01x05 - Looking for Love and a Hat

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Punky Brewster". Aired: February 2021 to present.
The sequel to the original, now a single mother Punky meets a girl who reminds her of her younger self.
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01x05 - Looking for Love and a Hat

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Stop double dipping!

We're eating salsa off his belly.

Where's the line?

I am not double dipping.

I'm trying to find the gum
I dropped in there.

That... that's the line.

Come on, guys. We're gathering stuff...

Ooh, give me some of that belly salsa.

Mm, that's gum, isn't it?

Fine, I'll be the adult in the room.

We're gathering things
up for a rummage sale

- for Fenster Hall.
- That's fun for you.

It's fun for you too,
because you're gonna help us.

Come on, Aunt Cherie needs our help.

- Gather some stuff to donate.
- On it, Mom.

Why do I have to donate anything?

I finally got all my clothes broken in

- with my signature scent.
- That's just B.O.

It's for a great cause,

and it makes you a better person.

And if you don't, you'll be grounded.

I'd listen to her.

She already cut off my allowance.

I want to help too,
but I don't have much to donate.

Aw, it's the thought that counts, honey.

- Does that work for my homework?
- No.

Daniel, you already got
all your stuff together?

No, this is Diego's.

I've been planning this for years.

Hey, give me that.

Ah, stale chips and Mountain Dew.

It's like I'm smelling your soul.

♪ Hey! ♪

♪ Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! ♪

♪ Every time I turn around ♪

♪ Hey, hey, hey, hey ♪

Daniel, you only need one pile.

I'm separating them by category.

These are so last year,
those are all on the cusp,

and these are trying way to hard.

Hannah, you got quite a load there.

Honey, this still has a tag on it.

Sorry, Mom, I would legit
never wear something like this.

Because I could never pull
it off as well as you.


Here's my contribution for the sale.

But this is the hand turkey you made me.

I say hi to him every
time I get a snack.

Uh, he's a she

and is going to bring in the big bucks.

I'll miss him... I mean, her.

You're not so good at this
giving away stuff, are you?

Oh, now I see it. She's wearing a bra.


You guys look amazing.

Okay, let's get singles
starting with you, Jessie.

Oh, maybe we could skip my singles.

I'm not much of a sh**t guy.

Come on, you're doing great.
Check it out.

Those look really good.

Pshh, I knew that our label
picked the right photographer.

You're really talented.

Thanks, so are you.

I love your song "Love Spiral."

I played it so much
that I wore out my CD.


Well, maybe I could
sign it and you could sell it

on the internet for
upwards of four bucks.

Oh, can't do that.
I'm using it as a coaster.


Unless there's another Punky,
I once played a benefit

with your husband Travis.
He's amazing on guitar.

We're divorced.
Not so amazing on marriage.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

Actually, I'm not. [CHUCKLES]

How 'bout you sit down and give me

your "not a sh**t guy" face.

So you mean just, like, my face.

Okay, now run your fingers
through your hair

and give me your sexy rock star look.

Like this?

Does that look good?

Speaking professionally, yeah.



Cherie, you're k*lling it.

This year's rummage sale
is bigger than last year's.

Thanks, I really appreciate

you and the kids helping me out.

You've really turned this place around

since you took over,
and I appreciate that.

[TOGETHER] Mutual appreciation.

What's with all the gushy hugs?

It's a BFF thing.

All right, bring it in, sister.

How much for the shirt
with the ketchup stain?

If you can't tell the difference

between ketchup and salsa,
this shirt isn't for you.

You do know we're supposed to be selling

- our clothes for charity?
- I know that.

And I will, except for these shorts.

Sorry, ma'am, but these are
the only shorts I can dunk in.

- You can't dunk.
- Yet!

But when I can,
I wanna be wearing these.

And that sweater!

It's still the same old Fenster Hall.

New security system.
I take credit for that.

Do you want to introduce
us to your friends?

