07x13 - What We're Fighting For

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07x13 - What We're Fighting For

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Previously on "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

And every outcome where we don't come out on top

has one thing in common.


And now you're gonna take us to him.

DAISY: Sibyl dropped Kora in my lap

because they knew I'd want to save her.

The thing is, I already have a sister to save.

Her name is Jemma Simmons.

Where are you?!

- [SOBBING] I don't want to forget you.
- Please. It's gonna be okay.

It's gonna be okay. I promise.

I'm guessing from his attitude that he didn't find Fitz.


Who's Fitz?

Your mother died protecting Daisy from him.


NATHANIEL: To all Chronicom vessels,

you may f*re whenever you want.

They're doing it.

They're destroying S.H.I.E.L.D.


SOUSA: Are those space lasers?

DAISY: Just lasers that happen to be in space.

But they're w*apon, right?


But they don't seem to be aimed at us,

which means they probably don't see us yet.

Hope that's still true after I do this.


Alright, we got less than a minute

before we dock with the Zephyr...

or the other thing's gonna happen.

Let's say we manage to dock with the Zephyr

and somehow rescue Simmons and Deke.

Then what?

One problem at a time.

Here we go.









Nice flying, Tremors.

I thought it was "Quake".


What was that? Are we hit?


I think they've locked on to the Zephyr.







I guess this is the next problem.



Is it possible they're on the other side,

doing the exact same thing?









Let's scan their ship, see if we can find our team.



This is your last chance to give up Fitz's location.

The Chronicoms won't be so...




SIBYL: We have a more precise method of retrieving information.


- Hey!



Well, look at you.

I was gonna say "in the flesh",

but I suspect it's more like a space-age polymer...

or something.

Either way, it's super-impressive.

Everything is.

And what a triumph.

All S.H.I.E.L.D. targets destroyed.

Except for the Lighthouse.

Straight to the point.

I like that.

You've been inside.

You know that the Lighthouse was built

to withstand any external att*ck.

Which is why we're taking a different approach.

None of it matters if Leopold Fitz is alive.

As long as he lives, our future isn't secure.

Jemma Simmons has effectively erased him from her memory.

In fact, based on what I saw,

there's a good chance he isn't even alive.

I'm not leaving it to chance.

The injection I gave her will dissolve her implant.

We'll learn whether she's truly forgotten Leopold Fitz...

or whether it's simply masking the truth.

It looks like every S.H.I.E.L.D. base is gone.

Even the Triskelion.

Are you okay?

I will be.

It's just... a lot.

You can feel all those lives lost?

Why weren't we attacked? Sibyl knows where we are.

- She's smart.

She knows the Lighthouse would survive

a conventional as*ault.

She must have other plans.


Where's that coming from?

What are the Chronicoms doing now?

I can't stop it.

Why don't you two implement lockdown protocols

while I figure this out.


Why didn't you tell me you were working with the Chronicoms?

I'm not working with the Chronicoms.

They're working for me... for us.

It's part of my plan.

Was k*lling my mom a part of your plan, as well?

I saw her body.

I know it was you.

I did that for you.

To protect you.

I didn't ask for that.

Because you're a good person.

You don't see the evil in others.

If you'd only heard some of the things she said...

that you were a mistake,

that she was sad you were even born,

how you needed to be put down.

Jiaying was never interested in being your mother.

She only wanted to control you.

She resented you.

But I'm here to set you free.

To show you how powerful you can be.

It was terrible,

seeing her on a table like that.

I know.

I'm making sure her body is buried

and that everyone who tried to hurt you

will be buried with her.




Breaker, breaker one-nine.

This is the Big Bad Wolf.

I'm in the henhouse.

Time to fry some chicken.



[SIGHS] I have a tingle right here.

It's probably the implant.

The bio-implant that blocks your memories...

of you-know-who.


I know that name.

[NORMAL VOICE] Yes. You do.

Um, I...

Maybe this will help, okay?


Um, uh...


[SCOTTISH ACCENT] I'm the man you love.

Uh, uh... We're a team.

You're bio, I'm tech.

My name is...

- James Bond.
- [NORMAL VOICE] 'Kay. No.

But that's not entirely... surprising.

Never mind.

Um... I don't know. Maybe...

Maybe the thing that they injected you with is doing something.

Maybe it's destroying the implant

or it's scrambling your thoughts and your memories

and your synapses all together.

Why would they do that?

Because they think that you have a secret.

I do have a secret.

I can feel it.

It's in there, and everything's...


... swirling.

Maybe that's their plan.

- They're gonna pour everything out

until they find what they need.

It's okay. I got you. Just rest.



MACK: That's a lot of Chronicoms.


We just have to find...


Now, you see how those two are warmer?

I'm pretty sure that's Simmons and Deke.

What about that one... there?


How'd she get up here?

I don't care.

She's not gonna stop me from getting back Simmons.

And Deke.


So, how are we gonna do this?

