01x07 - San Francisco

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Pitch". Aired: September 2016 to December 2016.
"Pitch" revolves around a young pitcher noted for her screwball pitch who becomes the first woman to play in the league, when she is chosen to play for the San Diego Padres.
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01x07 - San Francisco

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Previously on Pitch...

Amelia: The video is everywhere.

I just don't want to do it anymore.

I just don't... I don't want to, like...

I don't want to take secret exits,

I don't want to smile when I don't want to smile.

We've heard all the excuses over the years.

Really, I'm fine.

No, you're not.

You and I, what we're doing, it might have cost us the game today.

You don't want to do this anymore?

No, that's not what I'm saying, Amelia.

Okay, then I'll say it. You know, your head wasn't really in it, anyway.

I figured you weren't dating anybody else seriously, because you weren't over Rachel yet.

I'm still in love with you.

You only want me because you can't have me.

I got hacked. Selfies that we took from the road.

The selfies hacked from Trevor's computer have surfaced.

Pictures are being released.

What else you got?

I can give you a home. And I promise you, that San Diego will embrace you as one of their own.

I'm not sitting behind Mike Lawson.

Duarte is a catcher, he's coming to your team.

That guy's not taking my job.

♪ ♪
♪ You come for me ♪
♪ In the worst of places ♪
♪ You come for me ♪
♪ You come and try to take me home ♪
♪ I'm always in need ♪
♪ And it's hard to be reciprocating ♪
♪ The fabric of our life gets torn ♪

(knees cracking)

♪ And everything's changing ♪
♪ So how am I to know ♪
♪ How I'm going to hold onto you ♪

I thought Skip was giving you the day off behind the plate.

He is.

I got screaming kids at home.

I got an excuse to be here early.

Kiki's working on my back.

♪ And everybody knows ♪

Amelia: You look like a waitress at Hooters.

I mean, I'm amazed that your head is the only thing that bobbles.

The front office should be throwing a fit.

Amelia, nude photos of the real me are about to explode all over the Internet.

I need to know what we're gonna do to stop it.

We can't stop it.

I've got three law firms on this.

We can keep it out of the tabloids, but there's no way that we can keep them from the underground Web sites.

They're already teasing them.

Eliot says that we've got four, I mean, five days tops.

So much for being "one of the guys."

So much for being a role model to little girls.

I've handled this kind of thing before.

Yeah, for bobble-headed actresses who see nudity as a career move.

I'm just saying that... (sighs) we have to be tactically creative about this.

"Tactically creative"?

Yeah, our strongest move is deniability.

It's us being able to prove that it's not you.

It is me.


So some might fabricate a mole.

Say-say on your left hip.

Have it appear in training photos...

Wait, you-you want me to change my body to support a lie?

Are you kidding me? Never.

You wouldn't, would you?

You shouldn't. Good for you.

I need you to come up with something better. So I can focus on my job.

I have to go tell the front office.

They're already upset with me after L.A.

I know. They need to know.

They need to know today.


Hey, it's too bad about you and Mike.

I'm sorry if I was the reason it didn't work out.

Mike Lawson has some stuff that he needs to work through.

You pushed me out of the way of a speeding b*llet.

Now it's my turn to help you.

That was a hard no on the fake mole, right?


Good, smart. I was just testing.

(door closes)

♪ Have no fear... ♪

(opera music playing)


Blip: With your backup catcher down, you know what that means, right?

They're gonna bring up Livan.

They're gonna bring up Livan to back you up.

Hey, Mike...

They're gonna bring up Livan and the minute you take a day off or you pull a hammy and he gets the start...

If you say Wally Pipp...

He's gonna Wally Pipp your ass.

Who's Wally Pipp?

He's not Wally Pipping my ass.

Yeah, well tell that to the media and the fans when they start screaming for Livan to start the first time you go 0 for four.

Hey, Mike. Um, if you have a sec later, can I show you how my cutter's coming along? I think I got something here.

I just caught eight innings on my day off. Love to.

"Yankees first baseman, Lou Gehrig, replaced starter, Wally Pipp, and played in 2,130 consecutive games."

Hmm. That's Wally Pipp.


How could you be a ballplayer and not know who Wally Pipp is?

I was born in 1992?

Try watching some Ken Burns.

Al: Mike.

Blip: Oh, here it comes. Good luck, Wally.

You know what this means, right?

