12x12 - The Final Chapter: The End in the End

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Bones". Aired September 2005 - March 2017.
A forensic anthropologist and a cocky FBI agent build a team to investigate death causes. And quite often, there isn't more to examine than rotten flesh or mere bones.
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12x12 - The Final Chapter: The End in the End

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BOOTH: It's Mark Kovac. This is our guy. Says here that General Josip Radik was sh*t at long range during his son's sixth birthday. Did you k*ll my father, Agent Booth?

CAROLINE: There's been a sh**ting. It was the safe house where we put Max and the kids. (monitor flatlines)

MONTENEGRO: I just got a location for Kovac's phone.

It's in a moving car, headed south.

The FBI already dispatched a SWAT unit.

This is revenge.

They won't be satisfied until they k*ll. We got to get everybody out of here.

The b*mb is here. I know how to find Kovac.

Forget about the evidence!

I have to get you somewhere safe.

SAROYAN: The door!

It's closing!

HODGINS: Booth, did you find it?


MONTENEGRO: What is happening?

BOOTH: The b*mb is on an electronic repeater! Which means there's more than one.


Bones, where are you?!

♪ ♪

♪ ♪ (grunts weakly)





I'm here, I'm here.



It's okay, baby.

The baby!

Angela, the baby.

I don't, I don't know.

I don't...

I don't know.







She was right here.



We're here!



REPORTER: Breaking news: there's been a massive expl*si*n in mid-city Washington.

(phones ringing, urgent chatter)

Reports place the blast at the Jeffersonian Institution.

Reports indicate a series of explosions...


Come on.


I still can't reach Booth.

And he was going to the lab?

That's what he told me.

I got to get down there.

I'll make sure these sweet little angels stay safe.

You make sure you bring their parents back!

Booth, Booth!






I'm hearing that both entrances collapsed, they are completely filled with rubble.

CAROLINE: This is bad.

This is worse than bad.

We can't make contact.

First responders say it's gonna take hours to dig their way in.

Well, make them work faster.

AUBREY: Okay, listen, uh, Caroline, there's more.

I just got word from the team that went after Kovac.

Please tell me that son of a bitch is either d*ad or in custody.

And if I have a choice, I choose d*ad.

Yeah, well, I'm afraid that it's neither.

The phone was a decoy, okay?

It was taped to the bottom of a delivery van.



HODGINS: Booth, do you have anything?

I got nothing yet!



Oh, God.




Easy, I got you.


Right here.

Stay with me.

Stay with me.



There you are.

That's it, open up.

Open your eyes.

Let me see them.

I'm right here.

Come on, Bones.

Wake up.


Stay with me.

There you are.

I'm right here.


Ah, are you...


Okay, all right, okay.

VAZIRI: Aubrey!

SAROYAN: They're, um...

Hey, w-where are the others?

They're still inside.

We tried to go back and get them, but search and rescue wouldn't let us in.

Cam, there's nothing else we could do; we can only hope they all got to safety.

I've been trying to call.

Uh, no answer yet.

Uh, maybe if you...

I-I tried, too.


VAZIRI: That doesn't mean anything.

The signal was probably knocked out.



(sirens wailing, urgent chatter)


Are Christine and Hank okay?

No, no, hold on.

Just don't move.

They're safe.

They're safe.

They're back at the FBI.

All right?

They're safe.



I feel different.

That was a huge expl*si*n.

Three b*mb, maybe more.

If Booth hadn't defused the one under the platform, we'd all be d*ad.

Cam and Arastoo got out, and they're going to bring help.

I was looking at something.

What was that?

It doesn't matter, Bones.

No, Booth, this is important.

I need to kn...


I need-- What was I doing before the expl*si*n?

I think you were in your office.

What are we working on?

HODGINS: We're working on Fred Walden's remains.

I mean, he's the prisoner that escaped with Kovac.

Something about Kovac-- you knew how to find him.

What is it?

Femur, scapula, ulna, mandible.

I don't know what that means.

MONTENEGRO: Yes, yes, you do.

Th-They're bones.

I know.

I-I just don't understand their significance.

