01x08 - The Lost

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Class". Aired: October 2016 to December 2016.
"Class" spins from the world of Doctor Who and centers around Coal Hill School, which has been a part of the Doctor Who Universe since the very beginning, and focuses on some of the students and staff as they also cope with the horrors that come from time travel.
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01x08 - The Lost

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Step away from me, Quill.

You can still k*ll them all!

Now we know quite a lot more about young Charlie and about the Cabinet than we did before.

I'm King!

They still need our heart to b*at, remember?

Ram: You k*lled her?

I don't love you as much as you love me.

You look at me like I'm... a little sister or... a... a baby.

Ram: God, Dad! Stuff going on, mate!

I think we have some things to talk about.


Yeah. Things are gonna change around here.

No, it... it can't be.




For our opening act tonight, I'd like to introduce my very best student.

It's her first ever public performance, and with her own song too.

So, please, give a massive welcome to April MacLean.


Man: You'll do great!

Man: Go, April!

This is called The Lost.

Man: Three, and...

♪ Here is a song for the lost ♪
♪ Here is a song for the unreturned ♪
♪ Here is a song for all of us ♪
♪ Who stepped away from home ♪
♪ Here is a song for the wanderer... ♪


♪ A song for the lonely soul ♪
♪ Who's brought only her own heart ♪
♪ As she goes on and on... ♪

Do you ever feel like it's so dark that it'll never be light again?

Charlie: Sometimes...



I always hope...

..there's a way out, just...

..if I'm brave enough.

Oh, Charlie!


I think we help each other be brave.

Just... I miss them so much.

Are you... doing anything tonight?


♪ For the road is full of the unreturned ♪
♪ As through the night they roam ♪
♪ But the lost may greet lost souls they meet ♪
♪ And each may find a home... ♪


Varun: Ram?!

I can't let you give up!




♪ To share your heart and never part ♪
♪ And in it... ♪


♪ Find a home. ♪


♪ What have I been waitin' for? ♪
♪ Been wastin' all my time ♪
♪ Watchin' my youth slip away ♪
♪ It surely is a crime ♪
♪ We go on and on and on and on ♪
♪ Never, never knowing where, never knowing where ♪
♪ We gonna, we gonna, we gonna end up in the morning ♪
♪ We go on and on and on and on ♪
♪ Never, never knowing where, never knowing where ♪
♪ We gonna, we gonna, we gonna end up in the morning. ♪

Man: (SINGS) ♪ Black is the colour♪
♪ Of my true love's hair ♪
♪ Her lips are like... ♪

I'm so proud of you.

♪ The rose so fair ♪
♪ She's got the sweetest face... ♪


(SOBS) He's gone!

♪ I love the ground ♪
♪ Whereon she stands ♪
♪ I love my love... ♪


♪ And well she knows ♪
♪ I love the ground... ♪

Matteusz: You... haven't even restrained her, though.

If she wakes, she is a thr*at to you.

It's been almost a week.

She hasn't even woken. I... I pour water down her throat, but...

You care for her?

We're the last of our kinds.

It would...

(SIGHS) I wouldn't...

You wouldn't... have a heart if you did not care.

♪ Black is the colour ♪
♪ Of my true love's... ♪

"One"? What did he mean, "One"?

How are they back? I had them destroy the path to our world.

I don't know! But my dad...

I felt Corakinus earlier.

It was so fast, and then gone. It wasn't like before.

Where's your mum?


She's at a convention. I haven't called her yet, April.

What do I say?!


Where have you been sleeping?

My cousin's car.


Please, no more... promises.

I won't make any either.

Except one.

I promise to love you today.

Tomorrow, I'll make this promise again.

I'll make that promise too.

I would... quite like to kiss you now.



What the hell is this?!

This is the, uh...

..the part where your offspring eats you?

What the...?

Oh, crap, that is part of it, isn't it?

No, no. No, this was just the bit where we hibernate.

Yeah, it's as the foetuses move to the second womb.

Matteusz: How did this happen?

How are you... this pregnant? I...

It's got to be that Cabinet.

And I...

Oh, God, I didn't even notice.

I'm sorry... What about the Cabinet?

No, no. No, Prince.

The time for your questions is over.

Where is my... g*n?



What are you planning on doing with it?

What do you think?

You will use the Cabinet of Souls on our enemies...

..and then I will use that g*n on mine.


Oh, my God. April.



No, wait! Where's my gu...?!



It's OK. Dizziness is normal after hibernation.

You are Quill.


And the w*r begins again.


I brought you some soup.

You're going to nail those exams.

Yep. (SNIFFS) I know.

You work so hard.

I thought that's what you wanted.

You have not mentioned your new friends recently...

