01x04 - Man Down

Episode transcripts for the 2017 TV miniseries "SIX". Aired: January 2017 to August 2018.
"SIX" chronicles the operations of the U.S. Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU) - more commonly known as SEAL Team Six - which is one of the U.S. Armed Forces primary counter-terrorism units and the daily lives of its operators.
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01x04 - Man Down

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Previously on "Six"...

Fung: All we know is that the hostages are approximately 120 kilometers east of Lagos, just north of Okomu National Park.

We have every available intelligence asset on it.

That's the man that k*lled my brother.

No. No. No!


Michael: I want him.

But I don't want this SEAL to distract you from our goal.

We can use him... For the cause.

Navy SEAL wants to bring help, yes?

This is the help you bring.


[Women scream]





Put your w*apon down.

[Helicopter blades whirring]

[Man shouting in native language]

[Shouting continues]

I told you this would happen.

Next time, it will be all of you.


I was supposed to call my grandson today.

It's his birthday.

He's turning 14.

It just goes so fast.



Tell me about your grandson.

What's his name?


Jake. Yeah.

He loves all that SEAL stuff.

He's already talking about going to... BUD/S.

Well, maybe I can meet him someday.

Talk him out of it.


For him and his buddies, you guys are like superheroes.

[Helicopter blades whirring]

[Indistinct shouting, g*n]

Caulder: Bear.






I fought five cops for them.


Come on, man. You got to eat.

Come on, dude. Don't tell me you slept here.

'Course he did. Lena's been calling my phone all night.

Mine too.

Look, I got to go up to Intel.

Hey, I've already been.

Well, maybe they missed something.

Bear. You have a doctor's appointment.

Okay? Get yourself cleaned up, and go pick up Lena.

Jesus, Bear. Look like you fell asleep in the gator pen.

Thank you.

We heard any news on Rip?

No updates.

Maybe no news is good news.

If you hear anything, you let me know.

Tighten him up.

Saddle up, son.

We're about to have some fun.

♪ ♪
♪ Out on the street, they're sayin' I've been one of a kind ♪
♪ I know it's complicated, police and flashing lights ♪
♪ My ego's saturated, can't catch me, I'm alone ♪
♪ But when I wake up in the morning, you kick down my door ♪
♪ But you can't find me, no, you won't find me on time ♪
♪ 'Cause I'm a very lonely rebel ♪
♪ With a very revolutionary mind ♪
♪ Run, baby, run, baby, run, baby ♪
♪ Run, run, run, baby, run ♪
♪ I hope you find a place where you belong ♪
♪ You take a hole in your heart, but still you make your stand ♪

Fishbait: Give that one to Chase.

But, Buck, you h*t d*ad center.

We're at 4-4.

All right, Ghetto, reset.

We're going again?

Oh, I'm sorry.

You got somewhere else you need to be?

How 'bout you, Fishbait? You got anywhere else to run off to?


Why is that?

It's because I'm all-in.

That's cute. You practice that?

Didn't have to.

See, Fish here prays five times a day...

"Allahu Akbar," all that nonsense.

See, it don't matter to us.

Eh, that's debatable.

'Cause Fish, we know he's here for all the right reasons.

And there ain't nothing worse than a Muslim raghead... except for a Harvard b*tch.

You know that, Caulder, about old Ghetto here?

It's a lot to overcome, that's true.

Harvard, Navy SEAL, man of color...

You got the trifecta working for you.

Punch your ticket here a couple years, sell out, run for Congress?

That's the plan, right?

Yeah. Yeah, you gonna vote for me?

I'd vote for you if politics still mattered.

Hell, no, I ain't voting for you.

My granddaddy'd be twerking in his grave.

Question is, you all-in or ain't ya?

Hell yeah.


We'll see.

So, it's not like when you were a sales rep.

Everything is KAM now.

Key Account Management?

Look, a single formulary is worth more than dozens of individual doctors writing scripts.

It may take me a bit to get up to speed.

Hey, listen, sometimes it still comes down to charm.

Like, just last week, I told a group of formulary stakeholders a joke.



You know how to hide a $100 bill from a surgeon?

You put it in the patient's chart.

Oh. Okay.


Because they never check it.

Yeah, I know, I get it.

I get it.

They just...

Hey, Ricky.

This is Patrick.


Patrick and I were just reviewing some key points from the sales conference.

Yeah. Nice to meet you.

Good to meet you, sir.

Uh, it's "Ricky."

Sure thing. Ricky.

I'm gonna get something to drink.

You want anything, Patrick?

No, sir... Ricky.

I'm, uh... I'm good.

Um, hey, so, let's assume that you're part of my KAM team.

Now, I'd task you with a whole matrix of individual questions so that you can actually figure out how to formulate it yourself.