BOOTH: Well, it doesn't matter.

You'll figure it out later.

No, Booth!

Something is wrong with me.

BOOTH: Got to be kidding.

Damn it!

Front and back exits are both completely blocked.

It would take hours to clear a path.

BOOTH: There's got to be another way.

You saw Dr.Brennan.


I got to get her out of here.

Is there any other exits or anything?

Listen, other than the basement access, these are the only two exits in the lab.

Ironically, for safety.

I'm not buying that, okay?

There's got to be something else-- a ventilation shaft, a heating duct.

There's-there's got to be something.


Booth, a b*mb went off in one of the biggest public institutions in all of D.C., all right?

Rescue teams have got to already be on their way!

All right, listen.

I'm sorry, but do you hear anything?

'Cause I don't!

I don't hear any drilling or any rescue attempt, so come on!

Let's go!

Help me with this stuff.

Damn it.

MONTENEGRO: Hodgins and Booth are-are trying to find a way out, and I managed to score us some water from one of the tech stations.

What are those for?

Oh, uh, Hodgins says that, uh, a stethoscope and a beaker, used together, are almost as accurate as a fetal Doppler, so...



You taught him that.

Okay, lie down.

He said you put the stethoscope under the beaker, and it amplifies the sound.


Th-This is not the appropriate device.

I-I'm not a medical doctor.

I'm not processing with my usual...

So you're saying you can't find it?

No, not yet.


What is it?


(muffled heartbeat)

(chuckles softly)

What is that?

That's the other b*mb.

What-- I thought you defused it.

Yeah, well, I did, but you know what, maybe we could use it to spark it back up and blow ourselves right out of this wall, right here.

Come on.

Come over here and help me get this thing going.

Yeah, I would love nothing more, but unfortunately, this building is not gonna survive another blast.


Do you understand me?


You-you saw Bones.

She's got some kind of a-a head trauma.

She could be bleeding in the brain.

I watched my pregnant wife get thrown against a wall!

All right?

You're not the only one who wants out of here!

Then come on over here and help me get this thing going.

You're not listening, Booth!

It's too risky!

You were trained in munitions!

You know this!

You don't have to be a hero!

I don't need a shrink right now.

You understand me?

I just...

I just got to get out of here.



(clears throat)

Booth, I...

I know I've said a lot of things over the years about you being a sn*per.

I was wrong.

k*lling Kovac's father-- that was the right thing to do.

(rumbling in distance)

You hear that?


We're in here!


(men shouting)

Anyone in here?!

MAN: Anybody alive?

I see somebody!

We got movement!


(urgent chatter)

Hey, hey, hey!

Cam, look!

SAROYAN: Oh, my...

Thank God you're alive.

Hank and Christine?

Th-They're safe; they're at the FBI with Caroline till we get Kovac.

Which means you don't have him yet.

AUBREY: You need to sit down.

Come on.

He was right next to me.

MAN: Just see them.

I'm happy the little guy's okay.

How do you know it's a guy?

Just got a feeling.

MAN: Okay, Dr.Brennan, close your eyes.

Now, I'm gonna touch one of your fingers, and you try to touch the corresponding finger on your other hand with your thumb.


So I'm just gonna go over some results with the neurologist, and be right back.

BOOTH: Bones?

What's going on?

I don't know.

What do you mean you don't know?

What-what...what did he say?

What did the doctor say?

I-I don't...

I don't know.

Cam, what's going on?

The good news is, the CT shows there's no internal bleeding.


You have a contusion on your corpus callosum.

That's the structure that allows the two hemispheres of the brain to communicate.

I'm sorry.

What does that mean exactly?

Well, it means Brennan's memories haven't been compromised, but, rather, her ability to process complex information.

I-I have to get back to work.

Dr.Vaziri, stay close in case I need anything.

No way.

You need to rest.


Booth, the key to catching Kovac is inside that lab.

The longer we're out here, the more time he has to plan his next move.

I need to get into the bone room.

So what's the big plan?

Well, these four bones are the key to catching Kovac.

I'll start there.

Okay, easy.

Coming in.

All right, guys, thanks.

