06x10 - Latching

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Girls". Aired: April 2012 to April 2017.
"Girls" is a comedy about the experiences of a group of girls in their early 20s.
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06x10 - Latching

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I think that I may be the voice of my generation.


Or at least a voice of a generation.

I am going to look 50 when I'm 30 because I'm gonna be full of - experiences.

- (laughing)

I may not seem okay and I may not be okay now, but I am okay.

SHOSHANNA: My life is a mess, and I know that that was a personal choice.

Maybe it is time for me to unchoose that choice.

I want every day to be exciting and scary.

- Ah!

- (gasps)

- (cheering)

- The best years of your life are, like, - totally gonna happen here.

- Happening.

JESSA: Life is never gonna get any better than this, Hannah.

- Yay!

- Cheers!

It's really amazing that all three of you have accomplished so little in the four years since college.

I mean, think about it four years.

So, let's let's restart.

- MAN: Reset and keep the flashes going.

- Reset.

And, action.

- (horn honks)

- DUNHAM: I hope that "Girls" is gonna represent a moment in which it became okay for women to show, like, the full range of their complexity.

Sometimes I just wish someone would tell me, "This is how the rest of your life should look.

" DUNHAM: Being messy or inappropriate, or sexual, or having dark urges, - or acting like a f*cking bitch - I hate you!

- became all right - I'm stealing a bike.

and became something that you were allowed to show on TV.

- We're going for it!

- WOMAN: That's my bike!

Our kid's gonna have great skin and be the right kind of slutty.

- Our kid!

- Mm-hmm.

DUNHAM: And I also hope that it sheds a light on, like, the dark lengths that young people will go to in order to try to understand themselves and, without giving any answers, is able to sort of normalize some of that experience and also help people avoid a few of our mistakes.

- Ah!

- (bell dings)

- MAN: Stay right there.

- Good?


Dunham, I'm ready for you.

- Whoa.

- Don't worry about it.

We're all good.

When I was 23, I made a movie called "Tiny Furniture.

" I thought it was just a perfect gem of a movie, and I emailed her.

Late at night, I got an email that said, "From Judd Apatow" that was a long email of kindness and compliments, which I thought was a prank from my friend Isabelle.

And so I wrote back, like, "If this is Isabelle, f*ck you.

If this is Judd Apatow, like, thank you so much.

" I told her how much I loved it and said, "Hey, if you need somebody to screw up your career, let me know.

" I remember Judd being like, "We have to come up with a list of titles for the show.

" I don't know if we had something with the word "girls" in it.

When we were pitching it around, it was, like, s "Modern Girls," or "Something Girl" There were a few like "Blah, Blah, Girls.

" "Girls Like Us," "Girl Island.

" And then Judd said, "It should just be 'Girls.

'" Once he said it, there kind of just was never gonna be any other title.

I went into HBO, and I think ignorance was bliss because they said, "What do you wanna make a show about?" And without giving any kind of fully formed pitch, I said that I wanted to make a show about people who are neurotic, and anxious, and not always put together, and inappropriate, and strange.

And somehow, that was enough to let HBO say to me "Yeah, you should make a pilot.

" Her partner in it was Jenni Konner, who is a good friend of mine, and I just knew something special was gonna happen - and I wanted to be a part of it.

- DUNHAM: This is fine For me, the thing that touched me so much about Lena's voice was how brutally honest she was about everything and how funny she was.

There was some girl energy in the world.

We are here now.

People were hungry for unusual, complex female characters for a reality level that they maybe hadn't seen relating to sex and relationships on television before.

Hold me in your everlasting arms I mean, we've never played it safe on that show.

This is your comfort zone.

This is where the magic happens.

Lena Dunham clearly has a very unique and very special perspective.

We're the sexiest people here.

HANNAH: 'Cause we're the sexist nonsexual couple this club has ever seen!

It seemed like a perfect time capsule of exactly what was happening.

ANDREW RANNELLS: Jenni Konner and Lena Dunham, they have a very clear vision about the story they wanna tell and what they wanna do.

It's been really inspiring to watch them work together.

It does deal just as much with female friendships as - it does with romantic relationships - Shosh is engaged.

I didn't even know she was dating anybody.

which are a huge part of your 20s.

ALL: Congratulations!

