02x10 - Crash

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Coroner". Aired: November 2015 to December 2016.
"The Coroner" follows a high flying solicitor, who returns to the small South Devon seaside town she left as a teenager, to take up the post of Coroner. She finds herself working with her childhood sweetheart, who is now the local Detective Sergeant, and together they investigate local deaths.
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02x10 - Crash

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See you tomorrow, Mabel.

And no chasing after Mr Roberts tonight.

All right, love? No need to pick me up in the morning, I'll walk.

Casserole's in the oven.

Oh, ta. I might go out with Nick later.

Just so long as he doesn't stay over.

What do you take me for, Mum?

See you later.

♪ Take a sip of my secret potion I'll make you fall in love ♪
♪ For a spell that can't be broken One drop should be enough ♪
♪ Boy, you belong to me I got the recipe ♪
♪ And it's called black magic. ♪

Where are you?

Well... Well, just pretend you've got something else to do and hurry up!

Good morning, Devon! We're walking on sunshine.

♪ I used to think maybe you loved me. ♪

What do you reckon? Hot off the press.

That you should've printed them last week, not the night it's happening.

Better late than never. You and Beth coming?

Karaoke starts at 8pm.

Oh, well, Beth's got a sleepover.

I've got admin to do. Child death overview panel.

I've got health and safety forms...

Oh, it's been done.

In my appraisal, you said I should be more proactive.

Coroner's office.

Great. Thanks.

Me and Mick are doing a turn, really pushing the boat out.

Jane? Davey -- says it's urgent.

Right. Sorry.


Lone driver. Judging by the sand in the car, she'd been to the beach.

She looks so young.

Yeah. 17.

Ellie Patterson. Debs' daughter.

Cath's sister, Debbie?

I'm on my way to see Debs now.

Can't get hold of Dean.


Lowe. Cath's husband. Remember him? Year above us at school?

Yeah, 'course.

Poor Debbie.

Would you mind if I go and see Cath?

No. Not the best way to meet up after 20-odd years, is it?

I think she could do with a friendly face right now.

Got her address?

Yeah, I'll find it for you.


You all right, Debbie, love?

I've just finished at Oaklands. Ellie not in?

Can we go inside?

Cath? Jane. Jane Kennedy.

Sorry, it's just not a good time right now.

I just, er... I've got to, er...

You've already heard. About Ellie.

You're the coroner. Yeah, Dean phoned.

He, er... he was on duty in Plymouth when he...

You know, when they, um...

I'm so sorry.

DS Hig... Davey, he... he's on his way to see Debs now.

Dean's on his way home from work now.

He's going to take me and Alex over.

Alex, he's my son. He's... he's devastated!

Look, I... I can take you both, if you like?

No, Dean will take him. Alex?

I'm going over to see Auntie Debs.

Your dad will take you when he gets home, OK?

Oh, Jane, I can't believe it! I can't believe it!

So, I think if we keep half for tonight, the other half for Reading?

Advance planning. I like it.

Oooh, found some wine.

A cheeky little rose. Nice!

You sure they won't notice?

Nah. Anyway, Gran wouldn't mind.

That's nice of me.

Not sure your mum would feel the same, mind.

Or yours, Megan.

I thought you were out.

I figured. I forgot this, for tonight.


Beth, not even I'd drink that.

Please don't tell Mum!

I tell you what, you hand all these out and we'll talk about it.

But I'm going to a sleepover at Megan's.


Hand all those out and you can pick this up later.

Gran won't mind(!)


I'm so sorry!

Jane, thanks for bringing Cath over.

I'm so sorry about Ellie. If there's anything I can do to help...

Right. Well, the collision investigation unit's finished doing their thing now, so...

What did they find?

Do they know what happened?

They think she might have been driving a bit fast, came to a sharp bend, lost control.

You OK?

Ellie never speeded. She's too sensible.

No sign of anyone else?

No, no, not that we can see.

We checked her mobile phone.

Last call was to Debs at 6pm, and there's a couple of texts a few days ago, to a Nick.

Her boyfriend -- Nick Caldwell.

Ellie said she might be seeing him last night.

