate... is that you?

I'm so sorry.

I didn't... I couldn't stop her.

It's not your fault.

Where's Carlito? What happened?

He left as soon as the Gate opened.

Where's Richard?

I mean, you guys... you got some thing, right?

Picking up any signals or anything?

Where's the rest of 'em?

She made them k*ll each other.

She enslaved us... for centuries, and... now she's just using us as puppets.

She doesn't just consume souls, she manipulates them.

So, as long as that Gate's open, she's gonna get control of more and more of us.

The Gate's her power.

So we close it.

How do we do that?

You use me.


If I can get down there, I can close the Gate. I know I can.

Bullshit. She's gonna be standing right next to it.


She won't be.


Trust me.

She won't be.

[otherworldly voices whispering]

Santanico] Stop hiding.[/i:

Hiding? From you?

The entire world knows that I'm here.

So come out and face me.

I want to show you what a real queen looks like.

[otherworldly voices whispering]

[whispering] Send me your death. Send me your plagues.

Send me your hordes. Send me your death.

Send me your plagues.

Send me your death. Send me your hordes.

Send me your death. Send me your plagues.

Send me your hordes.

[indistinct chatter]

Tell me what happened.

Amaru did something to her.

I'm gonna need you to wait here.

[exertion grunts]


Ah, f*ck.

[agonized cries]

Kate: Any sign of him?


He could still be alive...

With her.

Do we really have to go through that town?

The only way to get to the mine.

You know, you don't have to do this alone.

Yes, I do.

She k*lled the woman that I love.

She dies today.


See you on the Other Side.

I think we're already there.

[wind whistles]

[creaking sound]

Come on.

Whoa. Easy, easy, easy.

Scott, you go ahead.

Seth, can you just stop trying to protect me?

Can you give it a rest, please.

Listen to me.

I am going to do the one thing that I couldn't do while she was controlling me, I'm going to stop her.

Well, we need to get you there in one piece, all right?

[voices crying out]

[flesh tearing]

[agonized screams]

Come on, go!

[bestial snarl]


Hey, hey, hey! No.

Where the hell have you been?

Well, that's one funny way of putting it.

I am tired of your bullshit, Carlos.

When I was in the Labyrinth, I confronted something that no man, or woman, should ever have to face alone.

Oh, really.

What is that?

A d*ad end.

Getting backed into a corner shows you a lot about yourself.

I failed the test.

I made a deal with the devil.

And now you want out.

No. I want to win.

I want all of us to win.

They gave me great power... but I can't fight them... because I am a part of them.

You have to fight, mi reina.

You have to finish what we started.

Break the chains.

Break the chains.



[flicks lighter]

[creatures snarling and muttering]

[Scott screams]



[bestial cries]


Come on.



What are you doing here? I told you to keep with the others.

We belong to you now, mi diosa.

You don't belong to anyone.

Then we choose to fight!

[exertion grunt]

Wrong choice.

Did your old girlfriend, your d*ad girlfriend, teach you how to fight?

I learned a long time ago.

[bestial roar]

[exhales] Is that all you got?

They don't call me Pandemonium for nothing.


What's the matter?

Can't quite spread your wings?

The winged serpent.

Here, let me help you take flight.


She's alive.

[bestial roar]

Aw, come on, you runt bastard.



What the hell?

You're gonna let that bitch k*ll your vibe, bro?


Are you going to stay there forever?

What the hell are you talking about?

[soft gasp]

It's a maze out there.

Well, you made it to the end.

Welcome to hell's assh*le.

That's not the way out.

[otherworldly voices whispering]

I need you to help me close this thing.



What? Yeah.

What, yeah, what can I, uh...

[smacks lips] How can I help you?



Richie: I think this is how we close the gate.

[wind whistling]

She's coming.

Then let's get moving.

[flesh morphing]




You okay?





[blade penetrates]

Just tell me one thing. Is it over?

It's not over. We gotta go.

[woman screams]

Come on, get up, now!

[blade penetrates]

Come on!

[voices chanting in Xibalban]

[woman cries out]

Go, go, go! Go, go, go! Go, go, go! Go, go, go!

[woman screams]

You guys, here! Quick, quick!

All right, last one.

Looks like Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

Big Headdress.

[otherworldly voices whispering]

Sounds like the word for "lord."

All right, well, come on, come on, man. What's the word?


You know, Richie, we don't belong here.

We belong over there!

[chain clatters]

[Tanner groans]



[scoffs] Yeah.

I don't know the word for lord.



Here goes.

[impact grunt]


[Richie cries out]

Tanner: Whoa, whoa!


Richie! Richie?

No. No!



We're at Butte Memorial.

Call in all the rapid response teams we got.

I've gotta get out there. The others need my help.

Right, be...


I'll be fine, just go.

No, no, no. I'm sorry.

For bringing this all in our lives.


And for pushing you and Billy away when I know you needed me.

Freddie, look out!

Jesus Chri... are you okay?

I'm fine.

Let me see.

I just can't... heal anymore.

Yeah, well, just... let me help you, all right?

You've lost a lot of...

I'm fine.

