01x07 - Episode 7

Episode transcripts for the TV miniseries "Close to the Enemy". Aired: November 10, 2016 to December 2016.
"Close to the Enemy" follows a British intelligence officer, who has to ensure that a captured German scientist helps the British develop jet aircraft.
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01x07 - Episode 7

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I've now had his records checked in Germany, and there is no evidence of w*r crimes.

The German's getting married, it's not right.

You've gone around boasting you will tell the world about what's happening to the ex-n*zi who are helping us.

You mustn't do that, Victor.

It will destroy your brother, even endanger his life.

I found some evidence.

The real evidence. Now, you must read it.

Did somebody att*ck him?

What happened, Callum?

Eight different witness statements.

All identifying you.

He blames the Secret Service for me being like this and may try to take certain actions because of that.

So this whole plan, you just wanted to get hold of the file.

To cover up my tracks, yes.

Well, don't worry yourself so much, Harold.

That still leaves me. I can do something.


You're it!

You didn't realise this wedding was in fact a military parade, did you?

It's ridiculous, isn't it?

And this is only the start of it, apparently!

It is ridiculous.

I'm going to see what I can do to change things by tomorrow, but I'm not hopeful.

Your boss arranged all this.

Well, of course.

They're using the wedding as a chance for some good propaganda for them... to say that we're still very much in the race to break the sound barrier.

They want to make Dieter a bit famous.

Well, all I can say is, even the Soviets might be a little shy about doing something like this!

I thought this was supposed to be a small wedding.

How is Anna going to manage all of this?

What's the matter with you, Callum?

I'm absolutely fine.

It must have been all the speeches I had to listen to at Harold's do.

And what about your speech?

You're a sort of best man, aren't you?

Or is somebody from the base doing it?

No, no, I'm the nearest thing there is to a best man.

I think my contribution may surprise everyone.

So you've got out of bed.

Yes, that is allowed. I'm not chained to it, you know.

Anyway, I've been rehearsing for my interrogation, when I have to show them how normal I am.

So you're really on the mend, are you, Victor?

I am. And what about you?

What's that supposed to mean?

You know perfectly well. You're going to behave yourself, are you?

What, at the wedding? Of course I am!

So there are no schemes? No hatching of plots?

I shall be the perfect guest...

You can go. We don't need you. Thank you.

Are you sure, Miss Griffiths?

I'm perfectly sure. Can you leave the park completely, please?

She's not really leaving?

Yes, she is.

You say there's nobody working for you here but I feel these people... some of them are looking at me.

You think it's the toffee apple? Because it's so special?

We can solve that.

But maybe that isn't that at all.

Do you think they know what you did?

Some of them are looking at you because they know all the things you did?

Is that what you're wondering?

I'm not thinking anything like that.

These people know nothing about either of us.

Of course not, how could they?


Why did you bring me here?

You didn't want people staring at you.

You brought me here so you could say to me, "You did this, your Air Force."

No, that's not the reason.

I brought you here because it's peaceful.

We could have gone to a church which wasn't ruined... a normal church.

What would you have done in a normal church, Birgit?

Light candles?

Ask to speak to God?

Be an interesting conversation, wouldn't it?

Do you really think he wants to hear from you, Birgit?

Why don't you go?

Go on... there's nothing to stop you.

It's not a trick.

Of course, maybe the Russians will pick you up by the end of the day, or maybe it'll be sooner.

Perhaps we'll take bets on it back at the office.

You tortured friends of mine, and of course you saw them die.

I have no interest in what happens to you now, none at all.

You had your chance and you didn't take it.

You pretended to think about giving evidence at the trial, to consider it, but you were never going to do it, were you?

So now you are on your own, Birgit, and you should go.

I advise you to take this opportunity, for all sorts of reasons, but especially because I will enjoy thinking about what the Russians will do to you when they get you.

Surely there must be somewhere you can go where they won't find you?

Why don't you put it to the test?

You're going to have to go, anyway.

I wonder how far you'll get.

Don't go.

We thought this would be a good place.

No chance of Dieter coming in here by mistake and seeing the dress.

Yes, because that would mean a whole life of bad luck, wouldn't it?

