01x08 - Where I Really Come From

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Invincible". Aired: March 26, 2021 to present.
An adult animated series that follows 17 year Mark Greyson whose father is the most powerful superhero on the planet, Omni-Man.
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01x08 - Where I Really Come From

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- Get out of my house!

- We'll talk later.

Where's Mark, Debbie?

[Amber groans]

I know you're a superhero.

Fly away, flyboy.

- Hey, Eve.

- So I'm helping you today.

[Mauler ]

We've been growing you a new body.

Does Mark know that his dad's a m*rder?

Keep out of this, Cecil.


It's Mark's mom.

- I need to talk to him.

- What's going on?


Where's Omni-Man?

Where is he?



You've betrayed us!

You should have stayed d*ad.

[screams, organs squelching]


x - Where I Really Come From

[crickets chirping]


[music crescendo]



We need to talk.



Someone's controlling you!



Tell me how to stop them!

- Mark...

- Let my dad go!

- Let him... let him go.

- Stop.


It's me, Mark.

It's just me.


This isn't how I wanted to do this, but I don't have a choice.

It's time for you to know where I really come from.

I am from Viltrum,

but it's not the planet I've told you about.

We have created a perfect civilization,

but it took all of our strength,

determination, and courage to get there.

[man screaming]

In order for our people to reach their full potential,

we had to remove the weak from our society.

It was a long and difficult process.

When it was over, our population was cut in half,

but what emerged from the ashes was unstoppable.

By the time I was born,

Viltrum was already the greatest empire in our galaxy.

We decided to make it the only empire in our galaxy.

Once I was old enough, I joined the w*r effort.

It was hard, but I believe in our cause.

Some species resisted, of course,

but no one could withstand us for long.

Soon, our empire encompassed thousands of planets.

But as our territory grew,

our forces were stretched thin and our expansion stopped.

We needed a better, more efficient way to conquer worlds.

Our most trusted officers were each given a planet

to weaken by themselves.

I was one of those lucky few.

I couldn't tell your mother why I was here...

But that time's come to an end...

And now we need to get Earth ready to join the Viltrum Empire.


Mark, this is good news.

We can finally do what we were meant to do.

Be who we were meant to be.

- You lied to me.

- You couldn't know the truth...

not until you had your powers.

Not until I was sure.

- Sure of what?

- Sure you were a Viltrumite.

So if I wasn't, I'd just be one more human to conquer?


This doesn't make any sense.

You love me.

You love Mom.

I know you do.

Do you have any idea how long we live?

The older we get, the slower we age.

Viltrumite DNA is so pure you're nearly full-blooded.

You'll live for thousands of years.

Do you understand what that means?

Everyone you know and love will be gone before you even look .

It's not something I want for you.

This isn't your world.

It's theirs.

But we can help them.

We can stop wars.

Eliminate hunger.

Give them medical technology centuries ahead of what they have now.

We've already been doing it.

If it wasn't for you and me, this planet would be in flames.

All we have to do is welcome Earth into our empire.

I do love your mother.

But she's more like a...

- a pet to me.

- A pet?


This is the only way, Mark.

- [Mark]

Don't touch me!

- Calm down.

I will not calm down!

This is insane!

What do you think is gonna happen?

That I'm gonna go enslave my friends for a bunch of aliens I've never met?

This is my life!

These are my people!

We have a responsibility to Viltrum...

I don't give a shit about Viltrum.

And I don't care if I live a f*ck' million years.

This is my home and I won't let you destroy it!

You don't know what you're saying.

And I can't let you interfere.

I know exactly what I'm saying.

So be it.

[blow lands]

Do you really think you can stop me?

[Mark roars]

[Mark groans]

[Mark groans]




[Mark screams]




Map their trajectory.

I need to know where they're going before they get there.

Debbie, I'm so sorry you had to listen to that.

They're going to k*ll each other, Cecil!

You have to stop this.

[GDA Agent]

We have them, sir.

They're slowing down about miles - southeast of Chicago.

- Chicago?

They're in range.

Scramble our jets.


What could they do?


After everything else we've thrown at Nolan?

Not much.

But at least they're a distraction.

Maybe it'll give the kid a chance to think of something.


Holy f*ck...

Okay, what do we do?

- Do we go out there?

- And do what?

We couldn't even keep up with them.


We follow Cecil's orders and remain here.

This battle is beyond our current capabilities.

Robot is...

Rudy's right.

We'll get our chance to help.

[hatch opens]




Oh Jesus Christ, you're okay.

I'm fine.

What's happening with Mark and Omni-Man?


