01x02 - Part 2

Episode transcripts for the TV miniseries "The Moorside". Aired: February 2017 to February 2017.
"The Moorside" revolves around the search in 2008 for missing Yorkshire, England schoolgirl Shannon Matthews.
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01x02 - Part 2

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They've found her, everyone! It's true.

It's true. She's alive.

We never lost faith.

We look after our own.

And we can't wait to welcome Shannon home.

Karen's not clever enough to have made all this up!

Either that, or you're leaning over too far to make excuses for her.

We just need you to confirm that it's her.

Yeah, that's Shannon.

Oh, Natalie. Fantastic news or what?

Have you heard where they found her?

No. Have you?

Hey, we showed 'em, eh, Petra?

Oh, didn't we just!

People that live round here, right, are just as good as anyone else.

They're better!

If anyone asks me where I'm from, right, I shan't just say Dewsbury!

I shall say - "Moorside Estate, Dewsbury!"

Come here, Kinchie, let's have a picture.

Oh, aye...

Cheers, aye...

So where did they find her, Kinchie?

I can't discuss operational matters.

Operational, my arse. There's all sorts of rumours flyin' around.

Yeah, I don't doubt it.

Yeah, like she were at Craig's uncle's?

No comment. So it's true?


But we're all going to know soon enough anyway, Kinchie. Who is he, this uncle?

Mick Donovan, they call him.

Well, what's the story? How come she were with him?

Homicide Team are still trying to ascertain that.

They've only just been made aware of his existence.

They discovered that he's not been in touch with any of.

Shannon's family since she disappeared.

That's a bit bloody weird.

Here you go, then. Thanks, Mum. Pop. Pop.

Thank you. Thank you.

Have you just made that one up? There you are, love.

Right, come on. Everybody all right. All right.

All right. Are you not coming down?

No, I'm not. I'm looking after this lot, aren't I?

Bring 'em down - everyone else has took their kids.

There's a massive party.

Yeah, well, I'm not sure there should be a party.


What do you mean?

No. Are you a wind-up?

Come in here. An elephant.

I mean, till we find out what's gone on.

All this stuff about Shannon at her uncle's and that...

What's it matter, she's safe? Look, we deserve this.

And what about Karen's reaction when they told her they'd found her?

Did you see her face? There was hardly any emotion.

She was shocked. How's she supposed to react?

I'd have been screaming at 'em to let me see her.

Yeah, well, that's you. Karen's different.

I just think it's a bit premature to be partying.

Yeah, well, bollocks to you, then.

You haven't asked how Shannon is?

How is she?

We don't really know.

We're still trying to coax out her account of what happened.

You haven't asked where we found her.

Where did you find her?

She was being hidden under a divan bed in the bedroom of a flat in Batley Carr.

There was a man hiding with her.

Was there?

By the name of Michael Donovan.

Do you know him?

Nope, I've never even heard of him.

Shannon! Shannon! Shannon! Shannon!

Karen! Hey, Julie.

Didn't I say we'd get her back?

Yeah, you did! You all right?

Let me through. Karen.

Natalie... Can we go in?

Hate this lot gawping at us.

So... how is Shannon? Yeah, she's fine.

When will she be home? We're dying to see her.

Dunno. Police haven't said. You must be desperate to have her back.

Yeah, I'm desperate. We both are. Desperate.

What's this about her being wi' your uncle, Craig?

Oh, I don't know owt about it. Me neither. Well, hasn't Shannon said?

Dunno. They're still not lettin' me talk to her yet.

Someone said he were called Mick Donovan. I don't know.

And summat about he had his own kids took off him, and was accused of abducting 'em.

Bollocks. He didn't abduct 'em, he just took 'em to Blackpool.

Do you know him, Karen? No, I've never even met him.

Yeah, you have, you were at me dad's funeral, and so were he. I don't remember that.

Well, that's funny cos at piss-up after, you were sat on his knee.

You what? I never wor! I saw you! And I weren't t'only one.

I don't remember sitting on no-one's knee!

How can you not remember sittin' on a fella's knee?

I just don't! Oh, come on, Karen. Can we just drop all this?