Any relation to Stuart Caldwell?

Mm. His son.

Can't say I approved.

We all know what you thought of him. You made that very clear.

You don't even know him.

Can I see my daughter now?


She looks... peaceful.

Like she's sleeping.

We should go outside.


Er... I've got the postmortem results.

Well, why can't we talk about it here?

Well, don't look at her.

I'm Ellie's mother.

Did she suffer?

Ellie died from chest injuries.

But given the level of alcohol in her blood, she wouldn't have known much about it.

She was driving drunk?

No, the bruising ran from her left shoulder to her right hip.


Ellie was a passenger.

Someone else was driving.

Done it -- handed out 260 fliers.

Tonight's cancelled.

We've just been all over Lighthaven.

Out of respect. Our old barmaid's daughter died.

Only two years older than you.

She used to come here as a little 'un, run around in her nappy.

Ran around once without it -- made a right mess.

Who was she?

Ellie Patterson.

What happened?

Car accident. Did you know her?

No, not really.

I'm just going to take this and leave you to it.

There's been a change of plan.

Oh! Hi, Mum, this is Megan.

Gran told me you've got half an off-licence in your bag.

She's exaggerating.

Really? You can go.

Cheers. Come on, Beth.

No, not you.

That's not fair!

I'll tell you what's not fair.

I've just been with a d*ad 17-year-old, so you're not going, and certainly not with someone who encourages you to steal alcohol!

Excuse me?

You heard.

Whatever, suit yourself. See you later.

No, she won't.

That is so out of order!

The drinks were my idea, if you must know!

Megan's my best mate, what am I supposed to do now?

I'll find you something.

Oh, yeah, like, cleaning the toilets, again!

I have to take this. Clint.

Cos last time I checked, unpaid work is called sl*ve labour.

No, it's called reimbursement for all the booze you've nicked.

Where is he now?

I didn't nick anything.

Only because I stopped you.

I handed out all of your fliers.

Look, Mum...

Yeah, I'll be there as soon as I can.

Don't let her out of your sight.

What...? Go on, then, ignore me!

Oi! Where are you going, missy?

Fine, but I'm not doing the bogs.

We should talk to a funeral director.

Maybe Ethel Blackstone, who did your mum's?

I'll give her a ring.

Stop the car! Stop!


Pull over!



What did you do?!



Ellie's d*ad.

Don't be stupid.


I've just seen her lying in the mortuary. You think it's funny?

Debs, leave him.

What's she talking about?

Ellie died this morning. Car crash. Only she wasn't the one driving.


What did you do?!

It wasn't me! I'd never hurt her, I swear!

What's going on?


Is it true? Ellie wasn't on her own?

You can't take the law into your own hands.

Even you. I got this.

Take Debs home, will you? Look after her.

This isn't the way, love.

DS Davey Higgins, South Dart Police.

I'm guessing you're Nick Caldwell?

What happened?

You tell me.

I haven't seen Ellie for a week.

That's funny, cos Debs said she may have been with you last night.

I was at my aunt's in Torquay.

She dropped me back this morning.

All right. You got any idea who Ellie might've been with?

Not a clue.

I wouldn't have put you and Ellie together.


No reason. How's your dad?

Are we finished?

No, I don't think so.

I think we'll continue this down the station, check out this alibi.

Might be good to get your prints, as well.

What for?


Haven't got a problem with that, have you?

Come on.

I'm really sorry. It's just... you said if you could do anything to help...

Sure. What's wrong?

Mum said Ellie wasn't alone.

I talked to Ellie a couple of weeks ago.

She said her boyfriend was... too controlling.

Didn't like her seeing anyone else.

She told me not to tell her mum, only now this has happened, I just feel a bit...


She might not have meant it.

It could've just been a row or something.

I-I-I-I don't want to get him into trouble, I just... had to tell someone.

What did you make of him?

I don't really know him.

Met him a couple of times when they started going out together.

How long were they together?

Six months.


Were you and Ellie close?

Used to be, before Nick.

I helped her with her GCSES.

I do tutoring. University fund.

Ah! Which uni are you going to?

King's at Cambridge.

