01x05 - Children of the Royal Sun

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Penny Dreadful: City of Angels". Aired: April 2020 to June 2020.
A spin-off from the original series Penny Dreadful set 50 years later when a m*rder shocks LA in 1938, Detective Tiago and his partner Lewis become entangled in an epic story of all time.
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01x05 - Children of the Royal Sun

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Previously, on Penny Dreadful: City of Angels...

We were someone else for a day.

Now that's over.

I never want to see you again, Detective.

You know, Elsa, my husband, your friend, Dr.


He's not who he pretends to be, dear.

Speaking German You have a nice dinner on Monday with your German friends?

Better he's with your guy than hustlers on the street.

This way, we protect him from himself.

Kurt will see to that.


Don't touch her!

She's your sister.

k*ll him.

Care to cut a rug, miss?

I don't think you really want to dance with me.

You know something I don't?

In fact, I think you want to take me home...


And I think you want to hurt me.

The sound he made...

- The sound...

- Hey, hey, hey.

My warrior, my avenging angel, no.

No, you don't need regret.

If my family ever heard...

Baby, I'm your family.

Fly's your family.

Every Pachuco's life you saved 'cause that r*cist f*ck is d*ad is your family.

Okay, mi amor?


- Good.

- Okay.


Because it's time...

to purge.

Good-bye to the blood of your enemy...

To hiding your pride...

And your power...

Good-bye to your weak and worthless gods.

We are the sons and daughters of Tenochtitlan.

We sacrificed human hearts to the sun to quench the thirst of the sky, unconquerable for a thousand years.

And then another world, in floating mountains from Spain, with thunder in their Gospels and hot slaughter in their cannons, arrived on our shores, and the two worlds of the world met...

brown and white, Aztec and European, Hummingbird Wizard and Jesus, Malinche and the Virgin Mary.

And they begat the children of the royal sun...

whose manifestation is the royal Pachuco, whose coat of arms, whose profane declaration, whose poem to the ancestors, are the holy drapes, the warrior's armor.

And soon, you shall have yours...

Mi querido amor.

Fly, no, man.

Don't blame her.

It's all me...

Our lowest point: In Florida, without a penny, we parked the Gospel car and we pitched our little tent near a marsh.

Little did we know September was hurricane season in those parts.

I'll never forget my mother pounding the tent pegs with a hammer to keep it from flying up to God.

Then the water came from that sky like...

Like a Biblical reckoning.

I can still see the tent in shreds all around us, our clothes and sleeping bags, soaked, and my mother, God bless her, her fist raised to heaven, cursing the lightning and the clouds.

Finally, a truck came by, full of men.


took us in.

They took care of us that night, took us to a dry place.

And then they took care of us that night.

Good, honest people, praise them.

I know what you think of her.

The dragon mother.

But there are times like that night...

when you're alone and poor, and you're small and weak, and...

and you're grateful for the dragon's roar.

You have to remember that my mother introduced me to a mighty god...

and gave my useless life a purpose.

When did you get this scar?

When I was a kid.

We were...

in the fields.

My father was working, and...

there was a f*re.

I saw my dad burning right in front of me.

And I tried to save him, but, um...

I couldn't.

Then I got b*rned.

This isn't just a burn, Tiago.

It's a blessing.

Ah, f*ck me.

Lewis, what the f*ck is this?

They're on a vendetta, obviously.

For what, the Hazlett m*rder?

You really don't know?

- Don't know what?

- Where the hell have you been?

No one could find you.

It's personal business, Lewis.


What's her name?

Can she corroborate?

Drop it, partner.

Your best buddy, Jimmy Reilly...

He was m*rder last night.

His throat was cut from ear to ear, butchered like a f*cking pig.

Then his naked body was tossed in front of the station like yesterday's trash.


It was meant as humiliation of him and the Force.

So let's call it what it is, a declaration of w*r.

Which brings me back to the reason I'm here on your street...

While the city's burning, no one knows where the f*ck.

Detective Vega is hiding for 24 hours, and you're not talking.

Leave it alone.

I won't say it again.

I won't be the last person to ask you.

