05x15 - Abduction + Memory + Time + Fireworks + Dispersal

Episode transcripts for the TV show "MacGyver". Aired: September 2016 to present.
"MacGyver" centers around Angus "Mac" MacGyver, who creates a secret U.S. government organization where he uses his extraordinary talents for problem solving and his extensive knowledge of science to save lives. A reboot of the 1985–1992 ABC series of the same name.
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05x15 - Abduction + Memory + Time + Fireworks + Dispersal

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Previously on MacGyver...

- It's in the tear gas.

- What's in the tear gas?

Nanoscopic tracking devices.

Something's wrong with my hands.

BOZER: It's the nano-trackers.

That's what's causing the issue with Mac's hands.

MATTY: It was my mission, and one way or another, I'm gonna fix it.

Meet Orson Marcato.

MATTY: Orson stole the tech and developed it himself.

This is the mastermind we need to find.



- MATTY: Nice work, Mac.

- ♪ Let's go... ♪ You got through the gatekeeper.

♪ Can't miss a b*at, b*at... ♪

Pick your poison?

I would love a Scotch.


Cresta's right next to Bozer.

Let me know if I can get you something else.

I'm feeling lucky.

Not lucky enough, I guess.

Damn it!


BOZER: Tired of this, man!

Every time I come here, I'm always losing my money.

I'm going through a divorce, she's takin' my money, y'all takin' my money...

everybody taking my money!

Give me some money!

Can I win?

Can I be lucky?

TAYLOR: Riley, you're in the clear.

- Desi, you're a go for the tracker.


All right.

- CRESTA: Well done.

- How about I grab you something special?

Nothing like a little bubbly to brighten the mood.

And a glass for my friend here, too.

I'd love that.

Where's your restroom?

RILEY: Right this way.

DESI: Target is chipped.

MATTY: Now get out of there, guys.

_ DESI: Made it to the extraction point with High-Roller Boze.

TAYLOR: Well done, chaps.

Now we can track Cresta and apprehend him and the buyer.

Now let's get out of here before someone confuses me for their sugar daddy.

Can you even afford to be a sugar daddy?

Absolutely not.

Mac, Riley, what's your status?


Mac, Riley, come in.

MATTY: Their comms are off-line.

You just reached MacGyver...

Mobiles went straight to voice mail.

TAYLOR: Yes, there's no sign of them on the satellite feed, either.

MATTY: I'm sending a tac team to sweep the area.

All units be advised, this is now a priority personnel recovery op.

Angus MacGyver and Riley Davis are missing.

♪♪ So we have multiple tac teams surveilling all of L.A. County.

Local authorities are covering all airports, highways and ports of entry.

Yes, our contacts at the FBI and Homeland Security are on full alert.

Matty, anything on your end?

I'm working my government contacts at the DoD,

- but still no luck yet.

- A little bit of good news: Mac and Riley haven't turned up at any of the local hospitals.

MACGYVER: Hey, is anyone there?

BOZER: Mac, is that you?

MACGYVER: Where are you guys?

PARKER: I got a on their location.

Mac, Riley... are you okay?

MACGYVER: Yeah, we're fine.

- Why?

- I'm sending a tac team to your location.

Stay put until we get there.


Y'all just about gave me a heart att*ck.

- Chill out, Boze.

- Don't ever scare me like that again.

Are you guys okay?

What happened to you guys?

And how'd y'all get way out here?

Wait, this isn't the extraction point?


We were supposed to meet two blocks from the bakery.

I don't understand.

You guys went missing for an entire day.

That can't be right.

BOZER: What's the last thing you remember?

It's a little fuzzy, I guess.

Yeah, uh, I remember exiting the speakeasy.

And then after that, nothing.

MATTY: Did the tests reveal anything unusual?

SANDRIA: We're still piecing it together.

When we tried to draw your blood, we noticed you both have collapsed veins.

And we discovered that both of you have been poked and prodded over times.

As though someone was running you

- both through a gauntlet of tests.

- Like lab rats.

