01x10 - Taken

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Notorious". Aired: September 2016 to December 2016.
"Notorious" goes behind the scenes of the murky relationship between criminal law and the media as an influential attorney and a TV producer manipulate the headlines and public opinion.
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01x10 - Taken

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Previously on "Notorious..."

I'm here to present an opportunity.

An interview with Carlos Mora in Mexico.

You know him as "El Toro."

El Toro wants me to interview him.

The biggest narco tr*ffick since Escobar?

He's just gonna use Louise to drum up support.

It's the opportunity of a lifetime.

Julia, I really think this is a bad idea.

I'm gonna be fine.

And then you will executive produce your first show.


[Muffled shouting]

[Muffled shouting]

Julia: [Breathing heavily]

[Engine revving]

Más rapido. Más rapido!

[Speaking Spanish]

[Heart b*ating loudly]

Julia, let's go.

[Glass crunches]

Louise: I don't know how long she's been gone.

Have you called the Embassy?


They have a legal attaché to coordinate the investigation from the U.S. side, but we...

Don't worry.

We're experienced in handling missing people.

No, she's not missing. She was taken!

There's blood in her room.

She's an American journalist.

So you came here to cover a story?

[Glasses clink]

Wait a minute.

You were in the cantina last night.

No, you are mistaken.

No, I'm not.

What was a federal doing here last night?

Preserving peace and order.

You were tipped off.

You knew we were here to meet El Toro.


If El Toro's people saw you here, they would've assumed we said something.

You're the reason Julia got kidnapped.

You came to my country to interview the most wanted man in Mexico, the leader of a drug cartel responsible for thousands of m*rder.

You're the one responsible for whatever happens to your friend, not me.

Dana: I k*lled Johnny Weston because he was a predator.

He was sleeping with me...

Megan, I'm sorry, excuse me.

Why are you playing me last night's show? I was here.

I will call you right back.

[Receiver clicks]

Dana's on-air confession is the country's top story.

I want you to come on tonight and share your perspective.

I don't think so.

Come on, Jake.

It's only my second show executive producing, and I'd feel a lot more comfortable if you were in the interview chair.

Megan, I represent Maya, not her mother.

Coming on your show is not going to help my client.

Is Maya still in the psych ward?

She gets out this afternoon.

Megan: Avery.

Avery Whitsell, Jake Gregorian.

Avery just joined WCN from our Vermont affiliate.

Tonight, she's subbing for Louise.

Nice to meet you.

Nice to me you. Congratulations.

Thank you.

I was hoping Jake would be your guest tonight, but he's playing hard to get.


[Cellphone rings]

Work your magic, please.

So, uh, how do you like L.A. so far?


Louise, what's wrong?

Sunshine, palm trees...

And there wasn't a note or a ransom demand, nothing?

No, I reached out to the Embassy, but I'm getting the runaround.

Call my contact at State until she answers, the Under Secretary for Civilian Security.

See what she knows.

Of course.

I'll keep you posted.

[Cellphone clicks]

So, Mr. Gregorian, how can I convince you to be my guest?

Excuse me, Jake, can I talk to you for a minute?

Yes, you can. One moment.


What is it?

Julia and Louise went to Mexico last night to interview El Toro.

Apparently, the federales were tipped off, and Julia was taken.

What do you mean "taken"?

She was kidnapped.

[Engine shuts off, keys jingle]

Julia: [Breathing heavily] iRaúl! iAquí estamos!

[r*fle cocks]

Julia: [Breathing heavily]


Stop fighting, or this will get a lot worse.

Go on in.


Who are you? Take the tape off, Raúl.


My name is Julia George.

Louise Herrick and I are here in Mexico at your invitation.

Your men approached us.


I'm not your enemy. I'm a journalist.

Come here.

What happened?

This is not Louise.

I did as you said.

I watched the lobby, and you were right.

There were some federales in the bar, so we went upstairs to room 3.

