04x10 - f*re from the Gods

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Man in the High Castle". Aired: January 2015 to November 2019.
"The Man in the High Castle" explores what it would be like if the Allied Powers had lost WWII, and Japan and Germany ruled the United States. Based on the novel of the same name.
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04x10 - f*re from the Gods

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Okay, quiet, everyone.

Cameras rolling.

We go live in five four Ladies and gentlemen, the Reichsfuhrer of North America.

My fellow Americans.

The last few days have been difficult for us all.

Heinrich Himmler was a father to our people.

We mourn his loss.

But with his passing comes an opportunity for rebirth and renewal.

A change has come to the Western states, and with it, a chance to take our divided land and bring it back together.

A great transformation is coming.

Soon, we will be one nation again.

And clear.

Let's wrap it up, everyone.

Thanks, Ted.

- Great speech.

- Thanks, Bill.

- How'd I do?

- You were wonderful, Daddy.

- Good.

- Reichsfuhrer, our meeting with high command - is about to begin, so - John, I need a moment in private.

Give us a moment.

Of course.

Stay with Bridget, girls.

Yes, Mother.

Sorry, Helen, I haven't had the chance to get back to the apartment since the plane touched down.

So what is it?

Two SS came by the apartment this morning.

They tore out a rat's nest of wires and microphones from our walls, our phones They were acting on my orders, Helen.

Are you sure they got everything?

Hoover is no longer a problem.

Oh But I'm not just thinking about Hoover.


You don't need to worry.

Our family is no longer in danger from Berlin.

You know, a long time ago, we told ourselves that if we ever had the chance, we might do things differently.

A moment, please.

John, there are things that we need - to discuss privately.

- Yes, I know, but we can't discuss them here.

- Then when?

- The day after tomorrow, I'm gonna be taking a train to the Poconos, 11:00 a. m.

I'd like you to join me.

Everything's gonna be made clear, I promise.

- All right.

- Come in.

Gentlemen, take your seats.

Sir, this has just arrived from Berlin.

Sir, it's plans for Phase Five.


Are you coming?

I am giving him cephalosporin to fight infection.

His wounds are healing, but the stitches won't be ready to come out for another week or so.

Gestapo really scoured that clinic looking for the bodyguard, and we got the nurse to safety, - but - Well, it's only a matter of time before they come rolling through Harlem going house to house.

We're gonna gamble that we're safe for another 24 hours.

You should go, though.

Get to the Poconos.

What about Helen?

You know, I I'm not sure anything I said had an effect on her, honestly.

She was terrified.

We've come this far.

We have to finish it.

Well, you took your chance, and it, uh, it was worth a chance.

Thank you.

Well, it's not over.

We've got 400 people ready to make an as*ault on the portal.

Something's coming, you know.

I don't know what it is, but I've been sensing it.

Well, that's all the more reason to blow it to kingdom come, right?

It's an abomination.

It's only an abomination 'cause the n*zi control it.

But what if we controlled it?

That's a doorway to a universe where the Allies won the w*r.

I don't know that anyone can control it for long.

I guess we'll see you in the Poconos?

We'll be waiting.

Take good care of our boy here.

Be careful.

He, uh, he cheats at cards.

Sometimes you got to even the odds, you know what I mean?



I said y'all can't be back He's in there, all right.

Open that.





" That's poison.

That should do it, right there.


t*nk's empty.

Is there another t*nk?


Leave it.

We'll string him up like we planned.

Oh, shit!

It's good.

Follow me.

We will give you travel permits.

Thank you.

Okami-san, thank you for seeing me.

I have a-a unique proposal for you.

I know you'll want to hear this personally.

I'm a businessman, much like yourself.

You're nothing like myself.


I'm a businessman.

I have a shop filled with valuable Americana.

There's nothing else like it, anywhere.

Do we know this store?

I understand you have a trawler that's going to Japan.

These are the keys to my shop.

You put me on that boat and it's yours.

I want my son.

Bring me Colonel Kido's son.

He owes.

I can pay his debts.

The yen is no good here anymore.

We must return to the old ways.

I am familiar with the old ways.

I know you are, Taisa.

I have no doubt you would g*n us all down, but if you did, you wouldn't last long, and neither would your boy.

So we must barter for his life.

What do you want?

I want you to serve me as my saiko-komon, my supreme adviser.

Don't do this.

These are my debts.

Are you prepared to become a member of the Ninkyo Dantai?

I am.

For the boat.

You should go now.

