04x13 - The Great Leap Forward

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The 4400". Aired: July 2004 to September 2007.
4,400 people are suddenly returned to Earth.
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04x13 - The Great Leap Forward

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The world will have to deal with us.

Previously on The 4400: I took the sh*t.

I'm fine.

Mom, what's wrong?

Someone help.



Isabelle's in Promise City.

As soon as she gets close to Collier, she'll move.

- She knows not to damage him.

- For a while, - I believed you'd changed.

- So did I.

We're not gonna make you a martyr to your cause, Jordan.

We're gonna make you a traitor to it.

Once you're marked, you're gonna destroy the movement you created.

I don't know what lessons you took in bodysnatching school, but you make a terrible Tom Baldwin.

If we wanna k*ll that thing inside him, we're gonna have to k*ll Tom too.

- Don't make me sh**t.

- Are you gonna fix me?

- Going to get your old Tom back?

- g*dd*mn it, Tom.


Oh, my God.


He pulled a g*n.

I had to f*re.

Where's Shawn?

- He's in the car.

- Get him.

We can't do it here.

He's in bad shape.

We have to move him.




Uncle Tommy?

I need to heal him now.

He's losing blood too fast.

Not yet.

That's not Tom.

We need to get rid of that thing inside of him first.

- Everybody out.

- Here's the polonium.

You need to inject it directly into his spine.

I can't lie to you, Tom.

This is gonna hurt.

But it's gonna k*ll that thing inside you.



She became apnoeic and we lost pulse.



Is she d*ad?

Is my mom d*ad?

We don't know yet.

Sir, you need to let us work.

You can wait inside.

You did everything you could.

I think you need to prepare yourself for some bad news.

- Your mom's a textbook case.

- Textbook case of what?

- Promicin death.

- No.

She landed on the wrong side of fifty-fifty.

No, my mom didn't take the sh*t.

Are you okay?



Are you okay?


Wait, sir.

One of the paramedics is down.

Let's bring out a gurney.

Anderson, over here.

Come on, Uncle Tommy.

g*dd*mn it.

I can't.

It's too late.


I think I k*lled people.

I think I k*lled people, Diana.

We can talk about that later.

Right now, you need to rest, okay?

I don't know what happened.

I was just talking.

He collapsed.

Kind of like what happened with my mom.


Farrell, I need some information.

Do you know who your mother's insurance carrier is?




Oh, my God.


Can we get a doctor over here?

I need a doctor.

I need a doctor here now.

Somebody help.

Come on.

I need a doctor!


Somebody help.

- Roll her on her side.

- Are you all right?

Tom, what happened?

I can barely remember anything.

The few things I do, they're all...

They're all bad.

How am I supposed to live with what I did?

How can I be positive that thing is gone?

Well, we're gonna watch over you until we're sure.

You're gonna recover yourself.

And when you do, you'll tell us who the Marked are.

All of them.

And after that, whatever you did, we'll deal with it.


Nobody's getting into or out of Saint Ambrose.

Seattle police have it under strict quarantine and we have tactical agents reinforcing them.

No one knows exactly what happened in there yet.

I managed to get on the phone with a doctor who's trapped inside.

And he has personally seen dozens of deaths.

How is that possible?

There's no way all those people took the sh*t.

Maybe someone's going around injecting patients.

Like an orderly or a doctor.


It would take time to force a sh*t on those people.

- This is spreading way too fast.

- What if it's a virus?

Someone took the sh*t.

And the ability they developed is to spread promicin like...

- I don't know, the flu?

- God.

If that's true, we have more than a bunch of victims on our hands.


For every one who died in that hospital, someone else survived.

Someone who's gonna develop a brand-new ability.

How many people do you think are trapped inside that hospital?

Five hundred?

- A thousand?

- Well, whatever the number, we'll deal with it.

At least there haven't been reports of deaths outside the hospital.

Area around Saint Ambrose remains cordoned off by police.

- Shawn.

- Yeah.

- Your brother Danny is outside.

- Tell him to come in.

I can't.