Oh, they're not my friends!

Tanya... Can you just leave it?!


Things will get better.

You'll get older...

Are you sure of that?

If there's one thing I kn...





Is he here? Is he back?

Uh... no... no. He was here and then gone.

Something's different.

How has he got here?


What... what do I tell my mum?

Charlie's on his way.

We need to get out of here.

We need to run and never look back!


Un... less what?

Charlie has a w*apon.


Well... they k*lled Rachel.

They k*lled my dad.

They'll just keep k*lling and k*lling. That's all they do.

And if we k*ll them, are we any better?


If they die... I die too.



Jackie: April...

Greetings, Your Highness.

(GASPS) Aah!

Just one?

No, no, no, no. No, Quills have whole litters of...

Never mind.

I will take you into battle.

I'll take you to the very end of this world.



April: If you harm her, you'll die. I'll make sure of it.


She has Shadow Kin running through her veins.

I'll only k*ll her if you refuse my offer.


If this is another referendum...!


You want me to come back with you?

That way, my heart will be in your possession forever.

Clever girl.

Jackie: No!

I b*at you! I was your King!

But you did not k*ll me.

And crowns can easily be reclaimed with...

..the right guile.


So, is this... this thing with April, then?

Has a pony hurt its leg somewhere or...?

He k*lled her!


Who k*lled who?

Who's k*lled...?




She's not going anywhere!

We'll k*ll you! We'll k*ll every single one of you!

With your Cabinet? The w*apon you will never use?

Well, it's a good thing we have others.

Sorry. Door was unlocked.

Are you... pregnant?



Have I gone crazy?

Am I gonna wake up in bed and these past couple of months are gonna be a dream?

Does that actually happen to your species?

My mum is d*ad.

My... brothers aren't answering.

They're supposed to be in the school library, but...

..I'm too afraid to check because what if they...?


..what if they...?

I... I don't know. I've been, um...

Where are the others?

The... the Cabinet.


I want to use the Cabinet.

Look at you, in your little circle...

..pretending to be heroes and never expecting to pay a price.

We've paid plenty.

And you will keep paying till you are just yourselves.

I have k*lled two.

Come with me or I will k*ll more.

Who else did you k*ll?

Can we use it?

No, it has to be Charles.

And he won't.

But he said he wanted to.

Did he?

Yeah, well, saying and doing are two very different things.

Can we make him?


She's not answering.


Shall we go and see exactly how much damage I can do without that thing in my head?

There's some princes I'd really like to start punching.

Are you offering to help me?

That depends.

Are you offering to help ME?

April: Is her mother really d*ad?


This g*n doesn't have to k*ll.

I can just start with tearing off your limbs.

The Prince of Rhodia...

..the saviour of his people that never was.

Is there not a folk story you believe that in the hands of the right hero...

..every soul will be revived.

You're not even hero enough to save one.

If I have to die to stop you, I will.

And so you shall.

What was that?

What have you done?!

Consider how many you will allow to die?

Do not consider long.


..you will be five.


This is really heavy.

Ah. I've got something you can use.

How are they coming and going so easily?

What was that thing you threw at my face?

April: Shadow.



I was their king, remember.

I can sense it.

It's what's in my mum's legs.

It's how her legs work.

He's put a shadow on your heart.

Just like mine.

So if you use the w*apon on them...

..it hits your heart.

And I die too.

Seriously, what is wrong with you people?!

He k*lled my dad!

He k*lled Tanya's mum!

He said you are number five!

Are you just going to stand around and wait to find out who three and four are?

Alright, look, we... we need to find help.

There IS no help!

We either sacrifice our families, or we sacrifice each other.

How is there an answer to that?


It's hopeless.

And now I have to tell my mum I couldn't stop my dad from being m*rder.


Ram! Ram, wait!

For what?!

For us to do nothing!

So he can fight another w*r and another until there isn't anyone left to fight for.

I'm so sorry about your dad.

I can't even tell you.

Come with me.

Oh, I-I can't.

I can't leave my mum unprotected.

(CRIES) I still love you.

I'll never stop.




I beg your pardon.

We need your help.

You're pointing a g*n at me.

You'll get over it.

(SIGHS) No-one's answering.


He didn't k*ll me because there's a little bit of their soul inside my legs, isn't there?

And there's more than a bit of them inside of you.

Why would you think that I would know the answer to these questions?

You know a lot of things you shouldn't.

Let's be very clear, Charlie. I do not take orders from...

(FIRES g*n)

People are d*ad. More will die.

Here's your chance not to be one of them.

What happened to our pacifist Pole who didn't like g*n?

We will speak of this after, but that is OUR business.

You're not coming in here.

I'm really not interested...

Understand this - I will die before I let you through this door.

