02x10 - A Half Inch

Episode transcripts for the 2015 TV show "The Art of More". Aired November 2015 - 2016.
"The Art of More" follows the machinations behind the grand New York auction houses.
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02x10 - A Half Inch

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Graham: Previously on "The Art of More"...

Uzay k*lled Elizabeth.

Before I leave the country, I'm going to k*ll him.

Roxanna: Jianwun just bought DeGraaf's.

Simon: Miles brought this opportunity.

I have to honor that.

You're out, Roxanna.

Roxanna: You've successfully taken everything from me.

I know what you did to Roxanna.

I filed for divorce this morning.

Henry Perry.


He is my husband.

What is this?

A friendship... with occasional benefits.

This is my son, Noah.



Do you have a lot of projects coming up? I could be helpful to you.

What, you want to learn the business?


Someone's made an offer on the country house.

Having the money to get the IRS off your back is good.

You don't want people thinking that you were only doing it for the cash.

Like you need it.

I'm offering you information.

Sam Brukner needs to learn that he's not invincible.

What's this?

You barge into a man's house, you gotta expect to fight.

Ramirez: The deal with Rice is confirmed.

I suggest k*lling him.

That's not how we operate.

Please do not get me k*lled.

Rice: Take it easy, kid.

This is our customer.

We have the driver detained.

No one else in the van.

They never left the building.

Rice: Transfer done.

Thank you very much, Mr. Connor.

We need to go. Now.

Rice: Uh, you're free to pick up your items now.

Uzay will help you. 12th floor. Bye now.

(button clicks)

(both grunting)


(both grunting)

Expect a large present soon.

Enough for the operation you've planned.


(tires screeching)

(both grunting)






(both grunting)



(wheezing, coughing)

Why are you sh**ting my clients?

He... he... he said he was coming back to k*ll you.

The only person I want d*ad is you, you f*ck.

And why is that?

He k*lled my girlfriend.

You got her k*lled!


Both of you.

You're like a couple of bickering children.

Bad blood is bad business, which makes me think the cleanest thing to do here is k*ll you both and be done with it.

(Graham grunts)

And yet, I'm tempted by the idea of future dealings together, Graham.

When you first came to me for this job, I trusted you understood what I expect from my employees.

(crying) No, no.

He's lying to you!

(weakly) f*cking sh**t the piece of shit.

You broke my trust, Uzay.

And you know how I take care of my own.

Freeze! FBI!

On the ground!



(indistinct shouting)





Ramirez: Secure the floor.

(tires screeching)

How long were you working with the FBI?

The whole time.

You're f*cked. (grunts)

Yeah, we'll see about that.

You're not getting out of this alive.

I'll make damn sure of that.

(alarm ringing)

(car horn blares)

(crashing, shattering)

(radiator hissing)

(Ramirez sighs)

(theme music playing)

(monitor beeping rapidly)

(breathes in)



(rapid beeping continues)

(beeping stops)

(monitor beeps steadily)

(gasps) Holy shit.

Welcome back.

Hey, Ma?

Danielle: Huh?

Ma, he's up.

(Danielle gasps)


Graham: Hey, Ma.


What's everyone doin' here?

Danielle: Tommy, what the hell happened?

A guy tried to mug me.

The last thing I remember is... is a... is a... a g*n.

Danielle: You almost died, Tommy.

Doctors said... if the b*llet had hit half-inch over...

I'm alive.

You don't have to worry about anything.


Don't worry.

Why don't you get some water...

Mrs. Connor?


Come on, Ma.

Danielle: Okay.

Ryan: Come on, Ma.

Danielle: Okay.

I love you, Mom.

Danielle: Okay.


Roxanna: She's been... a wreck the last few days.

We all have.

I was in a bit more trouble than I let on.

You deserve... answers.

And apologies.

But right now, I have to make a call.

To whom?

The FBI.

What do you mean?

It's got nothin' to do with you.


I gave you a job.

I confided in you.

I couldn't say anything.

Do you know how awful... it feels to watch someone you care about lying here in a hospital bed?

I did what they asked me to do.

I did all of it... and it's over now.

(breathes shakily) It's over now.

I'm sorry.

Hi, Sam.

Hey, Josie. Josie.


You know you're in my seat.

