04x13 - Series Finale Part 2

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Mr. Robot". Aired: June 2015 to December 2019.
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"Mr. Robot" is a psychological thriller that follows a young programmer, Elliot, who works as a cyber security engineer by day and a vigilante hacker by night.
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04x13 - Series Finale Part 2

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Please, don't judge me.

This was inevitable.

You saw the earthquakes.

Both of us can't exist here in this world.

I had no other choice.

Now the only thing left to do is a full wipe-down.









- Hello?

- Elliot, where are you?

We're all waiting for you at the beach.

We're ready to take the wedding party photo.

How far away are you?

I'm still at my apartment.

Your apartment?

What are you doing there?

It's gonna take you forever to get to Coney Island.

I'll be right there.


I was wondering if you were gonna show up.

Wherever you go, I go.


There's a lot to fill you in on.

I can see that.

I'm in a hurry, though.

Let's talk on the way, okay?

On the way to what, exactly?

My wedding.

I didn't think it was possible.

But Whiterose's machine, somehow it worked.

She was right.

We're in a world where everything's better.

Not for him.


If you're here to tell me what I did was wrong Not anymore.

You need to start seeing that for yourself.

You don't understand.

I had to Had to what?

This is the only strategy for us.


So, what, you're just gonna take his place?

Is that what this is?

It's not that easy.

Why not?

I look exactly like him.

Trust me when I tell you this.

You are not him.

I don't have time to explain this to you.

You need to stop.


I'm not letting you steal this from me.

Just who exactly do you think the thief is here?

I'm running late.

I gotta get going.

You know this can't happen.

If you don't want to help me, then get the f*ck out of my way.

Unfortunately, I can't let you get away with this.

You've been parked in this f*re lane for quite a while.

I'm gonna have to give you a ticket.

I'm moving it right now.

I'm gonna have to see some ID first.

Is this your vehicle?


Then I'm gonna need that ID.


Sir, what is this?

I asked for your ID.

That's my ID.

Sir, this ID belongs to Elliot Alderson.


That's me.

This person is nothing like you.

What's in the box?

Uh, I'm moving.

In a tuxedo?

I'm headed to my wedding.

Which is it, you're moving, or you're headed to your wedding?

Okay, sir, I'm gonna have to ask you to open the box for me.

I'm really sorry.

I just really need to get to my wedding.

Put your hands in the air right f*cking now.

Take two steps back, and get on your knees.

Get on your knees!

Requesting backup at 207 East Broadway.

You gotta be f*cking kidding me.












I tried to tell you.

Leave me the f*ck alone.

That's not an option, kiddo.

You should know that by now.

If you just calm down, I can tell you what's happening.

You just have to listen.

You can't stop this.

I'm going to marry Angela.

Nothing else matters.

Think about what you're saying.

Angela is d*ad.

Not in this world.

That's not Angela.

I talked to her!

No, you didn't.

I thought things were fine between us.

But it's still the same you, isn't it?

You just don't want me to be happy, do you?

Why can't you just let me have this one thing?

Elliot, you need to listen to me.


I don't!

Not anymore.

I'm done listening to you.

I just want to be f*cking alone.

That's all I've ever really wanted from you.




You should put this on.

It's cold out today.

Now you want to help?

That's the only reason I'm here, kiddo.

Who are all these people?

Only you know that.

Only I know?

What the f*ck is going on?

Where's Angela?


She's not coming.

Why not?

There was never gonna be a wedding, Elliot.

That's what I've been trying to tell you.

No, you don't understand.

Whiterose's machine created this.

- That's why we're here.

- No, it didn't.

You were right about her game.

It deactivated the machine, just like you thought it would.

This is a world you created.


I created?

I tried to bring you back here a while ago.

I've been here before?

You accidentally slipped into it once when you were going through your morphine withdrawal.

So this is some kind of dream?


Not a dream.

A prison.

A recursive loop that you constructed about a year ago to keep him occupied so you could take control of him.



The real Elliot.

The real Elliot?

The f*ck are you talking about?

You think the guy that was back at my apartment was the real Elliot?

As real as he could be in this deluded fantasy that you stuck him in.

I'm the real Elliot Alderson.

You're no more Elliot Alderson than I am.

You're just like me, only a part of him.

And if you don't let go, he'll never get back to living his own life.

What life?

I k*lled him, remember?

You can't k*ll him no matter how hard you try.

This doesn't make any f*cking sense.

If I'm not Elliot Who the f*ck am I?

You already know.







Don't you know your queen?