Doesn't it look good?

It does look good, doesn't it?

Of course, Anna, it looks amazing!

You look like a film star preparing for the wedding of the year.

Hello, stranger.

Hello, Callum.

[g*n CLICKS]

I was just making sure the coast was clear, that there was no Dieter around when Anna comes back to her room, so he doesn't see her dress.

Well, he's not hiding in here.

You need to be armed for the wedding, do you?

I'm always armed.

Didn't you know that?

I didn't.

You expect the Russians to jump out of the wedding cake and grab the groom, do you? Whisk him off?

It's not very likely, no.

But I'm always prepared for anything, Julia.


It's funny being back here.

My career's not going too badly at the moment, since you were kind enough to ask.

I'm going to play the Nurse in Romeo And Juliet.

I'm going to make her an exceptionally young nurse!

And your career, Callum?

What about it?

You're going to leave the Army very soon, aren't you?

How is everything working out for you?

I'm about to find out.

This is a dangerous development, me venturing down the passage with you.

It's not necessary.


My goodness! What have you done?

Come through here!


I thought you shouldn't miss out on the wedding.

Harold mentioned that you had a meal on the stairs and listened to the music, so I thought I would go one better, and provide you with your own private banquet... since you refuse to come down.

I have never met your German scientist.

How could I possibly come to his wedding?

Well, precisely. Now you can feast like the rest of us.

You can be as greedy as you like and no-one will see!

I do not plan to be greedy, Callum, whether people can see or not.

But thank you for the extremely generous gesture.

Have you used these rooms yourself for any reason?

Well, on occasion.

Why do you ask?

No reason.

Perhaps I shouldn't pry further.

It was in fact being used by a top n*zi.

The Secret Service had him holed up in here, while he pretended to be dying.

Did they, indeed?

I wish you hadn't told me that.

Now I will feel his presence all around while I'm tucking in.

No, you won't.

Here it is, the formula.

What you've been waiting for.

I never thought I'd agree to this but they sent the right policeman.

And so it's yours.

Thank you.

Aren't you going to open it? See what the formula is?

No, no, no, I don't need to. It's not for me.



What do you mean "goodbye"?

I mean... sorry... au revoir.




Hello, gentlemen!

Hello. Mr Ferguson. Please, take a seat.

Now, before we begin...

We began as soon as I came through the door, didn't we?

You were all watching to see how normal my entrance was, but that's OK. I... everything I do, I realise is being measured on a thermometer... the bonkers thermometer. I quite understand.

I rehearsed how to come into the room, anyway.

Thank you, Mr Ferguson, I'm glad you say that you understand.

Now, we've just got a few questions concerning the state of your health and the state of your mind.

OK, well, I'm ready for all of it.


Before we start, I do want to say... of course, I've been through a very difficult phase, and... my moods have been very hard to predict, I know, and often they've become quite extreme.

But I feel now much more s*ab, much more normal... and I'll steal no more cars, I promise, even though I do seem to have a great facility for it.

Thank you, Mr Ferguson. That's very clear.


I understand that you are sleeping much better, Mr Ferguson?

Indeed. I've had oceans of sleep recently, and some very vivid dreams.

Some extremely sexual, amazingly realistic!

But I'm not alone in doing that, am I?

In the presence of God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, we have come together to witness the marriage of Dieter and Anna, and to pray for God's blessing on them, to share their joy, and to celebrate their love.

Is everything all right?

Yes, my dear. I always get emotional at weddings, and for some reason it gets worse.

... lawfully marry, to declare it now.

Please ask about my brother.

My brother is the most important thing we need to talk about.

My brother has had the most extraordinary time serving this country... far more than me.

He saw some of the worst fighting on D-Day, and then became an integral part of T-Force, grabbing important German scientists before anybody else could get to them, and then befriending some of them, making them work brilliantly for us!

He's taken on those bungling idiots from the Secret Service and stopped them wrecking everything.

Heavenly Father, by your blessing, may these rings be, to Dieter and Anna, a symbol of unending love and faithfulness.

Now, I know that my problems are not entirely due to the w*r, but Callum's are.

