01x03 - Wicked Old World

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Penny Dreadful: City of Angels". Aired: April 2020 to June 2020.
A spin-off from the original series Penny Dreadful set 50 years later when a m*rder shocks LA in 1938, Detective Tiago and his partner Lewis become entangled in an epic story of all time.
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01x03 - Wicked Old World

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[woman] Previously on Penny Dreadful: City of Angels...

[Mateo] I saw what you did.

I'm Fly Rico.

You know the Cat? Find me there.

[Peter] Hello, Mrs. Branson.

Why, Dr. Craft! Hello.

[Peter] Would you like to join us?

[Elsa] Where is your wife?

[Tiago] Sister Molly, I'm here about James Hazlett.

Have you been saved, Detective?

Are you offering?

[Townsend] The Arroyo Seco is finished.

And with Hazlett d*ad, we got no one to build the damn thing, anyway.

[Alex] Don't we, though?

A firm with your best interests at heart.

What the people need is a champion to channel their fear and anger

- into something constructive.
- Like the motorway.

[Sam] We seen him before?

[Lewis] Sam, you and Anton
follow the n*zi.

We'll take the kid.

[crash and expl*si*n]

[ominous music]

So they b*rned in the car crash?

Oh, yeah. They b*rned...

...but with these inside their skulls.

Tell you what, Pat. How about we pretend you never saw these?


Just for a few days.

I gotta run something down.

I can't lie on the report.

Who's saying lie?

I'm just saying you temporize.

Lose the report. Take your time.

Go take Jill for a steak.

A favor. I'm asking.


[dramatic music]


[muttering Hebrew]

[pensive music]

[Tiago] So when do you have to go back to work?

[Maria] Sunday.
They need me for a party.

[sighs] Ay, mama.

[Mateo laughing]

I know.

He stood there like f*cking Pancho Villa with a switchblade, like, two feet long.

f*cking cops pissed themselves.

Jesus, those Pachuco f*ck.

I swear to Mother Mary, I never seen anything like it.

He was so smooth.

f*cking Fred Astaire.

So now you wanna be all Pachuco.

The man has pride, my brother.

When he's not stealing cars.

They had any pride, they would've stood with us down the street.

Where was Fred Astaire then, huh?

You remember it?


The police? The whole thing?

Not really.

Once the sh**ting started, it all went to smoke, right?

I don't remember anything until the hospital.

You don't remember when you got sh*t?

No, thank f*ck.

You don't know who sh*t you?

It was probably you, you sketchy f*ck.

It was Tiago.

[melancholy music]

There... there was a cop down on the ground, and you were...

Holy Mary.

Raul, you were k*lling them all.

You were k*lling them all.

Tiago ran over. He was yelling.

I don't think you heard him.

[disquieting music]


I'll tell you what.

I was a Pachuco,

I would slit his throat for what he did.

That is your brother.

You respect him.

You think he wanted any of this?

Jesus Christ.

I'd rather be any f*cking thing in this world than Tiago.

He's not one of us.

He's not one of them.

He's a cop. He's a Chicano.

He doesn't know what the f*ck he is.

[pensive music]

You want to see hell, mano?

You look in his eyes...

And you be kind.

I'm tired.

Let me sleep, okay?

Go be a Pachuco already.

I just want to see your skinny ass in those stupid f*cking pants.

[melancholy guitar music]

[knock at door]

You up?



How you feeling today?

I don't know if I want to be mayor this much.

An ounce of prevention, sir.

After the Rotary luncheon, where you shall eat a Waldorf salad and eschew the bread basket, you have a radio interview and a zoning committee session, and then tonight, we have our dinner with Via Hermosa Development, where you shall have a small steak and no potato.

Via Hermosa Development?

The motorway, sir.

Our German friends.

[snaps fingers]

[breathing heavily]

I must say, all the attention since the press conference... feels good to finally get the recognition I deserve.

As to that, sir... you're more in the public eye now, as you say, so you'll want to mind your Ps and Qs a bit.

How's that?

I mean your life is more exposed.

You need to be cautious not to give your enemies any... amm*nit*on.

You need to behave yourself.

I promise I'll eschew the bread basket.

[woman] Good morning, Councilman.

Getting agitated, are we?

[Townsend] Councilwoman Beck.

To what do we owe the pleasure?

Just a little Transportation Committee business, if you don't mind me interrupting your rigorous health regime.

- If you'll excuse us, Miss Malone.
- She stays.

That bloody shirt was quite a stunt. It was very creative.