Sure you don't want something?

I'm good.

Okay. I'm gonna get some.


Are you okay?

Why are you so made up?

I have to look professional.

For him?

Ricky, this is business. It's a whole new world.

I have to catch up.

Behave, please.

Wh-What are you doing?

I've, uh, got to go.

No, no, no! Stay!

Right, Ricky?

Yeah. Yeah, sure. Stay for lunch.

I'll throw a couple T-bones on the grill.

How do you like yours?

Uh, I've got some account research to do.

But, um, I will see you tomorrow at the office.



I will be there.



Great meeting you, Ricky.



[Door closes]

What am I gonna do with you?


I have what?

Varicoceles... a swelling in the veins in the scrotum.

The result is an elevation in temperature of the testes.

So, you're saying my b*lls are too hot?

Doctor, can you please explain what the problem is?

Of course.

Sperm are quite sensitive.

Heat causes low motility.

In other words, your sperm are weak.

They can't swim strongly or at all.

They die before they get to the egg.

Just so we understand, h-how did we get pregnant before?

The chance of a single sperm reaching the egg is not eliminated, but it is significantly reduced.

You could get pregnant again, but it's unlikely.

Well, what do we do... Short of IVF?

Well, Joseph, you can take steps to keep your testes cool...

Avoid wearing tight underwear, don't do any heavy exercise, stay out of extreme heat conditions.



There is a surgical option...


It's... expensive.

I believe your insurance covers it.

[Ignition chimes]

This isn't necessarily bad news.

He wants to cut on my b*lls. How is that good news?

We know what the problem is now, and we can treat it.



God must be laughing.

I'm a SEAL, and my [laughs] sperm can't even swim.



Joseph, this is not about you or God.

This is a simple medical issue.

We'll discuss it with the surgeon.


Maybe it wasn't meant to be.

[Engine starts]


It's not an option.

Navy SEAL, you k*lled this man. Now you bury him.

Maybe you bury her, too.

She didn't have anything to do with this.

Richard, you can't just...


Your whore digs with you.


[Laughs] Nice sh**ting, man.

Did you see Buck's face? It was priceless.

He was not expecting that.

Thanks, man.

Look, I just wanted to say, uh... back on the ship, I normally wouldn't suggest an expl*sive breach in those conditions, but we had the HVT, we were taking heavy f*re...

Hey, do you surf?

I boogie-board.

Okay, well, it's the same concept anyway, so...

You see me here?

I'm riding the wave, just floating.

You, right now, you're here.

You're in the soup. You're scraping rocks.

See, you're holding on to things, and whether it be the ship mission or your family or Buck's bull shit, they weigh you down.

You were aggressive.

Own it.

Float up here with me, dude.

Roger that.

[Indistinct conversations, laughter]


Graves: So, how'd he do?

Getting there.


You gonna be a dad or what?

Jesus, is anything private around here?

[Cellphone rings]



Yeah, I'll be right there.

TV Announcer: Derek Willis into the game for Chuckie Jr.

Off to a good start this year.

Playing a lot and scoring a lot the first two games...

Fourth quarter, 2-point game.

It is time for the Asr prayer. Will you join?



What was it that made you leave the Russians...

Change sides?

We raided Alkhan-Yurt.

That was my village.

When one or two men resisted, they massacred everyone.

My commanding officer sh*t a 12-year-old girl.

She was bleeding on the ground but still alive.

So he ordered me to k*ll her.

I knew her. I knew her family.

So I made a deal with Allah.

If I end her suffering, I would serve Him for the rest of my life.

[Cellphone ringing]

[Clears throat]


It's all arranged.

The meeting with Boko Haram is a go.

Come on. Let's pray, brother.

What took you so long?

Now is when you tell me why you're here.

Just exercised my First Amendment rights.

You know... What you're fighting for.

She handcuffed herself across the front doors of her school, then as*ault the officer who cut the cuffs.

Was this a protest?

Performance art.

Her friend recorded the whole thing on his cellphone.

What, you wanted to get arrested?

We're already prisoners in a system that shuffles us from station to station, like rats in a maze.

School is no better than prison.

See what we've been dealing with?


So, why didn't you call your mom?

Erica's still out of town...

Yoga retreat.

So where am I taking you?

No. Not my place.

You signed for me, Alex. You're the responsible parent.

Or I could stay with Brad.

You know a hospital that has r*pe kits?

Dharma, don't joke about that.

Or what?

You gonna take him out?

Jesus. I'm just messing with you.

Don't try to be a dad all of a sudden.

So the Lord said, "I will wipe from the face of the Earth the human race I have created, and with them, the animals and birds and creatures that move along the ground, for I regret that I have made them."