Ripped Heaving Flower bloom at my feet Don't you know your queen?

Cracked Peeling, riddled with disease The people out there there's no reason for them to be here.

Don't you know me?

There was never gonna be a wedding.

Why not?

Isn't it obvious?

He tried to tell you.


You're not Elliot.

You're the mastermind.


Where the hell are you going?



I'm not going anywhere, kiddo.




Bonsoir, Elliot.


Nine eight seven six - [DARK MUSIC]


Five four three two one.


Ready or not, prepare to die.



Just please wake up.

Wake up.

Elliot, please wake up.


Please, wake up.


Hello, Elliot.

What is this?

What am I doing here?

You don't recognize this place?

This is your office.

But you're not really Krista.


Of course not.

But since you trusted Krista so much, the others thought it would be better if she spoke to you.

Why would I trust any of you?

You've been trying to k*ll me.

We've been trying to show you the truth, and you've been resisting.

Not this again.

I can't talk to you.

I need to talk to Darlene.

She's not here.

Where is she?

She's out there in the real world.

But I heard her voice.


She's trying to wake you.

Elliot's connection to her is quite strong.

So strong, she's become his only link to reality.

In fact, it was by design she was removed from this fantasy.

Without Darlene, it was your best chance at trapping him here.

I'm not listening to this.


Listen to me.

I don't want to be in this nightmare anymore.

I want to wake up.

I want my life back!


I understand why you're confused.


I can explain everything if you let me.

In order for you to fully hear the truth, first we need to discuss Elliot's dissociative identity disorder.


The first personality was created the day Elliot jumped out the window [GLASS SHATTERS]

You're just sick and don't want to admit it.



The movie's about to start.

The protector personality The one Elliot created to replace his father To protect him from intolerable situations All I was trying to do was take those punches for you.

Thank you.

Mr. Robot.


Later in life, Elliot created the mother personality The persecutor Get up!

Blaming Elliot for the abuse I hate you.

You're nothing.

You're worthless.

Insisting that he needed to pay for it.

He was weak, and you're just as weak as him.

Not long after her came Elliot's younger self [TRAIN RUMBLING]

Who emerged to handle the abuse he couldn't tolerate.

And with that he'd created his own family of sorts.

We're deep down inside you, Elliot.

You can't leave us, and we can't leave you.

I guess she doesn't know about you.

I know all about them too, the voyeurs who think they aren't a part of this despite being here for all of it.

And for a while, we thought we had identified all of Elliot's personalities.

But there's another one.

who came about not too long ago.

I don't want to hear this again.

The truth about who you are?

I think it's time.

Even they agree with me.

I know where you're going with this.

It's not true.

It's okay.

I know why you did it.

Your heart was in the right place.

You wanted to shelter him, which is why you changed his past.

I want you to tell me about your father.

Kept shoving me away, shoving me so hard, I fell backwards out the window.

I wasn't changing anything.

That's What I thought happened.

But it was his future you really wanted to protect, wasn't it?

Get out of here right now, or I'll call the Police?

You want them to find out about the 100 terabytes of child p*rn?

That's why you went to such great lengths to take down all the evil that surrounded him in the real world.

So you formed fsociety.

Hello, Evil Corp.

We are fsociety.

Why did you do it?

You loved him so much, you wanted to save the entire world so you could make it better for him, no matter the cost.

That's why you hid him here, turning his harsh reality into a fantasy I can't wait to marry you tomorrow.

Trapping him in an endless loop I'm stuck in a repetitive, boring routine.

To keep him safe until you were ready.

I don't remember any of this.

Why should I trust you?

You've been wrong before.

You're right.

She was wrong.

Krista never quite figured it out, did she?

She never realized she wasn't talking to the real Elliot.


She didn't realize she was always talking to you.

Elliot, what's wrong?


You're hiding again.

The personality created to carry Elliot's rage f*ck society.

I was angry.

I hated myself.

Angela's d*ad.

She's f*cking d*ad.

And we need to work on your anger issues, Elliot.

Shut up!


The vigilante hacker he always imagined being I don't just hack you, Krista.

I hack everyone.

The one that sought vengeance Sometimes I dream of saving the world, saving everyone from the invisible hand.

He had it coming.

They all do.

The top 1% of the 1%, the ones who play God without permission.

And now I'm gonna take them down.

The personality that had gained so much control There's something inside me that can't let go of what we started.

He forgot.

They all think I'm the ringleader.


Oh, my God, Elliot.

Did you forget again?