No. Louise wanted my room, so we switched.

I can fix this.

Raúl. Please.

Carlos, please, I can fix this.

Davíd, hey.

You don't have to do this.

Carlos: I have been wanting to talk to Louise Herrick ever since her interview with the Prime Minister of Canada.

I remember she flirted with him just enough to make him feel comfortable, and then... she pounced.

He gave it right back to her, and they both looked brilliant.

I think she may have won him the election.


I agree. I produced that episode.

I know you want Louise to interview you, but I can do it.


The world doesn't recognize your face.

You cannot help me.

You're staying until I decide what to do with you.

Come. Let's go.

[Speaks Spanish]

Man: [Speaks Spanish]

Come back! At least... At least talk to me!

Man: Save your breath.

Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you.

I'm not one of them.

You're Ignacio Enriquez from Las Noticias.


And you are?

I'm Julia George.

I'm a producer from "Louise Herrick Live."

We thought you were d*ad.


Not quite yet.

Corporate called a meeting upstairs.

Savannah Barbour, our C.E.O., arrived a few minutes ago.

Good. What about the State Department?

The U.S. embassy in Mexico and Mexican Secretariat of Foreign Affairs are aware of the situation.

They're doing due diligence... Whatever that means.

Yeah, it means everyone's scared to act.

No one wants an international incident.

Darin, any news?


Heading up to that briefing.

K&R team's already here.

What's K&R?

Kidnap and ransom.

Corporations have insurance policies for situations like this.

The K&R guys will do whatever it takes to get the victim back.

I just don't believe the richest drug lord in North America would kidnap Julia for the ransom money.

You're not coming to this meeting.

The hell I'm not.

K&R has directed corporate to wait for the kidnapper to claim responsibility, provide proof of life, or demand a ransom.

Now, obviously, our primary concern is Julia's life, but our K&R insurance policy will be invalidated if we don't abide by their directive.

We cannot let that happen.

Uh, Mr. Gregorian, this is a private meeting.

Are you sure about that, Savannah?

See, I represent Julia George's interests, so I should be here.

But last I checked, the district attorney was not an employee of your company.

My contact in Mexico called me when Julia went missing.

It was me that informed the network.

Your contact in Mexico...

You knew Julia was going to Mexico.

You had federales follow her, Max?

She was hell-bent on going, so I put some security in place.

Great idea.

All due respect, Savannah, K&R orders of operation notwithstanding, we do not have time to wait.

We're dealing with Carlos Mora. There man is a t*rror1st.

Julia will be d*ad before K&R lifts a finger.

We're doing this by the book!


Per K&R directive, I'm calling for a media blackout on Julia's disappearance.

And let's reconvene after two hours.

If anybody finds anything out, my office is always open.

How did you get here?


I mean, everyone heard rumors that you were interviewing El Toro, and then nothing.

A few months ago, a guy showed up at my apartment.

He showed me a photo of Carlos Mora reading my paper.

And then, he offered me an exclusive with Carlos.

As soon as I started talking about how his Robin Hood act was a sham, how he has done more to harm the poor communities in Mexico than help them, he shut me down.

All he wanted was to use the most respected paper in Mexico to shout his insane ideas about revolution.

That's probably why he wanted Louise to interview him.

People in my country are desperate for change.

If I allowed El Toro to shout nonsense under my byline, it would end with v*olence.

So, I refused, and he threw me in here, where I get to be his guest until I give him the interview he wants.

I admire your principles, but what good are they doing you if everyone thinks you're d*ad?

We have to get out of here... Whatever it takes.

No, no, no, no, no, not if it means legitimizing a madman.

The people want change.

If you give El Toro a platform, some people will listen to him, and there will be blood in the streets.

I refuse to participate in that, even if it kills me.

I hope you will do the same.

Here's what we know... WCN has K&R on the case, but they're waiting on El Toro to make the first move.

And, unofficially, the federales are waiting to take their cue from the Embassy's legal attaché.