King's? Wow!

That's fantastic. No wonder your mum's proud.

I couldn't care less.

I'd give it up in a second to have Ellie back.

What was she like?

She was great.

Bright, clever... so funny.

She'd had it tough, though.

Her dad died a couple of years ago.

She had to work, help her mum.

She couldn't wait to leave... before she met Nick.



Forensic PM just in.

Sorry, mate, it's just that Davey needs them.

I can scan them in, if you want?

No, no, no, I'll take them. Thank you.

Sorry, I'd better go.

Don't be so hard on yourself.

This is a waste of time, you're not going to find anything.

Right, Nick, your aunt's confirmed your alibi.

Told you. Can I go?

Yeah, as long as you don't leave Lighthaven. Take him out, please.

Is that Ellie's boyfriend?

Alex came to see me, said it wasn't a bed of roses between those two.

Well, I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him.

Never trust an alibi given by a family member, especially when it's a Caldwell.

Look, I've got some bad news for you.


Ellie's car, driver's side? Completely wiped of prints.

Door handles, steering wheel, gear leaver.

Someone's been watching too much CSI.

We'll try and get some DNA, but I think it's doubtful.

Look at the Forensic PM.

Ellie's ribs broke in the accident.

If she'd stayed in the car, she might have survived, but bruising on her arms indicate she was pulled out.

When she was moved, her ribs punctured her skin, causing a tension pneumothorax.

Her right lung collapsed, that's what k*lled her.

Did you know her?


Whoever moved her good as m*rder her.

I don't know what to say.

Well, Nick's got an alibi.

He said he hadn't seen Ellie in a week.

He's lying! She said she was seeing him that night!

All right. Well, we'll check the local hospitals, see if anyone was admitted on the morning Ellie died.

Sarge! Up here.

Excuse me.

Anything from the boyfriend?

Any letters or cards or anything?

No, nothing.

That's it, yeah?


They found this phone-charger in Ellie's room, only it doesn't match her phone.

Could it be yours?

That's not mine.

Could she have had another phone?


I know it seems boring after London. You have to make your own fun.

Yeah, I was.

So... Ta-da!

Clint's volunteered to teach you to surf.

I think volunteered's a bit strong.

I thought you'd taken the day off to, like, actually be with me.

I know, I'm sorry. I've got to work, but I'm going to come and pick you up later.

He says the surf's great!

Actually, um... yeah, it's... it's perfect!


Yeah. I mean, I've always wanted to learn to surf.

Great. Hm!

What's that?

Oh, it's just from a club in Plymouth -- Deja Vu.

I went there last night. It's a bit stubborn, actually.

Do you know any clubs called t*nk, or anything to do with Egypt?


Bit old for clubbing, aren't you, Mum?

Have fun.

So, we learn to surf on sand before we go on the water.

Once you've mastered it here, then we can go out there.

First things first, we want to figure out our body position on the board, OK?


So, we make sure our toes are together and at the back of the board, like this.

We call this the sweet spot.




Oh. You can get up. Look, I'm sh**ting off.

Back in, what, four hours?

What?! Your mum said that we...

We'll let her think you taught me, obviously.

No, no, she's given me the whole day off.


Look at that, it's perfect!

Why would you want to be teaching me when you could be out there, surfing?

Oh, man! She's going to k*ll me!

She won't know.

All right. We meet back here at 3pm and if Jane asks, I taught you pop-ups.

Google it -- pop-ups!


Megan? We're on.

Davey, it's me. I don't think Nick was with his aunt.

No. You want to know where he really was?

There you are, mate.

Hey, Nick, can you step down from the van, please?

I need to have a word with you.

This is harassment!

Why didn't you say you were at Pharaoh's?


You had a stamp on your hand.

I saw it at the police station.

We know what kind of club night it is, Nick, and we know it only happens once a month -- the night that Ellie died.

Don't tell my dad. He'd k*ll me.

I'm not going to tell your dad. I don't need to.

So let's start again, shall we? Were you at Pharaoh's the night that Ellie died?

There till five... till it closed, and hitched back in the morning.

Did Ellie know you were gay?