If you had been made to serve a master You'd be frightened by the open hand - Frightened by the hand - (cheering)

Could I have been made to serve a master?

Well, I'm never gonna understand Never understand Hold me in your everlasting arms Looked up, full of fears Trapped beneath the chandelier that's going down DUNHAM: There's also something interesting about calling people "girls" who are basically women.

We didn't call the show "Ladies," like, because they are in this incredibly weird, stagnant place between child and adulthood.

And even if they should've entered adulthood already, they're not there.

Who are the ladies?

Obvi, we're the ladies.

I'm not the ladies.

Yeah, you're the ladies.

I'm not the ladies.

Okay, I'm lady, she's a lady, you're a lady.

We're the ladies.

MAN: Judd and Lena, take two.

- A mark.

- Do it.


- - B mark.

So, if you only had a a brief moment to say what "Girls" is about, what would you say?

It's about that time when you are not a girl and you're not yet a woman.

- Oh, that's nice.

- It's a Britney Spears quote.

- Really?

- Mm-hmm.

Okay, guys, stepping on for rehearsal.

All right, that just might be a lesson. .


DUNHAM: Hannah was written as a version of me, which is, like, all I knew how to do.

My thought about Hannah was always that she was this sort of well-intentioned and lovable person who may not be a clinical narcissist, but I think she's an age-appropriate narcissist.

- You are so self-involved.

- Spoiled.

- Entitled, manipulative - You are insufferable.

You're the most selfish person we know.

I mean, you won't even share a Kit Kat.

This is why you have no friends from preschool.

Uh, I have a lot of friends from preschool, I'm just not speaking to them right now.

DUNHAM: But at the end of the day, I wanted you to believe that she cared deeply about other people.

Her goal is never to make other people hurt or to be uncomfortable.

Her goal is just that she's looking for some kind of peace and happiness.


- Are they listening to us?

- - Oh, yeah.

- Can you hear me?

They're from HBO Behind the Scenes.

- Like, you're joking.

- No, I'm not.

- This is serious?

- Yeah.

Jemima's been one of my best friends since fifth grade, sixth grade.

We've known each other for 20 years now and she's always been a really remarkable and iconoclastic and unusual person.

I will be your cr*ck spirit guide.

She's drawn to sort of dark situations, dark people.

- Here's Johnny!

- Yeah!

- f*ck!

- At the point the pilot got greenlit, she was nine months pregnant with her first child and was like, "I'm not coming to do a TV show.

Sorry, dude.

Like, I don't even really wanna be an actor.

" KIRKE: I didn't want to do it, um, and I did say no.

And then a couple weeks later, Lena came back and asked me again.

- Hello!

- (gasps)

Oh, my God.


I am so happy to see you.

You look so beautiful.

And, um, I said yes, obviously, clearly.

- You're picturing pant Spanx and, - okay, just and also someone covered in cake.

You wait, no, most "jump out of cake" mechanisms - aren't don't involve actually - I know, I know.

Seven years ago when we started this show, it was a different time and people cared less about having celebrities on television, so no one, for a minute, spoke to us about getting a star in a role.

- MAN: Great.

Last looks, let's go.

- DUNHAM: Great.

It was really finding people who we hadn't seen before.

All my friends are such flakes that I start to feel like an old shrew with my vag*na made of sand just because they won't follow the 'pan' the plans that I made.

Allison had made a viral video that Judd played for us of her singing the "Mad Men" theme.

Judd reached out to my agents and said, "Can Allison come audition?" One of the reasons I cast Allison is because in the first audition, we had a kind of chemistry that can be really, really hard to get organically.

I mean, what does this guy do for you, anyway?

DUNHAM: Allison came in and the scene involved her complaining to me while I just sat there, and she was like, "I wanna be able to do something.

Can I just, like, braid your hair?" She was mortified by how dirty her hair was, and it was very dirty.

DUNHAM: But it was disarming and so lovely and she did braid my hair.

That is the type of thing I overhear - horrible girls saying at brunch.

- f*ck brunch.

DUNHAM: She wasn't what I had imagined.

Like, she's was kind of more WASPy and sort of more traditionally glamorous and just had a very different energy than what I thought we were going to be doing for Marnie.

By the time we sh*t the pilot, I was like, "Oh, this is my sister.

Like, this is my sister for life. " - Ignore a text message - sent after 7:00 PM, point blank.