That explains why the federales aren't breaking down any doors.

No one wants to poke the bull.

Darin, can you get me an affiliate crew?

We need to tell the world what's going on.

Savannah called a news blackout.

When Laura Ling and Euna Lee were kidnapped by North Korea, their families relied on the news to appeal to their captors.

We know El Toro watches my show.

He likes me. I'll make a direct appeal.

I just need a crew.

All right. I'll do what I can.

In the meantime, I'll pursue another option.

It's a long sh*t, but Carlos Mora's nephew is in custody.

Maybe we can make a deal.

What kind of deal?

Two years ago, the Cuban government released an American civilian on the same day that we released three of their intelligence officers.

Now, the feds said it was a coincidence, but that's a hell of a coincidence.

It's an avenue worth pursuing.

Let's stay in touch.

[Receiver clicks]

[Coin clinks]


[ Grunting ]

Even if you pry them off, the windows are boarded from the outside, as well.

What do you know about this place? I mean, how far are we from help?


Not a lot of coming and going...

Carlos keeps a small group so they can move quickly.

He's got safe houses across the country.

I've heard the guards talking about moving soon.

The guards talk in front of you?

Well, they speak Zapoteca.

They don't know I understand them, so they don't watch their words around me.

Right now, they're pretty nervous.

Apparently, there was a recent raid in one of his compounds in Saltillo.

He's convinced one of them sold him out.

[Latch clicks, squeaks]

You should eat.

I want to talk to Mr. Mora.

I have a theory about the raid in Saltillo.

[Door closes, latch clicks]

What are you doing?

I'm trying to get an audience with El Toro.

It's our way out.

Bradley: El Toro's brother is Raúl Mora.

Raúl's son is Emilio.

Emilio immigrated to the U.S. last year.

Four months ago, he was pulled over for running a red light.

When local P.D. realized who they had, they called the FBI.

The Justice Department threw the book at this kid...

I mean, RICO charges, money laundering, conspiracy.

So does he work for the cartel?


El Toro tried and failed to break Emilio out a couple months ago.

He doesn't have any sons.

I'm assuming he loves Emilio and wants him back.

So El Toro might be open to a trade.

Maybe, if we can convince the U.S. Attorney to even consider it.


100 grand.

Thank you, Ella.

What's that about?

You remember our old client Graham Barrett?

Well, he still lives in Mexico, Bradley, and he has a contact who can get me to El Toro...

His mistress, Maria Alvarez.

Wait, Graham is a money launderer a-and a bail jumper.

I mean, you can't trust him.

Jake, I know you want to get Julia back, but this is too dangerous.

I have a private plane waiting for me, Bradley.

I will check in with you when I land.

Hi. I'm Louise Herrick. Thanks for coming.

How quickly can you set up?

Uh, we'll uplink to your control room, and then we'll be all set.

The sooner the better.

Get yourself wired up, please.

[Speaking Spanish]


Man: Annie, we go that uplink yet?

Annie: No, nothing yet.

You talk to Rita in New York? They know we're preempting them?

Yes. I didn't say why. I just said it was authorized.

Good. Show me Louise and preview 4.

Avery, prompter's loaded with your copy, then you'll throw to Louise.

Avery: Got it.

How's it going in here, everybody?


Uplink is live.

Megan: Okay, we've got picture.

Louise, it's Megan.

I can see you. Do you copy?

Loud and clear.

[g*n, people shouting]

Louise: [Groans]

[g*n continues]



Get the signal back! Louise!

Are you okay?


[Cellphone beeps]

[Telephone rings]

Louise, what happened? Are you okay?

Yeah, we're fine, but the van is toast.

Without a satellite or a high-quality phone, I'm no use to you.

Okay, please, go somewhere safe now.

Megan, you need to use my show to break the news.

The kidnappers have to understand how important Julia is.

And if we make noise, we can pressure the diplomatic community to help secure her release.

You've got two hours to put it together.