Omni-Man's kicking the shit out of him.

- The world's gone f*cking nuts.

- Indeed.

I truly hope Mark lives up to his name.

To face his father and survive, he'll need to be...





Don't do this!

- It's not too late.

- Yes, it is.

[blow lands]


[jets roaring]

[male pilot]

Target acquired.


[jets roaring]


Cecil wants to waste more time.

Look what they need to mimic a fraction of our power.

[male pilot]

As soon as they separate, - hit him with everything you've got.

- [female pilot]

Roger that.

It's right to pity them, Mark, but wrong to value them over your own kind.

[Mark whooshing]


[male pilot]




[w*apon exploding]


[female pilot]

Direct hit.

Repeat, direct hit on Omni-Man.



[thud, male pilot screams]



[male pilot screaming]



- I got you.

- Chute won't deploy!

You won't need it.

[alarm beeping urgently]

[male pilot screams]

[male pilot screaming]

[male pilot]



[male pilot gasping]

Ah, man!

Thank you.

Didn't think I was gonna make it.

[whoosh, thud]

- You almost k*lled him!

- Instead, you saved him.

So much effort...

for what?

- [pilot screams]

- No!

Where was that other one?

[Omni-Man whooshes upward]

[female pilot]

He's on my six.

[w*apon deploying]


[jet roars]

You k*lled him!

Now or in years when he's old.

What difference does it make?

[blow thuds]


What difference?

He'd have a life!

Did seeing that man lose his life disturb you?

Did it hurt?

Well, let's see how you handle this.

- [blow lands]

- [Mark whooshes]

[horns honking]

[blows whistle]

[horns honking]

[car engine roars]

[traffic whistle tweeting]

[expl*si*n booms]

[people screaming]

[people screaming]

[ground erupting]

- [gasps]

- [thud]

[ground erupting]


[people screaming]

[people screaming]


[rumbling and cracking]


[rumbling and cracking]

[windows shattering]

[Mark grunts with effort]

- [rumbling]

- [woman]










I've got you.

I've got you.

- [Gretchen screams]

- Don't move!

Don't move!


Don't be scared, okay?

[Gretchen cries]


No, no!

[massive crash]

[Debbie gasps]

[rock shifts]

[Mark groans]


[Mark gasping]




- How could you do this?

- That was your fault.

Your stubbornness against the inevitable k*lled those people.

How many more need to die, Mark?

It's up to you.

And what were they doing with those fragile little lives anyway?

Listen to what I'm saying.

- You know in your heart I'm right.

- [Mark]


About how pathetic and pointless humanity is?

Is Mom's life worthless?

In the grand scheme of things...

- Yes.

[Debbie sobs]

- Debbie.


How can you say those things?

How can you say that about Mom?


[Mark roars]

For the first time in your life, I'm telling you the truth.



[Mark crying]

Let me...

I need to save them.



Maybe this time, you'll learn.

[subway roaring]

[brakes screech]

[subway grinds to a halt]

[bodies thumping, blood squelching]

[subway crashing]

[crashing, people screaming]

[debris falling]

[Mark gasps]


These people are meaningless.

They're cavemen without us.


You're wrong!

I've seen you save people...

I've seen you almost die to protect them.

Maybe you were a Viltrumite when you came to Earth, but you've changed!

- You were happy here!

- Sure.

I was happy.

For a time.

But I'm loyal to Viltrum, not this pathetic excuse for a civilization.

[sirens wailing]



Get off me!


You aren't listening, Mark.

My time here has been a speck in the span of my life.

You don't know me.

I will burn this planet down before I spend another minute living among these animals.

[Mark rages]


[blows landing]

I was wrong to raise you as a human.

I should have prepared you better.

Taught you more.

Your life has been soft and painless.

You're a Viltrumite in blood only.

Well, your true education begins now.

Oh, my god.


Gear up.

We can't stop this fight, but we can save lives.

- Cecil's orders were to stay here.

- We don't care.

You're not a robot anymore, remember?

[whooshing, water bubbling]


[ocean floor gurgling]


[mountain rumbling]

[mountain rumbling]

[mountain surging]

[people screaming]

- Had enough yet?

- I'll...

I'll stop you.

I'm ready when you are.


You're doing this for nothing.

Being a part of the empire will make Earth better than it ever was.

[Mark groaning]

- And what if they resist?

- That's why we're here.

To keep them from resisting.

To show them how wrong they are, how pointless it is...

That they can be a part of something bigger.

Or die.

I won't let you.

You want to die for this planet?


What's more years?