It's doing me head in! It's doing mine in, an' all!

Karen, come on, don't upset yourself. We're missing the point here, aren't we?

The point is, we've found Shannon.

She's safe and she'll be back home soon.

Yeah, we should do summat to celebrate. Yeah, bring it on!

I've got it - a tree for Shannon!

Bloody mint idea, Julie!

Thanks, Julie, I love you!

Right, Michael, can we go through this again, please?

What exactly did Karen ask you to do?

She said I were to look after Shannon... and then she'd report her missing.

She actually said that to you?

That she'd report her missing, even though she knew she was with you?

Yeah. And what did you say to that?

I said I weren't happy about it.

And what did she say when you told her that?

She said that if I didn't do it, she'd get three lads onto me.

Three lads, eh?

And she said there'd be money in it for me.

She actually said you'd get some money?

She said I had to do what she said and if I told anyone else about it I'd be d*ad.

So now you're saying she thr*at you'd be k*lled?

By these same three lads?

Karen Matthews making death thr*at? Does that ring true to you?

What did she actually tell you to do with Shannon?

I'm cold. Yeah, you've said that, Michael.

That's why we've given you a blanket.

Apparently, Donovan's neighbours had heard a kiddy's footsteps in the flat when he was out.

So the coppers knock. No answer. They break in.

It's all d*ad quiet.

They're beginning to think they've drawn a blank.

Next thing, one of them hears Shannon's voice.

"You're frightening me now."

They go in the bedroom. No sign of anyone.

They start poking around and there she is, hidden in the base of a divan bed.

And Donovan's hiding with her. Was she all right?

One of the neighbours said she saw a copper carrying her out a couple of minutes later.

Cradled in his arms. Said she looked scared for her life.

That's all I know.

What about that?

Oh, that's pathetic.

It'll grow. Trees grow.

This is a massive event. We want to make a massive gesture.

And I would get a massive bollocking if I try and put that through on expenses.

"Magnolia stellata. Ideal for the smaller garden." There you are.

Here, grab it.

Bloody hell, Julie! Size isn't important.

Never heard you say that before! Me neither, Julie!

So, when's the ceremony?

Tonight. It's going to be mega.

They're taking us to t'police station.

What, to see Shannon? Yeah, probably.

Oh, how long will you be? We've got the "Tree For Shannon" tonight.

Sorry, I can't say.

OK, well, we'll postpone if we have to. Who's looking after t'kids?

Craig's mum. Give Shannon our love!

Yeah, we'll give her your love.

They're taking Karen to see Shannon.


If I were t'police, I'd want to ask them some questions too. Why?

I don't know, Julie, but something's not right here.

If there's owt wrong, police'll get to bottom of it.

You reckon?

You're not letting me see her.

I don't even know why you've brought us here.

Cos it's like a bloody circus at your house.

We can't talk to you properly.

What's there to talk about. Michael Donovan, for one.

I've told you, I've never even met him.

Even though a number of witnesses claim they saw you sitting on his knee at Craig's dad's funeral?

I'd remember! If I'd sat on his knee, I'd remember, wouldn't I?

You'd think so.

And I wouldn't even sit on someone else's knee when I'm wi' Craig.

Especially a bloke like Mick Donovan.

So you do know him.

You must have been surprised when you heard where Shannon had been found?

Yeah, I were, d*ad surprised.

Did you ever think to yourself that your Uncle Mick might have her?

No, I didn't.

You didn't wonder why he'd not been in touch to ask after Shannon?

I had other things to think about. Mm, yeah, course.

Has he been in touch with any other members of the family over the last three weeks? No.

Has he been in touch with Karen?

Karen says she doesn't know him.

Is that true?

I don't know.

Did you have any idea that Donovan intended to take Shannon?

No, I didn't? Did Karen?

How could she, if she doesn't know him?

How do you get on with Shannon and Karen's other children, Craig?

You've asked me that before. Well, I'm asking you again.

Get on great. I'm a top stepdad.

We've charged Mick Donovan with Shannon's abduction.

Well, that's it, then.

But he's telling us you were in on it with him.


He's saying the two of you planned it.

That you agreed he'd pick Shannon up from school, keep her at his flat, and split the reward money.

