04x15 - Family Reunion and Farewell: Part 1

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Star Wars Rebels". Aired August 2014 - March 2018.*
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A rebellion begins to form between Star Wars Episode III & IV.
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04x15 - Family Reunion and Farewell: Part 1

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Mom? Dad?

I know what I have to do now, but I'm afraid, not for me, but for my friends.

They've fought so hard and given so much and helped me to understand why you stood up to the Empire and made the sacrifices you did.

I wish you could meet them, my new family.

I guess, in some way, you will be with us today, when we finish what you started.

I want you to know everything I've done and will do began with you.

HERA: Ezra?

They're bringing her up.

You disgust me, traitor.

The day I betrayed your Empire, Governor, was the day I finally stopped betraying myself.

You've given up years of service, a promising career, prestige, for what?

To join a band of failures who don't stand a chance.

EZRA: I think we do...

Especially with your help.

(CHUCKLES) I will never help you.

Uh, yes, you will.

It will be your last act as Governor of Lothal.

You're finally gonna do the right thing and help free your home world.

I will do no such thing.

Okay, if that's your choice.





Or you could transmit the victory code, and then we could fly to the Capital as your prisoners.

If the odds against us are as bad as you say, what do you have to lose?

-Fine. I'll do it. -(CONTINUES SNARLING)

Just call off your dog.




I don't know about this plan, Rex.

In my experience, when it comes to Jedi, the worse the plan, the better the result.

Hey, you okay?

I know I can always count on you.

-All right, what are you up to? -(COMLINK BEEPS)

HERA: We 're coming up on the Capital. Better get ready.

Copy. Head for platform zero delta.

The command center?

You're going to attempt to launch the dome.

Your plan is worse than I thought.

Mmm, bolder. You mean bolder than you thought.

More creative than you thought.

Now, about those landing codes...

And remember, I'll know if they're correct.


The sooner we land, the sooner you will be my prisoners.


Executive code 6-2-7-3-1-1.

Code's authorized, Governor. You're clear to land.

Security will take the prisoners on the platform.

Nice and easy, Governor.

We'll take it from here.

-They're all yours. -(GROWLS)

Hey! Look out!

-Move! -(ROARS)

Stop him!

Alert security! Seal the blast doors!


SABINE: Ketsu, get that door open!

And try to jam their comm system!

HERA: Go, go, go!

SABINE: How's that door coming?


ZEB: Nice work.

SABINE: What about the comm systems?

They're all locked down. Now, let's get everyone inside.

Hey, purple guy!

Get in position!

Good luck.

Okay, okay, getting there. Right there, and stop!

Melch, back further, a little more. Go, bah-bah-bah.


Can you get us in?

SABINE: Give me a minute.

Where is the security detail?

Communications have been cutoff.

Ezra, we are in position.

EZRA: Sabine? SABINE: Okay.

EZRA: Hondo, go!




They can fly.


EZRA: That's our cue.

Rex, lock them in the storage bin.

Yes, sir, Commander.

It's only a matter of time before you're discovered.

You can't hope to defeat my forces.

Defeat them? Hmm, not planning to. But we do want them all in the dome.

We'll utilize protocol 13.

The Empire's new order, for the immediate recall of all personnel to the base for a full evacuation.

Once they're all inside, we'll launch, and it'll be goodbye to the Empire.

Spectre-2 to base.

We're in, and we've taken the dome.

Wait for me to signal for pickup.

Acknowledged, Spectre-2. Nice work. We're standing by.

I forgot to tell you guys, Ezra gave me a special mission.

What are you talking about? Watch out!









-(BEEPS) -The Rebels have captured Pryce.

I have no doubts they've used her codes to infiltrate the Imperial headquarters.

To what purpose, I do not know.

I expected Governor Pryce to fail, but not so completely.

You must get inside and deactivate the shield generator before the Rebels lock down the Imperial Dome.

And then?

Then, wait. I'm already en route.

-(BEEPS) -Ezra, we're ready.

EZRA: Kallus, you're up.

-(BEEPS) -Attention, all personnel.

Protocol 13 is now in effect.

Report to your action stations immediately.

Repeat. Protocol 13 is in effect.

Hangar 2-7 to Command.

Please confirm lockdown order.

Command center to all units. The order is confirmed.

IMPERIAL OFFICER: This is highly irregular.

Please repeat sector authorization.

Ryder, get ready.

Repeat. The order is confirmed.

This is ISB Colonel Yularen.

