01x13 - Whispers of Immortality

Episode transcripts for the 2016 TV show "Aftermath" Aired: September 27 to December 20, 2016
"Aftermath" revolves around the Copeland family, a couple with three almost-grown children, who struggle to survive as natural disasters, followed by the rise of supernatural beings, brings civilization to an end.
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01x13 - Whispers of Immortality

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Previously on "Aftermath"...

What kind of wave would cause all this?

What is it made of? Why is it here?

Whatever was in those computer cards that Gloria Douglas gave me,

I bet you it has something to do with this wave.

Sarah's part of this family now.

I'll be right back.


Brianna, where are you going?

You by any chance that adept I been looking for?


Well, then, let's howl together, brother.

We don't got all day.

And so we slouch to Tesla's towering achievement, juice for a billion bulbs to light the night when mankind breathes his last gas.

You always talk with that voice?

Well, I don't like to.

But, uh, people expect it sometimes.


I can't believe you were holed up here the whole time.

Well, yeah.

I wouldn't say the whole time.

Plus, it's a big place, you know.

Well, it's nice you got us the gas to get us here, so...

Well, it won't be much use after today.

But you're sure it's today?

Oh, no, I'm positive.

You know, I have proof.

I'd like to see that.

Me too.



Oh, watch your head.

All good, baby.

Now, hang on. Hang on a minute.

I am digging your art installation.

I was trying to relate some of the different phenomena...

With the disasters, paranormal.

You're in there.

Oh, I'm flattered.

Is any of this gonna stop the Moon rocks from falling?

Nah. You gotta go with no.

Okay, then.

Why don't we go with what you've got inside, huh?

Oh, sure.


Yeah, but you're not gonna like it.

No, figuring out when the debris would hit wasn't the hard part with my background.

Which is what?

I was an astrophysicist before things took a turn.

What kind of turn?

Can't say.

Just know there was a problem, so I headed out into the Mojave to try to figure it out.


You know, next thing I knew, it was 12 years later and the wife had declared me d*ad.

You know, I, uh, I liked it a lot.

So, you know, I stayed.

Kept writing the physics about what was coming, but no one would publish it.

So I wound up overnights on the radio.

Skinny heard me, and he brought me out here when it all started to blow.

Hey, what kind of physics were you writing?

Oh, well, the only one that matters.

String theory, you know, space and time.

Plus I have the basic skills for telescopic observations.

You have a scope here?

Yeah. Out back.

Nothing serious.

Just enough to watch the solar system go to shit.

Anyway, uh, video feed's in here.

You said that you could predict when the debris hit.

Oh, ninth grade math, man.

Now, where it hits, on the other hand, that's the fiesta.

You know, given that the world is spinning at, you know, 1,037 miles and all.

So it could miss us completely.

Well, we got thousands of these things coming at us.

You know, maybe tens of thousands.

All different sizes.

Yeah, but same velocities.

Which makes it worse. Right?

'Cause it's gonna hit all over the globe all at the same time.

How close to where we are?

Well, the local impact is in a six-state radius around this building.

Six states is huge.

That could be hundreds of miles away.

Yeah, no, no, I wish it were.

Let me show you something.

This here is the feed from my scope.

Right there.

Yeah, you see, that one's gonna land right on top of us.

It's about a mile across, moving ten miles a second.

That makes a 12-mile crater, 100-mile blast zone.

And there's three more like that, same path to here.

Hundreds more aimed at the Earth in general.

So it doesn't matter where in the six states.

Anywhere is close enough to k*ll us all.


How long to impact?

Oh, let's see.

Ten miles a second, maybe two hours, you know, and a bit.

You know.

Unless your dad and I can figure out a way to stop it, I'd say we all have about two hours left to live.


[ominous music]

You're just being emotional.

Oh-ho-ho! Okay.

So you chased a girl into the desert with no car and no plan, but I'm being emotional.

That's awesome, wow.

