01x04 - Episode 4

Episode transcripts for the TV miniseries "t*nk". Aired: October 16, 2016 to November 2016.
"t*nk" revolves around an archaeologist, who stumbles upon evidence of an undiscovered tomb of one of Egypt’s forgotten Pharaohs, t*nk. At a chance meeting with Lord Carnarvon, he agreed to fund the digs.
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01x04 - Episode 4

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Lord Carnarvon: I've never heard of this t*nk.

If I'm right, that would mean that he is buried here.

Can you see anything?

Yes, wonderful things.

Where's the coffin?

My God! There's more.

This is just the antechamber. This is the burial chamber.

The seals are still in tact.

You found something wonderful.

Yes, we did.

The contents of any royal tomb is the property of the Antiquities Service and will remain in Egypt.

You are the talk of the world.

Did it never cross your mind that to favour one newspaper to the exclusion of all others would turn every other journalist in the world against us?

How in God's name could you be so incompetent?!

I found this tomb.

Do you think that gives you licence to bed my daughter?!

I've nothing more to say to you.

Then you have my resignation.

Let's do those here, please. There's no light over at 15.

Yes, Mr Burton.

Mace? That's the lot.

We've got company. Mm.

What do you suppose they want now?

The fillings from our teeth, possibly.

Excuse me a moment.

Lacau and his merry men are back.

Harry's taken his place, so if you want, we can go ahead and open the burial chamber.

Not today.

What's happened?

Are you not intending any work today, Mr Carter?

What do you want? Some of my men will remain to oversee progress.

The Service is concerned that some items from the tomb may have gone missing.

Well, there are no missing items here.

You must understand that this will not be another Lord Elgin and his Marbles.

(SCOFFS) Egypt will not countenance grave-robbing.

Oh. That right?

Well, then what exactly has Egypt been doing for the last 3,000 years?

There isn't a single tomb in this entire valley that Egypt hasn't robbed bare, except for the one that I found.


What did you do, Papa?

Do come in (!)

I didn't sack him. He resigned.

I don't care if he resigned.

Get him back! Apologise.

Why on earth should I apologise?

None of us would be here if it weren't for him.

He's a liability.

You wanted to go home.

You were ready to pack up and give up.

Pig-headed, can't manage people.

The whole world's press...

You know he struck that deal to get you your money back!


This has nothing to do with that.

This is about me and Carter.

Oh, God damn it, Evelyn!

I will not have you become a scandal.

I will not allow it.

I trusted you. Trusted both of you.

I will never forgive that man!

"That man"?

For God's sake, Papa! This is Carter you're talking about!

You have known him for 15 years. He is your best friend.

He went behind my back!

No, he did not!

He tried to put me off, said that it was inappropriate.

Then how in God's name did he come to seduce you?

Cos I left him very little choice.


I was the one that started this.

No, no, no, I will not hear this.

Go to your room!



Do we open it?


This can wait. Well, then...

There's plenty work to be done attending to finds in 15.

This can wait until...

Well... this can wait.

Do you know this is the second offer I've had?

Pathe News are asking as well.

This, er, Goldwin chap's coming to Cairo tomorrow.

I'm thinking perhaps I'll go and see him.


Do you love Mama?


Did you marry her because you loved her or because of her fortune?

What on earth has that got to do with anything?

I need to know.

Look, I do understand what you're asking, I do.

But you're not naive.

You know how the world works.

A scullery maid can choose love and a cottage. You cannot.

Then who's richer?

It's easier to think of oneself as free out here.

But of course we're not. We have responsibilities.


Not to just to each other but... to those who depend on us.

Do you understand?

You do know that nothing can come of this?


And if you know that, then what you are doing is simply toying with a man's affections.

And I did not raise you to be so unkind.

Now, whatever there has been between you and Carter, it stops now.

I will go up to Cairo to see this Mr Goldwin, and... you'll come with me.

You could always try selling paintings.

You're not bad with a paintbrush.

Pa showed me your watercolours. Very good.

They'd be worth something.