I swear, I can't turn the radio dial without hearing your dulcet tones.

One would think you're running for office.

When the people hear an honest voice, they want to hear more.

And now you think you're gonna get that road built on the graves of four d*ad cops and eight d*ad Mexicans.

[Townsend] Yes, ma'am.

I call it healing the city's wounds in concrete and asphalt.

If you think I'm gonna let you turn the Los Angeles City Council into your own little Third Reich, you are sadly mistaken, sir.

I've been knocking down piss-pot fascists like you since you were at your mama's titty.

You want a w*r, honey? You got it.

Oh, and renaming it the Maynard West Memorial Motorway?

Over my d*ad body.

Suit yourself.

[swing music]

[Molly] So I'll go downstage left.

You just keep playing until I h*t my mark, and then I'll say,

"But the Lord doesn't always make it easy for us, does he?"

Something, something, something, keep vamping.

"He can make that climb to the mountaintop an arduous trek, so when in doubt, keep listening for that heavenly choir up above and remember this."

♪ There may be trouble ahead ♪

♪ But while there's moonlight, and music ♪

♪ And love and romance ♪

♪ Let's face the music and dance ♪

That's great, Bob. I have to run.

We'll finish up with the boys tomorrow.

You ought to do the whole song and the sermon.

I have a fitting with Brent.

[Adelaide] Another fitting?

You want me to look presentable, don't you?

[Adelaide] Well, when will you return?

I've scheduled some things. I...

[Molly] Oh, I don't know.

I think he wants to show me some new designs.

Randolph can drive you.

[Molly] I'll drive myself, thanks.
See you tomorrow.

[Adelaide] Molly Joan.

Randolph should drive you.

Oh, for heaven's sake.

I am thinking of your safety, dear.

No one's going to kidnap me, I swear.

Look, I'll wear the glasses.
I'll wear the hat.

It's just a darn costume fitting, Mother.


Darling, don't worry.

I'll be back soon.

You just keep adding up the money.

[desperate music]

[uneasy music]

Well, look at this, Mr. Hazlett.

Good morning, son.
I'd like a word if I could.

- Over here, thanks.
- What?

Oh, don't ask me. I'm just a worker bee.

My captain wants to see you down at the station.

Why? Is there something wrong?

It's just some routine thing.
I don't know.

Climb in.

Ours is not to reason why, right?


[engine turns over]

[Vanderhoff] Working on your day off.

That's initiative.

How's, um... your brother?

He's all right, sir.

Go home, detective.

We give you days off for a reason.

Yes, sir.

They'll be just as d*ad on Monday.

I had to learn that.

I worked the Florence Moore case.

Little -year-old girl, she was.

Couldn't get her out of my mind.

He cut off her arms and legs and... held her eyes open with wires.

How do you sleep with that?

How do you?


A f*ck-load of it.

Top right drawer of my desk.


Now go home.

[mysterious music]

Uh, Detective Vega?

Miss Finnister?

Might we talk?

Yes, of course.

Would you like to go inside?

Oh, no, no. Here's fine.

How can I help?

I've been praying for your brother.

I know this week must have been challenging, and... I'm terribly sorry.

Has there been a service?

No, uh, he recovered.
I mean, he... he woke up.

Lord be praised. His works are mighty.

You should get your bus.

I'm fine.


I don't do this a lot.

Buttonholing policemen at bus stops?

I mean get out by myself...

In my trousers, no less.

This your day off?

That, sir, I never have.

There's always work, isn't there?

There's so many poor souls.

It's hard to leave them behind.

They just stay in your head.

My captain recommended Seconal.

Nembutal's better.

Do you ever wish you were someone else?

I mean, someone else entirely?

Like an Arab sheikh?

No, like a normal person who never heard of Nembutal, who could walk through the market and buy things, just like everyone else.

Not such a freak.

You're not a freak.

Oh... that I am.

I was raised to be, all around me, the other snake-handlers and con men and me, singing my heart out, little Sister Molly.

Sometimes you just want to be Molly.

Do you always want to be Detective Vega?

Don't you sometimes just want to be...


I'm sorry.
I don't recall your first name.

Santiago. Tiago.


Sometimes, I wish I could just be him.

As I remember, he was a decent man once upon a time.

Then I'll call you Tiago.

I've taken up enough of your time.

I'm sorry. I just wanted to...


How would you like to be someone else, just for today?

Yeah, I thought about college.

Maybe a football scholarship, right?

Don't I like kind of like a tailback to you?

- Where are we?
- Hmm?

Oh, yeah. This is good.