You're calling up Livan.

He's on a flight already.

Don't waste any time, do you?

Well, El Paso had a game in Vegas. Look, Mike, I want you to play some first base.


Charlie and Oscar want to see what Livan can do behind the dish, and I want both your bats in the lineup.

First base?

Not every day.

Remember spring training, Tucson?

Two errors in one game?

Two errors in one play.

Oh, thanks, Buck.

Always good to have you doing color commentary.

Listen, Mike, you're not a rookie anymore.

This'll help prolong your career.

Now in fairness to Lawson, this sounds a lot like what you say to a guy when you're starting to end their career.

I got to hack a whiz.

Buck, can you tell Ginny to come in here?


Team has to come first.

And I'm the catcher on the team. Ask anyone.

Better yet, try asking me.

This is not a Wally Pipp thing.

Think of it as a temporary move.

Well, I'm not good with moves.

Woman: Think of it as an adventure.

Moving back to Poway. Won't that be fun, Mikey?

We just moved here. You said we're never going back.

Here's a fun game.

Grab as much of your stuff as you can in five minutes, and then we're out of here.

(video game beeps)

What about the rest of our stuff?

We'll buy new stuff. Come on, it'll be fun.

I don't know anyone here.

Then you can be anyone you want.

That's your new coach.

He seemed real nice. He'll look after you.

Can I just come with you?

You know the drill. New town... Mom's got some job interviews.

Didn't you want to play baseball again?

This is Mike.

He likes baseball.

(smacks lips)

I might be a little late to pick you up. I'll do my best, okay?

Hey, Mike. I'm Dave Grissom.

"Dave Grissom Motors."

Dave Grissom Motors. (chuckles)

That's right.

Looks like you didn't bring any gear.

Which is a good thing, because I've got some for you.

Do you know the game?

I want to play first base.


Like "Will the Thrill."

Well... (clears throat)

I think we might be able to do even better than first.

We're skipping your next start.


Two days off in ten days.

What he means is, we have two days off in the next ten days.

You're our fifth starter. That allows us to start our number one pitcher against the Giants.

I need to pitch.

I've been working on this cutter, it's ready.

If this is about what happened in L.A...

It's not.

I want to pitch.

And I want abs like Bradley Cooper, but it's not happening.

(exhales deeply)

Who's Bradley Cooper?

Hey. Everything okay?

They're skipping my start.

It makes sense. We got two days off in ten days. Al can pitch Sonny twice.

I want to pitch.

And I want to catch.

It's not all about you, rookie.

You're right.

I'm actually glad I'm missing a start if you're playing first base.

I heard about spring training.


Two errors on one play?

Ball took a bad bounce, should have been scored a h*t and an error.


So you're working on a cutter, right?

Yeah, you want see it?


Hey. If you're here about the bobblehead, it's just the vendor's first pass, just to get the conversation started.

Felt like more of a conversation ender to me.

(chuckles): Yeah, you should have seen their first cr*ck at Lawson, it's like they dipped his head in pencil shavings.

Nude photos of Ginny are about to explode all over the Internet.


An ex of hers was hacked.

He had selfies from years ago.

It's about to break on a bunch of rogue Web sites.

No, no, no, no. We can't let that happen.

There's nothing we can do. We can't even find the hacker.

We've tried lawyers, cyber-detectives, everything.

Our job now is to manage it.

Exactly how long have you known about this?

There was no point in telling you until we knew that it was unstoppable.

Yeah, right, no. Major League Baseball doesn't have any lawyers or anything.

Cease and desist orders against Web sites that sell cr*ck and Croatian wives? Ain't gonna cut it, Oscar.

Know what ain't gonna cut it?

Is that stuff keeps happening to your client and my player.

Are there any other surprises that I should know about?

Because it'd be nice, for once, to get in front of one.

A whole generation of young women look up to Ginny...

A whole generation of boys look up to male athletes with far worse on their phone, and nobody gives a crap about that, Oscar.

You're right. It's unfair.

Women are objectified in ways that men aren't.

But that's our reality, and this is gonna be a disaster for all of us.

Thank you for mansplaining that to me.

(softly): Always wanted to use that word.

All right, so what's the plan?

I'm working on it.

We're not through talking about these bobbleheads, either.

I should be so lucky.

Okay. (chuckles)

You gonna stay in there all night?

Just thaw me out before the next game.

Five minutes in a microwave, I should be fine.