You're late.

Let's not start out this way, all right?


What'll you have?

Jacob here, he can make anything.

It's gonna take more than a pastrami sandwich.

Oh, but they're massive here.

Bigger than any one man can eat by himself.

And I'm offering to share with you.

I'm not interested in your leftovers.

It's a peace offering.

And I think it's in both of our best interests.

Oh, we both know that you only care about your own self-interest.

You're absolutely right about that, which is why I asked you here.

So, I'll give you 10%.

Of what?

Rental properties? General revenue...

I'm talking about a sandwich.

And yes, it has a few different ingredients.



I'm hungry.


Now, don't be a pig.



15. (chuckles)

All right.

And, uh, I'm not recording any of this, so you can drop the whole sandwich crap when we hammer out the details.

I need to know... who was it that told you about my plans?

Oh, people rely on my discretion.

I'm sure that they do.

You're a very smart businessman, so I want you to think this way.

Who is it that could hurt you the most, that little rat that told you... or me?



Arthur Davenport.


(mutters) Arthur Davenport.

(clears throat)


Ramirez: Oh, you look like shit.

The hell have you been?

Wha... what happened?

Paul Rice is currently in the custody of the United States government.

Thank you.

Yeah, it took you long enough to get here.

Hey, I've been in and out.

A little bit of paperwork to do, you know, when you blast the hell out of an entire building.

(sighs) And Uzay?



That's good.

Speaking of which, you and I... we are all done.

Done done?

No jail... no record, you'll leave me alone?

You don't want to go for a beer?


Yeah, no, I don't want to go for a beer.

Then go.

Enjoy your life. You know, cluck around a little.

But be smart.


That's all I want.

I'm gonna hold you to it.

I wanna see Rice.

Oh... (exhales sharply)

See, that would be illegal, unethical, and, well, frankly, g*dd*mn stupid.

I just told you I'm not gonna break any laws.

I just wanna see him.

Look, that b*llet almost k*lled you.

All right? You're still here because of half an inch.

Think about that.

Make the most of it.

Move on.

(classical music playing)

(music continues)

Don't dealers usually put a bit of art up on the walls?

Two months I'm gone, and you've lost all respect.

Yeah, well, two months at DeGraaf's without you, and I've had to up my bad-ass bitch quotient.


I already know what's going here.

Before he died, I made a deal with Yves Sauvion.

Brilliant painter.

Yeah, I read up on him.


Are you sure you want to open up a new gallery with a posthumous exhibit?

Oh, what better energy than to help a man's work live on?

Oh, damn, you've gone Eastern mysticism on me.

(chuckles) Don't worry, I won't start ranting about karma.

Although, that might be somewhat appropriate.

I need you to approve the "Times" ad we're running for the opening.

Sam: May I zip up first?


I think you'll really like it.

I think it'll really draw people in.

You... you're talking shop again.


Barely back in my pants.

You remember the advice you gave me when you hired me?

"Hurry up. Don't slow down."

Well, I've adapted.

So should you.


Hey, want to go to The Cape with me this weekend?

Oh, we have so much work to do.

Well, we can do that anywhere.


But we could have dinner, we could wake up in the same bed together.

I mean, call me crazy.

I thought you were fine with... this.

This? This is great.

But I would just love a little bit of that.

Okay, well... how about after the museum opening we go to The Cape and celebrate?



I admire you.

Not wasting time, starting your own gallery.

You're ambitious.

Something about the way you used that word doesn't sound like a compliment.

Oh, it is.

Miles Hewitt...

I fired him yesterday.

I should have heeded your warning.

He tried to leverage his position with me for another deal in China, which would have hurt me considerably.

(chuckles) That sounds like him.

I'm willing to hire you back.

You're willing?

Name your price. Pick your team.

What about my gallery?

Well, you haven't opened yet.

But I'll pay for your sunk cost to-date.

Well, that's a very...

A very good offer.




(phone chimes)

Roxanna: Hey. _

I'm sorry again I'm so late.

No, it's fine. I'm not much of a sleeper these days.

How you doin'?


Simon Peng fired Miles and asked me to come back to DeGraaf's.

No shit.


(chuckles) Well, congratulations.

Thank you.

(glasses clink)

That's amazing.