I am executing override code Base Gamma Zero.

IMPERIAL OFFICER: Imperial Security? I was unaware ISB was involved.

That is the point of this exercise.

Then this is a drill?

Is it?

And do you always question the orders of a superior officer?

IMPERIAL OFFICER: (CLEARS THROAT) Proceeding with protocol 13 immediately.

Sounds like they bought it, Colonel.

Nice work.


WOMAN: (ON PA) All personnel, report to your stations.

Protocol 13 is in effect.

All units have returned to their duty stations, and the dome is now secure.

Hera, start the launch cycle.

Sabine, set the self-destruct.

We do have a way off this thing before, it explodes... Right?

That's where the Ghost comes in to pick us up.

All right, let's get airborne.

These thrusters haven't been fired in years.

Gonna take time to prime them.

You're too late.

It's Thrawn.

Shutting down the launch cycle.

No. We can't just sit here.

Thrawn is holding position directly overhead.

If we launch the dome, we'll crash into his ship and destroy the entire city.

Karabast. We're trapped.

Chopper, put me through.


Governor Pryce is our prisoner, and we have complete control of the Imperial Dome, with every trooper, pilot, and officer trapped inside.

You failed, Thrawn.

Leave Lothal, and we might let your troops out before we blow the dome to pieces.

Are you quite finished?

If you truly wish to save Lothal, Commander Bridger, the only term I'll accept is your immediate and unconditional surrender.

Why would I surrender when I hold your entire army prisoner?

No, you've simply moved my assets to a safe position so that I can b*mb the civilians of your home without incurring Imperial casualties.

Rex, raise the planetary shields!

The generators just went offline.


IMPERIAL TECHNICIAN: Shield generator powered down, sir.

Someone's engaged the manual override at the power terminals!

Your shield generator is under my control.

Just so that you understand that my intentions are genuine, I shall demonstrate my power.

Open f*re.


Enough! I surrender!


I await your arrival.

And make no mistake, come alone.

If you attempt any heroics, I will resume the b*mb and destroy your city and then your friends.



I understand that you think you need to do this, but...

This is what I was meant to do.

There's another way. There's always another way.

I won't let you go.

All right, if this isn't the way, then what is?

Let's see what we have to work with.

Charge up the dome's cannon. We'll blow him out of the sky.


Our turbolasers are no match for that Star Destroyer.

Even if we do "blow him out of the sky," we don't want him to crash down onto the city.

HERA: The only answer is to find a way to get the shield up.

One last time.


Over here.

We should use the primary schematic if we're going to find a way to raise the shield.

We need to get down here and take control of the power terminals.

How do we get past all the Imperials we've locked in here with us?

We can bypass the upper barracks levels using the executive turbo lifts.

So, we got a plan to get the shield up.

The trick is to pull it off before Thrawn loses patience.

We need to stall him somehow. Ezra?


We have to stop him.

-(COMLINK BEEPS) -Ezra, don't do this.

Hera, we have to trust him.

The best way we can help is to get that shield up, so when Ezra makes his move, we're ready.

We have to assume the generator room will be well-guarded, so we'll need two teams to h*t it from different sides if we're gonna capture both power terminals.

That is, if you agree, Hera.

It's a good plan.

The best chance we've got.



It appears my troops have decided your drill is over.


It was a wise decision for you to surrender.

I didn't have much choice.

Oh, nonsense. You could have chosen to let your people die.

However, you chose to be a Jedi.


You follow a long history written by the Jedi, where they choose what they believe to be morally correct, instead of what is strategically sound.

And yet, the Jedi have survived.

Hmm, the Jedi once numbered in the thousands.

What's left are a scattered, frightened lot, mostly beaten and in hiding, or poorly trained children like yourself.

I must admit, the mysteries of the Force are an enigma to me.

But for all those abilities, all the power, the Jedi lacked the vision for how to wield it.

The Force isn't a w*apon, but you'll never understand that.

Oh, I don't have to.

It was not my intention to utterly destroy Lothal, but that is inevitable now.

These are a few of the artifacts I've gathered from your home world.

I saved what I could.

I have even taken some of Sabine Wren's work.

She's quite talented.

Or was quite talented.

You think you can take whatever you want, things you didn't make, didn't earn, things you don't even understand!

You don't deserve to have this art or Lothal.

Who deserves what is irrelevant.

What matters is who has power.

But that is something the Jedi won't teach you, so I'll take you to someone who will.

My Emperor.