Oscar: Hey, Mike, Sonny.


I want you to meet Livan Duarte.

As you know, he'll be catching for us in San Francisco.



I've heard you could be one of the greats.


I followed your career for a long time.

My father was a fan.

Sonny, why don't you show Livan around the clubhouse?

This season would be nice.

(stammers) Come on.

Nice to meet you.

Pleasure was mine.

Hey, I gave myself a handicap: I'm in an ice bath.

Thanks for greeting him like a juvenile.

Thanks for giving me the head's up that you were signing him in the first place.

(chuckling): Listen, odds are, he's up here till Besser comes off the DL.

Oscar, he's here to take my job.

You flew halfway across the world to hand it to him.

Oh, so now I have to apologize for signing new players.

What about the catcher you replaced?

Livan's catching for us in San Francisco, not full-time... yet.

Don't make me speed up the timetable.

By trading me?

(chuckles) Relax. You have a no-trade clause.

And yet, not relaxed.

Well, it's a good thing I run a business, and not a day spa.

♪ ♪
♪ ♪

Ginny: How'd it go with Oscar?

Really good. He was sympathetic and supportive, we're pooling our resources and coming up with a plan.

It went that bad?

You just keep your head down, like we said.

Focus on pitching a great game...

No, I'm not pitching at all, not in San Francisco.

They're skipping my start.

Not after I talk to them they're not.

No, Amelia, please, don't.

Anyway, I tried. Al wouldn't have it.

Ginny, I know this is hard for you.

But I want you to know, when I decided to take you on, I didn't do it because I thought it was easy.

We're breaking a barrier here.

Even if some small-minded bloggers in their tighty-whities insist on leering and jeering along the way.

When Jackie Robinson made it to the majors, some of his teammates started a petition to keep him off the team.

Mm-hmm. One day, before a game, a player threw a black cat onto the field, said it was his cousin.

That day, Jackie doubled and scored.

And told the guy, I guess my cousin's pretty happy now.

I'm not comparing myself to Jackie Robinson because that would be ridiculous.

The leering and jeering?

I can take the leering and jeering as long as I get to play.

But I'm not even in the damn game right now.

I need to get back on the hill.

You will.


Yeah. I'll see you up there.

All right.

Mike: Hey.


You coming to San Francisco?

I am. Are you?

Yeah, why wouldn't I be?

I-I heard that you got hurt.

No, (chuckles) that's the other catcher.

Oh, I thought that I heard something about you being replaced by a catcher.

From Cuba.


Then where's he from?

No... Livan is from Cuba, but he's not replacing me.

Not for a long time. Maybe never. He's my backup.

So, were you guys just talking about me?

I'm not doing this, Mike.

Doing what?

This, like, thrust and parry flirty talk, or go to dinner with you in San Francisco.

I didn't ask you to dinner.

You said you don't do road trips.

Mike: Uh, Sonny. Did you go over hitters with Livan?


You sat next to him on the flight.

He says when he deals with hitters, he goes by feel.

"Goes by feel"?


(both laugh)

(scoffs) Yeah.

You do know it's just a quirk in the schedule, right?

We have two days off in ten days, so...


The whole world's about to see me naked.


I sent some selfies to an ex.

Are you serious?

It was years ago.

He got hacked and now they're coming out online on some sketchy underground Web sites.

First, you're gonna tell me the name of this ex, so I can teach him about Internet security the hard way.

Oh, Blip...

Second, you need to explain to me why would you even take those type of photos, Ginny?

First, I don't need your help with an ex.

Second, like you've never been lonely on the road?

Let's see your phone.

I like my Yorkie.

I take pictures of him, sometimes in outfits.

I don't feel comfortable showing that around.

Besides, you are a woman. You got to be smarter than that.


Unlike me. I should not have said that.


It, it's my body.

It's my damn business.

I didn't do anything wrong, except maybe show zero photography skills.

I'm sorry, Ginny.

I really am, and if I could trade places with you for one second, I would.

Seriously. I mean, you know...

Blip unwrapped? That would blow up the Internet.

Have you seen Amelia?

Excuse me.


Amelia. You're right. We need to be creative and ambitious.

I am so glad to hear you say that.

So, I've got an idea, but I don't think you're gonna like it.

And it may make things even worse.

What's not to like?

Duane Kuiper: We head into the top of the sixth inning, and Livan Duarte digs in.