Should I take it?

Uh, yeah, you should. How is that even a question?

Well, I'm trying to open my gallery, you know?

Right. Yeah, of course, the gallery.

Or you could just, uh, run the multi-national company you fought so hard for.

And you did a kick-ass job running, by the way.

I did, didn't I?

Yes, you did.


(clears throat)

Why are you not sleeping?

I'm fine.

Come on, let's sit.

You know, considering you were sh*t, it's okay if you're not completely fine.

I'm good. Okay? I promise.

I'm doing my P.T., I'm looking for a job.

You didn't want to ask me for a job?

(stifles laugh)

I didn't think you'd say yes.

Besides, I think that you and I work better not working together.

Davenport's promised to put me in touch with some friends, so we'll see.



The FBI are leaving you alone?

Yeah, they seem to be.

Well, if you're not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about, right?

Nothin' wrong.

It's all positive direction like I told you.

Anyway, you came here asking me for advice.

So, go take your throne back.

(both chuckle)

I will.

(pounding on door)

Man: Mr. Davenport, open the door!

(pounding continues)

Mr. Davenport, open the door or we'll be forced to do it for you!

All right, all right, I'm coming!


(lock clicks)

Good afternoon.

Arthur Davenport?


Revenue Officer James Thompson.

I have a seizure warrant and writ of entry from the United States District Court of Southern New York.

A seizure warrant for me?

I need you to stand aside and let us enter.

Yes, yes, of course. Do come in.

(clears throat) Look, Mr. Thompson, can't we discuss this reasonably?

I know I missed a few payments, but I was planning...

And two court appearances.

You also sold your property upstate but didn't report it to the IRS.

Yes, as I said, I was planning on making...

You have two hours to collect any personal effects and then I need you to leave the premises.

It's now government property.

If you need help packing, we'll assist you.

(car honking)

Hi, Matt.

Graham. Matt Radcliffe.

Both: Hey.

Graham: Uh, thanks for getting back to me.

I'm glad we could do this.

Yeah, well, you seemed determined.

Well, I... I never knew I had a half-brother, so I felt like it would be worth meeting.


(clears throat)

Can I start you gentlemen off with something to drink?

White wine, red wine, maybe a beer?

Yeah. I'll have a Blue Moon.

And for you, sir?

I'm fine with water.

Woman: I'll be right back.

Thank you.

So you're an architect.


And, uh, you said that you were... in the art business?

Yeah, exactly. Yeah, that's right.

I was with two of the biggest auction houses for a period of time and, uh... yeah.

I'm looking for a change.

Something less dirty.

(chuckles) Excuse me?

Come on.

The whole business is one big scam.

The people in the know are full of shit people not in the know... fleeced.

Okay. Well, I'll, uh... promise I won't try and sell you anything.


I don't know how... how much you know about me or my dad.


Sorry, our dad.

Joe Radcliffe is my dad.

He raised me since I was little.

But we share the same DNA.


Look, I don't want to be a prick, but your dad got my mom pregnant when he was already married and with a kid.

That's not the DNA I wanna lean into.

Yeah, I know what he did.

So, you get that I'm not crazy about identifying with him or with the family that, frankly, I don't know at all.

Who the f*ck are you to judge me?

You have no idea who I am.

And I don't... I don't need to know who you are.

My life is good.

I am set without having some bad memory trying to jump back into my life.

So, please... stop calling me.

Arthur? Yeah, it's me.

I really need an update on those job interviews.

Yeah, urgently.

Where are you?
Move over.


(sighs) What's that?

It's just a little somethin'.

A housewarming gift for your new apartment.

Is it a check?

(sighs) Look, I don't know what the hell to get you.

What's popular in Bushwick?

Faux poverty.

You're already paying me a salary.

Give it to Nicole as a bonus.

She's earned it.

Eh, she can get a ninja outfit with it.

(stifles laugh)

So... how's it going so far?



Splitting my time between learning codes and procedures and trying to catch up on all the projects in development worldwide.


You know, it would have been a shame if you had been a doctor.


Dad, going through the files you gave me, there's some pretty confidential information in there.

Or sometimes, the ones and the zeros don't necessarily add up.

I know.

If there's anything in there that you do not feel... comfortable with... it doesn't work for you... don't worry, I will understand.

