01x08 - Episode 8

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Dublin m*rder". Aired: October 2019 to present.
Crime series based on the novels by Tana French.
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01x08 - Episode 8

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- They asked about the three kids.

- I have reason to believe that Jamie, Peter and Adam witnessed a violent crime.

Against you.

- We raised the darkness.

- There's no such thing.

I never wanted you.

Student card identifies her as Alexandra Manghan.

If it makes you feel any better, you can tell yourself Lexie did it.


- You don't want to do this today.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa!

- I made a mistake.

- Well, no-one needs to know that.

Creative spin, Cass.

Don't send in your report until then, OK?

Cassie, there's something I want to tell you.

Whose are these, Mark?

The biscuits?

Damien always brought them.

Oh, Katy.

You get used to the smell quicker than you think.

She's been here for about six months.

Neighbours downstairs only noticed when she started dripping through their ceiling.

It's m*rder, though.

Her right orbital ridge and cheekbone are smashed.

You'll be Reilly.

You're Maddox.

O'Kelly sent me to babysit you.

Spy, more like.

See if the new girl pukes up her ring at a little putrefaction.

A little?

He reckons there's no possible solve to this, doesn't he?

That's why we've got it.

Well, then, he's going to have to kiss our arses extra hard when we do get a solve, won't he?

She was 22.

Had no-one to notice she was d*ad.

I think I got a bit of our girl on my shoe.

"Dear Mum and Dad, great first day at my new job, "wading knee-deep through foetid human gravy.

" I don't have parents.

k*lled in a car crash.

We hit a stag and it came through the windscreen.

I was in the back of the car.

Not a scratch on me.

You're testing me.

You're going to judge me on how I respond.

You want to know if I'll get on your nerves.

If I get this wrong, your attitude to me will be polite but blistering contempt.

You're quite smart, aren't you, Detective Reilly?

Oh, I get by Detective Maddox.

You were the only one to get out alive?

Yep, that's me.

We've got something in common.

Hello, freak.


Do I have to pay you, Miss Aherne?

It's just I don't really have that much money.

How much do you cost?

Err, don't worry about that for now.

I'm sorry.

That sounded rude.

"How much do you cost?" It's all right.

I'm going to advice you to co-operate fully, Damien.

That little prick.

The hours I spent sat with him while he cried like a bitch.

O'Neill, you get prepped, you'll sit in on interview.

I'll take Quigley.

Damien knows him.

I want everything familiar, keep him calm, focused.

If you could go to the house while forensics work it.

Mrs Donnelly is bed-ridden, MS.

There's plans to move her.

- Where are you going?

- Quick piss.

Chocolate bloody biscuit.

- The devil's in the detail, eh?

- I nearly missed him.

Looking at the family because of 1985.

I should have been looking at him sooner.

I nearly missed him.

Yeah, but you didn't miss him.

So, get yourself together, Detective, and nail this one down.


I'll phone the Devlins and tell them we're holding someone.

Oh, Maddox is out.

There's a body, sh*t d*ad.

But it's not her, so that's something.



It's Simmone.


Come in.

Your neighbours rang me.

Said it looked like something was happening because of the officer outside.

Have they got someone?

They haven't told us very much, but I'll tell you what we know so far.

She's always here, isn't she?

Any excuse.

It's hardly an excuse.

Perhaps it's you she wants to steal.

I can't think why.

But she's welcome to you, as far as I'm concerned.

Can't you just stop?


I don't think I can.

QUIET: It is nothing to do with us.

With it.

It is nothing to do with that.

Everything's to do with that.


CHILD: Why are you whispering?

How long is this going to take?

The sooner we get to the truth, the sooner it's over.

It was me.

All me.

I did it.

Keep your powder dry, Damien.

We need that on tape.

You must have been worried your mum would wake up.

I gave her an extra sleeping pill.

She wouldn't have let me take her car.

And then you drove to Knocknaree, to the dig site?

