02x18 - Kirkman Agonistes

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Designated Survivor". Aired: January 10, 2018 to present.
"Designated Survivor" revolves around a low-level Cabinet member, who becomes President of the United States after a catastrophic att*ck kills everyone above him in the Presidential line of succession.
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02x18 - Kirkman Agonistes

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Previously on Designated Survivor...

The Times posted an editorial about the Administration's failure to get to the bottom of the hack.

Valeria Poreskova.

- Who's she?

- My handler at the Russian Embassy.

She was running my hacking investigation.

I know Damian came to see you and I will find out why.

It was about you.

He asked me not to k*ll you.

NASA was compromised.

So was the power grid.

The coding signature was Alan Turing.

Our group's badass had the handle Gamine.

An anagram for enigma.

To do your job, you need a clear head.

If you bring unresolved emotion into the decisional...

- I don't.

- Unintentionally, Tom.

Tom Kirkman is experiencing a profound grief over the loss of his wife - with associated decisional incapacity.

- What the hell is this?

The recorded session notes from the president's therapist.

They were on his therapist's computer.

It was hacked.

They're all over the Internet.

The president's therapy was a closely guarded secret.

Yes, and most of the people who knew about it are in this room The DC power grid, the space station, the president's therapy tapes, it's all the same hacker, Gamine.

Gamine had to be someone who knew he was seeing Dr.

Louden, meaning someone in this building.

It's a very limited universe.


Louden accessed the Oval through the South Lawn.

Few people in the West Wing knew he was here.

That's why we're vetting senior staff.

IT has scanned your computers.

Nothing suspicious.

'Cause none of us could have done this.

Which is what the real hacker would say.

We'll collect your phones, do a quick scan, - make sure nobody's compromised.

- No.

I'm not giving up my phone.

Hmm, which is what the real hacker would say.

We have privacy rights.

Kendra, tell him.

We have no privacy rights.

Warrantless searches of government property are permissible.

- Is that right?

- That's right.

You heard her.

Pony up, guys.


What about you three, huh?

Who's investigating the investigators?

The NSA director's already cleared us, Lyor.

So you say, but I've seen No Way Out.

One of you could be Yuri.

She's a horticulturist, so I ask her if she knows the origin of the kiwi, - 'cause she's from Auckland.

- Mm-hmm.

She says New Zealand, I say China, which I know because I did an oral report on the exotic fruit in second grade.


Then Jack Sprat and I flew into the clown with a talking breadcrumb that we stole from abracadabra.

Tom, you with me?

Come on.

We have breakfast every Wednesday.

- I feel like I'm eating with a mime.

- I'm sorry, Trey.

To hell with whoever leaked the shrink tapes.

Nobody cares if the president goes to a therapist or a podiatrist.

They only care about what you do for the country, which is everything.

People shouldn't be hearing this stuff.

They just shouldn't.

Big brother, trust me.

This will blow over.

This isn't blowing over.

It's been 12 hours since his therapist tapes leaked.

One thing's for sure, they demolish the president's credibility.

- He's the patient-in-chief.

- No, he's human.

69% of Americans aren't comfortable with...


The front page of this morning's Times and Post.

We need to respond, fast.

A carefully worded statement limiting his time with Dr. Louden to the aftermath of his wife's death.

Mr. President.

Good morning.

I've already seen it.

I don't think I need to remind you that I started therapy because all of you asked me to.

And you were right.

I needed it and it helped me.

I won't stigmatize millions of Americans who use therapy productively by apologizing for it.

Agreed, but the public needs to know that you're okay.

- Maybe we can use a surrogate.

- That's good.

Frieda Carlton, HHS secretary, is a shrink.

She'll issue a statement of support lauding your bravery for seeking help.

The APA can underscore the importance of therapy for people in need.

The president will designate a National Mental Health Day.

No, he won't.

I'm fine with a show of support, but I am over having my private business aired in public.