Look, I hated the dumb paddy.

Every day of his career, he was an insult to the badge.

And you threatened to k*ll him in front of Captain Vanderhoff, for f*ck's sake.

Jesus, you need me to say it?

I didn't do it, Lewis.

On my mother, I did not k*ll Officer James Reilly, and I did not cause him to be k*lled.

First the Hazletts, now a d*ad white cop.

What's next?

God, I hope it wasn't Mexicans.

And if it was?

Then we do our job.

That's right.

We do our job.

I have an idea where to start.

Come on.

I was walking home from the store with my brother Mateo.

This cop stopped us.

I don't know why.


Because we're Mexicans.

This big one, he...

started touching me...

Feeling me.

He, uh...

His hands were so big.


put them under my skirt...

inside me.

This man...

inside me.

I didn't cry.

I didn't scream.

I was ashamed.

You must understand that this pain will go away.

The first step is being brave enough to tell your story, which you've done.

And you must know that others, too many others, have suffered in the same way, and they've come out the other side stronger than ever.

I was ten.

My mother and I were in Florida.

We had the misfortune of a terrible storm, and a group of men who said they would help us out of a jam...

We sat in the warm truck, grateful to be out of the rain, my mother in the front seat, laughing, drinking, I think, and...

the rest is a blur: Rain on the windows, tobacco smell, my wet dress, my bare knees, a jug of liquor passed from hand to hand.

And then suddenly I realized...

Where is my mother? "Where is my mother?" I asked the men.

But what you need to know, Josefina, is a sacred fact that God himself gave this brave, sturdy, and resilient body to only one human being on Earth.

He gave it to you.

And remember, no man on Earth is strong enough to take God's divine gift away.

It would be easier for a man to steal the sunrise.


And if any man even tries to tamper with you again, well...

a swift kick in the you-know-where, I've found, often ends the conversation.

My brother is a policeman.

When he was in the academy, he taught me how to put a suspect in a chokehold in case any of the boys got too fresh.

Your brother is a police officer?

Yep, the first Chicano detective of the LAPD.

We're all crazy proud of Tiago.

No, I said stage left!

Soon they went back to the beach house and stayed all night.

Foolish girl.

Foolish little girl.

Want me to keep following her?


We know how this is going to end, don't we, Randolph?

You may go, and may the Lord bless you for your service.

You are my good right arm.

Hello, miss.

We need to have a chat about your friend, James Reilly.

Officer Reilly's d*ad, but you probably know that.


He was a shit.


How did you find me?

We all know about his Sonoratown honeys.

Didn't take much asking to get to you.

When's the last time you saw him alive?

I don't remember.

What do you remember?

I was minding my own business, okay?

No one's accusing you.

m*rder is a serious crime, Sofia.

I ain't telling you shit.

We can take you in right now on suspicion alone.

I was in bed.

Jimmy was next to me.

He was a terrible lay, you should know.

Wait, I'm shocked.

The door got kicked open.

Four people.

They cut him with a razor.

Who did?

Someone cut him.

So you saw who k*lled him?

No, I didn't see.

Fly Rico pushed me out of the room.

Tell us who else was in the room.

That spooky b*tch Fly likes to f*ck.



Who else?

I don't know.


two young guys, two Pachucos.

One I seen at the Cat.

Do you know his name?

I don't know his name.

The other one?

He had a bandage over his thumb where they put the tattoo...

when they're just starting, you know?

Where's Fly Rico?

I don't know!

I don't run with those f*cked-up Pachucos.

All right, Sofia.

Thank you.

- You can go.

- We're not done.

We're done.

She can go.


Go get some soup, honey.

We coulda gotten more, taken her in to look at mug sh*ts, identified the other two.

She was done.

We need to go see my brother Raul.

We need to do what?

He might know where Rico is.

This would be the brother you sh*t in the head, the one who tried to k*ll me?

Yeah, that's the one.

Can't wait.

You and the numbers, huh?

Who are you?

Your guardian angel, angel face.

Lewis sent me.

He couldn't make it.

How's the numbers coming?

Leave me alone.

Put that down.

So this is the idea, huh?

