01x02 - You Owe Me a Unicorn

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Passage". Aired: January 2019 to March 2019.
Series loosely based on author Justin Cronin's trilogy of the same name, `The Passage'. Project Noah, a secret medical facility where scientists experiment with a dangerous virus on death row inmates that could lead to the cure for all disease -- turning them into highly infectious vampires and Amy and orphaned girl might be the only one who can save the world.
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01x02 - You Owe Me a Unicorn

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Previously on The Passage...

My name is Amy Bellafonte.

It didn't all start with me.

So many things led to what happened.

- It's him.


LEAR: How is this possible?

I feel amazing.

- AMY: Project Noah was born.

- Listen up!

The Chinese avian flu has gone from outbreak to epidemic, but the CDC think the work we're doing is our best hope for a vaccine.

PET: It's not just tweaks to the formula.

- It's age.

- Are you suggesting we try with a child?

AMY: I'm the girl from nowhere.

The one no one will miss.

- Explain to me why you need a kid.

- You know the people we work for, Brad. You can't cross them.

AMY: He risked everything to protect me.

We became family.

The one thing that matters is that you're safe.

I will k*ll you.

Give me the girl.

I'm not gonna leave you.

I promise.

AMY: Whatever was coming,

we would face it together.



Go, go, go, go.

Come on.

What are we gonna do?

- Hold on.



Are you okay?


RICHARDS: Damn it!

Back up, turn around.

Let's go.

Let's go!


Hang on.

Come on.


I need my shirt.

Follow me.

Let's go.

- You need a doctor.

- No, listen, I'm fine.

You got to work with me, okay?

Whatever I say,

- just go with it.

Can you do that?

- Okay.



I'm Pete Erickson.

This is my daughter, Stella.

We're brand-new to the school, and, ugh, I'm such an idiot.

I forgot everything.

I forgot about the field trip, her-her T-shirt, her lunch.

I'm just trying to get used to this whole single dad thing.

- Oh, it's just the two of you?

- Yeah.

My mom ran off with her trainer.

He's .

Oh, sweetie.

They don't need to know

- the whole story.

- Has his own YouTube channel.

Okay, great.

We're all up to speed.


- Uh, can she get on the bus?

- It's right here.

- All right.



Okay, sweetie, have fun.

- AMY: All right.


- BRAD: Thank you.

- Bye, Dad.




No phones on the bus.





Oh, I...

Hey, I wouldn't...

I wouldn't do that if I were you.

I hate the way she looks at me.

GREY: Well...

quit-quit looking at her.


I'm in charge of Babcock, you're in charge of Fanning.

All right?

Worry about him.


Mortality rate's almost %.

First few cases have been reported in North Korea.

They've closed the airports in Beijing.

This is terrifying.

Not as terrifying as the solution we've come up with.

What's going on with the child?

Still in the wind with the agent.

Well, I'm rooting for them.

Well, I'm rooting for all of us.

Jonas, I had to make the call, so I did.

And the child won't be harmed.

We've been on this mountain for too long.


We're isolated, cut off from everyday life.

We're not qualified to decide what's right or wrong...

'cause we don't know the difference anymore.

♪ I was hoping ♪

♪ You would call me out ♪

♪ Still a stranger... ♪

Where are we going?

I'm trying to figure...

figure it out.

Are you okay?

You look awful.

No, I'm good.

We'll just...

I just need to stop for a second.

♪ Unravel, unravel ♪

♪ Unravel ♪

♪ Don't know where it leads to ♪

♪ I know that I need to ♪

♪ Unravel, unravel ♪

♪ Unravel ♪

♪ Don't know where it leads to ♪

♪ I know that I need to. ♪

Is this the guy who took your phone?

- Yep.

- Can I get that number?

It's not my phone.

You just said he took your phone.

It's my sister's phone.

I just had it for the field trip.

Okay, can I get your sister's number?

I don't know my sister's phone number.

How about your mom?

She's on speed dial on my sister's phone.

Go back to your teacher.

Get the mom's phone from the school

- and track the damn thing.


Also, look for any cars stolen in the area.

He got off that bus.

He's gonna steal a car.

It'll be an older model.



- Hi.

- Wolgast and the kid are still on the run.

Police station was a disaster.

Sheriff was k*lled and three of my men.

Well, so much for making the world a better place.

- Should we consider finding another child?

- No.

Wolgast is gonna talk, and if he does, this whole operation gets shut down.

He's injured.

He's got the kid with him.

- I'll find him.

- Okay.