Let's go.

Move through it.

Man, are you kidding me?



The blast emptied out all the bone storage drawers.

It appears I'll need Dr.Vaziri's help.

Not just Arastoo.

You're gonna need all the help that you can get.

KAREN: Hey, I came as soon as I heard. Is Dr.Brennan okay?

Well, we just got to wait.

You know, right?

The lab is...

It's-it's a mess.

But it's usable, and she's there now.

Well, if there's anything I can do.

There is.

We've still got a k*ller and his b*mb-happy accomplice to find.

Kovac had an accomplice?

Well, he was in prison two nights ago, right?

So he didn't set off those b*mb.

What about security inside the Jeffersonian?


Everything between : and : a.m.

has been deleted.

This guy is methodical.

Which means it's high time we all consider joining Aubrey in Los Angeles.

Maybe Judge Judy needs a prosecutor.

There's no way I'm running.

Tell you what.

Go get Kovac's ex-wife.


You think she's involved with this?

I-I saw her interview tape.

She looked terrified of him.

Well, she's still our best link to finding him.

Oh, wow.

Oh, this is...

- This is definitely not good.

- Oh.


My servers are completely destroyed.

But you have backups, right?

I mean, you uploaded everything into the cloud?

You've been lecturing me endlessly for years about how the cloud isn't secure.

Wait a minute.

You listened to me?

Angela, I'm a known paranoid conspiracy theorist.

I did.

That's why I brought...this.


What's with the key?

What is that, Angie?

You know those black box recorders on airplanes?

This is my version.

It's a steel frame box with layers of paraffin and insulation inside.

And it contains a full backup copy of every file in this lab.

You did listen to me.

Don't let it go to your head.

We should get to work.

(clattering, scraping)

Dr.Brennan, look at this sternal rib end.

The bone is smooth, but the contour is indented, which means the age is between and , same as our victim.


Good work, Ms.Warren.

I concur.

Except, look.

It's also sharp with irregular projections.

I...don't remember what that means.

VAZIRI: It's okay.

It-it just means that this rib doesn't belong to our victim.

This is impossible.

There must be at least different sets of remains on the floor.

BRAY: It's like excavating a mass grave.

No, Mr.Bray.

I can assure you, this is nothing compared to a mass burial site.

In Guatemala, in Coban, I helped exhume over sets of remains, all innocent victims of their civil w*r, their wrists still tied, blindfolds over their eyes.

I'm sorry, Dr.Brennan.

What a horrible thing to witness.

You remember that so clearly.

Does that mean you're doing better?

I don't know.


I mean, I do remember things.

I mean...

I-I remember watching Cam propose to you, how happy you looked.

I remember that you used to carry a cigarette behind your ear to remind you of your father.

I remember...how proud you were when your book was published, even though I found it to be rather mawkish.

And I remember you teaching me how to chirp.



And I remember....

fighting off attackers with you by my side.

In the Maluku Islands.

I meant the motorcycle bar, but yes.

The Maluku Islands, as well.

I remember the day each of you was hired.

I remember the name of every victim I've ever identified.

I remember...just how meaningful this work can be, but I...

I don't remember how...

to do it.

I mean...

I can't make sense of the evidence.

I don't even...

know what I'm supposed to do with this.

(footsteps approaching)



Look at this.

Is that an expl*sive from the b*mb Booth defused?

It is, and whoever devised it mixed some kind of HMX expl*sive with a binder material, most likely some kind of, like, ethyl silicate resin.

That way, the material itself could be molded into whatever shape was needed.

Yeah, well, I'm seeing fingerprints.

Unfortunately, the bad news is, they're all partials.

Nothing we can use to ID.

However, it also indicates that the person who was actually molding this expl*sive was using their bare hands.

So there might be epithelials.

Our b*mb's DNA.


Listen to me, Mrs.Kovac, I'm only gonna ask you one last time.

Where is he?

I told you.

I don't know where he is.

No, no, no.


No, no.

Your husband calling your phone-- okay, that was a setup.

Look, I know what you've been through.

I saw the expl*si*n on the news.