[Receiver clicks]

Get me a copy of Julia's contact list from her computer.

Find footage of Julia in WCN B-roll...

Photos, too.

Yes, ma'am.

Megan, we got to keep this quiet.

I know.

Otherwise, Savannah will shut us down.

[Knocks on window]

I've been calling my contact at the State Department about the possible swap, but I haven't heard anything back.

I'm not getting anywhere with the U.S. Attorney, either.

They don't want to talk about Emilio Mora.

How would you know that?

'Cause I know you've tried.

Bradley put in a call to his attorney this morning.

She called me thinking there were new charges pending against her client.

It wasn't hard to put two and two together.

You're trying to use Emilio to swap for Julia.

So what if we are?

I want to help.

Like how you helped Jake get indicted for m*rder?

Look, I understand why you don't trust me, but I care about Julia, and I'm gonna do anything I can to help her.

I have some information that might persuade the government to act.

I'm listening.

The case against Emilio relies upon a confession he made to his cellmate, Antonio de Silva.

Now, the problem is de Silva isn't just some random guy.

The FBI placed him in Emilio's cell to act as their agent.

Shouldn't that invalidate the confession and therefore the entire case against Emilio?

Absolutely, and if you look into de Silva's history, he snitched on three other cellmates.

If his involvement in Emilio's case became public, it would call those verdicts into question, too.

The FBI would do just about anything to avoid that level of embarrassment.

Right, not to mention three possible retrials.

Assuming we can orchestrate the swap, we need to make sure Emilio will cooperate.

Can you get us on the approved-visitor list?

I'll see what I can do.

♪ ♪

Julia: How do you not go crazy in here?

I mean, six hours, and I already feel like I'm losing it.

It helps to stick to a routine.

Sun comes up... I meditate.

I pace the room 500 times for exercise.

And I've never stopped reporting.

What do you mean?

I listen. I watch.

I file away everything that seems important.

What have you heard?

Raúl is picking up a*mo next Tuesday in Jalisco from a man called Vicente.

The guards have mentioned fights between the two brothers.

They think Vicente might att*ck Raúl.

[Latch squeaks, clicks]

You, come with me.

[Door closes, latch clicks]

[Door opens, closes]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Telephone beeps]

So, tell me... What do you know about Saltillo?


That is not what my brother says.

I lied to him so I could talk to you.

And here I am.

Your boss, Louise, is not one to be trusted.

Clearly, neither are you.

Louise isn't my boss. I'm her boss.

I'm the one behind the curtain...

Just like you.

Should that impress me?

You come from a town so small it doesn't even have a name.

You were raised by your grandmother.

Your mother, Graciela, taught you how to turn poppies into morphine and morphine into heroin.

You think America's w*r on dr*gs is a joke.

It's not a radical position, but I have a feeling a man of your intelligence has an interesting take on the subject.

What is your point?

Let me do the interview... One hour.

You can say whatever you want, and I will broadcast it on "LHL," which airs in 130 countries.

You will ask only the questions I give you, and you will air the footage unedited.

In exchange, you will release Ignacio and me.

Do we have a deal?


Raúl, get the camera ready in the other room.

I have to get ready.

You can wear the clothes I bought for Louise.

Raúl, show her where they are.

[Indistinct conversations in distance]

I should have known you'd show up.

I'm just here for some fresh air... and to meet an old friend.

[Tires screech, engine shuts off]

Jake: Graham, thanks for coming.

Well, I, uh... I still owe you about 10 grand, technically, so it's my pleasure.

"Technically," huh? This is Louise.

Louise, this is Graham Barrett.

I was his lawyer before he jumped bail and headed to this side of the border.

You're gonna help Jake find El Toro?

Well, I can get you close.

His mistress has a reputation of doing just about anything for a price.

I've got that covered. Let's go.

All right.

I'd rather you be armed than sorry.

Hey, hold on. Your plan is to just walk up to El Toro and pay him to hand over Julia?

