01x13 - Family Is Freedom

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Clarice". Aired: February 11, 2021 to present.
Set in the year 1993, one year after the events of The Silence of the Lambs, this series tells an untold personal story of Clarice Starling, as she returns to the field to pursue serial m*rder and sexual predators.
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01x13 - Family Is Freedom

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Previously on "Clarice"...

Clarice: Three women are d*ad.

They're in a clinical trial for Reprisol.

All three had children with birth defects.

I can't do my job.

Take a minute.

Do not quit.

If I stay, it'll k*ll me.

Everything glowing up there is biological.

The sample from the painting... fetal tissue.

From five separate fetuses.

They all had different mothers, but they all had the same father...

Nils Hagen.

Conway's been tr*ffick women for his father.

- Hello?

- Can I come up?

I need to talk to you.

My father.

He knew.

I can't live with this. Please.

I need to help you.

Come on up.

[Intercom buzzes]

[Door rattles]



Are you okay?

I'm not often in women's apartments.



Are you not an agent anymore?

I don't know what I am.



You went right for it, didn't you?

[Beads clinking]

I have to tell you something.

Is it about your dad?


Krendler: Give me the background on Ty Conway.

We think he's tr*ffick women for his father.

What points to that?

Ah, he's not a typical rich kid.

I hate rich kids.

Why not?

Because he's clean.

Shoplifting to right after his mom died.

Then Nils takes him in.

Nothing after that.

The bean counters have been all over Global Health Horizons.

You can eat off the financials.

Esquivel: And he's got no domestics, no as*ault, none around solicitation.

He's not even in Hagen's will.

And Julia says he doesn't even stand to profit

- off the sale of Alastor.

- Krendler: Then why?

Because Clarice said Tyson's whole self...

actions, non-actions... are built around his father.

She could see the devotion engulfing him, swallowing him.

And they connected.

She wanted to help him.

Let's get eyes on Starling now.


[Beads clinking]

Ty, why are you here?

Because we saw each other.

[Pager vibrating, beeping]

Maybe it's 'cause I saw you were still holding on to some things about your father.

I remembered some things about my father.

The truth about him.

Can you tell me?

♪♪ I thought he hung the moon.

He was the best man I ever knew.

But he wasn't.

He was a criminal.

And a coward.

And he betrayed us.

I'm sorry.

[Inhales shakily]

I built my life on him.

Now I think I have to choose who I'm gonna be for myself.

[Beads clinking]

♪♪ ♪♪

The chain is broken, but...


[Pager vibrating, beeping]

Um, I have to choose too.

My father has very deep beliefs.

[Beeping, vibrating continues]

He has a code.

- I-I've internalized it to some extent.

I want you to know whatever happens next...

... I saw you.




[Fence rattles]

[Fence rattles]


[Beads clatter]


[Clarice grunting]

Woman: No!





Maybe she went to go visit family.

She doesn't have any family.


This is Rebecca Clark-Sherman's phone number.

- The reporter?

- Were they in touch?


What is it?

[Necklace clinks]

She wouldn't leave these, not like this.

These are a signal.

♪♪ ♪♪


[Blade clicks]


[Tape rips]

♪♪ ♪♪


I heard a woman screaming.

What's going on?

♪♪ ♪♪

[Door rattles]

[Door slams]


♪♪ ♪♪




Clarice: Hello?

Was that you screaming?


Are you okay?



♪ There's power in the blood ♪


♪ In the precious blood of the Lamb ♪



Can you hear me?

Tell me your name.

Hey, answer me.

Woman: Raisa.

Raisa, okay.

Raisa, I'm an FBI agent.

I'm gonna get you out of here, okay, but I need your help.

What happens here?

Hey, you answer me, or I will leave you here.

- I will.

- The old man gets us pregnant.

He tries to.

And he gives you drugs.

There are babies?

What happens to the babies?

None of the babies have lived.

Miscarried or stillbirths.

At first, you don't want them.

Then you do.

And then they die.

Is it from the drugs?


We think he has a genetic disorder.

Tala thought maybe gonadal mosaicism.

He had one miracle son.

He wants another.

Raisa, you talk like a doctor.

We are all med students.

Oh, my God.

Global Health Horizons.


