04x10 - Sporemageddon

Episode transcripts for the 2015 TV show "Killjoys". Aired June 2015 - September 2019.
"Killjoys" follows a trio of hard-living but fun-loving bounty hunters, chasing and capturing deadly criminals throughout a galaxy on the brink of a bloody interplanetary class w*r, named the Quad.
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04x10 - Sporemageddon

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Previously, on "Killjoys " - Don't forget me.

- Never.

Only way to keep Jaq safe was to make a remnant of his location Lady can't steal what we don't remember.

The Hullen have been stealing children.

We're getting them back.

Deal is simple.

Take the RAC - free the kids - Gared!

- Hey.

- Kick some green ass.


- Bring them home.


What the hells?

The w*apon systems are powering up.

We have to blow up the RAC but the code has to be entered manually, so one of you ain't coming back.

I got the short straw.

Pip, I want you to get out of there and I want you to do it now.

Do you hear me?

It's okay, Zeph.

Meet me in the middle.


Promise me that you will end Aneela if you can't save her.



Now I see why she wants you.

I know what Aneela was trying to say.

She was telling me how to let her out.

- What did you do?

- You need a better guide.






Hello, boys.



Miss me?

- Johnny?

- Yeah, D'av.

- Johnny - Are you two going to keep saying each other's names, or is someone going to help me up?



Johnny Favorite doesn't seem so unconvinced.

It's hard to forget the eyes of someone who tried to s*ab me in the heart.

You seem better now.

Sweetness, I told you to pace yourself.

- Need to lie down?

- I'm - She's fine.

- She's drunk.

Is that Pree the bartender?


She is so drunk.




- Everything okay?


That crew, who knows.

No, I mean with you.


- You feel hot.

I'd be worried if I didn't.


All right, you ruffians.

The party's just getting started.


- The greenpool, where is it?

- Hold on just if you're Aneela, then where is Dutch?

- She's in the green.

- Stop!

In the green how?

We switched bodies.

Now I need the pool so I can bring you back in.

That's impossible.

Was it impossible when you switched bodies with my papa?

That Okay, fine.

Fair point.

Now, what do you need so you can stop asking me stupid questions and take me to this pool?


Lucy, give me Dutch's current EEG readings.

We're not going anywhere until you tell us what exactly the green is.

Is it even a real place?

It's difficult to explain.



Is this real?

Is this like a trick science question?

Please refrain from smashing things in my cargo hold.

Now it's gone.

But in your mind, can you still imagine it?

Can you see it?

Whole and unbroken?

- Can you see it?

- BOTH: Yes.

- I see it.

- It's in your hands.

- It's a bottle.

- That is where we're going.

The green is a living repository of universal memory.

A transdimensional space that records everything.

Where nothing is forgotten.

So how exactly does it turn regular people into undying dickheads?

That isn't the green.

- That's the Lady.

- Johnny, whoever this is, her brain wave patterns do not match Dutch.

I am here because I am the only one who can bring you in, and I need D'avin because he's the only one who can stop the Lady long enough for us to get back out and destroy her once and for all.

Is that good enough for you?

I guess we're going on a trip.

Not you, Johnny Favorite.

Just D'avin.

We haven't got much time.

Neither does Dutch.



We're all made of memories [THUNDER CRASHING]

But memories aren't just where you've been they're who you are And if I own that, I own you.

And when I'm of here, Little Flea I will own everyone.


Ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh Ooh, ooh [LOW, CURIOUS MUSIC]

Before anybody goes into any greenpool, I want some details.

I haven't signed off on anything yet.


Why would you need to?

'Cause it's still my operation and my ship, Yardeen.

Your ship.

Remember when we blew up the RAC to save everybody and stop the Lady?

Remember, Dutch?

Of course.

Thank you, Tersin.



Your sacrifice is appreciated.

I will do my best to honor it.

Think I prefer regular bitchy Dutch to creepy nice Dutch.

Well, they both have their moments.

Zeph, we need the pool.

- Get out.

- Zeph, I'm sorry, - there's no time to explain.

- Well, that is the great thing about leaving you don't have to.

You just go.

Why do you let your underlings - speak to you this way?

- Underling?

- Get out.

- This was a bad idea.


Aww, but I like this one.

Uh, why is Dutch talking like that?

Because that isn't Dutch.

Aneela Kin Rit, you stand accused of the m*rder of Alvis Akari, the destruction of three fully-manned RAC stations, and the attempted genocide of the people of Westerley, and now you're gonna pay for it.

Turin, you can't arrest her.

- Who said arrest?

- Turin, no!



Come on, you evil bitch!

Stop playing around and face me!