I can always start again... make another kid.

[blows landing, blood squelching]

[teeth clinking]

[blows echoing]




- What are you doing?

- [sighs]

If I have to watch this...

game, I'd have a better view from above.

You know you can't do that.

It's bad enough you're standing over here like a weirdo.

- Come sit down.

- This is a waste of everyone's time.

There's so much more I could be doing right now.

- [woman]

Go, Mark!

- Oh!

You're gonna miss it!

- [Debbie]

Look at Mark.

- [umpire]

Strike one!

You and I, we made him.

He's ours.

When he feels joy, we feel joy.

See that look on his face?

How can you see that and not feel the same way?


Strike two!

As we get older, it's harder to feel that.

The weight of the world, it bogs us down.



Nice one, honey!

But our children remind us of the joys in life.

It brings us back, shows us what life is all about.

This is humanity.


Yeah, yeah!

Get going, Mark!

Get going!


- C'mon, Mark!

- Go, Mark, go!


Go, Mark, go!

- C'mon, buddy, you can do it!

- Go, Mark!

Go, Mark!

And safe!


Did you see, Dad?

Did you see?


Aw, that was amazing!


Yeah, I saw.

[Mark gasping weakly]



[Mark gasping weakly]

[Mark panting]


Why did you make me do this?!

You're fighting so you can watch everyone around you die!

Think, Mark!

You'll outlast every fragile, insignificant being on this planet.

You'll live to see this world crumble to dust and blow away!

Everyone and everything you know will be gone!

[Mark gasping for breath]

What will you have after years?

You, Dad.

I'd still have you.

[Mark gasps weakly]




[helicopter approaching]


[newscaster] This is the scene in downtown Chicago

as darkness falls on the day the world changed.

Omni-Man and Invincible touched down here

during their terrible battle.


The damage you can see behind me

was done in a matter of minutes

before they carried their fight elsewhere.

I can't begin to explain the devastation,

the pain...

- the loss.

- [Mauler Twin grunts]

It's like nothing...

[flint strikes]

...nothing I've ever seen.

And we're all asking the same question...

how could someone who promised to keep us safe,

to protect us against any thr*at,

become that thr*at?

Without answers,

all we can do is hold each other

as we pick up the pieces.

City planners estimate that it will take weeks

to clear the area before rebuilding can begin.

The cost in lives...

the cost in lives is incalculable.

[sirens wailing]

[Black Samson grunts]

[newscaster] Thankfully, the Guardians of the Globe

and Atom Eve are on the scene.

There's been no sign

of Omni-Man or Invincible since yesterday.

In time, we hope to know what ended this att*ck,

but for now, we can be thankful that the danger is behind us.

[heart monitor beeping]


[Mark groaning softly]

[Mark groans]


Don't try to talk.

You're going to be okay.

You're safe now.

It's all over.




[swallows, then coughs]

I'm so proud of you.


I'll let you rest.


[footsteps approaching]



- Sorry.

- [Debbie]

It's okay.

Look, I was...

I was wanting to...

Look, if this is too much, just say so.

If it were me, it would ease my mind to know that things are taken care of, so...

Just get on with it, Cecil.

Since we want to preserve Omni-Man's secret identity to keep you and Mark safe, Nolan Grayson officially died when the house across the street exploded from a gas leak.

Now, Nolan's travel books always sold well, but sales will see a significant spike after his death, so you and Mark will be fine for money.

And don't be alarmed if you see yourself and Mark on the news.

We sent proxies to the funeral so your lives can go back to some kind of normal - once Mark's healed up.

- Normal?

Look, I...

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean...

- What I meant was...

- No.

I'm sorry.

This is all very kind.

- Thank you.

- Yeah.

Nolan was doing everything under my nose and I never saw it.

I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I didn't make things as right as they can be.

[hatch opening]

[Rex groans]

[Shrinking Rae]


[hatch opens]

[tap running]

[Black Samson]

We haven't earned it yet.


[Black Samson grumbles]

f*ck off.

[Black Samson]

I said, stop!

[Monster Girl transforming]

Now we look like a team.

["We Are Infinite" by The Lighthouse and the Whaler]

♪ The hope outweighs all my sorrow ♪

♪ I believe ♪


♪ And the vast, open sky shows them all ♪

♪ What I could be ♪

♪ And the colors drift from you ♪

♪ Into me ♪

♪ And the wonder of the moment ♪

♪ Sticks to me ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh... ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh... ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh... ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh... ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh... ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh... ♪

♪ And the colors drift from you ♪

♪ Into me ♪

♪ And the wonder of the moment ♪

♪ Rescued me ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh... ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh... ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪


Hey, William.