The finds shed.

I was waiting at the finds shed.

What did you do next?

I hit her.

I hit her on the head.


Was Katy your girlfriend?

- No.

- Did you want her to be your girlfriend?


I'm not a pervert.

But you liked her?


I didn't like her.

That's the whole point.

She wasn't a nice person.

She wasn't kind.

I didn't like her.

Who arranged the meeting?


I suppose.


That's hazy.

- Hazy?

- Yeah, a lot's happened.

Why did she come to the woods in the middle of the night to meet someone who didn't like her?

- Co-operate, Damien.

- I am.

I suppose she didn't know I didn't like her.

She expected everyone to like her because they didn't know the truth about her.

- The truth being that she wasn't kind.

- Worse than that.

She was cruel.

But you must've had some sort of relationship with her to know that.

And she must have known and trusted you, to leave the house in the middle of the night to meet you so you could fracture her skull with two blows from a heavy, blunt object.

It was the rock that holds the garage door open.

So, it was planned?

You'd thought about what you were going to use?


I knew what I was going to do with it.

I knew I was going to k*ll Katy.

Why did you take her back to your house?

What did you want to do to her?


What did you do next?

I took her from the car and laid her down in the laundry room.

I was so thirsty.

I didn't think I could be that thirsty And then she was there.

She wasn't d*ad.

She wasn't d*ad at all.

I want to go home.

I want my dad.

And that's when you suffocated her with a plastic bag.


You undressed her, washed her clothes and redressed her.

She wet herself.

I didn't know that would happen.

And it didn't seem right to leave her like that.

And I'm used to cleaning up.

Taking care.

I still don't understand why you took her home instead of straight to the altar.

Did you want to do something to her and change your mind?

I didn't do anything to her.

Do you have a tracksuit?


For round the house.

- Joggers and a hoodie.

- What colour is it?

- Grey.

- Not blue?

Not French blue?

For the tape, we're showing Damien Donnelly an artist's impression of the man he claims he saw in the woods.

You didn't see this man, did you?

Did you?!

For the tape, Damien.

- No.

- But Jessica Devlin did.

Jessica Devlin said a man in blue running clothes, a tracksuit, followed her and Katy, trying to get Katy to come with him, saying he had kittens.

Was that man you?


I'd never follow children like that because I'm not a pervert!

Thing is, Damien, perverts always say that.

- Always!

- Always.

"It's the others.

They're nonces, paedos, filth.

"They're the beasts, not me.

I'm special.

My love is pure.

" My love is pure!

It is!

I would never, not ever!

You cry a lot, Damien.

You cried when you discovered Katy's body, when you leant over her, trying to wake her.

Poor sweet confused lad.

But in reality you were making sure that any DNA evidence from you, hair, skin, could be attributable to that human gesture.

Trying to wake a d*ad girl.

- Master manipulator.


You cried sitting next to me, going through all those mugshots.

- I felt sorry for you, Damien.

- Of course I cried.

Those men, what they do, they ruin lives.

They hurt and damage and break and ruin, and they don't care.

They don't care what they do, and we have to go on living!

Did that happen to you?

Anyone who does that to a child, they don't deserve to live.

They just don't.

I didn't touch Katy like that.

I didn't have feelings for her like that at all.

I k*lled her because she found it funny.

Because she laughed.


- Funny?

Found what funny?

- It!

Damien, in order of her to have laughed at you, to find IT funny, in order to have that conversation, you'd have had a relationship with her.

A relationship you say you didn't have.

- I didn't.

- And she came out to meet you, in the middle of the night, took a chocolate biscuit from you and ate it, all probably quite cheerfully.

What was happening between her taking the biscuit and you hitting her?

She must have relaxed because she turned her back on you.

What were you talking about?

I don't know, it's - Hazy?!

- Yes!

Was there someone else there with you?


I told you.

It was all me.

You were very quick to tell us that.

But I didn't ask if it was all you, did I?