Well, they don't know we're here,

so I'll infiltrate the ship and I'll bring them back.


I'll figure out a way to get the hangar doors open.

Seems they're our only way out.

I can help with that.


I'll be back.






Didn't know I was gonna do that.

I'm glad you did.

Um... I'll see you when I get back.

- Yeah.
- Okay.



Thank you.


Turns out I speak fax.

This isn't fax.

Garrett's here.


YO-YO: That's down on the lowest level.

Well, we knew they'd be coming for us.

Zoom in on that.

I'll say it if no one else will.

That's a b*mb.

Enough of those strategically placed around the base,

he'll be able to flatten the entire Lighthouse.

Any progress on that gadget to contain him?


Mack gave us a hard drive.

It has specs of a device

that trapped Gordon in our old timeline.

I remember that room.

It cost you a hand.

Seemed like a big deal at the time.

Now look at me.

Fitz built these panels.

They prevented Gordon from teleporting out.

I'm working on something that might replicate that trick.

I'll need your help to pull it off.

I hope it involves punching.



SIBYL: Did you really think you could sneak onto one of my ships?

Well, you gotta admit, you didn't see that coming.

I'll grant that your appearance is a statistical improbability.

But whatever advantage you hoped to gain is irrelevant.

I didn't see you coming because it is meaningless.

You're too late.

Every S.H.I.E.L.D. base has been destroyed.

The w*r is over.

And you've lost.


Let's just k*ll them now.

My team can finish them in no time.

You know nothing of time.

Take care of the humans on their ship.

Do not interfere with Daisy Johnson.

I don't like this idea.

I need confirmation that Leopold Fitz is d*ad.


The odds of discovering the truth about him

are % higher

if we allow Daisy Johnson to reunite with Jemma Simmons.

Be patient.


It can't be true.

I'm sure it's not.

We didn't come this far to fail.

Not like this. Not to a bunch of...



She has to be lying.

Lighthouse can survive anything.

We just need to get back down to it, regroup.

It's too late for that.

We owe Daisy, Simmons, and Deke a way out of here

when they get back.


We do owe them that.

There's no reason to be quiet anymore.

Let's make some noise.


Let's blow those hangar doors to pieces.

- _



What else do we have?

KORA: I was surprised that my sister is here.

Never underestimate the power of hate.

That woman is a walking time b*mb.

Is she really that powerful?

In the other timeline, she quaked the world apart.

There is no end to her hate,

to what she's willing to destroy.

But you know who's more powerful than her?


That's right.

S.H.I.E.L.D. are the bad guys.

It's why we're destroying them.

But after they're gone,

we'll be able to take over the planet.

There'll be chaos and anarchy,

and then you and I are gonna come save the day.

'Cause we're the good guys.

There's only one person who could ruin that.

- Daisy.
- That's right.

She's very bad.

I don't care what Sibyl says about percentages or waiting.

We need to finish Daisy off.




That's pretty specific.



It's based on the schematics Fitz designed.

I think it'll work.

I'm still getting used to the idea of you as a techie.


I'm still getting used to the idea of me as just "tech".

You really believe that?

No. Not really.

Still... figuring it out.

Me too.

[SIGHS] We're not the same people we were.

Pretty sure everyone would agree on that.

I'm wondering if we change the timelines or...

if they change us.

The Melinda May I know

would never ask these philosophical questions.

Which is the point.

How did I become this me?

I don't know.

But I like this you.

And if I'm completely honest...

I like this me, as well.



Well, hey, buddy.

What's with the "X"?

Based on the structural integrity of the Lighthouse,

I determined you'd appear right about there

to plant one of your b*mb.

And did you think I was gonna just teleport

straight into those?

No, I thought it'd be way cooler

to have them teleported onto you.

Well, that would be a neat trick.



Well... I'd love to stay and chat,

but there's some very impressive expl*sives about to blow,

so ta-ta.



That hurt. [CHUCKLES]



Tell us how to deactivate these.

I can't. Not from here.

I didn't think I'd need to.

How many b*mb total?

An even dozen.

Gonna pancake this whole puppy.

Unless you want to get pancaked with us, call it off.



Thought you'd be back by now.

Those b*mb are gonna blow in a minute or two.

Funny story. That's what I'm calling about.

I'm gonna need you to deactivate those bad boys.

Wow. You know, I'd love to, but that's not what the plan is.

The plan is for you to demolish the Lighthouse.

%. Totally on board with that.

I just need a little more time... minutes tops.

Otherwise, if this baby blows, I'm gonna blow.

Then I'm gonna take this opportunity,

in case I don't see you again,

to thank you for your service.


Son of a bitch.

There's no time to get to the surface.







COULSON: [MUFFLED] I need a hand... over here.






Help me with May.


Can you stand?







I moved all the b*mb to one place,

hoping the whole structure wouldn't collapse.

What about Garrett?





We need to stop the bleeding.

Do we?

