04x13 - The Book of Resurrection: Chapter Two: Closure

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Black Lightning". Aired: January 2018 to present.
Retired vigilante Jefferson Pierce gets pulled back into the fight as his alter ego.
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04x13 - The Book of Resurrection: Chapter Two: Closure

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Previously on
Black Lightning...


When Gravedigger used lightning

to take down the ASA's energy shield,

the resulting power surge irradiated the bedrock of Freeland.


Transmuting the minerals into promethium.


Once we destroy the emitter,

every meta in Freeland will regain their powers.

What are we waiting for?

I'm gonna hunt you down.

Live feed, Chief Lopez.

The world's watching.

You and the other meta filth deserve to be wiped

from the face of the Earth.

We have confirmed reports that Lightning remains active.


An oversight I'll soon correct.


Your seat has been rescinded.


Now, it's past time you all bow down

and pledge your loyalty to me.

All hail the king.

You won, Tobias.

I'm ready to sign over the deed to my father's house.

Everything that Tobias has thrown at us is tied to the fact that he knows our secret identities.

What if we change that?

- What you got there?


- [groans]


- You get one sh*t.

- Why do you have Dad's phone?

See for yourself.

- Jefferson Pierce is d*ad.

- [screaming]

[bowl shatters]

["How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?" by Al Green playing]

The photo's not faked.

It checks out.

And it was definitely texted from Jefferson's phone.

- Where's his phone now?

- It doesn't have a signal.

I have scanned the satellites for his watch, and I've checked every camera within a ten-mile radius of his last location.

There's no sign of Jefferson.

I can't do this.

- I'm sorry.

We don't have time for this.

- Anissa...

Tobias is out there.

He has his hands on Freeland's throat, and he's coming for us.

We need our powers back immediately.

You're right.

Jefferson's my son, but it's fight now, mourn later.

I knew I should have k*lled Tobias before.

I'm gonna fix that right now.


You think, okay?

He texted you.

He knows how your powers work.


He's baiting you, sweetheart.

The worst thing that you could do is fall for it.

I'm not gonna let him get away with k*lling Dad.

He won't...

if we work together.

He's right, okay?



Gambi, the algorithm we made to find the emitter that's nullifying powers, is it working?

Yes, it looks like it.

And I should have a location soon.

All right.

As soon as we get the location, we move.

What about the Freeland PD Meta Task Force?

How do we get the emitter with them on us?

You don't need to worry about Detective Shakur.

He already has Looker in custody, and she's talking about framing me and Jefferson for Tobias.

The police won't interfere.

But that still leaves Tobias with tons and tons of sh**t with DEGs, and a meta that can nullify powers at will.

Listen, I do not care, okay?

He k*lled my dad, and he's dragging our city.

Tobias Whale is going down!

♪ ... the sun from shining? ♪

♪ What makes the world go round? ♪

Can I ask you all to join me in a rebirth of Freeland?

We have suffered from gangs and metahumans for too long.

But this is a new time, and the unfortunate past is d*ad and gone.

Join me in building a bright future for Freeland.

Let's make Freeland great again.

[audience applauding]

♪ Help me mend ♪

♪ My broken heart ♪

♪ And let me live again ♪

♪ La, la, la, la, la ♪

♪ I can still feel the breeze ♪

♪ That rustles through the trees ♪

♪ And misty memories of days gone by... ♪

[line trilling]

Come on, man.

You gotta be there.

All right, listen up.

Lopez was on the edge.

Now, she's disappeared in the middle of her shift.

And there's a meta-booster missing.

Be advised, she has energy-absorbing power...

and she is trippin'.

♪ How can you mend ♪

♪ A broken heart? ♪

♪ And mine is ♪

♪ How can you stop the rain from falling down? ♪

[groans softly]

♪ Tell me ♪

♪ How can you stop... ♪

♪ Can you stop this... that old... ♪





Can anybody hear me?




I need help!





♪ Tell me ♪

♪ Help me mend ♪

♪ My broken heart ♪

♪ And let me live again ♪

[computer beeping]

I've got it.

I've located the emitter.

It's in West Freeland in an industrial park.

- Let's go.

- Just hold on.

That particular industrial park is the headquarters for Drakestone Security.



- Wait, you know them?

- More than I'd like.

Tobias Whale owns Drakestone through a bunch of shell companies.

It's basically Blackwater.

Only more high-tech.

- Yeah, well, I'm not worried.

- You should be.

I've pinpointed the emitter inside the Tori Mausoleum.

It's situated so that we can't get to it without coming on Drakestone's radar.

In addition to military training, they own the newest DEGs.

Without your powers, you do not wanna get sh*t by those g*n.

And we have to assume that he has thought through every step on the board.

And believe me, with lethal intent.

Honey, we can't get revenge if we're d*ad.

