02x13 - Unbroken Chain

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Outsiders". Aired January 2016 - April 2017.
"Outsiders" tells the story of the Farrell clan and their struggle for power and control in the hills of Appalachia.
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02x13 - Unbroken Chain

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Previously on Outsiders...

HOUGHTON: "Cause of death

is asphyxiation by strangulation,

manner of death, su1c1de."

- What's this up here?
- It's a bump on the back of the head.

HOUGHTON: I need to ask you about those jars that she had.

- Jars?
- LAB TECH: It's an enhanced version

of Agent Orange.

You mean like in Vietnam?

Yeah, except this stuff's been modified to absorb

through the plant root system, in addition to

its defoliant properties.

A load of dynamite arrived yesterday.

They're keeping it stored at a construction site

just outside of town.

They're gonna carve a path for their troops,

their machines, whatever they want.


(whispering): What the hell?

HASIL: In the cage,

that's when I saw my kin.

They were all looking at me.

I don't know what's going on up there.

Go to 'em.
We're right here waiting for you

when you get back.

GORDON: Let's not just steal the dynamite,

let's use it on that.

MEYERS: You helped them steal it.

GORDON: Look, I did what I had to do

I gained the Farrells' trust.

You were supposed to bring us information.

GORDON: Catching the Farrells,

stealing some dynamite,

that's gonna get you nowhere.

Catching them in a t*rror1st act, now,

that's a guarantee.

You are no Bren'in to me.

You'll be the death of this ancient clan, Foster Farrell VI.

We are at w*r.

And it is a w*r that I intend to win.

♪ ♪

(heavy rain and thunder)

(wood cracking)

A right change is on us.

Can you feel that?

Well, I can feel this 'shine swirling around my ins,

is what I can feel right now. (laughs)

BIG FOSTER: There's a reckoning coming.

And I can't have no more children around.

Got it?

I need men now.

(jar clatters)

We're with you, Foster.

- BIG FOSTER: Oh, is that right?
- Yeah.

How far are you willing to go?

PHIL'UP: As far as you need us to.

There's a warehouse full of their w*r machines,

set to come up here and blow us all to hell.

It's around the other side of Mount Vernon,

at the oldine.

BIG FOSTER: We're taking the dyno,

and we are blowing it all up.

We're gonna end this once and for all.

TREVOR: The Bren'in know?

BIG FOSTER: Let me tell you something, cousin,

our Bren'in, she is the most good-hearted woman

ever to grace this hill.

But a good heart,

in a time of w*r, can only lead to ruin.

Now, from here on, I decide

how we fight,

and how we win this w*r.

So I'm gonna ask you again...

...are you with me,

or I got to do this alone?

(thunder crashes)

(country blues music playing)

♪ The dawn is up, there's f*re on the mountain ♪

♪ They'll have to answer for their crooked claim ♪

♪ The hollows they'll surround them ♪

♪ And they'll go running back ♪

♪ To the wretched realm they came ♪

♪ Nor will the dogs of hell refrain ♪

♪ And the land ♪

♪ Will suffer those who came. ♪

You're saying that Meyers had her k*lled because, what?

S-She found out they were poisoning Shay Mountain?

No, I'm saying I don't know.

Maybe it was a mistake.


maybe they come in, right?

They come in and... to take the jars.

Things went bad, there's a struggle,

and she fell, she hit her head

- (slams table)
- on the corner of the table...

- Wade, Wade, hold it...
- The M.E. confirmed

it's her hair, it's her blood on it.

They take her into the bathroom, string her up,

and make it look like a su1c1de.

- All's I know, I got to go state's attorney on this. -No.

Can you prove that the chemicals in those samples

came from Shay Mountain? No.

Can you prove that One Planet purchased them?

- Or that they came from the state?
- No, no, but...

but we have the photographs,

- we got the photographs...
- On her phone?

- The photographs on her phone clearly show... - Wade...

- that the land is poisoned...
- All those show

is that she took a hike, Wade.