Mike Krukow: Oh, I love this guy, too. He's the real deal.

Power hitter, got a big arm and the Padres are really high on him.

(scattered boos)

Kuiper: That ball is well-h*t.

And... gone.

And that's a home run for the rookie in his first Major League at bat. Unbelievable.

Does Livan know we're down six-two?

I guess not.

Krukow: Oh, that was a big home run and this place is buzzing.

I don't think the Giants really appreciated Livan's bat flip.

What are you doing?

Getting my running in. You already ran this morning.

It's been crazy lately, and since you won't let me pitch...

I'm not punishing you.

Well, on that mound is the only place that feels normal.

(sighs) Turn that off.


(treadmill stops)

Been working on a cutter. You want to see it?

No. I don't. You're done.

Now, go get showered and dressed. I'm taking you out.

Excuse me?

You're taking an evening and you're not gonna think about your cutter or your missed start or that cannonball into that swimming pool. You're going out with me tonight.

I have a shrink.

And I have a dietician.

But we're still going out on the town, and you are going to enjoy the best gnocchi outside of Italy, served by waiters who knew DiMaggio. You're in my hometown, Baker, and if this place can't clear your head, nothing can.

Now, go, go. Go get showered.

♪ ♪


Thank you.


Been here before, but, you know... if we're gonna make the playoffs, we got to...

Oh! Livan!

Two homers today. Impressive.

Some of the Giants didn't like that bat flip in the game you lost 9-3.

No entiendo. (sighs)

Can we get his interpreter here? Where's, uh, Julio?

No entiendo.

No, (sighs) L-Livan...

Please, just one... Livan!

Mike, what do you think about a rookie flipping his bat in a 9-3 loss?

Well, in his defense, we were only down 6-1 when he h*t it.

Tell us about your error that kept the inning going in the second.

Like I said, I backed up on the ball. Thanks, guys.

One last question! Does Livan's style of play bug old-schoolers like you?

Livan is a rising star.

He's, he brings an enthusiasm that's contagious.

We're delighted to have him in our line-up.

He's a punk.

He preps hitters by checking their horoscopes, flips his bat like we won 9-3.

Stiffs the press in a smirking Spanish when his English is better than half the Americans on the team.

He's new. He'll learn.

Yeah. As soon as the guy who signed him makes him play by the same rules as everyone else.

Oh, you think he's afraid of me?

Do you think he's afraid of anybody else in this clubhouse?

I can think of a good way to find out.

I'll tell you what he's afraid of.

A pair of bright shining lights, ten miles from the shore.

Because when you see those lights out there from your leaky boat, Coast Guard's gonna nab you, and send you straight back to Cuba.

That happened to him five times before baseball got him off the island.

But, hey, it's better than getting eaten by a shark.

Or being jailed, like his parents.

♪ ♪
I'll talk to him.

He's gonna need a little time.

He didn't get here by following rules.

A lot of guys in that clubhouse had rough childhoods.


(clears throat) Let me show you something.

When you get a low pitch like that, You get a low pitch...

(grunts) lift that glove up, frame it as a strike. You got it?

Good. (chuckles)

You got a real gift as a backstop, you know that?

It's boring, Coach.

Can I just play first?

Oh, it's boring to have the most important job on the field?

'Cause the catcher knows everything.

He knows every pitcher and every hitter sideways and backwards, he knows how to be a diplomat, how to protect his pitchers from the ump, how to position the outfielders.

Right? I mean, the catcher is the real boss, Mike.

The natural leader. And that's you.

Plus, you get to wear all that armor, like a medieval knight. Hey.

Dave, you said you were gonna meet us across the street.

We're late.

(sighs) Yeah, honey.

I-I lost track of time.

We made a reservation.

My mom will be here.

It's a short walk to the bus.

I like to walk.


We'll see you next time, Mike. Good practice.

♪ ♪

I think I need to run off that gnocchi.

I need a marathon, actually.

Gnocchi was the marathon.

This, this is the cooldown.


I don't do well sitting still...

There's a city out there, Baker, in case you haven't noticed, which you haven't.

You're right.

It's a nice one.

I used to come here when I was a kid.

Played Little League about a mile from here.

So this was your spot.

Yeah. You know, baseball... The head games, the need to perform, it's like this big, wet fish. You cling too tightly and (whooshes) it slips through your hands.

So that's why I started coming here.