S-So not only were we kidnapped, we were experimented on.

For hours?


And neither of you have a history of amnesia or dementia?


Clean bill of health.

Besides the nano-trackers, nothing.

TAYLOR: Do you remember anything about the car that grabbed you?

Was it a leather or fabric interior?

Or was it more of a circular spaceship?

- I got nothing.

- You know what?

Honestly, this has just been a lot.

Can we just...

I'd like to go home and get some sleep,

- if that's okay.

- RILEY: Yeah, I second that.

No, no, no.

Sorry, guys, we're on lockdown.

The only way I'll let you off-site is if you agree to stay under one roof with a tac team on guard.

(CHUCKLES): Sleepover at Mac's?

I'm down.

Hopefully we'll have more answers in the morning once Dr. Sandria's team runs blood work.

So your job tonight is to sleep.

No truth or dare or spin the bottle or whatever you get up to in your time off.

What you get up to in your time off?

Why do I feel like he was talking at me?

_ BOZER: Whitley Strieber says heightened senses are side effects of post-abduction contact.

Have you experienced any of that?


If "annoyed" was a sense, then yes.

Boz, you know I think it's statistically possible for life to exist elsewhere in the galaxy, but I think it's highly improbable that we were abducted by aliens near Staples Center.




Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you.

Just been a little on edge.

Yeah, I get it.

I'm really happy that you're home.

Yeah, me, too.

I just...

I wish I could enjoy it.

It's like, whoever kidnapped us also experimented on us?


What are they doing with that data, and why us?

It's horrifying.

I just wish I could remember something.


- Hey.


Maybe you'll get some clarity in the morning.


You're right.

It's the scariest thing.

They took away control over my body.

Totally violating, isn't it?


I just wish we could do something instead of just rest.

Maybe there is.

I couldn't wait for Dr. Sandria's team, so I swiped a blood sample.

Something's off with the oxygenation.

It's a different color.

Something possibly related to why we can't remember anything.

We were drinking at the card game.


Maybe someone slipped something in our drink.

A sedative.

Sedatives can cause selective amnesia.

Maybe we can initiate recall by inducing state-dependent memory.

DESI: You pulled my mission outfit from the hamper?

Well, we have to recreate the external environment of the card room to a T, meaning wearing the same clothes that we were wearing on the op.

And if we do this right, memories of the blackout should flood right back.

I'm gonna put on these smelly clothes, but only because I love you.

- Thanks.

Appreciate it.

- RILEY: Um, where do you even buy these?


- I, uh, have a guy.

Were you able to get surveillance photos of the card room?

Come on, Mac.



All right.

Let's turn my living room into an illegal gambling den.

♪♪ In order to trigger memories using state-dependent memory theory, we need to recreate every possible aspect of the card game. When I entered the room, I remember seeing High-Roller Boze and Cresta sitting next to him. And there were two other players sitting at the table as well. I got a Scotch from Desi just as Bozer lost it all. Damn it!

MACGYVER: Bozer made a scene at the bar, which was the perfect distraction so that Riley could use some sleight of hand and...

♪ With each letter it becomes visibly better...

♪ Oh.

All right.

My lucky day.

Then Desi offered Cresta some bubbly while she slipped a tracking microchip under his collar.

And then I excused myself and followed Riley out.

♪ I go to work.

♪ - DESI: Anything?

- RILEY: No, after I dealt the final hand, I went out the back door.

And then I followed Riley.

Then, after that, I'm drawing a blank.

Maybe we should just call it a night.

MACGYVER: Why can't I remember this?


Let's just do it again.

Maybe you should give it some time.

Side note, I've got matching pj's for our sleepover.

Movie time?

Matching pj's?


I may or may not have bought them as early Christmas presents.

Could everybody just be quiet?

Back up, give me some space.

I need to think.

So I followed after Riley, and I must've ended up out on the street.



I think you should just rest.

MACGYVER: I'll get some rest after I figure this out.

I just need some space.



I can't believe you actually put them on.