What I want to know is how we stop this from happening again.

- We're working on it.

- I'm assuming this is part of the larger hack.

I'm afraid so.

Hannah and her team are running it down.

I want this dealt with, and everybody must cooperate with the investigation.

- Yes, sir.

- We've got work to do.

What's on the schedule?

I'm meeting with Senator Cowling about the energy bill.

Kendra's vetting a DC Circuit nominee, and Aaron's got a sit-down with Ambassador Woo about the joint anti-terrorism task force.

And the national science fair.

That's today.

I'm supposed to judge that with Dr.


I know, but public appearances will be a challenge.

We need to keep you locked away from reporters.

By that, I'm not suggesting those seeing mental health professionals.

Thank you, Lyor.

Let's get to work.

Didn't we reach an agreement with the Energy Subcommittee?

We made a few changes.

A few?

You've slashed hydropower funding, k*lled local subsidies...

The committee's reconsidered its positions, given recent events.

Mr. Dakich, he wants to nominate you to the DC Circuit, a feeder to the Supreme Court.

- And I am honored.

- So why turn it down?

I'm concerned about the president's recent challenges.

The therapist tapes.


I could be tainted by association.

And if my nomination gets k*lled, I won't get another chance.

- Not with this president you won't.

- I understand.

But I'm still in my 50s.

There will be other presidents.

- It's a renewal of a joint security pact.

- I understand.

Why refuse to issue a statement about our cooperation in pursuing t*rror1st organizations?

In my culture, mental illness is a taboo subject.

The president is not mentally ill.

The point is, Emily, it's about leverage.

We have it.

You don't.

It's about my career.

I can't risk it.

It's about confidence in who we're doing business with.


- Dr. Louden, thank you for coming.

- Of course.

Uh, yeah, the president will be with you.

I just wanted to have a word first.

I can only discuss the content of the tapes with the patient.

You understand that we're facing a huge perception problem, right?

Americans can't think their president isn't fit to govern.

- I never said that.

- I understand.

But that's how it's playing.

So how would you feel about issuing some kind of public clarification?


Look, I know this is bad for the president.

It's also bad for me and my reputation.

I shouldn't have to clarify something that wasn't meant for the public.


Your words were taken out of context.

They were merely a snapshot in time, a picture of a president whose mental health has since rapidly improved.

- Lyor.

- It has improved, right?

You're an excellent therapist.

He's been under your continual care.

It's improved.

So give the public a more complete picture.

That's all I'm asking, all right?

I'll be back in 40 minutes.

While we look for a conspirator in the White House, I wonder where Damian Rennett is.

He's running down a lead that could help us ID the hacker.

You trust him to do that alone?

I trust that we're his only options.

Especially after you told him that he's clear if he helps ID Gamine.

This doesn't give me the warm fuzzies, Hannah.

You're preaching to the choir, Aaron.

You dumped him on me.

I get it.

And he already gave us the Turing lead that put us on to Gamine.

I'm just reminding you not to give him too much rope.

Just enough to hang himself.


I don't work for you anymore.

Everything the FSB has on Gamine.

Pool it with your intel, see if it yields anything.

If it does, Moscow would appreciate a heads-up on Gamine's identity before you discuss it with your new American friends.

Like I said, I don't work for you...

For Moscow.

Yes, you work for America.

What do you think America will do to you when this hacking investigation is over?

That's between me and them.

I'll tell you.

They'll make you disappear.

For good.

- Just like you would.

- No.

You are still valuable, because when this is over, you will have learned much about America you can share.

Maybe you can share enough to keep yourself alive.

What I need from you right now is a clean bill of health.

We've been at this for months.

You're making good progress, but you're not all the way back.

But the fact is, my behaviour, every single thing I'm doing is being viewed through the prism of your words.

And I think your continued actions will speak louder than my words, and you're doing fine.

My psyche is being publicly autopsied.

