01x10 - No Place Like Home

Episode transcripts for the 2017 TV show "Emerald City". Aired January - March 2016.
"Emerald" City is based on the Land of Oz book series.
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01x10 - No Place Like Home

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Previously on "Emerald City"...

The Mother Witch lives!

And breeds for Glinda.

She's not going to use them against The Beast.

She's going to use them against you.

This Beast will have a heart.

If it has a heart, you can k*ll it.

Beast Forever will come when the two moons become one.

Witches are The Beast Forever!

As you once stood united with King Pastoria, you now stand with his one true heir to the throne, Ozma.

This boy is no Ozma.

You are true.

What kind of magic is this?

Magic strong enough to k*ll a witch.

Never surrender your w*apon!

The Beast Forever destroyed this kingdom.

I made her masks to hide a face that never aged.

I'm nothing but tin, like her.

- Where are you going?

- To cut down The Wizard.

Dorothy, okay?

I want Nahara free.

- What do you want from her?

- The Stone Giants.

If I help The Wizard, he's gonna take me back to where I belong.

And if you help me, I'll take The Wizard with me.

Free magic?


The drone shows an army approaching.

Who are they?

Still unknown to us.

Show me.

Track closer.


Shut the gates.

I want every man on the walls.

Every able-bodied man in Emerald City.

Protect the kingdom at all costs.

- Eamonn, we can't just...

- You heard me.

Rally your men.

But we've no w*apon against magic!

Your sacrifice will be noted.

What does it mean?

Your reputation precedes you.

What did you expect?

Rose petals at your feet?

I didn't expect this.

- They're afraid of us.

- Good.

Let them know how it tastes.

But they aren't who we came for.

Where is he?

The Wizard.

Gone to Ev.

With our army.

Guess we'll have to settle for you, then.

He's defenseless.

He is Wizard's Guard.

I don't want to take the city like this.

Leave him.

I am your queen.

Fear rules.

Not kings and queens.

So I should be more like you?

Like The Wizard?

k*lling anyone who gets in my way?

How you lead is your choice, but you'd best hurry up and figure out how.

Your people are waiting.

Gather the deserters.


- Arm them.

- Sir.

We have a w*r to win!

It was you.

You didn't think it was you, did you?



Isn't that why you kept her locked up?

So you could use her magic when you needed it?

I had leverage over her.

Her village.

What do you have?

I told her I could save Oz.

I could stop a w*r.

So you didn't do what you were supposed to do up north?

k*ll Glinda.

Did you even think I could, or did you just send me there because you thought I'd never come back?

I sent you there to save Oz.

Because I swore to protect this world!

And I will protect it!

And I will send you home!

But you have to keep up your end of the deal: stopping Glinda.

I promised you I'd stop a w*r.

And that's exactly what I intend to do.

That's why I raised the Giant.

Well, then, you'll march north.

You'll plant the Eternal Warrior in front of Glinda's castle.

She'll have no choice but to surrender.

And if she doesn't surrender?

- What have you done?

- It wasn't me.

You gave me an idea.

Your prototype.

Well, I didn't mean for you to build an arsenal!

How else was I supposed to win the w*r?

You cannot k*ll those girls.

They're not girls.

They're The Beast Forever.

- They're just doing what Glinda tells them to do.

Then I'll sh**t them right out of the sky!

My father...

My mother...


For no other reason than to save myself.

Bleed him dry.

Why did you let me live?

I have a daughter of your age.

When I looked down at you...

I saw her looking back.

I saw myself in her eyes.

A m*rder.

A coward.

This is yours by right.

You think that will save you?

He made his choice.

Now make yours.

Bring me his family.


They're innocent.

Eamonn, what's happening?

- Father, help us!

- It's all right.

I beg of you...

I am the traitor.

I k*lled your family!

Your father can't help you, can he?

Where is your father?

Who is your father?


I don't know.


How do you know my name?



My love.

I don't know you, sir.

What have you done?

You took away my family.

Now I took away yours.

I cast you out of Emerald City.

I strip you of land and title.

You will wander through Oz not as a man, but as the beast you truly are.


Stop, please.




When your father died, I thought justice had died with him.

I was wrong.

My queen.




No, no, no, no!



No, no, no.

I'm not the one who k*lled her.

Those are your last words.


Don't ask me to spare him.

Your daughter's here.

- Liar.

- I'm not!

I'm not...

she's closer than you can imagine.

- Do it.

- No!

Please, look.

The rip!

The rip in the sky.

It had to make you wonder who came through.

If you k*ll me, you'll never see your daughter again.

You have a daughter?

He's lying.

Dorothy's here!

My Dorothy?



It's them.


Still here, are you?

There doesn't have to be a w*r.

Is that why The Wizard animated the Stone Giant?

Because he wants peace?

He didn't.

I did.

How wrong Roan was about you.

He didn't know me.

Now he does.

You think I'm talking of love?

Love means nothing compared to survival.

Then go back north.

If you do, The Wizard will have no reason to fight you, and you and all of your girls can live in peace.

I do owe you some gratitude for protecting this girl.


Even though you knew her heart was magic.

Even when she turned your own kind to stone.

Your love for her has never wavered.

But unfortunately for you...

Stone crumbles.


Sylvie, look at me.

Sylvie, please.

Sylvie, you don't have to do this.

Sylvie, look at me.

Your spells won't help you now.

The Giant is d*ad.

Sylvie, enough.

You don't have to do this.


- No!

- k*ll them!

k*ll them all!

k*ll them!

Sylvie, no.





Now you see.

Everyone is dying because of you.

Because you chose the wrong side.

The Wizard's side.



- Guards!

- Here we are, sir.

Guards, help me.

Help me!

No, no, no, no, no!