He's our best chance to help our friends in space.

When I asked if you had something else,

I meant something... bigger and more powerful.

Well, I don't see you coming up with any brilliant ideas.

Wish I could disagree.

Hey, look, for a guy who was ripped from his own timeline,

who ended up on a spaceship full of robots,

you're not doing half bad.

Follow my lead.

We are here to take your faces.


Lord knows you could do a lot better

than the ones you're wearing now.

I'm pretty sure they don't understand sarcasm.

They'll understand this.





If that wasn't egg in your beer.

How many more of those do you have?

That's it.


We just have to hold them off long enough

for Daisy to get back with Simmons and Deke.

And then?

One problem at a time.



That's not creepy...



He should make it.

Don't sound so thrilled.




What happened?


It was dark.

Speared myself with a piece of rebar.

And there's a lot of rebar.

As far as I can see, we're trapped down here.

All the exits are blocked under a ton of rubble.


Son of a bitch.

Have a little respect for the people who saved your ass.

I meant Nathaniel Malick.

Bastard left me here to die.

What ever happened to team loyalty?


I was shown a future where S.H.I.E.L.D. abandoned me.

How come it's playing out the exact opposite?

Malick showed you an old timeline.

This one's different.

Nothing's written.

It's not too late to be on the right side of history.

Looks like I'm wearing a white hat from now on.





I'm hearing a pattern in the sounds.



[SIGHING] Daisy.

- Oh, finally.
- Ohh.

Okay. We have to go.


What's going on?

They injected her with something.

It's blurring her memories.

I think the Chronicoms are trying to get intel on Bobo.

This is Daisy.

She's gonna help us get out of here, okay?

She doesn't even remember me?

It comes and goes.

She was talking about stars a minute ago,

and then she went off on cuttlefish and chromatophores.

Jemma, we... we're gonna get you somewhere safe,

but we have to go, okay?

Why are you wearing that costume?

It's... It's not a costume.

It's for protection.

Can I have one?


- Yes.
- Yes.

Come on. Follow me, and you will get one.


Wait. How did you get in here?

It's the weirdest thing. Nobody tried to stop me.

It was like they wanted me to find Simmons.

- And me.
- Sure.

Is this the future or the past? They look so similar.

Is this a secret time?

Yes, yes. Everything has to be kept secret.

It's so hard, trying to remember

what's a secret and what's not.

The device in Jemma Simmons' brain has been dissolved.

She has no protection.

Where is Kora?


What if Simmons doesn't tell us what we need?

She will have no choice. The truth will pour out.

We will learn whether or not Fitz is alive,

and if he is...

we will have his location.

And the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

Their ship is trapped.

They lack the firepower to defend themselves,

let alone escape.

We will do with them as you wish.



Deke reconfigured these shells

with an electrical disruption charge.

A single sh*t should drop a Chronicom.


How many shells do we have?

Maybe .


Wow. That's real peachy.

Did you just say "peachy"?



If we get out of here, I gotta get you some new words.

And don't let Daisy hear you talking like that.

Why? Does it mean something bad now?

No, it's...

Never mind.

It's a fine word.

And you're a fine man.


I just can't believe it's gonna be...

robots that take us out in the end.

If this really is the end,

shouldn't we take out as many of them as possible?

Even more than ?

Back at Area ,

the Chronicoms tried to turn Helius into a nuclear b*mb

using just one of their robots.


What kind of damage could we do with these six?

A helluva lot.


You're right... definitely weird.

I keep forgetting... where are we going?



I have a home.

And I'm married.

I remember being married.

Is that a secret?

Who did I marry?

I can smell his hair, but I can't see his face.

We'll talk about this later.

But isn't this later?

It's about being married, joining together, join...

I can do it, even if I don't know why.

Here it comes.

Marriage is the key.

Heart in hand... and singing.

Can a key sing?

After we're joined, we're unstoppable.

But I'm afraid we stopped.

Oh, God.

Okay, Simmons, let's just... let's just keep going, okay?

We're almost there.


What have you done?

What are you talking about?


She's going to ruin it.


Hello, sister.

Kora, we don't have to do this...

not here.

Let's get off this ship and talk.

You knew our mom was d*ad, but you didn't tell me.

That was a mistake.

I was trying to protect you.

I don't need protection!



Get Simmons back to the Zephyr.

Don't wait for me.



I can take care of myself.

Having a power is not the same thing

as taking care of yourself.


You sound like Mom.

I wouldn't know.

She was a monster.

You don't believe that.

Don't... tell me what I believe.


Then I'll tell you what I believe.

I believe that Jiaying loved you more than anything.

But she didn't know how to help you.

She was afraid of me.

She was afraid for you.

Twisting words again.


I'm not gonna use my power to fight you.

Then you're going to die.

Then that's your call to make.


I didn't have a sister in my timeline.

I didn't even know I had a mom until it was too late.

You're better off without one.

No. I wasn't.