He's out in the gardens and he won't come inside.

It's a little strange, to be honest.

He's not letting anybody near him.


Danny, hey.

What's going on here?

You're making everybody nervous.

Everyone's dying, Shawn.

Everyone around me is dying.

- What are you talking about?

- In that hospital.

I k*lled all those people.

Danny, what do you mean?



It's the sh*t.

My ability.

I think I'm infecting people with promicin.

And I don't know what to do.

I've been hiding out all night in a park and I can't even turn myself in without making more people sick.

Okay, you can't infect anyone who's already promicin-positive, right?

I don't think so.

You're gonna come inside.

I'm gonna clear everyone else out of the building.


Burkhoff can probably get his hands on some of the inhibitor.


Come inside.

We're gonna suppress your ability.

We'll figure this out together.


- Okay.

Come on.

- Shawn.

Mom's d*ad, Shawn.



It happened last night.

It was my fault.

I k*lled her.

I'm sorry, Shawn.

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to hurt her.

I didn't mean to hurt anyone.

I wanted you to hear something while you're still you.

When Kyle brought me to you I wasn't lying.

I really did wanna change.

I tried.

But I'm not meant to lead a normal life.

And it was stupid to think I could.

Isabelle, everyone is in charge of their own destiny.

You might not have liked the choices you had.

Still, you made one.

I was created to do a job.

I fought it for a while but...

Now I know I have to do what they want.

k*ll me.

k*ll me right now.

Don't let them use me to end this movement.


You were told not to speak to Collier.

Don't worry.

It won't happen again.

Because I'm ready to get out of here.

You've got Collier.

I did what you asked me to do.

Now you can let my father go.


Not yet.

Your father will be released when everything's arranged exactly as we want it.

That is not what we agreed to.

You know, I don't really feel like arguing about it.

I like having my abilities back.

I'll go get my father myself.

I don't think 50, Isabelle.

I think you're forgetting.

We took out a little insurance policy on you while you were in prison.

You remember that k*ll switch that Tom told you about?

You're feeling it right now.

If you insist on disobeying us, I won't hesitate to use it fully.

I want to make a statement on behalf of everyone who lives in Promise City.

We had nothing to do with the deaths at Saint Ambrose Hospital.

Forcing people to take promicin goes against everything Jordan Collier stands for.

If Jordan were here, he would tell you himself.

But unfortunately, he is missing.

He was abducted by enemies of the movement.

We're working to find him.

But while we do, we'd like to extend a gesture of goodwill to the city of Seattle.

The residents of Promise City are already promicin-positive.

We're not vulnerable to what's happening in the hospital.

We'd like to offer Our services to the authorities.

We will not move out into the city without an invitation.

But we do stand ready to help.

All the government has to do is ask.

So ready to hand over control of the city to Collier's army?

We might need them before this is over.

I'm not sure, Meghan.

I didn't even know Collier was missing until now.

Has Tom been able to tell you anything?

Let me know if he starts to remember.

I'll call you if anything changes here.

Everything's gone silent within Saint Ambrose and we just had word that authorities are considering sending in the first relief team.

- How would you like to have that job?

- How are things at the hospital?

It's quiet.

Whatever happened there, I think it's over.

At least the screaming has stopped.

Guys, look at this.

Authorities tell us that...

- What just happened?

- I'm not sure but we need to talk to the agents on site right now.

But they told us it was contained.

Everybody get away from her.

Get away from her.


We need to seal this place off.


It's not fair.

Let's go.

I didn't even take the sh*t.

Okay, come on, let's go.

Let's go.

I was five feet from him.

And I lived.

It doesn't seem right.

What's gonna happen to us now?

I mean, everyone who survived, are we gonna develop abilities?

Are you two okay?


What's going on out there?

We're picking up the pieces.

The worst is over.

For us, anyway.

But someone must have gotten out and infected everyone on the perimeter.

Sickness is spreading through the neighbourhood near Saint Ambrose.

The police and the emergency services, their people must have brought the virus back too.

- They've been devastated.

- So who's watching over the city?