It's an overture not deserving of your attention.

You are worth planning ahead.

I put myself on tape for "Girls" and ended up getting cast off the tape.

She sent us this video from, like, a barn in upstate New York where she was sh**ting a movie, and she just had the funniest hardcore approach to the character.

It was such a fresh version of that character.

- We had never seen anything like it.

- We're the ladies.

People were reading it like generic Valley girl, and she just she was the one who started talking so quickly that you could barely understand what she said.

I'm the only one of my girlfriends who has a British cousin.

Well, how long do you think you're gonna stay for?

I mean, not that I'm asking you to leave.

You can totally stay forever if you want to.

I always say that she kind of fell out of my ass.

It's okay.

Just do not get r*ped by the man in plaid.

- Eyes, foot, groin!

- (grunting)


MAMET: Like, I don't know where she came from.

She was, like, inside of me, maybe from a past life.

Do you like the poster?

Oh, um, you know, I've never seen that movie.

- Only the show?

- Is it a show?

Oh, my God, you're not serious.

I mean that's like not being on Facebook.

Shoshanna was initially conceived like, we knew people were gonna sort of say, "This show is just 'Sex and the City.

'" Shut up.

No way.

Get over here now.

DUNHAM: She was almost conceived as this character who was supposed to be the girl who was obsessed with "Sex and the City" and was showed the other version of New York.

I don't understand why nobody tells you how bad it's gonna be in the real world.

Yeah, they do.

It's pretty much all they ever tell you.

You destroyed my heart - Thanks - It's scary with all the - tools behind him.

- You said this would last forever Now forever is never Adam came in our very first day of casting when we were all in the room.

DUNHAM: I had a really specific idea in my mind of the character, probably someone who was just really close to the person I was dating, and Adam walked in, and he was - so funny and so dynamic - and so different, and it was just so clear that he was - a totally other thing.

- Yeah, pretty much, yeah.

KONNER: And it was like his energy was so powerful, and he made us laugh so hard that if you watch the casting tape, - it's hard to hear - (Dunham laughing)

where we're all just, like, hysterical and kind of giddy at how amazing he is.

Just, like, eat like an animal.

- (clatters)

- (imitates crunching)

A complicated thing about Adam is he's very confused by his own emotions a theme that we've kind of found throughout.

- (screams)

- DUNHAM: The Adam character started out super heavily based on a relationship I was having in my early 20s.

I just want someone who wants to hang out all the time and thinks I'm the best person in the world and wants to have sex with only me.

What the f*ck is up with your eyebrows?

DUNHAM: That big monologue Hannah delivers in the first season was basically, like, a direct lift from the ninth breakup email I had sent.

It was just clear that he wasn't gonna be, like, Hannah's one-note f*ck buddy.

He was gonna grow and change, and we were gonna wanna see him for a while.

(Hannah screams)

As a general, general rule, you know, I don't like to date girls that are either under 25 or that have, at one point, been penetrated by a percussionist.

Well, Alex Karpovsky was a friend of mine.

He had been in "Tiny Furniture," my movie, and Judd loved him.

He was like, "We gotta get that guy in the pilot. " - Yeah, I love the nose kiss.


We realized that he could be the voice of anybody in our audience who, uh, was getting irritated by these characters and the mistakes they were making and their sense of entitlement.

Why don't you place just one crumb of basic human compassion on this fat-free muffin of sociopathic detachment?

In many cases, it's tortured and misguided and perverse and twisted, but I think he feels sort of "compulsed" to kind of give them this insight into whatever he may have discovered on his travels.

You know I don't like it when you use air quotes.

- No one's here, so I just thought - Don't just think, okay?

That's an extremely unattractive feature of your generation.

I'm trying to follow the protocols of a gentleman and a squatter.

Okay, bye-bye.

- What, what?

What is going on?

- DUNHAM: Ebon's the best.

You were looking at the girl in the yogurt place.

- I saw.

You were staring at her.

- Yeah, but she looked unwell!

We just felt like he had what it took to play the exact guy who would be like Kryptonite for Marnie.

- I was really scared.

- I know, I know, I know.

Oh, stop it!

Not that in public.

Stop it!

DUNHAM: All of Desi's funniest lines are Ebon.

All of Desi's weirdest quirks are Ebon.