After snapping at Boze, I kind of felt like I had to.

Any memories?



Can't sleep?

Bozer's snoring aside, I'm afraid if I do go to sleep, I'm gonna wake up to find I've missed another day of my life.


We're safe here tonight.

Yeah, I know.

I just...

figured watching a movie would help me put my mind at ease.

You know what?

That's a great idea.

I need to relax and stop being so grumpy.

They know it's not personal.

Do they?


They can't possibly understand.

What I mean is...

it's different for you and I.

And it has been ever since we inhaled the nano-trackers.

I mean, people can say, "It'll be fine".

- "Don't worry".

- Yeah.

And it's all well-intentioned, but it does absolutely nothing to ease my anxiety.

Does anything?

I don't know.

Talking to the only person who actually understands what I'm going through.

Yeah, I know what you mean.


Die Hard?




- Oh, you want this blanket?

- Yes, please.

It's freezing in here.

All right.

MAN (ON TV): Get down, get down!








I just had the weirdest dream.


Me, too.

_ This-this is creepy.

Why are we having the same dream?

What do...

You saw these same images?


More or less.


Then these aren't...

They're not dreams.

They're memories.

Uh, recreating the speakeasy must've worked, just not as fast as I thought.

- What else did you see?


It looked like an almond grove.


We're gonna need backup.

Come on, let's go.


- Des.


- What?

- What?

- Des, Des.


- Did Matty call?

- No, our memories are coming back.

We need to get to Lost Hills, ASAP.

Slow down.



We're having flashbacks from yesterday.

So, you guys want to sense memory your way back to where you were held?

You know me so well.

Okay, I'm in.

What's going on?

I knew y'all were gonna love my jammies.

Knew it!

Hey, look, I think we figured out where we were held c*ptive.

You want to go for a drive?

Hey, if I'm gonna die, I want to do it with my best friends.

In matching pj's.

Fighting aliens.

But did y'all forget about our tac team-sized problem outside?

He's right.

We're trapped.


Not if we have a secret escape hatch.



What is this?

Everything I need, in case Murdoc decides to show up again.

I call it: MacGyver's Hideout.

Feels like "Mac Cave" is the cooler option, but you do you.


Okay, so this will drop us out onto the hillside underneath the back deck, and then we can sneak into the neighboring property

- and then climb over the garage.

- What car?

Security's got eyes on all of ours.

I know someone who owes us a favor.

You'd think the Krengels owning a cleaners would have a clean car.

Wait, that convenience store right there,

- that looks familiar.

- _ Okay, good.

Anything else?

Yeah, this park.


Oh, there's a-a bridge and...

... an elementary school.


He's right.

Keep going, guys.

Are there any landmarks?

Just an abandoned warehouse.

That's it.


This is the place.

Whoever worked here cleaned it good.

BOZER: Not "whoever".


♪♪ TAYLOR: I could have you all fired for this.


It's just you.

Just me?


I am so disappointed in all of you.

Disobeying Matty.

- Forcing me to follow you.

- RILEY: Hold up.

Guys, look.

Cord's been cut.

There's one up here, too.

Covered their tracks.

If we're gonna find the people who kidnapped us, it's gonna take a miracle.

What could've possibly possessed you to leave in the middle of the night with no backup?

Please tell me that you were at least able to recover something from the warehouse?

Well, even though they left in a hurry, everything was wiped clean.

These weren't amateurs.

Everyone coming and going from the warehouse was careful, but we were able to get a partial image of a pedestrian leaving during Mac and Riley's missing hours from a street cam a few blocks away.

What, that's all we've got?

Not all.

I ran the image through a D image simulator.

RILEY: And I ran that simulation through facial recognition, and we got a hit.

Jennifer Poole.

MACGYVER: She's a scientist at Navala Pharmaceuticals.

MATTY: I think we found Marcato's right-hand woman.

TAYLOR: Thought you could hide, hmm?

Not from us.

We have your laptop.

It's only a matter of time before we find out what you and Marcato did to my agents.

