01x15 - The att*ck

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Lab Rats: Elite Force". Aired: March 2016 to October 2016.
"Lab Rats: Elite Force" follows an elite force, put into action after villains destroyed Mighty Med Hospital, that vow to track down villains and keep the world safe.
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01x15 - The att*ck

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(Text alert chimes)

Um, Oliver, why did you just send me a text that says I make you feel all tingly inside?


No, that wasn't meant for you.

It was for Skylar.

It's my big thumbs, I'm cursed.

Since it's out in the open, I say we all discuss this tingly feeling.

I say we don't.

Uh, guys, I think I just discovered another super power I got from the Arcturian. Look.

Oh, cool!

Flashlight hands.

Why would I need flashlights in my hands?

Because if they were in your feet, they wouldn't be as useful.

Actually, could you shine those bad boys over here?

I think I lost a peanut.

Super powers are supposed to be cool.

This is just lame.

Bree, your new power may seem lame, and absolutely hysterical, but trust me, there must be a purpose.

A big part of being a superhero is getting used to your powers and knowing how and when to use them.

Don't worry. You'll figure it out.

What's wrong, Douglas?

Something strange is going on outside.

The whole city feels eerie.

There are a lot more police sirens than usual.

What do you think it is?

I don't know.

But something's definitely not right.

Hi, guys. Meet my new friend, Reese.


She's a girl!

And she's holding your hand.

I agree, Douglas. Something definitely is not right.

(Sirens wailing)

Douglas was right.

Those sirens are really loud out there.

Yeah, I'm a little more concerned about what's going on in here.

So how exactly did you two meet?

Or are you here against your will?

Blink twice if you need me to step in.

Well, I was at the library looking for a bit of light reading on quantum physics...

Oh, my head hurts just hearing those words in a sentence.

When I noticed that Reese here was writing a term paper on the poly-exclusion principle.

Stop! You're burning my brain!

I thought he was cute, so I said hi.

And three hours later, we're dating.

You just met.

We're dating!

Dude, bring it down a notch.

You gotta play it smooth and slow with the ladies.

Too much.


Reese, why don't you get to know everybody while I go make us a snack Isn't he cute?



(Giggles) I'm worried about you.

I just can't stand being so far away from him.

He's right...

I know where he is.

I just miss him.

I'm back.

Thank you, pookie bear.

Oh, you're welcome, pookie bear.

Who's a good little pookie bear?

I'm a good little pookie bear.

Okay. All right.

I can't watch this anymore.

Bree, can you burn my retinas with your flashlight hands?

Can I have a word with you guys?

In private.


Would you excuse us, pookie bear?

I told you something weird was going on.

I was just watching the Channel 5 news with Chip and Dixie, and they said strange things have been happening all over the city.

What kind of strange things, aside from the cutesie twins over here, and people calling themselves Chip and Dixie?

Fires, ruptured gas lines, all sorts of random destruction.

And get this.

Eyewitnesses are saying it all started with a mysterious black swarm.

Hey, we know a mysterious black swarm.


Roman and Riker.

Hold on. Let's not jump to conclusions.

It is tornado season.

You're not the only one who watches Chip and Dixie.

Roman and Riker must be changing up their strategy.

Instead of attacking us, they're attacking the people of Centium City.


Because they couldn't get our list of the superheroes' locations.

Instead of fighting the superheroes themselves, I bet they're trying to lure them out by using innocent civilians as bait.

I better go down and use the encrypted network to warn the superheroes.

What was that?

The whole city just went dark.

Don't just stand there. Turn on your flashlight hands.

This isn't good.

You guys need to suit up and get moving.

Got it.

Whatever you do, do not let her leave.

I mean, it's really dangerous out there.

You should probably stay here with Douglas.


All righty then.

(Whispers) Do not let her leave.

(Text alert chimes)

Oliver, care to explain why you just invited me to a post-mission cuddle session?

(Groans) Stupid thumbs.

Can you forward that to Skylar?

(Sirens wailing, electricity crackling)

Roman and Riker trashed the entire city.

Yeah, yeah, quit yapping and let's find 'em already so I can get back to Reese.

You barely even...

We are dating!

Yes, Chase, because getting you back to your crazy girlfriend should be everyone's top priority right now.

Actually, it probably should be.

It might not ever happen again.

(People screaming)

Guys, I hear the swarm. Everyone get ready.

It sounds like they're coming from every direction.

Where are they?

Well, I think we found 'em.

So... Chip and Dixie say there's a new panda at the zoo.

You know, we can just sit in silence if you want.

Oh, thank you.

Douglas! Who's the tween?

Did you make another one?


It's Chase's girlfriend.

Yikes. What bet did you lose?

I saw the news.

The city is being overrun by a giant swarm.

I'm scared, Dougie.

And now I'm scared.

The team is out taking care of it.

But what if they don't?

What if they never come back?

Then you and I will have this giant penthouse all to ourselves.

And just like that, I'm rootin' for the bad guys.

I'm gonna go up to the roof and turn on the emergency generator to get some light in here.

I'll go with you.

I once had a dream that we were up on the roof.

Two young babes under a blanket of stars.

Sounds nice. Did I jump?

Just stay here with Reese till I get back.

