01x06 - Episode 6

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Level ". Aired: September 2016 to present.
"The Level" revolves around a detective sergeant’s double life, which results in a b*llet wound she must conceal, and a k*ller to shrug off while investigating a m*rder case that’s a bit too close to home.
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01x06 - Episode 6

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Her medication's not at the right levels.

What did you do for my dad?

Anything he asked.

Frank Le Saux's son Tate's in a home for supported living.

Stop! Armed police!


I thought it might stop if I gave him you and I'm sorry.

If the g*n were Frank's, Nash is the only person left alive with something on that truck.

We request she be suspended till this matter can be investigated.

One week.

Go home and stay there.

Good news. We've got the gold mine back.

Teresa: Nancy!




(Smashing glass)


Tess! Tess, stop!


Please. Please, Tess.



What have you done with her?

Mum! Mum! Mum, Mum, Mum, Mum!

What's the matter? Why are you out of hospital? What's up?

No, you're not Nancy.


Mum! Stop!

You're not Nancy!

Stop! It's me.

No. Where's Nancy?

Stop, Mum. I promise it's me.

Where's Nancy?


Where's Nancy?


(Sobbing) Where's Nancy?


(Door closes)

It'll be an emergency section for 72 hours.

If there's no improvement, they'll go for a section two.

They said that she might be treatment-resistant.

She never has been before.

Maybe she just needs different pills, another anti-psychotic.

I told them... I told them the hospital thought that, you know, her medication levels were wrong.

They said they'd keep testing her to see if...


No, it's not Mum they should be testing.

According to forensics, the DNA evidence is overwhelming.

Le Saux k*lled Stephan Milner.


She's gone into labour.


What do I do?

Go. Just go!

Go, Sharad.

Go on, Sharad!

Ballistics have confirmed that the g*n are British Army issue.

Julie, you said that Stephan Milner had possible links with the military?

Milner was in Afghanistan from 2012 to 2014, driving HGVs for a UK construction company.

So, Milner's contacts nick the g*n, he ships them?

Maybe, but street value for that lot is worth at most 20 grand.

No, my guess is that we're still looking for Le Saux's gold mine and his k*ller.


Nash has an alibi.

He could have commissioned a hit.

Let's take a closer look at his friends, contacts, who he met in prison.

See if he had the means.


I told you to stay at home.

Yeah, just wait a minute, please.

What if the cargo is the gold mine?

Fake prescription drugs, counterfeits imported from Asia, sold into the NHS.

Prosecutions are rare.

They're impossible to detect from the packaging and if a proportion of patients are expected to die anyway, the hospital blames the condition, not the drug.

Ma'am, you saw what was on that truck.

Anti-retrovirals, cancer treatment...

Profit margins on these are 2,000%.

That's ten times higher than Class As.

Don't tell me that's not a gold mine.

All right.

So what are you thinking?

OK. Frank goes into business with Shay Nash to bring the stuff in.

First shipment, prototype.

Milner doesn't know anything about it, brings the g*n in on the same truck.

Puts the whole deal at risk.

Frank finds out, kills him, hides the truck.

Nash comes after it.

And kills Frank?

He wants the gold mine for himself.

Do you have evidence to back up any part of this theory?

My mum's been on the same drug for years.


Then it stopped working.

(Sighs) DS Devlin, you know as well as I do, without proof, I can't even get a search warrant.

Ma'am, there's no time.

Nash'll already have a buyer lined up.

Any minute, those drugs will be in the public domain.

And my job is to find out who k*lled Frank Le Saux, not help you pursue a personal vendetta against Nash.

No, it's the same thing. Why can't you see that?

What I'm seeing is someone whose investment in this case seems personal to the point of self-destruction.

Le Saux cast a very long shadow in your house, didn't he?

Don't push me, Nancy, cos I... I might start asking questions you really don't wanna have to answer.

Cherie: If you haven't slept, you should at least eat.

I know you're anxious about seeing Emil, but the kids...

The police tell us they think that Dad k*lled someone and you think I'm losing sleep over Emil.

Cherie: What they said was that it would be for the coroner to establish how Stephan Milner died.

Do you think Dad was capable of that?

I wish I could ask him, darling.

What about the other thing they asked about, this "gold mine"?

Sweetheart... your dad was an optimist.

There was always a gold mine.

One worth k*lling someone for?

I don't know what you think you're doing.

I'm asking a question.

A question that you keep not answering.

Because I don't know the answer.

All I know is he loved us and he kept us safe.

And if he ever did anything to anyone, good or bad, it was no more than they deserved.

Mum, Thane can't do his shoes up.

It's all right.

I could give you a lift to Gatwick.

It's all right, I promised them the train.

Will you go and get our coats for us, please?

(Softly) I wanna talk to you.

I've heard everything I need to hear.