No, Louise, I'm here 100% off the record strictly to negotiate a prisoner swap... Julia for El Toro's nephew Emilio.

I'm going with you. If anything happens to her, I...

I understand. Come on, let's go.

[Engine starts]
Good evening. I'm Avery Whitsell filling in for Louise Herrick.

We have breaking news.

Julia George, the executive producer of "LHL," has been abducted in Mexico.

It is believed that drug kingpin Carlos Mora, A.K.A. "El Toro," is behind the kidnapping.

We are devoting tonight's show to her story as we make a united appeal for her quick and safe release.

With us tonight is Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Julia's friend and colleague.

Dr. Gupta, how long have you known Julia?

I guess it's been about five years now.

We first met while covering Hurricane Sandy.

And what was that like?

Well, you know, I should start off by telling you that Julia was supposed to be on vacation that week in New York, but then the storm h*t.

And, of course, no surprise, she came in to work.

And after Julia finished producing her piece, she started packing up hospital supplies...

What the hell is going on?!

...for transport to other hospitals.

And nobody asked her to do that.

I know it's early, but cut to commercial. She just saw the need.

Julia is a pretty remarkable woman.

Avery: Thank you, Sanjay. We'll be right back.

Man: We're clear.

When we get back from commercial, air a repeat... Something upbeat.

No one talks about Julia.

Savannah, I understand there's protocol, but we can't just sit on our hands.

Every other station will cover Julia's kidnapping.

If we bury this story now, the network loses all credibility.

Which I'm guessing was your plan all along.

You're only keeping quiet so we don't void our insurance policy.

Darin, you're fired.

The story's out.

We don't have a choice now.

Finish the show.

What are you still doing here?

All right, let's keep going.

We're back in 10.



This isn't fair.

Savannah's just doing her job, son.

I got in her way. She fired me.

That's how it works.

You gonna be okay?


Yeah, I'm gonna be fine.

Don't you worry about me.

[Elevator bell dings, doors open]


I'll come by for Sunday dinner.

I'd really like that.

I'm, uh, ready to begin.

[Camera beeps]

[Clears throat]

[Camera beeps]

I'm Julia George, and I'm here with Carlos Mora, the man known to millions as El Toro.

This interview is being recorded in an undisclosed location in a safe house owned by Mr. Mora.

Uh, please, call me Carlos.

I'd like to begin the interview by discussing the alarming number of drug-related deaths in our two countries... By some accounts 750,000 deaths in the U.S. and Mexico in the last 15 years.

That is far too many.

I am aware of the propaganda being told by the newspapers and the politicians...

That I am a t*rror1st, that somehow I am the one to blame for the v*olence.

But this blood is not on my hands.

It's on the hands of the government...

Yours and mine.

What's your solution?

People will use these dr*gs regardless.

Why not legalize them, tax them, and use the money to support the working people of my country?

So, you're advocating dr*gs as a way to save the poor, including Schedule I narcotics?

And to fund the revolution.

There should be b*mb on every corner until the state represents the will and needs of the people, including the poor.

In a revolution, won't more families get k*lled than institutional oppressors?

How does that serve the poor?

Raúl, cut the camera.

Cut the camera.

[Camera beeps]

[Camera beeps]

Do you want to end up like Ignacio?

You will keep your ignorant commentary to yourself.

You understand?


The world has to see that you support my agenda.


[Sighs] Let's try again.

[Camera beeps]

Raúl: [Speaks Spanish]

[Camera beeps]



Who are you?

I'm Bradley Gregorian, and this is my colleague, Ella Benjamin.

We're here to broker your release.

My lawyer hasn't said anything about anything.

Your Uncle Carlos kidnapped an American journalist.

Our associate is on his way right now to negotiate the exchange.

My uncle hasn't made an honest deal in his life.

I don't want to be part of this.

Your uncle tried to break you out of jail six weeks ago.

No, the media got it wrong. My uncle didn't try to free me.