RILEY: Looks like Poole broke the disk on her hard drive. With our time crunch, that makes retrieving the data virtually impossible.

Good thing "virtually impossible" is my middle name.

And I'm kind of an expert at cracked things.

Guys, meet Brooklyn and Sara.

This is my dysfunctional family.

Boss, Matty.

Genius, MacGyver.

Resident bad-ass, Desi.

Call me Double-O Boze.

Yeah, not gonna happen.

So, where's the victim?

- Oof...

- Mm...

Look, don't worry, Mama's gonna get you all fixed up.


TAYLOR: So, tell me...

What did you do with my agents?


PARKER (OVER COMMS): Taylor, we found something.

TAYLOR: What do we have?

RILEY: We're still retrieving data, but we did find a piece of a video file with the same time stamp

- from when Mac and I went missing.





Run into the wall, full speed.


- What the... ?

- That explains why my shoulder's been k*lling me.

It is definitely you in the video.


- That's Riley.

Destroy your cot.



Engage in combat.



- I don't remember any of this.

- Yeah, neither do I.


sh**t him.

MARCATO (ECHOING): sh**t him.



♪♪ That's...

That's not me.

I would never do something like this.

MATTY: Well, it's clear that whatever they did to the nanobots in your body allows them to control you.

If they can be dispersed in the air, anyone can breathe them in and be controlled...

... turning them into the ultimate w*apon.

TAYLOR: These experiments aren't just the work of a few rogue scientists.

Someone powerful is behind all this.

MACGYVER: Mind control.

Very impressive.

Don't bother trying to deny it.

We have enough evidence on your hard drive to put you away for a very long time.

Besides, from scientist to scientist...

... a discovery like this isn't meant to be hidden.

How did you do it?

The nanobots were already inside your bodies.

You had the hardware, we just rebooted the software.

Marcato was developing new experimental tech to help with depression, but it had unintended yet fascinating side effects.

And thanks to you, we were able to confirm that.

And Marcato?

What's his endgame?


Planning another dispersal?


Any clues on Marcato's location?

Nothing definitive, just a lot of research on event venues in Washington D.C.

A mass dispersal at the nation's capital does fit the "evil mastermind" bill.

Countless foreign adversaries would pay a pretty penny for mind control over American citizens.

Well, there's one way to find out.

Mac, you got all that?

When is Marcato planning the dispersal in D.C.?

How did you... ?

There's nothing you can do to stop it.

They're hosting the National Military Appreciation Celebration with a big fireworks display.

Well, thousands of active military, veterans and their families are gonna be in attendance.


If the nanobots were in the fireworks...

half of D.C. could be infected.

Who's helping Marcato?

Who funded you?

Marcato's experiments were funded by the U.S. government.

MACGYVER: That's impossible.

Our government doesn't target its own.

You so sure about that?

♪♪ You okay?

I sh*t a g*n.

Tiny robots inside my body made me k*ll someone.


Yeah, but that's not who you are.

But how can I trust who I am anymore?

If they can make me sh**t a g*n, they can make me build a b*mb.



Yeah, but that didn't happen.

Thankfully, they were controlled tests.

But you weren't the one out of control.


And the government was behind it all?

What if they do it again?

What if they flip a switch and they make me sh**t one of you?

Hey, we all have your back.

And I won't let anyone hurt you.

- It's like I got hacked.

- And y'all thought my theories about aliens were crazy.

I've always made my own way.

If I want to do something,

- it's my choice, no one else's.

- This is bigger than aliens, man.

All right, and that evil scientist is still out there with more of these things?

sh**t, I mean, the salt on my peanuts could be baby robots.


- Mm-mm.

I knew I should've bought that bunker.

- Bozer!

I hit Mac.

Someone made you do it, Riley.

Just 'cause someone made me do it doesn't mean it didn't happen.

For the government to manipulate our agents like that...

MATTY: I'm not gonna just believe the desperate confession of an accomplice without finding out the truth myself.