No, you haven't.

There were things that I did in the army... that belonged in the army.

And...there were things that I did for your dad... that I won't ever do again... cos I want something different now.

I want you.

Mum, let's go.

I'm sorry.

Have you got my coat?


Do you want to go to the car?

(Door closes)


(Metallic rattling)

(Door closes)



I know I shouldn't be here, I just, erm...

I need you to withdraw the complaint.



This job, it's all I've got.

(Sucks teeth)


Is that an apology?

If that's what you want.

Oh... I want more than that.

Say you are sorry for being... a miserable... conniving... little bitch... who did everything in your power to separate me and Hayley.

Then and now.

I'm sorry.

So you should be.

So you f*cking should be.

(Knocking on door)

(Chuckles and clears throat)

I wanted to thank you for helping me the other night and to apologise, if I seemed ungrateful.


Hayley would be happier if there wasn't tension between us.

Well, that is very mature of you.

I'll make sure it gets back to Hayley.

That's not why I...

DS Devlin was just leaving.

Isn't that right, DS Devlin?


Oh, and for the record, I'll be informing my solicitor of your continued harassment.

Now get out.

What's this?


I think Shay Nash is imp...


I read the stuff you gave the boss.

Where did you get them?

Jesus, Nancy!

He's already got a complaint against you.

Please, just get them in front of the boss, yeah?

Why me?

Newman rates you. She'll buy them coming from you.

And you know I won't say no because it's you asking.

You know, I spent a lot of time thinking last night... wondering if it was all in my head.

This... thing I thought I could feel.

You know what?

I don't think it is.

Which makes me wonder what "complicated" means.

Let me know what she says.

Samples from where?

Red Bay Medical Supplies.

Shay Nash.

I mean, who gave them to you?

An informant.

A registered informant?

No, I'm still developing them.

Not sure if they're the real thing yet.

If they're right, I'll make it official.

Yeah, I bet you will.

I don't like the way that she rubs off on you.

The samples are there, ma'am.

Take them or leave them.

But if you leave them, we'll never know, will we?

I need something analysed.

Yeah, OK. Just a sec.

Right. Casodex.

Newman: Tamoxifen.




What's wrong? Why the panic?

When will the money come through?

We're gonna struggle without it.

I mean, really struggle.

I'm meeting my buyer today, soon, in fact... so it won't be long.

Listen, Frank was right when he said this was a gold mine.

After today, it's the gift that keeps on giving.

I promise.

I've been on to Mental Health about testing your mother's medic...

(Exhales and groans)

I've read the case files, remember?

And I know a b*llet wound when I see one.

We've all made mistakes, Nancy.

I just want to know what I can do... what you need from me now.


It's OK.

What Frank did... everything he did, is because I...

I know, I know. I know.


But it's what you do now that counts.

I don't think there's anything left I can do.

Oh, so that's it, then?

Case closed?

You caught the k*ller yet?


Why not?

I know...

I'm the one that told you Frank Le Saux wasn't worth shit.

But you're not doing this for him.

You do this for yourself.

Either that, or you'll end up like me.

Don't you do it.

Don't you let him shut you down.

If those case files are still in your room, maybe you should go and get them.


Aren't you supposed to get someone to help you do that?

Are you offering?

I don't like grapes.

I don't like you.

Hm. Ow.

Well, to what do I owe the pleasure?

I want to talk about Nancy.

What, not getting anywhere?

We've all been there, mate.

I've got a long service medal.


What about Nancy?

Is she in trouble?

Why are you asking me?

Because you know her.

Because... she acts like she's running away from something.

Honestly...I don't know what's going on with her.

She always had nerve, you know what I mean, but... she was never reckless, not like now.

(Mobile buzzes)

I need to take this.

All right.


Your informant was right about Shay Nash's drugs.

No active ingredient in any of them.

Chalk and sugar-coating.

We tracked down his buyer to an NHS trust.

We're about to pay him a visit.

I thought your informant might like to know that her intel was good.

I don't understand.

What in here tells you it's Nash?

He'd do it. He's capable.

That's it?

That's your evidence?

Come on. The pursuit of truth, Nancy, not the person.

That's how I messed up.

What's the question you've shied away from?

The one that gets in your way?

Why his eyes?

You know, back in the old days, after I'd been drinking... after a bad night, when I... I'd come down here in the morning, heading to work.

Your mother might be there.

And she'd look at me.

You'd be there.

You'd look at me.

And I, ah...

Whoever did this to Le Saux, couldn't bear him looking.

They were ashamed.

What he thought of them mattered.

(Immobiliser beeps)

Thanks for letting me talk to you, Tate.

I remember you.

You're Nancy. Yeah.

I remember you too.


You don't normally visit me.


I wanted to ask you about Darryl Quinn.