Now, look, I agree with you, I agree.

These people are capable of k*lling her,

and they are poisoning this town.

But if you want to go after 'em, really take 'em down,

you got to get it all:

e-mails, uh, phone records,

purchase orders, invoices, everything.

And until that time, Wade... listen to me, here...

you got to be careful, right?

You got a family to look out for.

HOUGHTON: We just know that he was the last person to see her.

LEDDA: You think that Gordon had something to do with Haylie?

- No, look, look...
- And you think that she was m*rder?

- We don't know.
- (scoffs)

I need to know everything you know about him.

You said he lived all over the place, right?

LEDDA: Yeah, protesting.

HOUGHTON: Okay, he tell you where exactly?

LEDDA: Um, uh, there was that Creek River dam

- in Oregon.

LEDDA: That fracking thing in Montana. - Okay.

LEDDA: A pipeline in East Texas that he talked about.

(coyotes yips, howls)

(knocks on door, then door opens)

LIL FOSTER: I'm sorry it's late,

but I got things to say to you, G'win.


You know what my Fa is doing.

That he's got his believers.

Those numbers are growing.

I'm afraid they're fixing to turn on you.

Foster, I can't, and I won't be the Bren'in of w*r.

I know you can't.

So what do you want me to do?

I loathed you.

I've adored you.

I've forgotten about you.

Still, I love you.

I don't know.

I don't know, G'win.

Come away with me.

We'll find some other mountain, raise our baby in peace.

Everything's different, I can't feel nothing

but care for you now.

For you, and him or her.

It's a her.

(sobbing quietly)

You know we can't leave this hill.

Then I'm begging you...

give it up.


That Oak.

It ain't caused nothing but pain and death

to anybody who's ever carried it.

Give it up, G'win.

I can't do that, either.

(siren wails in the distance)

- (knocks on door)
- HOUGHTON: Hey, Matt. -Hey.

You got a minute?
I got your e-mail. Good time?

- I could come back later.
- Uh, no, Wade, come in.

Uh... pretty much got, uh, everything tied up

on the whole Haylie Grimes thing, you know.

A few loose ends, but, uh, I think I'm gonna...

you know, have all the paperwork in before the end of the day.

Just thought I'd let you know.

That's great news, Wade.

Glad those issues got cleared up.

She did have a few enemies, you know.

There was that, uh, hippie guy, the eco guy.

Um, threw the coal dust on her at that parade?

Uh, Gordon Jerrod.

I don't know him.

If you don't know him, then, uh, how come I saw you

with him last night?

- You following me, Wade?
- Yeah.

Seems like I got pretty good reason to.

- I wanted to loop you in.
- You wanted to loop me in?

Yes, but I couldn't. State's orders.

Oh, so this has got something to do with

the fact that he's wanted by the FBI?

He's a g*dd*mn domestic t*rror1st?

You think I wouldn't figure that out?

He's just a confused kid

who got in with the wrong crowd.

And so we're using that to our advantage.

What the hell's that supposed to mean?

(clears throat)

We believe the Farrells may have stolen some dynamite.

- Dynamite? What the hell...
- From a construction site.

He's been heading up the mountain, infiltrating them...

Stole dynamite? When the hell was I gonna hear about it?

Take it easy, the A*F is on it, okay?

There's nothing I could do.

It's federal jurisdiction.

My job is protecting this town; if there's any thr*at to it,

I'm the first person who's supposed to know.

And now you do.



You're back?

I know I've been gone for awhile, but...

What happened to you?

Well, I-I had a, I had a premonition.

A feeling that-that something was going on up here,

and that maybe, maybe y'all need me.

You plan on being back here for good?

No, I mean, me and, me and Sally-Ann,

we're gonna, um, have-have the baby,

so I got to, I got go back down.

As you should.

- Right.
- Hasil?

Big Foster and his boys

- have stolen dynamite.
- What you mean, dynamite?

