15x00 - The Long Road Home

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Supernatural". Aired: September 2005 to November 2020.

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Two brothers follow their father's footsteps as "hunters" fighting evil supernatural beings of many kinds including monsters, demons, and gods that roam the earth.
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15x00 - The Long Road Home

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My name is Dean Winchester.

That big fella in there is my brother, Sam.

We k*ll monsters.

♪ Carry on, my wayward son ♪

♪ There'll be peace when you are done ♪

♪ Lay your weary head to rest ♪

♪ Don't you cry no more ♪

years is the longest I've ever done anything.

Longest I'll ever do anything.

Are you watching us?

It really is a family.

This right here, this is alright.

And it was just a blast.

DABB: It's been a great, great experience.

I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I mean, you're my favorite show.



It's been this amazing, amazing ride.

Storm's coming.

We're certainly grateful that you guys have been on this journey with us.

It was remarkable.


It was absolutely remarkable.

It's been worth it that we've gone on this journey.

Am I interrupting something juicy?

I've had experiences that I'll never forget.

It'll always be part of me.

SMITH: You think that you can anticipate the surprises.

Damn it, Sam.

This whole thing is spinning out of control.

And you never can.

KRIPKE: There is no too far.

- ♪ Carry on, my wayward son ♪

- I could throttle you!

The show can literally do anything.

Because it's also fantastical and it's big.

What do you say we k*ll some evil sons of bitches and we raise a little hell, huh?

♪ No ♪

It's a long list of characters that we've come to love.


You just keep your distance, ass-hat.


Do you know people tell stories about us?

Apparently we're a little bit legendary.

RHODES: The magic that made it "Supernatural".

And there were so many beautiful moments.

Oh, my God, I'm gonna be crying the entire time today!

Do I get charged for this therapy or what?

- I like this plan.

- Whoo!

♪ Carry on, my wayward son ♪

I do love a good buddy comedy.

SAM: We're here, you sons of bitches!

- We're back, baby!

- Come and get it!

♪ Don't you cry no more ♪

♪ No ♪

♪ Ahh ♪

That was awesome!








Where did "Supernatural" come from?

- Whoa, easy, tiger.

- Dean?

It really came from this love of urban legends I had really my whole life.

Dad's on a hunting trip.

And he hasn't been home in a few days.

And I always wanted to make a TV show about that subject matter.

I remember reading it and loving it.

- Where'd she go?

- I don't know.


PADALECKI: It had so many aspects to the story that I love... good versus evil and dark versus light.


Uh, Dean?



Kripke took these two brothers, and he put them into a world where they could fight monsters...



... and tell a horror movie every week.

Not bad, huh?

Two guys in a muscle car cruising around the country, going in and out of these urban legends.

Let's go.

SINGER: I just thought it was a terrific show, and I thought Jared and Jensen were so natural together and so believable.


ACKLES: What people then gravitated to more than just the world that these two brothers were in was the relationship that these two brothers have.

And Kripke knew that from the very beginning.

We got work to do.


- , volts.

- Damn.

Yeah, I want this rawhead extra freaking crispy.

ACKLES: They're average Joes, essentially.

You know, there's nothing spectacular about them, aside from his hair.

And that's...

I bought it in Season .

- Ah!



Sam, get him out of here!

Take this.

It was the Luke Skywalker and Han Solo dynamic.

We should get an early start.

You really know how to have fun, don't you, grandma?

The innocent, more conscientious, more moral character with his best friend, who's kind of a little more dangerous.

ACKLES: They're ordinary guys that are thrown into this extraordinary world, and they somehow manage to find a way to win.

I'll tell you what else helps.

k*lling as many evil sons of bitches as I possibly can.

DABB: It was the magic of Eric's script, and it was the magic of that casting that has made this show the longest-running genre show in America.


From the car to the towns that we go through to the diet that these guys have...



Pig 'n a poke.

... to the clothes they wear, all of it creates this world, and it creates this image, this back roads Americana story...

Go, team.

ACKLES: ... of these two brothers that are against all odds.

This line of work can get awful scary.

Oh, you want to go hunt?

I'll hunt.

I'll k*ll anything.

- Aw.

- He's adorable.


- Shut up.

Tell you the truth, I wasn't sure if we should come.


Your daddy needs help.

Yeah, but last time we saw you, I mean, you did thr*at to blast him full of buckshot.

I think Bobby was someone who was always important to our guys.