You know more than what you're telling us, and you're hiding someone.


You're hiding someone.


I am not!

I swear to you.

Agent Booth, two months ago, I found out my husband's real identity.

Listen to me, Jeannine.

This is my last offer to make a deal.

I leave this room, and it's over.

I swear to you, I don't know anything about what Mark has done, or what he's planning to do next.

You willing to prove that?

Hey, how's it going in there?


Were you able to find any more medio-cam images?

Um....no more than I already gave you.

They haven't helped trigger anything?


Are those photos from Cam's wedding?

They're from the reception.

Since we know that Cam's ID was probably stolen from there, I thought it might help us find something.

That's weird.

Isn't that one of the waiters?

Yeah, except he's carrying Cam's purse.

I think this could possibly be the accomplice that we're looking for.

When's the last time that you spoke to your husband?

I spoke to Mark yesterday in the morning.

He called.

And, uh, did he say where he was going?

I have no idea where my husband is.

Well, there's somebody out there who's been helping him.

Believe me, if I knew who was helping my husband, I would tell you.

Well, she doesn't have any tells to indicate that she's lying.

I don't see anything, either.

Maybe the polygraph will show us something different.

What do you got?

She passed.

Not even a gray area.

All right.

Just hold her.

I don't care how.

Just keep digging.

Do you understand me?

I'm gonna go check on the kids.

(phone ringing)

What-what is it?

Uh, the fake waiter who stole Cam's pass-- we got an ID.

I'm coming with you.


Where did everybody go?

Well, I thought I might be able to make more progress if I were alone with the bones, but...

I still can't make sense of this.

Okay, just go easy on yourself, okay?

It'll-it'll come back to you.

Is that an X-ray machine?


Hodgins and I were able to recalibrate it.

The interns thought that you could use it to match these bones to pre-existing x-rays of the victim's skeleton, to make sure you've got the right ones.

Yeah, you-you know, it was just a crazy idea.


No, it was an obvious one.



And I still couldn't grasp it.

AUBREY: So, this is our guy.

This is who stole Cam's ID.

Kyle Capoun, , low-level drug dealer.

How long has this guy been d*ad?

AUBREY: Less than hours.

KAREN: Listen, the file shows no history of v*olence.

Not only that.

He flunked high school chemistry.

AUBREY: I don't think this guy's our b*mb.

So, someone, someone actually working for Kovac hires this guy to steal Cam's ID and k*lled him.

AUBREY: Whoever that someone is-- they're still out there.

Hey, you okay?

Where are the kids?

Agent Karasik-- he took 'em to the cafeteria to get something to eat.

Do you want to see 'em?




I don't want to worry them.

You okay?


It's okay.


I know.

I just want to see you.

It's not coming back, Booth.

It's not.

All right, Bones, look, you got to give it some time, all right?

I know guys from the service who have lost their memory, okay, and it comes back.

No, this is not just a simple case of amnesia-- it...

my brain, it's...

it's different.

I mean, I'm...

I'm different.


Look, you know what?

You're healing, all right?

You're gonna get better.

What if I don't?

I mean, so much of my life, my intelligence is all I've had.

You know, I...

I may not have had a family, but I understood things that nobody else could.


my brain, the way I think, is who I am. Who I was.



Now I-I don't know, I'm...

I don't know anything, Booth.

I mean...

If the thing that made me...

me is gone...

who am I?

(clears throat)

You're the woman I love.

You're the one who kissed me outside of a pool house when it was pouring rain.

You took me to sh**t Tommy g*n on Valentine's Day.

That's who you are.

You're the one who proposed to me with a stick of beef jerky in her hand, even though you're a vegetarian.

You're the Roxie to my Tony, and...

the Wanda to my Buck.


Who else is gonna sing "Hot Blooded" with me?


And besides...


...we're way better than Mulder and Scully.

I don't know what that means.

I don't care if you know about the bones or...

if we know how to solve crimes.

All I know is that I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

This is you.

Temperance Brennan.


You're my partner.

(softly): Don't forget that.



HODGINS: Hey, I think we got something.

Not yet.

It's just a partial.