- What in holy hell they gonna do with that? -I don't know,

but if we let them go off on some kind of crazy plan,

this mountain ain't gonna be home to nobody no more.

And you owe it to me and your family to find out

where they're hiding it, can you do that for me?

Yes, ma'am.

I can trust you, right?

Of course you can, for certain.

BIG FOSTER: We ain't got much time.

Somebody's gotta do it, it's gonna be me.

Them roads ain't safe no more, and you're looking at miles

through the trees by foot... that's a day.

- Probably two for you, old man.
- Well, we got to go

over to that old mine... we got to verify them photos

that kid showed us with our own eyes.

- Well, that's some...
- HASIL: There it is.

LIL FOSTER: Look who's back.

Mind if I join you?

Mm, been a while

since I took y'all at black and red.

PHIL'UP: Don't usually let townies sit in.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

You know that was me that saved your ass

the other night in that store

when the soldier boy was sh**ting at you.

Thank you, cousin.

PHIL'UP: You did that?


I did do that.

What the hell happened to you?

HASIL: Doesn't matter.

Heard I missed some, uh,

some fine cavortings.

The queen.

- The ten.
- Okay.

Heard y'all went on a...

on a night run, stole some dyno

from a, uh, construction site. That true?

- Jack.
- BIG FOSTER: It's true, we did.

And who told you?


word gets around.

You know. (clears throat)


you're hurt pretty good.

You up to earning your graces back with us?

You know I am.

- You bring them Lostie clothes back with you? - I don't wear

nothing like that up here.

He ain't talking about wearing 'em up here, cousin.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

(birds chirping)

(helicopter approaching)

♪ ♪

Look, the whole thing's simple.

You just stick that right there, okay?

And this here...

that's what blows it.

- Okay?
- Uh-huh.

Stick it in...

hook 'em up, you got your fireworks.

HASIL: He's right.

Big building looks empty,

but it's... it's full of machines.

Military equipment. Helicopters.

Just like them photos. Guards?

I saw two guys. Didn't see no guards.

One thing's sure, though... something's going on down there.

- Uh-huh.
- It don't feel right.

- Uh-huh.
- Don't feel right at all.

(insects chirping, chittering)

- (pounding)
- Jesus Christ!

Hey, Sheriff.

- Looking for me?
- Yeah.

We need to talk, Gordon.

Or Tim. Whatever your name is.

Yeah, I figured you'd be in uniform with handcuffs

ready to arrest me, but you aren't, are you?

Why do you think that is?

- 'Cause of Haylie Grimes.
- What about her?

You think I k*lled her.
That's why you're here, right?

You are wanted for m*rder.

(chuckles softly)

I had nothing to do with that.

I know you know that, or else you'd be pointing

a g*n at me right now.

You know who k*lled her?

- Is that what you're saying?
- We both do.

We're dealing with some really bad people here, Sheriff.

I know. So why were you talking to 'em last night?

Who, Matt Meyers?

'Cause he found out about my aliases and my warrant,

and he's thr*at to blackmail me.

- What for?
- To get intel on the Farrells.

What about?

They stole a bunch of dynamite from a construction site.

But he told you about that, right?

Just know that Matt Meyers and his friends

don't know what they think they know.

- What's that supposed to mean?
- That means that...

I still have to play ball, or else they're gonna turn me in.

But don't worry.

We're still gonna get what we want.

What's that, exactly?

(laughs softly)

You want proof

they had something to do with Haylie Grimes? I have it.

I malwared their computers about a week ago.

The state, One Planet... they contracted them

to go up there and poison their water and their soil.

Haylie Grimes found out about it and thr*at to go public,

call the state's attorney.

Well, why don't you just release it, then?

Hell, if I did that, they'd k*ll me, too.

What do I get out of this, exactly?

Well, you get all the e-mails and documents it takes

to save this town and that mountain

and make it a peaceful, decent place to live again.

Same way it was when you were a little boy.

Aren't you gonna take your camper?