OK. Why?

Because you spend more time with him than anyone else does.

You're his friend.

Yeah, yeah. Right, yeah.

Can I help you, son?

I was looking for Nancy.

And you are?


She won't be long.

Why don't you come inside and wait?

When I spoke to Darryl, he told me he owed your dad everything.


He...um, thought my dad was a great dad.

He told me once that I was lucky to have him.

Why do you think Darryl said that?

Because he doesn't have one.

He doesn't have a dad?

He doesn't even have a mum.

So... has Darryl told you anything else private about himself?

No. Mm, mm...

Or maybe they're secrets, and you don't think you should tell?

No. No. He doesn't tell me any secrets.


He doesn't tell you secrets.

Mm, mm...

Does he maybe show them to you?

Tate, you didn't tell.

You haven't broken any promises. I'm just guessing.

It's OK.

He doesn't show me.

He just...gives me things to look after.

They're supposed to clean under there, but they never do.

So, Dave, how do you know Nancy?

Just...socially, you know.

Last time I saw her, she... she wasn't looking so well.

I was worried she might be...ill.

Or...I don't know... hurt.

No. Nothing like that.

Probably just working too hard.

You know what she's like.


Right. That's good to go.

OK. Thank you.





Julie called.

Darryl Quinn served six years with the Scots Guards.

He was in Afghanistan in 2013.

When Stephan Milner was working there.

Yeah, that's our link.

Quinn kills Frank to protect the g*n.

I think the g*n were an attempt to impress Frank.

I think he wanted Frank to be proud of him.

Maybe he wanted Frank to love him, I don't know.

All right. I want everyone looking for him on high alert.

If he's shipping the buggers, we can't assume he's not armed.

As you're officially off work, DS Devlin, I'm assuming you were here as a civilian?

Yes, ma'am.

And in the course of your conversation with Tate Le Saux, something came up which, as a civilian, made you curious?

Yes, ma'am.

Well, I'm glad we've cleared that much up.

(Exhales heavily)


Was that the g*n that k*lled my dad?

Yes, I think so.

I...I wish it had been a different g*n.

I wish it hadn't been in my room.

Me too.

(Mobile rings)


He cancelled.

The bastard didn't even let us know till we were halfway there.

Where are you?

At the lagoon.

I told the kids we could feed the ducks, but there aren't any sodding ducks, are there?

Darryl, did you mean what you said this morning?

I wouldn't have said it otherwise.

That's nice.

Cos of all the shitty days, today's got to be the shittiest.

No, it isn't.

Today's going to be a good day.

I'm going to come and get you and the kids.

And everything's going to be all right.




It's clearing up.




He's a bit tired, aren't you?

Little legs, long day.

Hey, mate. Come here.


Where are we going?

Not telling. It's a surprise.

Your brother's the lookout.

(Gasps) If you're the lookout, what do you say? Ahoy!


(Mobile rings)

Oh, hang on.



Hayley, we've found something.

I told you, I don't want you to contact me any more.

Darryl, can we go to the pier?



DS Devlin. You're back.

Shay, listen to me.

What, like I did before?

In my office?

My buyer pulled out today.

The police have been asking me questions.

But I expect you know that, don't you?

Do you...know...how much you have cost me?

You have to listen to me. OK?

Hayley's in danger.


Hayley's in danger.

Of course. (Chuckles)

What a f*cking liar you are!

She's with Darryl Quinn.

Yeah, well, that won't last.

What, you didn't know?

And you a detective?

Makes me wonder why I pay my taxes.

He k*lled Frank.

Oh. (Chuckles)

Quinn k*lled Frank.

Hayley's with him. The kids too. They're at the pier.

Why? Why would that... little soldier boy sh**t Frank?

He used to traipse after him like a puppy waiting for a pat on the head.

Well, maybe he got a kick in the teeth instead.

Shay. Shay, um... let me call it in.

Tell them she's with them.




You call it in, just please... please do something.

You're telling me the truth.


Tell me another truth.

For the record, DS Devlin, could you tell me how you broke into my storage unit?

I broke in through the f*re escape.


(Starts engine)

(Air pellet clangs)

Mum, did you see he hit it?

I did see.

We'll have some bubbles and the p*stol.

Thank you.

Is that your army training?

Has its uses.

What happened?

Working in the garden.

Hit the wall. Like an idiot.

So, come on, then. What's next?


(Knocking on door)

g*n: Nancy.



Armed response are on their way.

They are only minutes behind you.

Mrs Le Saux said they had a row this morning.

Hayley hasn't been in contact.

I'm on my cell, ma'am. She's still not answering.

(Tyres screech)

Excuse me. Hi. I'm going to need to start clearing the pier.

Get everyone to the far end. Thank you.

Ladies and gentlemen, can you start clearing the pier for me as quickly as possible? Thank you.