No. It all tracks.


Now, I want you to focus on the museum.

The museum or the sites around it?

The latter.

We're gonna have our meeting with Cobb tonight, and he knows his numbers better than he knows his Bible verses.

Permission to punch him if he calls you Brother Brukner?


Simon: 18 a share? That would put its P/E ratio north of 35, and you said 33, 34 tops.

Yes, you did.

Do not backpedal. Do not backpedal.

Figure it out.

Ms. Whitman.

Welcome back. (Roxanna chuckles)

Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

We still haven't come to terms yet.

Name your price.

Five million in guaranteed salary, plus another two in stock options.

That's a decent starting point.

And title of CEO.

That's a little more difficult.

We've restructured DeGraaf's to fit within the Jianwun umbrella.

Best I can offer you is president.


And I would report to you?

Yes, of course.

But imagine what we could do for DeGraaf's with you as the public face and me behind the scenes handling the business.

I see my father's old desk is back in here.

I guess Miles liked it?

You know, you can redecorate this place a thousand ways and it wouldn't change a thing.

Too much history.

I don't follow.

DeGraaf's was never mine.

And it won't ever be.

But I don't...

I don't need DeGraaf's.

I'm ready to find what's mine.

Ms. Whitman, think about...

No. Mr. Peng, we're done talking.

Thank you, but... my rejection is final.

Have a good day.

Graham: Why are we meeting in a hotel?

Well, I'm living here now.


I'm officially homeless.


The IRS came and... took my home and everything in it.

I'm sorry, Arthur.

It's okay.

Uncle Sam wants you. f*ck him.

Yes. That's what I always say.

You know, as a child, I always loved pretending I was a cowboy.

One day I was Wyatt Earp out on the frontier, the next, Billy the Kid.

Always one step ahead of the law.

And it occurred to me, what if you could be an outlaw... and never have the Sheriff coming after you?

Where are you getting at?

You wanted a job.

Well, I've got one for you.

"Trilling, Stern, Metta."

What is this?

(whispers) Individuals who own valuable and illegal artwork.

People who can't complain if any of it goes missing.

I don't have time for this.

You haven't worked in months.

Money must be a concern, no?

(taps glass)

Have a seat.

I'm good.

Look, I happen to know that there are hundreds and hundreds of these missing pieces in private collections all over Manhattan... just ripe for the picking.

You need this as much as I do.

Which is why we need to partner up.

And what exactly would I be doing as your partner?

There's a certain... real-world element that'll be central to many of these thefts.

And you're a little bit more... how shall I put it... Army-trained.



Yes. No surprises there.

I'm pretty sure he's the one who notified the IRS about my infractions.

I want you to listen to me, 'cause there's something you don't seem to understand.

(emphatically) I am done with this shit.

And how long ago was it...

(whispers) that Tommy Connor blackmailed me into a job? Hm?

(pats Graham)

Hello, Graham.

(breathing heavily)

Fancy running into you in such a big city.

Don't you come near me.

You're afraid I'm gonna what, s*ab you right here by the warming station?

I have some impulse control.

Wh... what are you even doing here?

Would you believe I stay here sometimes as a little getaway?

I book with reward points.

Or maybe, um... just wanted to say hi.

You're supposed to be in a federal prison.

So are you.

No, I'm not.

Oh, my goodness.

You don't see it, do you?


I took your job in the eternal hunt for the bad guy.

I'm the new you.


I'm calling Ramirez.

Yeah, I have his number too.

You flipped?

You're saying after all this, it was a flip?

You make me sound like a '70s ranch house.

Yeah, the, uh... Federal Bureau investigated me and decided I have my own value.

No. No, no, no. You fund the SICA.

There is no f*cking way they will cut you loose.

For what it's worth...

Agent Ramirez was not happy about it.

His boss stepped in, overruled him.

They have their heart set on a commander in Iraq whom I happen to know.

Another valuable lesson, Graham.

Until you get all the way up to God, who does not exist... there's always a bigger fish.

You know, as twisted as you are, I always assumed there was some higher purpose with you.

The U.S. military has been lying to people for decades.

It needs to be exposed.

By funding terrorism.

People only demand change when they reach their breaking point.