If necessary.

You could get a proper stall in the market.

Put up a display.

Perhaps you could paint some pictures of your finds.

You know, from memory.

What are you doing?

Is this really what you want? Hawking you wares around Luxor?

It's not a matter of what I want, it's of whether I am required.

Of course you're required!

Have you talked to him?


He's quite right. You know?

About us.

What kind of future could I possibly offer Lady Evelyn Carnarvon?

Do you really think that I care?


He seemed a decent chap, don't you think?

For a Hollywood sort.

Will it bring in any money?

A very pragmatic question.

I thought me being pragmatic was what you wanted.

Mace says to reseal the antechamber or moisture will damage the contents of the burial chamber.

Winlock wants two more technicians to help with the archival process in 15.

Oh, and he wants them to be Americans, not locals.

And there's a petition up in a French newspaper in Luxor about you receiving bribes, stirring up trouble -

All right, that's enough!

I know what you're doing.

I am not having him back, do you hear?


Pa, what's wrong?

Oh, it's just...

It's my leg and the... And the stairs.

That's all.


Sir? Sir? Sit down.

Call a doctor.

Yes, my lady.

It's just the heat, I think.

And those stairs.

It's probably just the heat.

I'm fine...

And what's this?


Oh. That's a... mosquito bite.

I nicked it shaving.


You should let him rest. Let him sleep.

What's the matter?

He has blood poisoning.

What? How?

A cut on his neck has become infected, and I'm afraid the infection's spread to the blood.

It can happen very quickly out here.

What can you do? What can you give him?


There is no medical treatment.

It's very serious, I'm afraid.

I'm really very sorry.

Thank you.

Devil of a thing, isn't it?


Get off me! Get off!

What is God's name is going on out there?

They know Carnarvon's here.

Someone's spread the story he's got half of King Tut's treasures stashed under his bed.

How is he?

Evelyn said he wasn't well.

It's blood poisoning.


Is it serious?

How did it come on so quickly?

Carter, go and see the man.

Mr Carter?

It was so good of you to come.

He's been asking for you.

Will you talk to him?

Of course.

Mace: I will take my leave.

(COUGHING) I need a little more.

Good day.

Good day, sir.


Mace says that... moisture may be damaging items in the burial chamber.

Well, I haven't been back to the tomb, but yes, I should think.

What can be done about it?

Well, the first thing would be to get them clear of the confined space.

Out into the dry air.

Yes, yes.

Do you love her?


Yes, I do.

Life can seem very short suddenly.

And a chap ends up wondering what might have been.

I've been a fool, Carter.

I really am... (COUGHING) ..very sorry.

But you forgive me?

There's nothing to forgive.

He's strong.

He'll fight this off.

What can I do?

Go back to the dig.

He loves to hear about the work.

Bring him good news.

Thank you for coming on what I hope is to be a truly momentous occasion.

Families will have to remain outside, I'm afraid.

What on earth have you got?

Courtesy of Mr Goldwin. Fancy yourself as a movie star?




Winlock and Mace: Ready.

All set, Harry?




More light, please.


Winlock: Sweet, Lord! What is that?

The shrine of a king.


Carter: Are you comfortable?


Quite comfortable, thank you.

(GRUNTS) All right.


Ah. Look at that.


That is the outer shrine there.

Which is the largest of them. Oh.

It's 15 foot long.

With doors, as you see.

There are four gilded shrines, nested one inside another.

And once we'd removed the shrines, we found the sarcophagus.

And those paintings, they're the funeral rites and the procession.

What... what is that?

Ah, that is the sarcophagus.

On each corner there is a goddess, and that is the goddess !sis with her wings outstretched, you see?

She enfolds and protects the shrine.

We really did it, didn't we?

What a glorious thing!


That's enough.

Thank you.

I'm so sorry, the light hurts my eyes.

Of course.

Would you like me to call someone?

No. I'm quite well.


I've heard the call.

I'm preparing.


I know, Mr Mace.

Well, that's going to weigh a ton.