I don't know where the next cut is coming from.

And that's not fair.

No, it's not.

And I wish there was something I could do.

- Sorry, sir, Aaron Shore needs to see you.

- I'll show myself out.

You may as well stay, Dr. Louden.

This involves you.

Another tape, another b*mb, striking at the core of the president's fitness to hold the highest office in the land.

Patient continues to suffer anxiety and depression from the destruction of the Capitol and his wife's death.

The shock of processing these tragedies has led to a variant of post-traumatic stress disorder.


It was a provisional diagnosis, meant for internal reference only.

How many hours of these tapes are there?

- All told, perhaps seven.

- Seven?

So this is only the beginning.

What about his mental state?

People, listen.

Read Dr. Louden's statement, okay?

He never said the president wasn't fit for the job.

He said the president has decisional incapacity.

"Had," in the immediate aftermath of his wife's death.

That diagnosis is three months old.

What about the PTSD?

He doesn't have PTSD either.

He has a variant of PTSD...


I feel like Nero saying Rome isn't burning while everything is on f*re.

Enough with the metaphors.

It's a simile.

Here's a metaphor: The ship is sinking.

- Hmm, then no worries about a f*re.

- Seriously?

Keep it together.

You can't fall apart like our initiatives.

But give me more to work with.

We're waiting for a statement of support from the HHS secretary.

I'd belt-and-suspenders this.

I've already called the VP's office for her public backing.

Oh, boy.

Patient has had an inability to connect with anyone since his wife's death, with the notable exception of his friendship with Andrea Frost, which I believe will have salutary effects.

It's the latest tape leak.

It'll be everywhere in about ten minutes.

How does this indict his mental health?

It's worse.

It indicts his morality.

Critics will say he's trivializing his emotional difficulties.

By trying to get laid while he's working things out.

That's a stretch.

Is it?

You've seen what Frost looks like.

How would you spin this for clickbait?

This is like rifling through your dad's drawers.

No, it's like reading your dad's diary and once you've read it, that's it.

- Focus on the problem at hand, please.

- The many problems?


Andrea Frost is in the West Wing.

I'll make sure the president gives her a heads up.


And where the heck is the cavalry?

Why aren't administration figures defending our guy's fitness?

Cabinet's keeping its head down until this blows over.

Somebody has to defend him.

Even the postmaster general.

Andrea, so nice to see you.

How's everything going with the science fair?


A ten-year-old is using VR to demonstrate Schrödinger's cat paradox.


When I was ten years old, I was learning how to spell "paradox." You'll be proud to see what the next generation is up to.

Unfortunately, I'll have to read about it.

Given my present circumstances, my staff thinks making myself available to the press right now is maybe not such a good idea.

How are you doing, Tom?


I'm pretty embarrassed.

It's like being stripped naked and forced to run through the schoolyard.

Don't worry about the science fair.

I'll fly the flag for the both of us.

There is something else.

Apparently, a few more tapes have been released.

I'm not exactly sure what's on them, but I may have talked about you.

Nothing inappropriate, but...

...people gossip.

I won't take offense.

Thank you for being so understanding.

Hey, maybe you could bring the winner of the science fair here.

I could show them the Oval Office, the West Wing.

That would be wonderful.


That's the last of the devices.

So, no one in the President's inner circle has any link to Gamine?


Everybody in the White House checks out.

We're looking for somebody who was close enough to him to know he was in therapy.

- Right, but not a White House employee.

- What about visitors?

Someone in the White House on days he had a session.

Yes, who has close proximity to the Oval.

The visitor logs are digitized.

- I'll scour them.

- Fast as you can, Chuck.

I'm leaving another message.

Listen very carefully.

Tell the vice president Lyor Boone must speak with her urgently.

Oh, no, thank you.


I have tried the entire cabinet.

I can't reach any secretary.

They're dodging us.


Actually, I think they're busy.