[dark music]

Come along, son.


Don't be a goose.


Ow! Oh!


What did I do? [groans]

You have a nice dinner on Monday?

That Italian place with your German friends?

Add a couple of Japs, you got a regular Axis there, huh?

Why don't you tell me about it?

They'll k*ll me.

Hell, son, what do you think I'm gonna do?

I just kidnapped you, broke your teeth, kicked the f*ck out of your nose, and now I'm gonna throw you off this cliff, where the damn coyotes will eat you.

I swear to God, they will.

Go ahead.

It would be the best thing that happened to me all week.

[Lewis] So tell me about it.

I'm a cop.

I'm here to serve and protect.


Come on. Don't make me hurt you.

I had about the worst week of my life, too, and believe me, when a Jew says that, it f*cking means something.

Do you know what's going on in Germany now?

Oh, surely you jest.

You ever heard of a man named Wernher von Braun?

Educate me.

[calliope playing]

- [man] Three sh*ts?
- All right, I got three sh*ts.

Three more, you get a Popeye.

You want a Popeye?


What girl doesn't?

You are pretty pleased with yourself, aren't you?

[both laughing]


[imitating Popeye]


He's precious.

[warm music]

It was just after my seventh birthday.

We didn't get to go many places, but my dad managed to scrape up the bus fare to bring us all out here.

I swear, it was like the Arabian Nights for us.

We couldn't afford to go on the rides, but that didn't matter.

My brother Tomas and sister Gina were alive then.

That was the best day of my life.

What happened to them, if you don't mind my asking?


It was all over el barrio.

We all got sick.

Some of us got better.

I'm so sorry.


[buzzer sounds]

Uh, Laura, has Mrs. Branson arrived yet?

No, sir, but Mrs. Wayne is here early.

You tried Mrs. Branson at home, ja?

[Laura] Yes. No answer.

Shall I send in Mrs. Wayne?

Uh, please.

Uh, no.

Cancel my appointments for the day.


Ja, for the whole day.

Thank you, Laura. That will be all.



What's wrong?

Where's your mother?

Are you all right here?


Mrs. Branson, it is Dr. Craft.

Mrs. Branson?

[dark music]

Oh, my God.

Ja, raise your chin just a little bit for me.

Now, hope this doesn't smart too much.

[laughs] "Smart."

You are so American.

Mr. Branson... you know he cannot keep his temper down.

Frank makes him angry.

I send Frank outside so he does not know, but... he knows.

You may, uh, lower your chin. Thank you.

It was so silly today.

Frank is having hardship in school, you know.

He does not fit in with the other boys... with the Jews.

They punch him and call him names.

Mr. Branson tells him to fight back, to punch them.


I tell him no, Frank is too small for that.

You know how ill he is.

That boy breaks my heart.

He's all I have that is mine.

This place, this house...

It is America.

What is that to me?

It'll get better.

When I first came here, after the w*r, oh, it was very hard... [chuckles]

...but I found my friends, my German friends.

Now, you will allow me to introduce you to them, I hope.

You are so good to me.

And you know, my boy, Tom, is having a birthday party this Sunday.

He is, I think, Frank's age.

Will you come?

Bring Frank, and he will have friends.

Do say you'll come, yeah?

It will mean the world to Frank.

Well, then it is done.

All better.

You will, uh, keep, please, the bandage on until tomorrow.

No, no.

Not in Mr. Branson's house, no.

Uh, I-I'm sorry.


If you would be so good as to have us, then Frank and I would like very much to come into your house on Sunday, bitte.

[string music]

[engine revs]

Back to the real world for us, Captain.

I don't think he's a captain, just a sailor man.

In any case, you'll have to take him.

Oh, he's yours.

I spent two good nickels winning him.

You conned that poor man out of him.

You ought to be ashamed of yourself, Detective.

I can't bring him home, Tiago...

...and someone so jaunty has no place in my house.

[soft dramatic music]

Please, please, take him.

[choked] Now you make sure he's always got lots of spinach and, uh... he's got plenty of tobacco for his pipe.

[music swells]

Let me drive you back to the station.

I think I want to stay here for a while.

I just want it to last a bit longer.


The second-best day of my life.

[Goss] You can imagine, I'm confident, the complexity of the arrangements.

It's meant to obfuscate, and does so commendably.

So the money goes through Via Hermosa Development and then to my campaign?

Through various charitable organizations first, but the details are of no matter to you.

I like details.


I hesitate to bore you after such a fine Chateaubriand.

Go on, bore me.