Be careful.

Should we tap the ex-wife's phone?


Do it.

Surgery went well.

We repaired the tendon.

I'm happy.

Just need you to rest, and we'll see you in a few weeks.

So, basketball in a few months, yeah?

Oh, hell no, Nathan.

We talked about this.

You can play chess.

That's a sport.

Look it up.

- Dr.


You have a call.

- Yeah?

- Oh, great.

Just send it to my cell.

- Okay.

All right.

LILA: This is Dr. Wolgast.

AMY [OVER PHONE]: I think he might be d*ad.



Who is this?

This is Amy Bellafonte.

The agent's with me.

We tried to turn ourselves in, but then some guys with g*n came in, and the agent got sh*t, and he passed out, and I think he might be d*ad.

And everyone's a bad guy, so I didn't know who to call.

Okay, okay.

Okay, Amy, I'm glad you called.

That was really smart of you.

Look, I need you to take a deep breath.

Everything is gonna be all right.

Say that back to me.

It's gonna be all right.

Now, can you tell if he's breathing?

Put your hand on his chest.

Is it moving up and down?

- Mm-hmm.


- Okay, he's alive.

Hey, Amy, how do you feel about blood?

- I don't like it.

- I know, it's gross.

But I just...

I need you to look, okay?

Is it still bleeding?

It's stuck to it.

It's all dried.



It means it stopped, so just leave it.

Do you see any signs?

Do you know where you are?

AMY: It says "Tomah, La Crosse."

- " West."

- You're in Wisconsin.

Hey, I think the agent's gonna be okay.

But we need to wake him up.

- Do you know what a noogie is?

- Yeah.

All right.

Make a fist and rub your knuckles in his chest super hard so it hurts.


WOLGAST: What the hell?

What'd you do that for?

Your ex-wife told me to.

- Wh-What?

- LILA: Let me talk to him.

She wants to talk to you.



- What is going on?

- Lila, no.

- This is not your concern.

- How is it not my concern?

You're injured.

You passed out.

You may have internal bleeding.

You have a child with you.

Richards probably has guys at the hospital watching you right now.

You're not involved in this.

- Just tell...


Damn it.

Get in the car.

♪ ♪

So, this is it...

Just one dose?

- LEAR: Just one dose.

- Then what's the chip in my neck for?

Monitors your vital signs.

Tells us your location.

CARTER: Sensitivity to sunlight is a side effect?

Can be.

But, if all goes well...

you'll be impervious to disease.

How is any of this legal?

It's not, is it?

If this was on the up-and-up, you guys, you wouldn't be looking for prisoners to experiment on.

We're in a desperate situation, Mr. Carter.

So are you.

I can't argue with that.

But why am I more scared now than I was on death row?

I'm gonna make sure you come through this with flying colors, Mr. Carter.

I'll be back to check on you in a bit.

Is this the way you saw your career, Dr. Lear?

Using human beings as lab rats?


I could never have imagined any of this.

WOMAN: All right, I'm gonna say this

one more time.

Please do not bring Tim Fanning into this.

He is an egomaniacal, credit-grabbing monster, with a substance abuse problem.

We've been friends with him since college.

When'd you turn on him?

I just hate to see you grovel.

I'm not groveling.

You know why I'm doing this.

Oh, no, no.

Do not blame this on me.

We're doing this for you.

Why can't you see that?

Because it's a Hail Mary and it's crazy.

I have to do something, Liz.


Come here.

You're all crooked.

Help me.

You know I hate ties.

I know, I know.

You can't change this, Jonas.

If you want to help me...

stay with me.

That's what I want.

I'm gonna do better than that.

Oh, my God.

You don't listen.

I know.


Are you sad that you married me?




I love you.

I love you, too.


FANNING: All right, hang on. Hang on.

Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality.

So all those amazing neurons are generating your experience.

They're-they're filling in the gaps.

Your sense of self...

That's not real.

What we think of as our humanity, as our-our selves...

That's just a story that our neurons are telling us.

Now, this is extremely hard for me to swallow because I have an enormous ego.


Jonas, I'm not interested.

I've got a book tour.

I'm not going to South America to-to look in some cave with you for a myth.

Thank you, but no.

I have new evidence.


Oh, yeah?

The -year-old man, he send you a selfie?

Elizabeth has Alzheimer's.

When was she diagnosed?

Three months ago.


it's early onset, but...

it's so fast, Tim.

I mean, she's gotten lost in the city, like, three times already.

Why didn't you call me?