The decision to wear a small amount of eyeliner Ebon.

I'll catch you when you're falling This is about that distressed shirt you're wearing.

This is about the fact that you have eyeliner on your face right now.

I only would wear it for, like, public appearances, and as we started, we had a whole idea for, like we were gonna start it kind of light, and then by the end, it got pretty heavy.

And at one point, Lena finally or Jenni said like, "Are you wearing eyeliner?" I was like, "Oh, yeah.

Is that is that okay?" They're like, "Yeah, that's that's great.

Ebon brought so much life to him and he made us laugh so hard that we were like, "We have to keep him.

" He's such a hilarious character.

Then their songs are so funny.

- I will walk with you - What do you like better?

"Song for Marcus Garvey," "Oaxaca Blues," "Cocoa Belly Shelly.

" - I will call you home - Stop!

Hey, brother, that's not cool, bro.

And, cut.

MAN: Cut!

- You cut your hair.

It looks great.

- Oh.

Remember that time when you had a beard and then you shaved it and I cried 'cause I forgot what your face looked like?

Of course I do.

That was beautiful.

One of my great, like, TV loves is Andrew Rannells.

Like, from the first scene we did together, I was just like, "Oh, whatever this is, it works.

" And I was just like, "Oh, this person has to be on the show.

" You're the first gay person that I've ever knowingly f*cked, - but now I'm gonna ask more questions.

- Oh, well, actually, you might wanna rethink that because, uh, you might wanna retread some of your choices that you made in college, and, not for nothing, maybe take a look at your dad.

- It was nice to see you.

- No?

- Your dad is gay.

- No?!

DUNHAM: The rhythm of us interacting with each other I mean, Andrew's so charming, he could, like, have chemistry with a stump of wood, but we have this super shared sense of humor and really similar references.

And so the idea that, like, these two people had, at some point, dated and were now these weird, aggressive frenemies, like, we were just able to do that super fast.

- I am so deeply - Does no one work in this bar?

- (laughing)



- (chatter and laughter)

RANNELLS: After we finished that episode, they said, "Well, we'll have you come back.

" And I was like, "Sure, you will.

" Like, I was really skeptical, 'cause there's no way that they're just gonna write me into the show.

- Ah!

- And they did.

I haven't seen your pubic hair in a long time.

- I just grew it back.

- I feel like Elijah brings to the girls a sense of tough love.

This business is not for sissy bitches.

- (sniffles)


- I love how we're always finding new dimension to him.

You should never be anyone's f*cking sl*ve, except mine.

Oh, let your body talk I knew from the beginning that I really wanted to depict sex in a really realistic way on the show and that I wanted to have a central character who was a woman, who wasn't ashamed of her body, who didn't look like your typical television actress, and that that was going to be me.

Try it once with, like, a coy smile.

ELIJAH: Let me put this in terms you'll understand.

Like you know a cake is coming later.


There she is!

I was aware that people were gonna fight about the show.

Now I'm not supposed to show my vag*na to anyone but you, Fran?

And some people are gonna love it, and some people are gonna have a big problem with it.

DUNHAM: As a 24-year-old deciding to get naked on TV, well, I understood that I didn't look like sort of your typical actor-model girl.

Jesus f*ck' Christ, you look like a Christmas tree.

DUNHAM: I also didn't quite understand how shocking it would be to the mainstream viewer to see someone who looked like me having sex on TV.

If it's making you uncomfortable, - I will cover my bush.

- Don't!

APATOW: What's been remarkable about Lena and Jenni is that they haven't made any adjustment for the people who don't understand this or like this.

Let it go I am so sorry.

That was such a crazy thing to do, and I would understand if you wanted to have me arrested 'cause that is - Oh, let your body - When we did "One Man's Trash," that was just an episode that I wrote in this sort of fever dream, and when we found out we could get Patrick Wilson, we were like, "This is amazing.

He's an amazing actor.

He's handsome, he's dreamy, he can do the part.

" I never, ever dreamed that it would cause the kind of reaction that it did.

And, again, it was all about my body.

It wasn't like, "Is this love story realistic?" or "Was this dialogue good?" It was like, "Would this guy ever f*ck a girl who looked this way?" Patrick said something really thoughtful in an interview.

He was like, "It's just so dumb to think that, like, that's the reason anybody's attracted to each other.