My friend at the OEOB says the cabinet's been meeting with Vice President Darby all morning.

That doesn't make sense.

There's no pending issue that would require the entire cabinet...

Oh, my God.

Out of my way.

Move it!

- We need to see the president.

- Why?

The VP's meeting with the cabinet.

- Which members?

- All of them.

Move out of my way!

- What's going on?

- A coup, sir.

You need to speak with the vice president right now.

Get me the vice president, please.

What do you mean, the cabinet voted to have me removed?

The majority of the cabinet, sir.

They're invoking the 25th Amendment, Section 4.

Which allows the president to be ousted on the basis of...

Mental incapacity.

I know!

What evidence do you have?

Some illegally-obtained recordings from my therapist, - which no one should have heard?

- But we have heard them, sir.

They raise justifiable concerns about your decision-making - since your wife's death.

- My decision-making?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but you were standing right next to me in Command Ops when you said my decision to send the Navy Seals into Kunami was right?

This is ridiculous!

We've drafted a letter to Congress.

Upon its delivery, you'll be removed from office.

- And you'll become president.

- Yes, sir.

Then why in the hell are we having this discussion?

- Have you signed the letter yet?

- No.

And the cabinet's vote remains unratified until you do.


I wanted to speak to you first.

The time to speak to me was before the cabinet convened.

And you damn well know it!

I could not do that, sir.

The process demands secrecy.

Once it's in motion, yes.

But not before.

You, my vice-president, had every opportunity to express your concerns to me - before your orchestrated this crap!

- I understand you're upset.

- Do you?

- Yes, sir, I do.

I think you deserve to present your case as to why you should be retained.

If you choose not to do so, I will proceed as planned.

Explain to me exactly what does this opportunity entail?

There is someone who can explain it better than I can.

Mr. President.

Ethan West.

I've been looking forward to meeting you for a very long time.

A hearing?

There's no blueprint for this, so let's call it a confidential inquiry where the cabinet elicits facts relevant to a fuller understanding of their 25th Amendment mission.

The idea here, sir, is to give you an opportunity to explain yourself, so we can make the right decision.

The cabinet has asked me to facilitate their fact-finding mission.

- Meaning you're the prosecutor.

- That's a bit pejorative.

Mr. West is a former Supreme Court clerk, US attorney, solicitor general and law professor.

He's currently the managing partner of West and Farris, the most prestigious legal boutique in the city and his reputation for impartiality is unquestioned.

I'm merely an instrument of justice, nothing more.

What rules govern this impartial fact-finding mission?

It's simple: the White House produces witnesses and documents.

And you, sir, you answer my questions.

The president will need some time to consider his involvement.


If I choose not to participate?

Then I send the cabinet's letter and send it to Congress.

And you no longer work in this office.

Which would be a shame, because I love what you've done with it.

Federal-era modern with a Georgian flair.

Oh, sir, you wouldn't mind if I sat at the Resolute desk, would you?

Uh, maybe another time.

- Well, it's an inquisition, sir.

- It's a setup to varnish a coup.

West has never lost a case, sir.

He's the last person we want to face off against.

I agree.

If any of one have any bright ideas, I'm all ears.

Then I suggest we make the most of this opportunity in front of us.

Kendra, I want as many concessions as you can.

I don't expect an even playing field, but it'd be nice if we weren't running straight uphill.

Yes, sir.

These document requests go all the way back to Kirkman's swearing-in.

- I believe in thoroughness.

- And fishing expeditions, right?

Your witness list includes every senior staff member.

I may not call them.

You expect the president to produce his therapist?

You make it sound like a magic trick.

- Doctor-patient privilege.

- Let me explain something.

This is not a legal proceeding.

The normal rules don't apply.

I've decided there are no guidelines, to avoid hindering our search for truth.

Can the president put on a case?

He can cross-examine my witnesses.

Can we call and rebuttal witnesses?