Am I reading that right?

I think so.

Let's run the DNA again.

There must have been a mistake.

(phone ringing)

Thank you.

Hey, Cam.

So, we were able to isolate the b*mb's DNA.

Any matches in the system?

Not exactly.

BOOTH: What does that mean?

SAROYAN: It was a partial match, for Kovac.

Since Kovac didn't escape until What?

after the b*mb were set, there must be a relative we don't know about.

The DNA was female.

A mother, a sister.

It's Jeannine.

His wife?

Do you think she was hiding someone?

That's how she passed the polygraph.

I mean, look at her answers.

"No, I have no idea where my husband is." Wh-What's going on?

It's Jeannine.

Kovac is not her husband.

He's her brother.

Excuse me.


It was you.

It was you!



Agent Booth, It's all right.

- Sit down.

Lose the act.

- what...

what's happening?

I'm here to help.

I told you I don't know where my husband is.

All right, how about your brother?

What are you talking about?

BRENNAN: Stop lying!

We know Mark Kovac is your biological sibling.

That's sick.

You're accusing me of incest?

No, we're accusing you of m*rder, and that's just for starters.

We found your DNA on the expl*sive.

The whole marriage thing, that was a cover-- almost worked, but it didn't.

You've been working with him this whole time!

You plotted to k*ll me and my children!

BOOTH: All right, all right.

You m*rder my father!


Your father's blood is on your husband's hands.

So now you know how it feels to have your father m*rder right in front of you.

My husband was doing his duty.

Hiding behind patriotism...



Tell us where your brother is, and no one else has to die.

We found something odd in the remains.

Several of the bones feel lighter than normal.

And get this-- they're the same bones that were on Dr.

Brennan's list.

And you're hoping that if Brennan sees this evidence then she's gonna recall what happened.



It's just, it's not gonna work.

- Excuse me?

Brennan isn't Brennan anymore, all right?

And we just...

we have to accept it.

I mean, maybe someday...

So we're just supposed to give up on her?

DAISY: I refuse to do that.

Dr.Brennan saw something in these remains.


Then it's up to you to find it.

Look, Brennan trained you for this exact moment.

She's counting on you.

So am I.

Hodgins is right.

We need to channel everything Dr.Brennan has ever taught us.

Okay, so let's assume that Dr.Brennan wrote that note because she noticed the anomaly in the bones' weight.

What if the bone loss was due to some kind of malformation as a child?

BRAY: I remember a case Dr.Brennan and I worked on, there was bone loss due to lead poisoning.

It's possible, but why would that be significant?

VAZIRI: Hang on.

What is...?

Well, it could be dirt.

It's a mark.

Left lateral incisor.

WARREN: Sometimes Dr.B marks a spot when she wants enamel taken.

BRAY: She was going to do a histological analysis to find out where the victim lived as a child.

Okay, so childhood home, lead poisoning.

That's it.

The victim wasn't chosen at random-- he had to have provided something Kovac needed.

What did he need?

DAISY: A place to hide.

Kovac has been completely off the grid ever since he escaped from prison.

What if our victim knew a place back where he grew up?

That's why Kovac chose him to escape with, but once Kovac got that information...

He k*lled him.

That's what Dr.Brennan realized.

And once we find out where the victim grew up, we find Kovac.

New equipment?



What exhibit did you guys steal this from?

(chuckling): No.

Actually, it was all donated from the bio-chem department at Georgetown-- they came calling almost immediately after the b*mb went off.

Squints of the world unite, baby.


what are the results?

Were the interns right?

Well, we've got high levels of lead, arsenic and PCB, which actually will weaken the bones and likely cause speech difficulties, headaches and nausea.

SAROYAN: Okay, can we match these levels to any specific Superfund sites?

What I can do is combine the data that I've got with other isotope levels that I found.

Okay, there.

In West Virginia.

SAROYAN: That's a mostly agricultural area.

Angela, start checking property deeds.

Look for any owner with a connection to our victim.

Relatives, friends...


I'm on it.


BOOTH: Farm's about miles ahead. Aubrey and a few SWAT guys are gonna meet me there.