She was the only one around here that guessed. She said she'd be my beard, you know, make it look like I was straight.


She wanted a cover story, too. She was seeing someone.


I don't know, she wouldn't say.

So, how do I know you're not making this up?

Check Pharaoh's CCTV. I wasn't with Ellie, I was there.

Another boyfriend?

Could be why she had another mobile phone.

I'm not ruling Nick out yet, though.

You sure she never mentioned anyone else to you?

All right. Well, we got nothing from her room, apart from the charger, and there's no news back from the hospitals, so...

I really need to step this investigation up now, Debbie.

I'm going to need your help.

Ellie Patterson was last seen leaving Oakland's Care Home in Lighthaven at 6pm on Thursday evening.

We believe she then spent the rest of that night in Blaze Sands.

So we're looking for anyone who may have seen Ellie on that Thursday evening, or early on the Friday morning.

This is Debs, Ellie's mother.

She'd like to say a few words.


(Come on, sweetheart.)

Ellie was a...

You all right?


Ellie was a beautiful young woman.

Kind, helpful.

Loved by all who knew her.

Three days ago, she had hopes and dreams for her life.

Those have been shattered.

Someone was with her.

Someone knows what happened.

If you can help, if you've seen anything suspicious, no matter how small or insignificant... please call the police.


How's Beth?

Yeah, she's really impressed me.

She's with Clint again, learning pop-ups.


That's interesting.


Someone's reported a man acting suspiciously the day Ellie died.

Parked his car in the morning, picked it up a few hours later on.

Bit tight for time of death, but...


Blaze Sands.

There's a registration number, as well.

Who is it?

Right, thanks, Alex.

I need to speak to your dad in private.



You mind if I sit down?

When you phoned Cath to tell her about Ellie, you said you'd just finished your shift.

Your station says you left work at 5:40am.

That's over four hours earlier. Said you felt ill.

So, where were you?

I did...?! Mate, you know I'd never hurt Ellie!

Just answer the question.

I was with, um... a woman.

Married bit.

You can't tell Cath, all right?

All right.

What's her name?

I can't.

OK. Let's take this down the station, then, shall we?

All right, all right!

Thing is...

I like to enjoy certain things.

Adult things... outside.

And I like people... to watch.

Are you talking about what I think you're talking about?

I'm not talking about jogging, am I?

There's a site down near Blaze Sands.

I left work early to go down there.

All right. Can anyone confirm that?

Yeah, but I wouldn't know who to ask. Most of us wear masks.

Including you?

Yeah! I don't want to get recognised, do I?!

Dan Connell, from down my nick, he caught me a few months back.

Never reported it.

Talk to him.

All right. So, er... is this, like, a regular thing?

I'm not proud of it, mate, I have urges!

Well, I'd knock them on the head, if I were you. Does Cath know?

I forgot to delete my search history.

He always had a wandering eye. He tried it on with me once.



A week before the leavers' disco.

Before I left.

What, when you and me were...?

Yeah. I mean, I told Cath. I had to, she was a mate.

Do you believe him?


Dan Connell down at his station said he'd picked him up for it before, so...

Did he really try it on?

He didn't get very far.

Put it this way, he was limping for quite a while afterwards.


So, you going to cross him off your Christmas card list?

He was never on it.

I thought you two were close.

Well, we were, until he got together with Cath.

You were friends with her at school.

No, you were friends with her at school.

I never really liked her myself.

So, er... your mum and Mick coming today?

Yeah, and Beth. She's meeting us here.


She offered to hold my hand.

Feeling guilty because she's going camping with some friends from London later.

How's her surfing?

Er... yeah, she's a slow learner.

She's a bit clumsy, to be honest.

I wonder where she gets that from(?) - Oi!

Right, I'll see you down there.

Mum, I shouldn't be here.

This is for people that knew her.

Can I sit in the car?

Yeah, sure.


See you in there.

We have to sit together. What will people think?

You should have thought of that before...

Alex, for your mum, please?

Oh, right, now? Now you're thinking about her?

Nothing at all?

I've got officers rechecking the local hospitals.

Someone must've seen something.