Right now, no one.

But the Army has Seattle surrounded.

The entire district is under quarantine.

How far is this thing gonna spread?

We don't know.

But right now, I wanna keep focused on this building.

Marco, we gave everyone promicin tests.

- Did the results come in yet?

- Yeah.

They're preliminary, but it looks like everyone who survived is positive.

Except for one person.




It's just a guess.

You know, last year Dr.

Burkhoff forced an early version of promicin on you.

You didn't get an ability but it does look like your body developed a resistance to promicin exposure.

There's no chance that I could infect anybody?


I mean, I don't think so.

How do you feel?


What did you give me?

I included a sedative in the sample of the inhibitor I mixed up.

We won't know if your ability is suppressed for a few hours.

I don't wanna sleep.

I wanna help.

There's nothing you can do right now.

Just close your eyes, bro.

Have you given any thought to what you wanna do?

I'm gonna give Danny to NTAC.

- I think I have to.

- I think so too.

They have to study your brother.

He may be the only way to find an antidote.

Once the government has him, who knows if they'll ever let him go.

I don't wanna lose my brother and my mom on the same day.


My mom is gone.

The police have fired another round of tear gas.

The virus got into city hall.

The mayor's down.

Half the city council.

Police, paramedics.

People are abandoning their posts in droves.

I think we need to take Kyle Baldwin up on his offer.

See if his positives can't restore some order.

Are you ready to cross that line?

We don't have a choice.

The federal government is focused on containment.

They're basically writing Seattle off.

We can't let that happen.

I'm going to Promise City.

Well, you can't just drive across town.

Let me go.

I'm the one who's supposed to be resistant to this.

That's why you're going to the 4400 Center.

You could be the key to this.

If someone could figure out why you're not vulnerable, maybe they could replicate the effect and create a vaccine.

Okay, well, we're not doing it, because NTAC Medical is shut down.

Shawn Farrell is not developing that compatibility test on his own.

Someone is doing the research.

Someone with a scientific background.

Someone like Kevin Burkhoff?

My sister's d*ad.

That was Shawn.

Susan was in that hospital.

She's d*ad.

Oh, my God.

Tom, I'm so sorry.

You should lie down.

I can't imagine what you're feeling now.


No, I'll mourn later.

Where'd you put my g*n?

I remember it all now.


The Marked have Collier.

I know where they're keeping him.

Tell us where he is.

I'll put together a task force.

It has to be me.

Isabelle's there.

She has her abilities back.

They think I'm one of them.

I'll walk in, I'll get Collier, find out what they're planning.

Let me do this, please.

I have to.

I've been authorized to accept your offer of assistance.

What did you have in mind?

We need to restore order to the streets.

I would like to use your people as a temporary security force.

The first thing we need to do is write a list of all the abilities at your disposal.

Then we can figure out how to deploy them.

There's no reason to make a plan.

Jordan already has one in place.

I know exactly what we have at our disposal.

And I know where to send them to take control of the city.

I am glad you're so prepared to take over Seattle.

But when this is over, I want my city back.

The whole world is terrified of what's happening here.

That's an opportunity.

Once this is over, we use all our influence, here and abroad, and push for all-out w*r against the positives.

This time, we will be heard.



Funny how things happen.

You've got Collier but you're losing Seattle.

You're wrong.

I'm not going to stand by and watch a militia of positives take command of this city.

We thought the movement would fall apart once we had Collier.

But that didn't happen.

Someone stepped in and took his place.

- You're talking about Kyle.

- That's right.

He has to be stopped.

You have to stop him.

You're going back into Promise City and you're going to k*ll Kyle Baldwin.

Kyle's your only real connection to your past, this idea of yourself that you've been hanging on to.

Once he's gone, you'll let it go.

You want him d*ad.

I'm your w*apon.

I get it.


You've been out of contact for a long time.

Where have you been?

I was doing damage control.

Skouris has been telling people I'm marked.

Do they believe her?

My boss doesn't.

Meghan Doyle cares about Tom Baldwin.

I brought her around.