Just because you can't do the big things anymore...

The April who did those amazing things did them because she's April, not because she's a superhero.

I'll try to get to the bottom of what's happening.

I would have without the thr*at.

Contrary to popular opinion, I do not like watching people die.

Quill could have died. You took the Arn out of her head.

Which means others will die.

Do you really think the governors are so cold-blooded?

We are academics. We research.

We gather knowledge in preparation.

Preparation for what?

For The Arrival.

You can still be a part of it.

But until then, you will not pass beyond this door.

We manage time in here.

You won't even know I'm gone.



Oh! Oh! Thank God.


(GASPS) I can see them.


Man: Leave it!



Remember me?

Something's happening. He's at the school.

What are you gonna do?

The closer I am to him, the more clearly I can hear his thoughts.

I'll think of something.

I'll find a way.

I love you.


Get out of here.

Go! Don't go home! Just get on the train.

Go to Grandma's! Just go!

Not so tough now, are we?


You will die.

All of us die, genius.



Well, they couldn't do that before.



This is the me you're afraid of.


People are dying.

I know.

We do these things because we have to.

But... who are we when we're done?

What? What?!

He'll keep coming, won't he?

He'll find my brothers.

And then you'll be alone.

Yeah, well, you have a choice then, don't you?

Let it consume you and die yourself, or face your future with spite, with defiance.

I do all of this for you.

If I lost you...

If I lost you...

Six days, I thought of nothing but you.

Six days thinking of how you smell and how your skin is soft on your neck and you don't understand football.

I really don't.

Every day, every day I think of you.

I think, "Please don't go where I can't follow."


We have a problem.

This is the traditional end to a Quill life. Did you know that?

Here we die, and our offspring consume us.

They take our strength as their first gift and our last legacy.

But that's not what you humans do, is it?

You give your strength every day.

You give your legacy as you live.

And that's because you can shape it, rather than it shaping you.

So take what you've been given, take it, and give it back to those who hurt you.

'Cause that's what I'm gonna do.


Show me how to fight.

Charlie: Where are we going?

The library. We've learned the Shadow Kin were just there.

Did you find out how they're coming back?

They found infinitesimal tears in space/time, too small for anything but a shadow to pass through.

Were those here before?

It's something you did, isn't it?

It's part of this... preparation.

Regrettable mistakes were made, which we're now trying to rectify.

They're coming for us.

If they don't get the girl, they will wipe this planet into darkness, just as they did yours, Prince.


What are we even doing in here?

Ah. Good reflexes.

That's the first thing. Now...

..do this.



Great. You can defend yourself against a pregnant woman.

It's a start.


Tanya's brothers. Three and four.

Maybe it wasn't them. Maybe...

Whatever happened, they put up a fight.

It wasn't them.

It was Quill.

(GRUNTS) Centre of gravity.

First thing you forget in a fight, and it can be used against you.

No weakness, you know, admitting your loss.

I can't.

Not yet.

Too big.

Feels like it's gonna consume you.

Well, the trick is to keep on living while it does.

Why? Why keep on living?

Because a warrior...

No, why are you being so kind?

All this time, all your sarcasm, why, when I finally ask you to be tough, why is it now you're being kind?

Now, don't go thinking that this makes me weak, alright?

I know how sentimental your species gets about babies, but this in a Quill, oh, this just makes us more ferocious.

Yeah, well, I think you'll find it does that for us too.


..shut up and show me how to fight.

Ram: (ON RECORDING) Oh, come on, mate.

Who leaves messages anymore? Seriously?



(SIGHS) Ram, I'm at the school.

And... well, I've thought about you every day since we were trapped in that classroom.

Every single day.

I've been afraid to love you.

That's all it is.

I've just been afraid.

I'm not afraid anymore.

I love you, Ram.

I just want you to know that.


Step away, Quill.

Come on.

Matteusz: Tanya!

That's right, Prince. You took mine, we took yours.

We make quite the team, don't you think?

Lovely to see you again, Headmistress.

Tanya, we saw your brothers...

They got away, for now.

But my mum didn't.

And I'm not speaking to anyone until the Shadow Kin are d*ad.

All of them, every single one.

If they die, April dies.

And Charlie.

And I have to choose you over my mum?!

Over my brothers?!

Tanya: The souls, they pour out, right?

They find the souls of the enemy and they burn them.

Tanya, it's not that simple. You're going to use this, OK?

You said you wanted to.

He will not. There are other ways.

There are no other ways!

We tried other ways and they come back!

We tried other ways and people die.

How am I the only one who sees this?!

Do you guys think I don't see the same things as you?

I may have been 14 when I started this year, but I am 100 years old now.

And I am telling you it is time to use the Cabinet of Souls.