Something is going on with you, Elliot.

You have not been the same the past couple of months.

He forgot he was only just another personality.

- Elliot?

- No.

The other one.

Are you Elliot Alderson?

How do I take off a mask when it stops being a mask?

- Is this you or - It's me.

Sometimes my mask takes over.

He sometimes can become a different person.

See me, Elliot Alderson.

I am here.

I'm the only one that exists.

You're not Elliot.

- You're - The mastermind.

And now it's time for you to give that control back to the host The real Elliot.



Don't do this.


I don't ever have to give up control.

This isn't your control.

This is your rage.

Then maybe it's time I used it.

If you wake up, you'll just be stealing Elliot's life again.

It's my life.

It always will be.




Oh, my God.

You're finally awake.

Are you okay?

I, um I should call the nurse.

This is real, isn't it?

Please tell me this isn't a dream.

This isn't a dream, Elliot.

You're here, right?

I am right here.

I promise.


Nurse should be here any second.

I thought I'd never see you again.

I thought I lost you too.

No way.

I'm not going anywhere.

Well, you sure make it f*cking hard to believe that sometimes.

Do you remember what happened when you are at the power plant?

They said you somehow stopped a meltdown, but there was still an expl*si*n.

The only way you survived was because the room you were in had some sort of advanced shielding.

They found Whiterose's body.

She's officially d*ad, along with that machine Angela said she was hiding.

When you cut the power supply, it malfunctioned and blew up.

It was under the rubble, totally pulverized.

Guess it's official.

You saved the world, Elliot Alderson.

I don't think I can do this.

Do what?

Darlene Who I am It isn't real.


Look at me.

You remember my promise to you.

As long as I was here for you, as long as you could hold my hand, then you would know that this is real.

And I am telling you, this is real.

I was there with you through all of it: fsociety, our hack on E Corp, Five/Nine, you going to prison, the cyber b*mb, us robbing those evil f*ck after what they did to Angela.

Angela, she's gone.

Same with Romero, Trenton, Mobley, Shayla.

Elliot, I wouldn't lie to you.

This isn't in your head.

This is real.

But I'm not.

What are you talking about?

Of course you are real.

You are right here.

I'm not him.

Darlene I'm not Elliot.


I'm only a part of him.


I know.

I know you're not him.

Not the Elliot I grew up with, at least.

I've known since we started fsociety.

You don't act like him.

At first, I thought maybe it was you but different.

But then when you forgot who I was again, it wasn't hard to figure it out from there.

How come you never said anything?

I don't know.

We were hanging out.

We were spending time together.

It felt like we were finally getting close.

I guess I didn't want that to stop.

How come you two weren't close before?

What did he do?

He didn't do anything.


It was me.

I wasn't there for him.

I didn't know how to talk to him.


I couldn't deal with what he was going through, so I gave up and took off.


That was part of the reason why I came back.

I wanted to fix things.

But he was gone, and you were here instead.


Is he is he okay?

I made a safe place for him.

It's got everything he ever wanted.


He deserves that.

You know, even though I bailed on him, there's not a day that goes by that I don't think about him.

I really miss him.

Uh, I'm gonna go get the nurse.


f*cking hospital.


Shitty as it's always been.


I'm wrong.

He doesn't have everything.

And even though I'm only a part of him I want you to know I love you.



Hello, friend.

God, that's always been lame, hasn't it?

Sorry I never came up with a better name for you.

Then again, I don't even have a name.

Just a guy trying to play God without permission.

You told me once that this would be a black void, absolute nothingness.

Is that true?

We'll always be part of him, kiddo.

This whole time, I thought changing the world was something you did, an act you performed, something you fought for.

I don't know if that's true anymore.

What if changing the world was just about being here, by showing up no matter how many times we get told we don't belong, by staying true even when we're shamed into being false, by believing in ourselves even when we're told we're too different?

And if we all held on to that, if we refuse to budge and fall in line, if we stood our ground for long enough, just maybe The world can't help but change around us.

Even though we'll be gone, it's like Mr.

Robot said.

We'll always be a part of Elliot Alderson.

And we'll be the best part, because we're the part that always showed up.

We're the part that stayed.

We're the part that changed him.

And who wouldn't be proud of that?



Come on.

This only works if you let go too.




[M83'S "OUTRO"]

I'm the king of my own land Facing tempests of dust I'll fight until the end Creatures of my dreams Raise up and dance with me Now and forever I'm your king [PROJECTOR WHIRRING]



Hello, Elliot.
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