I'm a neurologist, for God's sake.

This Bolivia thing...

It could help her.

I have a blood sample, some scientist in Bogotá.

You really have to see it.

It's a game changer.


No more phone calls, okay?

You threw the phone out of the window.


I threw the phone out of the window because they can find us if you make a phone call.

Don't you watch TV?

I watch a lot of TV, actually.

Usually the main guy

- doesn't pass out behind the wheel.


I'd like to point out that the main guy got sh*t.

Where are we going?

Do you have a plan?


I have a friend in Wisconsin.

You have a friend?

Something wrong?


Lila seems nice.


- Smart, too.

- Mm-hmm.

Also, good in an emergency, so good thing you hung up on her.

- Hey, what is your problem?

- I don't know.

I've been kidnapped, sh*t at and chased, and the last thing I've had to eat in hours

- is churros and doughnuts.

- Hey, that...

- No.

You had a hot dog at the carnival.

- And then you decided it'd be a great time to pass out.

- I didn't decide to pass out.

- You said you wouldn't leave me.

- I didn't leave you.

- Passing out was leaving me.

I thought you were d*ad.

- I'm not d*ad.

- Good.

'Cause you don't get to die, and you don't get to pass out.

And you don't get to not have a plan.


And you owe me a unicorn.



Do I get anything out of this deal?

You don't leave me and I don't leave you.

♪ ♪

- Why did we park so far away?


And that's with the goats?

The woman who lives here is kind of an angry hermit.

She likes things a certain way.

The goats...

the goats are new.

I don't know anything about the goats.

Whoa, whoa.

All right, cover your ears.


Put your hands up.

Come on, come on.


What the hell happened to you?

I got sh*t.

Well, that's disappointing.

Who's the kid?

This is Amy Bellafonte.


Amy, you want to go wash up?

Bathroom's upstairs.


Thank you.


♪ Since my baby... ♪

You got a lot of firepower here, even for you.

Is it enough for whatever's following you?

It's that sketchy job, isn't it?

I told you not to take that.

I need shelter, Lacey.

I raise goats now.

Oh, yeah?

How's that going for you?

Make my own cheese, grow most of my own food.

Also, I started painting.

That all sounds magical.

Can we stay here or not?

Go clean yourself up.

There's a first aid kit in the kitchen.

Pain K*llers, too.

And then you're gonna read me into whatever mess you got yourself into.

RICHARDS: Listen up.

He crossed into Wisconsin three hours ago.

I got to think he's headed for Canada.

The border patrol has been alerted, but he is slippery, and he has friends.

I want to be clear.

If you have a sh*t, take it.

sh**t to k*ll.

I got Carter's blood work.

Looks like his T and B cell receptors have already enhanced.

That's good news.


He-he had a football injury, and all that cartilage is already restored.

He got the formula less than five hours ago.

It always takes my breath away,

- the power of what you discovered.

- Yep.

And yet we can't seem to control it.


let's please not do this.

Let the little girl go.


she's gonna come through.

She won't be harmed.

How can you be so sure?

Because there's no other option.

You think I like it?

You think I'm sleeping well?

I'm not.

We have to do this.

So we have to make sure she comes through intact.

Please, Jonas, get your head in the game.

She needs you.

I need you.

Let's see this thing through.

The thing you started.

FANNING: Oh, my God,

- this is fascinating.

- Just take a look at the number of T and B cell receptors in there.

Yeah, I know.

Never seen anything like this.

This is huge.

And you're right: this could alter the course of Elizabeth's Alzheimer's.

Jonas, this...

could be the cure for everything.

- Can we be fast enough, though?

- Yeah, we will.

I know, like, six billionaires who'd bankroll this today.

We just need to be careful.

We want to maintain control.

Jonas, we're gonna do everything right, I promise.


You just...

you got to let me do my thing where the-where the funding is concerned.


Thank you.

This is amazing.

Jonas, we're...

we're gonna change the world.

Yeah, you'll see.

- How do you know the agent?

- Bradley?

He was my student in the Navy.

Land warfare.

He was one of my favorites, but don't tell him that.

- You were in the Navy?

- Yep.

- But you're not anymore?

- Nope.

What, did you join it right after high school?

Actually, no.

Before I was in the Navy I was a nun.


You're serious?

God is Lacey's ex-husband.

How do you know God's a man?

Ex-wife, then.

- You know about this?


Bradley knows everything about everyone.

He asks questions.

That's what made him a good hostage negotiator.

Like in bank robberies?