Mum, can we have some sweets, please?

You had sweets on the train.

Hey, close your eyes and count to ten.

Go on, try it. Sometimes good things happen when you do.

Both: One...

Thank you. Excuse me.

..two...three... four...five... six...seven... eight...nine...



Both: Thank you.

It's a special day.

I'll take that, mate.

Thank you.

For what?

For knowing what we needed.

Not just you.

Mum, Darryl, come on!


(Overlapping chatter)

Where are you now?

At the far end of the pier, by the fun fair.

They're still together.

Keep your eyes on them.

Ma'am? I've been seen.

Shit! We need to move.

Officer: Go! Go!

You need to step away from them.

Hayley: Nancy.

Step away from them and put your hands where I can see them.


You have to stay back.

What are you talking about?

Darryl, you need to tell me if you're carrying a w*apon.

No, no, no, no. Stay where you are.

Keep your hands where they can see them.

It was you.

Frank's girl.

Hayley: Darryl?

Will you look at me?

Just look at me.

I didn't mean to hurt them.

Theo Kettler, that woman.

But I thought they knew what I'd done.

You didn't do it.

It wasn't you.

Frank was so angry with me.

He said things.

"Worthless piece of shit."

And he was right.

I am.

Thane: Darryl!

Thane, no, no!


Listen to me, close your eyes like before.

And count to ten.

Both: One... two... three... four...five... six...seven...

Darryl, stop!

Stop! Armed police!

(Exhales weakly)

Newman: Nancy?

Are you all right?


Did he do it on purpose?

Mm. su1c1de by cop.

At least I can stop worrying about our missing witness.

There's no-one coming after her now.

Is there?

(Approaching footsteps)

Ma'am, g*n just called from the hospital.

It's about DS Devlin's father.

(Monitor beeps)

For a minute there, I thought you were your mum.

How is she? Is she OK?

No. But I think she will be.

Now they know what was really wrong.

And you?

Are you all right?

I am now.

She's beautiful.

Isn't she beautiful?

Sharad, seriously.

Three hours he's been crying.


I can't help it.

She's so perfect.

I can't believe I had anything to do with her.

Stop it, man, you'll get me going.

Oh. Hello.

Nancy: Hi.

They're only from downstairs.


They're lovely.

Come and meet her.

Oh, look, she's got Sharad's eyelashes.

All right, I'm pulling rank now.

She's coming to Auntie Michelle, aren't you, my lovely one?

Auntie Michelle.

You see? Good with babies on top of everything else.

About how you covered for me with Newman.

You said you weren't who you wanted to be.

This is your chance.

Thank you.

I wish there was something I could do for you, but...

Nancy, erm...

He was here before.

He went.


I assume to look for you.

I still think you're settling for second best.




Thank you.

For finding my dad.

Thank you.

It's OK.

To be fair, it wasn't your dad I was looking for.

What's wrong?

I need you to know what complicated means.

I protected Frank... for a long time.

Not for money. Never for money.

There was a lot I didn't know about him, but...

I knew enough.



Nancy, what am I supposed to do with that?

Whatever you need to.

So I choose whether to bring you down or lie for you.

I'm not asking you to lie.

If I keep my mouth shut, that's what it is.

So don't keep your mouth shut.

You've got a choice.

No, I haven't.

You know, in all the years on the force, I never once bent the rules, I never once lied.

I'm not that copper any more, am I?

Do you know, there wasn't a single thing about being with you that I didn't want more of?

(Gulls cry)

Hayley...I need to talk to you.

Not about Darryl.

Your dad was trying to change.

He wanted to build a different kind of future.

For you.

For his grandchildren.

But the police... your friend, Nancy... they don't want that.

They don't want to believe in redemption.

They just want revenge.


I don't understand.

Hayley... there's something you need to know.


Erm... my mum told me what happened... about Dad trying to go straight.

How him and Shay were stitched up by some crooks selling fakes, and how you lot don't want to know.

That's not what happened.

She told me something else as well.

She erm...

She told me that you're my sister.

I promise you, I didn't know.

Not till after he died.

She said you'd say that.

You see, the thing is... I don't trust her.

Dad used people, that's the truth of it.

He used you, probably used Darryl.

I know he loved us - me, Mum and Tate.

But everyone else he just took advantage of.

So...I've had a thought.

I wanna go undercover for you.

Don't joke.

I'm not joking.

They're not going to stop, Nance, Mum and Shay.

Shay's under arrest.

He's been bailed.

His solicitor thinks he's going to get away with it.

They trust me.

They think I'm on their side.

Hayley... you don't know what it's like to have to lie to the people that you're close to.

I know that I have to be able to live with myself.

It's dangerous.

Then you'd better be there, hadn't you?

Catch me if I fall.

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