The details are not of your concern.

Via Hermosa?

Spanish name's a little cheeky, considering we're gonna tear down their neighborhood.

It means "beautiful street," and what will be more beautiful than your admirable road, your golden pathway to the future?

And that bloody shirt, not to mention dragging that poor widow up...

Really, sir, your audacity knows no bounds.

Fortune favors the bold, right?

Oh, entirely.

And your audacity is trulyas Herculean as your appetite.

Thank you for the dinner, Mr. Goss, but we have a busy day ahead.

Hold on, Alex.

Councilwoman Beck's pretty much opened f*re on me and the motorway. She's hated me from day one.

We need to do something about her.

[dark music]

As in?

f*cking do what you do.

Unleash your flying monkey and k*ll the b*tch.

So you want us to assassinate a member of the city council?

[Townsend] Yeah, that's what I want.

Don't forget who's running this show, fellas.

Without me, you've got nothing.

It's my f*cking motorway, and if you don't like it, you can shove your Via Hermosa all the way up your Via-f*cking-ass.

Would you like to rephrase that?

Let me think about it.

f*ck off, c**t.

If Councilwoman Beck becomes an obstacle, we will handle her in our own way, not with your grotesque simian notions.

Now, you, sir, must recall one salient factor.

You're an odious tub of guts of which I'm making use.

You have a singular gift for repellent rhetoric and putrid demagoguery.

I'll give you that.

But then you, in turn, must allow me this.

I speak for Adolf h*tler.

I speak not for tonight, but for the next thousand years.

And when the Wehrmacht is marching down Sunset Boulevard, you will either be at our side, or under our boots.

Now, which is it to be, little monkey?

Excuse me. I'll say good night.

Now you've done it.

I'll be dealing with that for the next week.

You know what he'll do now.

Let him sneak a chocolate malt.

They're all fat in Berlin, anyway.

Jesus, you should see Goering.

If it were only a malt.

You know what?

You f*ck aren't as smart as you think.

[ominous music]

Charlton, sir, hold on!

Hold on. Come on, let's get a drink.

Let's get lousy drunk and spit in their eye.

[upbeat swing music in Spanish]


Brother of my heart, you gotta meet the queen.

Nobody sits with me unless they kiss the ring.

Oh, hey, Reina, meet little Mateo.

Call me Rio, baby boy.

You cut it up good out there.

Y-yeah, you know.

Dancing is great.

This is that flash f*ck I told you from the hospital.

Stood there toe-to-toe with f*cking Reilly.

Didn't say spit.

How's your brother, man?

Good, good. He's home.

f*cking cops, right?

sh*t him in the f*cking head.

[Rico] What took you so long to come here?

It was last week we parlayed, huh?

Uh, I had to work nights, you know?

Dude, work's for saps and gringos.

When you gonna grow up?

[laughs] And you're here, man.

Holy Mary, please do something.

[new swing music begins]

You and me.

Let's go.

Don't f*ck it up, baby.

[whistle bl*ws]

[crowd clamoring]

What the f*ck is this?
You come in the Cat?

Hey, Zorro.
Sorry to break up the fiesta, but every one of you is breaking curfew.

- What curfew?
- Oh, didn't you hear, miss...

Or whatever the f*ck you are?

City's got a curfew now for you folks, as of about ten minutes ago.

So take your albino d*ke and your pretty f*g outside to the paddy wagons.

You's all going to jail, amigo.

[dramatic music]

[Rio laughing]

[suspenseful music]

[flatly] ♪ I'm Popeye the Sailor Man ♪

♪ I'm Popeye the Sailor Man ♪

♪ I'm strong to the finish ♪

♪ 'Cause I eats me spinach ♪

♪ I'm Popeye the Sailor Man ♪

[Rico] Sorry sons of bitches cut my suave threads.

Sometimes the cops bring razors to slash up our clothes so we're not Pachuco anymore, right?

Baby, I'm Pachuco stark naked strutting down Wilshire.

But you're white.

Bite your tongue.

My parents are from Sevilla, in old Spain.

I was born in Mexico and moved to LA when I was three, so yeah, I'm not really a spic.

I'm a dago.

[Rico] They coming into the Cat now?

Holy Mary, what the f*ck next?

[Rio] Next they sh**t us down

like Belvedere Heights-way.

[Mateo] That's what it was.

They were sh**ting us down like dogs.

They would've used f*cking t*nk if they had them.

Don't think they don't.

Brother, when are we gonna get active?

- We have to fight.
- Fight who?