But let's take a moment to remember who was spared.

Noah, the righteous man, blameless among his people.

God would allow his line to continue.
[Indistinct conversations]

Thank you. Take care.

That was a powerful sermon, Pastor.

I'm glad you thought so, Joe.

So, God, He... He punished everyone for what some people did?

Yes. Um, but I-it's an important message.

Sins have consequences.

So it's, uh...

It's possible that, you know, God would... punish a child... you know, for what her father...

F-For what her father...?

If... if, uh...

If a father committed a big enough sin, uh...

Your service was excellent, Pastor, as usual.

Thank you.


[Cellphone vibrating]

Uh, uh, we better... We better go.

Well, we'll see you next Sunday.


It's Command.


So, uh... it could be about Rip, so...

I love you.

I love you, too.

We need to talk, Joseph.

I know.

You better go.

All right.


Employees at a refinery in our search sector confirmed suspicious Boko Haram activity nearby.

Through an Agency asset, we identified an abandoned village which we believe may be where the hostages are being held.

Here's a live feed from ISR.

As you can see, the tree canopy is pretty thick.

Can the asset positively identify?

He would've risked tipping off BH if he got too close.

Command agrees it's enough to warrant forward staging to the area.

A safe house 10 klicks from the target, and the Agency will arrange ground transportation to the ORP.

It's too dense for vertical insertion.

And it could endanger the hostages if they heard you coming.

Wheels up, three hours.

Navy SEAL, how many people you k*ll?

I k*ll seven.


Because they were my enemy.

And when you k*ll somebody, you take their spirit.

Claim it by its secret name.

The more you k*ll, stronger you become.

You've never k*lled anybody.


I k*ll seven.

[Clicks tongue]

Put him in.

[Coughs, gags]


You will not silence us.

You will never silence us!

[Woman whimpers]

Aabid: Terry McAlwain, your company refuses to pay.

All this money for oil and none for you.


Just let him go. You don't need him.

He's been through enough. You just need me.

Yes. He's been through enough.

And now he is worthless.


k*ll him.


k*ll him now.

Felix, don't.

Don't do it.

Look at him.

You'll remember that face every day for the rest of your life.

I promise you. It's not...

Felix, it's not what you think it is.

Trust me.




Aabid: It needs another nail.

Mighty American SEAL.

Well, look at you.

Now you know who has the power.


The infidels cannot protect you.

America cannot protect you.

This God cannot protect you.

Tell me... Who can protect you?

Say it!

Leave her alone!

Who can protect you?!

[Voice breaking] You.

[Clicks tongue]

[Man shouting in native language]

Stop it!




How do you like your Messiah now?

[Women whimper]


[Indistinct conversations]

The girl in your village...

What was her name?



And did you avenge her?

I castrated my commanding officer, slit his throat, and left for the mountains.

[Truck doors close]

I ordered tea.

The price is $10 million.

Graves: Indige vehicle takes us to the ORP here.

Please tell me it's not a garbage truck.


There's a local driver up front, one of our Agency handlers riding g*n.

Okay. All right. At midnight, we patrol in the rest of the way.

It's about 3 klicks to the target.

This is how the village looked before it was abandoned, when it was still housing for the refinery workers.

Now, assuming not much has changed, this here... This is our primary target.

Delta Team will search counterclockwise until the compound is secure.

The hostages should be there.

How's the knee?

It's fine.

What's up?

You know this is some heavy shit for Bear.

This is some heavy shit for all of us.

We're talking about Rip here.

That's what I mean. You think he's got his head screwed on right?

Well, if you think Bear's not gonna do the right thing, maybe you shouldn't be here, brother.

Rip is my team leader, too.

I want to get him back just as badly as you do.

Let's go get him.


[Birds cawing]


I understand your desire to maximize the purchase price, my friend, but your organization swore allegiance to mine.

And we had an agreement... $5 million.


You proclaim to follow the Quran.

It says we do not outbid each other or turn on each other or outsell each other.

We are servants of Allah as brothers, and we should act like it.

[Scoffs] The Quran? Allah?

What do they have to do with this, huh?

This is business.

I will agree to your price...

if I see the SEAL first.


Nothing is impossible.

I see the SEAL, or no deal.

No calls.

The Americans will pick it up.

Take me to him.

♪ O Lord, my God ♪
♪ When I, in awesome wonder ♪
♪ Consider all ♪
♪ The worlds Thy hands have made ♪
♪ I see the stars ♪

[Voice breaking] ♪ I hear the rolling thunder ♪

Come on, Richard.

♪ Thy po... ♪

Shut up!

Shut up!

You whore.


All right, boys.

Hope everybody's got extra rounds for me.

I love you, Caulder.