Oh, that's not my camper, Sheriff.

It's Gordon's.

(engine starts, revs)

G'WIN: You are starting to sound

a lot like your cousins, Hasil.

Scared to death of something you don't even know is real.

I've seen those machines with my own eyes.

They're real, and we have to do something

before they turn them on us.

I see it.

You're siding with Big Foster and his boys.

I respect your wishes as Bren'in

without questioning, but I ask your ladyship to kindly consider

- the fact that maybe...
- Hasil, I needed to trust you.

- I... - Bren'in, all that
I'm saying is that maybe...

Just go. Just get out.


Yeah. I still don't understand why you didn't talk to me

- about this. -MAN: Actually, that was my call. And, uh,

I apologize for not bringing you into the loop earlier on this,

Sheriff, but we had some S.O.P.'s that we had to follow.

Yeah, I just don't understand

how keeping my department in the dark about this

somehow makes the people of this town safe.

I mean, what do you think, we're a bunch of idiots?

We're all gonna go put this up on InstaBook

- or something like that?
- We all got to try

- to work together on this, Wade.
- Absolutely.

Which is why I am officially informing you,

and the entire county, that at this time

we have credible, actionable intelligence

that an act of domestic terrorism

is being perpetrated in this area,

and that the target is the One Planet office.

Who's gonna do that?

- A radicalized group.
- Oh, a radicalized group?

What you mean, the Farrells with the dynamite they stole?

- Did you hear this from Gordon Jerrod? -Yeah.

They're planning on blowing up the One Planet offices.

He sent us a conversation recorded on his phone.

It just doesn't seem like their M.O.

I mean, that'd be pretty much game over for them.

They did just sh**t an off-duty cop a few days ago.

No, no, they did not... the ballistics

have not come back on that; that's not conclusive.

It may well have been our vigilante.

Okay, so when's this credible, actionable evidence

tell you this is gonna happen?

Actually, we don't know that yet.

We're still waiting to hear back from our source.

Okay, well, thanks for the talk. And, uh,

keep me in the loop. Nice to meet you.


Hey, Ledda?

DONNIE: ... - -

- - - - .

I learned about this site

- from a Ukrainian -year-old.
- Oh, really?

Technically not legal without the owner's permish,

but this is the Dark Web, my friend.

- You cool?
- Yeah.


- What's this?
- Well, looks like he went

up Shay Mountain a couple times.

What's this here?

Mm, somewheres up near Route , far side of Vernon Mountain.

Yeah, it looks like he made three trips up there

in the last four days.

(indistinct chatter)

- Let the Circle begin!
- (chatter stops)

G'WIN: Our former Bren'in,

Lady Ray...

her spirit is among us.

Her message was, and always will be:

we must not become the evil we deplore.

We must continue to live as we always have...

as warriors of peace...

not initiators of v*olence and hatred.

There's one among us who does not agree.

The one who k*lled our Lady Ray,

and who still tries with all his might to crush her spirit.

Now, against my wishes, Big Foster has stolen f*re.

And not just g*n this time, but dynamite.

(lively chatter)

And he plans to use those b*mb against the coal powers

to destroy their property.

But remember, every time he has acted

from bluster and conceit, he has failed,

and lives have been lost.

His own son, Elon,

Shurn's boy,



an unbroken chain of misery.

And I cannot allow any more of us to die.

And so I call for the immediate banishment

of Foster Farrell VI.

- No! -No!
- (lively chatter)

(feet stamping)

(foot-stamping stops)

- MAN: Oh, no. No.
- (indistinct chatter)

(chatter quiets)

I hate to have to remind...

our Bren'in

that too many of our precious family

have been m*rder under her care.

We lived on this mountain over two centuries.

And no, not always in peace.

(bird cawing in distance)

We paid in blood, dearly,

as the Bren'in well knows.

Now, we have seen photographs,

and Hasil, he's seen with his own eyes,

the terrible machines of w*r and destruction

they've gathered to fight us.