Yeah, I know, love.

Thank you, for releasing Ellie's body.

It's the least we could do.

Do you know her?

Megan. Used to be Ellie's best mate. Not seen her in months.

It's time, love.

(Come on.)

I saw her outside Debs'.

She said she didn't know Ellie.


I know.

Do you think Dean told Cath where he was last night?

Would you?


Do not judge a biography by its length... nor by the number of pages in it.

Judge it by the richness of its contents.

Sometimes those unfinished are among the most poignant.

Do not judge a song by its duration... nor by the number of its notes.

Judge it by the way it touches and lifts the soul.

Sometimes those unfinished are among the most... beautiful.

And when something has enriched your life, and when its melody lingers on in your heart... is it unfinished?

Or is it endless?

I want to speak.

Everyone says their kids are perfect, but Ellie... she really was.

Never any trouble.

Always helpful.

Ellie didn't die in the crash.

Ellie died because someone dragged her out of the car.

If they'd called for help, she'd still be alive... but they didn't.

They left her, and wiped the car.

Wiped it clean!

Someone here knows something.

If you have any decency... you'll say.

If not for me... for her.

Else you have no right being here.

Cos my Ellie... my beautiful Ellie... she deserves the truth.

Come on, love.

Any of you got the guts to tell the truth?

Or are you just here to gawk?

It's funny she's got so many friends here cos none of you could be bothered when she was alive.

(Debbie? Come on.)

Give me a minute.

♪ Abide with me... ♪


What happened between you and Ellie? Why'd you drop her?

Talk to me. Talk!

She... she started going out with Nick and she knew that I liked him.

You dropped her because of that? Because of him?

I'm sorry.

So you should be!

Cos if you hadn't, she might still be here.

You should be ashamed of yourself!

Megan! What you doing here?

Were you at the funeral?

You knew her, didn't you?

What is it?

Go, just go!

What's going on?!

Get out!

Not until you tell me what's going on.

Is everything OK?

What are we going to do?

We can't hold the funeral, vicar's got another service after.

I'll go and find her.

No, no, you should stay here. We'll go.

Can you come with me?

I'll take the beach.

Shall we go back up?

What's the point?

You mustn't give up hope.

We'll find out what happened.

Will we?

I thought I knew Ellie.

I didn't know her at all.

Didn't know why she fell out with Megan until now.

What did she say?

It was over Nick.

Megan liked him and Ellie knew.

Can you go?

I just want to be with Ellie.

Be with her?

Figure of speech.


Oh, Debbie, how many have you taken?

Come here, come here. Come here.

So, this is your plan? What, just keep driving and say nothing?!

Oh, thank God you found her!

Look after her. The ambulance is on its way.

Thanks, Jane.


Megan told Debs they fell out because of Nick.

Well, they weren't even together.

What if Megan was driving?

I mean, we don't know Ellie was going to meet a boy.

Don't suppose you've seen Beth?

It's just I've just found these in the ignition.

She was waiting in the car. Where is she?

I think I might know.

OK, Beth was never learning how to surf.

She was with Megan.

We're going to Plymouth?

They're heading for Plymouth.

'Why Plymouth?'

Can you get a car registration out for a Megan Chapman to all units, please?

They're on their way to Plymouth.

Is that where you went with Ellie?!

How do you know her?!

We'll find her, don't worry.

Megan, she was drinking!


Shut up. Shut up!

Slow down!

Megan, please!

Stop it! You're scaring me! Stop it!

It was all my fault.

What was, Megan?!


They've spotted them.

They can't chase them! Don't let Beth get caught in a chase!

All right, all right. You got a stinger? Use a stinger.

They've gone.

Slow down, you're drunk! You're going to get us k*lled!

Why did you say Ellie was your fault?!

I'm about to interview her.

Shouldn't you be with Beth?

She's with Mum. Well...?

I dropped her.

If I hadn't...

If I'd been there... she might still be here.

She was my best friend.

Why did you drop her?

Jane, leave it.

Debs said it was over Nick, but we know it wasn't him!

I saw them kissing.

She knew I liked him.


She made me promise not to say. They both did.