He tried to have me k*lled.

And if I walk out of here as part of some exchange, he'll try it again.

Well, if that's true, what makes you think you're safer in here than outside?

Our associate is meeting with his mistress, Maria Alvarez.

It's a trap.

Maria is gonna demand money and send him off to be m*rder.

She'll never betray Carlos.

Do you know where Carlos is?

Emilio, please, help us. The clock is ticking.

We'll do whatever we can to get you out of here and keep you safe.


Where is your friend meeting Maria?

Um, northern Mexico, in Sonora.

My uncle has one safe house in that territory.

I can tell you where.

[Engine shuts off]

Whoa, whoa, whoa, stay here. I want to go bring Maria out.

We should do this in the open.

What if Maria won't talk? What if she can't help us?

This will work.

I trust Graham. A criminal who ran off without paying you?

He's the only option, Louise.

[Cellphone rings]

[Rooster crows in distance]

Hey. What's going on?

I've got intel on Maria Alvarez.

Do not trust her.

Also, I got a possible location.

Okay, thanks. Got to go.

Graham: All right, let's make us a deal.

Maria says she has the directions to Carlos' compound.

Not to fast.

As you Americans say, show me the money.

Nice to meet you, too, Maria.


Carlos is staying in a farm 10 miles outside of Galeana.

There's an unmarked road after the highway ends.

You can't miss it.

Let me guess...

Is that where your friends take our truck and leave us for d*ad?

[Scoffs] That's crazy. I would never do s...

I just got the real coordinates to the safe house.

Keep eyes on her for the rest of the day.

Make sure she talks to no one.

You got that, boss.

I'll be taking your car.

Consider your debt paid. Thanks.

Let's go.

[Engine starts]

[Tires screech]

Although people think of Julia and me as competitors, I call her a friend.

We keep each other on our toes.

We push each other to work even harder.

And I beg the captors to treat this amazing woman with dignity and respect.

Thank you so much for your time.

That was news anchor Greta Van Susteren, and we'll be back after commercial.

Man: And we're clear.

We're out of guests.

What do you mean?

We had at least two other remotes lined up.

No, Anderson Cooper is on a plane.

Katie Couric's interview with Princess Kate is running long.

Who's up next, Megan?

Stand by.

Okay, we have 15 minutes.

We need to find someone who knows Julia well, someone who can make an emotional plea on her behalf.

I hate to point out the obvious, but that's you.

No, I have to run the show.

We're running out of options.

I can cover for you.

Let's go. Megan, you're on.

Julia: Just to wrap up the interview, we have a few more questions.

Where do you see yourself post-revolution?

I'm only concerned with the people in my country.

Do you see yourself in a leadership role?


If my people ask me to lead, I will lead.

It would be an honor.

Thank you, Ms. George.

Okay, uh... [Speaking Spanish]

[Camera beeps]

[Speaks Spanish]

Okay. [Sighs]

[Sighs] We should celebrate.

Um, champagne?

Uh, no, thank you.

Carlos, get in here!

They're talking about Julia on TV.

Come on.

Oh, oh, sí.

[Speaking Spanish]

Avery: I'm here with "LHL" senior associate producer Megan Byrd, Julia George's second-in-command.

Megan, how is your team holding up?

We're all scared and worried, but we just...

We want to do right by our boss.

We want her to be proud when she comes home.

So, Megan, what can you tell me about Julia George that no one knows?

Why does she inspire such a fierce loyalty?

[Sighs] A couple months into this job, I made a mistake.

I had drinks with a colleague from another network, and I let something slip.

The network brass wanted to f*re me, but Julia defended me.

She said that if I go, then she goes.

I owe her everything.

And when I think about what might be happening to her...

I just want her to come home.


Let's cut to commercial.

Avery: We'll be right back.

Carlos: Look at that.

Your return is gonna be a huge story, and the interview is gonna be well-received...

Perhaps your best ratings ever.

