01x06 - News Travels Fast

Episode transcripts for the 2016 TV show "sh**t the Messenger". Aired: October 10, 2016 to December 2016.
"sh**t the Messenger" centers on a young journalist, who is drawn into the criminal underworld when she witnesses an apparent g*ng-related m*rder, and becomes embroiled in a web of urban gangs, the political class, corporate power-brokers and the police.
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01x06 - News Travels Fast

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Previously on "sh**t the Messenger"...

Hassan: This is what they k*lled Khaalid for.

What do you want?

Fifty grand.

Daisy: It's Sam Charles.

Avril, what if she was some kind of prost*tute or maybe she ran the call girls.

Phil: If I find out that you were involved in this thing with the Somali kid What the hell are you talking about?

I'm resigning from the Commission.

You're not serious.

I slept with Simon.

But he's in a committed relationship.

Wow, I am just like my mother, aren't I?

There is a kid all over Khaalid's photo stream.

Harry was sending some pretty threatening messages.

And he's been packed off to rehab.

So that's how you know Hassan, he was your drug dealer.

No. We did the program together.

Take me with you?

It's too dangerous.

I love you.

Phil: We got a trace on Hassan's phone, he's in North Bay.

We'll find him.

Get it done.

[Waves Lap]

[Crow Caws]

Jim: Holly shit, is this real.

Yeah, it's real.

[Gasps In Disbelief]

[Worried Grunt]

50G's is a lot to ask for a grainy video.

Even if it's the AG with some boy.

Some boy who was my friend, who got k*lled because of this video!

All right, my boss isn't gonna fork over that kind of scratch easily. I gotta show him something.

You think I'm stupid?

I give you even a second of this and you got your story.

Nah, I'm done with this.

All right, all right... All right, all right.

Look just... gimme a coupla days.

You got two days. Or the deal's gone.


[Door Slams]


[Keys Tap]

♪ ♪

Lutz: Okay. You're a patient. Gotta stay put, understand.

Daisy: I got it.

So if the Beauchamps wanted to cover up a m*rder, looks like they've got the money to do it.

That's why Harry is so dangerous.

And it's pronounced [English Accent] Beecham.


Wait here. I'll be back.


[Door Slams]

[Alarm Beeps On]

♪ ♪

Ooh. What's your name, little lady?

See you finally cracked that phone.

Oh. Hey. Yeah. Yeah.

Of course I did.

It took a couple days to get the passcodes from Apple.

But you know. It's unlocked so...

Can't you just hack into it with your geekdom?

Firstly, nerds like myself really resent being called "geeks."


Just putting that out there.

Secondly, you want this to be admissible, right?

Cause, you know, I could hack into it, but then, you know, I don't think the courts would smile fondly.

Translation of Avril's diary, typed and cross-referenced with the photos.

Nice work.

You must be swamped with Lutz away, huh?

Yeah. It's busy, for sure.

Yeah. If you need anything else, you know...


I was just thinking that I could go with you, you know, when you do your rounds.

That's a nice try.

But the closest you're getting to these women is those copies you made for yourself.

What copies?

Seriously! Just check my computer!

Thanks for this.

I got a drop off for you - Daisy Channing?

[Computer Keys Clack]

I'm sorry, nothing's coming up.

I sent an email yesterday. Check it again.

[Computer Keys Clack]

There is nothing coming up. I don't see a Daisy Channing anywhere...

Hey look, I just spent two hours with her on the road in the back of my car.

Not a chance I'm spending another two.

Let me speak to your manager.

Harry: Can I get a bloody f*g?

Come on, give me a f*g, yeah.

Give me f*cking f*g, man. Come on.

What the f*ck is this?

Give me... give a f*cking...

This is bullshit.

Hello Harry.

[Door Handles Click]

[Slams Door]

[Wrapping Rustles]

[Daisy Mouths Hi]


Can I have a f*g?

Yeah. Sure.

I'll take two.

For later.

[Relaxed Exhale]


One of the nicer places I've seen.

I've seen nicer. I have.

It's all the same shit on the inside though, huh?

"Learn to accept your past actions for what they are, but learn to move forward with your life."

And still I like to get high.



But after a while, it started to get old.

Well, I'm pleased I'm not there yet.

[Big Exhale]

I'm Daisy...

It's the first time back in three years.

Well, you haven't missed much.

Just a bunch of bloody blokes all complaining about their parents.

Yeah. Right.

At least I made a friend last time.

You know, he's the one who helped me stick it out.

I'm not looking for a friend, Daisy.

Thanks for the f*g.