John just has that effect on people.

A truck driver who turns out to be really warm and paternal to the boys, even though on the outside, he's kind of this crusty, rusty, grumpy dude.

Here you go.

What is this, holy water?

That one is.

This is whiskey.

As he grew with the show, he became, in a lot of ways, their real father.

You made a deal for Sam, didn't you?

Ackles: He was the voice of reason.

He was home for a number of years.

And the guys needed a home base.

They needed somebody to go to.

They needed somebody to straighten them out.

What is it with you Winchesters, huh?

You, your dad, you're both just itching to throw yourselves down the pit.

It's the obvious love that he has for those kids...


It's what I've been trying to tell you.

... that makes what could be just a character who's just like, "Oh, he's just kind of a [BLEEP]."

I just woke up in a pine Bo...

I'm not a demon, either, you know.

That it immediately made that character a keeper.

Hey-ya, Sammy.


- Aah!

Who are you?!

It's him, Sam.

I've been through this already.

It's really him.

The heart of the show...

I mean, there are so many themes that we've done.

I look fantastic, huh?

Love I think is probably the biggest theme, just the love these brothers have for each other.

Sam Winchester having trust issues with a demon.

Well, better late than never.

Your audience is deeply attached to the characters...

Thank you again for your continued support.

You're welcome.

... because of who they are, because of their humanity and what they're willing to fight for.

If we're gonna do this, we're gonna do it together.

It's so real what they have and what's anchored the show for so many years that people really do feel like they're watching their family.

Maybe we are each other's Achilles' heel.

I love seeing these characters go through all these difficulties, and they can relate to the difficulties in their own life.

I just know we're all we've got.

If you love the Winchesters, you love the show.

And that's the way it is.

That's what it's about.

- I won't let you down.

- I know it.

And you are the second-best hunter on the planet.

PADALECKI: And we do care.

I care deeply about Sam and Dean Winchester.

And so I get to see them go through struggles and try and come out better on the other side.


Thank God.



We're here to help.

My name is Sam.

This is my brother, Dean.

You're Dean?


It's really you.

The angels talk about you, and some of them think you can help save us.

And some of them don't like you at all.

I used to have, in the first three seasons of the show, this kind of no-angel policy.

So, they lock you up with a case of the crazies, when really you were just tuning in to Angel Radio?


I thought it'd be too easy if someone really powerful could come in and save them.

I see you told the demons where the sword is.

Oh, thank God.

The angels are here.

And then the thought popped in my head, which is, like, "You can have angels.

Just make them dicks".

- No more jokes.


- Bang.

- Ah!


- You son of a bitch!

Keep mouthing off, I'll break more than his legs.

♪♪ DABB: If you only treat your monster as a monster, that's not a very interesting character.


Step back, Eli.

So for us, it's always like, "What is that monster's story?" Yeah, he's a vampire, but, like, he's got a family.

What's his hobby?"


- An exorcism.

Are you serious?

Head spinning, projectile vomiting, the whole nine yards.

DABB: Once you have that, you have a character you can write and a character the guys can interact with and one that hopefully the fans can love or hate or, you know, anywhere in between.

What do you want?

The good old days, when it was all baby blood all the time.

The demons had once been human, so could be reasonable and could understand the human condition.

Isn't it past your bedtime?

You're good.


But I'm Crowley.

You are a big fish.

I wanted to do you the honor of sealing this deal personally.

"Supernatural" certainly has a history of kind of making our villains our friends, and Crowley's probably the biggest example of that.

She said the deal would be sealed with a kiss.

That's right.

His opening scene is kissing a banker under a crossroads.

- Going once.

- No, I don't think so.

- Going twice.

- Alright!


Which I thought was pretty much hysterical.

Enjoy the obscene wealth.

See you in years.

I think in the evolution of the character, he went from being an obvious villain type who was using the Winchesters...

You have less than one minute before a very dear friend of yours snuffs it.

... to ultimately joining forces with them as often as possible.

Fine, but then the angel tablet comes to us.

- On what grounds?

- On the grounds that you're a douchebag, and no douchebag should have that much power!

He ended up caring about the Winchesters..

- Yeah.

- ... despite himself...

We've been down before, but this, I-I mean, I don't even know where to start.

Oh, come on!

Hello, boys.


... despite his power within hell and among other demons.

Turns out I'm the answer to all your problems.