Which is why I've asked for an emergency meeting with the Government Oversight Committee.

This is all my fault.

It's because of me this technology got out into this world; because of Silas.

Russ, you can't blame yourself.

Listen to me.

Marcato is still out there, and he's the only one that has the answer as to how to get these things out of Mac and Riley.

This happened to our agents on our watch.

And make no mistake, we're going to fix this.

Yes, you always could give a good pep talk, Matty.


Because I need you focused.

This is our one sh*t to grab Marcato.



♪ They come from the cities ♪ ♪ And they come from the smaller towns... ♪


BOZER: Don't suppose we have time for a quick bite?

I could smash a half-smoke right now.

Not likely, Boze.

Looks like we don't have long before showtime.

No time to evacuate everyone or even distribute protection.

Look at all these innocent people.

This isn't just military, these are their families, children, grandparents.

We have to stop this.

If I can get to the control booth, I should be able to shut down the pyrotechnics program.

Any ideas how I'll get in?

I've always wanted to, uh, play an exuberant American.


♪ Hey! ♪

What is the reason for this?

- I've got ribs going.

- I just received confirmation of a planned att*ck against American citizens at a military celebration today, and a confession from a conspirator who claims that the U.S. government is behind it.

Double-check our secured line.

Make sure we're not being recorded.

Hey, excuse me.

We can't see.


We camped out since : a.m.

for this spot.

Hot dog!

I didn't see your name on it, did I, partner?

This is still a free country, ain't it?

Am I right?

(THICK ENGLISH ACCENT): Oi, oi, oi, oi, oi, oi, oi!

Get that giant monstrosity out of here, you w*nk*r!

DESI (OVER COMMS): Bozer, with the last-minute accent?

TAYLOR: You can just take it up your tailpipe and shove it, Mr. Mary Poppins!

RILEY: Laying it on thick, aren't we, boys?

TAYLOR: I'm an American citizen, so that means...


We've cleared the fence.

Thanks for the show, guys.

I'm in.


MACGYVER: We don't have time for Uh-ohs.

Pyrotechnic software should have an emergency shut-off, but this one's disabled.

DESI: Mercato must have covered his bases.

RILEY: Yeah, he sure did.

We don't think of something, this show's going off in five minutes.


RILEY: Uh-oh, what?

I thought there was no time for uh-oh.

I don't think my Swiss Army knife's gonna cut through this in four minutes.


I knew that the U.S. government couldn't possibly be funding Orson Marcato's plan for a mass dispersal of invasive nanobots on U.S. soil.

We did fund some of Marcato's research, yes.

How could you?

Nano-technology is the next industrial revolution.

Once the nanobots are dispersed, we've merely laid the infrastructure.

But the future benefits will be seismic.

They can also deliver chemotherapy to specific cells in the body, eliminating all side effects, and perform cellular repair that could expand our lifespan for hundreds of years.

My agents are not to be used, manipulated or experimented upon for your benefit.

On the contrary, I believe they took an oath to serve.

And what about all those children, grandparents...

Ms. Webber, now that you've assumed Oversight's role, it comes with certain knowledge and expectations.

The question is, are you willing to play at this level?


You want me to play ball.

I think it's what Jim MacGyver would have done.

And that's why we threw your tea overboard.

- 'Cause you're not the boss of me.

- I don't even like tea.

BOZER: I'm more of a lemonade man.


We have a hit.

Orson Marcato last spotted in the southwest corner of the park.

He's headed west.

You know what?

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Oh, he's British.

He's sorry.

Oh, oh...

Let's go!


He was on the launch platform last night.

It looks like he only tampered with one section of the fireworks.

If I overlay the launch blueprints...

The nanobots are in the finale.

Ah, of course, because the finale makes the most smoke for maximum dispersal.

Well, which one's the finale?

Mac, Desi, the show's starting.

Get out of there, now.

♪ O say can you see... ♪

Riley, there's letters on one axis and numbers on the other.

Can you navigate me to the finale bank?

- I can try.