My friend is Hassan Ali.

Yours was Khaalid Suleman.

What the hell is this?

Why'd you send him this?

Where did you get that?

You sent this to Khaalid and a few days later he ends up d*ad. Why?

Not here.

Come on.

[Car Rumbles Up]

[Crow Caws]

[Door Opens]

[Heels Clomp]

[Knock On Door]

[Dog Barks]

You're not my 10 o'clock.

[Heavy Exhale]

Damn it, Daisy.

We were meant for each other. Meant to be together.

You and Khaalid?

I told him I loved him.

What happened?

It was Hassan's fault.

What was?

Hassan and those damn parties.

The parties at Eric Lawson's?

He took everything.

Who? Who did?

Is this the man? Sam Charles?

Is it Sam Charles?


The night you disappeared.

I need to know what happened.

You think I did it!

You think I k*lled him!

I loved him!

I wouldn't k*ll him!

I loved him!

[Daisy Gasps For Air]

You hear me?!

I said I loved him!

Bloody bit...


Let go of me!

Stay down.

I-I have Diplomatic Immunity!

It's not gonna get you off a m*rder charge.

[Breathing Heavily]

I didn't k*ll Khaalid!

Why'd you buy a g*n, huh?

Because he left me! Okay?

Because I wan-Because I wanted to k*ll myself!

[Breaths Heavily]

So you worked for Avril for how long?

I'm an independent contractor.

I work for myself.

How long, then, did you contract your services to Avril for?

Eight months. Maybe a year.

You sure I can't get you anything?

I'm good.

So these parties you were hired to attend...

Private affairs.

A lot of well-known types.

Avril had an in, and knew that my... talents would be of interest.

Do you recognize this man?

I deal with very exclusive clientele.

That means knowing not to name-names.

This is an active police investigation.

And you don't have a warrant.

If word got out my client list was known to the police, I'd be out of a paycheque.

And what happens if you have 24 hour police surveillance parked outside?

You able to work then?

I know him.

Uh huh.

Not like you think.

He'd have Avril bring me in to tend to some of his associates... special requests.

[Knock On Door]

And that would be my 10 o'clock.

If you think of anything.

Sure, Detective Ortiz.

All right, Jo, thanks.

Damn it.

Harry was in the hospital the night Khaalid was k*lled.

su1c1de watch.

[Sighs] That was a good use of our time.

You got Harry to confirm that it was Lawson who threw the parties.

But we're no closer to knowing who k*lled Khaalid.

[Sighs] Look...

This job is about process.

It's about seeing the whole puzzle, not just the pieces. We eliminated a suspect.

That's progress.

Since when are you Mr. Optimist?

We just need to catch a break.

I wish I knew what was on that damn phone.

[Car Rumbles Up]

Thanks for the ride.

Woulda been a long walk back.

So yesterday...

I wanted to say...

[Phone Rings]


[Phone Chimes]

Back to the real world.


Call you later?

I'd like that.

All right.



[Door Slams]

[Engine Turns, Rumbles Off]


♪ ♪

I've included the connection to Lawson's sex parties in the warrant.

Yeah. It all seems to be in order.

Let's just hope Lawson's mouth is as big as his ego.

We're gonna wire his house, car. Everything.

Anything else? I'd like to get back to homicide.

No. Just get that signed, you're done here.

I'll get it over to Judge Michaels.

I don't want it to be held up by Reeves again.

Okay. Good call.

I want this prep-work to stay with the Commission.

My replacement might find it useful.

This doesn't seem right.

The real world seldom does.

You worked hard for this. You deserve this commission.

Oh for chrissakes, Georgia!

I'm sorry. I-I need...

I need to take some time.

Reexamine priorities.

Daisy: Harry was a bust.

Oh damn it.

He won't go on record?

No, but he still confirmed Khaalid and Sam Charles were in a relationship.

It's still a second source.

Yeah, from a drugged out, suicidal, vengeful ex-boyfriend.

Without tangible evidence or his consent, it's just hearsay.

We still don't have anything that confirms that anyone is blackmailing Sam Charles.

Okay. Write up what you've got, while it's fresh.

You know she is working her ass off.

Mhm. What have you been doing?

I put the two of you together so you might teach her a thing or two.

Look, don't worry about me.

I got a couple cards up my sleeve.

Oh yeah?

Well, you better start playing them.

[Phone Vibrates And Chimes]

Hey. I've been meaning to...

You're gonna pick up the cake, right?

I said I would.

And you're not working tomorrow night?


Can we not start?

I picked up the gift.

Bring fifty for your share of it.