Well, he's lying, then, isn't he? I weren't even in on it.

Didn't even know where he lived nor nowt.

But earlier, you said you didn't even know Donovan, now you've admitted you do.

Had you had a thing going with Mick Donovan?


Come on, Karen. Have you shagged him?

No, I bloody haven't!

You all right, Natalie?

Yeah, just helping out wi' Karen's kids.

How come they've not brought Shannon back?

Sorry, I can't talk about that.

I don't get it.

Well, to be honest, there's a lot we don't get, too...

Look, I know you're Karen's mate, but if there's ever anything you think we should know...

Yeah, well, like you say, she's me mate.

And you're loyal to your mates, I'm sure.

But I'm sure you want the truth as much as we do.

Yeah, right.

Are they back? Yeah.

How's Shannon? They ain't got her.

You what?

I don't get it. Why won't they let her back?

They wouldn't tell us. That's f*cking ridiculous.

Unless there's summat t'police aren't happy with, Karen.

What you talking about? How were Shannon, anyway?

We didn't see her.

Jesus, why not? They said it were procedure.


She's your child, you can insist! I daren't, Julie.

So what have you been doing all this time, if you haven't seen her?

They've been mithering us t'death wi' questions.

With what questions? About Mick Donovan and that.

But I thought you said you didn't know him? I must have met him at the funeral, but I didn't even know his name or nowt. But you sat on his knee?

Will you stop going on about that, Natalie?

Yeah, what were you doing it for? Get off, will ya!

Well, you embarrassed him. I dunno. I were probably pissed.

It's always t'same, it's always me people take it out on!

I get bullied, and pushed around and I'm sick of it.

Move! Move!

But you've told t'truth, haven't you? You wouldn't lie to the police.


Or to us?

Course not, Julie! I'd never lie to you.

You're me best friend.

Then it'll all be all right.

We'll have Shannon home back before you know it...

And in t'meantime, we've got the, "Tree For Shannon" to look forward to. Thanks, Julie. Dunno what I'd do without you.

OK, everyone. We're gathered here for a very special occasion.

It's an event that is many things.

It's a celebration that Shannon's been found.

Of the magnificent way this community has come together to love and support Karen and her family through their terrible ordeal.

We're now going to plant this tree as an act of thanksgiving... and a symbol of what's happened here, for years to come.


Here you are, Karen.

That's Julie's trademark. Balloons.

How come the police don't let Shannon home?

I don't know.

They can't still be talking to her about what happened.

Yeah, there must be summat else.

Like what? Why assume it's some sinister reason.

We're only asking what a lot of people on the estate are asking.

Well, they can ask all they bloody like! No need t'get narky wi' us!

I'm not! You are, Mum!

It's us that's backed you up right through all this.

Even though you've hardly done owt for us ever since it all kicked off.

You what? That's bloody cobblers!

It's true, it's been Shannon, Shannon, Shannon, ever since it all kicked off!

We've hardly seen you.

Well, you're seeing me now, aren't you?

But why are you still so obsessed with her?

You'll understand when you've had kiddies.

Oh, now what's gone off?

Here. Hold them.

Bloody hell. That's what I mean!

Sod off!

Craig's been arrested. What for?


What do you mean, p*rn?

They've found p*rn on his computer.

What kind of p*rn? Karen?

I don't know! They've not told me owt.

I'm afraid I can't talk about the reasons for his arrest.

But the thing is, Karen's due to have her first proper contact with Shannon today.

I didn't know.

They told me not to tell anyone.

Obviously, it's difficult timing but we don't want to let Shannon down.

We need someone to look after her other kids.

I can do that. And I'll help out an' all.


Thanks, Julie. You're always there for me.

It's all right, love, don't worry. The kids will be fine wi' us.

Thanks a lot, yeah.

People don't get arrested for p*rn.

They do if it's kiddy p*rn. You think that's what it is?

It's gotta be.

Do you really think he's a paedo?

If he's even looking at kiddy p*rn, he's a paedo in my book.

You can't tell, can you?

Can't tell what?

If someone's a paedo, just by looking at 'em.

