01x10 - The Cicada Covenant

Episode transcripts for the T.V. show, "Treadstone." Aired: October 2019 to December 2019.
The treadstone project works on creating unstoppable superhuman assassins.
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01x10 - The Cicada Covenant

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I mean, if they think you're d*ad, it will buy us time.

He's my height, he's my weight.

Complexion's close enough.

Sam, I can pass as him.

Dating website?

Yeah, this is how we stay in contact.

If we wanna survive, this is the only move left to make.

I'm not a k*ller.

You said you wanna know - who's waking us up.

- I do.

Cut a deal with them, then.

Your life for mine.

- Inspector Van Roon.

- I need international help.

They're connected to the m*rder of a woman in Berlin and an American man named Jacob Vickers, alias Stephen Haynes.

I'd have to know more.

I'll call you when I land.

- Get me Ellen Becker.

- You're not bringing me in, Dan.

You're already in.

Dennis Kohler, I'm the new station chief.

Welcome home.

I wish I could take you in, but I can't, not like this.

Wait, wait!

Just stick to the plan.

You'll have to be convincing.

We have to work together, Matheson.

Finish your mission, John.

Let's go!

The warhead is already en route to Cyprus.

If you can help us eliminate Colonel Shin, asylum for your family will be no problem.

We have a deal.

Stiletto Six is in play, and Yuri Leniov's behind it.

Activating asset.

Hey, stop, do not run!

No, no, no, no, no.

A cicada is standing here in my house.

I wasn't born in London.

My family wasn't k*lled in a car accident.

It was a f*cking cover story.

My sister might still be alive.

How long has she been living this lie?


She was one of the first.

She was in the middle of an assignment to k*ll Leniov when Treadstone was shut down?

Being a journalist was her cicada cover life.

She's finally completing her mission.

Yuri Leniov had my best friend executed right in front of me just days ago.

He sold a nuke on the black market.

This son of a bitch has it coming.

Take this.

Got anything else?

Tell me about Yuri.

What do you want to know?

Start with how he thinks.

Yuri won't enter a fight until his enemy's already weakened.

He'll fortify himself on high ground, make you fight through all of his men to get to him.

Keep going.

The moment you draw blood, he will flee and run for his life.

If you let Yuri get away, you will never get close to him again.

Sounds like you know him well.

I spent my life taking orders from him.

You're welcome to join me.

I've got some unfinished business of my own.

Meisner wanted us to k*ll him.

He was a psychopath.

He said it was part of our mission.

What are you talking about?

We don't know what he really did to us in his lab.

And what if sending us back to the CIA was part of his plan all along?

He's still in your head.

That's what I'm worried about.

British guy back there wasn't the only one caught up on the redhead.

What does that mean?

I remember the training.

I was out of my mind.

And ever think about what you'd do if you saw her outside of that place?


- Why don't I believe you?

- Well, what would you do?

I'd k*ll her.

Got you surrounded.

Jake tells me you're a fighter.

Do you like the fights?

I'm afraid I've never seen one.

No kidding.

I hate brutality, Mr.


The idea of two men beating each other to a pulp makes me ill.

I saw all Swede's fights.

Plain ginger ale for you, lady.

I've changed my mind.

You can sweeten it now.

No trouble whatsoever.

It's a nice apartment.

Must cost a fortune to keep it up.

I'll bet they need two servants at least to take care of it.

The more I know of love The less I know it - Here's your drink, lady.

- Who the f*ck are you?

The more I give to love I said, here's your drink, lady.

The more I owe it Ask your boyfriend.

Visuals are up in Cyprus.

Warehouse owned by Yuri Leniov received a shipment.

The crate matches the warhead's dimensions.

Looks like the intel Soyun Pak gave us is accurate.

The warhead is there.

They're getting ready to move it.

Yuri has three charter jets with Cypriot diplomatic clearance ready to depart in the next hour.

We can't let them take off.

Well, how far out is Bravo Team?

Uh, ten klicks, sir.

Tell 'em to hit the gas.


It's good to hear your voice.


Are you okay?

Tell me about the Cicadas.

What do you mean?

What happens to them after they've been woken up?

They don't live very long.

I remembered something about you today, Edwards.

You were part of Blackbriar.

You stood up for that rogue asset on the run.

How the hell did you know that?

I have to go.

Pinged Edwards' call with Tara Coleman.

His location confirmed.