Anyway, their hands are full.

The virus got into NTAC.

It k*lled Baldwin's sister too.

I had to shed a few tears just for appearance's sake.

This city has gotten out of control.

Half of NTAC is developing new abilities.

How are we responding?

Collier's been marked.

We're waiting for him to turn.

In the meantime, I sent Isabelle to Promise City to deal with the new leader of the movement.

Kyle Baldwin.


Your body produces abnormal amounts of an enzyme called ubiquinone.

It's a compound that boosts the immune system.

An overproduction of it made you resistant to promicin.

If we replicate that effect, can we make a vaccine?

People are dying right now.

We don't have time to mass-produce some enzyme and get it to people.

We don't have to mass-produce anything.

Ubiquinone is already available as a supplement.

They sell it in pills in health food stores.


Okay, if you take enough of them, can you develop a resistance quickly?

Shawn, I just checked in on your brother.

He doesn't look good.

We have to get word out about these pills.

You go.

I'll start making phone calls.

The inhibitor is working.

You're no longer contagious.

But your body is still producing promicin.

And since it can no longer disperse it into the air via your ability, it's building up in your system.

I'm choking on the stuff.

It's all right, Danny.

We're gonna figure it out.

So, what can we do to help him?

We could take him off the inhibitor.

Physically he'd be fine.

But I'd be contagious again.

- Exactly.

- No way.

- That's not an option.

- Danny...

No, Shawn.

What happens if I stay on the inhibitor?

You're saying I'll die?

I'm getting you out of here.

That thing inside you?

There's a way to get rid of it.


You can worry about that once you're out of here.

No matter what happens to me, don't stop until you're through the door.

My car's right outside.

If anything happens to me, you need to call Kyle right away.

Parrish sent Isabelle after him.

If you're an NTAC agent again, what happens once we're out of here?

Am I gonna arrest you?

I'd love to.

But that's not the plan.

As much as it hurts me to admit it, this city needs you right now.

Are you ready?


You flinched when I told you Isabelle was going after your son.

No one's ever managed to get rid of a mark before.

You're gonna have to tell me how you did it.


All our teams are in place.

We have Ravenna under control.

- Beacon Hill's quiet.

- Good.

Let's move your people into Northgate.

See if we can stop the looting.

We can't start distributing these ubiquinone supplements until the city is calm.

Hi, Kyle.

Close your eyes.


If you're gonna do what I think you are, you have to look me in the eye.

You couldn't k*ll me.

You're human.

There's so much of the world I never saw.

So much that's beautiful.

You have time.

You can see whatever you want.

We can.

You have a good heart, Kyle.


These pills are the way that we can stop anyone else from dying.

I'm proud to say that the 4400 Center is working in conjunction with the government and residents of Promise City to distribute this over-the-counter product to every neighbourhood in Seattle.

If you haven't already been infected, these will either save your life, or they will keep you from getting an ability.

The government is also working with relief agencies to airlift supplies of ubiquinone into the city.

So there'll be enough for everyone.

People are wondering what Seattle is gonna look like when this is all over.

How many people will have lost their lives.

How a city with so many unwanted new abilities is going to function.

The truth is, we don't have any answers.

But this city has survived a lot.

And it will survive this.

Thank you all for coming.

You risked a lot to get this message out.

And do not forget to take your pills.


Thank you.

None of this is gonna mean anything unless that airlift happens.

Oh, we're working on it.

I'm coordinating distribution between the CDC, FEMA, and the Red Cross.

Look, I know that you're dealing with a lot, but you helped keep this contained, and you were the right face to put in front of the public.



Yeah, buddy.

I'm right here.

It really hurts.

It hurts to breathe.

I'm gonna fix that.

- Make you feel better for a little bit.

- No.


You did that an hour ago.

Look at me.

Danny, we're gonna take you off the inhibitor - and we're gonna put you in isolation.

- No, it's too dangerous.

Not anymore.

We know about those pills now.

What if they don't work around me?

Or what if in a week from now my ability gets stronger?

The whole thing could start again.