Yeah, well, you can't tell who their victims are either.

No, but... Sometimes you look at someone and... you wonder.

Yeah, maybe...

Maybe so.

Who were it?

Baby-sitter. When I were six.

What happened?

Sexually as*ault me...

I just remember me brother and sister battering on t'door, wondering what were going on.

Jesus, Natalie, I'm sorry.

It's a long time ago. You try and move on.

Yeah. You do, don't you?

What, you too?

Me Dad. All through me childhood.

For better or worse, I said nowt... and years later he remarried - lass with kids.

I looked at those kids at the wedding reception and I thought -

"You can't risk them going through what you did."

So I went to t'police.

Bloody hell.

He got eight years.

Brave or what?

No, not brave.

Just wanted to try and protect them kiddies.



What, she wants me there?

Yeah, yeah, I can do that. But why?

OK, what about this orange one? Put that on.

I've already given 'em a proper dinner, they don't need crap.

What's all this about?

I'm afraid we can't say till Karen arrives.

I weren't born yesterday. I can see what's coming.

Karen has to be told first.

Hiya, Julie.

Hiya, Karen love.

Hiya, darlings. Hi.

What's happening, then?

Shall we move through here?

What for?

Just do as she asks, Karen, love, go on.

What's going on? It's all right. Let's go in here.

Take a seat...

Sit down here, love.

Karen... we're going to have to ask you to give up your children.

What do you mean, give 'em up?

You're aware Craig's been charged with possessing child p*rn?

I've already explained that to Karen.

In the light of that, we feel it's in the children's best interests if we look after them while Craig goes through his court case.

No! You're not having me kids! For their own protection.

But it's Craig been arrested, not me!

And hostility towards him on the estate might easily turn towards you.

We cannot risk the children being exposed to that. No! You're not having 'em!

Hopefully, this is just a temporary measure. Karen... No! You're not taking 'em!

Karen, love, if you don't give 'em up voluntarily, they'll just take them anyway. I can't give 'em up, Julie!

Listen to me!

If you don't agree, you'll never get 'em back.

Let 'em go and you have a chance.

But they're me babies! I know, love, I know.

Will you... Will...

Can they not at least go and live with you, Julie?

I'd love that, but they'd never agree.

If you'd like to go back in and say goodbye to them now.

Oh, no...

Come on, Karen, love, they'll be OK.

No, I don't want to leave me babies! No, I can't...

Come on Karen, love. No, I don't want to leave me babies.

Come on, you can do it, love.

I'm not leaving 'em, I don't want to leave 'em...

Come on, love, you can do it.

I don't want to...

Come on, Karen, you can do it, love.

How were Karen when she saw Shannon?

Sort of... blank.

Well, she'll have been in shock over what happened to Craig.

I don't know if that explains it.

Well, she weren't blank when the Social took her kids, it tore her heart out.

Oh, cheers, love.

Thank you.

I'm glad you know when she's acting and when she isn't, because sometimes I struggle.

Yeah, well, Natalie says that, and the others.

Bottom line is, Karen can be a div, but she's told the truth about Shannon.

Are you sure?

Can't find anywhere, Karen.

You what?

I'm still trying to find somewhere for you to stay.

I've tried your parents.

I've told yer, they won't have me.

They said I'm d*ad to 'em since I got with Craig.

I've tried other family, women's refuges, hostels, I can't find anyone.

Why can't I just go home? Or stop at Julie's?

You can't go back to the estate.

Why can't she? We can't guarantee her safety.

How do you mean?

Because of Craig being arrested. It'll be all over the estate.

You think we'll go turn into a lynch mob?

No. But we can't risk it.

You're in luck. Your brother's agreed you can stop with him.

But he hates me an' all.

We're calling him Liam. Has he had his first shit yet?

Hey, shut up, you.

Here have a hold, Mum.

You know me, I'm not sentimental about babies.

Who are you kidding? Hold your grandson.

All right.

Aww, oh, what a little cracker.

You all right, Natalie?

Yeah. I'm just off to Asda.

I'll give you a lift.
'Well, it's hard to sleep, really, it's just... House doesn't feel the same without...' her not being there, really...