KRIPKE: Crowley's the creepy uncle who you kind of keep your distance at Thanksgiving.

Maybe I'll just napalm your ass anyhow.


He's a dick, but a deal's a deal.

Get bent.

PADALECKI: He was great comic relief, a great voice.

You just gonna sit there?

No, I'm gonna Riverdance.

I suppose, if you want to impress the ladies.

PADALECKI: He pauses a lot.

Long... drawn-out... sentences.

In fact, you get more if you phrase it properly.

I just want to see a scene between him and Shatner.

I just...

I just want to see it.

Just gonna sit there?

Son of a bitch.

Yes, I know.

Completely worth your soul.

I'm a hell of a guy.

I was never sure whether he wasn't actually an angel.

DEAN: Maybe it's just the wind.


Castiel, by far, had the greatest entrance of any character in the entire run of the show.

COLLINS: As I'm walking through the barn doors, the overhead lamps are exploding because I'm such a powerful character.

Bobby and Dean are f*ring g*n at me.

I get s*ab.

And I thought, "God, if this is what it's gonna be like on this show, I don't know how much of it I can take".

Who are you?

He was just meant to be this very alien character.

I'm an angel of the Lord.

You weren't quite sure if he was gonna help you or hurt you.

♪♪ But he was so intense and serious...


So, I take it you're here with the Winchesters?

... that has grown into his just complete inability to recognize humor or sarcasm.

I'm told you came here in an automobile.

- What was that like?

- Slow.

COLLINS: I haven't been around humans in thousands of years.

I don't really understand how they operate as beings.

I think I'm starting to feel something.

I come across as awkward and wooden.

And how about you, handsome?

And I don't fit in.

I'm a fish out of water.

- Oh, dude, she is into you.

- Mm-hmm.

We've been looking for teachable moments.



He's the third brother.

You and Dean have a habit of exceeding my expectations.

PADALECKI: Sam's grateful to have anybody pick up arms and go to battle alongside him and his brother.


Actually, these things can be useful.

He found a home.

We've accepted him kind of into the fold.

And he's a good soldier to have on your side.





Seeing him grow to find love and acceptance within the human family has been gratifying over the years.

But you're always there, you know?

You're our brother, Cass.

I want you to know that.

Thank you.

It's a show that's, at its core, about family relations and love, and that's something that all of us can relate to.

You did good.

You're not mad?

The core theme of this show and what this show's always been about is family.

I'm proud of you.

It's the love that they have for each other and the loyalty.

You watch out for this family.

You always have.

Probably the biggest addition to the family over the course of the years was Castiel and bringing him in very much as part of the family.

Knowing you, it... it's been the best part of my life.

And the things that w... the things we've shared together, they have changed me.

- People who become family.

- Mm-hmm.

- Even if it's...

- The family you choose.

I love you.

I love all of you.

Sometimes it feels like the world all around you is, you know, coming to an end, figuratively or literally.

You need to keep fighting.

We are fighting.

We're fighting for you, Cass.

But you always have your family.

And we don't leave family behind.

♪♪ ♪♪

What the hell just happened?

At the Devil's Gate, a damn door to hell.

"Supernatural" is this strange amalgamation of these two things... this family dynamic and the most epic mythology that humans can contrive.


COLLINS: We draw on religious texts from all around the world, the Bible heavily, and all manner of supernatural lore.


They're falling.

And those are things that capture our imaginations.

- Sammy, let's go.

- Dean?

Most people resonate with the idea that there is more than just this.

He's coming.

CALVERT: The mythology is huge.

It could be different universes.

It could be the empty.

Nothing but empty.

It could be apocalypse world but, like, with these super-fun sci-fi elements, which I think everybody enjoys.

Alright, on a scale of to , how bad is this?

Hole in reality to a b*mb-out apocalypse world?

I'm gonna go with .

Sounds right.

I think some of the more interesting story lines on "Supernatural" have been where we have taken the biggest risk.

"Supernatural" has everything.

Life, death, resurrection, all set to music you can really tap your toe to.


You out here?

I just love meta.

Like, meta's so fun.




What the hell was that?

And first, we started with "Hollywood Babylon", and we were like, "Okay, they're on a movie set", and then that was funny.

Everyone at this studio loves the dailies.

We were just wondering if it could be, you know, a little brighter.

That was kind of the first time going meta.

Brad, this is a horror movie.

Who says horror has to be dark?

