01x07 - Trick

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Run". Aired: April 12, 2020.
A comedy about two ex's who devise a plan to run away together.
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01x07 - Trick

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Did you get it?

- What the f*ck!

Did you get it?

- For f*ck's sake!

- Yes!

- Okay, shh.

Let's go.

I think we should call the police.

Why would we call the cops if we've done nothing wrong?


This is big.

Someone should visit the woman that reported this.

- Okay.

- Good luck.

Good evening, ma'am.

Did you see anything unusual?

I gave a couple of hikers a lift at the station.

The Thirsty Cactus.

Can we do this there?

We can have a drink.

If I don't go and tell the truth now, I'm gonna look like a suspect.

If we don't get to L.A., we end here.

Why are you doing this?


Don't say that unless you mean it.


- Come on, come on!

- It's our only hope.

There might be other ways!

-We shoulda got a cab.

-No, no!

It's not that kinda town!

- Besides, we were sticking out!

- Well...

Who's sticking out now, Billy-No-Coat?


It wasn't my coat!

Plus, - we left very quickly!

- This is mad!

- We're never gonna make it!

- We will!

We will!

No, it's too fast!

- We're gonna make it!


Come on!

Come on!

- You did it!

- Woo!

Come on!



Come on, Ruby!

- I know how to go!

- Oh, shit!

Come on!

Come on, Ruby!

Come on, you're okay!

Come on!

Come on, Ruby!


- We can do anything!

- We're getting outta here!


I can't wait for our tiny little table.

And my coat!

That's the first thing we'll do when we get there.

That's not the first thing.

Good morning, folks.

This is your new driver speaking.

I'll be with you all the way to Union Station, Los Angeles, arriving at 4:05 PM today.

- We're fugitives.

- What?

We're on the run together.

Wait, are you just saying this to be sexy or do you think someone's after us?

I wanna run with you forever.

- Why?

Do-do we need to?

- Wait.

Just live in it for a second.

Hey, hey, hey.

Look at me.

This is exciting.

Oh f*ck.

Who's that?

Okay, hang on.

- Hello?

- Hello!

You two lovebirds requested breakfast, but, uh, well, we weren't able to wake you this morning.

Oh yeah.

No, we had a...

Yeah, I thought you might need something to make up for all the energy you've been burning.

- Oh!

That's very nice.

Thank you.

Two young people like you need all the...


Thank you.

She thought that we'd been in here the whole night.

Yeah, I got that, too.


If someone asked her, that's what she'd say.

In which case...

In which case...

Oh f*ck.





Hi, sleepyhead.

I'm sorry I couldn't wake you.

Yeah, I...

That's okay.


That's not your job.


Wow, there's a lot of...

lot of souls in here.

Guess you're never lonely.

Uh, I was wondering if I could get that coat that you found...

- Is that the badger?

- Sure is.

You fixed its face.

No, I just took a face from another badger.

Right, yeah.

I wish someone could do that for me.

You want me to put your face on this badger?


-'Cause that would make my relationship with this badger pretty complicated.

Uh, I think what I did last night, uh...

with you was very unprofessional.

I won't tell anyone.

Well, thank you because I would get fired...

If you let me make you breakfast.

- Okay.

- And if you clear Daniel from whatever happened in that house.



- Is that why you...?

- No!

I was joking.


Yeah, that-that's not my kind of humor.

Actually, um, I'm gonna get back to the station.

- You having people over?

- No.

'Cause that's an awfully big mac and cheese in your kitchen.

Where is he, Laurel?


Daniel, don't run!



- You have the right to remain silent!

- Okay, okay!

- Okay, just take it!

- Where's my cuffs?

- Hey!

- Stay back!

Here, take it!

Take the phone!


What was that?

Damn it!


- That's evidence!

- I don't...


Miss Halliday, ma'am, you are under arrest for perverting the course of justice.

- You have the right to remain silent.

- What?


Is he funny?

- Who?

- Laurence.


- Yeah.

- No then.

Is he kind?

- Yes.

- No then.

- Billy.

- Is he gonna take you back?

Come on.

I'm not stupid, Ruby.

I know what you think of me.

You think that I'm vain, and full of shit, and that I'm a liar, and I am.

But, uh, I'm also fun, and I love you to f*ck' pieces, so you took a break to be with me for a while.

It was always just a break.

The second I saw that photo of you and your family in that f*ck' phone, and...

I knew you wouldn't choose me.

I've known this whole trip that you're going back to him once it ends.

All I've been trying to do the last four days is just make you like me enough that you miss me.

I want you to miss me every day for the rest of your...

f*ck' life.

I want you to...

think of me and want me...

and love me even though you're with him.

And I need you to remember me well 'cause you're the love of my life...

and I know you're leaving me again...

for good.

And I understand why.

And you're right.

You idiot.

I'm a sentimental idiot.

When I go see him, I'm gonna tell him that it's over.

- Is this a windup?

- I've decided.

'Cause we hardly know each other.


Do you promise?

I promise.

I'm sorry that I never finished your book or saw your talk.