And the only reason she had me

was out of love and grief over losing you.

Come with me.

It's too late.

S.H.I.E.L.D. is destroyed.

We've won.

Nathaniel and I are gonna rule over everyone.

Is that what you want?

Or is that what he wants?

We can still change this timeline.

Will you help me?


- COULSON: It's an - - .

Well, technically, it's the location of an - - .

So, the message came from S.H.I.E.L.D., not the Chronicoms.

What's an - - ?

An object of unknown origin.

Could be a person, an energy source, a w*apon.

Whatever it is, it's dangerous.

It could be a trap.

Can't be much worse than being trapped in here.



I can get us out.

Just slip these bracelets off me,

and I'll be your teleporting taxi.

- No way.
- Hell no.

New timeline, new John Garrett.

That just makes it worse.

I don't think we have any other options.




Now, this is wired to the Gravitonium Drive,

as well as the Time Jump Drive.

It's gonna make a helluva boom.



Deke. Jemma.

Where's Daisy?

Dealing with Kora.

She said not to wait.

I know this place.


Yeah, we're not there yet.

They did something to her.

She's remembering and forgetting at the same time.

We can't let the Chronicoms have her. The...

So, what's the plan now?

Is it something that doesn't involve a su1c1de b*mb?

Because this looks a lot like a su1c1de b*mb.

This was in case Daisy didn't find you guys.

I'll go for Daisy.

Stand down, Agent Sousa.

And do what?

Find me some duct tape.

You are responsible for this.

Simmons was about to give us the location of Leopold Fitz,

but now the moment has passed.

Where are they?

I don't think Daisy's bad.

She... She said things, and...

and they... they made sense.

I couldn't.

I'm sorry.

You don't think Daisy's bad?





We'll just have to agree to disagree.


Kimball, you interested in a promotion?


Then lock her up in a cell.

Looks like we got to consult your Time Stream again.


I told you guys not to wait.

- Yeah. You're welcome.
- What's the plan?

Mack and Sousa figured it out.

I'm still a little fuzzy, but apparently,

it involves a lot of duct tape.

DEKE: Okay. Daisy's on board. It's go time.

- Do I sound cool when I say that?




That one right there.


Lord, I hope this works.









- [g*n COCK]
- MAN: Freeze! Hands in the air, or we'll...



Hands behind your head before another person gets sh*t.


[WHISPERING] I can disarm everyone

without them even knowing what happened.

[WHISPERING] Let's not scare them any more than they already are.

[WHISPERING] They are scared. I can feel it.

And confused.

My name is Phil Coulson.

I'm an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

We received a coded transmission after the att*ck.

Is it fair to assume that everyone here

responded to the same coded broadcast?

[g*n UNCOCK]

I'm Agent Brandon Gamble.

I was stationed at the Hub.

Why the hell didn't you just use the door,

instead of this crazy teleportation device?

Your friend might still be alive.

Does that mean I just k*lled one of our own?

Oh, God.

I know what you're feeling,

but this man, John Garrett, was a double agent.

He was responsible for destroying the Lighthouse

and k*lling civilians.

You did the world a favor.

You have a package?

A box, a briefcase, something you were told to bring?


Any idea what we're supposed to do with these?

- - s.

Where did they come from?

That one belonged to my grandfather, who was SSR.

Been in my family for decades.

I was raised to guard it with my life.

If and when the signal ever came,

I was to deliver it as instructed.

What's inside?

Never looked.

Wasn't part of the order.

This one has a postmark of .

Agent Grace Mulcahey, ma'am.

That box has been locked in a safe in my parents' basement

since before I was born.

Same instructions as Agent Gamble...

protect at all costs.


maybe we should see what the hubbub's all about.

This seems to have been manufactured in the ' s.

And this...

never seen anything like this.

Any thoughts?


[g*n COCK]

They're with us!


[g*n UNCOCK]


I knew you'd be back.

That makes one of us.


[EXHALES SHARPLY] I'll be fine.




Sorry. Not sure what happened.

No, it's good. Just... new.


What happened?

You recognize any of these people?

The Chronicoms did something to her memory.

She's forgotten all of us...

names, faces, everything.

Then she'll just go off on something from the past

or being married or...

Math is my faithful husband.

Like that.

SOUSA: Any idea why we're all here?

Or... who sent that message?

That's an - - in and of itself.

We can't stay here too long.

The Chronicoms are coming, and they seem to be planning

some sort of landing or invasion.

So we need to be ready for the next move.

I was hoping the - - s might be just that.

Maybe they are.


What are you doing?

Holy matrimony.



How do you know how to do this?

I just know they need to be married.

Two becomes one.

Then three becomes one.

Why do I know this?



We're missing something.

MAN: Sorry I'm late!



Damn bus broke down.

Where did you get this?

I don't remember exactly.

Maybe from my friend Enoch

or, uh, one of the Koenigs.

Thank you.

Coulson, what's happening?