Look at us, two pretty gals in the big city, awaiting our gentlemen callers.

We should give each other makeovers and surprise our guys.

No, no, that's...

I know what you're thinking.

How could I get any more beautiful, right?

Well, if I'm being honest, the makeover is more for you than it is for me. Come on.

Oh, I'm gonna make you look so glamorous.
(People screaming)

We gotta get these people outta here.

Bree, look out.

I don't get it.

How can they be causing so much damage?

There's only two of them.

Kaz: I got this one.

I didn't know that Roman and Riker's swarm could split up and be in different places at the same time.

It can't.

Guys, we're not just fighting Roman and Riker.

We're fighting multiple shape shifters.

Okay, there are too many of them.

We need to call the other superheroes for backup.

No way. That's exactly what Roman and Riker want us to do.

I'm sure they're planning an even bigger att*ck when the superheroes show up.

We need to concentrate on taking out one swarm at a time.

But how?

Oh, maybe Bree can distract 'em with her flashlight...

Enough with the flashlight hands.

I still say we call the other superheroes in.

If these swarms take us out, they're gonna have to come and save the city anyway.

That's why it's up to us to save the superheroes and the city.

Bree: Kaz!

Skylar, we're outnumbered.

It's a su1c1de mission.

It'll be tough, but we can do this.

We are an elite force.

Who's with me?

If I'm going down, I'm going down fighting.

Me, too.


I guess I'm in, too.

Wow, you do have big thumbs. Look at that sucker.

Oh, no.

Skylar: What are they doing?

Brace yourselves!

Good work, my children.

Good work.

Perry: Oh, good, the lights are back on.

Come on down, Reese.

I don't want to.

Get down here, girlie!

I think it's a little too much.

Oh, it's a lot too much.

The boys are gonna love it.


I was able to turn the generator on.

Hello, Dougie.


And now I'm gonna go turn it off again.

Wait. You haven't seen the best part.

I rouged my bunions.

Be right back.

Take your time.

I've got work to do.

Hyperlift, open.

I'm in.

Who are you?

I recognize him from Mighty Med.

It's Roman and Riker's father, Rodissius.

They had to take away his powers to save his life.

Hey, I've been meaning to ask you.

Isn't it a pain writing your name out all the time?

Wouldn't it just be easier to go by Rod?


Rodissius it is.

I see that your little Elite Force has finally realized you're no match for my family of shape shifters.

Family? How many kids do you have?


Believe me, Roman and Riker are the nice ones.

What does that say about you as a father?

You can att*ck this city all you want.

But no amount of destruction will ever bring your powers back.

And to be honest, you don't deserve them.

I may not have my powers, but my children do.

And as you can see, they're getting plenty of revenge for me.

They're attacking innocent people.

I know.

Isn't it great?

Look, Rod. See?

It's got a nice ring to it.

We're on to your plan.

You're attacking these people to lure the superheroes out.

Yeah, but it's not gonna work, because we're gonna take you down on our own.


You think we're trying to lure the superheroes here.

No. Our plan is a little more complex than that.

How so?

We didn't have to bring the superheroes here.

We just had to get you away from your cyber desk.

There's someone in the house.


No. No way.

She wouldn't betray me.

I think she would.

After all, she is my daughter.


I thought I would have to work a little harder to trick the smartest man in the world.

Come on. We have to get back before she gets that superhero list.

(Rodissius laughs)

(Laughter continues)

Well, what do you want?

Nobody messes with my brother.

Yeah! How do you like them flashlight hands, huh?


Oh... (Chuckles) Hey.

How did you...

I'm not gonna lie. That was a total accident.

Where is it?

Ah, there we go. Got it.

Come on. Hurry up and download.

Perry: Wait. There's more to my makeover.

I painted all my toes to look like our future children.

You know the rules. No kids in mission command.


What are you doing?

Uh, I was just looking for a good Wi-Fi connection.

How did you even know this was down here?

That's the superhero list.

What are you up to?

What the...


Just completing a mission my brothers couldn't.

Wait. So you're...

Roman and Riker's sister.

Their more... powerful sister.


Did you feel the burn?

When you come to, you'll have a permanent reminder of what kind of power you're really dealing with.

Whether it's breaking in here, or breaking out of a Turkish prison, you always got my back.


What happened?

I don't know. I was chasing him all over, and when I found him down here, he was gasping for air.

Why were you chasing him?

It was pretty obvious he wasn't gonna come willingly.

Go get help.

Where's Reese?

She took off right after she blasted me.

Douglas, I'm so sorry.

She got him good.

His pulse is really weak.

That's not the only thing she got.

She downloaded the superhero list.

(Frustrated yell) This is all my fault.

Chase. It's okay.

You got carried away by a crush; it happens.

Now they know where all the superheroes are.

We have to get on the encrypted network and warn them.

She blocked our access. We can't even get on.

I'll stay here with Douglas.

You guys head back out, try to find Reese.

If it's a w*r they want... then we'll give 'em one.

Father, Father.

(Rodissius groaning)


Did you get the list?

Yes. The superheroes are ours.

Who did this to you?

The bionic girl.

She also has super powers.

How is that possible?

I don't know, but we're gonna find out.

We will see this through.

I want you there watching as we destroy every last superhero, including the Elite Force.
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