Oh, um, hey, Eve.

- Uh...

- Have you heard from Mark?

Not since that stuff between him and his dad on the news.

I'm really worried tha...

Oh, shit!

Wait a minute.

You know he's Invincible?

Oh, man.

You know, too?

Oh, thank god!

I thought I blew it.


you think he's okay?

I don't know.

[heart rate monitor beeping]



That was a hell of thing you did there, kid.


I, um...

I thought it might have been a dream...

I wish it were.

You've been drifting in and out for almost two weeks, but my guys got you patched up good.

We'll let you out in a day or two.

I saw my dad fly away.

Where'd he go?

Get your rest, kid.

We'll talk later.




Aren't you going to tell me what happened?

- That depends.

- On what?

On if you still want to be a hero or not.

- I don't know.

- Come with me.

[door entry activates]

I wanted to tell you that your mother heard everything that your dad said, so you don't have to go through the trouble of explaining this whole ordeal.


She heard everything?

How could you do that?!

Don't you think she deserves to know the truth?

- Yeah, but...

- Your mother knew he k*lled the Guardians, but she was holding out hope there was a good reason for it.

So was I.

Better for her to know everything about your father.


Maybe you're right.

Wait a minute.

Where are we?


Oh, sorry.


[lights hum]

[Mark gasps]

[machines engage]

- Whoa!

- That's enough.

- Lights.

- [lights hum]


What the hell just happened?

Where'd all that go?

The water America drinks so conveniently from their taps is laced with a chemical that inhibits the ability to see certain frequencies of light.

Those frequencies are used in this room.

So it's all just invisible?

You and everyone else in America do not have the ability to see the things in this room.

- You'd be surprised how often we use this.

- Wild.

To answer your question, we monitored your father until he left our solar system.

He didn't change trajectory, so he's going somewhere pretty damn far away.

Which means...

we, um...

we need a replacement.


Not now.

Not yet.

Your dad didn't leave me with a lot of options, Mark.

If I can't call on you...

well, there's not really a list past the Guardians of the Globe.

I know...

I'm sorry.

It's just...

it's too much.

I shouldn't have brought this up so soon.

Let's get you and your mother home first.

[door exit activates]


We fixed the house.

Talked to your school and Debbie's work.

There's even a headstone in the cemetery...

not that you'd want to visit it.

If either of you need anything else, - you know how to reach me.

- Thanks, Cecil.

- Much better.

- I'm going to go lie down for a bit.

Okay, Mom.

[Mark, in memory]

Guess who's finally getting his powers.


Oh, that's great, son, just great!

If you really want to do what I do,

you have to be prepared for anything.


- Dad!

- [Nolan]



[Mark, in memory]

I'm scared, Dad.

What if I can't do this?


This is the beginning of a long journey for you and me.

Along the way, you're going to need

to do things you don't want to do,

or might not think you can do.

You're a Viltrumite.

[head crushing]

We have responsibilities...


[blow crushing]

...that normal humans don't.

[Mark, in memory]

I want to do what you do!

- [stomp]

- [thud]

I want to be just like you.

[thud, blood squelches]

- You will be, son.

- [blow lands]

You will be.


I'm going to order something for dinner.

- Want to get a pizza... ?

- [Debbie sobbing]

[doorbell rings]




- Does this mean...


- I mean, if you want.

But what about...

Looks like I wasn't the only person being lied to.

- You know Omni-Man is my...

- They said your dad was k*lled when a gas line blew up across the street.

Not that hard to figure it out from there.

Detective Amber, ready to help out on any tough cases that come up.

Are you...


I know you're not okay, but do you want - to talk about it?

- Yeah.

I think I do.

[doorbell rings twice]


Oh, man, it's so good to see you're all right.

I mean, after everything on the TV about you and Omniiii...

Uh, hey, Amber.

- Uh, um...

- She knows about my dad.

Oh, okay.

- They know?

- You guys want to, uh...

Let's go out.


[door buzzer sounds]

We're not open!

How did you get...


How are you holding up?


Scratch that.

Stupid question.

What can I do for you?

I spent so much time thinking about if Nolan had k*lled the Guardians...

and why he would have done it...


I didn't think about what would happen afterwards.

Where it would leave me... and Mark.

After everything Nolan said and did...

I still can't believe it.

I can't believe our time together was a lie.

I wish he'd come back.

Me too.

- Pour me one of those.

- I've only got the one glass.

I don't care.