Has the survey team arrived in Amsterdam, yet?

- Yes, sir.

- What are you doing?

Tying off loose ends.

Edwards isn't leaving us a choice.

Bravo Team has arrived.

All right, pull up Cyprus.

Let's secure that warhead from Leniov's warehouse.

Bravo Team is on-site.

All right, they have the green lights.

Bravo Team, mission is a go.

You are confirmed w*apon free.

Alpha One, six team point.

We're locked down egress.

Prepare to move.

Hold positions.

Hold for command.

w*apon free, Bravo Team leader.

You are clear to engage.


Resistance is significant.


Bravo 3 is down.

The asset in Moscow has arrived on-site.

All right, throw it up on the screen.

That's green.

Let's go, go, go!

Shots fired in Moscow.


I got you, I got you!

I need a sitrep for Cyprus.

Bravo Team, what's your status?

Facing continued resistance.

Need some cover on the south side!

I got two tangos Signal intelligence from Moscow is reporting a g*n battle.

What's happening in Cyprus?

Bravo Team, we need a sitrep.

I've got five tangos down.

Copy that, three tangos down southwest corner.

Package secure, we've got eyes on.

All tangos in Cyprus are down, package is secure.

Great job, everybody.

- Nice work.

- Good work.

The warhead's off the board.

What about Tara?

Hello, Petra.

I don't know you.

Well, if you knew about me, Bentley wouldn't be doing his job right.

He's my top field agent.

I think you have the wrong person.


Bentley told me all about you.

You're lying.

Well, how else would I know that you were running Meisner's operation?

I see that program's value, Petra.

That's why I ordered Bentley to bring you to me.

You're trying to instill doubt and get me to talk.

It's the same approach I'd take if I were you.

You were his assignment ever since he escaped the lab in Berlin.

We can play this game all day.

You were just a mission, Petra.

He was wearing a tracking device.

What do you want?

I want everything you know about the Cicada program.

Bentley told me you ran it alongside Meisner.

I know nothing.

I'd think twice about that approach if I were you, Petra.

You don't have any friends left.

You turned on the KGB and Bentley betrayed you.

That's a conversation I'll have with him myself.

All right.

What's your angle, Sam?

There is no angle, Leo.

I can't find my husband.

I can't find Doug.

- You married an asset.

- I fell in love.

What did you think was gonna happen?

I thought the program was done.

But it's not, is it?

Talk to me about Doug.

He got back from the Arctic and he was acting really strange.

And then Lowell showed up at our house.

- Where's Lowell now?

- He's d*ad.

Doug k*lled him and took off.

Jesus Christ.

Well, that's why I reached out.

You thought we could help you find your husband.

Leo Did you actually think things'd go back to normal after all of this?

Leo, please.

- Buenos días.

- Buenos días.

You're more than a k*ller, Doug.

I have news.


What is it?

He's d*ad, Sam.

No, please.

No, I don't believe you.

Don't don't you come in here and just try and f*ck with my head, God damn it.

- Calm down, listen.

- Well, what happened, huh?

He showed up in the middle of another asset's mission.

He must have tried to interfere.

The asset put him down and eliminated the body.


Look I'm sorry, Sam.

- Let me out of this place.

- Sam Let me out of here, okay?

You're telling me my husband's d*ad, I don't wanna see you or anyone else from this program ever again.

What are you doing here?

I need to talk to you right now.

What is it?

Vincent missed his target window.


If Vicuña gives his speech, he'll start a revolt.

Oh, f*ck Satellite coverage offline.

Tap into available traffic cams.

Morning, everyone.

What do we got?

INTERPOL inspector Marten Van Roon is arriving at Pythonbrug Bridge.

What, no, no, no, no.

Hang on, hang on, hang on.

We have to discuss this.

Yeah, we're way past that now.

- This is not what you and I - He's forcing our hand.

Survey team has him on foot heading south on Panamakade.

All right, we need to intercept Van Roon before he rendezvous with Edwards.

I am not okay with this.

Tell the survey team to move in.

Survey team, mission is a go.

You are authorized to engage target.

Hey, hey, pal, you okay?

Oh, sh**t, we got you.

Had a little bit to drink there, huh?

He'll be fine.

Subject is secure.

Survey group will transport him to his residence to sleep it off and scan all of his available hard drives.

Traffic cam just got a ping on Matt Edwards.

We have an asset on the ground.