And he is fuelled... that's the right word... he is fuelled, like the jet planes that he loves so much, by this tremendous desire to do what's best for this country.

But now he's like a m*ssile himself.

Because he has seen crimes ignored, crimes committed by these people, these ex-n*zi who are now our closest friends.

And he tried to reconcile these things... what's best for the country and for justice to be done... but it's breaking down now!

And you have to realise this.... it has reached a breaking point!

Now, I have a talent for piecing things together, putting books in the right order, for sorting out lost property...

I have pieced this together.

You have to listen!


It was a lovely service, wasn't it It all went very smoothly.

It's not over yet.

Captain Ferguson.

Prepared as always.

Are you all right?

Of course I'm all right.

Are you all right?

We'll see.

I know you don't think I'm an idiot.

I don't think you're an idiot, no, Alex.

So of course I realise you and Rachel have become great friends, especially since I've been away.

We are great friends, yes.

Great, great friends.

You may wonder what I think about that.

Perhaps you don't wonder?

This is hardly the time, Alex.

This isn't the time, no.

But maybe we won't have another opportunity in a hurry.

She was in grief, of course, when I first met her, her husband dying so suddenly.

I adored her.

But we clearly had nothing in common, that was obvious to you, I know...

This is a wedding, Alex.

Yes, I know it's a wedding, Callum!

I'm telling the truth, aren't I?

About what?

That it was obvious that we were two people who shouldn't be together.

But I didn't want her to leave so much... not yet, not after just a few months.

I didn't want the shame, what people would say, especially after my cushy w*r in Washington.

How it would look.

It is a terrible reason, isn't it?

But, in a way, understandable?

We're not the only marriage like that.

I've got to get back in there...

You see, I so wanted her to be happy, so that she would stay.

And she is happy spending time with you.

And I know she's never going to leave me for you, Callum, and goodness knows what might happen soon?

I mean, we could be all blown to smithereens in a few months, if the Russians manage to get the b*mb, couldn't we?!

That's possible, yes.

You're not planning on changing anything, are you, Callum?

I just want you to know, and please take notice of this... you don't need to.

If she's happy...

I'm happy.

So that makes three of us.

Excuse me.


Sir? Aren't you meant to be at the high table, sir, with the bride and groom?

I'm just going to perch here a moment, run through my speech.


It's like having a wedding at the Pentagon!

I hope it's not all over the papers tomorrow.

Are there any reporters in the room?

We really ought to smell them out, don't you think?

I brought them this wedding gift.

It's an edition of German fairy stories.

It's very old, from the 18th century.

I'm sure they'll love that. Both of them will.

Will you excuse me, my dear?

I'll be back shortly.



Ah, there you are.

Mr Lindsay-Jones!

It took a little detective work to find you.

I hope you don't mind my intruding?

Not at all!

I feel distinctly odd having a banquet all on my own.

Please come and share some of this with me.

No, no, no, I'm not here to take your food.

Well, at least you must have some of this.

Now you're here, I can drink something... one can't really drink happily on one's own.

But I don't want you to miss any of the banquet.

Oh, I won't miss the banquet, and no-one will miss me.

Why do you say that? Who won't miss you?

The policeman?

Yes. I have disappointed him.

I'm sure that's not possible.

Yes. I have disappointed him deeply.

Downstairs he could barely look at me.

It makes one feel like a rejected parent, which is absurd, of course, because I'm nothing like a father to him.

But I'm not ashamed to say I have grown extremely fond of him.

And his brother also, of course.

I so much wanted to live up to expectations.

I owe it not just to Callum, but... to the memory of my family.

Why is not possible to be as brave as one wants... just at the moment one needs it most?

It's funny you should say that, because I've asked myself that so much recently.

Could I have been braver?

Could I have been stronger?

I'm sorry.

I'm successfully ruining your meal!

You're doing no such thing.

So, this is an early warning... very soon the dessert will be served, and we will be beginning the speeches quite quickly after that.

So, for those of you coming up here, your ordeal isn't far off now.

I hope everybody is aware of their duties.


I know whatever you did or didn't do, it can never be as serious as what I did or didn't do.