Okay, everybody stay cool.


Oh, this is all very exciting.

Glad somebody's having fun.

- Won't be much longer, darling.

- Oh, like shit it will, Turin.

If you sh**t her, you k*ll Dutch trust me.

After you bullshitted your way in here?

- Not a chance.

- Has the testosterone made you guys all into raging assholes, - or did I just miss something?

- Men need to fight.

It gives them meaning.

And us entertainment.

Well, I am not entertained.

Wait If you're Aneela in Dutch's body, how can you physically bring anyone into the green?

Hey, we're having a standoff over here.

It has nothing to do with the physical properties.

The plasma operates on a subatomic frequency - more akin to radio waves.

- That makes no sense.

Radio waves don't exist on a subatomic frequency.

Guys, seriously, lot of g*n here.

Which is why I said "akin to.

" I can manipulate the frequency mentally.

Have you considered D'avin's repulsion effect - on the green?

- Considered?

I'm counting on it.

I guess this could work.

I don't give a hot ball sack what works.

I watched my men and women die because of her.

Lose their minds because of her.

I watched my ship How can I let you go in there with this?

How am I supposed to trust her?

You're not.

Zeph, give the spore compound to Turin.

- Whoa, whoa, hold on - Do it.

What is that?

It's how we're gonna finish this after we get Dutch out.

But if shit gets weird and Aneela is playing us, use it.

Even if we're not out.

That's a pretty big risk, Jaqobis.

- Yeah, no shit.

- That's the point.

I don't trust her, Turin But I do trust you to do what has to be done if we can't.

Okay, you guys seriously all need therapy.


- Gared!


- Hey, Luvaya, what's up?

- Whoa, whoa, where's your mom?

- She fell down!

Whoa, Ginny!


- What's wrong?

- Nothing, why?

You're lying on the ground.

- In the street.

- I am?


I'm gonna get you some help, all right?

I'm ready.

These are useless.

You already have what you need.

D'av's weird green explodey thing?

Technical term.

Your brother's repulsive effect on the green is a result of a previous operation he had on his amygdala.

Uh, yeah, it's part of a army experiment.

Um, this feels a bit Ah!


This feels bad!

- Ow!

- I created a serum to suppress the effect long enough for you to enter greenspace.

One inside, the Lady will att*ck.

You need to harness the ability to fight back.


- How have you done it before?

- He kind of just makes a poo face and then people's eyes explode.

- Well, you do.

- All you need to do is hurt the Lady long enough to distract her, giving me the time to get the three of us out.

- Clear?

- Crystal.

Except I think you meant the four of us.

I told you, Johnny Favorite, - we don't need you.

- Yes, you do.

If D'av's your secret w*apon then you need somebody to protect him, and that's me.


In there everything you care about is a weakness, - especially family.

- We know.

That's why we got rid of the memory of where Jaq's located.

Who's Jaq?

Your son.

You've never seen him.

I think Zeph must have some pictures from - all the tests that she ran.

- No, no.

The Lady will use everything against us.

Our greatest fears our worst moments What would she know about you from Dutch?

Pretty much everything.

Then that's exactly what she'll use.


So How does this work?

Like this.





Don't bother getting dressed.



What are you doing?

D'avin, stop!

The Lady will use everything against us.


Our greatest fears - our worst moments - [GRUNTING]


What would the Lady know about you from Dutch?

Pretty much everything.

Then that's exactly what she'll use.

Oh, pretty Pawter.


- No, no, no, no!

k*ll them all.


Everything you care about is a weakness - especially family.


It's okay, it's okay, just with me Pawter.

Stay with me.

I'm not gonna let you die again.


- Not this time.



D'av, it's me!





- No.


What's the matter, D'avin?

- No.


This isn't real.






- Aneela You're back.

- You're still here.

- Where's D'av?

She separated us from the boys.

The boys?

Johnny came too?

- He insisted.

- Of course he did.

You need to find the boys before the Lady finds us.

You've seen Papa?


I found this.

What's in it?


But you kept it.

I think it's for you.


Letting go is never easy, is it?

I can hold her off until you find the boys but not for much longer.


Be brave.

Be brutal.


Aneela We really need to talk.




I told you, Gared, I'm fine.

Okay, give me a good 'ah.



This is not great for business.

And neither is that mucus coating your tonsils.

Ugh, gross.

- I'm getting out of here.


Remind me to call you when I really need - to clear this place out.

- You said this all started after you got back from the RAC mission?


Could you take a look at Ginny?

- She's getting worse.

- Okay, I'll be right over.

And I kind of mentioned that you were here, and there are kind of some other folks to see you.

How many folks?