And other high-stakes negotiations, yes.

Pretty fascinating, Amy.

Amy, you want to go and feed some goats?


- Yeah, I'm not gonna come.

- No one asked you.

♪ Now that you know it's nowhere ♪


♪ What's to stop you coming home ♪


♪ All you got to do is go there ♪

♪ Then you'll really realize what's going down. ♪



It's just me.


How did you know I was here?

Well, who else do you know in Wisconsin?

[SIGHS]: Oh, man.

- I got rid of your car, Bradley.

- What'd you do with it?

I got a guy.


I forgot about your grilled cheese.

It's one of your best qualities, this sandwich.



Where's Amy?

WOLGAST: Upstairs, watching a movie.

There you go.

I, uh, arranged a boat ride for you.

- I can get you to Canada.

- Passports?

I got a guy who can get you across the border.

You always got a guy.

What are you gonna do once you get to Canada?

You know it's not over just because you cross the border.

If they keep chasing us, we'll just go to Amsterdam.



These people are never gonna stop, Bradley.

They can get to Amsterdam.

You won't be safe until the public knows what you know about Project Noah.

I think they're after you more than they are this precious little girl here.

They'll just find another child, won't they?

That's right, and that child will have just as sad a story as our Amy.

Now you think about that for a minute.

I don't want to be a whistleblower, Lacey.

I tried that, we almost got k*lled.

Then let me do it.

I have some things to atone for, as you know.

You get the girl safe and I'll get the story out.

Give me their names, Bradley.

The on death row.

Who are they?


Joseph Morrison.

Victor Chavez.

Kathy Turrell.

David Winston.

Julio Martinez.

Shauna Babcock.

Anthony Carter.


♪ ♪

Hey, you made it.

I'm sorry, do I know you?

Yeah, you do.

You will.



So how do you feel?

Honestly, I feel like a million bucks.


Like I-I can fly or lift a car over my head or something.

That's what happens.

It feels so good at first, and then it gets a little janky.

Everything is okay if you just do what he says.

Do what who says?

FANNING: Hello, Carter.

How are you?

You look great.

Doesn't he?

So, how is my old friend Jonas?

A little word of advice: don't trust him.

Go on.

Drink it.

You know what?

Nah, I'm good.


Just do it.

First time's the hardest, and then you get to like...

I said no.


It's okay.

You don't have to drink it now.

You still have to settle up, though.

I'm sorry.

I don't...

I don't have any money.


Oh, we don't take money here.




You pay with yourself.

I don't...

I don't want a thing to do with you.

Hey, Carter, give Jonas a message for me, will you?



- You want more Lidocaine?

- No, I don't

- need stitches.

I'm fine.

- You're fine?


You got sh*t and you passed out.

Let's not throw in a staph infection.

How's Dave?

Is it Dave or David?

- It's David.

- Mm.

Of course it is.

How is David?

He's great.

He's outside waiting in the car, actually.

- Oh, yeah?

- Mm-hmm.

Did you cr*ck a window for him?


- Oh, sorry.

- So, what's the timeline on this "having David's baby" thing?

You pregnant already?


I'm not.

It kind of seems like you are, though.

You know, what are you gonna do...

Run away with this girl and make her pancakes in Amsterdam on Saturday mornings?


I watched our daughter die.

I couldn't stop it.

And I shut down, and...

and I couldn't help you.

And I couldn't let you help me, and then I j...

I just stopped believing in anything.

But then I met this little girl.

She's great.

She's a tomboy.

Just like Eva.

Like Eva, yeah.

So much.


She doesn't have anybody.

And it's so clear to me that what I'm supposed to do right now is to make sure that she's safe.

It's the only thing that's made sense to me in a long time.

I've missed you.


It's past : a.m.

Can't sleep?

AMY: Mm-mmm.

Me neither.

Can I ask you a personal question?


Are you an assassin?



'Cause you assassinated some people today.

I served in Afghanistan.

And, uh, then I became a federal agent.


It was pretty scary today, huh?

Can I ask you another personal question?



Do you believe in God?


You thinking about your mom?

Of course you are.

You know, when people die, it's our job to remember them.

Even if it hurts.

How about I read to you?

I can just keep reading until you fall asleep.

- Okay.

- Okay.

From the beginning?

- Yeah.

- Mm.




Here we go.

"It was a dark and stormy night.

In her attic bedroom Margaret Murry, wrapped in an old patchwork quilt, "sat on the foot of her bed and watched the trees tossing in the frenzied lashing of the wind."