Before the Little League All-Star game.

Before the State Championship. (chuckles)

Before I asked my wife to marry me.

Times the pressure was gonna swallow me whole for some peace in here.

Did it work for you?

Never. Not a once.

But there's a first time for everything, right?



The pitcher's mound can't be your normal, Baker.

Hell, a whole baseball career is just a tiny sliver of your life.

You better be ready to find happiness without it.

Mike: Do I hate Livan because he's so good or because he's so annoying?

(women laughing)

Blip: Oh, he even has more game with the ladies than you.

I think we just h*t the trifecta.

I'll be right back.

If she has anything to say about it, you probably will.

She and I are fine, okay? Hey.

Didn't we meet in a hotel once upon a time?

It was quite the fairy tale.

Surprise ending, too. It was nice catching up.

Listen, I just want to make sure that You and I... are okay.

Of course.

If for no other reason, for Ginny.

So let's get along for the sake of the kid?

She's important to you. She's important to me.

Amelia, for the team.

Stop with the face.

This is my thinking face.

Your thinking face looks eerily close to your "judgey" face.

You're right.

Ginny comes first.

Okay. Thank you.

So you want to help her and the team...



But once you're in, Lawson, there is no turning back.

(indistinct chatter)

Livan missed early work.

He prep with Pete?

Pete couldn't find him.

At least he blew me off to my face.

Probably not back from his double date.

Oh, here he comes.

I don't want to judge.

Then don't judge.

Whatever you do at night, believe me, I've done it harder and longer, but I never skipped the work.

I got to h*t the batting cage.

Is there a problem here?

Sonny: Yeah.

Livan was...

Mike: Nope.

All good.

Sonny: Dude, what are you doing? He was late for practice.

You want to compare attendance records?

We've both been late for practice.

Second base.


Mike, you're over an hour late.

That is now how we do it here.

I might have to quit the team.

My mom's car broke down.

The belt, I think. Work was already hard to find, and now she's late for interviews.

Took me two buses to get here.


Great job, baby.

Let's get you some dinner to celebrate.

(engine starts)

Yeah, I definitely feel a new responsibility, after being an All-Star to help the team dig in...

Reporter: Livan, we hear there's been some tension between you and your teammates.

And that you missed a practice today.

Uh, no entiendo.

Woman: Oh, come on, Livan, there's a club translator 50 yards from here.

Hey, guys, come on.

Time's up, you know how this works... no press in the clubhouse two hours before game time. Give him a break.

He barely speaks any English.

But fortunately, I'm fluent in Spanish, thanks to Mrs. Miranda in the ninth through 12th grades.

And he told me exactly what he wants to say.

I got you, buddy.

Uh, yeah, yeah, he missed, uh, his warm-up.

Um, he says that he's, you know, finding his way around here.

But what he has found is the value of humility.

Of respecting those with experience.

Those that know better. And he says that he wants to learn from the greats so that someday, and-and honestly, that day may never come, he might be one of them, 'cause he knows it's not easy to get here, not for anyone.

So why blow it for the whole team?

No es verdad, Livan?

Hey, you made me look like a fool.

Thanks, but you did that pretty well on your own.

It's none of your business of I speak to press.

I hate to break it to you, but I'm still captain, so it is my business.

I play hard off the field, and I deliver on it.

That's what you don't like, old man.


Yeah, I'm older. I can count.

And yeah, I'm jealous that you get to skip the work, h*t homers, and throw out runners while being hung over.

But you're younger, which means I know things you don't.

Like how to b*at on rookies?

How to be a better catcher.

I deserve to be here.

I sacrificed.

I know you did.

You want a short career, do it your way.

You want to play for 15 years and make it to Cooperstown, do it mine.

In English, this is where you say, "Yes, Captain.

Thank you, Captain."

No, you be captain.

Me? I'm gonna be catcher.

Amelia: You wanted a plan to neutralize the selfies.

This is it.

No. I want you to solve the problem, not create a brand-new one.

So you're saying the Padres aren't comfortable with it.

I'm saying it's risky, and I need to run it by MLB.

I shouldn't have come here just now.

No, no, you should have come to me with all this a lot sooner.

Crowd (chanting): Let's go, Giants! Let's go, Giants!

Krukow: Remember, it's the seventh inning.

And Padres skipper Al Luongo is running low on relief pitchers.