It just... Just feels empty...

Whoever's got Shannon, please, let her go...

Her family's missing her, all her friends are missing her at school.

Have you any idea who may have her?

I think that... someone out there... who knows Shannon... but probably... knows me as well.

What you watching that for, anyway?

I just want her home safe, really.

Belt up and make me a brew, will you?

But Shannon's found. Brew! Now.

I just can't trust 'em.

Can you recall the last words you and Shannon exchanged?

"Bye, Mum. Love you."

Look, I have told you everything I know and everything I've seen.

And I can tell you're not happy.

I mean, we've both seen things that have made us suspicious.

We both think she knows more than she's saying.

Yeah, but you're the copper.

It's your job to find out what it is.

I've tried, Natalie.

I've asked her questions till I'm blue in the face.

The whole force is under a lot of pressure.

This has been our biggest inquiry since the Ripper.

We've spent millions and we've still not really got any answers.

Yeah, but what can I do?

Try and get through to her.

Tell her she owes you the truth as a mate.

How? She's not picking up me calls. She won't answer me texts.

I don't even think we are mates any more.

And it's cos I keep asking her awkward questions.

Well, none of us are going to be happy till we do have the truth.

I feel like bloody thumping her, to be honest!

Thanks for the lift.

Oh! Oh, you shouldn't have.

I wanted to. Not every day me best mate becomes a grandma...

We are best mates, aren't we?

Natalie's your best mate. No, you are now.

Can't be easy for you, though. What?

Me prattling on about me new grandson. And you wi'out your kids.

You must be missing them like mad.

Yeah, I'm missing them like mad.

Do you mean that, Karen?


Missing 'em like mad.

Yeah, you're right! It's me!

Karen, what you doing? What do you mean?

Drawing attention to yourself.

Well, I were only waving. They must have recognised me from t'telly.

Well, all that's over now. Shannon's been found.

You don't need any publicity any more.

But I like it when people recognise me.

Karen, pack it in!

You should be concentrating on getting your life back on track, not farting around like some daft celebrity.

Don't get mad with me, Julie! Please!

Well, you need to start acting like a grown-up!

Otherwise, you'll never get Shannon back, or your other kids!

I know, I know. That is what you want, innit?

Course it is. Are you sure?

Honest. Why would I lie to you, Julie?

I'd never lie to you. About anything? No, never.

And you've never lied to me about Shannon?

No, course not!

Will you stop being mad wi' me now? Please?

Hey, that's lovely.

Yeah, look, I know I'm a... I'm a right tight arse but here...

Oh, Julie! You can't give me that. Go on. Put it on.


It's fab.

Aw, thanks so much.

Mates for ever, eh?

Do you fancy an all-day breakfast?

Yeah. Yeah. Go on.

Look, we both know she's been lying to us.

Lying about what, though? I don't know.

Well, if police haven't got her to admit she's doing owt wrong, maybe there's nowt to admit to?

You don't really believe that, Julie.

Or you wouldn't have come round here.

I think it's eating away at you just as much as it is me.

All right. Fair enough.

Yeah, but what do we do?

Well, we have it out with her. You and me.

Once and for all. How? She's not allowed on t'estate.

And even if she were, she wouldn't speak to me.

She knows I think there's something she's hiding, and she's shit scared of me!

There's got to be a way, Natalie. I can't stand this any more.

They should be here by now.

Calm down, Julie.

Christine said it were her day off.

If she said she'll do it, she will. Yeah, but suppose Karen refused?

She hasn't. Look...

Natalie's not going to batter me, is she?

Course not. They just want a chat.

All right, Karen?

Yeah, I'm all right, Julie.

You're me friend, aren't you, Karen? Yeah.

And your Natalie's friend? Yeah.

And you said, friends don't lie to each other.

Didn't you? Did I?

Yeah, you did.

And er, the thing about friends is...

You can tell them absolutely anything?

I suppose. I still don't know why we're doing this.

Because we've got some questions. Like what?

Did you know where Shannon was? All that time she were with Mick Donovan?

No! I keep telling everyone.

I know that's what you keep telling everyone.

But if the truth's summat different, we want to know.