Remember mom's gonna be there around seven-thirty.

So, I have to show up, right?

It's Dad's birthday.

It's not always about you, Dais.

I was just joking.

[Chuckles] Oh God.

I'll be there.

Good. And don't be weird, okay?

[Clicks Phone Off]

So we have a deal.

[Phone Rings]

Tell me you got something?

Hassan doubled back to the city yesterday.

I got a trace on his new cell phone number.

It won't be long now.

We'll track him down.


[Car Rumbles Up]

[Door Beeps Open]

Thanks for coming.

You must be scraping from the bottom of the barrel if you're reaching out to me.

Yeah, well... my barrel is not the fullest these days.

Well, cops have a tendency to not forget when they've been screwed.

You know, I'd never name a source...

Of course not.

You'd just give out enough info so a six-year-old could figure it out.

It was sloppy editing, it was sloppy thinking.

It doesn't change the fact that Dougie's still paying for your f*ck up.

Yeah. He is.

But you, you're doing all right, aren't you, inspector?

What do you want?

Does the name Roberto Munz mean anything to you?

Yeah, he's a mob lawyer?

Been repping la familia since Adam was a boy. Why?

I've been looking into this land development company, Greenfield Property Partners.

But all I find are d*ad ends.

The only thing that comes up are more numbered companies.

How does Munz fit into this?

Those numbered companies, all list him as counsel.

If I were you, I'd stay a million miles from it.

Yeah, but...

We both know I'm too stupid to do that, right?

[Small Chuckle]

[Elevator Dings]

Detective Lutz, is that my warrant you're trying to sneak by me?

Where are you headed?

Judge Michaels.

I heard you had your hands full.

Has Crown Counsel reviewed this?

They have, your Honor.

You have a pen?


[Pen Rasps]

Good luck, Detective.

Good night, your Honor.

[Retreating Footsteps]

[Elevator Dings, Doors Rumble Open]

You're still here?

Where were you all night?

Doing some digging...

Any good dirt turn up?

Kinda. You got time for a drink?

I know this place makes a k*ller Manhattan.

That sounds really good.


I can't...

Some other time. Yeah, of course.

[Elevator Dings]

So what's the big news you feel like celebrating?

Ah... it can wait.

Raincheck. I'm serious.

Uh huh.


[Door Opens]

Details for the environmental meeting.

Thank you.

I approved next week's interview schedule.

And I vetted the top three candidates, my notes are attached.

I know you've been tackling a lot, with Phil out of town.

Don't think I haven't noticed.

Without you here, I'd be lost.

Yeah, you would.

I was thinking... maybe I need you around full time.

I'm not exactly sure if my schedule can get any busier.

I wasn't talking about work.

I was talking about us.

I'm listening.

[Passionate Kiss]

[Footsteps Thud]

[Knock On Door]

[Door Creaks Open]


Is this later?

Come in.

[Door Shuts]

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
Hey, sleepy head.

Did I wake you?

No, not at all.

Aw. Thanks.

Oh, I haven't brushed.


Did you sleep all right?

I did.


Let me take you to dinner tonight.

As in out in public?

An official date.

That would be great.


Oh, ah, there's this thing for my dad. His birthday...

Yeah. No worries.

Something you wanna talk about?

Not really. Not now.

Fair enough.


I gotta get going.

[Keys Jingle]

So I want you to hold on to this.

Help yourself to whatever.

[Retreating Footsteps]

[Door Opens, Then Shuts]

[Traffic Whirs, Honking]

[Keys Clack] _

[Low Hum Of Chatter, Phones Ringing]


Mary's in the w*r room. Come on.

Good sleep?

Uh huh.

The Zuccato family?

The opera people?

20 years ago they were one of the biggest crime families in the city.

Racketeering, dr*gs, g*n...

I mean, family CV reads like a Mafia cliche.

All right, to their credit, they've shed their illegal interests and made a go in the world of legitimate business.


They also underwrite a youth crime prevention initiative.

Which happens to be run by our friend Eric Lawson.

And, partners in the superjail.

So that's how he's covering his 90 million stake in the project.

If the deal is stalled, what would guys like the Zuccatos do to make it happen?

I'd say blackmail an Attorney General.

We need that phone.

You ready to make that money call upstairs?

If we run this, the story has to be unassailable.

I'll get the money.

But the two you have to be absolutely microscopic on this.

I have an interview set up with Sam Charles.

[Scoffs] You what?

Yeah, my sister just confirmed it.

That's bloody brilliant!

Okay. I want to see your list of questions.

Have them on my desk by this afternoon.