I don't recognize any of these newbs,

which I guess makes me the old-timer.

Let me show you around.

I'll just wait here and protect...

Sell my stuff.

Sale on this guy.

That's a study area.

That's where somebody double dared me

to eat tacos,

and that's where I threw up tacos.

- Don't need to see it.
- This is Connie.

This kid's been here forever.

Little tip, Connie, with that sourpuss,

- nobody's gonna adopt you.
- I work here.

Keep the faith, Connie.

His name is Jessie, and what can I say?

He smells good.

Not like cologne, but like laundry.

Like sexy, sexy, sexy laundry.

You like the way he smells already?

- I know where this is going.
- Straight to Punky town.


We're just flirting, but it's fun.

And his name is Jessie.

Come on, like the song "Jessie's Girl."

- You're Jessie's girl.
- Not yet.

But he did invite me to a private show

that they're having
tonight. Will you come?

I'm so in. But another musician?

I know. Why can't I be attracted to
a dentist or an accountant?

I guess there's a reason why groupies

don't hang out at H&R Block.

Face it, Punky. You've got a type.

You cannot resist a soulful troubadour

with a tight butt.



This is a fundraiser for a group home.

I'm having a hard time letting go.

Sell your crap!

Leave it to me. Selling is my specialty.

Excuse me, sir.

What do I have to do to get
you into this sweater today?


Hello, nice lady.

If you buy this sock...
I usually don't do this,

but I'll throw in the other for free.

Don't want to rush you,

but that walking pile
of clothes over there

has his eye on this sweater too.

- Come on, Daniel, be cool.
- No.

I won't help you go to the bathroom.

Stop asking.

- Okay, I'll take it.
- Excellent choice.

My associate Hannah will ring you up.

Okay, that'll be $ .

[CHUCKLES] I'll give you two.

- The sweater is five.
- Two bucks or no deal.

Allow me.

Okay, we can do two bucks.

Just point out which one of
these kids won't eat tonight.

Here's a ten.

- Wow, you have a gift.
- Comes from living here.

If you don't know who the sucker is,

it's you.



Hey, check these out.

They're from my
sh**t the other day.

I don't know, Mom.
It looks like trouble.

He's holding a guitar.

I know. It's so hot.

How about dating a guy who's holding

- his own health insurance plan?
- Not as hot.

Friendly reminder,

the last time you were with
a musician, it was the ' s,

and you thought acid-washed
jeans looked cool.

Make better choices.

Okay, but would it k*ll
you to say he's cute?

He's cute.

Ugh, ugh, ugh.


I brought donations for the sale.

Great, but it was earlier today.

- You missed it.
- Good.

I wasn't ready to part with this stuff.

These clothes tell the story of my life.

Pretty embarrassing chapter.

Ooh, is this vintage? Can I have it?

Yeah, sure.

A lot of good memories in that shirt.

I wore it the first time
I ever saw Nirvana live.



I got big plans for all this stuff.

Hey, that's Jessie from Steel Stallion.

- He's a good dude.
- Mom's got a date with him.

He's a total dog.

What happened to
"I will never date another musician?"

I know. This is the last one,
unless Lenny Kravitz calls me.

Musicians are a bad idea, Mom.

He'll only let you down like Dad did.

See? Ugh, thanks, honey.

Ooh, this shirt would look
really good with fringe.

Where are the scissors?


I gotta say...

kind of hurt it's another musician.

It's not a big deal.

It's just some mutual flirtation.

I liked one of his songs,
like, years ago.

Oh, not "Love Spiral."
That thing has no middle eight.

I have no idea what that means,

but I don't really like his new stuff.

- I'll just fake it.
- You can do that?

Oh, yeah, that song is so good.

Please, play it for me one more time!


Wait, you never did that to me, did you?

I guess we'll never know.

My hat, it's gone!
I can't find it anywhere.

Your beanie?

It was in my room last time I saw it,

and now it's missing.