Blow up the world?

You and your rockets?

I do theory, not practical application.

Isn't that convenient?

Unfortunately, your n*zi friends do a lot of practical application.

Detective Michener wants to remind you that he will do everything he can to protect you from those terrible men, but you gotta do what you promised...

Stay away from those German bastards.

Do not answer their calls, do not meet with them, and if they try to get to you, you contact me or Lewis right away.

Got that?

Okay, sure.


Now tell me about your crazy rocket.

It's kind of technical.

Honey, I learned how to wire expl*sives with the anarchists back in the Haymarket days.

Well, the central problem has to do with mass displacement versus apogee and range and of course, the weight of the fuel, because if the rocket's too top-heavy, then it won't be able to take off.

What I'm working on here is.

the rate of engine fuel delivery, because if the rate's too fast...


Speaking German.

No, no.


I don't get why we're here.

What could your brother possibly know?

Raul's connected through his union work.

He knows everyone.


Maybe you should stay in the car, yeah?

I'm only gonna be in there for a minute.

And miss a chance to see the inside of your beloved childhood home?

It's just it can get complicated, Lewis.

Are you telling me everything?

Because I don't think so.

Like I said, maybe you should stay in the car.

Yeah, it's been all over the radio.

Say that he was naked and they tossed him out of a car.

It's f*cked, I know.

You knew him?

We all know each other, more or less.

You too?

Like your brother said.

It's a small force, considering, you know, the city.

I'm sorry to hear it.

No one should die like that.

I'm glad you think so.

People should die with dignity if that's how they lived.

So what are you doing here?

Why aren't you out on the street looking for the k*ller?

I need something from you.

I need to know where Fly Rico is.

Maybe I'll take a walk.

Hey, Mama, you know what Lewis would love?

For you to introduce him to Santa Muerte.

Wait, let me guess.

You're not actually Jewish.

Isn't she beautiful?

That's one word.

Those teeth...

Her magic is very powerful.

You pray to her, and she gives you what you want.

The gold Santa Muerte...

You pray to her for your raise.


The white for purity of heart, the green for justice, the red for love.

Black is for protection from all evil.

Every cop needs that last one very much.

Tell it to Tiago.

None of my children believe in her, except Raul.


thank you for allowing me in here.

I feel honored, Mrs.


Tiago has talked a lot about you.

- Yeah?

- Yeah.

Well, you did a great job with that kid.

You raised an honest man.

Ain't nothing harder to find, especially on the City of Angels Police Force.

I am the one to thank you.

You picked him for a partner when no one else wanted a Chicano.

That took guts.

He probably won't tell you how grateful he is.

He thanks me every day by being a stand-up guy and a good cop.

Whenever you're ready, Detective Michener.

We need to go.

Bye, Mama.

Oh, well, thank you for the coffee, - Mrs.


- Wait.

She will look out for you.


What can it hurt, right?


What can it hurt?

Take care of my boy.

What burns me is her condescension.

"Point of order, Mr.

Chairman." Point of order, my ass.

I'm relieved to see the return of your fighting spirit.

She's a formidable adversary and I daresay won't easily abandon her vision of the motorway.

Don't worry about it, Alex.

She doesn't know who she's messing with.

I'm g*dd*mn King Kong today.

As you say, sir.

Do you think this tie goes with my eyes?

I have to say, I find this sudden preoccupation with clothing a little remarkable.

Yeah, well, life is short.


The blue.

- The blue?

- Royal, sir.

'Cause, you know, life isn't all about work and stress and strategy.

Sometimes life is...


All at once, okay, when you don't expect it, it's like the fog lifts, and you're face-to-face with, uh, a vista you couldn't have dreamed, all yours to explore...

if you're brave enough.

Councilman, how long have we known each other?

You know, I don't exactly remember when it was you started...

It's like I've always been there for you, sir, and in all that time, I've never heard you rhapsodizing about anything, except maybe the surf and turf at the Derby.

What do you know about Kurt, Goss' man?

What about him, sir?

Never mind.


You're only human, sir.

You have needs, just like everyone else does.

I applaud your new vista.