This isn't the desert, and I have a plan.

Okay, enlighten me, Matt.

Okay, she either ran away or she was taken.

Either way, she has to be on a road.

This is the only road around for miles.

So she's been right by here.

Or she's hiding. Or God knows what else.

She's alive.

I know. I'm...

You know that's not even her real hair color?

Like, she's probably, like, mousy brown or something.


So I'm just saying what else is she hiding?

Why don't you like her?

You don't like Devyn.

I do now.

It's easy now, Matt.

I needed it then.

Okay. Okay, Matt... Matt, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Don't be.

You're right.


God, you must be pissed at me.


But you still followed me out here.

'Cause I love you, you idiot.

Do I have to spell out everything for you?


I just like making you.


What are you doing here?

I just left you.

It's a trade secret.

Where you going?

What? I gotta find my kids.

They only have two hours, right?

I'll give you a car.

And all you gotta do is tell me everything you know about this.

How'd you get that?

I wasn't gonna keep it.

I just want to know where you got it.

Because the only way to get one of those is to have a profound spiritual experience.

[woman laughing maniacally]

We didn't k*ll her! We didn't k*ll anybody!


[laughing maniacally]

I k*lled you!

I have something for you. Take it.

Used to be a b*llet.

Now it's a stone.

So I had a spiritual experience. So what?

All I got was this stupid stone.

Do you know it's a key?


A key?



To the Omphalos.

That's a really... That's a good word.

Greek word.

The Omphalos is the navel of the world, the center of the universe.

And that key could open it up.

It's the role of the righteous at the end of the world, or, you know, so some people would think.


Okay. [laughing]


Do I get the keys or...


Yeah, the rides are out back.

Keys are on the driver's side front tire.

Any one but the Fairlane.

You should try the Delphi Cafe.

It's a little south of here.

Delphi Cafe.

Never know what you'll find.

Yeah. [sighs]

Yeah. Thanks.

Don't mention it.

Now I gotta go say good-bye.

Okay, we need a car.

All right. I'd like a pony too.

You know I always wanted a pony?

Hey, check it out.

Help me.

What, we gonna drive a bush?

A bush with wheels there, smart-ass.

Oh, great.

Next you're gonna tell me that you've got the keys, right?


I do.

Hold this.

You know, Dana's a lot nicer than you are.

Yeah, well, she's also a smart-ass in her own way.

Ladies first.


Get in the back.

My people, my sheeple, we've come to the end.

This is the final frontier.

You've given me the opportunity to voice out all my lunacy, and I am grateful, campesinos.

Even a prophet needs a crowd to wire him up and make him loud.

So wherever you are, my lonely ones, my only ones, I hope your journey wrapped up tight into that good and final night.

The Moon's pouring down, and we gotta blow town.

So good luck and Godspeed, John Glenn.




Mom, wait!

Karen! What the hell?

There's only two hours left.

I know; I gotta go find the kids.

But we need you here.

I understand. Give me an hour.

If I don't find them, I'll come back. Fair?


Fair. Fair.

You have to stay here and figure out how to survive this.

Have I ever lied to you?

No, not even when I wanted you to.


I'll see you soon.

Bring them back.

I will.

Be careful.

Come on.

This is the last of it from the motor home.


This is what I call an art installation.

Well, laugh if you want, but this is the best sh*t we got.

Actually, our best sh*t would be a shuttle to Mars.

Listen. You know what I'm thinking?

Right in the middle of all this.

"The one is many, but the many are one."

Yeah. All right.

Why is that in the middle?

'Cause everything leads to it.

But why?

I thought you knew why.

No, man. I don't... I have no clue, man.

That's why I need you.

I just... this just came into my head, flashed in my head, and I couldn't get it out.

Same here.

I mean, I know it's key to the whole thing and everything, and I knew there was someone out there who was gonna help me figure it out.

When you said that I was an adept on the radio, I just understood that I was one.

