04x24 - Free

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Prison Break". Aired: August 2005 to May 2017.
Brothers Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows continue to evade the law.
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04x24 - Free

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Well, if you're watching this, I'm glad.

Because that means you're safe.

How does he think he's gonna do this, bro?

He's going to jump out of a plane.

I know he's gonna jump.

The question is, can he land?

Not without getting caught.

And how is he going to get out of the cell block, even if T-Bag-- It's a big "if".

Trusting T-Bag is...


Michael, we, uh...

We really have to re-think this.

I have.

And there's no other way.


I'm going to drop down into this outer area here.

And I'll cut the parachute off before anyone can reach me.

They're going to be right on your ass.

I can hide behind this building, wait for a window.

Then I'll make my way over here.

That's the chapel.

Well hopefully, uh...

Sara will be waiting.

Why the chapel?

During the riot in '88, prison employees escaped through the administration building.

They wound up here, outside the fence.

The administration building, is connected to the chapel.

Which means that somewhere in that compound, there is a subterranean exit.

If we can get through it, you can meet us there.

How's Sara gonna get to the chapel?

She'll have to find a way.

Look, we're doing this at 7 PM tonight, just like we've planned.

- Where have you been?

- What did I miss?

I need you to find a plane and a pilot.

I need you two, to take care of T-Bag.

Find out exactly who has this money, and where they're keeping it.

- And then we have to get it.

- By 7 PM tonight.

Or Sara's going to die in there.

Is everybody onboard?


Tell me, you've completed your assignment.

Well, I got the cash.

But there'll may be some delay in final delivery.

The woman we hired is having trouble getting near Sara Tancredi.

Then hire somebody else.

Call it open season.

Put a bounty on her head.

I don't care how you do it.

I want Sara Tancredi d*ad by the end of the day.

Open cell!

One hour!

Yo, we about to play cards.

Do you want in?

I'm okay.


You should.

With Daddy gone, you're gonna need your backup.

Hell, we all did.

I've got, uh...

a pre-natal thing.

It's cool.


Not too smart though, for a girl with a bounty on her head.

Aren't you heard?

Tancredi, you have a visitor.

Say hello to your husband for me.

What's wrong?

Look, um...

I know you don't have any control over what's happened here, but uh...

Things aren't working out.


I'm trying to find a way to...

To do..


But from where we're standing right now, there's only one option.

Do you need more time...

to think?


No, it's not about that.

I've made up my mind.

'Cause there's nothing you could do about it.


pray for us tonight.

Pray for us?

You can pray for us to be together.

Maybe I'll do the same.

How can I rob someone if I've no clue who he is?

The logbook outside says that Krantz had one visitor yesterday.

A Joe Daniels.

Well if he was in the power deduction, I'd say, Daniels is your bagman.

You know how many Daniels live in Miami?


I need more.

Well you better get crackin', 'cause if I ain't get that money by 7 o'clock, you ain't got your f*re, you ain't got your f*re alarm.

And that means Pretty ain't got his Mrs.


Listen, my friend, you're in no position to makin' demands...

Okay, shh-- I ain't talking about backing out the deal.

I put my ear on the ground and come up with some details.


And now, fetch.

We got a pilot.

There's a guy I'd busted 20 years ago, running drugs across the Gulf.

Went legit.

Runs a charter business now.

He must've jumped out of a few planes, huh?

Yes, several.

Some for sport.

Some necessity.

It's a big difference, Michael.

It's not easy hitting the X, especially at night.

Don't worry.

I can go alone.

- What do you got?

- It's a test.

See, the prison was built in the mid-80's, so that exit in the administration building is probably protected by an electronic code of lock, modified by a security card.

Those locks don't have power protection, which means you can override them.

Then you can't just go to the building, shut it, or blow it out?


1200 volt power surge will just set off the other alarms.

Not to mention that it'll k*ll you.

That's why we have to find another way.



Talk to me, Mahone.

What have you got?

Nothing yet.

I don't need updates on the hour.

I need evidence, intent.

It's not crap.

Call me when he's in the process of committing a crime.