Love is a glorious thing, isn't it?

But don't you ever ask anyone else about Kurt again...

or any boy.

Hear me?

Let's drop this.

Imagine what Beverly Beck would do.

Imagine what your father would say.

I'll keep this one.

You can return the rest.

Miss Romero, a word with you, if we may.

What the hell do you want?

Look, we apologize for interrupting, but my partner and I are on a mission - of some urgency.

- Yeah?

So am I.

It's called getting dinner on the table.

We need to track down Fly Rico and some of his people.

We understand you're close to him.

I'm not his mother.

His mother lives right over there.

Go ask her.

Nice old lady.

Diabetic, half-blind, don't speak a word of English.

Makes the best flan on the street.

Knock it off.

We have a d*ad cop and a city on the verge of f*cking exploding...

Can you understand that?



Listen, Bernadette.

It was either Fly or one of his lieutenants.

It's okay, mi amor.

No one can hurt us.

Does your little girl know you've been living in this country illegally?

You son of a b*tch.

You tell us what we need to know, or I swear, I will make sure you get separated from her immediately.

You understand me?

Then I will see you deported, and once we dump your ass in the Mexican desert, you will never see this little girl again.

- Christ, Tiago.

- Do we understand each other?

Speaking Spanish.


Listen, you can get back to putting dinner on the table, Miss, but first, we need an address.

Help me out here, huh?

Where do we find Fly Rico?

Third floor corner.

That's what she said.

You know Frederick March?

Is he on the Force?

Frederick March, the actor.

He won the coveted Academy Award for a movie called Dr.

Jekyll and Mr.


You know that one?


Okay, I get it.

I told your mother you were a good cop.

Should I go back and revise my opinion?

Just say it.

One, I don't know who the f*ck you are today.

Two, I know you're hiding something about last night.

Three, you've been up and down like a f*cking yo-yo, and that makes me nervous, because four, I don't feel like stepping into a dangerous situation with an unstable armed yo-yo at my side.

Look, I'm fine.

What happened with your brother?

He told me some things.

- What things, chief?

- It's private, Lewis.

It's family.


But we do this, we go in there, we risk our necks, fine, but we are focused.

We are by the book, or we call for backup and hand this over to a better team.

You know there's no better team, Lewis.

Okay, now, this is what we have.



One, two, three...

Ah, sorry, Tom.

That's okay, Dad.

You didn't mean it.

Dad, you have to say "sorry" really loud, and you don't have to mean it.

How can I not mean it?

I feel bad right now for Tom.

Yell it, sarcastic.

- Sorry!

- Sorry!

You'll get used to it.

- Your turn, Mom.

- Okay.

So I've got to sell some magazine subscriptions to raise money for my debate team's trip to Bakersfield for the regionals.

Will you buy one?

I need to sell ten.

Then I'll buy all of them.

But if you buy them all, isn't that like...



Let it go, Peter.

Uh, I will be a moment, then the game will continue, ja.


Hello, this is Peter Craft.

Peter, it's me.


You have to come.

Something terrible...



I don't know what to do.

I need you.


Come on, Dad.

Your turn.

I have to go.

There's, uh, an emergency.

What happened?

It's an emergency, Linda.

That's why you have office hours.

It's the hospital.

I knew this was too good to g*dd*mn last.

I couldn't be r*ped one more time, Peter.

What my husband did to me, how he hurt me...

I-I couldn't.

I couldn't let him.

I sent Frank away.

I am thanking God he did not see.

Nice tie.

I brought Chinese.

So Mexican kids like to ride their bikes in the middle of the night?

He's a lookout.

Don't you f*cking move!

Let him go.

You okay?


Let's go.

You or me?

Me, on three.

Listen, partner.

Cool as a cucumber, you hear me?

No bang-bang.

- I'll get Rico!

- Go!

I will f*cking sh**t you both.


f*cking let me in, Rio!

Hands up, son.


Why don't you just sh**t me?

Did you k*ll Reilly?

You good at sh**ting brothers, huh?

Did you k*ll James Reilly?

With these two hands.

He was here now, I'd do it again, ese.


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