Yeah, which proves that it is you.

You're an adept.

Was it... why? What is an adept?

Well, I think people like us, when we know something, man, we just know it, right?

Like the physics of it all and everything like that.

I mean, are you hip to the trip of what is causing all this?

Well, I guessed gravity waves.

There you go.

Lady wins a little bear.


This whole region of space is getting hit by gravity waves.

Ripples in space and time.

How did you know?

Mm. I have no clue.

But usually when I say something, it turns out to be right.

Like Mount Rainier.

There you go.


See this whole side of the board?

This is the faith and myth side.

Like these skinwalkers, Quetzalcoatls, End time prophecies coming true.

Yeah, sure.

But my thing is hard science.

That's the other side: science.

Which is why I need you, man.

You see, you swing that shit, man. I can't.

Yeah, well, here's what I'm thinking.

The thing that's causing this, whatever it is, we have to try to understand that it has both a physical side and spiritual side.

But there has to be some kind of unifying principle that connects this with, you know, this and this, this...

Gloria Douglas.

Right. Gloria Douglas.

There's a professor I knew, Gloria Douglas.

She was able to predict a lot of this.

You know, she said... She said it just came to her.

Another adept.

Right, but she said it was all about waves, "waves."

She wasn't a physicist, so she didn't understand what kind of wave or why, but...

She single?

No, d*ad.


Dad, what about her computer cards?


Yeah, we have them in the motor home.

Let's go.


I got these from her.

But we have nothing to read them on.


Are you kidding me, man?

These are brilliant.

But who knows what kind of machine it would take to read them?

A Docu-mation M-200.

Last made in 1979.

Oh, well, that's not good.

Oh, don't harsh the buzz.

I happen to own one.

That's impossible.

Bought it off a guy in 1981.

I don't know why, but I kept it ever since.

You know, all 222 pounds of it.

Okay, well, let's... Let's go run the cards.


Yeah, a little problem there.

My compadre's holding it for me.

He's got half my shit.

Is he nearby?

He's a few miles down the track.

You know, I can get on the blower.

What, the phone?

Phones don't work.

CB radios, some of the community have.

Battery operated, so they still go.

Hey, you know what?

Also last made in '79, same as your card reader.

All right, let's go. Let's do it.

Let's mash up the motor and see if we can scare up the mud duck.

What does that mean?

I don't actually know.

But I suspect it's relevant 'cause... two hours.

Okay. Okay.

[engine roaring]

No, I'm not doing that.

Just do it, for god's sake.

Why? Why would I pull over?

Because I need to pee.

What do you mean you have to pee?

That's not something with unclear meaning.

It'll take 20 seconds.

Okay, well, I've shared a bathroom with you and I've seen you take 20 minutes.

Plus we could die any second.

We're not gonna die this second.

Okay, just pull over.

My God.

g*dd*mn it, Matt!

Right there.

Okay! Okay.

Just pull over.


Okay, great. Go, go, go, go, go.

And stop.

Hurry up.

I'm not waiting for you!

I'll leave you behind!

Look away!

I'm not watching you!


This is gonna go a lot faster if I know you're not looking.




Yeah, so I, uh, I got good news; I got bad news.

I'll take the good news.

Well, my buddy's got it. Guy called The Junkman.

I'm guessing he's also the bad news.

Well, here's the thing. The Junkman and I, we're solid.

He leads the league in old-time electronics.

Helped me build my studio.

Got me this really sweet vintage ribbon Mic...

Bob! Bob, what's the bad news?

Oh, the bad news is. Yeah, uh...

Yeah, he says he's gonna k*ll you.

So why does The Junkman want to k*ll my father?

Maybe 'cause Skinny Jardin is d*ad.


Oh, that guy you met here.

He was k*lled by that federale.

I know who Skinny Jardin is, but why...

The Junkman says that Skinny would still be alive if he hadn't met you.

So he's holding you responsible.

That's ridiculous.