- MAN: Hey!

Get out of there!


Mac, go.

Officers, I'm really, really sorry about this.

- ♪ And bright stars ♪


♪ Through the perilous fight...

♪ T- .

The finale bank is at T- .

- "D" as in David?

- "T".

"T" like tango.

Mac, we gotta go.

There's no time to put it out.

I'm not gonna put it out, I'm gonna set it off.

- Are you crazy?

- Just grab as many mortars as you can.

♪ And the rockets' red glare ♪

♪ The b*mb bursting...

♪ - There he is.

- Oh!

♪ In air...

♪ MACGYVER: Fireworks are like rockets. You create a blast in a confined tube so the only way to go is up. If you increase the blast exponentially... say, by adding extra expl*sives... you increase your thrust, creating super-rockets capable of blasting ten miles above the earth and safely dispersing the nanobots into the ozone layer. Okay!

Get back!

- ♪ Of the...


MACGYVER: You also get quite a show.



- ♪ Brave.

♪ Tell me how to get these things out of me.

Now. You can't.

There has to be a way, so tell me!


Your government doesn't want you to.


TAYLOR: Marcato's cooperating.

Gave up all his research.


Did they find a way to get rid of the nano-trackers?

Unfortunately, no.

Uh, guys, I asked Dr. Sandria to join us.

Mac, when you dispersed the nanobots in the atmosphere, the lack of oxygen caused them to die.

But what if the opposite could work?

You mean use excess O to destroy them?

If we put you in a hyperbaric chamber, we can increase the absorption of oxygen in your blood until all the nanobots die.

SANDRIA: Unfortunately, we don't know how much pressure we'll need to destroy the nanobots.

And as we increase the pressure, the side effects can get worse.

It can lead to brain damage and memory loss, and in the worst-case scenario...


I'm starting to regret this idea already.

Well, the Phoenix will support whatever you decide.


I got a question.

So both of you guys know about the escape hatch in this house and just left me in the dark all these years?

BOZER: Uh...


- Give it up!

- If it makes you feel any better, I completely forgot about it.


I didn't.

I remember the first time you almost used it when The Ghost rigged the house to blow with you and Jack inside.

- Oh, yeah,

- RILEY: Well, thank God you didn't.

This place would have been a pile of ashes.

MACGYVER: We've faced a lot of psychopaths over the years.

- Mm-hmm.

- Helman, Murdoc...

The Ghost.

Don't forget Mason.

DESI: Teague,

- General Ma, Silas.

- BOZER: Leland, the Merchant.

Basically, all the Codex nutbags.

MACGYVER: And after all the enemies that we've faced, I never imagined it would be something microscopic that might actually k*ll me.

k*ll us.

I want to go first, Riley, in the hyperbaric chamber.

I want to test the side effects before you do.

No way.

If we're gonna do it, we gotta do it the way we always have: together.

So you've both decided to go through with it?


I know it's scary.

I need to know that you'll be there.

Will you help us?


I'll be there.

No matter what happens.

MACGYVER: Boze, I need to know you'll be there by my side.

Brothers for life.


Brothers for life.


MACGYVER: When facing a risky procedure where your body could undergo oxygen toxicity, it's important to not lose touch with what matters. Ensuring communication with those you love most in the world. That's for you.

Hyperbaric chambers act like a Faraday cage. You can't use radio waves, so I rigged these walkie-talkies so that we can be in constant communication.

- Hey, Boze?

- Yeah.

This is gonna work, and when it does, you can give this back to me.


All good to go.


MACGYVER: All right, let's do this.

SANDRIA: Increasing the pressure to .


DESI: How long do they have to be exposed to this level of pressure?


Treatments can last from two minutes to two hours.





This better or worse than being trapped in a sarcophagus with Jack in Cairo?



I would say it's, um...

pretty much on par.

But the company is far better.


It's working.

SANDRIA: Good news, Riley.

Your nanobots have started deteriorating.


You are officially clear of the nanobots.


Dialing back Riley's pressure to normal.