It's all f*cking bollocks anyway.

- I was jealous.

- I know.

f*cking assh*le.

- Show it to me.

- My assh*le?

No, your talk!

Show it to me!

Oh, uh, no.

- Please, I really wanna see it.

- I would rather show you - my actual assh*le, honestly.

- Well.

- It's more inspiring, at least for...

Oh, I don't...

- Get it out!



Here we go.

Go on then.

I mean, will you kiss me first?

Daniel is innocent.

Did you even tell anyone about the hikers?

Yes, I did.

I do know what I'm doing.

I know we had sex last night, which makes me unprofessional, but that is balanced out by the fact that I have reported every bit of information you've given me.

The train to LA, the cancer mom, the fact that you thought her name was pretty like a jewel, and generally, what a lovely person you were to take 'em to the station and hide Daniel because he's a nice guy...

Stop looking at me like that!

- I am doing everything in my power to be on top of this investigation!

- Ryan?

I've left you three messages about a lead on the hikers.

What have you been doing?

I'm investigating Miss Halliday!

Hey, Ryan, what's the lead?

- Miss Halliday?

- What's the lead?

A truck driver reported a man and woman jumping off his vehicle close to the next station from here.


We think it's the hikers.

Sheriff says we need to follow the train, but we don't know where they're headed.

I do.

They're headed to...

- Copy.

- Yeah.

So, I guess we should go get the hikers.


Billy: Don't you dare.

Oh no!






You are going to regret this!


So, this is what I'm gonna regret?







Because we experience...

For the love of God, just use these.

Hey, hey.


could I have two coffees, please?

Coming up.

Uh, one black and...

she takes loads of milk and way too much sugar.

Yes, we do.

It's a fact.

You don't have to watch all of it.

The opening's the best bit.

To be more complex - than the next person.

- Than everybody.

My love and I made a pact that one day, one of us would text "run," and if the other person texted "run" back within 24 hours, we would meet at Grand Central Station in New York, get on a train, and boom.

One week across America.

At the end of the line, we'd have to decide to stay together, or never see each other again.

What are you doing?

Who's Fiona Hatwal?

She was the victim.


This is her phone.

- Give me that!

- Hey!

I need to give this to forensics!

You shouldn't be touching this.

You thought about calling the last number?

Yes, I have thought about that.

You wanna try that now?

In my own time.

Listen, whoever this is, what you said the other day was absolutely none of your business!

Uh, this is Chief Deputy Sheriff Babe Cloud.

Who am I speaking to?

You're police?

- Where is Ruby?

- Uh, Ruby?

Um, who...

Who am I speaking to?

And whatever happens next will be the premise of the new book deal you are about to offer me.

So, are you ready?


Wow, that...

that really got to you.


Really got me.

- Which bit made you...?

- Um...

- Excuse me.

- You okay?


Um, I just...

- I need a minute.

- Okay.

That was very impressive.

I had no idea you were capable of something like that.

Or maybe I did.

I can see why you're so successful.

Stop it.

I love you.

You do.

Ruby, you need to call the police.


I don't know what you've gotten yourself into, but they said they can help you.

If you do exactly as I've told you, we can work this out.

Yes, we're...

we're right here.

You're doing the right thing.

See you shortly.

- What do you got?

- A plan.


Has a blond, emotional woman looking for a tissue - passed by here at all?

- No.

Ladies and gentlemen, we've had to make an unscheduled stop as a passenger has pulled the emergency brake.

We will need everyone to return to their seats while we perform our standard safety checks.


How are we gonna do this?

"We're" not doing anything!

You take the right side, I'll take the left.

-You're not coming with me.

You're still under arrest!

-You need my help!

I can do this!

I need to do this!

Stop looking at me like that.


Get 'em...


Go home.

We will discuss your arrest when I get back.

Looking forward to it.


Come on, Ruby.

Come on.

Thank you for your patience, ladies and gentlemen.

We're on our way again and we'll have you all at Union Station, Los Angeles, in about 20 minutes.


Billy Johnson, this is Chief Deputy Sheriff Babe Cloud.

I have some questions for you.

Oh no.

Thank you for traveling with Amtrak Trains.

Please be careful when you exit the train, make sure you have all your belongings, and have a nice day.

No one is available to take your call.

Oh, thank f*ck.


- Mom!

- Mom!

- Hey.

- Hey.

Thank you.

How's my baby girl?

I'm not a baby.

- Did you miss me?


- No.

- Scooter cried for you when he broke his arm.

- I did not!


I don't care that you saw that video.

It was from months ago.

It has nothing to do with the last week.

You are such an assh*le.

That's correct.

Billy Johnson.

Sorry to meet under these circumstances.

- Hey, fellas.

- Hi.


Can we go to the car, please?

I love you, okay?

I know what you saw, and it's all bullshit.

Everything I said on that train was true.

But, I-I don't just want you to miss me.

I want you to choose me.

I'm about to be arrested, okay?

And I'll face this shit storm on my own, but it'll be worth it if you admit that you know that I love you.

So, admit it.

Admit it.
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