I did nothing, Harold.

When people were disappearing, people who had worked for us for years... suddenly, they were taken away.

My husband had been d*ad for some time by then, I was head of the family business, a woman of consequence, a big local employer... living in a house which, of course, always smelt beautiful.

I can imagine.

I hated the regime... but, like so many others, I turned away.

I drew the curtains in my house.

I told myself I was a foreigner, I couldn't criticise somebody else's country.

These horrors one hears about, they must be exaggerated.

And it's just a phase that will pass, surely.

How can I make a difference, anyway?

But, of course, so many other people were saying exactly the same thing.

I looked away.

I looked away.



Where are you going?

Where am I going?

I'm just getting ready... for my speech.

Right. I just wanted a moment...

To see if your message had worked?

What message?

Come with me.

Did you send Alex to come and see me?

To give me that message?

What are you talking about? What message?

Asking me not to disrupt the convenient arrangement that makes everybody so happy?

That you're both so relaxed about!

You think I'm mad? I would never send Alex with a message like that.

I wouldn't send him with any kind of message!

You really think that's something I would do?

It's a kind of rich person's game, isn't it, having a marriage where everything is so completely open?

Don't you dare talk to me like that!

Don't you dare try to reduce what we've had to that.

What we've felt for each other!

What I've felt for you.

What's happened, Callum?

Why on earth do you think you can talk to me like that?

Because you sent Alex to give me that message.

So, attention everybody!

Uh, yes, we have reached the moment I warned you about.

Oh, blimey! That's a terrifying sight!

Seeing all these senior officers staring at me.

I'm being almost blinded by all these medals!

Now, before we get to the really important business, let's get the purely trivial out of the way, which is, of course, what is our current status on the famous engine?

Sorry, I was joking!


The latest news is, I'm delighted to say, is that it will take just a couple more weeks of Dieter's work, his brilliant work, after he's had a few days' honeymoon, of course!

And then we will be ready to show it to you again.

And this time we will be triumphant!

You're not planning something, are you, Callum?

Like what?

I was in fact planning my speech until I was interrupted.

I know how close you are to your brother, of course I do.

And I know how angry you are about what happened and that you want to do something about it, but I care about you, Callum, I really care.

I don't want you to do anything that will...

You think I'd be crazy enough to do something at a wedding banquet?

What on earth would that be?

I don't know.

I just know you want to do something that'll hurt them.

There are lots of ways of doing that.

So you are planning on doing something?

Callum, please...

Now, to the serious business, and the best man's speech, so...


Er, Callum, if you could come up here, please?

I promise you I didn't involve Alex.

I just want you to listen to me for one second.

These last few months, our time together, I have been so happy.

Alex's words exactly.

I don't care what he said.

This is me speaking, me here, and I want you to just listen to me.

All right, go on, I'm listening.


What do you want to say? Come on, I'm late.

Callum, when we're together...

When we're together, what?

For Christ's sake, would you stop hurrying me!

I'm going to say this.

When we are together, it all seems, the future seems, so much less frightening.

For me, anyway.

For you, too, I think.

So, what, don't do anything to mess it up?

Is that what you're trying to say?

Well, since no-one seems to know where the best man is...

I can't believe he's flunked it, by the way, Callum never flunks anything.

But we must move on.

So, Dieter, we'll come straight to you.

So, facing all of you right now... which is certainly a truly impressive sight!

And seeing my beautiful wife sitting there, and my daughter, looking such a tremendous young lady, it is really hard to believe when we first arrived here, how frightened we were and what a difference one helping of specially cooked cabbage made!


So, please, let me tell you the story of this very cabbage...

I'm so sorry, everyone!

I'm late for my cue, I know.

Ah, the best man. I knew he wouldn't let us down!

Come on, please, come on.

So, I give way now, and I resume later.

No, no, no. No need to leave. We can do a duet.

It seems only fitting, we have been a partnership, after all.

Indeed, a partnership.

Putting the past behind, looking into the future, and being ready for whatever the Russians have in store for us.


Let us not let the past get in the way.

What use would that be?

How counterproductive that would be, if we let what happened... haunt all of our actions.