He was there today.

You were watching him outside the church, I saw you!

Oh. Er... Cath's back.

Debs is in ITU, but she's going to be fine, apparently.

Can we come inside?

Going away?

Um... yeah. Alex is too upset to stay.

Going to stay with Dean's sister up in Durham.

Ah, that's a nice idea, isn't it?

Might want to carry that out to the car, then.

I've got it.


Broken ribs?

You were never here the morning I came around, were you, Alex?

You've got two cars. There were none when I was here.


Did you get together with Ellie after helping her with her GCSEs?

Is this a joke?

You were her boyfriend.

That's why you had to keep it secret, why you both did.

But it was you that was driving the car that night.

He was with me.

So, who did you call for help -- your mum or your dad?

Your mum. And then you went around, cleaned the steering wheel, got rid of Ellie's phone, took Alex to a hospital, somewhere not too close.

In his car, of course.

You couldn't leave that at Blaze Sands.

You parked yours nearby, picked it up on the way back.

So, why were you driving Ellie back that night?

Because she was drunk and you were worried?

I mean, you were together, what, six months? You must've been close.

This is ridiculous!

You loved her.

You wanted to tell me. That's why you came to see me at my office.

Did your mum stop you?

Persuade you to blame Nick?

Son, don't say anything.

She got drunk because I was late meeting her.

I couldn't let her drive.

I thought I'd be OK.

It was only when we were on the road I realised I was drunk, too.

Let's keep driving, get away. As far as we can.

I've got uni next month, El.

It won't make any difference to us.

Won't it? You'll forget about me.

Huh! How could I forget about you, you nutter?

I love you.

I love you more.

Let's get you home so you can sleep before your mum gets back.

Just sleep? Spoilsport!

It was over in seconds.

I was worried the car would catch f*re.

I had to get her out.

She said her chest hurt.

And when I moved her, she started screaming.

She couldn't breathe.

And then she...

It was too late.

I didn't know what else to do.

So you called your mum.

And Dean owed you because of what he'd put you through, almost destroying your marriage.

So you cleared Ellie's room, made sure there was no sign of their relationship.

But you didn't know about the charger.

He's my son. You'd anything for your kids.

We don't have to say anything.

Alex could go away! We won't breathe a word.

We don't have to wreck his life, too!


Ellie would've wanted him to have a future!

(We can keep this a secret!)

I don't want to.

Ellie would've known what lying would do to me.

It was my fault.

It won't ever happen again.

Don't blame Clint, blame me. I should never have listened to Megan.

Or anyone that's not you.



So you're buying the drinks tonight and Mick's dishwasher's broken.

What an excellent use of my time.

I thought your mum and Mick would have cancelled tonight, you know, after the funeral.

No, made Mum even more determined.

Let the d*ad rest and the living keep living.

She speaks sense sometimes, your mum. Not very often, mind.

So, what are they doing?

I don't know, it's a big surprise.

They've got costumes, apparently.


Why don't you like Cath?

Think I might sing myself tonight.

You know, bit of the old Phil Collins.

Here they come.

♪ You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar ♪
♪ When I met you... ♪

Why don't you like Cath?

Ah, it was a long time ago. It's petty. Really petty.

I have a degree in petty. Plus, I don't give up.

So, come on, why don't you like her?

Er... well, you remember the, er... the sixth-form leavers' disco, when I...?

Snogged Annette. Yeah, I do remember, I was there.


Well, I never told you why.

It was cos of what she said -- Cath.

She said you were going to leave me when you went to university, you were going to meet a decent boyfriend.

Someone clever. Clever, like you.

She said you laughed about it.

She told me you'd fancied Annette for ages.

What?! No!

No, I never even looked at Annette! I...

I was upset, Jane.

I was... I was drunk.

I never said that, Davey. I never said that!

I never wanted anyone but you!

It's cos I told her that Dean tried it on with me, isn't it?

She broke us up!

Oh, Davey!

No, don't.


♪ You know I can't believe it when I hear that you won't see me ♪
♪ Don't, don't you want me? ♪
♪ You know I don't believe you when you say that you don't need me. ♪
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