So we'll need wedges to lift it.

Then we'll get ropes underneath the lid.

And I need a really solid block and tackle.

I'll have them brought down. Right-o.

Let's get this equipment and tap this thing open...

Layer after layer.



You're wanted in Cairo.

You better hurry.
Receptionist: Good day, sir, madam.

Hello, sir.


He's not...


But he'll be soon.

Doctor said that it's gone to his lungs.


I am very sorry.

Thank you, Doctor.


It's just awful.

Seeing it all go into boxes.

I kept half expecting them to put catalogue numbers on his things.

I used to play with these when I was younger.

When he was dressing for dinner.

It's a hedgehog, you see?


I remember when I saw this for the first time.

He was so proud.

His first find.

And now he's gone.

It's ridiculous.

How can you be gone? It doesn't make the slightest bit of sense.

When do you leave?

In an hour.

Awful lot to do with erm... the funeral and the estate.

And the lawyers.

I don't want to go.

Then... then..

..don't go.

I have to.

I don't... I don't want you to go.

I can't...

I love you.

I have always, always loved you.

Let me through if you don't mind. Thank you so much.

Oh, God. Excuse me, children.

Sorry to disturb. There's no room.

Mr Winlock, sir.

Do you believe Lord Carnarvon's death is a result of the curse?

The curse?

The Arabs, sir, they are saying that this is just the first death of many.

(SCOFFS) They are saying that the curse will strike down anyone who has entered the tomb.

Do you feel personally afraid? (SCOFFS)

Do you believe Lord Carnarvon got with he deserved?

Opening the tomb.

What paper do you work for?


And you'd like a quote, I assume? Yes, sir.

f*ck you and your paper.

Excuse me.

Carter: Ready, set, heave!


Ready, set, heave!

Ready, set, heave!

Ready, set, heave!

Ready, set, heave!

Ready, set, heave!


Tie it off.


The recipient's name is Lady Evelyn Carnarvon.


Newbury, er...

"Excellent progress in the tomb. Stop. Please send funds for wedges and supplies. Stop."

Anything more, sir?


If you could put a...

In fact, no, never mind. Just that.

Just send that.

There you are.


Good day.

Move out. Come on.


What's going on here?

Mr Carter. You need to clear this area.


Don't you dare tell me how to run my dig.

Get those policemen out of here. Now!

No, sir. I have my orders.

What you doing down there?


I said, what are you bloody doing?

They are with me.

Nothing here is properly secured.

This dig must be conducted professionally.

A member of my staff will remain.

Absolutely not. They have no business here.

That is not the case. The Antiquities Service oversees all excavations in the valley and when a dig is improperly conducted.

This is my dig.

I will run it as I see fit.

No Mr Carter, It is not your dig.

I was Lord Carnarvon's concession but he is d*ad.

This site is the responsibility of my department.

Is there anyone else down there? No. What's going on?

Get out my bloody way.


What are you doing?

Give me that key.


Very well, sir.

If you wish it.

By order of the Antiquities Service, I am revoking your permission to dig here.

Leave at once or I will have you escorted from the area by the police!

Lacau: I do take your points.

But I cannot countenance any further involvement from Mr Carter.

As I understand it, Mr Lacau, while we speak, the coffin remains open to the air.

The contents are inevitably deteriorating.

It is the discovery of our age and you are allowing it to fall the pieces.

It is not matter of my allowing...

My father's expenditure, time and funds has furnished your department with the greatest archaeological discovery the world has seen.

And neither you nor this department has had to lift one finger or paid one penny for this to happen!

Lady Evelyn, if you please... I'm sure that matter will be settled in time.

Your father's estate is seeking compensation.

And all it took was the thr*at of legal action (!)

Every minute we waste here, the contents of the tomb are rotting away.

I have no argument with you, Lady Evelyn.

I am more than happy for you to finish what your father started.

As soon as you wish.

Thank you.

And who shall I engage to oversee this work, Mr Lacau?

In your opinion, who do you feel is the best qualified Egyptologist?