This is not for your eyes to see.

Bow to me, Kido.

As your Oyabun.

Takeshi Kido is Yakuza now.

There's still one last thing left to do.


I'm working late.

Maybe you should go to bed.

Yeah, go.

Go 'round back.

Hide those g*n positions.

Make it look like a town, not a base.

- Let's get those RPGs up front.

- Comandante.

We've marked off where Aztlan guerrillas are setting up sn*per stations and booby traps in the Mission District.

We'll get you the same on our end.

We'll also set up a chalk code to flag houses that are safe and ones we've booby-trapped.

Muy bien.

Sabra has set up medic stations in all of the districts, we also have a medevac team down at the pier.

But we are still evacuating children and elderly to our camps in the Sierras.

- Pablo.

- ÿSí?

Okay What've you got for us, Lem?

Volunteers from the Neutral Zone.

What's this?

Deserters from the Wehrmacht.

They're not the only ones, either.

They just keep crossing the border.

What the hell am I supposed to do with them?

Give them a r*fle?

We put 'em to work.

They're n*zi, Lem.

No, they were n*zi.

Get them out of those uniforms.

We'll put them to work scrubbing pots.

- Huh.

- Don't let Elijah see them, either.


They brought something else, too.

- I'll be damned.

- Mm-hmm.

After all that bullshit, the dumbass cracker let Kido get away.

The f*ck is this?

Lem says there's senior n*zi officers going cold - on the Reich.

- People there saw what happened here.

They see a chance to have their own country.

The way it used to be.

The way it used to be?

Do you remember how it used to be, brother?

If there's one thing that can split the Reich in two, it's this flag.

All them g*dd*mn n*zi used to be Americans once.

And all those white Americans are n*zi now.


You are facing a w*r which you cannot win.

I'm sorry, somebody's got to say it.

Man, this flag ain't never done shit for us.

That ain't what we fought for.

That America's gone.

I'm sorry, Lem.

I know what you're trying to do but we can never go back.

Fair enough.

But you still need to send a message.

And y'all better do it quick.

'Cause y'all can't hold out too long here.

The Empire TV station.

Is it still functional?

- Can we get in there?

- Sure 'nough.

This whole city's ours.

Now, in news from the Western States.

Letters have been streaming in to Reich headquarters from ordinary Americans facing the nightmare of n*gro rule.

Their stories are heartbreaking.

But the Reich has heard - their pleas for help.

- There you go, sweetie.

In a matter of days, the campaign of liberation is set to begin on orders of Reichsfuhrer John Smith.

We take you now to a report - from our armored - You know?

- in the Neutral Zone - We have the sound.

Testing, - Wha what's happening?

- one, two, three.


Move the antenna.

We good?

Go ahead, sister.

Ladies and gentlemen.

- Do not adjust your TV sets.

- A n*gro?

There is nothing wrong.

We have interrupted your regularly scheduled n*zi propaganda to bring you the truth.

- Something's wrong.

Turn it off.

- No, I want to hear this.

We are the people.

Along with so many others that the n*zi tried to exterminate in their camps.

They m*rder millions of us.

But they failed.

Cut it off, now.

We're still here.

It's coming out of the former JPS.

They've broken into our broadcast band.

Now we are free.

The relay transmitters will be destroyed in minutes, sir.

And you are slaves to humanity's greatest lie.

But we can help you free yourselves.

A long time ago, America made a promise but it was never kept.

We mean to deliver on that promise.

We have founded a new nation.

If you can hear my voice, you are already a citizen.

- Holy f*cking shit.

- Mom!

- But the first step to freedom - Shh.

you must take inside your own mind.

You don't have to fight this w*r.

Desert your post.

Say your g*n jammed.

There was sand in the gears.

There's a thousand ways to resist.

Are we on?

We take you now to a report from our armored troops in the Neutral Zone.

Foolish, poking the bear.

- These t*nk of the 51st - It won't make any difference.

passing in the deserts of New Mexico.

Commanders here are readying themselves for the order to liberate the Western states.

Amy, go to your room.

You're not my mother, you can't tell me to go - to my room.

- You don't want to hear this.


It's, it's time for bed.

Come on, I'll tuck you in in a minute.

It was you.

You and Daddy.

You k*lled them.

k*lled who?

The Negroes, the Jews, all those people.

What happened to them?


- I need to hear it from you.

- Okay, uh, they, they they sent them to camps.

And what did they do in the camps?

They forced them to work.

Then what?