Simon? You free up your schedule.

You're going with her.

Oh! Uh, wait. This is my interview!

Firstly, the Attorney General is giving an interview to The Gazette, not simply to you.

Secondly, I'm not giving the interview to Simon.

The two of you will be doing it together.


It's nice to see that journalistic rage still burns somewhere around here.

But from here on in we tread extremely carefully.

[Waves Lap]

[Seagulls Cry]

[Waves Lap]

[Seagulls Cry]

[Waves Lap]

♪ ♪ ♪

[Knock On Door]

[Door Clicks Open]


I told you, I didn't want to come around here.

What do you want?

Look, Hassan texted me.

He wants you to come with us. He's getting money.


I'm going away with him.

I gotta get away from everything.

I don't want nothin' to do with Hassan's money.

What are you talking about?

Ask your brother.

[Door Shuts, Keys Jingle]



What are you doing here?

Hello Daisy.

You weren't supposed to be here till later.

How'd you get in?

I have a set of keys.

You look good.

I've been following your stories.

It's great work.

I imagine it can get pretty intense.

Nothing I can't handle.

Lamb vindaloo. Your father's favorite.

You ought to know.

[Car Alarm Blares]

[Running Footsteps Thud]

Oof. Agh.


Wow, that's got quite a kick.

My favorite meal, with my three favorite girls.

Hey, darling?

You remember this is just for tonight?

Yes, Margie, I remember.

I remember.

I remember that you're living in the country now.

With what's his face...


I remember, I'm still living here in the city.

And there is some new family living in our house.

I got it.

How are things going with Sam?

Yeah, Chlo. How are things going?

They're good.

With who?

I'm seeing someone, dad. Sam Charles.

Sam Charles?


The same Sam Charles in the newspapers? Sam Charles?

Wow, Margie.

Might be nice to have another lawyer in the family.

What do you think?

Well, I for one would love to meet him.

Oh, you'd like him.

What's that supposed to mean?

He reminds me of you... self motivated.

Henry: Well, I'd love to meet him.

Sam Charles.

[Mumbles] Sam Charles.

Hey. I know we should wait for the cake, but...


Henry: What?

No... oh!

Happy Birthday, Henry.

What's this?

[Wrapping Paper Rustles]

Oh, look at this.

You shouldn't have done it.

I thought it would be nice to have all the family photos in one place.

Henry's book...

Not really Henry's book, it's everybody's book.

Oh, there they are.


There it is. That was our family camping trip.

You were so upset.

I have never seen a little girl more upset than you.

When we didn't quite make it where we wanted to go.

We got a flat tire, do you remember?

Your father never wanted to see you kids disappointed.

He set up the tent, right there at the side of the road while we waited for the tow truck.

I did?

You did.

Oh yeah. That's right.

That was-You were not too happy about that.

It almost worked too.

[All Laugh]

Whatever happened to that van?

That's what I like to know?

Don't you remember, Dad?

That's the car you had the accident in.

That's a beautiful woman right there.

I'll get the cake.

Look, she was afraid to bait the hook, but she got okay with it.


[Dish Clanks]

[Approaching Footsteps]

What was that about?

Come on, she doesn't even care about dad!

She took care of him for years after the accident!

Of course she cares.

That's just her way of doing penance.

What are you talking about?!

So she found Charlie?

She is allowed to have a life.

I don't want to talk about this.

Of course not.

And what about your attitude with Sam being my boyfriend?

It was nothing.

I'm sorry, just seeing mom and dad together...

Well, they're not together.

Even Dad gets that.

I thought whatever this thing is between you and mom would be over by now...

You know you can't smoke in here.


[bl*ws Out Smoke]

It doesn't look like the picture.

That's because it's not finished.

It'll take some time. We're getting there.

[Door Creaks Open, Key Jingle]



We're just working on a school project.

Sorry, I just wanted to, return...

Yeah. Yeah. Come-come on in.

You must be Noah.

Your dad talks about you all the time.

I'm Daisy.

Dad doesn't talk about you at all.

What a great longhouse you're building!

Ah, see. I told you people would know what this is.

I need it to be better than Tanya Acheson's.

She always has the best projects.

Her mom's an artist.

I keep telling him that this is not a competition.


Just do your best.

Can I help?

You got any references?

[Lutz Laughs]

Your kid just dissed me!

Well, do you. We could use some help.

All right.

All right.

We are totally gonna school Tanya and her mom.

Lawson: It's me. Yeah.

I just looked at the paper work, you don't have anything to worry about.

It's not a big deal.

