01x10 - I Have Got You

Episode transcripts for the show, "The Village". Aired March - May 2019.
A unique apartment building in Brooklyn is home to a group of tenants who have built a bonded family.
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01x10 - I Have Got You

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Previously on "The Village" One of Max's friends tried an open adoption, and it got pretty complicated.

So I would never see the baby?

- Katie!


You need to find his heartbeat!

- There it is.


Got a job offer a few weeks ago South Carolina.

You should come back to the Village until you go.

You wanna help me deface your property?

Well, I wanna ask for your number.

Patricia's having surgery tomorrow.

Her tumor's causing complications.


I'm just glad you're happy now, Ben.

I'm not saying good-bye yet.

I wish you would.

She's running.

I have to go.


- How are you?

- You look nice.

Thank you.


Something's wrong.


Put on a brave face Act like an earthquake Didn't come right in and tear it up And everything we've built inside This beautiful and safe space Here in this room where you should be I'm losing sight of you A stranger simply passing through again Again, again Hearts aren't supposed to hurt like that They're not supposed to break so fast They say that time's a healer How long's this burn supposed to last Too proud to say it And I let you leave straight out of spite Pop, what's wrong?

I wanna get married.

I'm hoping, but you're too proud To say it too



- Voicemail again.

Call Patricia.

Again, oh Hearts aren't supposed to hurt like that Please be okay.

They're not supposed to


- Break so fast They say that time's a healer


How long's this burn supposed to last



Anybody home?

Yeah, come on in.


My favorite squatter back again.

- You on patrol?


Just heading up to the roof.

It's kinda cold out.


Cold means numb.

It sounds appealing right now.

You could hug my dog.

He's warm.


Hey, sweetie boy.


- So - Oh, my goodness.

How much trouble is Ron in, if I know about your surgery?

I'm glad he has someone to talk to.

For what it's worth, I couldn't imagine life without my leg.

And here I am, squatting.

Nick, you ever get a bad feeling before you head into battle?


How did it work out?


I always made it home.

Did everyone else?


You are gonna be fine.

Too many people count on you.


- Katie?

- It's Liam.

I'm at Mercy Hospital with Katie.

- What's going on?

- I don't know.

Contractions, maybe.

She says she's in pain.


Yeah, I'll be right there.


Katie's in the hospital.

I'm here.

- Did you get my mom?

- I left another message.

I'm sorry, are you a relation, sir?

I'm the father.

Okay, good.

Basically, I drive around, looking for derelict buildings to restore.

Because Everybody wants to tear things down.

Half the time, they don't even look past the front door.

So you like a project.

I see potential.

What about you?

Uhm, I'm a nurse at a nursing home.

But until recently, I pretty much defined myself as a good mother.

And now?

Bad mother.

Mm I don't buy it.

I've got five older sisters, three of them have kids.

You have five sisters?

I spent my entire childhood with a lousy manicure.


So you know ugly buildings and women.

And a good thing when I see it.

And if that was too forward, - it was absolutely the wine talking.

- No No, it was actually really nice.

Thank you.

In that case, it was all me.

Is this your purse here?

- Oh, I'm sorry.

- Thank you.


- Everything okay?

- Uh, no.

I'm sorry, I have to go.

Um - I'm looking for my daughter.

- Ma'am, there's someone - in front of you.

- Her name is Katie Campbell.

- Ma'am - Somebody needs to take me

- to my daughter.

- I said there's someone Sarah.

Sarah, come with me.

Come here.

Apparently she was hit by a bike messenger earlier.

Liam brought her in.

They said the baby's fine.

A couple of hours ago, she started having contractions.

Braxton Hicks?

Maybe, but either way, the fluids seem to have slowed them down.

The bottom line is she's okay.

Sarah, Nick is here.

He's in the waiting room.

Has he seen her?


You just missed her.

She fell asleep a few minutes ago.






Okay, thank you.



What are you in for?

Family thing.


First date.

- Kinky.


Not exactly.

She's back there with somebody else.

Everything okay?

Not entirely sure.

She popped out and said I could leave, but she looked really upset.

Didn't seem right.

Yeah, stick around.

She'll appreciate it.




You called the authorities.

Oh, Patricia.

What are you thinking, leaving me a text message?

There was no point in both of us losing sleep.

You're the one having surgery later.

I guess I showed up early.

Your defenses are down.

You've got a low white blood cell count.

They need me.

For longer than today?

It's a holiday.

It would be weeks before you could reschedule.

The doctor said waiting even a few days What the doctor has said is b*rned into my brain.