And it gave us an opportunity to kind of poke fun at the industry.

Green-shirt guy?

Yeah, yeah.


Come here.

Can you get me a, uh, smoothie from crafty?

You want a what from who?

You are a PA?

The jobs that we actually do on a day-to-day basis.

What's a PA?

I think they're kind of like slaves.

But then we're like, "Let's go all the way.

Like, let's try to be the most meta that anyone has ever been".

I said run!





That was just great.

"Supernatural", tail slate, marker.

"French Mistake", I think, is as good as any episode of anything on television.

Why would anybody want to watch our lives?

Well, I mean, according to the interviewer, not very many people do.

We are all, in a weird way, playing heightened versions of ourselves, satirizing the show.

What's the deal with all this TV crap?

It ended up being one of our most beloved episodes of all time.

You guys want to run lines or...

His name's Misha.





What's up with the names around here?

Once it worked, we just were like, "There is no too far".



- Eric, thanks for coming.

- Of course.

Eric Kripke, the show creator, gets sh*t in the episode.


It was absolutely magical to work on something like that and super fun to be a part of.


Hey, there, Sam.

What's happening?

Just the end of the world.


"Changing Channels" was us trying to give a little bit of crap to our competition that night.

What the hell?

- Doctor.

- Doctor.

- Doctor?

- Doctor.

- Ow!

- Seriously.

- What?

- Seriously?

Let's take some swings above our weight.

Oh, come on.

And it was just a blast.

- SAM:


- Sam?

Oh, crap.

I don't think we k*lled the Trickster.

And we were really committed to being smart and funny and then playing with form.

♪ His name is Sammy ♪

♪ I'm big brother Dean ♪

They allow the show, the actors, the crew, and everyone else to really stretch in ways that not just that we don't do very often, but, like, most shows don't do very often.

There is no singing in "Supernatural".

Well, this is Marie's interpretation.


These shows were beautifully executed, brilliantly written.

And I think they've always resonated with the fans 'cause these are the little gems, the little gift.

Now, how do I look?

- Two-dimensional.

- Perfect!


Uh, I'm Dean.

This is my brother, Sam.

Mind if we join you?

- "Scoobynatural"?

Why not?

- Yeah.

- I would do a whole season of "Scoobynatural".

- Yeah.

You think the fandom decided to leave?

No, it's still here.

Don't worry.

That's what I'm worried about!


Being in a "Scooby-doo" cartoon was a dream come true.


- Run!

And they brought the best out in everybody.

I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those meddling kids!


He said the line!

And I think they'll always stand as great episodes.

God, I love this town.

- [g*n COCKS]

- Put the g*n down, son, or you're gonna be scraping brain off the wall.


To me, the heart of "Supernatural" is always Sam and Dean.

It's the brothers.

It's that bond.

It's that family.

But you see, there's something about me that you don't know.

Everything else can fall away around them.


What would that be?

It's my lucky day.

But as long as they're together, they're the strongest in the universe.

Oh, my God!

Did you see that sh*t?



I'm Batman.

KRIPKE: The loyalty that they have...

you know, there's always Sam and Dean, but I always used to talk about, "Yeah, but this most important character is this relationship between them".

Do it.

Or I will.

All you need is that one person, and that's what they have.

Forgive me.


SINGER: They'll always come back together.

The love that they have for each other is so strong that nothing can really tear them apart.

You sacrifice everything for me.

Don't you think I'd do the same for you?

That's really the heart and the soul of the show and why we've lasted as long as we have.

You're my big brother.

There's nothing I wouldn't do for you.

♪♪ You know something about cars?


And this... this is a great car.


For me, it was really important that they have an awesome ride.

A little TLC, this thing is cherry.

I always pitched it as the third character in the show.


I grew up on "Knight Rider" and "A-Team" and "Dukes of Hazzard".

I was like, "No one does car shows anymore where it's like the car is their thing!" Hey, sweetheart.

You miss me?

SINGER: He was asking people, "What's, like, a really cool classic car?" And he came up with the ' Impala.

CHUCK: This Chevrolet Impala would turn out to be the most important object in pretty much the whole universe.

And history was made.

I mean, come on.

This is the car of a lifetime.

That's an ugly car, in the best way.

Like, it's a Rottweiler.

It doesn't have clean lines.

It has long lines.

And if it pulled up next to you on a dark street, you might reach over and lock your door.

PADALECKI: It was a car that was gonna get the job done, - get you where you're going.