You've lost enough blood, all right?

[heavy sigh] You shouldn't even be here.

Then where should I be?

I don't know. Prom or something.

Dancing with some Jesus freak.

Singing in your church choir, I don't know.

Nah. That's the girl you should've been.

Yeah, well, that girl is long gone.

You had a g*n pointed right to my head... and you didn't pull the trigger.

I've done some very messed-up things in my life.

I'll be the first to admit that. But you...

You should've k*lled me when you had the chance.

So this is my fault, because I didn't put a b*llet between your eyes?

[rasping voices]

I could always count on Seth Gecko to make the tough call.

And you're gonna have to make one now.

What are you talking about?

Amaru is still a part of me.

She's in there, I can feel her.

So, when I walk through that Gate, it's gonna close.

Xibalba will be welcoming home its long-lost queen.

She knows that. That's why she's trying to...

No, you can't walk through the Gate to close it.

That is su1c1de. No way.

That's the only way.

[rasping voices]

[Scott groaning]


[Scott screams]

[creature roars]

[blowing dust]

[exertion grunts]


[heavy breath]


[soft groan]

Come on, Richard, get up.

Or take your time.


How'd you get out here?

Don't ask the questions. Be the guy with the answers.

You know, a pastor friend of mine said, I got a little Lucifer in me.

You got a little Lucifer in you, too.

Always have.


Ever since you robbed that liquor store with your brother, heard those voices... saw those demons.

[Richie screams]

You're sayin' I'm part Xibalban?

I'm saying you're the best in the West. Huh?

The Notorious D.O. Double-G.

Billy the f*ck' Kid.

And when the sun comes out from behind that moon, you got one job and one job only, and that is to save tu hermanito.

Or it all goes down the drain.

[whooshing sound]



You're just gonna have to let me die, Kate.


You know what I love to do to culebras?

[Scott panting]

String 'em up in the sun, just to watch them burn.

Let the kid go, you twisted bitch.

If I were you, I'd be more concerned about my own brother than hers.

What the f*ck did you do to him?

He's on the Other Side. Where he belongs, ready to serve.

You will all get your chance to serve.

[coughing softly]

[flesh sizzles]

Kate: Make it stop!

You can make it stop.

You're just gonna have to surrender to me.


Why not just k*ll me?

You can't, can you?

It's 'cause I'm a part of you.

[Scott grunting]

We're inseparable.

Not if I walk through to the Other Side.

[flesh sizzles]

I'll be gone forever. And you'll be powerless.


[cocks p*stol]

One more step, and I pop your knees.

I have a better idea.

Take another step... and your brother dies.

You won't just be k*lling him, no.

You'll be sentencing Mr. Gecko to his death.

Let the bitch k*ll me, Kate. I don't give a f*ck...

Kate, don't do this.

But how could I not?

You brought them all together.

Those thieves and those... bloodsuckers.

You made them all heroes.

They let you die.

And you made me k*ll.

After all that I've done, I deserve this walk.

Are you here for redemption?

In whose eyes?

Your God's?

No... in the eyes of the people I love.

[soft sigh]

[uncocks p*stol]

You know what?

She's right.

We all had this comin'.

Somehow I knew they'd show up to collect.

Time to pay up.

Time to let go, partner.

[soft cry]


[Scott screaming]

[angry hiss]

[bestial growl]


[exertion grunt]


demonic voice: I'll take you all to hell with me.

No, you won't.

They're gonna take you.


[Kate cries out]

[Amaru groans]


[Amaru shrieks]


[voices crying out]

[Amaru screaming]



She's not part of you anymore.


Of course that would happen.

What are we doing now?

We're running.

Freddie, what happened?

I didn't...

No, no, no.

You okay?

I'm sorry.

I better go look after the others.



You didn't push me away.


I'm gonna hit the road. Soon as I can.

You wanna come with?

I love you.

But everything's changed.


Once again, you leave the heavy lifting to everybody else.

He had his reasons.

It's gonna be a helluva night.

A brand-new night.

What about you, Mr. Gecko?

I got no idea.

And you know what?

That is f*ck' glorious.

What about you?

I think we're going our separate ways.


Hermanos Gecko.

Que les vaya bien.

So... what now?

Well... it seems like everyone in the world, both this one and the next, knows what I need to be.


As far as I'm concerned, there's only one thing we need to be, and only one way to live.

Well, are we gonna say it?

Say what?


Here's to getting rich and fat.

And dyin' in the arms of a beautiful woman.

Wait a second.

That... doesn't really work anymore.

So what do we say?


Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.

Do me a favor, try and taste the carpet, please.

Very nice.

Feel free to file a complaint with your customer service agent when we're finished.

In the meantime, everybody just be cool.

You... be cool.

Female Vocalist: ♪ Monsters ♪
♪ Under my bed ♪
♪ Monsters ♪
♪ Inside my head ♪
♪ I tell them to go away ♪
♪ But they stay they're ♪
♪ Here to stay ♪
♪ Monsters ♪
♪ I can't keep them in my head ♪


Now, that's just beautiful.

♪ Monsters under my bed ♪
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