- I just wanted to tell the truth!

- You're not telling the truth!

And what about this man?

What about this man?!

- Because if he isn't you - He isn't me!

Well, who is it?!

What was happening between you and Katy, between the biscuit and the blow to her skull?

Who else was there with you?

Oh, Damien, come on!

You're used to taking care.

You're used to protecting.

Who are you taking care of now?!

I've told you everything!

This has to be over.

I need to give my mum her meds.

I need to make her tea.

I need to get her home.

Miss Aherne, didn't you brief your client?

Yes, of course.

- I thought you understood - What do you mean?

Damien, you've confessed to m*rder.

There is no going home.

- No!




He's lying.

- There was someone else involved.

- Well, you're not going to get anything more out of him for a long time.

I'll put him on watch.


- Reilly.

- You need to come to Damien's house.

Right now.

- Do you know why I'm here?

- Yeah.

I told you not to send in your report until we'd talked about it.

You mean, until you told me what to say.

You want to f*ck yourself, that's one thing, but you f*cked me.

We should never have been in that house.

They k*lled a woman, and they covered it up.

And we could have broken them in formal interview.


You're going to retract your report.

You wrote it in a state of shock.

Nervous exhaustion.

You're going to submit to a psychiatric assessment and be found unstable.

Your grasp on the particulars of this case were uncertain, and the only mistake I made was considering you fit for active service.

We shouldn't have been in that house.

We went in because we could.

Because it amused us, because we got a kick out of it, because there's something wrong with us and we don't know when to stop.

And now a young man is d*ad who doesn't need to be.

And those kids, cos that's all they are, Frank, they're just kids, they are never going to get over that.

- Retract your report.

- We need to be stopped.

We took risks with other people's lives because we just didn't give a shit.

We're dangerous, Frank.

And you've been doing this for way too long.

You're forgetting who you're talking to, soldier.

I don't know where you think you are right now, but I am not your soldier.

Those blood tests we took from you, we got them rushed though urgent, having your welfare as priority.

You're pregnant, Maddox.

Do you know that?



In Damien's bedroom.

We left it just as we found it.

Look in the box on the desk.



Is your father in?


Stop right now!


Don't be stupid.

Katy's colour.

"And the man in blue said, do you want to see some kittens?

"And Katy said no and she walked away fast, holding your hand" WHY?!



That's enough.

That's enough.

Come on.

Rosalind Develin.

I'm arresting you for the m*rder of Katherine Devlin.

You are not obliged to say anything, unless you wish to do so.

And anything you do say will be taken and can be used has evidence.

I'll be in touch, Mr Devlin.

Go back inside, Jessica.

Do you require medical attention?

Yes, please.

Do you require the services of a solicitor?

Yes, please.

Do you understand the reasons why you have been arrested, as I've explained them to you?


And they're all correct.

I will make a full confession.

But I will only make it to Detective Cassie Maddox.

No-one else.

Just her.

Thank you.

LIFT: Doors opening.


LIFT: Doors closing.

Rosalind and Damien, then.



There was a sh**ting.

Are you OK?


Not at all.


Not my best.

Not good.

Pretty shit.

You left me a message, saying you wanted to tell me something.

What was it?

What the f*ck are you two doing?

Maddox, shake your stumps.

You need briefing.

- Go get her.

- Thanks.

- I will.

- I know you will.

35 years I've been doing this and I never get tired of this moment, when you know you're going to get justice.

I'll never ever get tired of it.

For a English dryshite, you're not so bad, Reilly.

- Thank you, sir.


Sorry about this.

My sinuses are bastards.

So I have advised my client, or at least tried to.

She's set on what she wants.

Full disclosure, no mitigation.

So, I'll just sit here and look pretty.

Interview with Rosalind Devlin in the presence of Detective Garda Cassie Maddox and legal aid solicitor James Brice.

Time, 11.

32 pm, 3rd of December, 2006.