There's rumours going round estate, you did know.

They're not true.

There's rumours going round estate, you and Donovan planned it, to get reward money.

That's lies. I'd never have done that to Shannon for money.

Is there some other reason why you'd do it? What other reason could there be?

I don't know. That's why she's asking.

Is it owt to do with Craig?

I don't want to talk about Craig! I f*cking hate him.

Why, cos of kiddy p*rn?

I hated him before that! I've hated him for ages!

He's ruined me whole f*ck' life! Why?

Weren't you happy about how he were wi' your kids?

I don't want to talk about it! I wish I'd never f*ck' met him!

Because when you came to stay at my house, I didn't think t'kids liked being around him at all.

Didn't you trust him with 'em, Karen?

I wouldn't stay with a fella I didn't trust with me kids.

I didn't want to do it!

I didn't know how else to get out of it...

Get out of what? Being wi' Craig?

Karen, answer.

That were the day I were thinking of doing it!

What, you mean the day Shannon disappeared?

I had me bags packed and everything! But it all went wrong.

How? Cos of Craig!

How do you mean?

I were going to leave while he were at work, but he never went in that day.

I couldn't leave wi'out t'kids, and Shannon were already at Mick's.

Yeah, but why Mick's?

I were just desperate to get away from Craig.

I couldn't go to me mum's. I hardly even knew Mick Donovan, but he said me and the kids could stop wi' him for a few days...

I didn't know what else to do.

So, that was the plan?

Mick, he'd pick Shannon up from school and then you'd leave home later wi' the kids and join them, but you couldn't?

I cou...

Craig was still in the house. I were trapped...

I didn't know what to do.

After she didn't come home from school, it got worse.

People saying - "Where is she? Do this, do that."

"Ring here, ring there."

Then someone said - "You'd best ring 999."

So I did and...

And what, Karen?

It all got out of hand. One thing led to another.

You couldn't stop it?

You couldn't bring yourself to say you'd told a big fat lie?

Karen, answer.


It's true...

I knew where she were all along and I should have said...

I know I should, but I didn't know how...

I kept thinkin' Mick'd just hand her in and it'd all be over.

Everyone's going to hate me now.

I feel sick.

I, I've done the right thing, haven't I, Julie? Telling you?

You, you're still me friend?



Karen Matthews, you are charged, firstly, that between the 18th of February and the 15th of March, 2008, having responsibility for a child, namely Shannon Matthews, you wilfully neglected or abandoned the said child in a manner likely to cause unnecessary suffering or injury to her health.

Secondly, that between the 18th of February and the 15th of March, 2008, at Dewsbury, contrary to Common Law, you did pervert the course of public justice by repeatedly concealing information as to the whereabouts of Shannon Matthews.

To think I had her staying in my house!

I let that pervert Craig near my kids!

We were supposed to be her friends. I mean, I feel used, don't you?

She's took the piss out of all of us!

And you helped her!

Oh, shit out your mouth, you!

Yeah, well, he's right, though Julie.

I mean, you carried on helping her when it was plain as t'nose on your face that she were involved. Why?

Cos I thought it were t'right thing to do, that's why.

For what, for her or for you?

What do you mean? Well, you liked being the centre of attention, didn't you?

The Queen Bee. You didn't want to let it go.

We trusted you, Julie!

Oh, f*ck off, Natalie! f*ck off, all of you!

f*ck off!

Shitty enough for you, is it?

Or do you want me to spray some more on?

Yeah, that's right, go on! Get me an' all!

I've got a pair of mingin' trackie bottoms at home with the arse hanging out.

Do you want me to put them on for you? Go on, go down that way.

I'm sure you'll find an old three-piece suite in someone's front garden - that'll give you a front page, that, won't it?

Shit off!

You've not changed nothing, you know, Julie.

They still think we're all council house scum like Karen Matthews.

Oh, f*cking sling it, Cecil!

I've just been to Shannon's school to see the headmaster.


Cos all her classmates and them other kids...

They're expecting Shannon back.

It's not going to happen now, is it?

I mean, she's one of them, they care about her...

I think they should have counselling.

And what did the Head say?

Wouldn't do it. They don't have the resources.