They'll only obscure the proceeding of this mission.


Just know that if the president is removed, we'll go public about your rigged hearing, which will delegitimize Darby's administration.

And I'll be on CNN talking about Ethan West and his star chamber, which will delegitimize you.

Aright, I'll give you a couple of witnesses.

And we need to keep pounding those talking points to the press.

- Yep, therapy good, hacking bad.

- The president is a victim, not a problem.

I'll talk to OPE.

If the public backs him, then we can pressure the cabinet, limit their mobility.

We need to make sure the staff are bulletproof, that nothing any of us has done could negatively impact the president, or make his ouster more likely.

Is there something I need to know?

Remember when Moss was revealed as the leaker of classified information?

- Yeah.

- I fed the media that story.

- You what?

- It gets worse.

I found out that Moss was the culprit because I asked Chuck to hack Simon Day's phone.

Did you also sh**t Archduke Ferdinand and start global warming?

- Seth...

- You're laundering evidence that you instructed a subordinate to obtain illegally.

I was trying to protect the president.

By doing your best G. Gordon Liddy impersonation?

The point is he is now fighting for his political life, and what I did...

Could make him look paranoid, mentally unfit.

Yes, if people think that I was doing his bidding for him.

So if I really want to protect him...

Oh, you'd resign before the proceeding.

Emily, meet sword.

Sword, Emily.

Okay, two things.

One, did you have your brain surgically removed?

And two, don't do anything before you talk to Kendra.

You've made enough decisions as it is, and all of them have been bad.

What I instructed you to do on the leak investigation is going to be a problem for the president, not for you.

I'm the one who told you to dump phone records without a warrant.

- But I didn't do that.

- Don't protect me.

I'm not.

I found another way to identify the leaker, a legit way.


I sweet-talked Simon Day's assistant into showing me his calendar.

The night before one his stories broke, he was at the Capital Club.

The private joint in Georgetown?


And I got their desk clerk to show me the visitor log.

All three journalists who reported on the leaked information were signed in by President Moss' assistant the night before their stories broke.

Jonathan Willax.

Yes, meaning I didn't break any laws to figure out Moss was behind this.

And neither did you.

You showed much better judgment than I did, Chuck.

Thank you.

Can I be candid?

Of course.

I'm not just some drone in the basement who toils away on algorithms.

Well, I am, but I can do other stuff.

Help the White House.

I'll remember that.

Kendra, tell me you can stop this hearing.

I don't think we can, sir, but we can stack it.


For the loyalists to gain the majority, you'll have to f*re two cabinet members.

These are the eight people who want you gone.

How'd you draw the battle lines?

Spoke to all 15 offices after our meeting with the VP, only 7 committed to public statements of support.


I don't like it, sir.

They'll figure out why they got fired.

And you know who gets rid of political enemies?

- Dictators.

- Sir...

your enemies aren't showing scruples, why should you?

Because I'm the president and I respect the office.

We're not gonna f*re anybody.

That's not how we're gonna win this.

The food here is horrible.

Why aren't we at the White House?

That's the sanctum sanctorum.

I wasn't about to let you desecrate it again.

Oh, a dossier?

You were investigated by the DC bar for ethics violations three times.

- And cleared three times.

- Two bankruptcy filings.

Made some bad investments.

I'm a dreamer.

Treasury Secretary Wallins is your college roommate.

- That's a coincidence.

- Yeah, I don't think so.

The public will react to a mercenary who solicited a job to remove the president.

The public will react to a lot of things.

Every dirty trick you ever pulled and every unsavory client you ever represented.

After this, you'll be as marketable as a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest.

- You're not gonna win this.

- I am.

You know why?

Because I'm a predator, and right now, my quarry's scared.

Then only thing that scares me is irrelevance.

And right now, I'm the most relevant man in Washington.

I'll take this is for my collection.

He'll take the check.

What is it then that would you like to tell the American people, sir?