- Thank you for coming.

- Why me?

You look different.

- Have you changed your hair?

- I got a fringe.

Why me?

What did you think that very first day?

What did you think when you saw me?

That there was something very wrong.

I thought that there was something wrong in your house.

- Possibly sexual abuse.

- Oh, well, you were meant to think that.

Everyone was meant to think that.

Your partner thought that.

I was relieved when you went off.

You'd worked it out.

You, with your sharp eyes.

You'd have worked out that the wrong thing was me.

It's not just the fringe.

You're different.

Why are you different?

You told Detective Reilly that you spent a few days in a hostel in Dublin, but you were with Damien Donnelly, planning it, working out how he was going to m*rder your sister.

Why did you go off so suddenly?

I was quite hurt.

I was working another investigation.

Did something happen between you and Detective Reilly?

- You seemed so close.

- Rosalind, I'm tired, and I'm in no mood to piss about.

You got what you wanted, everyone running around after you.

You got your audience.

Mm, I know there's people watching.

All the men.

I don't care about them, though.

I care about you.

Why are you different?

Obviously, this is the game we're playing, is it?

You show me yours.

I'll show you mine.


I seem different because less than 24 hours ago, I sh*t a man d*ad.

It's had quite the effect on me.



k*ller Cassie.

Thank you for sharing.

I look pretty in this one, don't you think?

Are you sure your mum doesn't know I'm here?

She doesn't know.

- I wish you could always stay here.

- I can't.

I have to look after Jessica.

I can't stand that everybody thinks your father is a decent man.

He's filth.

The things he does to you.

What makes it unbearable is the sound of Katy laughing.

She thinks it's funny, Damien.

She laughs.



- Does he love you?


- I think so.

Of course he does.

You're so beautiful, how could he not love you?



He wants to see me tonight, but I daren't.

Would you take a letter for me?

- Then I can meet him.

- Then you can meet him.


- Love you forever.

- Forever and ever.

I told Damien to keep Katy at his place for a day.

There'd be so much confusion and anxiety.

But there'd also be hope.

Hope that she'd just turn up, that she'd be fine, and life would go back to normal.

What's that saying?

It's the hope that kills?

Blunt-force trauma and suffocation kills, Rosalind.

Well, if you're going to be pedantic.

My father suspected I had something to do with it.

With Katy.

You could hear his poor old brain working away.

The cogs grinding.

Not wanting to think it, but thinking it all the same.

Has he ever sexually abused you?

God, no.

Quite the opposite.

Barely looks at me.

But you let us think that he had.

You use the w*apon you've got.

He believed you.

This vulnerable, damaged man believed you, and you exploited him.

I could tell there was something missing when I first met him.

Something lost.

You can sense it, can't you?

But for a while, he got to be a hero, a rescuer.

Not everyone gets to be that.

He got to be a m*rder because of you.

He didn't see it like that, though.

Damien's been taken to a secure unit, under sedation.

His mum, his bed-ridden mum, is in a care home.

She'll probably never see him again.

Two families destroyed.

His and yours.

And Katy d*ad.

Why, Rosalind?

I think something happened with you and Detective Reilly.

I mean, one minute you were there and the next gone.

You run when you get caught out, don't you?

I ran.

I didn't think I would, but I did.

I ran when I was caught.

And you ran, too.

Something happened.

Something was over.

You don't want to tell me.

It's all right, I know.

She's a little mind f*ck, this one.

It's the men in white coats for her.

Why, Rosalind?

Why did you hate Katy that much?

Oh, I was proud of Katy.

Oh, she was a sweetheart.

I didn't hate her at all.

It's them.


Mummy and Daddy.

I f*cking hate them.

Their airless stunted lives.

Their miserable, joyless marriage.

I wasn't wanted, you know.

They had to get married because of me.

They loathe each other.

Being with them is like having a bag held over your head.

So, I know what Katy felt like.