Why wouldn't those two people spend two days pretending to be in love?" Beg me to stay.

Please stay.

But, like, sadder, like you're really Please stay.

Please stay.

Oh, let your body talk Even when you feel so lost Spinning till the tears, they fall You gotta let your body talk.

I am biased, but I feel like I work with the most talented, remarkable, unusual people in television.

And we have some really k*ller guest stars.


- Whoa, oh-oh, oh - See how we light up the sky - Are you f*ring me?

- No!

- Are you f*ring me?

- No, no, no, no, no.

It's like a very light ending of a relationship and, like, a salary.

- You're fired.

- Okay.

I get it.

- Cry me a river.

- That's bullshit.

- I never said that.

- Thank the Lord.

I can't tell if you're being sarcastic.

- I am.

- Be honest with me.

- Do you wanna have sex still?

- No.

If you're not getting f*cked right now, make it up.

- What?

- Nothing did happen, right?

Are you serious?

Desi tells me you've got some rage stuff.

- Really?

- I mean, no wonder.

- Welcome to reality.

- Can you sit down now, please?

Be the walker, not the dog.

What you put in her, it made a baby in her, - and now she's pregnant.

- What?

- Yeah.

- Crazy.

- Whoa.

- I know!

- See how we light up the sky - You don't look good.

- Um - I love you!



You're a wild thing.

You can't be tamed.



You look like a Starbucks cup.

- Out.

- He's not angry anymore.

- I released.

- Whoo!


Right here before your eyes See how we light up the sky - The sky, the sky - Bye.


I always am impressed by what you do, you know, with what you got.

I mean, what is this?

It's a pair of shorteralls.

How do I look?

Scarily hot/amazing?


DUNHAM: As Hannah has become a little more self-aware and successful, her clothes are a little bit better, but, like, she's not a great dresser.

- What are you wearing?

- I was thinking just like this with a blazer and a belt with trinkets.

- No.

- No.

- A nice, cute top.

- A cute top?

Yeah, a cute top.

And get a slim leg.

Jeans with a slim leg.

But she thinks she is.

Like, she definitely has a perspective.

What do you think?

Just, like, casual with a huarache sandal.

Like, what the f*ck?

A girl who was passing my trailer was like, "I love the show and I made this for you.

" And I pulled it out and it was a crop top covered in lizards, - and I just was like - Oh, my God!


I love thinking about when she bought it, - why she bought it.

- Seriously!

- It's a joy.

- Party!

My shoes match my dress.

I remember a note from one of our first fittings.

I was wearing Spanx and a little shirt, and Judd was like, "She looks too good.

Like, this girl doesn't buy clothes that fit.

She buys clothes off, like the Urban Outfitters sale rack.

Like, everything that she puts on is either two sizes too big or two sizes too small.

" - What are you wearing?

- Pfft, oh, a shirt.

I said to Lena and Jenni, "Is she gonna wear that the whole episode?" You wanna trade shirts?

Are you kidding?

Are you a mind reader?

And they just thought it was so funny.

And when Lena did that, we realized, "Oh, so, we're gonna really do some interesting things with the show.

" It's a Wednesday night, baby, and I'm alive.

And also, the amazing thing is Jenn Rogien, our costume designer, brought in, like, 10 t*nk tops.

That piece of garbage was carefully chosen.

- You look so beautiful, Hannah.

- Thank you, - baby.

- You look so beautiful right now.

I wore it for days while covered in synthetic sweat and snorting fake cocaine, and I could not have been happier.

Ooh, you didn't tell me you were bringing Troy Donahue.

- (gasps)

- I would describe Elijah's wardrobe as terrible.


" Hi.

RANNELLS: And that's no offense to Jenn Rogien, our costume designer, who is brilliant and who really puts together the tackiest, most unflattering outfits.

You know what?

Wherever you are, there you go.

- Is that the quote?

- But I always have to go back to the fact that it does ultimately make sense.

She came up with that short suit idea, and that's a thing that is now, like, mass marketed.

And she made that suit.

Um, and also, like, the weird sweaters with Like, I wore one with, like, a ladybug on it.

Why is everybody asleep?

And then, all of a sudden, that started showing up places.

So, Jenn really has, like, a magic crystal ball to sort of sense, like, what might be a trend.