How is this spreading so fast?


Wait I need to check something.


Aren't you tired of all this?

All the running?

The fighting.

So much drama, don't you find?

I can think of a simple way to stop it.


So angry.

It isn't healthy.

It happens when you t*rture and lie to someone for centuries.

Sorry about that.

I'm a slow learner, but I do learn, Aneela.

And I want to make it up to you.


Convenient now that we're coming for you.

Your Killjoy friends.

I've got them busy at the moment.

So you and I can just talk.

Girl to girl.

You can't use her face to make me forget who you really are.

No but maybe it will help you listen to what I have to say.

What if everyone could get what they wanted and no one had to win or lose anything?


At least let me show you.


It's the kids, Turin.

Everyone who came in contact with them is sick.

Gods, the kids And we're the geniuses who brought them home.

It's not just the whole town.

We're getting reports of the same symptoms - from all over the place.

- Well, at that rate all of Westerley will be infected within days.

I have to go find my girl, she can't be alone.

Gared's with her, Ginny, you have to stay here.

You're too skinny and too small to tell me what to do.

- Oh, you okay - [GROANS]


- Pree, help!



- Ginny?



Ginny, honey, say something.


- Her vitals are s*ab, but she has no ocular response.

Brain function is Well, this is new.

New how?

New, good?

Her entire cerebral cortex has shut down.

She's in a coma.

So, no, not good.

I have never seen a natural virus spread this fast with these symptoms.

It's because it isn't a natural virus.

It's an act of w*r, and we need to stop it before it spreads any further.


As of now, all of Westerley is under quarantine.




What is this place?

This this is what I remember.

My race was ancient before I was even born.

Spreading to every corner of space.

Driven by instinct, by nature, to dominate and rule.

Until I was the last of us Do you have any idea what that feels like?

To see everything you've known everything you've ever loved [EERIE MUSIC]

Crumble and die?

But then I found this.

A place where nothing is lost.

A way for everything to be remembered.

So you're just a memory.

You only exist in here now.

Doesn't seem fair, does it?

I'm sorry but we live we die.

That's the natural order of things.

You've lived almost three centuries.

Is that the natural order of things?

I didn't ask for that.

No, but that's what I gave you.

And now I don't think it's too much to ask for something in return.

And what if you can't have it?

Let's not go to worst-case scenarios just yet.



Dutch, where the hells are you?


Oh, yeah, that sounds promising.


Don't worry, it gets worse.



Wait, how do I know it's you?

That's definitely you.

Like what you did here.

Well, don't get used to it.

- I assume you met the Lady?

- Yeah, not a fan.

Definitely looking forward to kicking her ass.

Same, but we all need to be together.

- Where's Johnny?

- I don't know.

I was looking for him and then I just Well, how did you find me?

I don't know, I was on Lucy and then I was here.

Well, what were you thinking about?


Actually, thinking about kicking the shit out of you.


Okay, then let's think about where Johnny would be.

His worst moment.

The one place he'd never want to go back to.

I know where he is.

I think it's okay.

- No, we have to keep moving.

- Johnny.

You did it.

You saved me And now we can be together forever.

But I didn't save you.

Look at me.

I'm here.

I'm alive.

You're not Pawter.

Does it really matter?

Aren't you tired of being lonely?

Wouldn't this be easier?


But it's not real.

It's as real as you want it to be.

Why are you doing this?

What do you want from us?


Something my race never had.

I'm not talking about the animal instincts that drove us.

It's something deeper.

Something that allows you to remember connections to your past.

To imagine your future.

It's what makes you so unique but also so vulnerable.

Even now you're looking at me and you know you know what I really am.


But all you can see is the memory of what you lost.

And if you stay here, Johnny, I'll never die and you can love me forever.


- D'av.

- I know, Johnny.

Let's go.

Johnny, remember where you are.

Johnny Johnny, don't leave me here!

- D'av - Johnny, don't let me - die again!

- Yeah, buddy?

Don't let me turn around, okay?

- Okay.

- Johnny!



Hey, Zeph said you need fluids.

- You want some tea?

- Gared, I'm fine.

How about a heating pad?

A blankie?





- A blankie would be lovely.

- Okay, okay.


One part base, two parts accelerant, one part Hokk.





No Turin?

What the hells is going on with those supplies?

Working on it, Zeph.

How are things coming on your end?

- Commander.

- Not now.

Well, it'd be a hell of a lot easier - if I had the supplies.

- Commander, you should know Not now!

Next time, Zeph, you try negotiating with these Qreshi assholes.

And here I thought you liked me, Turin.

Seyon Faresh of Land Faresh docked ten minutes ago.