Tyson brought you here.


We are here to get pregnant.

And afterward, the machine.

♪♪ ♪♪

[Hose spraying in distance]

[Breathes deeply]

[Oxygen hisses]

[Exhales deeply]


Dad, where's Tala?



You rendered her?

I thought we were moving the girls.

No, no.


I have a cleaning crew coming.

Bleach and steam.

Why not burn?

We are in the middle of a sale.

Steam will do it.

DNA breaks down at degrees.

I've had to start over before.

We'll be fine.

- Did you...

- She's here.

I-I wouldn't have brought her

- if I knew we were cleaning.

- I know, son.

Bring her to the den.

Stop worrying!

Ardelia: Any word?

Where's Esquivel?

Oh, he said he had a lead.

What lead?

Guy he served with.

He said he was going alone and that I can back off and continue my march towards obsolescence.

Krendler: Tripathi's trying to run down Rebecca Clark-Sherman.

- You okay?

- Herman wants me at my desk.

And if I continue working with ViCAP, I'll be written up to the SAC with recommendation for termination.

Maybe you should be at your desk.

Maybe Herman should blow it out his ass.


What's our next move?

Reggie: I knew one day I'd get you in here.

- You look good, Esquivel.

Even in that suit.

I'm not looking to be in some millionaire's private army, Reggie.

I'm just trying to track down a couple buddies.

How about you show me a subpoena?

Look, man, I'm not here as a cop.

Why don't you help a brother out?

We're all Special Forces here.

And you're the only one not making any money off it.

You know, I could have you clearing six figures.

What's stopping you?

The Constitution.




Well, uh, discretion's part of the deal here...





Knock it off.



Keep pointing that at me and I'm gonna think you're thr*at a federal agent.






[Clip thuds]

Karl Wellig.

And this guy.

- Locations.

- [Scoffs]

They work for Nils Hagen.

I want a location.

Man has more than one place!


And you are a d*ad man.

I'll die smarter.




[Exhales sharply]


[Metal screeches]

I can open my door.

Raisa: I know.

We all can.

Annika tried.

They put her in machine.

You don't understand.

I do.

[Sheep bleating]

Rancher leaves the pens open

'cause what's inside is too scared to run.

They knew if they were in the pen,

they were still alive.

[Sheep bleating]


But they all ended up d*ad anyway.

What if they got angry?

What if they all ran at once?

Some would be caught.

And some would get away.

Some would get away.

Raisa, I'm gonna make a chance for you.

You'll know it when it comes.

And when it comes, you will be one of the ones who gets away.

- Okay?

- [Click]


[Door clicks, screeches]

Let's go.


[Door screeches, slams]




Tripathi: Rebecca Clark-Sherman

had done a pretty deep dive on Nils Hagen.

Here's what she found.

Emigrated from Norway.

His father, Fredrik Hagen, was a chemist who worked for the Germans at the start of World w*r I, developing w*apon chlorine gas.

I'm gonna sh**t the whole family.

Nils's brother Agust died of a respiratory infection in .


That boy is not alive.

Krendler: A family portrait with a d*ad child?

Yeah, Death Portraits were all the rage for a while.

Memento Mori.

Everybody's got their rituals.

How does any of this get to where Hagen is now?

I might have that.

It's an address in Ivy City.

An animal research facility.

[Machine whirring]

It's a rendering machine.

Ty, is this where I'm going?

♪♪ ♪♪

He'll be here any minute.


You've devoted yourself to this?



Nils: Ah.

Hello again, Agent.

You have [Clears throat, coughs] caused...

[Inhales deeply]

[Exhales sharply]

... trouble.

Clarice: I'd say that's on you, sir.

You ordered the m*rder of three women to hide a fraudulent clinical trial.

No, no.

That was business.

Reprisol is good for business.

Those women...

They were bad for Reprisol.

Then why the pretend serial killers?

The fake suicides?

People believe stories.

They buy into myths.

But I caught you.



[Inhales deeply, coughs]

Who is caught?

Well, you got me there.


I love you.

But I have never had cause to worry about you until this.

You opened a door for her.

And it is hard for me to tell if you did it by accident.

I never would...


No, I wouldn't.




Love can blind you.