All right?

I just want you to stay in the car.


Where you go, I go.


All right, fine.

Just be careful, all right?

Listen, Bones, I just want to...

say again how sorry I am...


No apologies.

But what you said to Jeannine about me doing my duty, it was, uh, still my choice.

It always is-- every time I take a sh*t, I...

I take responsibility for that.

I know.

And that's why I stand beside you.


Okay, here's what we're gonna do, okay?

Two teams.

I'm gonna lead one.

Aubrey, you're gonna lead the other one.

I'm gonna go left, you're gonna go right, you understand me?

We're gonna flank the barn, get into position before we hit the house.

We're not gonna hit it till we got support from the chopper overhead, you got it?

All right.

Also, uh, everybody look out for tripwires.

This guy knows expl*sives.

Just be careful.

I love you.

I love you, too.

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (helicopter approaching)


It's not him.

It's not Kovac.

(engine starts)



It's Kovac.


BRENNAN: Booth...

BOOTH: My hand.

I can't move my hand.

BRENNAN: Okay, we got to go!

We gotta go!

My g*n!

I can't get my g*n!

I can't move my hand.

(g*n continues)

(b*ll*ts ricocheting)

Come on, Bones.

Let's go.


Easy, damn.



Oh, my hand.

My hand, I can't move my hand.

Oh, God.


I can't...


Booth, I know what's wrong with you.


You have isolated volar distal ulna dislocation, which means all I need to do is...

(loud crack)



You did it.

You did it.


(helicopter approaching)

Okay, I have a red eye for you...


...a decaf almond milk cappuccino for you...

Oh, thank you.

...and, ah!

Dr.Brennan, perfect.


Green tea.


Th-- Uh, what are these for?

I, uh, just got word that the major repair work is starting tomorrow morning, which means this is the last day we can be in the lab, until the work is done.

HODGINS: What about our stuff?

Well, I'm gonna need you to pack up and label anything you don't want thrown out, leave those boxes in your office, and take with you anything you don't want put in storage.

Okay, now I know why you're plying us with, uh, caffeine.

Hey, how did it go at the doctor's?

My agnosia's almost gone, so...

I'm going to be okay.


MONTENEGRO: They won't change it much, will they?

Well, they'll try not to, but...

you know how it is.

Everything changes.


Grab some boxes.

Get to it.


(clears throat)


Seeley Booth.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Get your broad shoulders over here.

Hey, look at you.

Good morning to you, too, Caroline.

Don't you be glib.

You almost went and got yourself k*lled, again.

When are you ever gonna stop doing that?

Probably never.

You and your damn sense of duty.

Do you have any idea how stressful it is for me to have such a brave friend?

Well, you know the saying.

Once a Ranger, always a Ranger.

That's not the Ranger slogan, Aubrey.


I'm thinking of Power Rangers.

CAROLINE: Well, I'm off to the courthouse, gonna make sure Jeannine Kovac never sees another free day in her life.

Let me know if you need anything.

Will do.

Why are you holding a plant?


Uh, it's for the new office.

You like it?

Are you gonna take that plant across the country?

Uh, no, actually.

SSA Halko's retiring.

Deputy Director offered me his spot.


Meaning same promotion, but here in D.C.?

Yeah, no.

I thought I wanted to move, but after everything that's happened in the last couple of days, I realized this is where I belong.

CAROLINE: Well, I for one will be happy to see you around, and I'm guessing there's a certain quirky, red-headed anthropologist who might also be happy to hear this?


She, uh...

she broke up with me.

Oh, Cher. Sorry.

You okay?


But I will be.




Get that plant off my desk.

(elevator bell dings)



I just delivered two buckets of fried chicken to your office.



To celebrate?

Or commiserate.

I heard about your breakup.

And in my professional opinion, emotional eating always helps.



Are you hungry?