Well, you gotta...

You gotta admit, you're in the chain.

Well, will he let you do the cards?

No. No, no, no, no.

He said he'd k*ll me too because I'd be working for you.

You coming?

To meet the man who wants to k*ll my father?


Hour 50 left.

Nothing better to do.


All right, Junkman.

Here we come.

Are you done?



Oh, g*dd*mn it.




Oh, what now?



Any of the other bullshit ways to die?





If I find you and you're not d*ad, I'm gonna be pissed off!

You're saying that gravity waves are responsible for all this physical stuff?

Well, they ring the Earth like a bell, baby.

That accounts for earthquakes, tidal waves, volcanoes...

Is there any chance that the waves affect time too?

Oh, sure.

They push and pull it all around.

So I'm not a physicist, but I believe that many in your community are beginning to accept the possibility at least of a multi-dimensional universe.

Oh, that's a olden Goldie.

String theory says 11 dimensions.


So the gravity waves could also be breaking down the barriers between the 11 dimensions?

That's exactly what they do.

They compress 'em. They force 'em into one another.

That would explain why we're seeing these... these ancient demon gods.

They're real.

They're just not real in our home dimension.

Right. Until now.

So all this stuff...

The meteors, skinwalkers, they're just all different aspects of one truth.

The one is many...

both: But the many are one.

Brother man!

That's a total breakthrough.

This is incredible.

Except we all die in, what?

An hour 40?

Give or take.

No, the answer is in this box.

[engine rumbling]

[engine dies]

Oh, for God's sake.

[engine grinding]

Come on. [engine clicking]


Son of a bitch.


Did you k*ll my engine?


You want some coffee?

Look, I was told to come here; my engine stalled.

You think that's a coincidence?

Think what you like.

I don't have time.

I have to find three kids.

Two girls, late teens. One red, one blonde.

A boy a little bit older.


I'm out of time.

This is urgent.

Everything's urgent today.


Thanks anyway.

You've got a key.


I was already told that today.

It fits in the Omphalos, the navel to the world, our attachment to creation.

Good to know.

It will cast away shadows and bring light.

Will it help me find my kids?

It tells you anything you need to know the most.

Like where they are?

Whatever you need.


Where is it?

Right there.



Where are you?


Oh, shit.




What are you doing here?

Looking for you, idiot.

Where have you been?

Sarah ran off.

I had to go with her.

It was my fault.

I just freaked.

I k*lled my friend a few days ago, and when I had to k*ll those people today, it was just... too much.

So we ran off.

You... you took off from where?

You were driving with me.

No, I wasn't.

He's been with me the whole time.

We were running away, but...

Matt should be with you and your family.

So you were never with me at all?


What's wrong with you?


Oh, nothing. How about you?

Do you have a car?

Yeah, uh, just up the road.


You drive.

Well, um...

It's either that or... we all die out here.

Lead the way.

Yeah, okay.

[woman cheers]

[raucous chatter and fiddle music]

Break it up.

[all cheering]

[fiddle music continues]

Nothing like mass extinction to kick-start a party.

You call this a party?

Well, I grant you they could use a rhythm section.

Do you see The Junkman there?

Brother man, you never see him till you don't want to.

[raucous chatter and fiddle music continues]


[chatter and fiddle music continues distantly]

♪ ♪
The Docu-mation M-200.

What a beauty.

Say, there's an outlet right there.

You see it?


Go plug that in there.

Here we go.


[metallic scraping]

Anybody back there?


I swear I heard something.

It came from over there.

There power?

Oh, yeah, The Junkman always got the juice.

Hoover Dam quality out of his rig.

I ain't nothing if not explicit.

Ah, jeez.

And I explicitly mentioned death in connection to you bastards.

Now, didn't I?

What are you doing to Junk's stuff?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, we're just trying to keep us all alive.

Are you the sumbitch k*lled Skinny?

No, I didn't k*ll Skinny. I liked Skinny.