The Greeks really got it.

This girl is here for you to k*ll so you can prove...

that you are here...

... for me.

♪♪ ♪♪

You said I wouldn't have to choose.

I said you didn't have to.

Now I am saying you do.

I've always chosen you.

No, son.

I chose you.

I found you.

You were alone, motherless.

About to disappear in this world.

In that moment, I became a father.

And I am so grateful.

I am so grateful for that.

It's all I ever wanted.

Show me it is family that you want.


The decision should not take so long!

Not like yours.

So what was your hard choice?

I bet he doesn't know.

I bet that's why he's hesitating.

You should know.

Yes, please.

I want to.


Krendler: It's been closed since ' .

Animal testing facility, but Alastor still owns it.

And we think Agent Starling's in there why?

We obtained the address from the security firm that Wellig and Diaz worked for.

We clocked an Alastor security guard here

- about an hour ago.

- Infrared shows six people inside.

- May even be more.

- You have a warrant?

We have exigent circumstances.

My agent might be in there.

What's the AG say?

Let's find out.

I'm calling for an independent investigation, a special prosecutor...

Can you give it a rest, Llewellyn?

You tend to spit across the desk when you pontificate.

You should not be in this office.

Just step down.

Focus on your girl.

I know she's gone off the rails, and that's stressful, and I sympathize.

But let's face facts.

The toll is too much.



How much campaign PAC money have you taken that can be traced back to Nils Hagen?

That is a can of worms you don't want to open.

Oh, but I do.


Paul Krendler.

Says it's urgent.

- [Beep]

- Paul.

Krendler: Ruth, I've got a SWAT team ready to roll

on the building where we think Starling is...

I have Llewellyn Gant here.

He's almost peeing himself with joy, telling me that one of our agents hospitalized a private businessman to compel information that you're moving on.

That's, uh, unconfirmed, ma'am.

Well, I don't want to lose the Alastor case because of an illegal entry or an out-of-control agent.

Wait for the warrant.

Starling's in there, ma'am.

What did you wait for

when you wanted your daughter back?

And who went and got her?

Every time?


Do you have probable cause?

We do.

Hit it.

We go.

My team, with me.

Tripathi, Clarke, cover the side exits.

Make sure they don't escape with Starling.

Esquivel, what the hell?

I didn't have any other play.

You have to find one.

Or if this is who you're gonna be, you can go find yourself another team.

Nils: My father...


His hobby.



Beautiful glass jars in the basement.

When I was a boy, I found him weeping there.

His foreman had ordered all the workers with more than one child to bring one to work the next day.

They were testing children's gas masks.


Man on radio: Watch out for friendlies inside.

Wait for the command.

Time to lock and load.

[r*fle cocks]

He, of course, knew it could be fatal.

My little brother, Agust, was born with what we now call a genetic malformation.

Back then, he was a "cripple".

Withered legs.

Agust was sweet.


My father loved him.

He could not choose.

He made you do it.

I became myself then.

I was conceived in that moment.

I was wondering why the Cronos myth felt almost perfect.

You want to be the father who devoured, but you are the frightened child waiting for his turn to be eaten.

[g*n cocks]

I-I'll choose!

I'll choose.

Why is it always one more step?

One more test?

'Cause he will always be the child, Ty.

He wants to rewrite what's already been written.

That's how this works.

I'll never be enough.

- No, never.

- Tyson, stop this.

You want me to choose?

Here's my choice.

You can keep Clarice.

Like you said, she's smart.

She's strong.

Maybe she can give you another child.

♪♪ ♪♪



SWAT member: Breacher up.

Hit it!

f*re in the hole!

Ty: Someone's coming.

- We got to get out.

- The children.



Front room clear!

Who are the children, Ty?

Where are they?

Sir, they've entered the east side of the building.

SWAT's in.

We got movement out front.

Agent out front, watch your crossfire, watch your crossfire.

Cleanup's over.

This is a bug-out.

What about the children?

- Dad, forget the children.

- We don't have time!

My guys have cleared a path out the west door.

They'll create a distraction.

- Cars will...

- [g*n]

I will decide when the game changes.


We are not leaving the children.