Where are they now?

They're gone.

They k*lled them.

And you and Daddy were a part of it.


Yes, we were.

It It was a different time.

We felt like our world It had just ended, it was a decision that we made for one day that led to 20 years.

You could have escaped to the Neutral Zone.

Yeah, we could have, yes.

But we didn't.

So you joined the Party instead.

Daddy was in the SS.

I did it because I well, I believed in it.

Not at first, but later I-I - I believed in all of it.

- The camps where they k*lled - the Jews and the Negroes?

- All of it.

All of it.

They told us it was necessary.

I didn't ask any questions.

I didn't even think about those people until Oh.

Until we became those people.

You got all this.

We didn't do it for this.

We did it to keep you alive.

You didn't keep Thomas alive, did you?

Oh, God, Jennifer, don't you think that I know that?

- They took him away.

- I am begging you, - please, please, please.

- They poisoned him!

Don't, don't do this.

He was my brother.

I loved him, too.

Ye I know how you must see us, but Everything we have was bought with other people's lives.

You were our children.

Our babies.

How many were there?

In America.

In Europe, in Africa, how many?

I-I don't - I don't know.

- And they're gonna do it all over again, aren't they?

And Daddy's gonna be in charge, isn't he?

I don't know.

I don't ever want to be like you.

You shouldn't have to be.

Thank you, gentlemen.

Good night.


A word, if I may?

Your wife's minder, Agent Martha Stroud, has disappeared, sir.

She was last seen guarding your wife at the Davenport Women's Clinic.

She never returned to her post.

Or her apartment.

A thorough search has been conducted, but no body found.

However, we did find this in the clinic incinerator.

Staatspolizei believe that she's been m*rder by the Resistance, sir.

Well, this isn't gonna feel good.

Way up in Deep breath.

That's not too bad, actually.

You know, in all honesty, I'd be better off drinking that rotgut.

Take the edge off.

Well, when your dressing's changed, maybe I'll pour two fingers in a glass for you.

Ah, see, now you're talking.

What happened in that clinic I know.

I like to think I can handle most situations, but f*ck.

I don't know if I have the stomach for this anymore.

I'm sick and tired of being Wyatt Price, I can tell you that much.

Well, good news, you've always been Liam, far as I'm concerned.

Listen I hope you can understand why I've kept my distance.

A lot of people have gotten hurt around me.

A lot of people got hurt around me, too.

I didn't want it to happen to you.

But it didn't happen.

Because you were there.

I'll go when it's my time.

For now, I just take each day that's given to me.

But you can still leave.

You have choices.

You can live in any world you want to.

You know, I've seen a lot of versions of my life.

But there's only one with people in it who understand me.

So no.

Thank you.



What did you mean when you told Bellows something is coming?

I've seen it, in visions.

It's not complete, but it's Davenport Women's Clinic.

I have two daughters.


Amy and Jennifer.

Yes, I remember them.

I need to get us out before anything happens.

I have a brother in Montana.

We have a network.

Our people will get you and the girls there safely.

You need to promise me.

You have my word.

The train leaves at 11:00 a. m. tomorrow for the Poconos.

My husband will be on it.

Aren't you going to eat your grapefruit, Jennifer?

I have no appetite.


I'm afraid I'm going to have to take a raincheck on our trip today, John.

You may have to go without me.

I'm not feeling well.


Is this something I should be concerned about?

- Oh, it's just, uh - It's just what?

It's nothing serious.


Well, if it's nothing serious, then I'll send a car for you at 10:00 a. m.

See you on the train.

Tell me, in the gokudo, do I outrank you?

Yes, saiko-komon.

Then go away.

There are things that must be said.

- You don't have to - I have failed you as a father.

The first duty of a parent is to protect his child.

- Stop.

- Let me finish.

I never showed my true affection for you.

I have so many regrets.

I can only say that you will always be my son.

Come home with me.

- The invasion will begin soon - There is no going back.

I have much to atone for, and I must start here.

Good-bye, Father.

Redline power at 15%.

Follow up.

6th Airborne Division will drop on San Francisco.


Thanks for being here.

Give us a moment to wrap up and we can have a private talk.

The corporal will give you some tea.

- Tea, ma'am?

- Please.

It should be right here.

Right there, lads.

We're at the fence line.


Good luck.

- Out.

- Copy that.

Bellows has all four companies in position.

They're ready to move on our word.

How long have we got?

Roughly 54 minutes.

Stand clear.

All right, the power's off.