(Karen laughs)

♪ ♪

♪ I'll decide ♪

♪ In a moment's time ♪

♪ To turn away ♪

♪ Leave it all behind ♪

♪ So we climb ♪

♪ Somewhere I will ♪

♪ Draw the line ♪

♪ The crowd is home ♪

♪ The treasure found ♪

♪ So...♪

♪ Let it go ♪

♪ Wake up, wake up ♪

♪ Wake up ♪

♪ We're almost home ♪

♪ So...♪

♪ Let it go ♪

♪ Wake up, wake up ♪

♪ Wake up ♪

♪ We're almost home ♪

If this world is right for me

♪ So...♪ ♪

And the stars fall from the sky

♪ Let it go ♪

Under, into the sea

♪ Wake up, wake up ♪

Still I don't know

♪ Wake up ♪

If it's right

♪ We're almost home ♪

If this world is right for me

♪ So...♪ My boxes are labeled.

You ready to tell them?

Let's do it.

ANGELA: Oh, my God.


I found it.

HODGINS: You did?

Angie, that's amazing.

What is that?

It's the project that Angie and I have been working on.

Come here.

You got to see this.

Come here.

You got to show them.

What is it?

We thought it was destroyed.


(Brennan laughs)

It's a children's book, so I'm doing the text, and then Angie, she's been doing all the illustrations.


We're in it.

Brennan the beetle, Cam the caterpillar.

MONTENEGRO: Yeah, we're all in it.

It's-it's about us.


Cam has something to tell you both.



(clears throat)

I haven't been completely honest with you guys, because it wasn't official, but, um...

Arastoo and I aren't actually going to Europe.

We're going to Mississippi to...

to pick up our boys.

I'm sorry, I don't understand.



Oh, my God, look.

Who are these beautiful children?

That is Tyler.

This is Isaiah, and the youngest one here is Jordan.

They're siblings.

BRENNAN: They're in foster care.

Cam and Arastoo have petitioned to adopt them.

And this is why you asked for a leave of absence.



Arastoo and I both wanted to be around for a while, full time, to help them settle in, and to help us become a family.

Oh, Cam, that is such wonderful news.

It really is.

We're very happy for you, Cam.

BRENNAN: Now, for the position of the interim director of the lab while Cam is away...


Congratulations, Dr.B.


I'm happy where I am.

It's you, Dr.




Wait a minute.

I'm the king of the lab?


I'm the king of the lab!

Just until I get back.

Don't get too cozy.

Yeah, right.

You try to pry that scepter from my hands.

And take away my crown.

Oh, hey, hey.

I need a crown.

I need a crown.

King of the lab!


♪ Out the blue ♪

♪ Life's energy ♪

♪ Out the blue you came to me ♪

♪ Every day ♪

♪ I thank the Lord lately ♪

♪ For the way ♪

♪ That you came to me ♪

♪ ♪

Bones, you ready?


♪ It had to be ♪

(sighing): Ah, come on.

It'll be fine, huh?

Come on.

Look, they're just shutting this place down for a couple weeks, that's all.

They'll clean it up, they'll get it back up on its feet, and it'll be better than ever.

I know.

It's a special place.


It is.

What's all this stuff in the bag here?





that's Parker's.

He gave it to me years ago.

He told me he liked me.

Of course he did, huh?

That's my boy.

What's this here?

Wait a second.

Sweets' book.

The one about us.

I wish he was here.

He was right about us...

about a lot of things, actually.


He knew.


♪ Out the blue you came to me ♪ (groans)



You remember Jasper.


- He made it through the expl*si*n.

- Look at that.



What's with the broken clock?


That stopped when the b*mb went off.

When the lab reopens, I'm going to hang it in my new office, to remind me.


Hmm. : .

Why would you want to be reminded of the moment when everything almost ended, Bones?

Because it didn't.


All right.

Well, let's get going.

Uncle Aubrey has the kids at the diner and he's probably gonna end up feeding them pie, so come on.

Let's do it, Bones, come on, huh?



Aren't you gonna offer to help carry my stuff?

Ah, come on.

You're an independent woman.

Well, yes, but this is heavy.

Well, my back hurts.

Well, I have a bad back, too.

♪ Out the blue life's energy...♪

You're aging.

I'm not aging.

Well, if I'm aging, you're aging...

♪ Out the blue you came to me.♪

What's that mean?
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