If you need a hat,
you can borrow one of mine.

It's not just a hat.

It's the last thing I remember
my dad ever giving me.


He's wearing it in all the
pictures I have of him.

It's not in our room.
We looked everywhere.

Except under Diego's bed.

When stuff falls under there,
it doesn't come back the same.

I can't believe it's gone.

Maybe it got mixed up with
the rummage sale stuff.

We'll go to Fenster Hall
first thing in the morning

and look for it. I'm sure we'll find it.

I hope so.


you have it.


Izzy, I didn't take your hat.

Exactly what someone who
stole a hat would say.

I'm watching you.



- Look at us out past : .
- And on a weeknight.

- Are we party animals or what?
- Total party animals.

You brought the earplugs, right?

Oh, yeah, and I'm not going

to the bathroom in this club either.

Two vodka sodas courtesy
of the lady over there.

Ooh, she is checking you out.


Thanks for the drink, but I'm taken.

- Mm.
- Oh, what the hell?

Hey, Lauren. How's it going?

- I'm so glad you made it.
- I almost didn't.

I had to depose two witnesses
and write up a brief.

I love when you talk lawyer to me.

- Ooh.
- You wanna dance?

Yes. Punky, you too.

Come on. Show me your moves, girl.


Thank you all for coming tonight.


This song goes out to a very cool girl

with a very cool name, Punky.


I guess his music's not that bad.

I kind of like it better
when it's dedicated to me.


Is he okay?

Uh, I don't know.


Is he being electrocuted?


No, worse.

That's his guitar face.


Any luck? Did you find the hat?

I'll just lie here in my pain.

Guess not.

It wasn't at Fenster Hall,
but we're gonna keep searching.

- We'll find it.
- Doubt it.

That thing is probably long gone.


It's gotta be around here somewhere.

Yeah, let's keep looking.

Is it really gone?

- We're not giving up.
- But what if we don't find it?

That was the only thing
I had left of my dad.

When I was about your age,

I lost the doll that my mother gave me.

I was so upset that Henry
went to the city dump

- to try to find her.
- Did he find her?


Then why would you tell me that?

Because even though I
didn't get the doll back,

I didn't need it to remember my mom.

I still think about her every day...

even though I don't talk to her.

You know what? I want
to show you something.


This is my keepsake box.

It's where I keep things
that are important to me.


Henry gave me this Cubs cap.

Now I want you to have it.

Are you serious?

It's very special to me. So are you.

Thanks, but I'm a Sox fan.

But the Cubs are Chicago's team.

Yeah, well,
the White Sox are the people's team.

South Side!


I'm with you, Brandy! North Side!

Fine, I don't have my special hat,

so I'll take this lame one.


Hey, nice hat.

Don't patronize me.

She'll come around.

Hey, listen, I need your opinion

on a new song I'm working on.

Oh, hey, Dad. Check out your old jacket.

- I distressed it.
- You destroyed it.

He loves it.

You know how much she loves fashion.

We need to support our kids' interests.

Do we?

All right, tell me what
you think of this.

♪ Fasten your seat belt ♪

♪ And batten the hatches ♪

♪ I'm pulling up anchor
and punching the gas ♪

♪ 'Cause I got an itch
I just can't scratch ♪

♪ Yeah, I got an itch
I just can't scratch ♪

It's beautiful. I love it.

Aha, faker! That was a test.

I wrote that in, like, five seconds.

It had car stuff mixed with boat stuff.

It's about jock itch.

You did fake it with me.

Not every time, just your emo phase.

Actually, thank you for
protecting my feelings

during that difficult time.

So could Jessie tell you were faking it?

Of course not. I am the master.

But if it makes you feel any better,

Jessie has a terrible guitar face.

You know,
I'm really glad we're in a place

where we can openly discuss
our new relationships.

- Really?
- No.

See, I can fake it too.


You really have an incredible eye.

You have incredible... eyes.