Not as much as I did.

And he liked me back.

J-man, come on. My man. Nobody likes you.

Shut up.

Shut up!

Listen. He was m*rder by a Fed.

I was there. I saw it.

If he hadn't have met you, he'd still be alive.

[stammers] In a couple hours, we're all gonna be d*ad if you don't let us just run these cards.

I got nothing to lose, do I?

Off him now!

That's ridiculous, man!

Final Event, baby!

[all screaming] Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Final Event, baby! Whoo!

[all screaming wildly]

Now, Junk, do not do this.

None of us gets out of this world alive!

[loud droning]


[all scream] Drop your w*apon now or I'll sh**t every one of you in the ass.

Get out!

Okay, okay.

Get on your knees!

Okay, okay.

My ass! [wailing]

My ass!


You have a g*n?

Yeah, if things don't change now, when would they?

Yeah, she's a k*ller and a deep thinker.

I didn't k*ll him. I sh*t him in the glutes.

Yeah, because?

Incapacitating but not fatal.

Also easy target.

Would you run the cards?


Here we go.


So maybe each one of us is the universe.


Like little gods, you know?

But not like a religious god; like, god is in yourself.

So you're a god.

Why not?

Then save the world.

For instance, now would be good.

I have appointments next week.




Why are you talking like this anyway?

I don't know if you're being funny or freaking me out.

Don't freak out.

We'll be fine.

Just fine.

Come on.

I'll tell your fortune.

It'll be fun.

You have the key.

[exhales deeply]

What is that smell?

Oleander and rotting flesh.

Oleander's poisonous.

Not fatally.

Put your key in the slot.

I don't know if I want to do this.

What is this thing?

It's not a regular game, is it?

It won't change you.

You'll just know something you don't know now.

What if I don't want to know it?

It tells you what you need, not what you want.

Maybe it helps you find your kids.

[bell dinging, machinery rattling]

Try your luck.

[machinery rattling]

[bell dinging, machinery rattling]

[ominous music]

♪ ♪

You are the price for what you want.

[dramatic musical flourish]

[machine clicking rapidly]

Okay, here we go.

We're about to hear the last of Gloria Douglas' thoughts.

How long does this garbage scow take to print something?

It's a primitive technology. It's...

I don't think it even qualifies as technology.

Yes, it is. Here we go.

"The end of the world is not."

What? Not... not... it's not what?

"The end of the world is not."

So it's just printing out the same thing over and over?

I was only able to save a few of her cards.

It must not have enough input.

So after all this, it can't help us?

Yeah, that seems to be the case.


[door creaks shut]


[meteor thundering, Karen gasping]

That sounds nice. Do you miss the farm?

I think about it, I suppose.

My dreams.

And Brianna loved it.

Family meeting outside now.

What? What for?

You know what for.

You're not who you say you are.

What's that supposed to mean?

Get out of the car.

Okay. You're cracking up.

Let's go talk about it.

Not you. Stay in the car.

Forget it.

It's not a choice.

Stay in the car if you want to live.

Not without him.

Look, Bree, you're right.

This is very hard for you.

I get that.

You've had your older brother looking out for you all your life.

You never had to share me with anyone except maybe Dana.

But you always ran over her.

Now you have to share me with somebody else?

That can't be easy, especially for you.

You always had to be the center of attention.

No, I don't.

This is the woman I fell in love with.

She's part of the family now.

I'll still always be there for you, but I'm with her too.

She's amazing, by the way.

But you just don't know her yet.

She's gonna change our family.

She's gonna make it better.

I promise.

Give me the g*n.

[g*n cocks]

You're not Matt. You're a shifter.

But you're smarter.

What's a shifter?

This is not a good time for Brianna drama.

What are you doing?

Back off, Sarah!

It's cool, sweetie.

It's not cool.

He's dangerous. He'll k*ll you.

Well, that is the worst shit that I've ever heard.