- It's got a big trunk.

- Got a big trunk.

- Throw demons in it.

You can throw Crowley in it, a bunch of w*apon, have a grenade launcher and look good doing it.

- Wow.

- SINGER: Fans have come to love the car as a character.

We did a whole episode, it was basically from the car's point of view.

It was the day in the life of the Impala, so it was her story.

- Good night, jerk.

- Good night, bitch.

Ackles: It was how she sees things.


DEAN: Cass?

You okay?

It was a really special episode...

- CASTIEL: Whispers have a fascinating history.

- Hang on.

... because of the constraints that we operated within.

There's one scene where Dean gets in a fight, and you just see it from inside the car.

They disappear, come up from the front bumper, fight, fight, fight.


PADALECKI: The Impala gets its share of love, but it was nice to give a proper shout-out, like, "By the way, you done good.

- You get an episode".




- ADAMS: Open up, Singer!

Mr. Singer.

I'm Agent Adams.

A real fun part of the show as it's gone on is building out their family in interesting ways.

So whether that's with Jim Beaver as Bobby or Kim Rhodes as Sheriff Jody...

I believe you know Sheriff Mills?

... we had a really, really great time building that out.

Bobby here's kind of a... crank.

My favorite thing about Jody Mills is how aware she is of the pain of choosing to love.

How long I been arresting you now, years?

- Thereabouts.

- Yeah, we got a history.

So, what do you say you just let me scope the place out?

And she just keeps doing it.

Why'd you send him outside?

'Cause I didn't think you'd want him in here.

I don't, but I've got another body buried in the yard.

Damn it.

So many good characters.

Sam said you're d*ad.

Yeah, I don't like to speak ill of people, but Sam is a big fat liar...

Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer is fantastic.

... and, like, freakishly tall, so...

Just a joy to write for.

Oh, look at this.

All the people I love to t*rture in the same room.

He's probably the most intimidating person on paper.

LUCIFER: If you're looking for Rowena, I stomped on her face till the white meat showed and then set her on f*re just in case.

CONNELL: He was the original Lucifer.

He's so talented and so good.

A fiddle of gold against your soul says I'm better than you.

So many great interesting, odd characters.

So, is this the part where you k*ll me?

Julian Richings as Death, which is just such a brilliant casting.

Think how you would feel if a bacterium sat at your table and started to get snarky.

When we were sh**ting the scene of Death coming at the end of Season , it was a Steadicam sh*t when he walks down the street.

Watch where you're walking, pal.

Guy bumps into him, and he brushes.

The man has a heart att*ck.

It's, like, the most terrifying scene.

♪♪ CHUCK: Sam and Dean traded soulful looks.

KRIPKE: We introduced this idea of Chuck...

Dean pushed the doorbell.

... where Chuck is actually writing the "Supernatural" books.



- You Chuck Shurley?

- Why?

I'm Dean.

This is Sam.

The Dean and Sam you've been writing about.

DABB: When Chuck was introduced, he wasn't God.

He was just a prophet.

But he was great.

But then Chuck took a turn.


Little did we know now how much of an impact that would have ultimately on the entire series.

This is what I was talking about!

We're going to portray God, and God is a somewhat self-conscious, neurotic writer.

Chapter ...

"Why I Never Answer Prayers, and You Should Be Glad I Don't"?

That's a very interesting and unconventional approach to biblical lore.

How much light are we talking about?

, suns set to supernova.

Well, you... you're God, so just God 'em up.

Rowena, what about the Book of the Damned?

You get me enough souls, I can build a b*mb.


I really like Rowena...

Ruth Connell plays.

I think she's been great.

CONNELL: Rowena is a great witch.

Magic is her everything, in a way.

It's her God.

You're not powerful enough.

To what?

Control the likes of a bored king and a wayward angel?

Here was a self-determining woman who saves herself, and I love that.

You really think the power of one witch can hurt me?


I love "The Rupture".

I think the script says something like, "Rowena looks back beatifically and says, 'Goodbye, boys'." Goodbye, boys.

And I was like, "Thank you.

I get to look back beatifically and then k*ll myself".

♪♪ CASTIEL: Heaven won't help.

They know that this is the end, right, of everything?


No matter what the universe deals you, no matter how hard it is, no matter what sacrifice it is, there is a want and a desire to do the right thing.

How many souls are in there?

Couple hundred... thousand.