I will attend my surgery, but I will not let this cancer take me from my girls.


They got any coffee in here?


The first one your eyes went to.

That's always the one.

Bright as her eyes.

I'm impressed you can even lift it.

Thank you for the early house call, Mose.

I still owe you for the thing.

- What thing?

- Don't worry about it.

I'll take it.

Pops, are you sure about this?

Gwendolina is great, but you just started seeing her.

I mean, she's never even spent the night.

Because we're not engaged, I mean, what kind of woman you take her for?


- Get your father on the phone.

- Why would I do that?

He bamboozled the power of attorney.

He gave me a $300 limit like some snot-nosed kid.

Maybe it's better if he finds out after.

He didn't even want you out of the home.

I'm not sure this is gonna get his blessing.

I don't need his blessing.

I need my money.

I'm not taking no for an answer.


How's your head?

Not good.

I almost didn't recognize the room.

Friend of mine had a baby.

She needed the things.

Gave her everything?

I don't need old toys to remember my son.

You should eat something before you go.


A girl in my building's at the hospital.

I'll grab something there.

You give his clothes away too?

You looking for memories, Ben?

'Cause I got a few, like getting called at 3:00 a. m.

every night, finding you on the floor of that dive.

I haven't done something like that in a long time.

I'm running to the store.

I need you to be gone by the time I get back.



You stayed.

Of course, yeah.


What's going on?

Uh, I'm sorry, you were asleep.

Nick, this is Ethan.

- First date.

- Family thing?

- You've met.

- Mm-hmm.

Spent the night together.

- How's she doing?

- Still sleeping, peacefully, thank God.

Peaceful's good.

- Can we talk for a minute?

- Yeah, yeah.

- Be right back.

- Yeah.


Now I'ma let you say it, only because you're moments away, from a terrifying surgery.

Plot thickens.

- Feel better?

- Much.

Seemed like a good guy.

Sarah and I are just friends.

If you didn't feel the slightest tinge of jealousy or regret, then I think it's for the best.

You know, you should be pulling for him.

I got issues.


But you're family.


I saw him at the V. A. , and we decided maybe it was time he get to know her.

How'd that go?

- It's still going.

- Mm.

Ethan, I didn't mean for you to stay.

I totally meant to leave.

The bench was so comfortable, I fell asleep.


You should get some rest on something more comfortable than a bench.

Okay, you good?

I am, thank you.

It's very kind of you.


By the way, this doesn't feel like "bad mom" to me.

The will to fight


Is anybody out there Can you lead me To the light Hello, you.

Is anybody out there, tell me


My stomach hurts.

Should I call the doctor?

- I think I might be sick.

- No, hold on.

Hold on, hold on, hold on.

Something's not right!


Help help!


Ohh Hey.

Got a second?


- How you doing?

- Long night.



Campbell, Katie needs you right now.

You are not alone - Katie!

- Mom?

I'm here now, baby.

Why is she bleeding?


Campbell we think Katie's placenta may be detaching.

Nobody noticed before?

There could have been a small separation from the accident that got worse during the night.

- What does that mean?

- It means Katie's already

- at 7 centimeters.

- So what will happen?


Campbell, this baby's coming out right now.

I changed your diapers, you ungrateful imp.

Because it's my money, and I have needs.

Pops, give me that.


Pop, that's not gonna end well.

What are you doing?

You want your money, I'll sue him for it.

In the meantime, you already have a ring.

That's Rosemary's.

It's got the right kind of history.

I'm not proposing to another woman with your grandmother's ring.


That's probably her scolding you.

It's Patricia.

Katie's having her baby.


Still no update.

When's Patricia due upstairs?

Doesn't matter.

She won't go until she knows they're safe.

Yeah, I get it.

Do you?

Excuse me?

Sarah told Patricia about your new job.

You know, Nick, I never pegged you for someone who would cut and run.

I'm not running giving them their life back.

Yeah, and how'd that work out the first time?


Oh, hey, man.

How's everybody?


You want an apology, my humility, reverence?

You're getting an ultimatum.


- You have to breathe all the way through the contraction.


- Yep.


- Okay, breath in.


Okay, okay.

That's it.

When it's over, it's over, okay?

That's your time to rest, okay?

- Okay.

- It really hurts.

I know.


- I don't have an overnight bag.

- It's okay.

Enzo and Gabe are gonna bring some things, okay?

There's supposed to be candles.

What's that?

It's a warming station.

He's little, so they're gonna have to give him some extra help.



Honey, you're gonna have another contraction.