I'm not going to let him walk away from me like he did from you.

It's going down if I've got to sh**t him in the back.


Time for you to get paid now, bitch.

Are we friends now?

Get out of the way!

What happened here?!

I didn't see anything, sir.

- Move!

- Me neither.

Bad news.

Agatha Warren is d*ad.

- Who did that?

- No one's talking.

But I hear it says fish.

Tancredi and Morgan.



There he is.

If you don't like this guy, we can still find someone else.

Good to see you, Sni.

What you get into here, Mahone?

Jumping at 1500 feet ain't going to be easy.

You've gone back on your word already?

Let's not forget who's doing who a favor here.


Favor that I bust your old lady for traficking.

No, I did not.

If anyone asks, I was flying tourists to the Keys, and it's not my fault they jumped.

Sounds good to me.

If you don't like this guy, we'd take a day.

- We come up with a new plan.

- No, there's no time, Alex.

- It's not just Sara's life at risk.

- I understand that.

I know you do.

That's why I also know I can ask for your help.

- Yeah.

What do you need?

- If I don't make it...

I want you to make sure Sara and my brother get out of the country alive.

I need to know they're gonna be okay.

And I'm gonna trust that you'll do everything you can to make that happen.

Take this.

I trust you, Alex.

Remember that.

Special delivery.

- What is it?

- I don't exactly know.

It came via messenger from uh...

the lady side.

"My man on the outside needs to know who to call for the birthday present." Whose birthday is it?

Well, just see to it that it gets back to the same place.

Will do.

So this is Joe Daniels' number, right?

That's it.

Is that enough information, or you need a social security number too?

- That'll do.

- Remember-- I want that money wired to the account number specified.

No wire, no f*re.

You boys do me wrong, I have no qualms at all about singing it loud and clear, you understand?

You know what?

Just be ready.

That was Sofia.

She'll meet you in the San Andreas Harbor in Dominican Republic and then - you guys can fly to Costa Rica.

- Cool.

I know where Daniels is.

And after we rob him, I'll take the money to Quik Green and, uh...

wire to the bank.

You're gonna meet us at the airstrip, right?

Might give a sh*t now.


This is it.

We're ready.

Thanks, buddy.

For everything.

Good luck, papi.

See you on the other side.

Nobody's talking, huh?

Girl's d*ad.

No one's said any?

I made it in the woodshop.

Want to give my daughter Emily a birthday gift on her actual birthday.

So I need to get out of here.

It's funny.

- You're never sentimental.

- Oh, I'm not.

It's just for her.

We need to get to the chapel.


There's no way out of here, right now.

I'm gonna need you.



Daniels, American Paint Company, here for the job.

Well, this is Mr.

Daniels, but I didn't order any painters.

It's Wednesday, sir.

I believe you did.

Hold it right there.

I'm calling the police.

Get out!

This is it.

I'll be right back.

Gotta get that parachute.


Come here.

There's a better way.


Mess, half hour.

Little faster.

We don't have all day.

Let's go!

Got any ideas?


Keep your head down and follow me.

I'll think of something.

You better think of something fast, 'cause we have company.

I hope you're ready for a fight, princess.

This one's to the death.

Do you think you can overpower her?


I don't think it's her you have to worry about.

Just be ready.

- Hello?

- It's me.

I got the message about the birthday present?

Was the gift earned?

What in the hell are you talking about?

- The birthday present.

- Birthday present?

Two guys showed up at my house, they took the money and they b*at the crap out of me.

Howdy, General.

I just thought of let you know how I came in with some green.

My personal preference is two Zegna bars and a copy of the Times.

So I see you in the AEM?

You worthless son of a whore.

Go to hell!

Careful I don't get there first.

Lest I become king of that prison, too.

Alright, from takeoff, the prison's gonna come up real fast.

So whatever you gotta do to get ready, do it now.

You got it.

We've got the money.

Sucre's just dropped me off on the way to wire it.


That means T-Bag's set.

I'm goin' to see how long it's gonna take and we get going.

You sure that thing's gonna hold you up?

Yeah, it'll be fine.

What about you?