Thank you for coming to my show.

Thanks for having me.

I still have my hand stamp.
It was really fun.

- I'm having fun right now.
- Me too.

I can't do this.

- Am I moving too fast?
- No, no.

I'm moving too fast.

I... I'm not over Travis.

- I just realized it right now.
- I get it.

Relationships are complicated.

Thanks for being so understanding.

You know, I wrote a song
about getting over an ex.

Let me play it for you.

No, no, actually,
I'm not ready for that either.



- Did you get the kangaroo?
- What?

The kangaroo?

- You told me to get a hat.
- It's the code word.

Oh, yeah, I forgot about that,

because it's dumb.

Did you see how bummed she
was wearing that Cubs hat?

She looked almost as depressed
as a real Cubs fan.

Now, how do we make it
look old and dirty like Izzy's?

I'm good with distressing stuff,

but we may need a professional.

[CLEARS THROAT] Give me the hat.



♪ Hey ♪

I'm going to need one of your socks.

- What?
- Trust me.

♪ Hey ♪

I've never seen him put this
much effort into anything.


It's done.


I think it looks good on you.

I feel like my head's on f*re.

- Look what we found.
- My hat!

I can't believe it! Thank you so much.

I really thought I'd
never see you again.

Where'd you guys find it?

- Under my bed.
- The airport.

Doesn't really matter. [CHUCKLES]

Come on, guys.

Let's give Izzy and her
hat some alone time.

See, miracles do happen.

- Boy, are you naive.
- What?

I mean, it's super nice
how they got me a new hat

and made it look like my old one,

but my hat has my dad's
name written on the inside.

I'm sorry, Izzy.

I know how much that hat meant to you.

It's okay.

Now this hat means a lot to me too.

Other than my dad, nobody has ever done

anything like this for me.

I'm not surprised. They love you.

We all do, kiddo.

Right back at you, kiddo.

What have you got there, Brandy?

My hat!

It looks like he was
using it as a chew toy,

or maybe he was trying
to teach us a lesson

- about letting go.
- I'm going with chew toy.

- Can I keep both hats?
- Of course.


That way, when I wear them,
I can think about my dad,

and I can think about you guys.

That's the nice thing about life.

We can hold on to our old memories

while creating new ones.

- Perfect fit.
- Just like you.



Okay, that's better.

- Hey, are the kids still up?
- No, they're asleep.

Okay, good.

I'm gonna steal some of my
clothes back from Hannah.

I miss my Nine Inch Nails shirt.

You mean this one?

That'd be the one.

Oh, man.

I'm gonna cry into this later.

So how was your date with Jessie?

You know, I just wasn't feeling it.

Hannah was right.

I'm moving past my musician phase,

and I'm moving into my Punky phase.

What does that mean exactly?

I thought I could get over his music,

then past his guitar face,
then his kiss face.

Then I realized I shouldn't
have to get past anything.

- I'm past that.
- Are you sure?

Yeah, I'm done accepting things

that aren't right for me.

I need more than a
hot guy with a guitar.

Hmm, that's funny,

because I was at Lincoln Hall earlier

and ran into Jessie, and he said

you still have feelings for me.

That is funny, because I don't.

I was saying that to spare his feelings.


I said it so I don't have
to go out with him again.

Whatever you say.

Yeah, it is whatever I say.

Hey, you found your hat.

Yep, you're off the hook for now.

What are you still doing up?

I know how bummed you were

that somebody else bought my turkey,

so I made this for you.

Oh, I love... her?

I'll put her right on the fridge
where the old one was.

Thanks, Izzy.

Hey, you know, that's really beautiful.

- Do you think I could have one?
- I'm an artist, not a machine.

I really like her.

You know, I'm surprised
you let Izzy sell her artwork

at the rummage sale.

You can't get rid of anything
the kids make for you.

You should know me better than that.

Best five bucks I've ever spent.

I knew it.

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