That their president is fine, and I, like anybody else, am a work in progress.

But there is absolutely nothing on those tapes that they need to be concerned about.

Respectfully, sir, we're sitting here because of that concern.

It's the suggestion that you are not equipped to handle the most difficult job in the world.

Respectfully, Carson, I've listened to the tapes, and that was not suggested.

"Depression, difficulty processing tragedy..." I don't deny having gone through all of that.

Then why should the public have confidence in you?

Because I've gone through all of that and I've come out the other end, and am still serving the American people.

I would like to add to that, and I believe this very strongly, since my wife's tragic death, I have served the American people...

Setting this up was a good idea.

He's doing just fine.

So far.

We're not defined by our difficulties, but by how we respond to them.

My response was to fight.

And I will continue to do that.

I will fight on behalf of the American people.

- It wasn't that bad.

- But we needed "great." Split decisions won't sway the cabinet.

We'll take our swings.

In a hearing without due process, against a ruthless adversary who what born for this moment?

Look around.

It's like a morgue in here.

Everyone who's heard those tapes knows where we stand.

You know it, too.

Thirty-four people unaffiliated with the White House met the president in the Oval just prior to, or after, his shrink sessions.

We have to cross-reference those names with Damian's intel.

Lots of anti-government diatribes by Gamine on obscure chat boards.

Which we already know.

Chuck, what's this?

I've seen the number a few times.

- Nine digits.

- Social security, maybe?


Bank routing numbers?

They're nine digits, right?


This routing number was used to buy Turing memorabilia.

Account's registered to a Mia Eng.

An anagram for enigma, as in Turing's Enigma machine.

Or Gamine.

Can you track the purchases?


Lots of activity, all at auctions.

A Turing machine in Paris in May 2016, Turing's spectacles in London in May 2017, and here's a March 2018 purchase, an old Turing notebook.

An auction house called Candleton and Sons in Baltimore.

We're getting closer.

Ah, yes, here it is.

A Turing notebook, circa 1944.

- Oh, that's the one.

- It was sold two months ago.



My wife is a Turing connoisseur.

I'm sorry.

The good news is there's a big market for Turing memorabilia.

Something is sure to come up for sale soon.

Is it possible to give me the buyer's personal information so I can make a private offer?

That's not possible.

Uh, people patronize Candleton and Sons because we safeguard client information.

Yeah, we understand.

Next time it comes on the market, I suggest you move fast.

- We will.

- Mmm.

I'm sorry.

You know what, honey, let's move on and focus on who we're going to sell our Hirst collection to.

- Yeah.

- I'm sorry?

Oh, we've decided to de-accession our modernist works, focus on abstract impressionism.

But we need an auction house that's gonna prize our business.

- Let's just keep looking.

- Let me see what I can do.

Yep, this better be good news.

- Mr. President.

- Sorry for dropping in like this.

I just wanted to have a word.

- Of course.

- We're in a tough spot.

Yeah, we are.

I know everyone's doing everything they can to cauterize this thing.

Yeah, all they can.

- I don't think the bleeding will stop soon.

- Neither do I.

What do you advise?

I think there are battles you lose even if you win.


Let's say Kendra pulls a rabbit out of a hat.

You guys convince your cabinet that you're competent.

Some malcontent is still gonna leak the fact that there was a hearing, which will cripple your presidency.

And if I lose?

If you lose, you'll leave this building in ignominy, your name forever blighted in the history books, your legacy tainted.

- Do you see another option?

- Well...

I do.

You're not a politician, sir.

You're a teacher.

You think I should just walk away.

Of course not!

You wouldn't be walking away.

You were a caretaker, brought in to right the ship, a limited purpose mission which you accomplished.

We spin it right, you'll be a hero.

You are a hero, sir, and we can't let people forget that.

Thank you.

- Hey.

- Hey.

So, what's the latest?

- Down to the quarterfinals.