The idea of selflessness is practiced by all and condemned by all.

Well, now we have the b*mb.

How do I smuggle this thing?

You won't carry the b*mb.

You'll be the b*mb.

So, when someone wants to sacrifice themselves for the greater good, no one will let them.

But they will not hesitate when it's their opportunity.

I could go with you.

No, no, no.

No, I got to do this alone.

Which is very heroic.

Come on.

You know the drill.

No chick-flick moments.

Come on.

All along the way, we watch these characters fighting epic forces of evil in the world but also fighting their hardest to stay together.

Yeah, you love chick flicks.

Yeah, you're right.

I do.

Come here.

And watching someone go through those fights and emerge victorious, you cannot help but care for a character that's gone through that.

Now, if Sam and Dean can go up against God or the devil and this and that and still fight, then I can, too.

Okay, let's do this.



♪♪ Jack.

It is Jack, right?

With Jack, you've got a kid who's pretty conflicted.



He's half human.

He's half archangel.

He's born with, I think, a very specific fate.

Are you alright?

I was scared.

And when I get scared, things happen.

What I liked about Jack's character right away was that we had no idea if he was gonna go good or bad.

Listen, if there's one thing Dean respects, it's effort.

PADALECKI: Sam sees a lot of himself in Jack.

He feels a specific empathy for Jack and his position.

So come along.

Help us out.

Let's go be the good guys.

It took Dean a long time to kind of come around in accepting Jack for what he is.


♪♪ Aah!

CALVERT: He always wanted to belong, and I think that was the thing that was driving him the most was wanting to be part of a family.



It's really him.

And I thought that was incredibly important for his character in terms of accepting of who and what he was within the brotherhood.

♪♪ DEAN: And you were gonna help me once, weren't you?

- What would you have me do?

- Get me to Sam.

We can stop this before it's too late.

One of the things that draws people to the show is that they watch these characters who are fighting these epic forces of evil and they're trying to do their best, but they're also heroes.

We will all be hunted.

We'll all be k*lled.

If there was anything worth dying for, this is it.

It's their job, and they view it that way.

It's just...

It's what they do.

And they know they're good at it.

You wanted to see me?

Oh, Sam, you don't need that g*n here.

PADALECKI: So it's not fearlessness so much as it's just the acceptance of that fear and seeing it for what it is and saying, "Okay, I acknowledge this fear.

What am I gonna do about it?" You know I'd never hurt you.

Not really.

DEAN: Yeah?

Well, I'd hurt you.

So suck it.


DEAN: Tell me who's k*lling the angels.

I want a name.

Just like, "Yeah, today might be a good day to die.

And if I go down, I'm taking some monsters with me".

You think I'll see all your scary toys and spill my guts?

Oh, you'll spill your guts one way or another.

I just didn't want to ruin my shoes.

Laughing in the face of destruction.

That's what this is about?


You yahoos hunt people?

Like, "Look, you're probably not gonna win, but go down swinging anyway and go down together".

Are you a cop?

If I tell you...

you promise not to make me into an ashtray?

Could they express their feelings more?

Could they be more tender and sweet with one another?

Yes, but they are exemplifying the very best versions of warriors.

You know what they say.

Good things come to those...

♪♪ I spent my life running from this, from hunting.

And I got out.

I never wanted this for you and Sam.

DABB: Samantha Smith coming back as Mary was amazing.

The way she came back and the way she played it...

Get away from them.

... and the way that she was maternal but not in a stereotypical way or a cliché way I think was great.

Mary, right?

Yeah, I've heard about you.


The thing that I was the most excited about Mary coming back to life was that I was going to have an opportunity to explore Mary as a whole person.

Mom, Mom, Mom.

I love you.

SMITH: Her heroism grew.

But so did her humanity.

That all you got, mama?


- Mom!

- Aah!




♪♪ [g*n COCKS]

Don't you move.

With "Lebanon", it's the th episode, which is amazing.

"Supernatural" has always been a show about family.


But more than that, it was a chance to put the family back together.


I-I think we summoned you.

And when I found out what the story was...

About Mom.

MARY: Sam?




I just remember thinking, "That is perfect".

This moment of happiness, of having the family all together, even if it's for one dinner.

Near as I can tell, we have two choices.

We can think about what's coming.

Or we can be grateful of this time that we have together.

I choose grateful.