Looks like you reached yours, 'cause you f*cking flipped.

(chuckles, sighs)

When you flip a coin, you're only picking what side you see.

Both sides are still there.

I'm just letting you know I'm still here.

And I have a long memory.

(door bangs)

I don't know. Some of this stuff should have stayed out on the street.

Should I tell Isabel?

No. Do not do that.


This museum is awesome and it's gonna be great for the Brukner name.

Good evening, Sam.


(Sam and Cobb chuckle)


Oh, you brought your son.


Didn't expect you to be here.

I didn't either... till this morning.

Wardell: Well, I figured since you were bringing your protégé, I would bring mine, introduce him to the newest addition to the neighborhood.

Hey, Olivia.

Good to see you.

So, Sam, how about a tour?

All right. Uh, first floor, a bunch of art.

Second floor, a bunch more. Third floor...

Gift shop.

...a gift shop.

There you have it. All right, come on.

I've been reviewing the plans that you sent over, and that mixed-use space on Sheffield, very good, along with the condos at that flank it and the dedicated retail space across from the museum.

(Olivia sighs)

Our work is done.

Uh, apart from the share of the net income, I'm gonna need a guaranteed percentage on the low-income housing.

Well, I'm gonna need a guarantee that your community is gonna support this thing all the way.

Rising tide lifts all boats.

I'll make sure the community sees it.

I've been bringing Olivia here up to speed on the day-to-day.

You can just contact her directly.

She's our point now?

That's right.

Is that a problem?

No. All good.

Uh, no.

You... you do have a problem. What is it?

Noah, can we speak outside?


Sam: What?

No one goes anywhere till we get this straight.

I'm confused.

You two just met that one time, right?



That was all she needed.

What part of my apology didn't you understand?

I was going through a divorce, acting on impulses, okay?

I've moved on. I think you should too.

We should all move on.

No. No. What'd you do to her?

Excuse me, what did she do to him?

Hey, don't you even start, Cobb.

Don't you speak to me that way.

You don't have any respect for us.

Get off your g*dd*mn high horse. You need to learn some manners, Jezebel.

(Olivia gasps)

(Wardell grunts)

Oh, shit.

You lying sack of shit. Rice is out.

Okay, where'd you see him?

At The Ignatius Hotel.

What... what were you doing there?

Are you sh1tting me? The guy I risked my life to help you put away is bumping into me on the street!

Take a breath.

Hear me out.

Rice is gonna pay. Trust me.

But right now, he has extremely valuable information for us.

Some commander in Iraq.

And more.

As the SICA contracts, his role as fund raiser becomes even more important.

He's been invited over there next month for a shipment where he's gonna sit down with that commander and their operations chief.

He hasn't flipped.

He's playing you! He's playing you!

Look, Graham, you don't know shit about shit.

(emphatically) I come in here every single day.

Maybe one day out of a hundred, I get to make an arrest.

Every other day, I'm building my cases.

I'm laying down bricks one at a time.

That's how the FBI works.

I just can't believe that you don't care more.

I do. This is how it works.

There's no g*dd*mn justice.

Oh, come on, Graham.

Okay? Nobody cares about...

People like Elizabeth die and guys like Rice get their visas paid for by Uncle Sam.

That's the real world!

And you get to walk around free after being part of multiple m*rder.

I never got Uzay.

He's d*ad.

Not to me.

Every day I see him.

Because you didn't get a chance to k*ll him?

That is some egotistical version of justice, Graham.

It's my version.

You need to take a look at yourself.

What you're talkin' about is not justice.

It's bloodlust.


That is not what good, loving boyfriends actually do.

I don't give a shit.

Rice deserves to die.

Uzay deserved to die, and I deserved the chance to do it.


Goddammit, Graham.

You said you were gonna keep your nose clean.

You remember? Graham!

That stiff?


Yell at me later, okay? I'm gonna start making calls, see if there's someone Cobb might have pissed off worse.

(mutters) Yeah.

We can get ahead of this.

Hey. It's me.

Um... are you available to come back into the office, like, right now?

I... it's not for sex this time.

I just need to give you a heads up on something.

Call me.

Brukner on voicemail: Are you available to come back into the office, like, right now?

I... it's not for sex this time.

I just need to give you a heads up on something.