It's possible

Enoch deposited these over the decades.

Okay, but why?

MAY: It might be a w*apon to fight the Chronicoms.


A singing key.





So... what's in there?

The end or the beginning.

I can't remember.




I don't know if it's supposed to explode or save us,

but I have to admit...

kinda disappointed.

There's got to be something else.

Jemma, I know that somewhere inside

that you understand this.

Just think, okay? You...

You knew how to put the pieces together.

You knew about the singing key.

You kept... You kept saying that you were married.

"I now pronounce you..."

You said those words.

I did.

You were all there.

We were.

I was married.

I am married.

I have proof.



Why can't I remember whom I married?












You did it.

Hey! It worked!

No, stop... stop that.

She doesn't remember me, does she?



We'll return in a moment.

Can you tell where Daisy Johnson went?

There's a new statistical anomaly...

a massive power drain in New York City.

S.H.I.E.L.D. has a safe house in New York.

It's not in any files.

It wasn't targeted by your lasers.

They've probably gone there to regroup.

Assign me some Hunters,

and I will personally finish off S.H.I.E.L.D.

before we begin the invasion.

There is less than a % chance of you succeeding.

Here's something much more interesting.

There's a % chance that this is the last time

the S.H.I.E.L.D. team will ever be together.

The end is at hand.


FITZ: I'm just glad to see you all in one piece.

- DAISY: One piece?
- DEKE: Aren't you worried?

- Simmons' mind is in shambles.
- Give her time.

Hopefully no serious damage has been done.

MAY: What do you mean, "no damage"?

- COULSON: The Chronicom fleet destroyed S.H.I.E.L.D.
- That won't matter.

We can still get back to our original timeline

and save it.

We can go back?

Yes. That's where I just came from.

Look, I... I kn... I know that it hasn't been easy.

You made sacrifices.

Clearly, so did we.

But there was no other way.

- What the hell is that supposed to mean?
- Not easy?

DEKE: No other way? Are you kidding?

- And where the hell have you been?
- FITZ: Listen!

The only way we can save the original timeline

was for you to survive through this one.

You saw how this would play out?

I saw countless versions of how it could unfold.

But we had no choice.

Just threw us into the deep end and hope we don't drown?

We hope that you survive this far

to give us the key to save our world.

Key? W-What key?



Did Kora survive?


Oh, thank God.

Where is she?

She's with the enemy... Nathaniel Malick.

What? What happened?

She's your sister. Didn't you connect? Jiaying...

Jiaying is d*ad.

But she is pivotal.

Okay. All right. Uh...

We'll need to find a way to work around that.

Here. Um, right now, we need to get

this Quantum Bridge onto the Zephyr.

- Hold on.
- We need to hook it up

- so we can all fly home together.
- We can't leave.

Yes, we can.

We can't... Okay, look, I'm sorry,

I know there's a lot to explain...

the multiple dimensions...

Okay, look, you went back in time, and then you branched off.

But we can travel through something

called the Quantum Realm.

So, we... we... we... we can go in between timelines.

I mean we can't abandon these people.

We can't leave this timeline with the Chronicoms

about to launch an all-out invasion.

And if we do, we have to take the enemy back with us.

No, I understand that. I do.

But that decreases the chances of success

a fair amount... something like %.

- Don't talk to me about percentages.
- This is not math.

You sound like a robot.

Can everyone please stop yelling?

This isn't some abstract or virtual world,

like the Framework.

These people, they've suffered enough.

DEKE: This reduces you?


Does it create an energy field to do it?

Yes, a bubble, for... for want of a better word.

No, no.

No, "bubble" is a great word.

Because you can make it bigger.

I-If we use enough energy,

we can bring all the Chronicom ships back with us.

I don't know if the Zephyr can generate enough power to...

No, but New York City can, right?

Uh... y-yeah.

I... We'd need something like , megawatts,

but s-someone would have to...

Stay behind and set it up and turn it on... yeah.

We have to break up the band.

I don't know if that matters.

'Cause this... this is the last mission together, isn't it?


How could you know that?

Enoch told us.

Before he died.


Yeah, that's true.

In fact, no matter what the outcome,

this will be the last time we're all in the same room together.


I'll stay.

I belong here.

I've already been given the privilege of a second chance,

of meeting all you... fine people.

It's only right.

If the Army taught me anything, it's that...

- it's that you can't...
- Pbbbbbht!

I'll stay.


First of all, I'm the one

with the scientific knowledge to be able to repatch the power.

Dannyboy over here is still impressed by a light bulb.

That's not accurate or nice.

And second, seems like you and Daisy

have a real thing going, and I...

[SIGHS] I just want you to be happy.


And third, as long as you reconnect with Nana

and then, you know...


then maybe you'll see me again someday.

- Deke, that's...
- And honestly...


... I'm kind of a rock god here, anyway.


All right, people!

[CLAPPING] No time to argue.

I've already made up my mind. Now let's get to it!