No, Dan, this is wrong.

This is completely wrong.


Edwards just spotted the asset.

He's starting to evade camera coverage.

You brought in Stephen Haynes?

- He's alive?

- Of course.

He's been reprogrammed.

Haynes knows Edwards.

He's a bloodhound.

This had to get done fast.

We've lost visual.

This is residential.

There are blind spots in the cameras.

Satellites still unavailable.

Does he have a cell phone?

The burner he used to call Van Roon.

I've got access to the system.

All right, activate the microphone and set up an audio feed through our system.

Local police just got a report of shots fired.

- They're en route.

- Should we recall the asset?

No, let's finish this.

Haynes, it's me!


Stop, please!

Haynes, it's me.


Still no visual?

No, sir.

All right, shut down the feed.

Wipe the phone.

Let me know when Haynes codes in.

Yes, sir.

Did you attempt a recalibration?

Let's recalibrate, see if it shows any anomalies.

Okay, sir.

We're doing good work here, Ellen.

Edwards It's just collateral damage.

We took a nuke off the board.

This isn't about a nuclear m*ssile and you know it.

How many assets are in play?

More each day.

Who's behind all of this?

Who's ordering these Treadstone operations?

Be careful, Ellen.

You just m*rder my friend.

I think you're the one that needs to be f*cking careful.

You're just gonna have to do what you need to in the moment.

I'm not a k*ller.

Hey, hey!



No, no, no, no!


We can use him to get in here, no problem.

We'll give it 12 more hours and then we move, okay?

What's happening with Vincent?

It's not your concern.

Whatever's going on, you know I can help.

Vincent's serotonin levels need to be assessed every six weeks.

Otherwise his FPPC functions get spotty.

When was the last time he had a neurotransmitter work-up?

Vincent's back on track.

- Where is he?

- Somewhere in Colombia.

A mining company wants to acquire a deep vein of rare-earth metal located in disputed territory.

She's not cleared for that anymore.

Maybe we could use her.

Logistics is short-staffed and she knows these guys inside and out.

What the hell is Treadstone doing working for a mining company, anyway?

Oh, spare me the outrage.

You don't even know, do you, Anna?

You never asked questions.

You just followed orders and smiled.

The world is getting smaller.

Population is skyrocketing, and natural resources are in play.

South America, the Arctic, these places are ground zero, and we're helping to clear the path for America.

This is about survival, Sam.

Welcome home, Bentley.

Now look, I know the last time we saw each other it was tense, but you have proven your loyalty to the CIA.

You think I'm just gonna stay quiet about Frank.

I'm gonna burn you down.

Oh, records show that Ferguson was k*lled during a mugging.

We suspect KGB, but there's no proof.

- That's f*cking bullshit.

- No, it's w*r.

You went into battle, and you delivered.

Now the director wants to thank you personally.

You're a g*dd*mn hero, Bentley.

No, I'm done.

There is a new kind of arms race going on.

It's about creating better soldiers, and we have fallen behind the Russians.

You're the lynchpin that we need.


You and our new prisoner.

You betrayed me.

How many more of your prisoners are waiting for you to come back?

I left everything for you!

You lied to me!

This is unacceptable, Senator Wray.

This, um, never should have happened.

It was an unsanctioned operation.

And the people that are responsible are being handled.

See you soon, my friend.


- It's me, Ellen.

- Oh, my God.

Oh, my God, Matt, you're alive.

The agency sent Haynes after me.

Tara's one of them.

I know, that's why I sent her to help you.

Ellen, thank you.

We have to do something to stop - Matt, I have to go.

- Ellen.

They're here for me.

They must know I contacted Tara last night.

Please come with us, ma'am.

Searching everywhere for answers about Treadstone, and the whole time you were right in front of me.

We can stop it together.

I volunteered for the program for a reason.

Why would I wanna stop it?

The program's been corrupted.

- By whom?

- I don't know.

That's what I'm going to find out.

We need to disappear.

Let them know we never should have taken our eyes off of Russia.

This is the moment Moscow's been waiting for.

- Ellen.

- Senator.

Thanks for coming.

Please come in.

This way.

There's something I've been wanting - to talk to you about.

- Yes?


Where's Levine?


Your rails, your thin Your thin paper wings Your thin paper wings In the wind, dangling Your sun, fly high Your window shattering Your rails, your thin Your thin paper wings
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