What are you doing?

I'm not your enemy.

I'm trying to save Oz from them.

Call your men off and tell them to surrender, or I swear to God, I will sh**t you with your own g*n.

sh**t me...

you sh**t me, and you'll never go home.

You sh**t me, and you'll be stuck here forever!

Well, I'd rather never go home than be a part of this.




This isn't possible.

I k*lled them.


- Mistress.

- Mistress.


- Mistress.

- Mistress.

Only a witch can k*ll a witch.

Those g*n...

No, those g*n are supposed to k*ll The Beast Forever.

We are not The Beast Forever, you fool.

If not you, then what?


What are you doing here?

I've taken Emerald City.



We're on the same side.

We always have been.

Even when you locked me out.

You locked yourself out.

There is no fight left in Emerald City.

The true fight still comes for all of us.

I brought our kind back from the d*ad.

And I will take back what belongs to us.

Emerald City does not belong to you.

It belongs to Pastoria.

Or have you forgotten the king you served?

I never forgot my king.

What about his daughter?

Ozma lives.


Yes, ma'am.

You're gonna get me inside of your castle.



And try your luck with them?


That's what I thought.

She is a gift to us all.

Now we can both advise the new queen.

Just as we did her father.

Magic and reason can rule Oz side by side once again.

Take my hand.

Side by side.

Magic alone shall rule Oz.

You will do exactly as The Wizard did.

Divide this world until you break Oz...

And who will stop me?


My mind is clear.

My tongue is right.

And I will not let another one of our kind die.

Take my hands.

Let us become what we were meant to be.

To each other, to Oz.

You can march me wherever you want.

I'm not gonna send you home.

But this isn't about me.

It's about what's best for Oz.

Oh, what's that?

I'm sending you home.

Whatever you did to get here, tell me, so I can send you back.

Well, let me just, uh, initiate the sequence, if I can remember what it is.

I think I forgot.

I don't even think this machine has been used for this purpose in a long time.

But we'll see.

Here, here, look at this.

This just might send me home.

Or maybe it'll rip this thing apart!

Just tell me what to do.

You're gonna have to k*ll me.

If you stay here, I won't have to, because Glinda will.

Or The Beast Forever.

But if you go back, Frank, you can at least live your life.

What life?

My life had no purpose.

I left no mark in life.

I have nothing to go back to...

Neither of us have anything to go back to!

What, go back to being nothing?

I wasn't nothing.

Then what were you?

What was so precious that you had to return to?

- My uncle, my aunt, my mother...

- Your mother?

In that case, let me absolve you of your desire.

Your mother is here in Oz.

My mother is in Kansas, and she's hurt, so help me...

Your mother is not Karen Chapman.

You're lying to me.


I've lied to you before...

But this time, it's the truth.

And the truth will do us both some good here.

Karen Chapman was hurt...

because I wanted her d*ad, because I sent my men to k*ll her in Kansas.

I thought she was gonna return to Oz.

For Jane.

For me!

But I'm not gonna let her or you bring me back!




Get up and start that machine!

Get up!

You have to take me home, Frank.





Why did you do that?

It's what I should have done years ago.

Who are you?

It's been 20 years since I saw your face.

Since I let you go and gave you to Karen.

Now it's time for us to go home.


My name is Jane.

I've been lied to my whole life.

This isn't a lie.

How do I know?

When you were little, I gave you a tattoo on your left hand.

Just below your thumb.

Five dots, a circle.


I used to kiss each mark before I put you to sleep.


One to keep you safe, one for good dreams.

This one right here.


So if I ever lost you, I could find you again.


I know you have so many questions.

I want to answer all of them, but...

Right now, we have to go before it's too late.

- Why?

- Dorothy...

Why did you leave me?

I made a promise to keep you safe.

Well, I would have been safe with you.

Not here, you wouldn't have.

But I would have felt safe.

Dorothy, we have to go.

Come on.

We need to hurry.


you know how this works?

I built this machine.

- You did?

- Yeah.

Yeah, to get home to you, then The Wizard took it for himself.

Go to the controls.


It's gonna get hot in here.

What do I do?

The lever, the handle.

Bring that toward you.

Slowly, slowly!

That's it, all the way.

Now what?

Get inside.

Get in.

We have to go!

Just hold on tight.

I'll be right behind you.

I promise.


Just one more sequence.

- Mom!

- This is the only way.

No, you promised me!

I made a promise to protect you.

And I'll do it.

I'll do it until the day I die.


Mom, no!






Where ya headed?


Check on Karen.

Dorothy, you just got back.

Yeah, well, maybe she's awake.

Maybe she can talk now.

And maybe you're gonna wind up next to her if you don't take care of yourself.

Sit for one minute.

Do you some good.

I used to know a little girl who could gobble up walnuts faster than I could crack 'em.

I'm fine.

Now you really got me worried.

I'm just...

I'm just thinking.

Sheriff called again.

Needs you to come down to the station and make a statement.

I don't know what to tell him.

Just tell him the truth.

The truth.

I went to check on Karen.

She was hurt, so I went to go get help, and then I was swallowed up by a twister.

Ten minutes later, I wake up right where I left.

That's all you remember?

That's the truth.

Well, when you're ready, they'll be happy to have you back at work, and you can check on Karen all you want.


Your fingers.


Think I'd have learned to wear gloves after all these years cracking walnuts.


I'm gonna take a walk.


No, I didn't think so.

I'm just dreaming.

It's just a dream.

It's just a dream.


I'm not gonna hurt you.

- That's not why I'm here.

- Then what?

Your mother sent me.

My mother.


Where is she?

Tell me.

She's a prisoner...

of The Beast Forever.


And only you can stop it.

You've come to bring me back.

I've come to bring you home.
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