So there's only one other thing I could do.

What's that?

Ask police to put Shannon in a car - drive her through the estate.

You know, so they can see her...

That way, even though she's not coming back... they'll know...

They'll know she's alive.

Oh, I've let 'em down, Kathy.

Julie, you did everything you could. We all did.


It's all right.

I wish I had faith like you.

I used to. It were easier then.

But it got smashed to pieces.


I, er, I lost a little lad. Andrew. Cot death.

Christened him at four months and he were d*ad at six...

I'm so sorry.

Thank you.

You may have lost your faith in God, but you haven't lost your faith in people.

Have you?

Not so sure about that.

Not now.

Not much use for this lot now, eh? You must be feeling a bit shit.

Yeah, you could say.

Broken Britain, we are, apparently... And this, that you lot have put out...

Vigilante action against who? Karen's gone. It's ridiculous.

Most of us are more depressed than angry.

Anyway, you did us a big favour, you and Natalie.

Proper Cagney & Lacey. You got to the truth.

Did we?

What, all of it?


I honestly think that what she said in the car was true.

She were desperate to leave Craig, she had no money, no friends or family she could turn to.

Donovan offered her to let her stay with him.

Probably thought he could use her like other fellas have - get a few shags out of her.

But then what?

After that first night Shannon went missing - what happened then?

Karen's now denying she knew anything about any of it.

She won't even admit to what she said in the car.

She's pointed the finger at all kinds of people - everybody... apart from herself.

Just keeps digging herself in deeper and deeper.

But her and Donovan, they're too thick to have come up with this by themselves, aren't they?

I'd have to agree.

Well, then, so who else were in on it?

Craig? No, I honestly don't think so.

Well, who, then?

Not people from t'estate?

I'm not going to speculate.

We have our suspicions, and we've investigated various individuals but... found no evidence.

If Karen'd stop telling story after story, then maybe we could get to the bottom of it. But she won't.

I'm afraid she's made her own bed, now she's going to have to lie in it.

We can't just pretend everything's still the same.

But you've come.

You're me only friend now.

Just tell me it's all right.

How can I tell you it's all right?

After everything you've done to Shannon.

I'm sorry.

Say you'll forgive me.

It's Shannon's forgiveness you should be asking.

What you did to her was much worse than what you did to me.

I can't even think about that. Yeah, well, you should.

You've got the rest of your life to at least try and earn that forgiveness.

I don't know how.

Good place to start is wi' t'truth.

I have told the truth.

And are you still tellin' it now, in here?

I can't remember what I've said.

It's not a matter of remembering what you said.

It's saying what happened.

It weren't my fault, it were all down to Mick Donovan.

I've done nowt wrong. None of it were my fault.

Look, Karen, I know you're frightened but you're not doin' yourself any favours.


I know I'm bad... Weak... But...

I know that somewhere inside me there's someone who could be strong, who knows right from wrong... I just... can't seem to be that person.

Well, bloody well try harder, Karen!

I'm not like you, Julie... I wish I was... but I'm not.

Just say you'll forgive me.



It's that one what you give me.

Mates forever, eh?


It's not even the same one.

Didn't think you'd notice.

You can't even tell the truth about a thing like that, can you?

But you still love me?

Will you still forgive me?

So, rather than tell this court the truth, Miss Matthews, you have simply come up with more lies.

No, I haven't.

You have, in fact, changed your story several times.

You're twisting it all round. How am I doing that?

You're pushing me round, like everyone does.

If you were telling the truth, there would be only one account, would there not?

I put it to you that you and Donovan hatched the plan to abduct Shannon, together.

And when the reward money reached a certain figure, you and Michael Donovan agreed he would take Shannon to Dewsbury Police Station, claiming he had found her on the market?

It's not true. Instead of admitting it, you've tried to implicate everyone except yourself.

Why are you crying, Miss Matthews?

I put it to you that those are not tears of genuine remorse, but of self-pity. Am I not right?


Look, I just, I want to ask her... "Why?"

Just remember, it were me that stuck me neck out and said what I thought.

You, Julie and t'rest said nowt.

Just thought I was being a nasty hard-faced cow.