Do you think he means that?

He ought to realise that he's out of a job...

He was told to make Dieter one of us, and he has!


I've found it. My speech!

I too was going to start with the story about the cabbage.

Can you come in here for a moment?

What's the verdict, then?

How normal am I?

We'll be ready for you in a moment, Mr Ferguson.

You ought to know by now, oughtn't you?

Blimey! You've had a long enough lunch break.

Making a day trip of it, are you?

Mr Ferguson, we will discuss our findings with you shortly.

Your findings? That does sound ominous.

But what about the other matter, my brother?

You must get somebody sent to him now, or in the morning at the very latest.

One matter at a time, Mr Ferguson.





Thank you so much for stopping. Very considerate.


I need to get to London, the middle of London in rather a hurry.

They won't listen to me!

Have you got everything?

I have everything, yes, I think.

You're ready for the journey, then?

I am. Are you coming too?

Yes, I am.

Why don't you go and wait for the car downstairs?

We'll be with you in a moment.

I don't know how you did it, Kathy.

Don't speak too soon. She may change her mind.

I wonder what she thinks about at night?

Does she see the faces of some of the people she tortured, do you think?

I'm sure she doesn't.

I doubt she has any imagination at all... or memories, really.

To be without memories... how is that possible?

Aha. An American car.

Don't worry. I'm not going to try to jump out of the car.

There's a radio. Maybe we should play some music.


This music... it was what brought us together, wasn't it, really?

It was the music?

It was... partly, yes.

I want to thank you so very much for being here and doing the speech, Callum.

I know it was difficult. Really.

I'm going to miss this place.

This is the last time I shall ever be here.

What do you mean? You love coming here!

It's being sold, because the Army and the Secret Service are stopping using it.

Somebody will probably knock it down.

I won't be back here, anyway.

You must go and dance, Lucy!

Go on. I'll be all right.

I must thank you so very much for this wonderful book you gave me.

So generous. These beautiful old fairy stories.

I'm glad you like it.

It must be priceless.

Priceless, no. Valuable!

I have a second volume just like it at home.

I couldn't decide which one to give you.

You chose the right one. Thank you.

Callum? I was just wondering... is he all right?


Has anything happened between the two of you? A difference of opinion?

Not to do with the work?

Or anything else...?

No, I can assure you, there's nothing.



Hello Pete, still keeping this place warm, I see.

I knew you'd be back!

Well, it's the only place they won't think of looking for me.

I can't go back to the hotel, they'll be waiting for me.

I've only got a few hours to do anything, and then it'll be too late.

This man is completely wrong about absolutely everything.

He thinks he can save the world if we all have a nuclear b*mb!

None of us needs a b*mb, do you hear?!

They're arguing about the future of the world.

So I can see.

It's not as simple as that... the Russians are very dangerous.

And if we say we're going to blow them up, does that make them less dangerous?

I'm telling you, we are either going to blow ourselves up or get rid of the b*mb completely.

There is no in between!

A future without the b*mb.

It's never going to happen.

Not when we've just invented it, no!

But you never know.

Talking about the future...

I want to spend the rest of my life with you.


You're not going to make me repeat it, are you?

Whatever happens... whether we all blow ourselves up, or fight the Russians quite soon, or even in the morning... or maybe we manage to avoid doing any of those things.

Whatever it is, I want to be with you when it happens.

I don't even know what I'm going to be doing next week, Rachel...

Let alone with the rest of your life, no.

But I want you to know...

I think we should do that.

I can't put it more simply than that.

That's not them yet.

I thought doing it here was better than doing it at the port.

A little more private.

Thank you for thinking of that.

We were here with him, you know, in this very café, here with Kleinow.

Were you?

I have decided to do this.

I will give evidence at the trial.

You don't have to worry yourself.

I just need to...

No, that's fine.

You can go... on your own.

Thank you.

We've got to show we trust her.

Captain Ferguson? What he would have done?

I'm not sure he would have taken this risk!

Victor said he was worried about him. I must find out why.

Here they are.

Surround the back.

Where's the party from London?


This way, please, come with us.

We've done it!



You don't know whether to do it.