I have brought you Ezra Bridger.

My dear boy, I've so wanted to meet you, and here you are at last.




-(GROANS) What? -No, I mean... Not you.


Hey. Vizago, get up!


What's happened now?

We were ambushed by that creature. (SIGHS) Thrawn's pet.

Without the help of our friends here, we'd have been goners.

Speaking of gone, the last g*n is missing!

That thing is gonna warn Thrawn about our att*ck!

It's just like Ezra said.

Come on!

Wait, what does that mean?

What do you mean, "it's just like Ezra said"?

Ezra told me that there was a chance Thrawn would get back to the Capital before they finished their plan, and if it looked like that was the case, he gave us a special mission.


Ezra wanted us to go into high orbit around Lothal and send out a signal beacon on Frequency Zero.

Frequency Zero? Nobody uses that anymore.

Who are we supposed to be... Who are we supposed to be contacting?

Not sure it's a who, more like a what, and if I told you what, well, that's the part you might not believe.





Blast him!

(CHUCKLES) Works every time.

Of course it worked, my friends.

Just look at Melch. He's positively magnetic!

I'm sure you've got a special relationship, Hondo, but we're kind of on a mission here.

We've gotta get that shield up over the city.

Rex, Hondo, and Ketsu, you take the north tower.

Zeb, Kallus, Gregor, you take the south. I'll talk you through it from here.

Let's go, Rebels.

What is it?

I just hope Ezra...

He knows what he's doing.

That will be all, Grand Admiral.

I apologize for not being there in person, but governing the galaxy takes up much of my time.

I know who you are and what you are.

You misjudge me.

Can you not see the opportunity that stands here before you?

I see a part of the Jedi Temple, which you stole from Lothal.

I had this portion of the Temple moved here stone by stone for you.

Forgive me, but I would have thought you would thank me for this effort.

Thank you?

Thank you for destroying the Temple?

For imprisoning my people? For k*lling my parents?

My dear boy, it's you who chose to destroy the Temple.

The actions of your Rebel friends require a firm hand to ensure that there is order on Lothal.

As for your parents, allow me to offer what might have been, and what yet may be.

MIRA: Dinner's ready, Ezra.


They are waiting for you.

Go to them. Open the door.

This is what you want, isn't it?

The life you deserved.

But it can't be.

Yes, it can, but you must choose to make it so.

MIRA: Ezra?


Base, this is Team A.

We're in.

Copy that, Team A.

What's it look like down there?

Oh... It's just great.

Really wish you were here.

Our problems are multiplying. We could use some help down here.

Team B, where are you?

We're heading towards Sector GL-44, but you know that plan we had to trap all these stormtroopers in the dome?

It just occurred to me, we're trapped with all these stormtroopers in this dome!

We got it. Ryder, close blast door 58-58.

You should have a clear path to the shield generator now.

(BLASTERS f*ring)

Rex, we need those t*wers back online now!

I can't get to the control panel. You've got to extend the bridges.


Ugh. Chopper's been fried. The circuit was protected.

REX: Great. Now what?

Find an override panel.

You should be able to do it manually from there.

Any ideas?

Yeah, but I'm gonna stay anyway.

MIRA: Ezra, I made your favorite!

The gateway will not be open forever.

Go now, before it's too late.

No. This is a lie.

They d*ed. I... I felt it.


Where is that boy?

You know it is possible to change fate.

There are infinite paths and infinite possibilities, but you must open the door.

EPHRAIM: Son? Are you coming?



Got it!



-Look at him go! -(SQUEALING)



Melch, what were you thinking? (GRUNTS)

You're not a hero. You're a pirate, like me.

Even with that bridge extended, there's just too many of them!

We're gonna have to do something drastic.

All right, I'll do it!

Zeb, don't!

-Whoa, whoa, whoa! -(ZEB GRUNTS)


(GASPS) He's crazy!

Well, it was your idea. Come on!






Get that shield up.

So few have a choice to live the life they want.

Why deny yourself?

Mom? Dad?

MIRA: Ezra?


The control for the gateway.

Activate it and you can be with your family again.

What about my friends?

If you open the gateway, you will save your parents.

They shall live.

Go on.

You deserve this.

Mom? Dad?

You'll always be a part of me.

But I have to let you go.


MIRA AND EPHRAIM: We love you, Ezra!





You're wrong. I have a family. I don't need anything from you.



Destroy him!













All batteries, prepare a full-scale b*mb of the city.