And we've heard...

that their att*ck is coming soon.

Maybe in days.

Now, they were gonna explode our south ridge

with our dynamite that we stole,

and bring those machines, drive them right here,

to this very spot.

Now, our greatest w*apon is surprise.

- That's right. That's right.
- Yeah.

So if we gonna live beyond this winter,

and our kin yet born are to follow us,

then we have no choice

but to hit first...

- That's right.
- (cheers of agreement)

- And hard and with haste.
- (cheers continue)

(cheering quiets)

BIG FOSTER: Now, wars are won,

wars are lost,

but in the end, the stories are told by those

who had the courage to fight, and not wait for doom.

ALL: Yeah!

(raucous cheering)

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

(cheering quiets)

I'm in agreement with our Bren'in. This man's actions

will only continue to exacerbate our troubles.

(feet stomping on floor)

Bren'in, I am and always have been a loyal supporter.

But if half of what Big Foster says is true,

I can see we no choice but to fight,

and fight with everything we got.

- That's right.
- (feet stomping)

MAN: Yes.

When my boy, Tice, died because of his darkness...

...I hated him with all my being.

But when you failed to banish him,

I felt it was the most fatal of mistakes a Bren'in could make.

He is a devil inside. I know that.

But these times...

might be the ones

where a devil is what we need the most.

(cheers of agreement, feet stomping)

(stomping forcefully)

Elders, what say you?

(crow caws in distance)

The sentiments of this clan,

and of we the Elders,

are in agreement.

Bren'in, respectfully, we believe

there is little choice but to allow desperate measures

to be taken by these men.

But on one condition.

If you should fail in this,

of if any more of your boys get k*lled or hurt

in this raid of yours,

you will agree to banishment without a Circle called.

BIG FOSTER: We will risk all to save this clan,

but I cannot make a promise

to you or to any of us that life will not be lost.

But if I fail in destroying them w*r machines,

then yes...

yes, I will not dare even set foot on this hill again.

I will banish myself from this mountain,

and from this clan,

from that day forevermore.

However, if we succeed,

if I am able to make my way back to this paradise

and to all my beautiful kin...

...then things will change

among us.

They will change.

(group murmuring)

(engines revving)


Look at this.

This is the old Greenpoint Mine.

Dad used to work here, remember?

LEDDA: Yeah.

Oh, yeah, we tried to get them to clean up that sludge pond.

Well, Gordon's been out there

three times the past few days.

You got any idea why he'd do that?

(chuckles softly) No.

Yeah, okay, well, uh,

listen, what I'm about to tell you, I never told you.


Gordon called the staties,

told 'em Farrells are gonna att*ck One Planet tonight.

But I...

but I think it's something to do with this mine.

Like what?

Listen, I don't know, but just...

I want you and the kids to stay here, all right?

In the house, until I get back.

I mean that. You don't go anywhere.

(cracks knuckle, clears throat)

Hey, Wade.


(ATVs slowing)

HASIL: That's it, down there.

Where those trucks all were.

LIL FOSTER: You were right, I don't see any guards.

BIG FOSTER: All right, start digging right there.

We're gonna go from there.

Phil'up, you're covering us.

Yeah? Good.

Well, come on, come on, come on. Get going.

Something's going on inside.

We're moving in.

(animal noises playing on computers)

(laughs) _

♪ ♪

Intruders, seven males, about yards out.

Repeat, six-oh from base. Copy.

(indistinct talking)

- Let's go, boys.
- Let's go.

(whispering): Go, go, go.

(whispers): Shit.

All right, everybody down! Get down!

Everybody down!

Get out of there!


Levon! Get out of there!

Don't sh**t! Please!

Don't sh**t!

Hey! I...

I give up! I give up! Don't sh**t me!

- Don't sh**t me!
- Barnabis! Barna...

(g*n continues)

Oh, shit!

g*dd*mn it!

That's it, come on, boy. Come on.