This is not my first time inside a prison.

But hopefully...

will be my last.

Think about all the amazing stories you're gonna be able to tell your kid.

You're gonna be the type of father our dad never was.

Someone to look up to.

Take care, Michael.

Unless you've got details, I'm hanging up.

And you can forget about getting your badge back.

He's got a plane.

He's got a parachute into the yard.

- What?

- Yeah, I swear to God, he's gonna be over prison airspace at 7 o'clock.

Call in reinforcements.

I want 20 armed COs in the yard.

And be ready to turn off all exterior lights.

Scofield won't see what's coming until it's too late.

And bring me Sara Tancredi.

Wait, wait.

What do you think happened with Agatha, it's not what happened.

I need to make this right with you, okay?

Go ahead.

I was hoping I'd see you here.

You know I still owe you one big juicy favor.

Later, blue eyes.

I swear to God she wanted to k*ll me and I was just defending myself.

- You remember that?

- Yes, I do.

My momma gave me that.

Told me I was going to give it to one of my kids one day.

Not only did I get knocked up, but the girl in the family...

And I practically raised Agatha and she was no k*ller.

Now I can say that much for myself.

You didn't know what I had in mind yet.

Okay, listen, you're right.

Agatha isn't a k*ller.

She was just a-- real bitch with a bit of more than she need to.



We cool.

We cool.

We cool, we-- whoa, whoa, whoa.


She wants you to bring Tancredi to her office.



Son of a bitch!

They'll be coming right through here, okay?

Federal agent Todd Wheatley.

I need to get inside right now.

Emergency team takes priority, sir.

I'm the leader of the emergency team.

Now let me inside.

- Sorry.

Strict orders.

- Go talk to your supervisor.

Come on!

No w*apon!

Let the suburban through.

The plane should be overhead any minute.

Hey, fellas!

k*ll the lights.

As soon as he hits the ground, I just want one of you to start f*ring.


We're standing by.

Easy now.

Hold your f*re.



Let's go.

Move in, men!

Where the hell's Scofield?

Emergency team takes priority, sir.

I'm the leader of the emergency team.

Now let me inside right now.

I've strict orders.

No one gets inside at this point, sir.

I don't care what your orders are.

Go talk to your supervisor.

Why isn't Tancredi in front of me right now?

We've just got the situation under control.

We're looking for her right now.

Oh my God!

- Are you alright?

- Yeah.

It was Morgan.

Check the kitchen.

They might be in the kitchen.

I'm not gonna make it on my own.

Either leave me with tools here or make up your damn mind.

Are you gonna be able to make it?



It's now.

Alright, hold up.

Nah, I think we're good.

Don't move!

- Stand on the dark, now!

- Please, I just...

On the ground!

You're here alone?

Damn it, con.

When I ask you a question, you answer.

Is there anyone else here?



- God.

- Excuse me?

He's always here.

I was worried about my little girl on the outside.

So I came to pray.

See if someone would watch over her.

Go check it out.

The stove mess is open.

Need support right now!

I've got to get these animals locked down!

We better head over there.

I hope that daughter of yours - is hell a lot smarter than you.

- So do I.


Are you ready to go?

Nobody gets in or out of this prison.

I don't care if it's the President having to take a piss, you tell him to turn the hell around.

Get a team.

I want every inch of that fence line checked for points of compromise.

Yes, sir.

Michael said this is where they're gonna come out.

You think Sucre made the drop on time?

I don't know.

No, no, no.

Please enter your account number.


Your account balance is zero dollars and zero cents.

If you would like to access another account-- 9248, pow!

Your account balance is zero dollars and zero cents.

What the hell you thinking you're doing, fish?

We're in lockdown.

What for?

Something's going on in bitch block.

I don't know.

What's it worth to you to find out?

We're going to get through here?

On the other side is a kind of an escape hatch for the administrators.

In case of a riot.

If this is the same system they have in Fox River, that door can only be open remotely from the Central Control.

That's why we've gone and ask for help.


Tell them what you told me.

Michael Scofield is about to stage a prison break.

And I know exactly how he's gonna do it.