All right, I hear you, but let's plan.

Where the hell is JJ?


JJ, what are you doing?

Getting more power.

Was blowing up before too subtle a warning for you?

If Tobias is baiting me, I have to do something he isn't ready for.

Or he'll k*ll us all like he k*lled Dad.



Oh, Jen!

Thank God.

Young lady, what were you doing?

I told you...



I went, I did it, and I made it.

- Where is everyone?

- They went to go get the emitter.


Well, I'm gonna go...

- [moans]

- Whoa!

You okay?

Yeah, I just got dizzy for a second.

That's too much energy from the ionosphere.

- It's making you unstable.

- I'm fine, Mom.

Are you okay?


I just keep thinking I would like to hold your father one last time.

But we need to go run some tests, okay?


Why do you have that look on your face?


We need to hit the tunnels.

["Here But I'm Gone" by Curtis Mayfield playing]


I'm gonna take away each and everything you love.

I might as well tell you, I k*lled your daddy...

You truly are your father's son.

And you're gonna die like him, too.


No, no, no, no!



You son of a bitch!

Damn it!


- ♪ How did I get so far gone?

- _ ♪ Where do I belong?

♪ And where in the world did I ever go wrong?

♪ If I took the time to replace ♪

♪ What my mind erased ♪

♪ I still feel as if I'm here but I'm gone... ♪

[Gambi sighs]

You don't worry about this.

Forget it ever happened.

I'm as bad as Tobias.

Don't say that.

Don't even think it.

Put it out of your mind.

I still see his face when he died.

I'm a monster.


That guy was a known k*ller, and a One Hundred g*ng member.

He pulled a g*n on you, and he was gonna k*ll you in cold blood.

You reacted instinctively, Jeff.

It was self-defense.

Nothing more.

Never again.

I don't want these powers.

I'll teach you.

You'll learn how to use them, how to control them for good.


You're hurting right now, son.

But don't give up.

Learn from this.

Your powers properly used can give hope.

Hope to your city and its people.

All you need is a code, Jeff.

Together, we'll find you one.

♪ Standing in the world with my mind all blown ♪

♪ How did I get so far gone?

♪ Where do I belong?


♪ And where in the world did I ever go wrong?

♪ If I took the time to replace ♪

♪ What my mind erased ♪

♪ I still feel as if I'm here but I'm gone ♪

♪ How did I get so far gone?

♪ Where do I belong?

♪ And where in the world did I ever go wrong?

[both panting]

We should prob...

We should probably slow down.


Man, I sure love breathin' air.

- [exhales]

- That was weird to say.

You're weird.

If I say it, then by definition, it isn't.

- Okay.

- [swishing]


JJ, are you okay?

- I'm gonna call your mom.

- No, don't call.

[both grunt]


[breathing heavily]


I k*lled you.

Nah, you jacked my DNA.

You stole my life and left me for d*ad.

But I've been in your head the whole time, baby.

Now, I'm back.

["They Say I'm Different" by Betty Davis playing]

- [device beeping]

- In position.

All right, copy.

Stand by.

♪ They say I'm different 'cause I'm a piece of sugar cane ♪

[man screaming]


I'm in.

[man continues screaming]

♪ They say I'm different 'cause I eat chitlins ♪

♪ I can't help it I was born and raised on 'em ♪

♪ That's right every mornin' I'd have to slop the hogs ♪

♪ And they'd be gettin' off humpin' to John Lee Hooker ♪

♪ Gettin' off ♪

♪ They say I'm different 'cause I'm a piece of sugar cane ♪

♪ And when I kick my legs I got rhythm ♪

♪ My Great Grandpa was a blues lover ♪

♪ He be rockin' his moonshine to B.B. King and Jimmy Reed ♪

♪ Rock on now ♪

♪ And that's why they say I'm different ♪



Get back!

♪ I'm talkin' 'bout Big Mama Thornton ♪

♪ Talk about it talk about it ♪

♪ I'm talkin' 'bout Lightning Hopkins ♪

♪ Talk about it talk about it ♪

♪ I'm talkin' 'bout Howling Wolf ♪

♪ Talk about it talk about it ♪

♪ I'm talkin' 'bout Albert King ♪

♪ All right, all right ♪

♪ Chuck Berry... ♪


♪ Chuck Berry ♪

♪ When I was sweet ♪

♪ And that's why they say I'm different ♪

♪ And that's why you think I'm strange ♪

♪ I'm talkin' 'bout T. Bone Walker ♪

♪ Talk about it talk about it ♪

♪ I'm talkin' 'bout Muddy Waters ♪

♪ Talk about it talk about it ♪

♪ I'm talkin' 'bout Leadbelly Sonny Terry, ♪

♪ Brownie McGhee Son House, and Freddie King ♪

♪ All right all right, all right ♪

♪ Bessie Smith ♪

♪ Bessie Smith ♪

♪ Oh, hey, hey ♪

♪ Oh, Bo Diddley have you heard it? ♪

♪ That's why ♪

♪ They say I'm different ♪

♪ And that's why... ♪


- Freeze!