Whatever it is you're thinking about... you don't know whether to do it.

You can't always tell what I'm thinking.

Can't I? When have I ever been wrong?

I'm sure there have been times.

Besides, you're wrong about tonight...

I have decided.


Is that good?


I'm going to try to go back to the US, see if they'll have me.

Maybe they won't let me back.

It won't be easy.

I used to have dreams once of having my own radio show.

The other night I thought, "Why the hell should I give up on all of that?"

I ought to have the courage to give it a go.

You must, Eva.

I used to have all sorts of dreams when I was little, I didn't know what the world was like back then.

How many people there are out there who want to stop you, how difficult it is to make people think differently about anything, even the most obvious things.


Like being allowed to sit in the same restaurant with them.

But, you know, there's no reason why we, in our tiny ways, our... very tiny ways... can't try to change one bit of it.

What do you think?

That sounds a good idea, Eva.

Because we have a lot of energy to spare, don't we, you and me?

Why shouldn't we use it? Make some people angry with it?

I think you should.

And what about you?

Now that you're no longer a soldier, what will you do?

Well, who knows?

We'll see.



It's morning. I'm late!

Don't worry yourself. I'm banished.

There's nothing I can do to you and your brother now.

I'm going somewhere horrible... and very remote.

I just wanted to show you, that I could still find you... still capable of that.

I'm impressed.

So you'd remember me.

I'm surprised your brother hasn't come after me.

That's because you're not important enough.

He wants to hit them where it'll hurt much more.



Who the hell is it?

Room service.

Room service?

I didn't order any room service, and don't you know what time it is?

I do know what time it is, yes. It's 6.45.

I'm sorry about the subterfuge, I just wanted you to open the door.

What do you want?

Birgit Mentz has gone back to Germany.

She agreed to give evidence at the trial.

I wanted to tell you that and to thank you for your help.

And you had to do that first thing in the morning?

Yes, I was excited!

She'll get a much lower sentence, of course, but what he did was much, much worse.

So many people died because of him, and now he can't be slipped back into our Secret Service.

What's more, it'll help make sure we don't use t*rture.

It's a real achievement, I think, Callum, for both of us.

Right. Right! We should celebrate.

I think I've got an orange here somewhere.

I've been saving this for such a moment.


It's not very fresh, is it?

It's worth its weight in gold.

I followed your instructions... and they worked.


You know what I've been thinking?

That I've been wrong about everything.

But you're never wrong, Callum, remember?

That's true, of course.

I was wrong... about not going after these people until we'd seen off the Russians.

That was a bad decision.

You were right.

Those that are guilty of these crimes... we should be pursuing them to the ends of the earth.

Well, we got one of them!

And I assure you I'm not stopping now.

We got Kleinow, Callum!

And Dieter got married.

Victor found some more evidence on him, you know.

Did he?

About Dieter?

We were never going to be able to do anything about him, anyway.

In the end, he was just too important to people.

There will always be those who are untouchable, terrible though that is.

But that doesn't take away from our victory.


No, it really doesn't, Callum.

And where are the happy couple now?

They're about to leave the hotel and go on their honeymoon.

I don't expect I'll ever set eyes on them again.



Victor? Are you all right?

Shouldn't you be in the hospital, Victor?

I need to speak with Mr Lindsay-Jones urgently!

Victor! This is an early time to call!

Fortunately, we're all up, because Lucy is going on holiday.

I have something extremely important to tell you, Mr Lindsay-Jones...

Just a moment, Victor.

Your taxi's here.

Have a terrific time.

Lucy... what a marvellous young woman you're looking this morning.


So, Victor, you've managed to escape from hospital again, I see.

Yes. It's something I've got very good at.

But the brain doctors weren't listening to me, so...

Harold, you're the only person who can help now!

Help in what way, Victor?

My brother is going to try to do something and I need you to stop him, because I don't think that I can.

What am I stopping him from doing?

You're not going to believe me, because I'm standing here in pyjamas, looking absolutely ridiculous, but you've got to listen...

I'm not crazy, Harold, and certainly not about this.

I found some files that prove...

Dieter was involved in w*r crimes.