Exactly what did Scofield asked you to do?

Just light a f*re in my cell.

And the rest...

The rest will just take care of itself.

A f*re alarm.

If that goes off, what's your protocol?

State law, mandatory evac.

Hell, he won't go break, I was goin' to get you to escort her out.

- Shut up!

- Get him outta here.

Alright, the evacuation's only going to get him out in the yard.

Whatever he's up to, he needs noise and he needs chaos.

Deactivate the smoke detection system, the f*re alarm, and while you're at it, k*ll the horn.

If anybody so much as bends a blade of grass in this place, I want him to be able to hear it.

- What are we waiting for?

- We made a deal.

With the right price, T-Bag will set off the f*re alarms.

That's what we're waiting for.

- Michael, there's a-- - It's okay.

See, there's only one thing you can count on when you're dealing with T-Bag.

He's a rat.


So far, just a female inmate loose in the yard.

- Tancredi?

- No, Morgan.

First name, Gretchen.

- Over by the chapel.

- Alright.



Let's go.

Okay, down there.


Beyond this door should be a hundred yards of tunnel.

On the other end of that is Linc, and after that, there's a boat mounted for white sands and blue water.

A power surge to the system, will override the reader, for just a few seconds.

Just long enough for you to open that, so get ready.

3, 2, 1.

One more time.

3, 2, 1.

I was afraid this might happen.

It's okay.

It's alright.

We're going to keep moving and we're gonna find another way out of here.

I know what I have to do.

I need units to the chapel.


- Where are they?

- I don't know.

They should've been here by now.

The battery wasn't generating enough power.

We have to blow the system for the whole building.


What do you want to try?

This is the main fuse.

If I yanked that, everything will go dark for a second.

I reconnect these two cables...

If I reconnect these two cables, there'll be a lot of noise, every light bulb in this place is going to blow.

As soon as that happens, you need to open that hatch.

And I want you to start running.


What about you?



Someone has to stay here, and someone has to open the hatch.

And that someone's gotta be you.


So I'll leave it open for you.

You don't understand.

This is the only way.

I'm not leaving unless you're coming with me.

But I am coming with you.

I love you.

God, I love you too.


Go, Sara.



Where's Michael?

Sara, where is he?

Where's Michael?

Where is he?

He's not coming back.

He's not coming back.

What do you mean, he's not coming back?

What do you mean by that?

He's not coming back.

He'll be here.

He's gone, Lincoln.

Linc, we gotta go.

We gotta go.

We gotta go.

Hey, I'll be over there in a minute.

Why am I being punished?!

I'm the guy through the window!

You aided and abetted an escape, Mr. Bagwell.

And as far as the authorities are concerned, you're an accomplice.




Michael asked me to give you this, if he didn't make it out.

He said it would help you understand why he did what he did.

It's his bloodwork.

This is the General's money.

I was supposed to wire it down to Costa Rica for you to pick up but uh...

I ran into some trouble.

I'm sorry.

You take care of that baby, okay?

You take care yours.

This is for you.

He never said anything to me.

Why didn't he just tell me?

'Cause he knew you'll try to stop him.

He knew you'd do anything to protect your family.

But I didn't.


You will soon.

Take it easy.


Thank you.


Well, if you're watching this, I'm glad.

Because that means you're safe.

And that's all I ever wanted.

I wish I could... be there with you.

But as you probably know now, I wouldn't have much time anyway, so...

I made my choice, and-- I don't regret it.

Anyway, not too long from now, there's going to be another little Scofield running around.

And Linc, I want you to promise me, no matter what, they're going to grow up knowing their uncle is never far away.

And Sara, I want you to promise me that you're gonna keep an eye on Linc.

As you may have noticed, he has the tendency to get in trouble.

You know we spend so much of our lives, not saying the things we want to say.

The things we should say.

We speak in code, we send little messages.


So now, plainly, simply, I want to say that I love you both.

Very much.

And I want you to promise me, that you're gonna tell my child, that you're gonna tell my child how much they're loved every day.

and remind them how lucky they are...

To be free.

Because we are.

We're free now.


We're free.
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