- Don't sh**t.

I give up.




Was it me or did it look like my wife was enjoying her powers?


I got no complaints.

Guess I did miss them.

Come on, let's go.

♪ And that's why ♪

♪ And that's why... ♪

Let's go, then.

[both grunting]

Get off of her!

- [grunts]

- [Lightning]


Shouldn't have done that.



You better pray he's all right.

What the hell are you?

[distorted voice]

You have no word for it.

You think all that lives has form.

You don't know life beyond body.

My whole life I spent in the Glaze, watching you down here in the light.

With bodies.

Able to touch.

To breathe.

- What's "the Glaze"?

- What you call "the ionosphere".

I saw you comin' and goin' as you please.

Both flesh and energy.

And I hated you.

Every time you came, I willed myself closer and closer to your wavelength, until finally, I made it.

And I got you.

We were one.

Then just me.

But still not flesh.

I was so disappointed.

Thought I would never know what it was to feel.

That I would always live in the darkness.

I get it.

But just because you don't like your life, doesn't mean you get to take mine.


I already did.

I have your memories, your feelings...


All the things.

And I won't let you take that from me.

[both grunting]

- [crunching]

- [groaning]

[breathing heavily]

Father God...

I pray...


with my last breath...


protect my family.

Protect my city.


Father God, I pray...


I pray I am...


to be received into your kingdom.



Get behind me.

["Stranger" by Jacob Banks playing]

[Lightning grunting]

[breathing heavily]

♪ Fallin' ♪

♪ 'Coming out the other side feels foreign ♪

♪ No one makes it out alive ♪

♪ Drinking freedom like it's wine ♪

♪ Stranger ♪

♪ Once upon a time we were the chorus... ♪


It's time for you to eat your damn words.





I'm so sorry you had to see that.

Even sorrier that I wasn't around to help you deal with it.


You were a good man.

Up against a demon.

Even with powers, I suffered the same fate.

No, you've made your fate, son.

Starting with a code to keep you from losing your way and becoming like him.

You know?

About the One Hundred boy you k*lled?

See, that there, what you're feeling?

That's shame.

Tobias doesn't feel shame.

And that's why you'll never be like him, and why you're the one to stop him.

I tried, Pop.

I tried for years.

He won.

He k*lled me.

I don't have what it takes to stop him.

No, you have everything you need.

No more hiding under the bed, son.

In order to accomplish what you've never done, you have to use what you never have.

So go get it, and get it done.

[radio chattering indistinctly]

Detective Shakur!

What you got?

Might sound crazy, but the chief.

In an alley behind the power grid.

I found a security cam.


She's absorbing the energy of the power grid.

- That'll black out the whole city.

- Not today.

Gear up.

I'm a data specialist.

Grab your badge, grab your g*n.

Follow me.


My powers...


I'm underground.

I can't pull electricity from anywhere.


You have everything you need.


What is that?

You have to use what you never have.

So go get it, and get it done.




- Oh, my God.

- Lynn!

- [Grace]


- My God, Anissa.

She got hit by several next-gen DEGs.

- No suit could withstand that.

- [Lynn]

Put her here.

No, I'm okay.

This is inappropriate.

- I'll heal, okay?

- No, I'm not gonna test you for that.

I'm gonna test you for radiation and give you some antibiotics.

[Black Lightning]

Hey, it's me.

Anybody copy?

- Jeff?

- Dad?

We thought you were d*ad!

Yeah, it wasn't for lack of trying.

Where's Tobias?

He's in his office.

Tori Towers.

[sirens blaring]

[male officer]

Lopez, stand down!

Stand down!

[female officer]

Get on the ground!

Chief Lopez.

It's me.

Detective Shakur.

You gotta stop.

I don't have to stop a damn thing.

I'm gonna use this power to k*ll Lightning!

Listen to me.

You're gonna cut off all the power in the city.

Wait a minute.

Did you just roll up on me with my own task force?

- Fall back!

- [yelling]

Chief, you're not thinkin' straight.

And your ass is next!


Your light is fading, human.

This is my time.

Yours is at an end.



It isn't.



This is getting kinda boring.

You can't stop me!

- Chief, it's Lightning.

- Cease f*re!

I knew you'd show up, you bitch.

We got a problem.

I don't like being called on my name.


Thank you!


You big-lipped, bug-eyed, nappy-headed Nimrod.

You gonna learn today.

Shut the hell up.

- [Black Lightning grunts]

- [laughs]

You blast like a bitch.



You need somethin' that hurts your nappy-headed neon ass.

Let me introduce you to my favorite word.