Obviously we need someone with first-hand experience of excavating and preserving 3,000-year-old funerary goods.

Perhaps you could give me a list of suitable experts?

I think we both know there's really only one man.

What's all this?

This is the world turning, old boy.

The latest edict from on high.

From now on, anything found in the valley is the property of the Antiquities Service.

Not just royal tombs. anything at all.

A scrap of faience, a copper thimble, it goes straight to Cairo. You don't get a cent.

You must be joking?

I wish I were.

The man can't justify digging under those conditions. No-one can.

Everyone's going home.

Everyone except you.

You'll have to swallow your pride, I'm afraid.

Apologise to Lacau.

Not in person. A note of hand would do it.

And then you can go on as before. See it through.

Well, I can be as humble as the next man.


You know, if I didn't apologise... if we didn't get access to that tomb again...

I was thinking, would it be so very bad?


Well, then nothing would have to come to an end.

For how long?

A lifetime, maybe.

So long as it remains unfinished... we're here.

Aren't we?

And out here... anything is possible.


I have been searching my entire life.

And for years now, I thought it was the tomb.

The tomb. When I find the tomb I will feel complete.

I will be Howard Carter.

But I've found it.

Standing there that first night...

Surrounded by treasure...

So much beauty.

The only thing I wanted to look at was you.

I thought...

I was hoping you could have this.

Do you remember? You... picked it up because it ...

Carter, stop it.

I'm getting married.

You... you came back. You're here...

I had to get you your dig back.

That's why I came.

And... who is he?

His name's Beecham.

He's a baronet. (CHUCKLES)


Right thing to do. Family and the estate.

And for you? The right thing to do for you?

Yes, and what's he like? Is he...

Hm? What's he like?

He's nothing like you.

Goodbye, Evelyn.

Don't be silly. There's no goodbye between us.

Yes, well, there is, though, isn't there?


Goodbye, Carter.


(SIGHS) Well, we'll get the dig back.

Good boy. It's worth it, you know?

Yes, indeed.

What is it?

It's nothing.

Would you tell the chaps?

Of course.

Roll up, roll up!

The greatest show on Earth is back in town.

Last chance to see the wonders of the age.


Mind your step.

Looks much the same.

Can we have the lights, please?

Oh, my word!

Well, we need to re-rig, get the whole thing clear.

What about the coffin? Ah.

There's some surface patination.

It's not bad.

No, it's not bad. Thank God.



We missed you at dinner.

I bring scraps from the feast.

That's good of you.

Erm, put them down there, would you?

They filled the outer coffin with pitch, you see.

Rather clever, really, because everything inside would be perfectly preserved but... it's the very devil to remove.

You can't heat it up, of course.

You just have to take it off bit by bit.

Carter, it's the middle of the night.

Yes, well, it doesn't really matter underground, does it?

Any case, best to press on.

Lot of work to be done here.

Can I help?

Thank you.



What? Wake up.

Come and see this.


Excuse me? Sir, turn this way. This way, sir.

Just for a moment, sir. One second...

Over here, sir.

Mr Merton?

Yes. Come through. Thank you.

It's... astonishing.

I've never seen anything like it.

Nobody has.

3,000 years ago, a 12-year-old king led his people away from their past.

Away from their mistakes.

Brought them here.

These three coffins were nested inside each other.

Like Russian dolls.

Somebody asked me once what the Pharaohs were like.

I said they weren't that different from us.

Some of them were kind or... cruel, wise, foolish.

They fell in love.

They strove for immortality.

Just like us.

I think you have your story, Mr Merton.


Excuse me.

These past years... have been an extraordinary privilege.

To be... so close to beauty... I wish it could've lasted longer.

And as for t*nk himself... it was Lord Carnarvon's wish - and it is mine also - that his body remain where it was laid to rest.

We will seal the sarcophagus over him.

And leave him in peace.

It has been an honour.

That's all I have to say.



Shukran. Shukran. Shukran.



No, no, leave it. I'll do it.


Thank you very much.


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