- Good.

You don't seem good.

I'm not sure I even remember what good feels like.


I became president under the worst of all possible circumstances.

I was supposed to be there that night, the night of the Capitol b*mb.

I was supposed to die that night, along with everyone else...

but I didn't.

I thought maybe fate put me in this position because I was supposed to really lead, you know?

Do something great.

But who's kidding who?

I've never been that guy.

That's not true.

All I've got now is, uh...

...is my children.

And in the end, they are the ones who've really suffered through all of this.

- Your kids will get through this.

- Maybe.

But why should they have to?

Honestly, I don't know if I can do this anymore.

You're the only one who can answer that, Tom.

But if you ever need someone to listen, I am always here for you.

Thank you.

- You should get back to the science fair.

- Yeah.

You sure you're gonna be all right?


I'm sorry for unloading on you like that.

Don't be.

- We'll talk later?

- Yeah.

I'm updating you on the Administration's business initiatives.

- The tech summit is next week...

- Come on, Seth.

...and you should have copies of the latest tax plan.

What about the latest therapy tapes?

The president sat with Carson Kramer today and has nothing more to say.

That's all.

No, I have one more thing to say.

You know, Tom Kirkman has given everything to his country, even his wife.

Now he's being torn apart because he's self-aware enough to seek professional help?

Judge him if you want to.

History will judge you.

Our boy's good.

I never thought I'd be relieved we're talking about therapy tapes.

The alternative's the 25th Amendment.

Relief is appropriate.


He what?

I'll cut him off at the pass.

- President's going to the science fair.

- What?

- Sir, you can't go to the fair.

- And yet, I am.

But there'll be reporters.

With microphones, pens and agendas.

Carson Kramer was one thing, but an unscripted public appearance?

- It'll be a feeding frenzy.

- Yeah.

I'm still the president, and as long as I am, and I'm not gonna spend my time hiding, understood?

Yes, sir.


Frost, are you and the president romantically involved?

Yes, we both love science.

What's your reaction to being discussed in a therapy session?

I really wish that we could focus on what these extraordinary minds are doing.

So do I.

The question you all should be asking is, "Who in that room is gonna be the next Dr.

Andrea Frost?" Someone who's not only my friend, and patented her first invention at 15, from her mom's basement.

Any questions about that?

Then you'll have to excuse us.

We have a competition to judge.


Can I address the elephant in the room?

Yes, the animatronics exhibit is right over there.

I'm talking about what I said during my therapy sessions.

I know, but you've already explained and...

I know, but I don't think I did it very well.

And I'd like to get this right.

I did tell Dr.

Louden that we were friends, but I told him more.

I, um...

I told him that I thought you were special, and you are.

But I told him that in the context of me feeling guilty...

because I'm still...

Well, my wife is still a huge part of my life, and...

Tom, I don't want you to worry.

You're a good man, and I consider it a privilege to be able to call you my friend.

The privilege is mine.

More therapist's tapes just dropped.

We need to find this hacker now.

Purchaser is Mia Eng, no phone number or business address.

It had to be delivered somewhere.

Yeah, a club in Potomac, Shady Elms.

Yeah, I know it.

We're about 40 minutes out.

We're gonna solve this, Hannah.

The two of us, working together.

Whatever else may be true, we always made a good team.

Where did you get the bank number you brought in today?

It was a cyber-security contact...

- Valeria Poreskova?

- How do you know that?

Because I had you followed.

I'm not stupid enough to trust you again.

If I'd told you I was going to meet Valeria, would you have let me?

Without her, we wouldn't be close to solving this.

You better hope her intel pays off, because if it doesn't, this will be your last move.

- Hannah...

- Don't.

Wow, this is great.

- How are you?

- Good.

How are you?


What have you got?

Transformation of a paramecium by microinjection of a serotype gene.

- He cloned it.

- I got it, I think.

- May I?

- Yeah, for sure.