[Door closes]


SWAT member: [In distance]


♪♪ ♪♪

♪♪ ♪♪

[Door opens]

Clarice: Tyson, what are these?

Nils: Meet my children.



It must've k*lled you to learn that every time you try to have a child, it just goes wrong.

Tyson, give me the g*n.

Withered, like your brother, Agust.

Hunting you on his little shriveled legs.

Was it just that you wanted two sons that could live?

Pit them against each other like you were?

And this is why you created an empire of chemicals to control birth and death, to give these women a cocktail of drugs to fix your genetic failures?

She's a lying whore, like your mother.

Your mother?

Your mother was one of these girls, Ty.

She escaped, like Karolina.

She deceived me and stole you.

And I found you, Tyson.

Cronos's wife brought Cronos down.

Oh, no wonder he needs you to show your loyalty so badly.

She deserves no loyalty.

She abandoned you.

How did he know to find you?

Right after your mother died of a "sudden lung infection".

k*ll her or give me the g*n!

Nils found you long before your mother died.

Nils the chemist.

Nils the k*ller.

He k*lled your mother, Ty.

♪♪ ♪♪

[Door opens, closes in distance]



- Ardelia: FBI!

- Aaaah!

- FBI!


- Shh, shh, shh, shh.

- Raisa, please stop!

They're the police!

- It's okay.

You're okay.

- They're the police!

- You're okay.

You're okay.

- You're gonna get out.

- You stay with them.

I'll go.

[Raisa whimpers]

You're okay.

You're okay.


Krendler: Freeze!



Step back.

Step back for me, okay?

We clear?

- Krendler!

- [g*n]

[Women scream]


[Women shout]

[Women crying in distance]

[Krendler groans]


Agent Krendler.

Your mother lied just like she does.

She protected you.

She stole you from me!

She raised you!

She loved you until he came and he k*lled her and took you.

k*ll her, Tyson.

He groomed you, bent you.

Do it now, son.

Stop this.


He's got you in a little jar, too, Ty.

Poisoned, twisted.

You're practically his twin.

♪♪ ♪♪

♪♪ ♪♪

[Krendler groans]

It went under your vest.



Get them out of here.

Your lung's ruptured.

I need to hold pressure, okay?

Get the women out.

Find Starling.


We have a man down.

Who's down?

Any sign of Starling?

... ler's sh*t.

He's down.

- Repeat.

- Say again?

Repeat... Krendler is down.

Send medics.

Garner: We don't have an all-clear there. It's still hot.

Tripathi: Send a medic in! Krendler needs a medic.

I'm sending three hostages out.

Negative, Mapp.

Exit is not clear.

I repeat... exit is not clear.


Clarke, Tripathi, you have a hostile heading right for you.

Sit tight.

[g*n cocks]

[r*fle fires]


You're all clear.


♪♪ ♪♪

♪♪ ♪♪

[Shouting in distance]

♪♪ [Glass shatters]

[g*n in distance]

♪♪ I-I still have two b*ll*ts.

I know.

Is there a chance?

For me?

Ty, you didn't come into the world like this.

But everyone's handed a burden, and you couldn't put yours down.


Serial r*pe.

Serial m*rder.

[Wood cracks in distance]

And that's yours to carry.


Can you live with that?


But you saw me, right?



You were in my blind spot.

But I see you now.


[g*n cocks]



[Footsteps approach]

Ardelia: Clarice.

♪♪ ♪♪

[Siren wails in distance, radio chatter]

♪♪ ♪♪

Paramedic: g*n wound through the diaphragm into the lung.

Call ahead to the E.R.

Have a trauma team on standby and an O.R. ready.

♪♪ ♪♪

[Breathes deeply]


[Monitor beeping, respirator hissing]

The damage was extensive.

We repaired what we could, but he's in critical condition.

The next hours will be crucial.

♪♪ ♪♪

Anchor: This week on "Newsline"...

a stunning revelation in Washington, D.C.,

brings a shocking conclusion

to the brutal River m*rder case.

The FBI has definitive proof

that the CEO of Alastor Pharmaceuticals, Nils Hagen,

hired a contract k*ller to assassinate three women

who experienced devastating side effects

when they participated in a clinical trial

for the Alastor migraine drug Reprisol.