I actually agree with you on that.


Megan, you have to see this.

Man: All right, everyone, we're back in 20 seconds.

Ryan: Louise took photos of Julia's room.

She put up a hell of a fight.

We have to air these.

No! Absolutely not.

We made a decision to talk about Julia's character, not about the crime or the kidnappers.

Yeah, but this is part of the story.

Avery, not the one we're telling.

Man: And we're back in 5... 4... 3... 2...

[Fanfare plays]

It's been almost 24 hours since Julia George was kidnapped.

We're speaking today with her friends and loved ones.

But the question on everyone's mind...

Why hasn't the kidnapper made a demand?

I'm speaking directly to El Toro right now.

What do you want?

Avery, get back on point.

You want money?

We have people... A whole corporation.

Make a demand.

Only a coward would kidnap a journalist who was invited to conduct an interview...

A coward and a liar.


You are pathetic.


You are not to be trusted.


You are a weak man...

Go to commercial, dude.

It's only been a minute.

Who cares? Do it.

...and the full force of the U.S. government will make you pay for what you have done.

Your crimes will not go unpunished.


Avery, go to commercial now.

We'll be right back.

Carlos: You.

You're gonna pay for this.


What the hell was that?!

I'm sorry. Just after seeing those photos... - You're sorry?!

After seeing the photos, I...

Julia: Carlos, please.

Your people have insulted me in front of 130 countries.

I had nothing to do with that.

Here's what's gonna happen...

You will go back to America.

You will air our interview tomorrow...

No edits, no commentary.

And Ignacio stays here another 30 days.

No, that was not our deal.

It is now!!

And if you do anything to disgrace me, I will k*ll him myself.

Then, I'll come after you.

[Knock on door, door opens]

Emilio gave us El Toro's location.

The feds have been trying to get him to talk ever since his arrest.

Yeah, they'd assumed he was an enemy of the state, but the truth is he doesn't want to leave this country.

I told him we'd do our best, but no promises.

Well, I've got bad news.

The U.S. Attorney won't even entertain a deal.

He thinks that releasing Emilio would set a dangerous precedent.

And letting an American die wouldn't?

Bradley, at this point, Jake has no leverage with El Toro.

He's on a su1c1de mission.

You have to call him off.

Louise: According to Bradley's coordinates, we're practically on top of the safe house.

I don't see anything.

Damn it.

[Engine revs]

Jake. Jake!

[Men shouting in Spanish]

What now?

Go with them. Go.


Easy, easy.

[Speaking Spanish]

Money? Where's the money?

Okay, okay.

[Men speaking Spanish]


Are you okay?

What are you doing here?


[Door opens, closes]

Carlos: [Chuckles]

Hello, Louise.

So pleased to finally meet you.

Who are you?

I'm Jake Gregorian.

I'm a lawyer here to negotiate Julia's release.

[Zipper clicks]


I don't need your money.

I have something that money can't buy, Carlos...

Your nephew's freedom.


You can free my son?

My team is finalizing a deal for his freedom...

If you release Julia.

So, that is how you found me?

Emilio gave you my location?

[Speaking Spanish]

This could be good.

Emilio made a gentleman's agreement so we could bring this deal to you.

It was off the record. No one else knows, I swear.


If he's told you, he's told others.

No, Emilio wouldn't do that.

He's my son. He's family!

We have to leave here.

We're no longer safe.

We have to go.

Pack everything. We're leaving.

Man: Sí, jefe.

Take Julia back to her room.

k*ll the lawyer.


[Men speaking Spanish]

Did they hurt you?

I'm fine.

It's you I'm worried about.

Shut up, both of you.

Raúl, why not convince Carlos to take this deal, hmm?

Why not save your son?

We will get justice for Emilio when it's time.

You have a meeting with a w*apon dealer on Tuesday.

His name is Vicente. Isn't that true?

How would you know that?

There's not gonna be any deal.

Carlos paid him to k*ll you.