Come on, boy. I gotcha.

BIG FOSTER: Come on! Get up!
Come on, cut that light!

♪ ♪

(low grunting)

Come on.

(groaning loudly)

HOUGHTON: Hold up! Stop!

Don't sh**t. Don't sh**t.

- Don't sh**t. I'm not hereto arrest you.
- Whatcha doing?

- I'm here to help...
- You ain't helpin' nobody.

Get back in your car.
Don't you touch him.

- (several shouting)
- Stop! Stop! Stop! Fa, wait! Wait!

- You want to die? You want to die?
- I trust him!

He's dying! He's dying. I trust him.

I trust him! Come on!

- HOUGHTON: Look. Look.
- Come on.

- Okay?
- All right, come on, come on.

- What'd he, uh...?
- He just got sh*t.

- (pained groan)
- Oh. Okay, uh, we can stem the bleeding, but we got to get him to a doctor.

- No hospitals.
- No, no, no, I'm gonna get him to someone who can help him, but if we leave him here he's gonna die.

Y'all carry him.

- Carry him to my car.
- Come on, then.

- (grunting)
- Come on.

(Hasil groans)

Here. You need to put pressure here, okay?

Here, get your hands on there.
Keep pressure.

(gasping breaths)

Okay, listen to me. There's only one way

you're gonna get out of here alive, okay?

Leave your bikes; stay off the roads.

You need to go around the sluice down into that valley.

Then you'll get your way to Shay Mountain.

(engine starts)

Sheriff. Thank you.


BIG FOSTER: Let's move!

HOUGHTON: Ledda, Ledda, it's Wade, here.

Okay? Listen to me, I need you to call your friend Polly.

Okay? The nurse, just... call her,

wake her up, get her over to our house right now.

I got a kid dying on me here, okay?

Just call her, get her over there right now.


I've seen this before.

I've been here.

I dream of this place every damn night.

I, I dreamt of that.

I dreamt of that busting up, busting apart.

And all them waters drowning everything.

How many sticks we got left?

- I got this.
- All right. You?

Yeah, I got a couple.

BIG FOSTER: Okay. Follow me.

I got no idea how long this will burn.

But you guys, you're going back.

I'm gonna light it, I'm gonna meet you there.

PHIL'UP: Foster, why don't you let me do this?

- I'm quicker than you, old man.
This is gonna go quick. - No.

No. I got too much blood on my hands as it is.

If anybody else ain't gonna make it back alive,

it's gonna be me, not you two boys.

♪ ♪

Fa! Fa!

- Got you, Fa.
- Fa?

- (grunting)
- Fa!

You all right?

PHIL'UP: It weren't enough to bust the dam.

- (panting)
- All right, come on.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Go on, go on, go on.

Get up in them woods. All right?

Spend the night, you can walk from theres.

What are you talking about? Let's go.

- What about you?
- No, I can't. I cannot go.

- Can't leave you here.
- I cannot go.

You know that.

All right? Get going. Go on.



BIG FOSTER: That's Elon.

That's Elon.


Hey! Elon!

- Hi, boy!
- Hey.

Look! Hey, hey! It's me!

It's me, you got to get off there, okay?

- You got to get away from there!
- LIL FOSTER: Wait, wait. Fa.

It's okay. It's okay.

He was there.

He was in my dream, too.

(rock rumbling, water leaking)

We got to go.

We got to go, now.

No, now! Come on! Fa!

- Let's go!
- We got to go, come on. Come on.

PHIL'UP: That's it.


SECURITY GUARD: We need to go. Now!

- (alarm blaring)
- Let's go! Let's go! Go, go! Move!


Thank you, thank you.

Elon. Elon, thank you.

(voice echoing): Thank you, Elon.

(indistinct chatter)

MAN: Sheriff, what are you gonna do about it?

(crowd clamoring)

NEWSCASTER: ...FEMA is calling the worst coal slurry disaster

in three decades, spilling, literally, billions of gallons

of black waste water across

and into the Greenpoint Creek.