DEKE: Come on, people. Let's go, let's go.

Keep it snappy. We're running out of time.


MAY: Seconds away.

All set on this end, Director.

Watch over little Alphie, will you?

Hell, watch over all of us.

You know I will. I don't...

You don't give up on friends.

I know better than anyone.

Thank you for everything, Agent Shaw.

Get ready!

Here we go.

One, two...

Wait, wait. Like, on three or, like, "One, two, three, go"?

On three, damn it.

One, two, three.







you the new guy in charge now?




Okay. Okay, I need to... I need to take it slow with her,

or her mind might collapse.

Just get her to remember you.

That's the most important thing.

No, it's not.

I need to take something small that she does remember,

and I'm gonna draw a line from that to all of the rest.



I-I was gonna tell your friends a story, and I was wondering

if you could help me fill in some of the blanks.

It's okay. We know him.

Yeah. And I... I know some things about you, too.

Like, when you were younger, you had scoliosis.


And y-you would spend your nights lying on your back

with your father...

Looking up at the stars.


And do you remember what your favorite star was?

Theta Serpentis.

Though, technically, it was a... a triple star system

in the constellation, uh, Serpens.

No, no, that's right. That's right.

What was the traditional name of it?

The biggest star in that system?




I want you to lock on to that name,

because that's where we went.


Enoch saved us, wearing another skin.

What do we have to do?

Change the natural course of your lives forever.

And he got us out of there.




Turn this Quinjet around.

What the hell are you?

Enoch, put your face on.

You're freaking everybody out.

Listen, Piper.

We need to head back into the jungle, to Zephyr One.

- What, to help take out Izel?

Uh, Izel... right.

No, we have bigger problems than that.

Uh, is that a normal thing around here?


How did you know the jet would be here?

How are you predicting these things?

It's called the Time Stream.

I stole a copy of it.

My time with Fitz taught me how to be an outlaw,

and I've gotten quite good at it.


Flint made us a piece of the Time Monolith

to help us do what had to be done.

Thank you.

Now, wait here a moment.

We'll be right back.


We need to get away from here and head to space.

- So pick a star system.

I know just the one.


We arrived safely in that distant solar system,

and I began to study the Time Stream.


Jemma, you were afraid it would drive me mad

or give me radiation poisoning to interact with it.


But we had no choice.

We needed solutions.

And there was only one path

that gave us a chance to succeed.

We knew it would take a while to complete our designs.

It's a good thing we are building a time machine,

as it does not matter how long it takes.

Could just take some time to...


And we did.


We did.

For years.

We had our happily ever after.

We knew our friends needed us, not to mention mankind.

But we didn't want to say goodbye.

So we put it off.

But we couldn't stay forever.

But I feel the guilt inside... the guilt for having left.

A part of me being torn away!

No, I don't want to forget!

- Hey, hey.
- I don't want to forget!




So we jumped back to the moment we left.



That was quick.

How'd that thing get here so fast?

Oh, come on. Are you guys messing with time again?

It's complicated.

But Fitz needs to wait in here

so he can be transported through the Quantum Realm

to an alternative timeline.

That doesn't sound complicated at all.

While he's in there, you need to guard it with your life.

Like there's nothing more important in the world.

Yeah, we get it.

No. You don't.

If you keep this safe,

I will give you anything you ask for in return.



If I'm not back by sunup, open it.

You'll know what to do.


Okay, good to go.

We're on the clock now.


For us, it will be an instant.

Stay strong.


One of us had to stay

to establish the link between timelines,

and it had to be me,

because my mind couldn't handle the implant.


Jemma Simmons...

where is Leopold Fitz?


I don't know.


I didn't see the rest.

But now we know it worked.



You were with me that whole time.




But why, though? W-Why...

Why would we stay so long?

I can't follow that logic.

Why... Why would we do any of it?

That doesn't... That's not a...

She's remembering that she knows him... just not that she loves him.

That doesn't... make sense.

No, no, no.

She's forgotten something far more important than that.

Okay, I need to fill you guys in

so you know what we're fighting for...

so that we can map out a plan together

and all be willing to do what needs to be done,

no matter what the cost.

There are so many moving parts.

Which is another reason why you built Coulson.

For this moment, yeah.

'Cause we all need to work together to figure this out.

Well, lay it out for us, Fitz.

'Cause the enemy's coming up with a plan, and they're not happy.

NATHANIEL: Out of time?

If you'd have given me control of your Hunters,

I would've crushed them.

It seems you can't control anything.

None of that matters anymore!

We got pulled out of reality

and into this Grateful d*ad poster!

I was moments away from ruling...

... saving the world from tyranny... whatever.

There's a % chance

we're crossing to their original timeline...

a world already under att*ck from a separate Chronicom force.

We need to stop playing percentages

and get to the business of k*lling.

Earth is still within our grasp.

Nobody knows the future anymore.


NATHANIEL: Hook her up.