Put down the g*n.

He's not my brother! I know my brother!


[both grunting]


Matt, what are you doing?

[gasping, panting]


[both grunting]





Oh, my God.


How could you think this was me?

What do you mean?

It was your girlfriend!


We can't find our way home, so we're evolving.

Soon you won't be able to k*ll us.

Good thing the end of the world's today, then, huh?


I'm sorry, sweetheart.

Look, Dad.

Any day that you can sh**t a huge malevolent man in the ass and not answer for it, that day cannot be called a total waste.

You took off.

Where did you go?

I found Sarah.

You didn't find me. I was miles away.

Yeah, but... it looked exactly like you.

What the hell was that?

A shape-shifter.

They've evolved.

They're like a... virus... that copies your DNA. And it... starts k*lling people.

And you found one that looked like me?

What did you do with it?

No choice.

I k*lled it.

I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Trust me when I say you're relieved.

Can you please explain to me what happened, Matt?

I found Sarah.

I wanted to grab a couple minutes with her.

Okay, so to clarify, The world's ending today, and you decided to stop for sex.

I didn't do anything.

I knew what she was, and by that point, you were already gone.

Okay, and where did the truck come from?

I hotwired it.

Of course you did.

I learned from you.

Can we please just get back to Mom and Dad?


All right, but we're taking my car.

It's cooler.

So you made out with another woman.

It's an exact genetic copy of you.

How'd you know it wasn't me?

The kissing was weird.

What about your shifter?

The kissing was great.

No, it wasn't.

Way better than usual.

Oh, shut up.


[engine turns over]

I like her.





"The end of the world is not.

The end of the world is not" what?

We know what it says, Peaches.



Read it again.

It says "The end of the world is not.

The end of the world is not."

That's it.

It's fragmented.

"The end of the world is not the end of the world."

The end of the world's not the end of the world.

No, when those chunks hit, it'll be the end of the world.

No, it's not. It never is.

In every end-time story, the end of the world is not the end of the world.

In Buddhism, cosmic law is restored.

People live for 80,000 years.

In Christianity, during the Christian apocalypse, heaven comes down to Earth, and a new Jerusalem is born.

It's never the end.

I'm telling you, there always appears after the present something that's even better.

I'm not the religious type.

Mostly metaphysics. But, uh...

It's based on the punch cards Gloria Douglas gave us.

It's science.

So it's telling us it's survivable.

We just have to figure out how.


So the sentence fragment is always in three pieces.

Three, three, three wave...

Three dimensions?

Three ages.

A trinity.


You mean gravity waves.

So this thing comes in waves.

So this is telling us that there's three of them.

Right, and the Final Event is the end of the first wave?

This can be survived.

This can be survived.



Well, it doesn't tell us how.


Well, we got less than an hour, Loyalistas.

Way less.


Where are my kids? Come on.

Come on.

Where are my kids?


I'm out here looking.

Where are your kids? Come on.

Where are my kids?


Kids. Come on.

I am the price for what I want.

I am the price for what I want.

That's all right.

Where are my kids? Where are my kids?

I am the price for what I want.

Okay. [sobbing]

[loud droning]


The price for...

Come on. Come on!


I gotta leave.



I'll sit down.

I'll stay still.


I'll stay still, and they'll find me.



All right, so the key is to get at that boundary between that physical and the spiritual thing.

So it's like the yin and the yang: two sides that are coming together, equal but opposite and then like dimensions colliding.

That's where the mythical creatures are coming from.

Yeah, and we know there's contact points between dimensions everywhere.

The wormholes.

You mean the tiny black hole kind of "wormhole"?

Yes, like the kind that sucked up all the people in Seattle and dozens of other cities.

Millions of people...

Being pulled into other dimensions.

Yeah, man, I get that.

Sure, there could be storms of those things streaking through space like...

Cosmic b*ll*ts.

That's what that is.

Exactly, man.