To see Mom, Dad, Sam, and Dean, even if it's just briefly, sitting around a table, having dinner together, certainly, for me, was a highlight of the show.


SMITH: We had never all four of us been in a scene together.

Yet it felt like we had been together the entire show.

It was really remarkable.

My girl.

I missed you so damn much.

Me, too.

♪♪ ACKLES: When the whole family was actually together, it was... it was very emotional 'cause it was what these brothers had always wished for.

You take care of each other.

We always do.

I am so proud of you boys.

♪♪ ♪♪

- Mark.

- Action.

This has been a very long journey for he and I and for a lot of other folks here.

Can you tell a difference?

And it's emotional.

Goodbye, boys.

People are really starting to feel it.

I'm starting to feel it.

You do anything for a long period of time, you kind of feel it when it comes to an end.

MAN: Cut.

That's great.



SINGER: The goal of Season is wrapping up all our myth pieces...

C , a hunter's best friend.

Thanks, Garth.

... and come up with an ending that's satisfying to us and also satisfying to the audience.

- What you did...

- Nah.

It was nothing.


You saved us.

That's being a hero.

I guess I learned from the best.

DABB: What Sam and Dean are fighting against is this idea that there's a grand plan that you have no control over.

Fate has largely been their enemy.

Just makes you think of all of it, you know, everything that we've done.

What did it even mean?

It's a -year-long story of these two guys finding independence.

We still saved people.

SMITH: They are battling for their own freedom and freedom of humanity, really...

You know I had to.

... from monsters but also from the control of gods and angels.


Not this Sam.

And not this Dean.

Even when the story is written, you can write your own ending.

We will never give you the ending that you want.

♪♪ I just hope that the fans watching this final episode feel satisfied and grateful that they've been on this journey with us.

Been waiting a long time for this fight.

It's up to you boys now.

You finish what I started.

Padalecki: For the fans specifically, I hope they feel how much he and I and everybody here just want to say thank you.

I'm good with who I am.

I'm good with who you are.

'Cause our lives, they're ours.

DABB: I think ultimately, the people we have to satisfy are really ourselves as the storytellers and then just these characters.

So, what?

I-I just die?

You saved the world, son.

Knowing the people who create this show, they will find something of lasting value to say.

What you call dying I call leaving a legacy.

RHODES: I hope that people know the show ending doesn't mean that what it created needs to ever disappear.

You fought for us, and you loved us.

That's enough.

I really hope that the fans are really satisfied with the finale.

DEAN: It was us!

There's been so much care going into this last season.

The blood, the sweat, the tears, man!

That's us!

I hope people understand just how much love went into the making of this show.

We're the best in the world.

So I say we go out there and we kick some ass.


You want to say anything?

What do you say?

You say thank you.

ACKLES: It's been an honor of a lifetime.

I've, you know, had experiences that I'll never forget.

It'll always be a part of me.

You say goodbye.

I don't think I will say goodbye to Dean Winchester because he's coming with me the rest of my life.

So there's that.



You know what they say?

All good things must come to an end.

KRIPKE: We set out to tell this scary little story that people have so responded to it and have created this sort of really beautiful thing out of it.

It's something that I'll be proud of for the rest of my life.

Here's to...

running into you guys on the other side.

It's been this amazing ride.

I've had so many experiences that I never dreamed of having.

Bobby's right.

Tomorrow we hunt the devil.

This is our last night on Earth.

SINGER: I think the family that was created through this show and the loyalty of a lot of people and the friendships I made, that's the big takeaway for me.

I know where to place my bets.

It's something that will never leave me.

It's on you, you big, beautiful, lumbering piles of flannel.

I'm just happy to have a small part in what this show has been.

This is it.

DABB: I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I think this has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and it's something I'm just really, really lucky to be a part of.

SAM: I believe in you, Dean.

So please believe in me, too.

We're thinking about the end of a really long and really meaningful chapter in our lives.

Okay, Cass, I need to say something.

And I'm deeply grateful to have been a part of it.

You don't have to say it.

I heard your prayer.

ACKLES: It's hard to, like, put into words because we loved it and we love these characters and we love the story and we love the people that we tell the story with.

Let's go home.

You know what?

We are home.

Life has changed so much in years.

So I gave it everything I had and hoped that somebody would enjoy it.

And we found some people who did.

- And I'm eternally grateful.

- Thankfully.


I'm eternally grateful.

What am I supposed to do?

DEAN: Keep fighting.

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