Too many people are d*ad because of me, Shawn.

It's not your fault.

I know, but I have to live with it.

I'm not gonna make it through this, Shawn.

I know it.

You're not gonna die, Danny.

- I'm not gonna let you.

- It's okay.

But I need you to do something for me.

Just make it stop hurting.

Just make the pain go away for good.


Oh, Danny, no.

I'm not gonna do that.

I'm not gonna do that.

You're my little brother.

Then I'm begging you, brother.

- Don't.

- Please, Shawn.

Let me be the last victim.

Please do it.


Please, Shawn.

I beg you.

Please, Shawn.

Do it now.

I love you.


I can't breathe.

I can't.

You made your choice.

You are our only hope for the future.

Your future's d*ad now.

You're free now.

Make this world better than it is.

You understand what you have to do to get rid of that thing inside you?

You'll have to mend fences with Shawn.

Well, I'm more than willing.

I hope he will be too.

Jordan, there's one more thing.

There's seven names there, the rest of the Marked.

They're gonna need the same treatment you get.

These are powerful people.

That's why NTAC can't handle it.

We'd never be able to get them through official channels.

I can't help but wonder, when we walk back into the city, who's gonna be in charge.

My side or yours.

I think soon that distinction won't mean a thing.

Be well, Tom.

We are gathered here today to pay our respects to Susan and Danny Farrell, a wonderful mother and a loving son.

They will be missed, as will so many others.

The entire city is grief-stricken today.

We're all asking ourselves the same question: How are we going to deal with all this loss, all this pain?

But I believe within that question lies our answer, our salvation.

Because it is a shared loss, it is a shared pain, and only together through sympathy, through understanding and through love can we rise above this tragedy.

Shawn, I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry, man.

Thank you.

- Hey.

- Hey.

Jordan told me everything that happened.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'll get there.

And I know you cared about Isabelle.

And I'm sorry she's gone.

I know how you're feeling right now, Shawn.

You're thinking that everyone's gone, that you're alone.

But you're not.

I'm here.

So is Kyle.

And we're gonna help each other get through this.

We're gonna figure out how to be a family, okay?

I just got a revised estimate of the tally so far.

We know the city has lost 9,000 people.

That's just confirmed d*ad.

It's not a final count.

So we're looking at 9,000 new abilities at the very least.

A lot of those abilities are gonna belong to people we know.

NTAC, police, paramedics?

I mean, we were the first ones exposed to this thing.

What are we gonna do?

Arrest ourselves?

No one's arresting anybody right now.

Every city agency is operating on a skeleton crew.

We won't have federal help until they lift the quarantine.

That'll be a week, maybe more.

So we're still on our own.

The loudest voice of authority in Seattle right now is Jordan Collier's.

Well, his p-positives are the most effective law and order we've got.

And when quarantine's lifted, what happens?

Are Collier's people gonna stand down?

Will they give the city back to us?

Would you?

The time has come for this city to begin healing.

I never intended promicin to spread this way.

But the sacrifices of the past few days have not been in vain.

This tragedy, terrible as it may have been, had meaning.

And those who died...

are the heralds of a new age.

Thousands upon thousands of you have new abilities and in time you will all contribute to this movement.

A movement that now claims all Seattle as its home.

Who are you?

I'm Jed Garrity.

Who the hell are you?

We have stood by this city in its hour of need.

And we will new guide this city into the future.

We're all miracles, every one of us.

And together we will do wondrous things.


I told you he was a good guy.

I understand how...

Maia, can't you see what's happening?

Jordan Collier is naming himself dictator of Seattle.

There's nothing good about that.

You're wrong, Mom.

We are in charge now.

It's better that way.

I've spoken to the world before of heaven on Earth.

Many of you thought of it impossible.

But now I am convinced we will see it in our lifetime.

There's a way to live with it.

To k*ll people, even though it wasn't really you, you still feel responsible.

Believe me, I have been there.

Two people are d*ad.

They're not Collier.

They're not coming back.

But you're still here.

You have to figure out how to move on.


Dad, it's time.
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