Mac's nanobot count hasn't moved.

Hey, cutie.

Time to kick this thing.

MACGYVER: Hey, uh, Dr. Sandria?

Is it possible to up the atmospheres?

Pressure puts you at risk for lung, ear and brain damage.

Few minutes.

I mean, if they're anything like Riley's, then we hit the right amount of pressure and, uh, they'll deteriorate quickly.

Plus, I run the same amount of risk being in here longer anyways.

Well, it's worth a try.


Sandria, go ahead.

Increasing to .


You're over feet deep now, Mac.

Come on, Mac.

You can do this.

Come on, Mac.

And we have a decline.


Something's wrong with Mac!




Mac, can you hear me?!


Mac, wake up!


- MATTY: No, no, no, no!


Get him out of there right now!

Dialing back to .


- Well, we got to do something!

- MATTY: Get him out of there!

If the pressure change is too fast, we risk decompression sickness

- and we won't be able to resuscitate him.

- We're losing him!

- Mac!

- Let him out!


Taylor, get me out, get me out.

Unlock it!







Don't leave me.



Not like this.

RILEY (ECHOING): Don't leave me...



- Mac?


MATTY: He's breathing.

SANDRIA: Let's get him out of there.

Is there brain damage?

Is he gonna he remember us?

We won't know until he regains consciousness.


Did it work?

Are we nanobot-free?

We're nanobot-free, Mac.

It's about time.

Welcome back.

Don't ever scare me like that again, man.

MATTY: Watching you flatline, I can't shake that.

I can only imagine.

Literally, because I have no memory of it.

Probably better that way.

Mac, you were d*ad for seconds, but it felt like an eternity.

I guess it just wasn't my time.

Thank God for that.


Matty, I've been thinking a lot.

I don't think I can do this anymore.

Mac, you have been through so much.

I think that you should take some time off before you make any rash decisions.

This isn't rash.

I was abducted, experimented on and I had my memory wiped.

And the government that I've been serving for over a decade, in the Army and here at the Phoenix, they knew.

They didn't just know, they funded the research.

I'm just as shocked regarding the government's involvement as you are.

Do you want to know the crazy thing about all of this?

If they had just asked for volunteers to track the benefits of nanotechnology, I would've signed up.

In the name of science.

But to do this, to use us as guinea pigs, without our consent, it's disgusting.

I agree and I understand.

But the work that we do at the Phoenix, it's different.

MACGYVER: Not if they control the intel and the purse strings.


We'll figure something out.

I already have.

MATTY: Thank you all for coming back in.

TAYLOR: Uh, there is an announcement.

One that couldn't wait.

You all mean the world to me.

And there's nothing I'm more proud of than the work we've done here at the Phoenix.


given the discovery that the government was behind our kidnapping and experiments and turned a blind eye to thousands of servicemen and women...

and their families.

And much of what we do here, albeit rewarding work, it's overseen and funded by the U.S. government.


A government which I can no longer serve in this official capacity.

What are you saying?

Today's my last day.

You're the one that brought me into the Phoenix.

If you're hanging up your comms, so am I.

DESI: Me, too.

There's many more ways to serve our country.

You sprung me out of prison and my life's never been the same.


I'm out, too.


MACGYVER: Taylor, Matty, I apologize.

I didn't think this was gonna happen.

TAYLOR: No need to apologize.

We just, uh, wanted to make sure you would, um, consider all your options.

MATTY: Before you quit, we thought you should know.

Taylor and I have decided to cut all government ties.

The Phoenix is now fully autonomous.

From now on, no more government contracts.

We'll only take on missions of our choosing.


Can you do that?

I mean, financially?

Well, when you have as much money as, as I do...



one can do...

whatever they damn well please.

If you are in...

I hope you'll join me in a toast.

Here's to...

the next chapter of our work here at the Phoenix.

From now on, it's us against the world.

Doing whatever we damn well please.

And having each other's back.

Because that's what family does.

You're right.

We have each other and that's all we've ever needed.


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