It's time to take her power.

I think we're close!

Everyone's clear on what needs to be done.

You two go with Fitz and Simmons, retake the Lighthouse.

- Right.
- Copy that.

But first, you need to put these on.

We'll arrive just before we left.

So, believe it or not,

there's unfinished business at the Temple.

Yeah, I know.

I don't believe it, either.





MAY: The Hunters are gonna be scanning for us everywhere.

Hang tight. We gotta wait for our moment.


Zephyr One is out there somewhere.

HUNTER: We are not seeing any...

Find it.

Destroy it.



ENOCH: Good. They sent reinforcements.


Thank you for coming.

We must move quickly and calmly.

Do not speak. Do not engage.

I'm just trying not to throw up in my helmet.




Give Yo-Yo her breathing apparatus.

Set the chamber temperature to minus- degrees.

Where's Fitz?

I don't know.

I can't know.


Wait for it.

Wait for it.

You don't need to keep saying it.


Zephyr One spotted moving on the surface of the Earth.







Be ready.




MACK: Quinjet team, head back to the Lighthouse.

ELENA: On our way.

That's some serious flying there.

That used to be all I did.

No sign of Zephyr One.

It looks as though it's been destroyed.

I don't believe it.

No matter the percentages,

these people always b*at the odds.


They definitely heard that.

Remember, these things are radioactive, so be careful.




Go. I got this.



Hope this works.

You hope. I'll pray.






Time for you to be reassigned.



So, this is it?

This is it.

I've studied your history,

know all the enemies you've faced.

I am honored to be the last.





So, that's what she can do.



Anything I can do to help point the antennas

- in the right direction?
- Can you rewire the capacitor connections

to bypass the network backbone?


We were here.

He said it'd be the hardest thing we've ever done.

We know.

They'll bang through the door soon enough.

Hopefully, not before our friends handle their part.

Don't worry too much about Mack.

Don't worry too much about Daisy.


They're your everything.

Stars in your skies.


I think I remember.

Why we did all this.


I think I remember
what we're fighting for.



If you've seen my battles, you know how this will end.

You know, I don't... for the first time in a while.

Can't wait to see how it plays out.

Like it did with your mother, maybe?

The only enemy we both fought.

Someone needed to rescue you,

whereas I snapped her neck, fair and square.



- Aah!








Hang in there.



Feels good to strike you down.

But you wanna do worse.

I can give any Hunter orders remotely using only my mind.

You're next.

Once I tear everything but Chronicom hardware

out of you.

There's no need.

The w*r's over.

You surrender?

We won.

Fitz and Simmons are retaking the Lighthouse

as we speak.

Oh. A creepy smile.

That's new.

So that's where they are.


SIBYL: All available Hunters, disembark for the Lighthouse,

where we have established a stronghold.

All spacecraft, prepare to f*re

on previously targeted S.H.I.E.L.D. posts.

Now it's my turn to smile.

We just needed you to enter your authorization.


And what comes next?

The Cavalry.










MACK: Nope.

We need to make sure the transmission's

- pointed in the right direction.
- She's too weak.

I don't know if she'll be able

to boost the signal enough to reach Earth.

Kora, look at me.

Look at me.

We're fighting for the very thing that gives us strength.

Do you need me to tell you what that is?



I can do it.



Okay, parabolic antennae are nearly in position.



I hope you know how to give the Chronicoms orders.

We aren't giving them orders.


We're giving them empathy.













Hey, there.

You friends or enemies?


As we have always been.




We have to let her do her part, no matter what the cost.


Do you think you're winning?

'Cause I can't tell.

It's a close one, but I could go all day.


That's what we were hoping for.

Is that right?

Those sparks?

That means Kora's purged all the Chronicom data

from the planet.

Turned the att*ck to our side.

Mission accomplished.



Down on the planet.

But up here...

these ships are about to vaporize

your friends down below.

And you can't stop that.

There is no way to k*ll me

without k*lling yourself.



That's the idea.








Thank you, Kora.

This is what we were fighting for.

[WEAKLY] Family.


Okay, that was a neat trick.

But how did you...


What the hell, man?! We were scared out of our minds.

Are you saying that we were guarding this thing for nothing?


You were guarding our everything.










Mama, what's wrong?

Nothing, sweet girl.

Nothing. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.



You said you would be gone for a long time,

but that wasn't long.

Felt like forever to me.

There was a loud noise.

I know.

I was only a little scared.


Me too, sweetie.

Me too.



There he is.

You're looking good.

You're looking good.

I never change.


Long time no see.

MAY: Hi, guys.



Well, this is a nice venue. Whose idea was this?

Where's Mack?

Turtleman is always late.

He knows. He'll be here.


Am I the last one?

- Mm-hmm.
- Sorry.

Ah, there was a situation in Moscow

that needed my attention.

A story worth telling?

Well, it's, uh... it's classified.

Of course.

You enjoying the new digs?