Call me.

Sorry that took so long.

There was a line.


Did you order my drink?

Yeah, yeah, I got you a... a wine.

(door closes)

Not a good time to say hello, Graham.

Do I ever just show up to say hello?

Sam: No.

And you look like shit.

Which puts my ass at full pucker. What's up?

Paul Rice is out.

I told you, if you sh**t him...

The FBI are using him to get somebody big. I can't do anything about it.

I'm calling... I'm calling Agent Rambo.

It's not gonna do anything.

It's above him. It's all above him.

He's there, and it's above him.

This is bad. This is really bad!

Ramirez is guaranteeing me that he's... he's not gonna be a thr*at.

Yeah, I will wipe my ass with his guarantee.

That's what its worth.

You know, he preaches to me about staying out of trouble and putting all this behind me, but it's not possible because... the whole thing is rigged.

It's all... rigged for me to fail.

Were you ever really gonna keep your nose clean?

I promised myself that I would.


Don't make promises that go against who you are.

(sighs) So, what are we gonna do?

About Rice?

So it arrived last night, but I wanted you to be here when I opened it.

You didn't need to wait for me.

No, you're a part of this.

I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you.

I'll help you uncrate, but I'm not coming to work for you, got that?

(laughs) I got it.

Oh, I'm sorry, we're not open yet.

I see that. You're missing the art.

Yeah. It's coming.

Can I ask you a question?


You ever work with an artist named Heinrich Strauss?

Brilliant painter who unfortunately had a heart att*ck and passed away recently.

Technically flawless.

Had a side business working in the style of the old masters.

Copied them, actually.

Anyway, his heart att*ck caught him a little bit by surprise.

He didn't have time to clean up any of his files.

Roxanna: Whomever this Strauss was,

I'm... sorry he died. I...

Roxanna Whitman, you're under arrest for the solicitation and sale of forged artwork.

(gasps) I don't understand.

Don't worry. You will.

What the hell are you talking about?

Man: You have the right to remain silent.

This is bullshit.

Anything you say can, will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney...

Roxanna, don't say a word. I'm getting your lawyers right away.

Man: If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you by a court of law. We'll figure this out.

Do you understand these rights as I have read them to you?



♪ Welcome to my nightmare ♪
♪ I think you're gonna like it ♪
♪ I think you're gonna feel... ♪

I hope you didn't invite me over here for a sing-along.

50/50, but we do things my way.

And everyone we steal from deserves it.


Of course.

♪ You want to feel at home... ♪

Just curious... why the change of heart?

I don't think I've had one.

♪ Welcome to my nightmare ♪


♪ Whoa, ho, ho, ho ♪


(continues in background) ♪ Welcome to my breakdown ♪
♪ I hope I didn't scare you ♪
♪ That's just the way we are ♪
♪ When we come down ♪
♪ Feels like it's just a dream here ♪

Man on phone: The f*re department got the call 20 minutes ago.

You gotta get down here, Sam.

♪ Yeah, welcome to my nightmare ♪
♪ Yeah, hey, hey, hey ♪

I'm leaving Henry.

The museum's on f*re.

♪ Welcome to my nightmare ♪
♪ I think you're gonna like it ♪
♪ I think you're gonna feel you belong... ♪

I got the impression you didn't want to see me anymore.

I don't.

What do you want, Graham?

I want the last year of my life back.

I really, really want my girlfriend back.

You can't give me any of that, can you?

I have a nice bottle of Grenache.

You really believe that bullshit you spouted earlier?

About exposing the military?

I do.

You think it's okay to pay for people to strap on b*mb and blow up thousands of innocent people?


Graham: Kids? You think that's okay?

Rice: You see terrorism as evil.

I'm not gonna pretend it's nice.

But... the thing is, it's done with purpose.

You might not agree with that purpose, but it's... it's there.

Real evil lacks reason.

It's what governments do.

Every day, they m*rder innocent people on an industrial scale without reason.

It's just... runaway greed.

So, if a few innocent people die to take down real evil... it's a small price to pay, don't you think?

Now, uh, if you'll excuse me...





I can't accept that.

(Rice spits)



(bottle clatters)

♪ Welcome to my nightmare ♪
♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
♪ Welcome to my breakdown ♪
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