Katy was the one thing that meant their entire existence hadn't been a waste of time.

So, I took her away from them.

Now all they've got is the unwanted Rosalind and the defective Jessica.

No pride, no joy, nothing to look forward to or be excited about.

Now they have no-one to love and no-one to love them.

Now they look ahead and see nothing.

Now they know what it's like to be me.

Rosalind, based on this confession, I think there's a very strong chance that you're going to serve more jail time than Damien.

Do you?

Is there nothing that might make a difference?

You might want to jump in here.

Oh, it's in the planning.

The detective is right.

It's in the planning.

All your games, they're over.

They're done.

Are they?

Oh, k*ller Cassie did you really think I'd come in here with nothing left?

She gets it.

She knows.

What the shite is going on in there?

- SOLICITOR: What does she get?

- Interview terminated.

She knows Detective Robert Reilly is Little Adam from Knocknaree.

Aren't you, Rob?

You're Adam.

The only one to be found.

Aren't you?

All those little hints you gave me, Detective Reilly so I'd trust you.

I went hunting.

Look what I caught.

Dear, oh, dear.

Compromised investigation.

Now, that makes a difference.

That makes a very big difference.

I will require further time with my client.

And you can turn that tape off.

No, f*ck it, leave it running.

Jesus, this is gold!

Little Adam.

with an English accent.

You can come out now.

You can stop hiding.

I found you.

I'd like to see you in my office, Detective.

Now, Detective.


Not a word about this.

He's one of those kids.

How can he be?

He's one of those kids, isn't he?

Yeah, Phelan.


Oh, shite.

Interview terminated 1.

17am, 4th December, 2006.

Maddox didn't know.


What possessed you?

I wanted to know what happened to us.

To me and Peter and Jamie.

I wanted to find them.

To bring them home.

I wanted to come home.

There'll be a disciplinary.

You're finished.

Maddox'll never work m*rder again.

You can't leave for a bit.

You'll get swarmed by journalists.

I wouldn't do that to you.

Go somewhere I can't see you until we can get you out quietly.

Every single case you worked can now be questioned.

Don't you get that?

Every single conviction is now in doubt.

I'm sorry.

Just go away.

Go away now.

This goes against every single protocol.

It's interesting, isn't it?

I get to make demands now.

I say I want to speak to you, and here you are.

What do you want, Rosalind?

You must have been wondering all your life why they disappeared and not you?

Of course, anyone would.

- Don't listen to her.

- No.

Do listen to me.

I'm the only one that understands.

Why you and not them?

Why did you get to grow up and not them?

Why were you lucky and not them?

Why were they never seen again, but here you are, in your crumpled suit, pretending to be a human being.



It's because they were wanted.



Like Katy.

And you're just so ordinary.

You weren't lucky, Adam, you just weren't special.

You're a reject.

- Like me.


I didn't want us to part company without telling you that.

I'm ready.

- Love you forever.

- Forever and ever.

What did she say to you, then?

It's true, don't you think?

We're rejects.


She was just twisting the knife one last time.

She probably won't go to prison.

She'll end up in a psychiatric hospital somewhere.

Katy won't get what she deserves.

I f*cked up.

We f*cked up.

We both did.

You and me.

There are things I should never have done.

We were just feeding off each other.

Our festering secrets.

I should never have done that to you.

Is this it?

I k*lled a man, Rob.

I k*lled Daniel March, and Rosalind Devlin gets away with m*rder, and both those things are because of us.

I. .

I I thought we could maybe say sorry.

I could say sorry because I I am sorry, and we could carry on.

I need to get off that road.

And you need to leave those woods.


I don't know how.

Tell me how and I will because I just I just want to bring them home.

They weren't bad or good, they were just Peter and Jamie.

So how do I leave them out there in the dark?

Cassie, this is really it, isn't it?

I have to go see O'Kelly now.

Of course.

We won't see each other again.

I know that.

I'll miss you.

Very much.