If you want to live past Tuesday, if you ever want to see Emilio again, you've got to trust us.

Get inside. Move.

Please, make yourself at home.

So, do I call you Carlos or El Toro?

Whatever you like is fine.

What happens now?

You will travel with me and report on my operations exclusively.

You like something to drink?

I hope you like wine?

I prefer red.

[Glasses clink]

Red it is.

You got to be the most famous journalist in the world.

We'd have to figure out an arrangement.

I don't work for free.


Money is not a problem.

Only a very wealthy man would be so uninterested in a bag of money.

What can I say?

It's just a drop in the ocean.

Mind if I take a look?

[Glasses clink]

Go ahead.

Are you looking for something?


I'm not an idiot, Louise.

[Breathing shakily]

[g*n in distance]



He could not be trusted.

Now, sit. Sit!


I will grow to trust you later.

[Handcuffs click]

Not just yet.

[Door opens]

It's done.


Louise will be joining us.

We'll come back and get her when everything is ready.

Carlos, stop!

What are you doing?

You set me up. You paid Vicente to k*ll me.

Why would I do that?

You're my brother.

You had a chance to let Emilio go free.

My son wasting away in jail because of your crimes!

Raúl, put the g*n down. Be reasonable.

I'm done taking orders from you.

You're a dad man!



[Breathing heavily]

Please, don't hurt me.

[Handcuffs click]

The keys are in the S.U.V.

Your friends will meet you by the back door.

They're alive?



Now, listen to me...

I want you to go back to America.

You get my son out of jail. You understand?

Now, go.

[Door opens]


[Tires screech]

Come on, get in!

[Engine revs]

I couldn't see where I was going the whole way to the safe house.

I had the bag over my head.

And then, he k*lled a man like it was nothing.


Because he took me and not you.

[Sighs] I'm so sorry, Julia.

It's... I'm fine.

I'm glad they didn't take you.

You would have hated the food. [Chuckles]

I really thought, at any moment... he might k*ll me.


Louise: Good evening.

Everyone here at "Louise Herrick Live" is grateful for the safe return of our executive producer, Julia George, kidnapped two nights ago by member of Carlos Mora's cartel.

Mora, known as El Toro, was found d*ad in Mexico yesterday.

His brother Raúl Mora is the suspect in El Toro's m*rder, and he is still at large.

In a separate but related story...

Cue the photo.

...El Toro's nephew Emilio Mora, who was being held in California on conspiracy charges, is in the process of being released after Assistant U.S. Attorney Gerald Lee dropped all charges against him.

I don't buy that coincidence.

With Carlos Mora d*ad, the feds don't need Emilio for leverage anymore.

Louise: Emilio Mora moved to America several years ago...

Well, maybe I shouldn't have said that.

I take it you and Ella are still doing well.


Yeah. Sorry.

Oh, never apologize for having a good source... or being happy.

Louise: I'm honored to have a special guest with us tonight...

Ignacio Enriquez, the journalist from Mexico's Las Noticias newspaper, held by Carlos Mora for three months.

Ignacio, it's good to see you. How are you doing?

I am good. Thank you.

I have been granted an emergency refugee visa, and I have just accepted a job covering cartel operations north of the border for the L.A. Times.

I have no plans to back down from my work.

And, of course, I am so thankful to Julia George.

She, uh... She saved my life.

Tell us what kind of work you'd like to do now that you've gained your freedom.

Megan, can you take this?

Of course.

Hey, what's up with the 911 text?

I'm in the middle of a show.

Max: Julia, I have some bad news.

I got a call from a detective friend of mine in the LAPD.

He knows I represent Maya Hartman.

Her car was found abandoned on the Broadway Bridge.

She left her keys, a wallet.

They think she might have jumped.

She left a note on the windshield.

What does it say?

"I'm sorry, Julia. Please help my mom."

Julia: We're gonna get through this together.

You believe me, right?


Jake: I got to go.
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