FEMALE NEWSCASTER: The cause of the impoundment dam break

has not been verified at this time,

but the state of Kentucky is cautioning everyone

in Crockett and Louvin Counties

as significant sludge run-off made its way

into the Black River, which supplies

most all of the area's drinking water.

- Local and national environmental groups... -Polly.

...say they have been warning that the manmade slurry pond

was unsafe.

And now this, from a former big coal employee

turned whistleblower.

For many years, One Planet Resources

has illegally covered up dozens

of major safety violations at Greenpoint Mine.

MALE NEWSCASTER: There are also unconfirmed reports

from nearby residents that g*n

was exchanged last night

between the private security firm hired to guard

the company's warehouse and an unknown group,

but apparently, any evidence of this

would've been washed away in the flood,

authorities are now telling us.

There are also reports on Twitter

that this may have been the work

of an eco-t*rror1st organization

intent on stopping mountaintop removal projects

in Eastern Kentucky and West Virginia.

FEMALE NEWSCASTER: So far, only one death has been reported,

the body of a young boy discovered earlier this morning,

but his identity has yet to be determined.

MALE NEWSCASTER: Again, we're reporting

that local and federal health officials...

- Sheriff?
- Yeah.

Can I have a word with you?

...not to drink their tap water

until further notice. And FEMA crews...

(door closes)

You know what this is?

- No. - It was found at a crime scene on Route ,

where the Farrells attacked that prison bus?

I'm told it has your fingerprints on it.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Wade Houghton, you are officially suspended

from your duties as sheriff of Crockett County

in the state of Kentucky.

And I'm taking this map to the state's attorney,

and they'll be starting an investigation,

so you might want to call a lawyer.

Any questions?

You're done, Wade.

Nice knowing you.

(door closes)

POLLY: Ledda?

LEDDA: Yeah.

We got to get him to the hospital.

Wade said that we can't, he'll go to jail.

If we don't, he's gonna die.


POLLY: Yeah, I need an ambulance...

G'WIN: And as I so warned,

three of us have perished.


Trevor Shay, Barnabis McGintuk,

Levon Farrell and Hasil Farrell.

(crowd muttering)

Their bodies will never be buried on this mountain.

And so I call again for this man's immediate banishment!

(crowd clamoring)

No! No!

(crowd quiets)

It's true.

I failed to bring all those boys home.

I made a promise to this family,

that if I did not destroy their w*r machines,

then I would never return.

And when our boys, they lay there, all bloody and d*ad...

...I believed that I would never see this place again.

But then, in our most dire hour,

I saw him.

Standing there, above us.

My boy.

My beloved Elon.


BIG FOSTER: He came to save us,

and I knew right then, that the old fathers' Prophecy,

it was true all along.

That our Elon,

he is and he was the Returned come to save us.

And save us he did.

(crowd muttering)

PHIL'UP: I saw him, too.

I saw Elon with my own eyes.

So did Lil Foster.

BIG FOSTER: I made another promise.

That if we were to succeed,

then there would be changes made.

That Oak was passed to my former wife

- because of my supposed death.
- Enough.

- I said banish this man!
- BIG FOSTER: I don't know.

When I saw Elon there, in that hell of coal,

I knew that that Oak

is rightfully mine.

(crowd clamoring)

I am still the Bren'in of this clan, Foster.

You ain't the Bren'in no more.

And I decide who to pass this Oak to...

I am the rightful Bren'in. And that is my Oak.

- ...whatever time I choose.
- That is my Oak!

- And I've decided...
- That Oak is mine!

Listen to me!

G'WIN: You listen to me!

I hereby pass this staff to the one most fitting to lead us.

You can't do that.

The father of my child.

Can't do that.

Foster Farrell VIII!

(screaming, yelling)

You can't do that!

You can't do that!

Stop! No, stop!



This Oak has been our ruin!



(clamoring continues)
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