- Who you got?
- [Rico] The cops?

Los gringos?

[Rio] What more do you need, Rico?

They come into our neighborhood, they come into our club, they b*at us up, they put us in jail for jack shit, and what do we do? How do we fight back?

We sit there stealing purses and jacking cars.

Where's our pride?

We gotta get our piece of that American dream.

- That isn't for us.
- That's exactly for us.

You take what you want.
You make your way up.

You use your brains. You use your nerve.

No one's gonna give us anything, Rico, so we make them.

First we make them look.

Then we make them scared.

We are Pachuco.

We are Chicano.

We are Aztec. We are spade.

We are wop. We are dago.

We are chink. We are q*eer.

We are everything they fear, and we go out dancing.

[dramatic music]

Easy now, mamita.

You're gonna scare our baby boy.

She's right.

What does a Chicano have?

His skin.

[somber music]

Let me tell you skin, ese.

Minute I was born, I was thrown out like garbage.

Mother's a stone junkie.

Daddy... who the f*ck knows?

Shit, I did everything to survive this city.

I stole. I whored.

I ate the white man's trash right outside his restaurants.

Then one day I meet this man, Papa Pachuco from Juarez.

He gave me this.

Now I wear this skin with pride, with style, and I ain't gonna throw it all away on some crazy w*r with gringos we never gonna win.

- So we do nothing?
- How do we b*at them?

How we gonna do that?

We make Los Angeles bleed.

years ago, you know what this was, where we're standing right now?

It was Mexico.

It's our city, Rico.

We found it. We made it.

We built it. We take it back.

Before we h*t the trenches,

let's get this boy fly.

["Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams" playing]

♪ When skies are cloudy and gray ♪

♪ They're only gray for a day ♪

♪ So wrap your troubles in dreams ♪

♪ And dream your troubles away ♪

♪ Until that sunshine peeps through ♪

♪ There's only one thing to do ♪

♪ Wrap your troubles in dreams ♪

Thanks for coming, partner.

Get my friend one of these, Sammy.

Use the Rose's, not that domestic crap.

- You like a gimlet?
- Never had one.

Thank God you met me.
You're so sheltered.

You'll like it.

Fights off scurvy, too, so that's a plus.

So... I'm taking a couple of days off.

Oh, okay.

[Lewis] I haven't used any vacation time in about, well, never, so I figure I'm due.

Where are you going?
You leaving the city?

f*ck, no. I hate leaving LA.

But I gotta bury this pal of mine named Anton.

He's got no one, no wife or anything,

'cause he's a miserable cuss, so I figure I'll do it.

That's good of you.

Oh, yeah.

Me and all the wailing Jews.

It's gonna be a riot.

Right? Ambrosia, my friend.

When you die and go to heaven, this is what you drink.

No f*cking scurvy in heaven.

[both laugh]

Oh, by the way,

Sister Molly was f*cking Hazlett.

It's all in there.

Temple records and real estate contracts from his office.

So he buys this love nest, in Malibu, no less, but he uses church funds, so it's tax-exempt.

He goes to a lot of trouble to hide it, so I figure he doesn't want the dragon mother to know, and why is that?

So he can f*ck the daughter as the waves roll in.

I told you she's a fraud.

- You don't know that.
- Of course I do.

Only reason men hide anything is for money or for p*ssy, and Hazlett had plenty of money.

Take the valise.

You run it down and tell me I'm wrong.

Looks like we got a new suspect, partner.

Oldest story there is.

Cherchez la femme.


You didn't really believe her spiel, did you?

I still do.

Well, grow up.

It's a wicked old world.

And it's only got you and me to save it.

[slow jazz music]

Make it two more, Sammy.

♪ There may be trouble ahead ♪

♪ But while there's moonlight ♪

♪ And music ♪

♪ And love and romance ♪

♪ Let's face the music ♪

♪ And dance ♪

♪ Before the fiddlers have fled ♪

♪ Before they ask us ♪

♪ To pay the bill ♪

♪ And while we still have the chance ♪

♪ Let's face the music ♪

♪ And dance ♪

♪ Soon ♪

♪ We'll be without the moon ♪

♪ Humming a different tune ♪

♪ And then ♪

♪ There may be teardrops to shed ♪

♪ So while there's moonlight ♪

♪ And music and love ♪

♪ And romance ♪

♪ Let's face the music ♪

♪ And dance ♪

♪ Dance ♪

♪ Let's face the music ♪

♪ And dance ♪

♪ Let's face the music ♪

♪ And dance ♪
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