We'll liquidate that property.

You take the condos convert them into rentals and then we'll sell it off... Does this guy ever shut up?

Pretty sure half the time he's talking to himself.

I'll take care of all that.

Excuse me. Mr. Lawson!


I'm Simon Olenski, with the Gazette.

Can I ask you a few questions?

Hold on for a second.

No. Send the agreements to Donette.

What? What do you got?

Sorry. What's your name?


And where are you from?

The gazette.

Well, please call make an appointment, I'll be happy to talk to you then. Okay? This is...

You don't have time for formal sit-down.

Unless you want a bunch of questions, photographer, front page.

We can do that.

Hold on.

Okay. So you didn't make an appointment so I'll give you one question.

Your superjail project. I hear it's stalled.

Your information is incorrect.

It's moving forward and we're on track to break ground.

Okay? Thanks.

Oh, even though the province hasn't officially given approval.

I'm sorry, Mr. Olenski, But was there even a question in that?

Your private investors.

How'd you raise the 90 million?

And what do you not understand about the phrase "private investors"?

Isn't it true the Zuccato family ponied up most of the cash?

That would make a great headline, "Crime Family Underwrites Federal Prison."

You know, a headline like that wouldn't worry me at all.

But if you were seen to be maligning that family's name in your newspaper, I think you'd be the one who would need to worry.

Sorry for the hold. Where were we?

Take care.



Knock. Knock.

Hey. g*n and gangs finally get sick of you?

Good to see you, too.


One of Avril's girls.

She supplied high-end escorts to...

To Lawson's parties at his cottage up North.

We cleared him.

The question is what's on the phone?

That's the million dollar question.

You wanted to see this?

I did. Thank you.

What's that?

Looks like you don't know everything.


Couple of kids found it in the alley a couple of blocks form here.

Looks like everything's in it - even the money.

The only thing missing is your phone, right?

You've been in contact with Hassan, haven't you?


Whatever Hassan told you, he's in serious danger.

What he's mixed up in is bigger than gangs and dr*gs.

We want to help. We can protect him.

By using her in your investigation?

It's not like that.

Why? You and Hassan again?

We're here to help, Xannan.

Khaalid's d*ad. Avril's d*ad.

If there's anything on your phone that says where Hassan is, whoever's got it has 24-hour head start on finding him.

And they will.

So, Lawson pretty much confirmed the Zuccato connection.

And possibly just threatened me.

That's good.

Figure they'll come with the money?

They better.

It's done. We can get him a certified cheque.

Yes. That's-that's fantastic.

Oh wait.

He won't go for a cheque.

I'll need cash.


Let me see if I can get the bank to expedite this.

This video had better be the second coming, and then some.

[Phone Rings]

So it's good?

Yeah. You still wanna do this?

Damn straight.

They think 'cause they wear Armani and drive Benz's they're untouchable?

What they did to Khaalid, Avril?

They're gonna pay for the shit they caused.

Okay, so tonight then, after my interview.

I'll call you as soon as I'm out.

Whatever. Just be there.

[Clicks Phone Off]

[Wind Gusts]

[Phone Chimes]

[Traffic Whirs]

[Engine Turns]

♪ ♪

[Phones Ring]

And remember not to make it personal.

And don't let Sam guess what the real story is.

I'm fine.

Yeah. You look fine.

Hassan came to me. Okay?

I'm the one who made the Harry connection.

I've done all the g*dd*mn ground work and I'm the one that deserves the payoff.

I know.

I'm sorry?

I know.

That's why I'm not going in to the interview with you.

So what? You're just gonna sit here updating your status?

You'd be amazed what people let slip when they don't think anyone's listening.

The Attorney General is waiting.

♪ ♪

[Door Clicks Shut]

[Car Rumbles]

This is where he used to take me.

So now what?


Now we wait.

[Door Clicks Open]

Daisy! Hello.

So nice to see you again.

Can I get you anything?

Coffee? Tea? Water?

I'm fine. Thanks.

Have a seat.


Thank you.

[Preparatory Exhale]

[Crow Caws]

[Phone Rings]

So we on?

You got your money.


Like you wanted.

All right. Be at the same spot. Seven.

[Sharp Exhale]

[Relieved Sigh]

[Cup And Saucer Clink]

Okay. Ready when you are.

Uh, thanks for taking the time to meet.

No. It's the least I can do.

The first thing that I would like to ask...

[Sharp Exhale]

I'd like to know... what was your relationship with Khaalid Faaruq Suleman?


Do you want this?

You can have it.

Hey, hey. No!

Hey! He...

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