Hang in there, Zephyr.

Looks like the cavalry has finally arrived.

This place makes no sense.

How did we go from the woods to Old Town to the woods?

It makes perfect sense.

You don't think of things in order.

One memory leads to another, and that triggers something - completely different.

- So whose memory is this?

Because if it's yours or mine from summer camp, I'm not protecting you from the Kerson brothers.

This is the Lady's.

It's where she feels strongest.

We need to move.

Aneela tell you what you have to do?


Once we're all together Aneela gets us ready to go and D'av does the old poo face trick.

You know, your jealousy's pretty obvious by now.

And then we get the hells out of here and burn this bitch to the ground.

Let's move.

- [g*n]


What the shit?


Are those Ferran?



Oh, yeah, I'm really glad we don't have g*n right now.


She's trying to hold us off.

We need to get past them to get to Aneela.


Any ideas how?

We need w*apon.

Aneela told us what the green is.

It's a memory repository system and systems are meant to be hacked.

We need w*apon?

Where do we usually get them?

Let's go.

Hang in there, boys.

I'm in the armory.


[g*n COCKS]

I was hoping you'd show yourself.

- Look what I found.

- Enough magic bullshit.

Let's sh**t stuff.

Sorry, Banyon, can't stay this time.

Why fight me when you could join me?

I have no desire to become another one of your slaves.

The Hullen?

Just a means to an end.

You have no idea what I plan to do when I get out.

You can be a part of it.

Why would you think I'd want anything to do with you?

Because all I want is what you want.



You're about to see what I want.


Now that's what I'm talking about!

Keep advancing!

We're getting closer.

Do you want a hand with that?

It's just, you know - it's tricky.

- Quit harshing my rocket buzz.

Less talking, more sh**ting.


So this is what's left of the RAC.

We're in a bit of a transition phase.

I should say so.

But the Nine Families have convened and agreed: - you need our help.

- Excellent.

We're gonna need cots, food supplies.

I got a RAC agent down there who needs medical equipment.

She's already working up an antidote.


For what?

To stop the horrible illness sweeping through Westerley.

Not necessary.

There's no time for an antidote.

We have enough nuclear m*ssile on Qresh online and ready to wipe out any disease-bearing organisms off the face of this moon, stopping any outbreak before it spreads to the rest of the Quad.

You can't wipe out an entire population just to be safe.

I can if it ensures that Qresh isn't overrun by some mysterious plague.

You need Westerley.

- You make money off Westerley.

- And we will again once all the sick people are gone.

I am sure you have some sentimental attachment to this dirtball, but I can assure you Qresh does not.

I got people on the ground working on a cure.

And if that doesn't work?


I know how to stop the one who started this.

Well, it may not be pretty but it just might work.

If it does, can we sell it at happy hour?

Won't know until I try it.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, little miss doctor.

What are you doing?

Every treatment needs a test case.

And what if it doesn't work?

What if it makes it worse?

No, no, we need a doctor to keep working.

Not a bartender.

I'm the one who took the risk.

I'm the one who pays the price.


You know what that is?


- Honorable?

- Stupid, short-sighted, and cowardly.

Cowardly's letting someone else make a sacrifice that could get them k*lled.


That's making the hard call so the rest of us don't have to.

Like Pip did.

How do I get over this, Pree?

Oh, sweetheart you don't.

Life isn't about getting over or letting go.

Just moving ahead because there's nothing behind you but shadows.



The Lady is stalling us.

We need to hurry!


I'm not gonna be able to hold them off for much longer.


What was that?

What's the matter?


Hold on.

You could have done that the whole time?

Oh, so now someone likes my poo face.


It doesn't have to be this way, Aneela.

You don't know what you're giving up.

I know what you took from me.

Time life happiness and I am going to enjoy taking all of that from you.

Before you've heard my final offer?

You have nothing I want.

Oh, but I really do.

What if you could have your family back?


My father is d*ad.

You're a liar.

That's not what I'm talking about.

Listen to me, now, Aneela.

- What the hells is this place?

- Old and nasty.

The sooner we get the hells out of here, the better.

She's supposed to be here.

- She said she would be here.

- You sure put a lot of trust in someone who let's not forget s*ab a bunch of people that we liked - Dad - Starting with me.

- Jaq.

- She had issues.

- How'd she get him?

- faith in someone - that we don't know.

- We have to.

We don't have any other choice.

Where's D'av?

I've informed the capital to prepare the m*ssile.

- Time's up, Turin.

- You can't do this.

- We can do whatever we want.

- Turin!

Turin, listen to me!

The antidote worked!

You hear that?

Call off your firecrackers.