It's called "defenestration".

[Tobias grunting]

Tobias, hold on!


"To the end, I grapple with thee.

From the bottom of hell's heart, I s*ab at thee".


Tobias, don't.


We don't have to do this.

There's another way.

[breathing heavily]

"For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee".


[computer beeping]

Oh, you must be crazy bringin' your ass here.

I invited him.

Don't think I won't kick your ass, too.

What if I come with good and great news?


Tobias Whale is d*ad.


I wanted to k*ll him.

That's not good news.

Let me kick his ass just a little.

TC, what is your other news?

I've isolated the system code for the k*ll order.

I can free you.


Let's do it.


Well, there's a catch.

It's linked to everything you know and love about the whole Pierce family.

If you break the k*ll order, you won't remember the Pierces at all.

So what?

Pains in the ass anyway.

Shut up, and sit your Black ass down.

TC, there's gotta be another way around.

Well, there's not.

I've checked and I've double-checked.


You won't stop, will you?

Sooner or later, you're going to k*ll Jen and all of the Pierces.

Best believe.

But I'm not nobody's puppet.

Cut the damn cord.


If you need more time, I can...

Always known I'd give my life for that girl.

Never thought I'd have to forget her.

Do it.

[light music playing]

[music continues]


[clears throat]

Peter, I know we've had our differences.

I blamed you for Jefferson being Black Lightning.

I always understood, Lynn.

Well, I never gave you enough credit for how much you loved Jeff and the girls over the years.


Thank you.

They do look happy, don't they?


Yes, they do.

You did good.


- Uh, thank you.

- [both chuckle]


[Jennifer chuckles]


[clears throat]

It makes me burp and it gives me a headache.


Me, too.

You know, it's crazy to think there's life up there, and after all this time we didn't know it.

It's weird.

And they watch us.

It's pretty creepy.

I know that look.

You have bad news.

Can it wait?

I just wanted to say that I'm glad that you're back for real this time.

You really gotta learn how to lie better.


- [chuckles]

- Sorry.

It's cool.


Whatever it is, I don't wanna hear it right now, okay?

I really just wanna...


Are you okay?


I don't know.

The fact that Dad was the only one who sensed somethin' wasn't right...

It just...

It doesn't sit well with me, you know?

Look, I'm sorry.

It took all of your genetic footprints, had all of your memories...

It really seemed like...

TC, I'm not blaming you.

It's fine, I get it.

I just gotta learn how to deal with it.

Um, well..

if you need anything, you know you can always come find me.

I know.

I appreciate that.

But right now, like I said, I just wanna be.

Well, if you can...

your family's inside looking for you.

But I will just let you be.

For now.


Bro, I feel so stupid falling for that fake-ass Jennifer.


It was my fault.

My leopard senses led us astray.

I had no idea they could be so wrong.


There's a lot we didn't know.

I feel terrible that you were up there in space alone, and I was helping that entity take your place.



If it's anybody's fault, it's mine.

I knew I had no business goin' up there.

Listen, this is a party.

- Y'all need me to remind you how to do that?

Come on.

- [all laughing]

- Let me turn this music up for y'all.

- [crackling]

Get y'all in the zone a little bit.

[upbeat music playing]

Okay, hit it.

Come on, hit the footwork with me now.

Look, he know how to do it.


Get it, get it, get it.

Hit the shoulders for me.

Come on, get into it!

Get into it, son!

From the seat.

From the seat.

It's all about the shoulders.


Jennifer is back.



All right.

All right.

Hear, hear.

We have an announcement to make.

We are getting remarried!

[Jefferson laughs]

- What?

- What?

- Congratulations.

- It was about time.

- Okay.

- That's fantastic.

Yeah, when I was, uh, trapped in that coffin...

- Well, it was the perfect time to reflect.

- [both chuckle]

I realized I had some regrets and wished I had time to do somethin' about 'em.

Your father and I have been in therapy, and I've been grappling with some things, and when I thought he was gone, I realized my place was by his side and his by mine.


Okay, second announcement.

I'm hereby passing the torch.

Turnin' over the fight for Freeland to Lightning, Thunder, and Wylde.

Really, Dad?

Another retirement?

Be nice.

No, this one's for real.

Uh, sure it is.

And I finally agree.

I'm gonna hang it up, too.

TC is more than capable of taking care of things.

Of course I'll be around for some advice.

Yeah, you can count on that.

And I might tinker here and there, you know, to keep busy.


We'll make you proud.

Oh, you already have.

Come on, y'all.


To Anissa and Grace, may your lives be filled with love and joy... and justice.

By any means necessary.

- [Gambi]

Hear, hear.

- By any means necessary.

[upbeat music continues]




- [yells]

- [bones crack]

[upbeat music continues]


Somebody finally stuck it to your ass.

[closing theme music playing]

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