01x08 - The Interviews

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Deleted". Aired: December 4, 2016 to present.
"The Deleted" tells the story of a number of twenty-somethings who flee a mysterious cult. When escapees begin to disappear, the group have to team together in the face of crushing paranoia, and go "off the grid" in order to survive.
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01x08 - The Interviews

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male interviewer: So we finally get to record your brother.

You've, um, finally allowed us to do this, Parker.

Yes, yes. This is Ryder, my younger brother.

Half brother. We have different dads.

interviewer: And how did you come to be with us... here at the institute, Ryder?


Frankly, the women are extremely hot.

interviewer: Meaning? What does this mean?

Meaning, I introduced him to a few girls online, and, uh... he never really got the entire vibe of... of what really happened here at the institute, but I introduced him to Sandy and Ebra after that.

Oh, right. Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay.

And, yeah... and that was six months ago, and he hopped on a plane, and... now we're together again.

It's cool.

interviewer: How long have you been here at the institute?

Like three years. Maybe three and a half.

I met this guy online. Well, he reached out to me.

And who was that?

Uh, Jeff Calloway.

He reached out to me, and then he left a year later.

Uh, do you know why Jeff Calloway left the institute?

No, actually. Uh, I have no idea.

But... he's who got me here.

And how did he do that?

He made me fall in love with him.

interviewer: When did you get here?

About two and a half years ago.

And how did you find yourself here?

I was invited.

By who?


Oh, right. Um...

And how did you meet Agatha?

She reached out to me online randomly, and she had seen my Instagram and thought I was cute, I guess.

And then what happened?

Then I kind of liked her, from, you know, what I could see, and as we talked, I really started liking her.

And then she actually invited me... to meet her in Olympia.

interviewer: So, um, how are you feeling today, Mason?

Uh, I'm a little tired.

Yeah? Why?

That party. The gathering.

Last night got kind of crazy.

I did some things that I've never done before but... always wanted to try, I guess.

It was fun. I... really got off.

We are updating our video files with everyone here and just want to confirm how you arrived at the institute, which was, um, five years ago, right?

Yeah. I met a member here online.

And that member was?

Logan Conrad.

I, uh, reached out to him on his Instagram.

I thought he was really hot, and, um...

I mean, I never knew this place existed when he got back to me.

interviewer: You're looking a little scruffy there, Logan.

How are you doing?

Good. I'm doing good.

So I hear you're doing a final update on everyone.

Did Ted freak out about something?

Why don't you just tell them what you're really looking for?

Why don't you just tell them?

I mean, why are you so concerned if they made it this far?

Well, we do tell them ultimately.

I mean, we just look for any deviations, any cracks.

I mean, it's just a way of monitoring things.

Well, I remember... when I first got here.

You know, living in an alternative world, saying "f*ck you" to the status quo, all the drugs paid for...

I mean, who doesn't like that?

And it doesn't hurt that everyone here is f*cking hot.

interviewer: Ryder, do you miss your home?


I'd probably say no.

Yeah, no, the answer's no.

Um... are you beginning to understand fully what is expected of you here, and are you okay with it?

Has it been okay so far?

Yeah. I mean, you guys give me a place to live... here at the institute, and... in return, I give you my commitment to explore my personal freedom and, um, maximize my natural potential.

Uh, do you understand what it means exactly by...

"exploring your personal freedom"?


Yeah, I think I'm beginning to.

Would you say you're happy here, Logan?

Really? You're really asking me that?

Well, yeah, I mean...

Look, you had that scene at the "Come Into Spring" party two months ago, and people...

I took too much Guidance.

I freaked out. It happens.

Well, we're only asking because, as a senior member, you've been here, what, almost ten years now, um, that a certain amount of trust needs to be maintained on both sides, and we don't want anyone to...

What, are you... be antagonistic or have problems... or, you know...

Are you suggesting that I have a grudge against the institute?

That's crazy. [chuckles]

No, dude, no. Like, you're overthinking it.

I feel at home at the institute, 'cause... I feel like there are no labels to a person's sexuality.

So you don't feel uncomfortable that you have been, now after five years, with both men and women, both genders, here at the institute?