Especially after getting deep in the bullpen in last night's loss.

d*ck Enberg: Liam Dunbar steps in here with a man on and the Giants trailing by one.

And that ball is h*t deep to left.

Hanan to the wall... gone!

Home run, and the Giants take a 7-6 lead.

It's gonna be one of those days.

Enberg: And that's going to be all for Hunter.

The AT&T Call to the Bullpen brings out manager Al Luongo to make a pitching change here in the seventh inning.

Got one up.

All right.

Krukow: It looks like he's calling for Doherty here to put out the tire f*re.

Kuiper: The pitch. Ground ball... through Mike Lawson's legs... Two runs score.

And this game is tied here in the ninth.

Mark Grand: And here comes the skipper, and he's gonna go with the right-hander.

Enberg: Al is calling for the lefty.

Grand: And it's gonna be the righty here in the tenth.

Enberg: So after 11 innings, it's the Giants and the Padres all tied up at ten.

How's our bullpen?

We're running dangerously low on right arms.

Remember I told you to come to San Francisco and not think about baseball?


Well, start thinking about baseball.

Warm up.

Krukow: Hey, Kuip, look who's warming up.

Giants fans are gonna get their first look at Ginny Baker.

Kuiper: I love this.

Enberg: That ball is h*t into the gap.

Here comes Sanders around third.

The throw is way late.

Padres grab the lead here in the 13th.

Moore trying to close out the Giants here.

Ball four, and the bases are loaded.

Only one out, and the Padres clinging to that one-run lead.

Enberg: And Al Luongo is calling for the righty. And, folks, guess what...

Ginny Baker is coming in to pitch in a relief role, facing a bases-loaded jam.

Al: I'm gonna bring the infield in.

I need you to get the next guy to h*t a grounder to any infielder not named Mike Lawson.

You ever relieve before?

Not even in Little League.



There's a first time for everything, right?

Make me look smart, Baker.

What do you want to do here?

Man: You sent him to scam me...

Woman: Do you want him in practice or not?

Man: I've loaned you money, what, seven times? This is how you behave.

Grab your things, we're leaving. We're leaving right now!

But why?

Can I live with you?

Mike, I wish you could.

I have a family.

And there's just no way.

Hey! I want you out of here right now!

(quietly): Mike, listen to me.

You don't have to do what she says.

All right?

Okay, not if you don't think it's right.

You're strong.

You make the right choice.

And then if she's not gonna be the adult... then you can be.

What do you want to do here?

He's your catcher.

Trust him.

Umpire: All right, let's go.

Heard you have a cutter.

Yeah, I don't know if I can throw it for a strike yet.

Good. Don't. He'll swing if it's close.

This guy... played with him in the WBC.

Likes to be hero. Just don't throw it on the backstop.

(audience cheering)

Kuiper: And here we go. Bases loaded, one out.

11-10, Padres.

There's nowhere to put Luke Brady.

Ginny Baker peers in for the sign from Duarte.

Enberg: Ginny sets... and here's the pitch.

Brady swings. A hard smash toward first.

Kuiper: He got it!

Enberg: There's one... back to first.

A double play!


And there's your ball game. Ginny Baker battles out of the jam and the Padres win.

Oh, ho, my.

Just like you drew it up.

Krukow: And the game ends on a nice backhanded play by Mike Lawson.

A one-pitch save for Ginny Baker on a three-two-three double play.

You don't see that often.

You sure fooled that hitter. He crushed that ball.

You sure fooled everyone by catching it.

(laughs) Oh.


You might just stay up here...

Nice play. Looks like we found a first baseman.

Where are we going?

For starters, Mom's got an appointment and I'm gonna need your help.

Mike, I need your help and I'll buy you a video game, okay?

You don't need your father.

If he cared about us, we wouldn't be leaving.

I'm sorry, honey. That's... not how I wanted to tell you.

I'm getting cold feet.

It's the right thing to do, you big baby.

You're such a Boy Scout.

I've been called worse.

Excuse me, guys. Thanks.


Mike, here, quick question.

Livan just learned English, go talk to him.

No, no. I have a source that says you might be put on waivers, in an effort to trade you.

That's a question for the front office, not me. Thanks.

What the hell?

I don't know.

♪ Oh ♪
♪ Whoa... ♪

Relax. You're gonna look amazing.

♪ When the f*re ♪
♪ Takes over... ♪

Can we shut that?