Oh, yeah, yeah. It's nice. You know, it's, uh...

Yeah, but after all those years in hallways,

uh, I'm... I'm just not used to having a view.

Are you still stationed there, too?

I'm on assignment, actually...

chasing an - - , of all things.

Yeah, she's our most decorated Agent.

Okay, okay. I've got a good team.

We work well together.

Although Piper, I think, is questioning her choice.

What, taking on the assignment?

No, the choice she made when you and Simmons asked her

what she wanted for a reward.


And you, Melinda?

How are you liking your new profession?

I hate it.


No, you don't.

I fought aliens, demons, and androids,

and this is the first time in my life

I've ever felt this exhausted.

Amen to that.

What do you know about being exhausted?

You're retired.

Only someone without kids would say that.

[CHUCKLING] Yeah. She's a lot.

She's the best.

She's learning to swim right now.

- Aww.
- Send videos, please.

She wants to design her own fish.

- Aww.
- We have to tell her it's not possible.

Well, it's possible. It's just not legal... yet.

Well, did she, uh... she get Uncle Mack's present?

Yes. Thank you.

Yeah, thank you for all the many presents.

One a year is plenty.

Oh, come on, Fitz. What about Christmas?

It's overrated.

We did get a very nice letter from Agent Sousa.

So cute he writes letters.

I know, right? I just got him a typewriter.

Speaking of a kid on Christmas.


Things are going... well?

They're going, yeah.

We're just, like, loving the journey together.

I showed him "E.T". to prep for it.

- Great movie.
- MACK: Classic.

He cried like a baby.

Um, but he's... he's... he's made for this work.

He's solid.

But he does keep calling us the "Astro Ambassadors",

so that's... yeah.

He's a dork.

But he says hi.

Speaking of dorks...


What are you gonna do, A.C.?


Yeah, I was gonna ask.

You said you would take the year to reassess.


I figure I can always, you know, turn off.

So no rush on that.

I'm gonna take a little time, continue my reassessment.

See the world.

Right on.

Glad to hear it.

You know, after your sabbatical, I could use you.

Yeah, me too.

There's a bunk open on Zephyr Three. It's a nice one.

I'll keep all that in mind.


Guys, I'm going to have to go in a minute.

We're approaching the drop zone.

Okay, just remember... minimal force, sweetheart.

In and out, no contact... I know.

Uh, yeah, I-I have a group waiting, so, um...

maybe we should just, uh, call it.

Yeah, I'm losing signal anyway. We're entering a Nebula.

I vote we make this a tradition.

Yeah. I agree.

We can't lose touch.

We've been through too much together.

A miracle we survived.

Well... except for Coulson.

And Fitz.

And Daisy.

And May.

Geez, I was a zombie once.

So was Mack, actually.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Was I... Was I there for that?

Look, if this is a contest,
I died like seven times.

- Is that all?

But I didn't even exist in Deke's timeline.

Aw, Deke.


I miss that little weirdo.


We may see him again one day.

Look, I'm sure the D is doing just fine.

I mean, he's probably playing Madison Square Garden right now.



All right, well...

I guess that's it.

Same time next year?

All right.

Hasta la proxima.


We're only a block away from the drop-off?

PIPER: Yeah, but we should've been there quicker,

and you should be able to drive better.

You're a damn computer.

DAVIS: I know, but either they changed the signs

or you programmed me a little stupider

so you could feel superior for once.

I swear on all things holy, you were always this stupid.

Don't slow down, Davis.

I'll see you on the other side of the compound.



Mack, I'll be sending a few names.


And, Phil.

You know, you should at least swing by on your travels,

tell some stories to the newcomers.

They'll love that.

You might be seeing me.




You done finally?

We're five minutes late to class.

You're late.

I'm giving the lecture.

That's not late.

That's dramatic.



This little monkey is punching me

as hard as she can in the leg.

- We should go.
- Oh.


Having a picnic in the garden.

She's been very patient.

[CLAPS] Well...


Bye, everybody.

I'll e-mail you that anatomy analysis

after Fitz is asleep.

Interesting stuff.








You're at HQ?

So, then... you received the package.

Sitting right in front of me. Just need the code.

- - .

It's in there.

Along with a little, um... going-away present.

Is it what I think it is?

H-Hey, I'm still a mechanic at heart.

All right?

Be careful out there.

Both of you.



MAN: All stations, make ready to get under way.

Okay, everyone's in position.

Let's move forward with the operation.

Everything's in place.


It's not the same without these guys.

No, it's not.

Are you really just seeing the world?

There's some places I've always wanted to go.


But look at what you did here.

There are people out there who are lost,

people who show promise.

If you don't find them, who will?

How's it going with your new recruit?


She's doing great.


She's been through a lot, but, um...

It's funny what can happen when someone believes in you.

Give me a call when you get back.

Yes, sir.




They good?

They're good.


You have to see this.



Amazing, right?

It's beautiful.

















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