I feel more comfortable.

Would you say you've excelled in these sessions?

Definitely, yeah.

These are samples of a new version of Guidance that we have been developing here at the institute in the last year.

We've been doing test studies with subjects not affiliated with the institute, and now we want to try it on a group of members who have been selected at random.

We would never do anything to put you at risk, and if you're uncomfortable continuing with any of this, please tell me.

What do I do with it?

Well, unlike the original Guidance, this can be inhaled by spray or applied topically on or near mucous membranes, or you can drink it.

Um, you choose how to administer it.

[inhales, exhales]

Can-can I do more?


interviewer: Mason?


You didn't want Ryder in the room anymore.


I just feel that... using the Guidance this early in his teaching could be damaging for long-term.

'Cause when I first got to the institute, I took Guidance almost immediately, and...

I was not prepared for it.

I just think that at the beginning, there's so much information that you're taking in.

I think that should be enough at the beginning, and I think later, if he wants to expand his potential for feeling and thought, then he should take the Guidance, because it does do that, but I think he needs to be more mature first.

Look, in just two years, you've really proved yourself to be one of the most loyal members here, and your commitment to the institute has been really remarkable, and especially for someone so young. Um...

Thank you.

But there is just the faint idea that there are things about the institute that you, uh, you would like to see changed, and that's why, I don't know, it makes me a little bit ambivalent when you discuss how the Guidance should be... administered to your brother.

No. That is not my intention at all.

I'm very sorry.

I want you to calm down.

This is not... it's not a big deal.


I feel that you're really tense.

Just calm down about it.




Go ahead.

It's okay.

You can do it.

interviewer: What would happen to you when you took the Guidance?

I would just freak out, and it was a really terrifying experience, and it didn't do anything that my teachers told me that it would.

It was affecting my work here.

I was anxious all the time.

interviewer: Uh, uh... Parker, would you like to see Breeda again?

What-what do you mean see her again?

I'm one of the main members taking care of her.

Uh, yeah, but how would you feel if you never saw her again?

How would I feel? I... What are you saying?

Well, this is just a test, Parker.

We want to see how Guidance affects certain members of the community, and...

Actually we did choose you to be one of the test subjects.

It wasn't random at all.

I'm just... I don't know what this has to do with Breeda.

interviewer: Well, if you test the Guidance, we'll let you see her again.

And if you don't, uh, we've talked about it, and we might just take you off the Genesis project.

Is this for real?

How does that feel, Garrett?

[shuddering laugh]

It feels f*cking great.


Could you, um, pour yourself a large glass of the vodka?

Uh, no. Can you pour yourself a little bit more?

Uh, can you put it up to... to the brim?

That's good. That's good.

Um, now can you please drink the entire glass?

Could you please pour yourself another glass?

I feel scared.

interviewer: Take the Guidance, and you won't.

I just... I really want to see Breeda again.

interviewer: Take the Guidance.

You should be feeling it immediately.

I, uh... okay.

How long does this last?

Well, are you feeling it yet?

I think so.

If I do more, can I see Breeda?

interviewer: Agatha, can you hear us?


You can?


Are you okay?

I'm feeling good.

You don't feel sick or anything from the vodka?


You drank a very large quantity of vodka very quickly.

I feel fine.

Logan, can you, um, lift Agatha up and place her on the desk?

Garrett? Come on. Garrett?




Can you, um, make an incision just below your left nipple?

There you go.


Lift Agatha's face up by her chin.

With your other hand, I want you to slap her hard across the face.


Agatha, how did that feel?

I want him to f*ck me.

But what if he doesn't? What would you do?

If he rejects you, what would you do?

Don't let go, Agatha.

Keep choking him. Don't let go.

What are you feeling?

Powerful. Feel in control.

Do you feel like you're hurting him?

Do you feel like it's too much?



Why did you make me do this?

Parker, come on.

Parker, come on.

I knew it wouldn't work!


f*ck you! f*ck you!

Deep breaths. Deep breaths!

Parker? Parker?

[people scream]

Hold him down. Bring her in. Bring her in now.

Breeda! Breeda!

What should I do?

interviewer: Well, what you always do: whatever you want.
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