- Breathe through it.


Okay, okay, breathe with me.


- I want you to breathe.


- One more.


Do what you want with me, but deliver that girl and her baby safely.

Or so help me I will come after you.


All right.

How we doing?

She's at 8 centimeters, contractions every two minutes.

Fetal heart rate looks great.

Let's take a look, huh?


Ice chips.

I saw nothing.

- Nick of time.

- What the hell are you doing?

- You asked for ice chips.

- Leave!

Okay, all right.

I'll take those.

Why don't you go find a candle?

- [THUD]

- Ow, I'm okay.

- I just hurt my knee.

- You're knee hurts?

You should go.

Okay, Katie, it's time.

Here we go baby, you ready?

Here we go.

One two three


- Push, baby, push.


You gave me strength when I felt weak You got me out when I dive too deep The world is yours you said You worried, you cared Okay, rest, rest.



I don't wanna do this.

I know, I know, sweetheart.

This baby is working hard, but he needs you.


- Doctor.


What's happening?

Katie, the baby's heart rate is dropping.

He needs you to push with everything you've got, right now.

You're doing so great, honey.

You've got this.

I know you can do it.

Here we go, baby.

You ready?


- Okay.

I want you to push on three.

Let's go.

One two three push!




- Push!

One two three push.

Push That's it, that's it.


- Push!



It's all the way out.

Baby, you did it.

You did it.

There you go, you did it.



Where are they taking him?

They're trying to warm him up.

What's going on?

Why isn't he crying?


You worried, you cared I love you so They need to help him to breathe.


Shh, baby, it's okay.

You gave me strength when I felt weak Oh, you got me out You made it all the way out, baby.

You fight!

You breathe right now.

You hear me?

You breathe.

You worried, you cared I love you so, I love you so I love you so


It's okay.



You give me strength When I felt weak You got me out when I dive too deep


The world is yours you said You worried, you cared I love you so, I love you so

- I love you so.


These are just initial scores.

Eventually, we'll be looking for milestones.

I'm happy to discuss with the potential adoptive parents.

Thank you for everything.

Tough girl.

Learned by example.

Have you called them?

The adoptive parents.

It all happened so fast.

I haven't talked to Katie about it in weeks.

I don't even know what she wants.

This isn't gonna be easy.



This was a public service.

Another kid like you out there?

Look out, world.

I'm never complaining about law school again.

Thank you for being here, all of you.

Well, if you need anything just give us a call, all right?


Um, why don't we give these ladies some time alone?

I gotta take Patricia upstairs, but I will be back.


Did you mean what you said?

After I got hit by the bike?

I'm still here, aren't I?

Elemental, resilient, and still glowing.

How you feeling, Supergirl?

What's upstairs?

I was hoping you missed that.

Oncology they're gonna take this cancer out.

You wipe that worry away.

This is nothing compared to what you just did.


I get to be asleep for mine.



- I love you.

- I love you too.

Okay, come on.

Two of you will be out there vandalizing again before you know it.


Not as dumb as I look, huh?


Bye, baby.

Come on.

I told them one at a time.

How is he?

Breathing like a champ.

He's so little.

You were too.


It's my fault.

I wasn't watching where I was going.

Katie, you saved him.

I'm so proud of you.

Mom, how did you do this alone?

I wasn't alone.

I was with you.


Do over?

I missed you so much.

Brand-new life.

Think of what that kid'll do.

Grow up, fall in love, propose

- What did I tell you?

- I know.

But Nonna and I were pretty tight.

I think she'd want this ring on any hand that's holding yours.

So what do you say, do we go big or do we go home?


Now then, now then, sister How many cups of coffee?


How's she doing?

Exhausted brave as hell And willing to see you.

Did you pull some strings?

You stuck around.

Room 310.

Thank you.

Don't lose that feeling Don't lose that feeling Don't lose that feeling It won't come again Ah Ah, ah


I didn't think I'd make it past the waiting room.

But you came anyway.

And once again, I'm at a loss for words.

I'm starting to think talking's not exactly my strong suit.

Well, if ever kidnapped by a cartel, your strong suit will come in handy.

Oh, yeah.

I'd crush that.

And Katie, you were right when you said I wouldn't be here if I hadn't lost my leg.

I shouldn't have said that.

It must have been awful.

Yeah, in the hospital for a couple of hours.

Hurt I was scared.

And afterwards you were a lot lighter and had a kid.

Maybe we get each other better than we think.

You're not my consolation prize.

You are what gives my tragedy meaning.