The execution of workers.

He was, was he?

I saw him and Callum together last night.

I thought something was going on, something was wrong.


Callum is going to assassinate him.


I told you you wouldn't believe me!

But he is going to do it, OK, and then use his trial as some big, hopeless gesture, which, of course, will fail, just trying to tell the world...


Even if this were true, and I'm willing to believe it might just be true... how could I possibly do anything?

Well, you can!

Because you're the only person of authority Callum respects.

Not any more. I can assure you of that.

You've got to do something, Harold!

It's only you that can!

Stopping Callum from doing anything is not easy, let alone...


I know you want to help him because you care about him.

We both care about him so much.

Ah, Mr Ringwood.

If you could get me a taxi, please, to leave in ten minutes, precisely.

We're just going across the b*mb, I promised her one last helping of toffee... and then I have one more errand.

Of course, sir. I'll do that for you.

And congratulations, sir, to you both.

Don't I look the perfect English gentleman today?




I want to play with some friends.

Since days, she's begging me for the toffee apples and now she wants to go over there.

Don't be long. I won't be long, darling.

I promise.





What are you doing with that?

You shouldn't be here.

What are you doing here, Victor?!

Looking after you.

No, you're not.

No, you're not going to.

You're not going to.

You shouldn't be here, Victor!



Here I am, Mr Lindsay-Jones. I got your message.

Come in, come in.

I have it just here.

This is the other book of fairy tales I told you about.

And I thought I should give it to you, too.

They belong together. You must have it.

This is extremely kind and far too generous.

No, no, it's a gesture, just a small gesture.

But I need to ask a favour of you in return now that you are here.

Mrs Gorton and my maid both happen to be out, and I need to feed the chickens.

Would you mind coming into the garden to help me hold the gate?

Otherwise they might escape!

Of course.


Please, come in too, it's better that way.

My neighbours will be very pleased when I finally get rid of these.

Which I mean to do pretty soon.

But let me show you what I keep here.

Some secret Foreign Office documents for them to lay their eggs on.

What a good use for them!

And this...

I use it to sh**t rats.

So it's loaded?


I can't think of anything else to do.

I have no idea what else there is.

It's because I care for him.

I love Callum, like a son.

A stupid thing to think, I know.



There you are, Victor.

You're late.

Yes, I'm always late.

And I'm the last one to leave, as you can see.

I've received this letter from Harold.

So he's alive?

All the press and everyone said him vanishing completely like that must mean he'd k*lled himself.

Does it say where he is?

Not so we can find him, no.

Most of the letter is to me, but there is this passage which he says, "Please show this to the boys," so, of course.

Harold: I'm somewhere in France. I think it is better I'm not too exact... and I will post this many miles away from where I am. I'm trying to be like Victor, and sort this library I'm sitting in out. The nice gentleman that is in charge is allowing me to have a go. All the books are in chaos after the w*r, in completely the wrong order, but I'm not nearly as good at it as Victor is. Maybe they will find me here, and I will never get to see either of you again. In fact, I'm expecting one of those Secret Service men to come through the door at any time. I would also appreciate it, if you didn't tell Lucy yet. Soon I will find the words to tell her myself about what happened. I just wanted you to know what I did was a desperate act... and, of course, a very imperfect act... leaving such a trail of mess and grief, a little girl without a father, and all the rest. But it was the only thing I could do. It was an act of love.

He was so wrong to blame himself for what happened, what he thought he should have done before the w*r.

How could it all be his fault?

A good man.

I miss him terribly.


I got an invitation from Callum.

Last day of the hotel.

We're going down to look at the ballroom, since it's the last day of the hotel... see it before it... before it gets knocked down.

And I thought I might suggest something revolutionary... that you come down with us.

Look who's here!

Well, I wasn't going to miss this!

I brought you something.

It's a picture of Kleinow... having just been sentenced to spend the rest of his life in jail.

Thank you. I'll put it on my mantelpiece.

You're going to come downstairs, aren't you? Have some drinks.

There's no food, but Callum is going to play his new piece.

It's not bad. I've heard it already.

Wait... not bad? The new piece?

Is that all?


I love it.

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