How's your mom taking it?

- About as badly as you'd expect.

- Mark, I am so sorry.

I don't know what to say.

It's like I'm hollow inside.

Nothing seems real.

- We don't have to do this here.

- No.

It's okay.

I just needed to get out of the house.

But can we... talk about something else?

We can try, but it's literally all anyone is talking about in the whole world.



New topic.



[phone ringing]

- Hold on.


- [Cecil]

I need you.



Sorry, I'll be right back.

What is it?

[Cecil] I know you've said you don't want to do this.

Someone's flying towards Earth from deep space.

We're still trying to figure out who it is, but...

[Mark whooshing]

You know about Mark and Omni-Man now, so you might as well know about me.

I met Mark in costume before I realized we went to the same school.

I'm, um...

- well, I'm Atom Eve.

- What?

Oh, my god, I see it now!

You can make doubles of yourself!


That's Dupli-Kate.

I'm the pink one.

Oh, right.

Of course.



- Invincible!

- Oh...

it's just you.


Oh, thank heavens!

I-I thought I was too late!

- I have to warn you!

- Warn me?

When I returned to the Coalition of Planets to tell them I'd been going to Earth instead of Urath, they lost their minds!

Earth is off limits...

there's a Viltrumite living on your planet!

- Oh.


- [Allen]



- You already know?

- Uh...


I don't understand.

Grab a seat.

This may take a while.



you're a Viltrumite?

But you don't work for them?

And your dad tried to take over the planet but then left?

He just left?

That's nuts, man.


As far as we can tell, my dad is just gone.

That is super weird for a Viltrumite.

They don't just give up.

They're relentless.

They destroyed my world when my people rebelled against them.

They blew up our planet rather than lose it.

- Jesus...

I'm sorry.

- Don't be.

From the sounds of it, I'm the one who should be apologizing.

If I'd checked my orders properly, I would've seen that Earth was flagged for Viltrumite takeover.

I could have warned you.

I would have just gone to my dad and told him everything.

Who knows what would have happened then?

I can't imagine what you're going through.


Like, I have no concept of it.

With my home world gone, my people had to create breeding camps just to stop us from going extinct.

I've never even met my father.

After the last few days, I'm jealous.

The Coalition of Planets will want to hear about you.

A power struggle's brewing in the farthest reaches of space.

- What kind of power struggle?

- The Coalition is trying to unite enough worlds to stop the Viltrumite empire.

The thing is...

no one's even heard of a Viltrumite abandoning their post.

It's insane.

It just doesn't happen.

This could be the advantage we've been looking for.


Let me know if I can do anything to help.

I don't get why you're smiling?

Just thinking about everything I've been through.

How huge it all feels.

But the fact it's just a small part of something much larger makes it all seem more...


I don't know.

But it helps.

Sorry to rain on your parade.

That happens on Earth, right?

Anyway, once they find out your father took off, the Viltrumites are gonna come for you.

Trust me, when they set their sights on a planet, they don't give up without a fight.

- I'll be ready.

- I hope so.

What's the plan in the meantime?

["Because I Wanna" by the Hives plays]

♪ Do what I want 'cause I can ♪

♪ And if I don't because I wanna ♪



♪ Be ignored by the stiff and the bored ♪

♪ Because I'm gonna ♪

♪ Hate to say I told you so ♪

♪ All right! ♪

♪ Come on! ♪



♪ I do believe I told you so... ♪


♪ Now it's all out and you knew ♪ [roars]

♪ 'Cause I wanted to ♪

♪ No need for me to wait ♪

♪ Because I wanna ♪



♪ No need two, three, too late ♪

♪ Because I'm gonna ♪

♪ Hate to say I told you so ♪

♪ All right! ♪

♪ Come on! ♪

♪ I do believe I told you so ♪

Finish high school, I guess.

Oh, all right.


Sounds good.

What is high school?

♪ Now it's all out and you knew ♪

♪ 'Cause I wanted to ♪

♪ Turn my back on the rot ♪

♪ That's been planning the plot ♪

♪ Because I'm gonna ♪


♪ No need for me to wait ♪

♪ Because I wanna ♪

♪ No need two, three, too late ♪

♪ Because I'm gonna ♪

♪ Hate to say I told you so ♪

♪ All right! ♪

♪ Ask me once I'll answer twice ♪

♪ 'Cause all I know I'll tell ♪

♪ Because I wanna ♪

♪ Sound device and lots of ice ♪

♪ I'll spell my name out loud ♪

♪ Because I wanna! ♪

♪ Oh, yeah! ♪
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