Meeting you it means my teammates, my best friend, they didn't die for nothing.

What was his name?

Your best friend.


It's nice to have a dad.

Do you want me to call Claire?


I wanna see him.

Patricia said handing over custody might be easier if you don't.

I have to.



Here looking for backup?



I'm a little rusty.

Question is, what are you here for?

I, um I was hard on you this morning.


No, it was stupid.

Going there was weak and It was human.

So was thinking that maybe we might - come back around.

- It's always harder When the winter comes to stay And I can't help You deserve to be happy, Ben.

There's no getting Derek back, but no one's stopping you from going to Canada.

And it's k*lling me That you're not here Here.

I wasn't entirely honest earlier.

I did keep some of his clothes.

Maybe we can split this in two.

The wonders I can see This world is changing me

- But I'll love you

- Ben?

Your son would want you to go after the woman you love.

Don't just let her walk away.

When we were young But it's k*lling me That you're not here with me I'm living happily But I'm feeling guilty Oh, you won't believe The wonders I can see Whew.

That body of yours is putting a b*at down on that paper thing.


Most beautiful cancer patient ever.

You think I'll make the brochure?

Oh, oh, yeah.

Front cover for sure.

How long do I have?

A few minutes.

Baby, how you feeling?

Grateful for your patience.

Our baby had a baby.


She sure did.

That you're not here with me I'm living happily I know you always wanted that.

I got other gifts.

Oh, Patricia you give life every day.

You gave it to me.

But I'll love you faithfully

- Patricia?

- It's k*lling me that you're not here with me

- It's time.

- Mm-hmm.

I'm living happily But I'm feeling guilty

- Well, you won't believe.

- Thank you, Ron.

The wonders I can see This world is changing me But I'll love you faithfully Macklemore.

Well, what do you know, the wop is back.

Couldn't hack it on the outside, huh?

Macklemore, you don't like me, and I don't like you.

We've stolen each other's meds Hidden bed pans It's a feud for the ages.

Bud I heard you played Lincoln Center, and today I need a favor.

Why would I do that?

Because I know how much you miss your wife, and I got a second chance at love.

I never played Lincoln Center.

It was Carnegie Hall.

Which one is he?

In the corner.

You ready?


Can I touch him?





It's nice to finally meet you.

Mom I can do this.

Katie, there's something I haven't told you yet.

The doctors are worried about how long he didn't breathe.

He may have been oxygen-deprived after the abruption too.

He might Katie, this could be really hard.

Hard and happy aren't mutually exclusive.


You have a beautiful son.

What do I say to Claire?

We'll cross that bridge.

Go on.

You don't listen to anything they say.

You hear me?

You are not broken.

I am your mother and I've got you.

I have got you.

When all the world Is spinning 'round Like a red balloon Way up in the clouds And my feet Where's your mom?

Somebody brought us food.

The doctor said it would be okay to kangaroo him if you wanted.

What does that mean?

It means that we put him on your chest, give him some skin-to-skin contact.

It'll help them bond.

I can hold him?

Yeah, of course.

He's yours.


Ethan, dropped off food and didn't wanna say hello?

Yeah, it's a fine line between thoughtful and desperate.

You are safely on the thoughtful side.

Good to know.

Five older sisters.

I've been to a lot of births.

Everyone always forgets food.

I think a decent meal is kind of the least a new mom deserves, right?

What does a new grandmother get?

I threw in a bottle of Ensure.


Laughter, that's good.

Must mean everything's okay.

My work here is done.


Wise men say Only fools Rush in But I can't help Falling in love With you Take my hand Take my whole Life too For I can't help Falling in love With you Quick, give me the ring.

Oh, you've gotta be kidding me.

It's in your pants, Pop.

You're just nervous.

Hey, she should be so lucky.



Gwendolina Ferrari will you marry me?


I will.



You doing okay?


Patricia left me a message about her surgery.

Last ditch effort she said, just in case.

Would you like someone to pray with you?

Leaves a bitter taste When you're gone When you're gone In New York In New York Hey.

Would you like to hold him?

Uh I don't really know how.

You just put him on your skin so he knows you're his.

I walk the line Of great unknowns But I never questioned us And I'd go back To where we last met And tell you so Tell you so In New York In New York Eight Seven six five We'll all be here when she wakes up.

And she will wake up.



Do you wanna meet him?

Why don't you go ahead.

There'll be plenty of time later.

In New York In New York In New York Hey, kid.

In New York Does he have a name?


It's Cooper.

In New York Good name.

In New York Can I hold him?
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