Pree, your viral load is dropping.

You're gonna be up and dancing with Gared in no time!

Well, that's nice.

But who's Gared?



It's me.

- Mommy!

Are you okay, Mommy?

- Oh!


Who's your mommy, sweetie?

Is she around here?

Can somebody help this little girl?

Tell us where Jaq is.


Well now it's a party.

- D'av!


I met the woman who's face you're wearing.

- You're not fooling anyone.

- And so help me I am gonna enjoy ripping it off of you.

It's not for either of you.

Is it, my dear?

- Aneela, what's going on?

- He wasn't strong enough.

- I'm sorry.

- Sorry for what?

- What did you do?

- I made an offer.

And she made a choice.

I'm going to get my family back.


The Lady is a liar.

Khlyen is d*ad.

Your mother is hidden.

Not them.

Delle Seyah.

And Jaq.

If we let her out, she'll let us go.

Please, Aneela.

You know you can't trust her.

She wants to destroy you.

She wants to destroy all of us.

- I've seen it.

- All I want is what every living thing wants.

More time.

More life.

A family of my own.

Come, dear.

It's time.

I'm sorry.

Remember what you said to me once.

You were here.

You mattered.



Was this part of the plan?

I can't even imagine how it will feel to finally get out.

To be free again.


I'm excited to see how you do this.

It's always been a mystery to me.

You're such a special girl, Aneela.

I need to concentrate.

Take your time.

They should be ready for me when we get out.

Think, Zephyr, think.

A virus is an infective agent.

It needs a host to replicate.

But what if it wasn't replicating itself?

What if it was for something else?

Okay, the children were carrying the virus.

The virus was carrying something that attacked the cerebral cortex, wiping out the The the children were carrying something that Wiping out the [FOREBODING MUSIC]

What was I saying?

You're my mom.



D'av, come on.

How could she do this?

She chose her family.

She chose her fight.

But after everything she's been through just to give up it doesn't make any sense.

No, it makes perfect sense.

She gets out and goes traipsing around the galaxy with now the second biggest bitch in the J, and Queen assh*le, she probably doses the green with the spore just to k*ll us for funsies.


Maybe it's better to just let him sleep.

The spore.

I remember the spore.

- Great.

- No, Johnny, that's what she meant.


"You were here.

You mattered.

" I was here.


What is Aneela to you?

I know what to do.


She's my family.

Like you.


One request.

If you can't do the impossible do the honorable.

The thing I couldn't do.



- Things got worse, huh?

- Let's see if we can fix that.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa, you're still using the spore?

What what?

In here?

That's crazy, right?

- Johnny?

- Crazy, yeah.

Pretty much.

But it also might work.

- Where's Aneela?

- Stalling for time.

Waiting for us to find this, find her, and get the hells out of Greentown.

Anyway, that's what I hope.

Otherwise, you have a very small window for "I told you so.





It worked?

It worked!


What did you do?


I made sure you will never get out.

If the walls come down, it opens the passage ways in and out.



But you will never see them.

Oh, yeah, this was a great idea.


Where is she?

Where's the Lady?

We can't wait.

The Lady's coming back.







Come on!

Come on.



Aneela isn't out yet.

The green It's d*ad.

All of it.

The green is d*ad.

- We did it.



Aneela [GASPS]


Aww, shit.

Gotta wake up, Yala.


- Yala.


Five more minutes Sorry, hun.

Five minutes was half an hour ago.

Touch me [SIGHS]

Another day full of joy.

Wasn't nothing short of dreaming My father told me a story once about a family that got lost in the woods.

Gotta run.

Got a heavy shift at the plant today.

Now don't forget your lunch, and remember to pick up a crate of Hokk from Krandall's after work.

Okay, that might be a problem.

Boys are watching the fights tonight.

Who do you think's gonna be the bigger problem?

Me without the Hokk or the boys?

I wanna feel my heart going Good point.

Happy wife, happy life.

They left bread crumbs to mark their path so they'd never forget their way home.

- assh*le.

- Hey, Johnny.

- All set for the fights tonight?

- Uh, no can do.

I'm on bar duty.

But come by afterwards, - sh**t are on me.

- Yeah, right on.

- Oh, sorry man.

- Hey, watch it.

What's your problem, pal?

I don't have a problem.


You forgot your lunch.

But a monster lived in those woods - Thanks, hon.

- And one by one, it ate everything they left behind.

Relax, friend, have a drink.

Bar's over there.

Welcome to Old Town.

You're my daydream, boy What a shit hole.

You're my daydream, boy Memories aren't where you've been they're who you are.

And if I own that I own you.

And now that I'm out I will own everyone.

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