And f*re!

- Wow!

- Great sh*t, Billy.

Secret Service know you brought in a cannon into the White House?

These marshmallows might be more dangerous.

- Want one?

- No, thank you.

Okay, what exactly is this?

It's a perpetual motion machine.

A perpetual motion machine.

I didn't even think that existed.

It doesn't.

Can you tell us why?

- Ah.

Energy dissipates over time.

- Correct.

Friction means every molecule has to fight to keep going.

- That's how the universe works.

- People, too.

Chuck, I just emailed you the Shady Elms members list.

Surprise, surprise, no Mia Eng, but I'm cross-referencing with the 34 folks who visited the Oval and could know about Louden.

With no match, it's back to the drawing board.

It can't be.

- Chuck?

- Andrea Frost is the only name on both lists.

Andrea Frost?


Aaron, it's me.

I need to talk to the president immediately.

I don't care.

Set it up.

I wouldn't talk to him yet.

We've got nothing, Hannah.

At least we know who we're chasing.

I mean, it's a start.


Agent down.

I need an ambulance!

You leaking the story about Moss was not fruit of the poisonous tree.


Chuck got the information legitimately.

But you still ordered a subordinate to commit a felony.

I did, but he didn't.

I hate to break it to you, but a good prosecutor could still make a case for conspiracy.

And you're one the first witness West will call.

If he asks...

- I'll take the Fifth.

- You can't.

West won't give any of us immunity.

You answer, it's bad for you and the president.

So, what do I do?

Wait till we see if the proceeding is even happening.

Your fate isn't sealed yet.

It's not a certainty that West will find out what you did.

I, uh...

I screwed up.

To protect your boss.

But yeah, big-time.

Hey, Little Pea.

How was school?


What are you doing here?

Got a little break, and I wanted to talk to you.

About what?

There may be some people who are gonna say some things about me, and...

What kind of things?

You've been through so much this year.

I'm not even gonna try talking to you like a little kid anymore.

I'm gonna tell you the truth.

And the truth is that since Mom died, I've been really sad and lonely and angry.

I decided that I should talk to somebody, someone who's really good at listening.

- He's a psychiatrist, and a psychiatrist...

- I don't think you're crazy, Daddy.

- What makes you say that?

- Some of the kids at school.

They say you're crazy.

I tell them you're not.

You're just messy...

bad at picking out ties.

And maybe a little sad about Mommy.


Come here.

You know, you're pretty smart.

I know.

The good news is the press still hasn't tripped to the 25th Amendment stuff.


Bad news.

These are the final agreed-upon procedures for the inquiry.

We've got a puncher's chance.

But that's it.

We're facing a heavyweight, so we have...

A week left before we're looking for new jobs.

Probably even sooner.

Mr. President, I was, um...

Being honest, Seth.

One of the many things I admire about you.

Truth is, I admire every single one of you.

No president could ever have wanted a more loyal or dedicated staff.

It's been an honor to serve with you.

One of the great honors of my life.

Sir, I would've come to you.

It's been an unusual day, so I'm making the rounds.

I wanted to apologize.

- Sir?

- I'm not happy about what happened, but given the circumstances, I felt you treated me fairly.

So, thank you.

Mr. President, I am so sorry about all this.

You did what you thought was right.

You can't fault anyone for that.


I know you've been going over the details of the hearing with my staff, but I wanted to weigh in myself.

These are my demands.

Uh, Mr.

President, as I told Kendra, I'm not inclined to give any more ground.

Open it.

It's blank.

That is correct.

I have no terms.

If I can't convince the people that I've been working with that based on everything that I've done, I have earned the right to remain president, I don't want the job.

That's very noble.

That's stirring, even.

But here's the thing: I won't pull any punches.

I've got a job to do.

I understand, and you should expect I'm gonna do everything I have to to keep doing mine.

I expect nothing less, Mr. President.

Thank you.
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