Natalie Brown.

So, Karen told us someone said she should ring 999 and report Shannon as missing.

Then I asked her if one thing led to another after that and she just couldn't bring herself to admit it were all a massive lie.

Julie and me were sat there in t'back of t'car willing her to admit t'truth.

And then she takes this massive intake of breath.

I've never heard owt like it...

And then suddenly it... just comes out.

She says, "Yeah..."

"..it's true."

I was speechless.

I was so disgusted by her, I couldn't find any words.

Please stick to the facts, Mrs Brown, your feelings are not relevant.

I can't help it. I just thought...

"You liar!"

"How could you have done that to your own child?"

"How could you have told such a pack of lies to people you called friends?"

Quiet, please.

Julie Bushby.

Mrs Bushby, you are about to give evidence as a witness, but prior to that, you have been asked to make a brief assessment about the character of Miss Matthews.


The reason for this is whereas we have a number of professional assessments of her co-defendant's character, which may assist the jury, we have none for Miss Matthews.

So, if you would, in your own words, tell the court what sort of person you believe her to be.

Karen Matthews is weak, cowardly and a liar.

She put her child through a horrible experience.

She let down her community and people she said were her friends.

And even when she eventually told t'truth she went back to lying to save her own skin.

That's what you all want me to say, innit?

And it is the truth...

But it's a long way from t'whole truth.

If you want to know the whole truth, you need to understand that Karen is damaged.

She's been used and abused since childhood - don't ask me by who - but I'm sure the list of people's a long one.

Most of them are men who used her for sex.

Karen let them get away with it because she doesn't understand that sex isn't the same thing as love or affection, which is what she really wanted.

And she knew she were being taken advantage of, that she were being weak to let them get away with it.

She's been weak about a lot of things. She's told lies.

She's let people down...

But I will not join in with the lynch mob.

Other people may want to use her as a human punchbag, because it makes them feel better about their own lies and shit that they get up to - but I'll not do it.

I've stood by her before...

And I'm standing by her now.

She's still me friend.

Has the jury reached a verdict? Yes, my lord.

On the charge of kidnap and false imprisonment, do you find the defendant Karen Matthews guilty or not guilty?


On the charge of perverting the course of justice, do you find the defendant Karen Matthews guilty or not guilty?


Karen Matthews is pure evil.

She started deceiving those closest to her, from the very moment that Shannon was kidnapped.

Friends, neighbours and family were under the clear impression that Shannon was genuinely missing.

They had no reason...

I've finished in the kitchen.

Yeah, about four boxes left and then we are gone, that's all.

All right.


All right.

I'm er... moving off t'estate...

Me and Pete split up.

Shit, I'm sorry.

It's probably been coming anyway.

And I had to get away.

Can't face walking past that every day of me life.


You have to make t'best of things, don't you?

You all right?

Er, no, not really.

I just find it hard, you know, to think that all that goodwill and decency just... evaporated...

It were all for nowt...

It weren't for nowt, Julie.

You stuck up for this place.

You made people think again about what we're really like.

Folk admired you for it.

Yeah, well, I stood up for Karen too, though, didn't I?

They didn't admire me for that.

I did.

But you hate her.

No... I don't hate her.

I'm angry with her.

And I could never forgive like you have.

But I'll not call you for finding it in you to do it.

Or for standing up for her in court when t'rest of t'world wanted to hang her.

That took real guts.


Only being honest, Julie.

Yeah, well, there'd never have been owt for me to forgive if you'd not forced Karen to tell t'truth.

We both did that.

But you were t'one who pushed it.

If you hadn't, we'd all still be living wi' Karen's lies.

Well, er... good luck, then.

You too, Julie.

If you don't teach it to fly, foxes get 'em.

Right, then. Let's see.

Get more under it, Peter.

You're lifting it in t'air, not aiming at a coconut shy.

Needs a bit more practice, by looks of it.

Come on, you, you best get off to school.

Oh, is he back in school?

Yeah. And behaving.

Good lad! So far.

See you, then.

See you. Oi, pull your tie up!


So, what's next for you, then, Julie?

Ciggie, brew, bacon butty, then we'll see.
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