You put my a**l-retentive mama to shame.

You're welcome.

I swear, Buddha, nobody can pack a car, a burrito, or a bag like your people.

It's our proud national tradition, man.


You have got to be kidding me.

Look, it's in here. Give me a second.

Bang! We're all d*ad.

Fishbait, will you please explain to Chase why everybody carries extra rounds for yours truly?

Heavy w*apon. Eats up a lot of a*mo.

Yeah, so we need to carry extra. I know.

If you knew, you would have them ready at a moment's notice for you and I to grab.

While you're digging through your picnic basket, everybody's wondering where the hell the cover f*re is.

I got your rounds right here, mother fakar.



He's testing you.

Yeah, no shit.

It's not about the rounds.

It's about what's going on up here and whether you can handle it.

You're in the pros now, kid.

Oh, and some advice...

Just fold it up and stick it in your outside pouch.

That's how we do it here.

♪ ♪

What is Harvard... like, Chase?

Not bad.

Speaks three to four languages, does advanced calculus.

Yeah, you're gonna have to tell us what that's like over tea and biscuits.

I make a damn fine Earl Grey.

I'll bet you do.

That's fancy tea, Fish, just in case you're wondering.

Tea, I know, brother. Comes with this.

[Engine shuts off]

Good day, Officer.

Where are you heading?

Cocoa factory.

You are aware there is a toll?


But I can pay it. How much?

How much do you have?

Him too.

American dollars?



Officer, what is the problem?

Show me what's in the back.


Show me!

Officer, I'm late for my delivery.

You think I care?

Go! Open the door.

I said open it!


The Emir didn't authorize $10 million.

They don't know that.

Why is our as*ault team following us?

What are you doing, Michael?

What you did with your commanding officer...

What needs to be done.

The Emir...

Let me worry about the Emir.

I have his blessing.

Are you with me?

The answer is, "Yes, I'm with you."

No turning back now.

Delta, soft timeline for infil is midnight.

Let's be ready.


[Man shouting indistinctly]

Man: Foxtrot Delta One, this is Reaper Two-Two.

Be advised... four-vehicle package moving north on north/south dirt road.

Appear to be heading toward target compound.

Wake up.

Richard, wake up!

Reaper Two-Two, Foxtrot Delta One. Roger that.

I see them.

Stay with them until they leave the target compound.

Delta, bring it in.

The girls.


[Truck doors close, indistinct talking]

What is that?

Reaper Two-Two, Foxtrot Delta One. Do you still have them?

Negative. We lost them when they reached the target area.

Could be nothing.

Or it could be a k*ll team coming in to take out the hostages.

Reaper Two-Two, Foxtrot Delta One.

Do you have radio traffic over the target?

Negative, Delta One. They're quiet at this time.

Bear, we got to go in, or they may be gone.

We'd be going in blind.

It's in the day... Zero tactical advantage.

This is what we came for... Rip and those girls.

Caulder: Bear?

Going in... now.

[Man talking indistinctly in distance]

Your new owners have arrived.

You'll be leaving soon.

[Talking continues]

[Flies buzzing]

We got to keep moving.

Make the bastards pay for this.

[Wings flutter]

Buckley: I got a d*ad Boko Haram.

Graves: Roger. Keep moving.

Fishbait: Got another one.

Ortiz: What the hell?

[Vehicle engine starts]

[Talking in distance]

[Vehicle engine starts]

[Vehicle departs]


Foxtrot Delta One. We are troops in contact.

Graves: Delta, get to the huts. Locate the hostages.

[Indistinct shouting]




Blue! Blue!


Chase: Buck!

You out of a*mo?

I'm good.

We got a man down behind the southwest building.

Buckley: Take the SAW.

No hostages!

Ortiz: Hang in there, Buck. We got you, buddy.

Hey. Look at me.

Easy day.

You see an exit wound?

No, negative.


Graves: This is Foxtrot Delta One.

Target secure. We have a dry hole.

The hostages must be in that vehicle package.

Commence SSE.

How bad?

sh*t between the ribs, possible tension pneumothorax, internal bleeding.

He's urgent surgical.

[Buck coughs]

This is Delta One. Execute QRF.

We need immediate CASEVAC.

Single, Cat-One Alpha, urgent surgical.

[Sigur Ros' "Svefn-g-englar" plays]

[Helicopter blades whirring]

Pastor Adams: "The Lord saw how great the wickedness of the human race had become on the Earth... and that every inclination of the thoughts of the human heart was only evil all the time."

"So the Lord said, 'I will wipe from the face of the Earth the human race I have created... and with them, the animals, the birds, and the creatures that move along the ground... for I regret that I have made them.'"

[Woman singing in Finnish]
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