RICHARDS: And you don't know how this got on your bed?

DRIVER: I got a notice to pick this car up.

That's all I know.

- Where you taking it?

- To the impound, where I take 'em all.

That's my job.

And you don't know who called this one in?

It got sent through dispatch.

I don't know who called them, so can I go or what?


I think you know exactly who asked you to transport this car.

- Tell me now.

- I do jobs for her sometimes.

- She pays me in cash.

- I want a name.


Lacey Antoine.

- Department of Defense?

- Oh, yeah.

- Are you out of your mind?

- They came through with the most money, by far.

They see it as a way

- to combat infectious disease.

- Tim, this-this timetable

- is insane.

- Don't you see?

We go with the guys who make the rules so we can break the rules.

What-what are you saying?

I'm talking about a fast track.

You're talking about tossing ethics in the garbage.


this is for you.

No, this is for you.

I want you to stay with me.

And you're either going to fail or you're gonna cross some ethical line that you've worked your whole life to uphold.

You will look back on this with searing regret, and you won't have me to talk to about it, because this disease is going to have its way with me no matter what you do.

Mr. Carter, how are you feeling today?

I just did six miles, and I felt like I could've kept going forever.

Well, that's excellent.

I've been having bad dreams, though.

Maybe I can get something for that?

A sleeping pill?


Anything remarkable about your dreams?


It's the same guy every time.

And I think you know him...

That Dr. Tim Fanning.

He says he's a friend of yours, but that I shouldn't trust you.

He says to tell you that...

you already changed the world.

You just have to wait and see how.


LEAR: Hey, honey. You look beautiful.

Sorry I'm late. I'm not having a great day.

Everything's spinning out of control and, uh...

...and it's all my fault.


You were so right.

I think I may have missed...

a lecture.

But nobody here will tell me what day it is.

I miss you so much.

MAN: Hey, baby.


You miss me?


I thought they pulled you off the floor.

MAN: Not enough bodies.

- Lucky me.

- Why do you h*t her cage?

Stop antagonizing her.


Oh, God, I hate it here.

No cell phones, no Wi-Fi.

Only good thing about this place...

It's about the last place in the world you can still call a b*tch a b*tch.


- All right, all right, stop, stop.

Come on, let's go.

Let's just go.

We're done here, man, come on.

Did you want to try?

- It'll be fun.


Come on.


- I don't...

Grey, you're such a tight little guy.

Come on.

I look at you, I get constipated.

- Come on.

Come on, come on.

We're doing it.

- No...


Come on.

Come on.

It'll be fun.

Come on, come on.

No, no, no!

No, I can't-I can't...

- No, let me go.

- Oh, you're such a wimp, Grey.

- No, I...

Okay, can I...

- Oh!





- Oh...

- Whoops.

Richards is gonna k*ll me.

He's gonna k*ll me.

Well, you better go get it.

GREY [QUIETLY]: All right, all right, all right.



That was pretty good, Grey.

Thanks a lot, man.

Thanks a lot.

I didn't think you had it in you.

- All right, let's go.

- Well...

maybe she's a good girl after all.


Maybe she's been...


No, no, no, no!








- Everybody ready?

Look what I found.

- LILA: Almost.

- Here are the waters.

- Thank you.

Hey, did you brush your teeth this morning?

Let me see.

Look at that smile.


LACEY: Everyone ready?

- Here you go.

- Thank you.


We go out the back door.

There's plenty of trees for cover, and, uh, the lake is a straight sh*t from there.

Amy, I intend to see you again, my friend, so you and I are not gonna get all teary.


All right, right there.

Three Tahoes.

- Eight to ten guys.

- They'll be coming.

All right, take cover.

Stay low.

Take her somewhere safe.

Stay away from the windows.

- Contact, left.

- Copy.

- Clear.

- Clear.


- Lacey!


RICHARDS: Wolgast, come out of the house with the girl or I'll burn it down.

WOLGAST: Richards!

I'm coming out.

Don't sh**t.

Don't sh**t.

On your knees.

Where's the girl?

She's not here.

I put her on a boat to Canada.

I will k*ll you.

You tell me where she is.

WOLGAST: She's not here.

You have three seconds to tell me.



I'm here.

I'm right here.

What are you doing?

You don't leave me, I don't leave you.

♪ Oh, I can't breathe ♪

You want us to sweep the house?

♪ Because I... ♪


We got what we need.

♪ Can't breathe ♪

♪ Oh, I can't breathe ♪

♪ Can somebody help me out?♪
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