Sir, it's from General Whitcroft.

Strategic Air Command is awaiting your order to launch the as*ault on San Francisco, sir.

Thank you.

That'll be all.



Take a seat.

Helen, I want to ask you a question.

And I want you to answer truthfully.

Have you ever been approached by the Resistance?


Julia Mills, you remember her.

That day at the department store.

She told me Thomas was alive, that you'd been to visit him.

She also told me there were films in our apartment.

I looked, and I found them.

There we were, all of us, together.

It it never happened.

And yet, there we were.

What is going on?

Julia Mills is a t*rror1st, Helen.

But what she told you is true.

Thomas is alive in another world, Helen, and I've been to see him.

What do you mean, another world?

You have to see t-the portal yourself to understand.

That's why I asked you here.

Lay the charges all around the base.

- Yes, sir.

- Yes, sir.

All right, come here.

Come here.

Fill these with sand and pack them round the charges.

All right?

It'll force the blast into the column.

We're gonna down this thing like a f*cking tree.

This, this portal you're talking about I-I mean, what?

You've seen it yourself, Helen.

You've seen the movies.

Well, I've been there.

He's alive.

I have had that fantasy so many times, but it's just that, John, it's a fantasy.


He's not I've seen him.

Helen, I've seen our beautiful boy.

He's real.

He's real as you and me.

I want you to I want you to have the same thing I had, Helen, I want you to see him yourself.

Well, of course I want that, but He's not sick, he's healthy, he's strong.

He's doing so well.

He's There is a w*r, and he is enlisted.

He is so much like our Thomas.

Uh, but he's-he's not.

He's not our Thomas.

I can see what's gonna happen.

Helen, he's gonna die all over again unless we do something.

- But we can save him.

- How?

We can bring him home.

You want to bring this boy here?

As what, as a-a prisoner?

Now, I've struggled with it.

I know it's not gonna be easy, but, uh, I don't think we have any choice.

I can't lose him again.

He's gonna hate us, but he's gonna be alive, - and I can live with that.

- Well, I can't, I can't.

- I can't live with that.

- When you see him again, you're gonna change your mind.

- No.


- Helen No.

Thomas is d*ad.

Amy isn't ours anymore.

Her mind belongs to the state.

And Jennifer, well, Jennifer has rejected us.

We had three chances and we wasted them all.

That-that's where you're wrong, Helen.

If there is a better version of me out there somewhere, I want her to have my son, because you and I, we don't deserve to have a child.

You're saying you have a chance to see your son again and you're not gonna take it?

I wouldn't want him to see what we have become.


The 500th Airborne is ready to deploy.

The Luftwaffe has recommended we launch.

Everyone's just waiting your order, sir.

- Give the order.

- Right away, sir.


Zero, this is OP.

Come in, Zero, are you receiving?

- Where is it?

- It just passed the marker.

OP says five clicks out.

Right, let's get these sandbags in place.

Come on, speed it up.

Let's go!

I've seen the plans, John.

The plans for the camps.

How did we get here?

You and me, how did we get here?

This thing that we have been a part of it is a crime.

I know.

It has to stop.

I don't know how.

Get to cover!


Taking f*re!

Inform battalion we're under att*ck!


Go, go!

- Go, go!

- sh**t it!

I made arrangements for the girls.

It was me, John.

I can't stop!


H Helen?




Sir, we have to go.

Sir, we have to go!

Come on!

Get him up!

Pick him up!




We'll cover you!

Bellows, stay back!

We've breached the outer defenses.

D Company is at the mine entrance now.

We'll meet you at the portal.

Good luck.




We're clear.

Guys, we gotta move.

Let's go, let's go.


Where's that bag?

Have you seen Juliana?

Haven't seen her.

We gotta move.

There you are.

We've seen things you and me.

Other worlds.

Other lives.

We we have that in common.

It's unbearable.

To be able to look through that door and glimpse all the people you could have been.

And to know that out of all of them this is the one you became.

Move, move, move!

Get civilians to shelter!

- Luftwaffe planes sighted.

Paratrooper divisions coming in!

- Everybody move!

Move, move!

Get in position!


Go, go, go!

Everyone get ready!

- Enemy b*mb sighted!

- Hurry!


Alpha, this is Hotel.

We have found the Reichsfuhrer.

John Smith is Delta Echo.

Repeat: John Smith is d*ad.


Get me Strategic Air Command.


Oh, baby.


It's happening.

The door is open.

They're coming.

From where?

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