These women planned to come forward

and speak out when their lives were tragically cut short.

Here to tell us her story is award-winning journalist

Rebecca Clark-Sherman.

If Angela Bird, Tess Laughty,

and Sandra Bishop hadn't come forward,

Reprisol would still be being prescribed.

And millions of women would be going through the heartache

and the devastation of pregnancy complications,

from miscarriages to birth defects.

Angela, Tess, and Sandra deserve to be remembered

as heroes.

Ruth: I ran on a message of fighting a w*r against the monsters among us.

I will never again forget to support

the survivors among us.

My office was able to stop Nils Hagen

and Alastor Pharmaceutical from committing

heinous crimes

and destroying more innocent lives.

But there are more accomplices in this case.

Lawmakers who took campaign money from Alastor have actively conspired to delay and obstruct this investigation.

[Reporters clamoring]

Today, I'm appointing a special prosecutor to investigate any such congresspeople, beginning with Llewellyn Gant.

[Reporters shouting]

And myself.

[Shouting continues]

Thank you.


Catherine: I didn't think you'd come.

I didn't think you'd want me to.

I was in here before, after Buffalo Bill.

No one visited me.

Not your mother?

One of the counselors told me I wouldn't allow it.

I have no memory of that.

Bill really screwed with my head.

Clarice's mother: Get out!


Get out!

I realized she was protecting me.

It's too dangerous.

For you, for us.


You have to get out.


Are you okay?


I haven't seen my mother since I was .

How come?

She sent me away from home.

First to live with relatives.

Then into an orphanage.

I have been mad at her for so long.



She was just trying to protect me.



♪♪ ♪♪

Herman: I'm placing you on administrative leave.

It's a damn shame, Mapp.

I wish you could just follow orders.

Your "Coalition's" complaint is under review.

It's really gaining momentum.

But you people, you don't do yourselves any favor with stuff like this.

At the Academy, they tell us "an institution

- is...

- Both: "The lengthened shadow of a single man".

Yes, sir.

And you would certainly make Director Hoover proud.

Well, Mapp, I...

You work so hard to protect his institution.

I wonder if that's what bothers you most about me.

That I'm more interested in protecting the people.

Or is it just because I'm Black?


[Knock on door]


Uh, I can't call you "Boss".

I don't...

I don't care if you're acting whatever.


I hate this crap.

I'm up to my briefs in briefs.

What do you want?

I-I coerced a witness to get the information on Starling.


[Telephone rings in distance]

The AG is not gonna hang you on this.

You found Starling.

She's alive because of you.

The SAC is never gonna hear about this.

He already has.

I filed a full report.

Kid, what are... what are you doing?

I made a choice, alright?

I made a choice, and I'm living with it.




[Monitor beeping]

You been here the whole time?

We took shifts.

Mostly Clarke.

We got 'em.

We got 'em.


That's the short version.

I can tell you everything, but I think you should rest.

You quit the team.

I quit myself.

But I'd like to come back, if you'll have me.



I'm sitting you down.

Two weeks, minimum, mandatory.

- And if you...

- [Chuckles]


That sounds good.

That sounds good.

I'd like that.


Thank you, Sir.

I should get sh*t more.

- [Laughs]

- [Laughs weakly]


[Engine starts]


Why are you denying me this chance to own the radio in that fancy car?

Well, alone is good.

You're so you.

[Zipper closes]


[Duffel bag thuds]

What's this?


I had it fixed.

I know.

But it saved your life, Clarice.

If I hadn't seen it, I wouldn't have known to find you.

So I added a bead for that.

Our bead.


It's your old necklace.

But it's also new.


♪ Almost heaven ♪

♪ West Virginia ♪

♪ Blue Ridge Mountains ♪

♪ Shenandoah River ♪

So you can wear it.

Or not.

But I think you should hang on to it.

♪ Younger than the mountains ♪

We can't pretend the bad things that happened to us

didn't happen.

♪ Country roads, take me home ♪

♪ To the place where I belong ♪

♪ West Virginia ♪

♪ Mountain mama, take me home ♪

We can just try to turn them into something beautiful.

♪ Take me home, country roads ♪

[Birds chirping]

[Door creaks]

Hi, Mama.
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