Be careful with yourself, Rob.


The message I left you.

What I wanted to say is that I love you.

You are the only person in this world that I love.

OVER PA: Attention, all passengers, the Dublin to Liverpool ferry is now boarding REPORTER: How do you like being back in Knocknaree?

Why did you say you were d*ad?

Adam, what happened to Jamie and Peter?


Why, you've crawled out from under your stone, then.

I have, just sorting a few things out.

Dotting the Is, crossing the Ts.

I owe you a drink, Brian.

Your cock-up entirely eclipses mine.

And Maddox is proved completely unreliable as an officer.

Nowt she says carries any water.

So, tough times for you, but it's all good for me.

Every cloud.

- One of these days, Mackey - Yeah, yeah, no doubt.

One of these days, I'll be on me knees in some field in the back of the beyond, beside a grave I've dug for myself, and there'll be a g*n at the back of my head.

Who'll pull the trigger?

Will it be you?

I don't think so.

You haven't got the balls, and there's this streak of decency you've got.

It'll be the end of you.

Listen, remember to stay hydrated, yeah?

Nice location.

Just give us one of those, would ya?


I held Sandra Sculley down.

In the woods.

And when it happened it didn't feel real.

It was just Cathal shouting at me to hold her arms, to hold her down.

And I did.

I did what I was told.

That's the bit I remember.

It's the rest of it.



Just running.

That's all.

And being chased.

That was your little friends, shouting that they'd seen it all.


That they were going to tell.

- How long are we going to stay here?

- Till those little shits come out.

- Maybe they've gone home.

- They're hiding.

We were going to catch you, give you all a kicking and put some manners on yer.

I know you can hear me!

You go against me, and I will rip your heads off and piss down the holes on your necks!

You'd been there, all three of you.

And then you weren't.


Then we saw one of you at the tree.


Boy, little boy, it's OK.

It's OK, little boy, let go.

Let go.

Let go, little boy.

And that was you.

That was me.

With you shoes full of blood and those rips in your shirt.



And then there was this noise.

Like laughing, but not.

We shat ourselves.

That was the truth.





- Leave him.

- Can't leave him.

f*cking leave him!

We were never here.

I'll sort it out like I always do.

Come on!


Cathal got Margaret to say she'd seen us.

She was 14, she had a crush on him, she didn't know what she was agreeing to.

But I swear to you, I swear we never touched a hair on your head, or your friends'.

They were just gone.

I believe you.

We all had to keep it going, the lie.

You need to make a statement.

Not to me.

To someone who's allowed to take statements.

About the r*pe.

I already have.

Shane used to say that we'd raised a darkness, what we did to Sandra.

And we did.

We raised a darkness.


Our daughter.


NURSE OVER PHONE: Yes, everything is confidential.

Do you know how many weeks you're pregnant?


Can you come in on the 15th?

Cassie Maddox?

- Do you have anyone with you, Cassie?

- No, it's just me.

- I did my best for you.

- Thank you, sir.


You broke my terrible f*cking heart.

Just so you know that.

Go well, Lexie.

Be good.

That's the thing about being a detective.

You get to detect.

Come on, I'll take you home.

It'll heat up in a bit.

You should go to bed.


I'll give you a call later to check how you're doing.

Would you stay for a bit?

You're going to be all right, Cassie.

You are.

Everything's going to be all right.

You poor little bastard, Adam.

I thought I'd come and have a look.

So where are they sending you, then?

Somewhere quiet to count the sheep?

Pretty much.

Have they found anything?

Bodies, you mean?


It's a big wood.

I found something, though.

Turned it over with my shoe.

Probably all those Indiana Jones wannabes were desperate to turn up something like this.


The baby stealer.

Well, just cos I look like an uneducated gob-shite doesn't mean I am one.

Do you want it?


Not at all.

Well, good luck in the arse end of nowhere.

And a rising road to you, Adam.

You deserve that much.

A rising road.
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