On my command...


I think we're out of time.

Guys, now or never.



Don't wait on me!




Shields up!



(MUFFLED f*ring)


It worked! The shield is holding!

The city is safe.

Sir, they've engaged the shield.

-(COMLINK BEEPS) -Rukh! Rukh! What's your status?

ZEB: (PANTING) Sony. You'll have to call back. He's busy at the moment.

Uh... Yeah, um, never mind about calling back.


-Chop! Chop, wake up! -(CLANGS)


Oh, really? Yeah, that must be tough, but can you please see if you can contact the Ghost?

It's almost time to get out of here.


Once again, I have let my crew down.

-If only I could get Melch back, -(SNORING)

-I would tell him... -(SQUEALS)


...that he is fortunate to be in my service, because only that keeps him alive! Ha!

It was an honor to serve with you, Rex.

It was an honor to fight with you for something that we chose to believe in.


We did it, Gregor.

We did it.

(BLASTER f*ring)

Looks like you lose, Thrawn.

A momentary setback.

We'll see.

Sir, several unidentified objects have just entered orbit.

My blockade will intercept them.

They've destroyed the blockade. Our ships are just gone.

Get Captain Pellaeon.


PELLAEON: Sir, they came out of hyperspace!

-I've never seen... -(STATIC HISSES)

-(BEEPS) -Admiral, we have incoming.

Take a look.


So, would you have believed me if I told you this was Ezra's plan?

No, but this has Bridger written all over it.

(CHUCKLES) Yeah. That's why it's going to work.


Uh, when did this become the plan?

You're asking the wrong person.


Whatever happens next happens to both of us.

That's the idea.


SABINE: Ezra? Ezra, can you hear me? The purrgil, is it you?

EZRA: Yeah! Pretty good, huh?

Well, you could've told the rest of us.

I wanted it to be a surprise.


-(g*n) -(GROANS)



When they glow like that...

They're about to jump into hyperspace!

Ezra! Ezra, get out of there right now! That's an order.

Hera, I have to see this through to the end.



Ezra, please! Get out of there!

I can't do that.


EZRA: It's up to all of you now.

And remember, the Force will be with you, always.




Was that the plan? Because we're all clear up here.

There are no Imperial ships left.

This is our chance.

You heard Ezra. Let's finish this!

Chopper, prime the thrusters for launch! We're gonna blow this place.

Mart, we need immediate pickup.

MART: Copy that, General.






You've lost, Arihnda. You should come with us.

I serve the Empire until the end.

So, not much longer.






It's gaining altitude over the sea.

It's all you, Sabine.


-For Kanan and Ezra. -(BEEPS)


Rex, bring up every star chart along Ezra's last known trajectory.



If you're watching this recording, then I owe you an explanation.

There were several paths in front of me.

While this wasn't the one I wanted to take, it's what I had to do.

That's something Kanan taught me.

I'm going to miss you all.

Zeb, you can have the top bunk back. For now.

Hera, I, uh, left a meiloorun in your cabin.

I hope it's still your favorite.

Sabine, don't forget...

-Right, you're counting on me. -EZRA: I'm counting on you.

But for what?

I couldn't have wished for a better family.

I can't wait to come home.

REX: Not to k*ll the moment, but the Empire won't just let us keep this planet.

We need to prepare for how we're going to fight back.

Perhaps the Rebel Alliance will see our victory and finally send support.

We took Lothal without them. We can keep it without them.


Zeb, you may be right.



Looks like the people are with you, General Syndulla.

Then if the Empire wants a fight, we'll be ready for them.



SABINE: The att*ck we all anticipated never came.

The once invincible Empire had g*n to fracture.

The small Rebellion had become bold.


And with the decisive victory at the Battle of Endor...


...the Emperor's reign of terror came to an end.


After the w*r, Zeb took Kallus along the secret hyperspace path to the planet Lira San.

It was then that Kallus realized he hadn't destroyed the Lasat people, and that they were thriving on this new world.

A world where he was welcome as one of them.

Hera fought in the Battle of Endor, as did Commander Rex.

By that time, there had been a new member added to the crew of the Ghost.

Spectre-7, Jacen Syndulla.

Born to fly, just like his mother.

And, well, we all know what his father was like.

As for me, I used to think that Ezra was counting on me to protect Lothal, the planet and the people he cared for so much.

But one day, I realized there was more to it.

There was something else I was meant to do.

Ezra's out there somewhere, and it's time to bring him home.
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