♪ Blood is running ♪

Everything is gonna be fine.

♪ As the battle gets closer ♪
♪ Ooh, oh, ooh, oh ♪
♪ They could say what they want now ♪
♪ Ooh, oh, ooh, oh ♪
♪ 'Cause we'll be screaming out ♪
♪ We can be heroes everywhere we go... ♪

Katie Nolan: So, old selfies of a female athlete were leaked to the Internet.

Is anyone surprised, really?

Some loser with a laptop invaded
Ginny Baker's privacy to tell us what we already know: Ginny Baker's got a body, a damn good body, actually.

And annoying as it is to have her personal life hacked

to shreds, Ginny Baker must've

No way.

Realized at some point, it's not embarrassing that the world's seeing her body; it's empowering.

Why not show it off even more and bring along

a few friends for it?


♪ Every sound bite... ♪

Thank you so much.


♪ Just a fool for wanting it more... ♪


♪ Than anybody against us ♪
♪ Ooh, oh... ♪


(laughs) Get out of here.

♪ They can say what they want... ♪

Eric Burns: Folks, have you seen these?

Well, you're gonna see a lot of them.

These ESPN Body Issue pictures were sent out early to promote the magazine.

Now, we can be cynical about it, say it's just damage control, but hey, it worked.

We're talking about these pictures instead of those old selfies stolen by some idiot troll, who I hope... someday finds himself... five-game road trip and they made lots of news, some of it even on the field. Let's start with the baseball.

The Padres started their road trip six games back in the wildcard race...

♪ Oh ♪
♪ We're unstoppable, oh... ♪


Nice touch pulling in the guys.

Whole world ought to know: the Padres don't discriminate.

Hmm, you just earned yourself a nice long conversation about bobbleheads.

(both chuckle)

♪ Still be screaming out... ♪

Nolan: And so she turned a sexist double standard on its head.

Her very, very male teammates joined in and made this an equal opportunity photo spread.

And you can probably tell by the look on my face, I am very glad they did that.

(indistinct conversation)

There's my baby, there's my baby.


Blip: Ginny, Evelyn wants you to come to dinner tonight so you could explain what you did to my reputation.

(laughing): I'm in.

Mike, you want to join us?

Oh, another night flipping through Yorkie pictures, no thanks.

I'm gonna turn in early tonight.

Yeah, we're supposed to believe that?

Hey, call me if you change your mind.

Ooh, sweet ride.

Did you buy it with your bonus?

Uh, yeah.

That was stupid.

No, there are dealers out there that will let you lease this for a dollar a month, just so that people can see you driving their car, but... but then again, you're a rookie.

Nice road trip.

You're welcome.

You think you're ready to catch for us full time?

Only if you're ready to win full time.

Oh, I am, which is why you're back on the bench against Cincinnati.

Oh, you been talking to Mike Lawson or you do not believe what your eyes see?

Actually, I have a decent eye for talent, which is why I'm well-compensated for it. Thank you very much.

And I can see that you have all the tools, which is why I traveled halfway across the world to sign you.

There's no bigger fan of you than me.

You're the future, Livan.

But... there's this thing between your ears, that hasn't developed past the low minors.

And because it needs more seasoning, I see your ass playing behind Mike Lawson for awhile.

After what I did in San Francisco and Colorado?

The air's thin in Colorado.

Warning track outs at Petco.

Okay, yeah.

Hey, listen, Livan.

This team is in transition.

You have an opportunity here, a good one.

So, instead of shutting everyone out, you need to start studying their hitters. Start studying our pitchers.

And prove to me that you're up for this.

Mike Lawson... (lightly chuckles) he-he's not getting any younger.

You may have to start sooner than I want.

Injuries happen.

Stuff happens.

You've got to be ready to step up.

You're welcome.

Boy: Grandpa. Pitch to me!

Dave: Again?

You never stop.

♪ You come for me ♪
♪ In the worst of places ♪

One more.

♪ You come and try to take me home ♪
♪ I'm always in need ♪
♪ And it's hard to be reciprocating ♪
♪ The fabric of our life gets torn ♪
♪ And everything's changing ♪
♪ So how am I to know ♪
♪ How I'm going to hold on to you ♪
♪ When I'm spinning out of control ♪
♪ You and I together ♪
♪ But only one of us in love ♪
♪ And everybody knows ♪
♪ Everybody knows. ♪
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