That's exactly... You are an adept!

How's that gonna help us stop the Moon rocks?

I mean, in what?

44 minutes left.

44 minutes.

42 on a lucky first strike.

Hey, hey. 42, Jackie Robinson, baby.

Love that brother.


Mom's here!

Mom! Mom!



Mom, where did you go?

Are you okay? Are you okay?

What happened to you?

Get her. Get her up. Get her up.


Get her up.


Oh, I got you.

Look at you.

Go get the door.


The wormholes, they can suck up people.

Can they suck up anything?

Anything with space and time, my brother.

Like big pieces of the Moon?

All right, how do we get the wormholes here?

That skinwalker that was in you.

Wait. What?

The Tesla Tower drew it out, didn't it?

Yeah, like it was magnetically attracted or something.

Well, you know, Tesla figured out how to get power from the atmosphere.

That tower attracts electromagnetic energy of all kinds.

And the wormholes pump energy like crazy.

We have to turn it on. We have to leave it on.

And they'll get pulled here.

Assuming we can find a wormhole; if we got one in range.

All right, so we drag a wormhole over the tower.

It sucks the Moon shit into another dimension.

And nobody dies.

If the wormhole gets here before the rocks.

Right, which are on their way at ten miles a second.

Moondog, how's it coming with the line boosters?

Almost done, brother, but you got company.

Car coming in from out of the woods.

It's Mom.

She found them.

You made it.


Told you I would.

We're using the Tesla tower to attract the wormholes.


It's gonna take a whole hell of a lot of power.

But Moondog's gonna have to crank it to max.

I wired up two line boosters in parallel.

You think it'll work?

Oh, yeah.

Or the whole building will blow up.

So, you know, 50/50.

Welcome back. How was Delphi?


It always is.


Guys, look.

[Karen shuddering]

Oh, God.

Uh... [loud crackling]

What is that?

Well, the tower's come back online.

Let's hope the circuits can take the surge.

It's looks okay so far.

Come on. Show me something.

Either this brings the wormholes or it's over.

[loud crackling and humming]

[all groaning and gasping]

It's okay. It's okay, Mom.

It's working. It's working.

What is that?

That's the music of the spheres, baby.

Bubble universes popping out like cheap champagne, man.

Holy shit. I think it's working.

[loud crackling]

Yeah, baby.

Come on. Come to...

[loud crackling]

We're losing it.

It's stopping.

The transformer's popped. Circuit's broken.

[electricity humming]

They're stalled.

It's worse.

They're disappearing.

We're d*ad without them.

The tower is fried.

I am the price for what I want.




Someone's gotta go close that circuit.

Karen. Wait. Karen.


Karen! Wait!

You can't go in there! It's unstable!

Stay with the kids.


Not again.



Brianna! [electricity zaps, expl*si*n]

[rubble clatters, metal clangs]

Damn it!

Dad, wait! Dad!

g*dd*mn it!

[pounding on door]

It's locked! The door's locked!

Here! Get that bar right there.

[pounding on door]

[metallic bang]

[metallic groaning]

[both grunting]

[electricity bursts]


[both grunting]

[meteor roaring]

[electricity sizzling]






[wormhole roaring]

She did it.

Look, man, she did it.

That's my girl.

[electricity sizzling]

They're coming back, mis enfants.

They're coming back, baby.

Will the gravity be strong enough to pull in the debris?

Let's hope.

Come on.

Do it!

Do it, baby!

You got this.

[wind howling]

It's working.

It's working.

[electricity sizzling]

Holy shit.

It worked.

Great googley-moogley.



Hold on!


Take my hand!

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

No! No!


Mom! Mom!

[loud expl*si*n]


Oh, my God, she's d*ad.

She's not d*ad.

She's just gone.

There are two more waves coming, and we still have time to find her.

How are we supposed to do that?

We'll just do it.

You're not getting this.

She's gone.

You guys found me.

We'll find Mom.
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