- Hi, Jessa.

- Oh, hey.

I see you haven't backed off on the self-tanner.

Still you see wearing that same sad kimono.

Her style is anything that's, like, unpredictable.

I'm just wondering if it's maybe, like, a little bit threatening for babysitting.

It's floor length.

That was my dress.

I can see your belly button.

KIRKE: She liked it because she liked the silhouette, that you could see the body underneath, you know?

Um, I know because I feel that way, too.

All those clothes that season were mine most of them.

The pilot episode, I don't think, was the best outfit for her.

I think it set the tone for her being bohemian, which I don't think she is.

I think her attitude is, but I don't think that's how she dresses.

I didn't feel like it was right, so we went to my closet.

The fun thing about dressing that character, Jessa, is that you can really put her in anything.

- Where's my name tag?

- Ugh, no.

KIRKE: She's not self-conscious.

I am "unsmotable.

" So, the things she picks are 'cause she likes them.

You look really gorgeous.

I've never been this miserable in my life.

Marnie's clothing is fascinating.

For the first season, she was in a professional line of work, and she thought that's how you dress.

When you become an adult, those are the thing you wear.

Are you one of those Real Housewives?

Then, slowly, as she started to unravel, then she went through, like, this really messy period where she just didn't care enough to look nice.

She went through, like, a heavy eyeliner phase and wearing her, like, weird uniform for work.

You look like a slutty Von Trapp child.

She still has a performance look, which she takes heavily from her mom's influence a lot of black, a lot of bling.

Honestly, it's always an expression - of who she wants to be - Hi!

and who she thinks she should be, and it's never an expression of who she actually is.

You look so beautiful.

My makeup is insane.

It's not insane, okay?

If we just take it down a little around the face.

Shoshanna, she's just much girlier than I am.

I am woman, hear me roar.

You know what I mean?

Like, I may be deflowered, but I am not devalued.

She's going to translate, whatever the, like, "This is how you dress in Tokyo" into her Shoshanna iteration.

Like, I'm sure she read some "Vogue" article somewhere that was like, "This is how you dress for a job interview.

" And she was like, "Oh, yeah, got this.

" It's problematic that you lack a certain sensitivity.

People really enjoy hearing the truth.

Like, that necklace isn't flattering on you.

MAMET: Her lens of seeing the world is like some strange kaleidoscope.


This next one is, um, something I wrote for, um, a friend of mine who's going away.

(guitar playing)

(all cheering)

MARNIE: Thank you, guys.

We're so psyched to be here.

Onward and inward The journey continues Deeper and darker I'll always be with you Whoa-oh-oh Goodbye, friend I hope when the show is done that the characters have, like, shown a real level of maturation.

I'm sorry I'm using my pizza hand, like, adding more grease to this situation.

DUNHAM: I'm really proud of where they end up.

Promise that we'll always be friends?

You think I'm gonna stop being your friend now?

After putting up with all this bullshit?

I hope in 10 years that it will be how freshmen bond in their dorms together - by watching old seasons of "Girls.

" - Marnie!

I also hope it's something that mothers and daughters still watch together.

I mean, you gotta be close.

I do that.

I don't think it's for the faint of heart.

I've never had sex.

It's been an incredible joy as an actor to get to grow and morph so much as characters.

You ruined my life!

KIRKE: I wanna improve Jessa, you know?

I wanna keep evolving her and keep tightening her up You can't just erase me.

I don't care anymore.

and keep discovering her.

- But I don't get to.

- KONNER: These are friends.

They met in college or right after.

Just breathe.

Are you okay?

I can't move.

I'm stuck to this pole.

Do you feel like your heart's gonna just fall out through your vag*na?

There's this real closeness that's fostered there, and we've always said we didn't know if they were meant to be friends as adults.

I think we should all just agree to call it.

Okay, ladies?

DUNHAM: This has been, and probably always will be in many ways, like, the defining moment of my life.

I'm 30 years old when this ends.

I'm not gonna be upset if I'm 96 and people are like, "That's the lady that made 'Girls.

'" Like, I would feel totally lucky and happy if this were, like, my what I had contributed to the planet.

I hope I get to do more, but I know what a rare thing this is.

When we say goodbye Goodbye, friend Hannah, goodbye Whoa-oh-oh Goodbye, friend.
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