Hey, don't look at me. She's got a mind of her own.

The Governors have done an analysis of the probability of the number of souls...


(BREATHES HEAVILY) I'm sorry. You were saying?

Those aren't free, you know.



Do you think I'm not protected in this school?

I'm dying to find out.


Alright? Corakinus is attacking us.

Tanya's right. He won't stop.


..I will not.

Congratulations. You are the next to die.


This is your doing, Prince.

You find the death of the others acceptable.

But this is the one you will not tolerate.

No death is tolerable.

And yet you hold a w*apon.

And have another ready.

Let... him... go.


If you k*ll him, I will wipe you from the face of this universe.

At the cost of your own life?

I will no longer care.

And the cost of hers?

I'm afraid to love you. That's all it is. I've just been afraid.

I'm not afraid now.

I love you back.

Let him go.

Let him go and I'll go with you.

Finally you understand.

April, No.

No-one else will die.

You have my word.

I'm not asking.

I'll go with you, but just as this world's life will be in your hands, yours will be in mine.

April, you can't.

He's right.

Unless I go with him people will keep dying.


We need to find the light at the end.

We need to be brave enough to do that.

I need you to set me free.

I can't.

Let me look into your eyes.

Let me know that I was brave.

April. April, no. Not for my sake.

It has to be this way!

Or there'll be more dads...

..and more mums.

Tell Ram...

Tell him.

Tanya: I will.

Let him go.

And what is your strategy?

Remember, little girl, I can read your mind.

I didn't forget. And while I'm this close I can read yours.

I know you've got insurance.


Such a pleasant word for 'invasion'.


Yes, Madam, that's right, we have entered your shadows.

Not just here, but everywhere.



We will not stop.

We will never stop.

Send them back!

As soon as I have you.

The Governors will not tolerate...

Tell me what they will not tolerate!

It will have the most amusing result.

We still have the Cabinet of Souls.

Which if used now, will k*ll everyone on your entire planet.


Here we are at the end of our stand-off.

I'll take the girl and everyone lives.

Or, by your action, Prince, everyone dies.


(BREATHES SHALLOWLY) It is the king's command.


The presence in our shadows. It's the command of the king. He's lying!

He's going to k*ll everyone.


That's his plan no matter what we do.

They're only there because the king commands it.

I said quiet.

The king, Charlie.

I can't.

Please don't make me.

What? Don't make you do what?

No, you'll not. No.


♪ Black is the colour of my true love's hair ♪
♪ Her lips are like a rose so fair ♪
♪ She's got the sweetest face ♪
♪ And the gentlest hands ♪
♪ I love... ♪

Ram: April.

No. Please, no!

(SOBS) No, please, no. Please, no.

You k*lled her!

You k*lled her!

Look. Look. The Shadowkin, they're not moving.

It's what April said. It was the command of the king.

So who's commanding them to do this? Who's king now?

I am.

He who kills the king replaces him.

It's their way.

I've ordered the shadows to detach from everyone on the planet.

They'll fight me even though I'm king.

You'll have to protect me as I do it.

Do what?


Oh, no. No, no, no.

You will die too.

I already died... a moment ago.

I think your moment has come.

They'll move as soon as I will. They'll come for me.

I'll stop them.

We both will.

Charlie. Charlie, please. Please.

I love you.

And I've lost you.


No. No. You don't have to do this.

Fight to your last breath.

I will.

Please, Charlie, you can make them stop.

I wasn't even hero enough to save one soul.

This w*apon...

..never to be used.

This w*apon of such destruction it is never to be used.

This w*apon to end all w*apon.

Don't declare your intent.

I declare the enemy that endangers all of Rhodian.


No, there's too many of them!

If you're going to use it, use it now!

I give you my intent.


Oh, my girl.

Charlie! Enough!

You've stopped them.

(GRUNTS) I haven't!

You know where to go.


For why else were we saved?


Man: The w*apon is empty.

All our predictions indicated that he was too moral to use the Cabinet.

The more pressing question for our benefactors is...

..how much of an asset are you?

My belief is pure.

I have done everything in the name of The Arrival.

Then it is a shame you will not get to see it.

No! No!

I have a positive vision!




This setback is temporary.

We will be ready for The Arrival.

Oh, yes.

We will be ready on that glorious day.

What happened? What happened?!

Oh... why... Why didn't it k*ll me?

It should have k*lled me.

No, you have to live. You have to live with the sacrifice.


No, they gone. All of them, they're gone. I should be gone with them.

I was so stupid I... I thought I might be the hero.

I thought I was bringing them back. I...

I thought their souls would be re-formed.

She's gone. She's gone!


April: Why is everyone looking at me like that?
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